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oier_hi, I am not sure if I am on the correct channel. I have a question regarding translators credit.08:03
oier_If I set a translatable string in my app (in the about diago) as"translators-credit", does Launchpad automatically translate that string with the translators? or does each translator have to append its name there?08:04
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pooliesladen, hi09:04
sladenpoolie: hello09:05
sladenpoolie: wgrant appears to have tracked it down to twisted-web09:05
pooliewgrant and robert worked out the underlying cause of broken mime types, and it's clearly not the proxy09:05
pooliewondered why you marked the twisted thing incomplete09:06
sladenpoolie: because I don't know the exact line-number ... if other people have more information, I'm sure it's not quite so incomplete09:07
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pooliesladen, the exact line number?09:41
sladenpoolie: if the problem is completely identified, I'm happy to change it to Triaged :-)  At the time of adding it, I wasn't in a position to know /if/ it had been suitably identified09:42
poolieto me 'incomplete' means "this bug can't progress unless it gets more information"09:42
sladenpoolie: same here.09:44
sladenpoolie: I don't think there's /quite/ enough information on the bug report for a random developer to pick it up and understand the problem completely w.r.t specifically to twisted-web09:45
pooliethere is09:46
pooliei'll file an upstream report09:46
sladenpoolie: I don't think one could provide any more information to the LP team, but it's possible that the LP team may need to provide more information to enable tackling the twisted element09:47
sladenpoolie: yup09:47
estevehi all, I'm seeing errors like this when submitting comments to merge proposals:10:18
esteve"Server error, please contact an administrator. OOPS ID:OOPS-2019J48"10:18
estevethought the feedback may be useful to you10:19
pooliehi esteve10:19
poolieesteve, we're working on it10:22
esteveI'm also getting logged out randomly10:22
estevefor example, just claimed a merge review and got this:10:22
esteve"Application error.  Unauthenticated user POSTing to page that requires authentication."10:22
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poolieesteve, if you log in again it should be ok10:31
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estevepoolie: I tried and got an "Already logged in" message10:32
estevepoolie: will logout and log in10:32
wgrantesteve: 5 minutes ago it would have done that. Now you should really be logged out.10:33
wgrantAnd can log in again.10:33
estevewgrant: ok, thanks!10:33
pooliewgrant the actual oops he got is a bit interesting10:34
poolienot totally obvious to me that that is the same cause10:34
wgrantpoolie: Oh, has it synced?10:35
wgrantI synced it to my ~ manually.10:35
wgrantYou'll see the request is anonymous.10:35
wgrantSo it used the slave store.10:35
wgrantWhere the comment didn't exist yet.10:35
poolieof course10:35
wgrantNow, normally I'd expect an SQLObjectNotFoundError to cause it to retry with the master, but apparently not this time..10:36
wgrantMaybe it doesn't do that on the webservice.10:36
aboudreaultwhy my ticket disappear11:06
aboudreaultha ok.. my session was expired. and the bug is a security one.11:08
commandolineHello, does anyone know what a normal time is for translation imports from branches to stay on 'Needs Review'? (It's the first import since a new directory structure.)11:11
maxbSomewhat variable, I think11:13
maxbI don't really know much about the translations side of LP, though11:13
maxbdanilos: ?11:13
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daniloscommandoline, they usually do that for only a few hours (tops, sometimes mere minutes), but if there's an issue, they stay like that forever until someone reviews them manually (which we do once a day for .pots, never unless asked for for translations themselves)11:20
commandolineok, I'll just wait some more time then first.11:22
commandolinethanks danilos and maxb11:22
mwhudson<insert whine about ppa queue>11:47
bigjoolsit's a bit like people who, sat in traffic, moan about it.11:48
smspillazwhen you could just as quickly cycle :)11:49
wgrantmwhudson: Some builders have just returned.11:51
wgrantWith luck the rest will come back soon.11:51
mwhudsonwgrant: oh cool11:51
maxbAt least it's only a queue of hours :-)11:52
wgrantOh, 10 more have come back in the last 5 minutes.11:52
mwhudsonit's just amazing how you come to depend on/expect packages building in a few minutes11:53
wgrantYes :(11:53
bigjoolsthe build farm is quite popular11:54
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aquariusin the code browser, the "download file" link for a particular file looks like this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sil/+junk/save-into-ubuntu-one/download/head:/saveintoubuntuone-20110712102419-zvja3yvh0fi0zmj3-3/Save%20into%20Ubuntu%20One12:35
aquariusif I push a new version of the branch that that file's in (with a new version of that file), will that download link still fetch the old version?12:36
aquariusand if so, is it possible to get a "download file" link which always gets the most recent version of that file?12:36
aquariusI note that the URL has "head:" in it, but it's also got a date...12:36
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james_waquarius, that url will download the latest version of that file12:47
james_wit will likely break if the file is renamed though12:47
aquariusjames_w, always? even if I push newer versions? Nice12:47
james_w(though it may work, I don't know if the last segment is ignored)12:47
aquariusyeah, I'm not worried about it breaking on renames :)12:48
james_wyeah, you need to replace head: if you want a specific revision12:48
aquariuswhat's the 20110712102419-zvja3yvh0fi0zmj3-3 bit for then?12:48
aquariusI mean, I believe you, I'm just curious :)12:48
james_wit's part of the file id12:49
james_wso it's associated with the file rather than the revision12:49
aquariusah! cool :)12:50
james_wit's an arbitrary random-ish string generated when bzr starts tracking the file12:50
james_wit survives renames, but given that the URL has the filename at the end I don't know if it will work12:50
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sinzuijcsackett, do you have time to mumble?14:30
jcsackettsinzui: yes, though we may have some fun getting that work. my computer is haunted today.14:31
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CasWI came to use (Python) launchpadlib, but I can't seem to find documentation except for that getting started-guide16:11
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cgreganHello Launchpad Team...my a LP team of mine seems to have vanished.....anything known to be going on with LP today?17:05
cgreganwow awesome english to boot on this one........."A LP team of mine................17:06
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DarxusI just got some "failed to upload" and ".changes rejected" emails for daily builds that I haven't touched in a while and which built and uploaded successfully 11 hours ago.  I can safely ignore those, right?18:58
maxbDarxus: Most likely means that they got triggered by a change to a component branch which wasn't included in the version expression in the recipe, so the new builds clashed with the existing version string19:09
DarxusIt was from https://code.launchpad.net/~spamassassin/+recipe/spamassassin-daily19:12
DarxusThe last two automated attempts to sync lp:spamassassin, which is basically all that it builds, crashed.19:13
Darxussqlite3.OperationalError: database is locked19:13
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maxbDarxus: You would get a "failed to upload" if you updated lp:~spamassassin/+junk/spamassassin-pkgrules, and lp:spamassassin had not also been updated meanwhile19:48
maxbthe database is locked thing is unfortunately a bug whenever two imports from the same svn repository happen on the same importd machine simultaneously19:49
DarxusI suspected something like that (known bug).  Do you know if there's actually a bug open for it?19:58
Darxus(I didn't update lp:~spamassassin/+junk/spamassassin-pkgrules.)19:59
maxbNot sure how the new builds got triggered, then19:59
DarxusYeah, it's weird.20:00
DarxusI wish there was a way to get it to only trigger a build if something, say, not in the rules or rulesrc directories of that svn repo got modified.  Because they aren't included in the package.20:01
DarxusAnd they're most of the changes.20:01
maxbThat's a bit advanced20:02
maxbThough, nothing stops you setting it to manual build only, and triggering the build as required - possibly via an external cronjob20:02
DarxusNot worth the complexity of an external cron job.20:05
DarxusIt works just fine the way it is.  It just builds more often than it needs to, and my server nags me to upgrade it unnecessarily often (every day) :)20:05
CasWI want to register a bug using (python-)launchpadlib, but I can't seem to find out how21:03
CasWAnyone here with tips?21:04
ivoksany known issues with launchpad.net? when i login, i get different username, and it asks me to pick a password21:05
lifelessivoks: hi, we reset the session database overnight21:19
ivoksi think my got screwed21:19
lifelessivoks: make sure you're logged into login.launchpad.net with your normal account21:19
ivokswell, i am21:20
ivoksas in correct email and correct name21:20
lifelessI'll see if I can grab someone that can poke at the relevant bits21:20
ivoksok, thanks21:20
CasWIs there a way to register bugs with launchpadlib?21:22
CasW(Or does anyone here know a room where I can find the devs?)21:22
mbarnettivoks: lifeless: forgive my distraction for the next couple minutes.  Just finishing up a call.21:22
lifelessCasW: have you seen the api doc? https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/1.0.html21:23
CasWYeah, I have, but I couldn't find it there21:23
CasWHmm :P21:24
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poolieis lp repeatedly logging me out?22:32
poolies//why is22:32
lifelessit shouldn't be22:34
lifelessthe reset was a one off22:35
pooliethat's 3 times this morning22:35
lifelessnew tabs?22:35
pooliemaybe that was it, but i thought i logged in in the first window22:38
poolienm for now22:38
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Noldorindoes LP automatically mark a LP bug as fixed when you do bzr commit --fixes lp:x ?23:55
TheEvilPhoenixNoldorin:  you could test :p23:55
TheEvilPhoenixbut i'll defer to the experts for thhe answeer23:55
TheEvilPhoenixbah keyboard lag, sorry23:55
NoldorinTheEvilPhoenix, it seems like the answer is no, but perhaps it's just the LP server taking its time :-P23:56
NoldorinTheEvilPhoenix, an official answer would be nice...thanks anyway :-)23:56

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