h00krrva: I just noticed my volume keys, as well as play/pause/ff/rw have no effect00:00
rrvah00k: ok, please add info to the bug00:02
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h00kSo, I keep having desktopcouch-service pegging a core.01:00
h00kI kill it, it starts again. Any protips?01:00
h00kgranted, I ddin't even know it was freaking out until I saw byobu report my usage as 0.99, so I checked 'top' and there it was.01:01
h00kSo, any protips on killing desktopcouch-service because it's consistently pegging 100% of one of my cores? I kill it, it comes back.03:24
alkisgUh, network-manager is up on single mode too? So what's the difference between "root" and "netroot" in the recovery console now?03:48
alkisg(apart from having dhclient ran twice :D)03:49
ActionParsnipHey guys the last installing system takes a while here using dvd of oneiric alpha2. Is this normal?06:52
ActionParsnipHDD light is flashing and suchlike06:53
ActionParsnipSkip button is greyed out. Hmm06:54
ActionParsnipHa. Killed the process in CTRL+ALT+F1 and it booted ok =D07:00
elvhi! every time i update udev on boot i get lots of errors and then on gdm screen i have no mouse o keyboard. in order to use them i have to delete /run/udev. i don't think that the procedure it's correct. But i get runtime error /run/udev not writable07:06
elvno ideas?07:08
elvoh gosh it's written above07:09
elvsorry very much07:09
elvknwn bug.07:09
elvwhat about lots of indicator packages i cannot upgrade them07:10
genjixworks in natty07:14
genjixnot in oneiric07:14
Airon90Hi you all! I just sudo aptitude safe-upgrade my pc and my keyboard and mouse are not recognized in Ubuntu (but I can use my keyboard in terminal). How could I fix this big problem?07:30
Airon90Sorry, I saw the link in the topic :S07:31
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ActionPa1sniphey guys, does anyone using pidgin have random freezing? but then coming ok08:45
CharybdisActionPa1snip: Occasionally, yes.08:46
ActionPa1snipCharybdis: cool, I'm not crazy :)08:51
ActionPa1snipCharybdis: thanks08:51
CharybdisActionPa1snip: Nope.  I finally figured out for me that the problem was sounds.  Since I disabled the sounds in Pidgin, I haven't had any freezes.08:54
CharybdisTools > Mute Sounds is all I did.08:54
ActionPa1snipCharybdis: yeah seems to be bug #16270108:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 162701 in pidgin (Ubuntu) "pidgin freezes while typing a message" [High,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16270108:56
ActionPa1sniplet me test :)08:57
CharybdisThat explains it.08:57
CharybdisThanks ubottu.  LOL.08:58
actionParsniptesting now, hopefully it won't crap out. I love pidgin :)09:06
Clipacaguys, i'm X-less. Starting X kills keyboard and mouse. Help?09:30
actionParsnipClipaca: is it a laptop or branded system?09:32
ClipacaactionParsnip: laptop09:32
dupondjeClipaca: upgrade to newest version09:32
dupondjeudev got fixed09:32
ClipacaI pulled a new udev09:32
actionParsnipClipaca: what make and model?09:32
Clipacastill an issue09:32
Clipacadupondje: what version of udev should I have?09:33
ClipacaactionParsnip: Latitude E6510, intel graphics, HD panel09:33
actionParsnipClipaca: the video is of no value if the mouse and keyboard are at fault, are they?09:34
Clipacadupondje: yep, got that09:34
dupondjeClipaca: you can mv /run/udev /run/udev.old09:35
dupondjeshould also do the trick09:35
Clipacadupondje: and then reboot?09:35
ClipacaactionParsnip: the mouse and keyboard aren't at fault, and the fact that it's an HD panel on intel has indeed been the cause of similar problems in the past09:36
dupondjeClipaca: yea09:37
actionParsnipClipaca: I had the same, did a clean install of Alpha 2 and it's ok now09:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 807306 in mountall (Ubuntu Oneiric) "[oneiric] Keyboard & mouse not working in X - incomplete migration to /run" [High,Triaged]09:38
Chipacadupondje: that fixed it, thanks09:40
ChipacaactionParsnip: yeah... doing a clean install is not fixing the issue, though09:41
ChipacaactionParsnip: thank you for the bug number though :)09:41
actionParsnipChipaca: it makes the mouse and keyboardwork, thus a fix )09:41
ebischoffHi all. Since this morning's updates, X server does not react anymore to mouse nor keyboard. Keyboard still works in command line. Using nvidia driver. Rings any bell?09:59
ebischoffI can still ssh and do everything else normally, only no more mouse nor keyboard in X.10:00
actionParsnipebischoff: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/80730610:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 807306 in mountall (Ubuntu Oneiric) "[oneiric] Keyboard & mouse not working in X - incomplete migration to /run" [High,Triaged]10:00
ebischoffthanks (yet another time i'm reporting too late ;-) )10:01
yofelebischoff: /topic10:02
ebischoffcrazy! unplugging-replugging keyboard+mouse was enough as announced! while a reboot was not enough! How come unplug-replug can be more powerful than a reboot ?10:03
ebischofftopic ? what do you mean ?10:04
actionParsnipebischoff: read the channel topic ;)10:04
yofelsry for posting that after actionParsnip, my connection's pretty bad here :/10:05
actionParsnipyofel: its all good, it's quiet :D10:05
ebischoffah ok. I have read the topic 1st thing when i came here, but rightmost part was truncated ;-) limited window titlebar10:06
ebischoffbtw it's the 1st problem in about a month. This oneiric alpha is hyper stable. Congrats10:07
yofelyou're obviously not using the broken parts :P10:07
ebischoffand using it on a macintosh, so really calling for trouble ;-)10:07
ebischoffwell, i wish everyone an excellent day, goodbye10:17
xapelI am testing Oneiric in Virtualbox 4.0.10. The host (Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit) crashes every time I shut down the guest machine. Is anyone else also experiencing this? Any workarounds perhaps?10:54
BUGabundothis was fun11:16
BUGabundosome update on Friday left me with no X input till today11:16
airon90op: you could change the topic: the known issue has been fixed (just update the pc)11:19
BluesKajhey folks12:13
BUGabundohey BluesKaj12:17
xapelI am testing Oneiric in Virtualbox 4.0.10. The host (Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit) crashes every time I shut down the guest machine. Is anyone else also experiencing this? Any workarounds perhaps?12:31
BluesKajhi BUGabundo12:35
Squall5668Hello all, can i ask for help with 11.10 in here or forums only?13:18
PiciSquall5668: Thats what the topic says.13:18
icerootSquall5668: this is the correct place13:18
Squall5668ah, great (why did i disable motds again...) well, i just upgraded and got dumped to a busybox prompt, is there a way to check logs from here, or should i go with a livecd?13:19
yofelSquall5668: if you're in busybox checking the output of 'dmesg' will usually tell you what's wrong13:29
Squall5668yofel: thanks ill give that a shot, never been in busybox before13:30
BUGabundois it just me, or blue stop being blue ?14:05
BUGabundomy dark blue font is now light blue14:06
h00kI don't know, but I think desktopcouch-service at home is still probably killing a processor14:10
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BUGabundoS$ sudo ntpdate -d pt.pool.ntpdate.org15:10
BUGabundo12 Jul 16:10:20 ntpdate[17679]: no server suitable for synchronization found15:10
BUGabundoanybody else having probs with ntp?15:10
BUGabundoiFail :(15:17
BUGabundothere's not ntpdate.org15:18
* BUGabundo facepalm15:18
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 2 starting in 23 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:37
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hifiso, I don't have keyboard in my Xorg anymore16:17
hifithat is kinda bad16:17
Daekdroomhifi, check the /topic16:17
DaekdroomThere's a fix in comment #27 of the bug report.16:17
Daekdroom!info ibus-gtk316:18
hifiuh, the topic was just perfectly cut I thought it wasn't longer16:18
ubottuPackage ibus-gtk3 does not exist in oneiric16:18
Daekdroom!info ibus16:18
ubottuibus (source: ibus): New input method framework using dbus. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3.9-1ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 386 kB, installed size 3536 kB16:18
hifimm, little troubling to use browser from the tty, what is the quick fix?16:19
hifiinstalling ibus?16:19
Daekdroomsudo mv /run/udev /run/udev.old16:20
hifiah, thanks a lot16:20
h00kcheck it - Intel gets triple-buffered pageflips, will this land in Oneric? http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel/commit/?id=7538be3315b8683b05e8f6b22023baadcc0bc4da17:09
Daekdroomh00k, nope.17:16
DaekdroomHm. It's up for the next DDX release.17:17
DaekdroomAnyway, do you have compositing now?17:19
h00kI wonder why...17:19
h00kDaekdroom: yeah, the udev issue. moved udev to udev.old17:19
h00kDaekdroom: when is the next DDX release?17:20
h00kI'm not terribly familiar with the graphics stack :(17:20
DaekdroomI'm trying to check.17:20
DaekdroomThe current 2.15 driver was released mid-April17:21
DaekdroomBefore that was 2.14 early January.17:22
h00kSO, the newer DDX won't drop in time for Oneric17:27
DaekdroomThe FeatureFreeze occurs in a month.17:29
Daekdroombut I have the impression that X driver releases are unpredictable.17:29
Daekdroomand you'll still have Xorg-edgers to try if you wish, anyway.17:30
h00kthat's true17:34
bil21alI have updated and my top pannel indicator  are vanished ,than i install the indicator session from the terminal by using  sudo apt-get install  indicator-session.  after this the terminal said that u have already install the newer version of indicator..now can any body help me to bring back the indicators??????17:42
Daekdroombil21al, are you sing Unity 2D?17:47
bil21alyes i  m using unity 2d.  11.1017:48
Daekdroombil21al, I believe Unity 2D currently uses the -gtk2 packages17:48
DaekdroomSo you're after indicator-session-gtk2, I believe17:48
bil21alok i try17:49
bil21aldaekdroom; no bro the indicator dosent come..i use sudo apt-get install indicator-session-gtk2  , but the indicator dosent appear17:56
Daekdroombil21al, have you restarted unity-2d?17:58
bil21alyes i have restart my whole system17:58
DaekdroomHold on.17:59
Daekdroomdoes 'killall unity-2d-panel && unity-2d-panel &disown' on a terminal work?17:59
bil21altell me what to run in terminal18:01
bil21alto do so18:01
bil21ali havent do this18:01
DaekdroomThat command between '18:01
Daekdroomkillall unity-2d-panel && unity-2d-panel &disown18:01
DaekdroomIt should restart only the panel.18:01
bil21alnow only my username and  logout.shut down button came now what i do for sound indicator,network connection and all other indicaors??18:04
M4ticHow's 11.10 coming along18:06
DaekdroomInstall the following packages: indicator-application-gtk2 indicator-appmenu-gtk2 indicator-datetime-gtk2 indicator-me-gtk2 indicator-messages-gtk2 indicator-sound-gtk218:06
h00kThose indicators didn't show when I was on Unity2d, but they do now that I'm on Unity3d18:15
Daekdroomh00k, it's because Unity-2D still has to be updated for the new indicators.18:15
DaekdroomSo it's using -gtk218:16
bil21aldaekdrom; thank you bro my problem is solved thankx18:16
h00koho. Makes sense.18:18
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DaekdroomOdd. Very odd. For one moment, Clementine showed up in the old tray in Unity 3D18:52
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DaekdroomI can't wait until the new Gwibber is uploaded.20:07
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alex_mayorgaanyone else with Metacity crashes on startup?23:07
perebahow to open classic menu in ubuntu 11.10?23:09
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alex_mayorgapereba: I think you need to  install gnome 1st23:10
alex_mayorgaJust got bug #79595223:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 795952 in empathy (Ubuntu) "empathy-auth-client crashed with SIGSEGV in magazine_chain_pop_head()" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79595223:10
alex_mayorgashould I file a duplicate?23:10
DaekdroomOf course not.23:11
alex_mayorgathe current one says "Incomplete"23:11
ubottuGnome bug 652354 in Auth client "empathy-auth-client crashed with SIGSEGV in magazine_chain_pop_head()" [Critical,Needinfo]23:12
DaekdroomIt's marked incomplete specifically on GNOME's bugzilla.23:12
perebaflash instalation never finish23:12
alex_mayorgait says that they want a valgrind, can anyone help me get them one?23:12
perebaok done23:13
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