* persia had nothing to do with it00:00
mahmohpersia: you did twist arms during the sprint though ;)00:00
persiaIs anyone especially attached to Headless/omap3, now that we have server images?00:22
persiaOh, nevermind.  I'm reading the wiki page wrong.  the answer has apparently been "no" for some time.00:24
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lilstevieogra_, you about?04:39
Openfree`about arm assemble constraint,  "USAT r0, #7, r5"  => should I use "i" for value #7 ? seems not correct..04:53
Openfree`usat Rd, #sat, Rm , #sat should be 0-31 value for arm, what should be the constraint? "i" not the right04:58
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LPhashello everyone09:04
ogra_oh my09:38
LPhashello, i got a problem. i installed ubuntu-arm on a pandaboard using the netinstall package as "ubuntu server". then i installed xinit and startx worked, in VGA resolution with framebuffer, then i installed pvr-omap4 (without rebooting)and startx kept working in VGA resolution. today i rebooted my pandaboard and now i get this http://hpaste.org/4896909:40
ogra_looks like you are missing bits on either the kernel or X side09:41
LPhasi solved it with touch ~/.Xauthority ( O_O )09:42
ogra_oh, so it works fine now ?09:43
* ogra_ hasnt used xinit in years09:43
LPhasright, you are ubuntu user :p09:43
Spider-Porkogra_: do you remember my problem with audio input and ubuntu headless?09:44
Spider-PorkI solved it09:44
ogra_well, i only work with what we ship :)09:44
Spider-Porkit works correctly on headless too09:44
LPhaswell. "works fine" but i still get vga resolution09:44
LPhasand i'm not sure it's using pvr_omap4 instead of framebuffer09:44
ogra_smells like the driver isnt getting the correct EDID data09:44
ogra_Spider-Pork, how did you solve it ?09:44
Spider-Porkwell, I installed ubuntu headless09:45
Spider-Porkthen alsa and pulseaudio09:45
ogra_yeah, these bits are indeed missing in headless :)09:45
Spider-Porkthen applyed the two commands in the bugfix page09:46
Spider-PorkHiFi and Record09:46
Spider-Porkthen i booted into ubuntu netbook and stored in a file the amixer configurations with alsactl store09:46
Spider-Porkthen rebooted with ubuntu headless, copyed in the config file and restored it with alsactl resotre09:47
ogra_that happens automatically and you wouldnt need to boot into netbook09:47
ogra_a simple alsactl store would have sufficed09:47
Spider-Porkstore what?09:48
ogra_but alsa calls that on every shutdown anyway09:48
Spider-Porkon my headless there wasn't alsa configurations09:48
ogra_so theoretically a reboot should have done the same09:48
ogra_if you have alsa-utils installed at least09:48
Spider-Porki used the netbook alsa configurations (that is correctly working with audio line-in)09:49
Spider-Porkno wait09:49
ogra_/var/lib/alsa/asound.state holds the mixer states between bootzs09:49
ogra_it is re-written on every shutdown with the currently applied mixer settings09:49
Spider-Porkmy ubuntu netbook is corretly working, my ubuntu headless wasn't09:49
ogra_right, then there was something still missing09:50
ogra_but you shouldnt need to copy data09:50
ogra_removing /var/lib/alsa/asound.state and calling alsactl store should get you what you need09:50
Spider-Porkok i'll try it :)09:50
ogra_i think it is mentioned in the bug by tobin (GrueMaster)09:51
Spider-Porki solved it with the power of the noobs09:51
ogra_well, it works for you :)09:51
Spider-Porkuse the power, noob09:51
ogra_would just be good to find a way that doesnt need a second machine ;)09:51
ogra_for people having the same issue09:51
Spider-Porki will test it09:52
ogra_if you found a way, please comment on the bug :)09:52
LPhashttp://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.embedded.pandaboard/754 i'm looking at this guide, i installed pvr_omap4 and other pvr packages but i don't have neither omap_gpu module nor pvrsrvinit am i missing something?09:53
Spider-Porkthe community helped me, so i will do the same :)09:53
ogra_LPhas, did it compile the modules with dkms on next reboot after installing the package ?09:53
ogra_you should just install the graphics metapackage09:54
ogra_from https://launchpad.net/~tiomap-dev/+archive/release indeed09:55
LPhasogra_, i installed it, but i did'nt manually compile nothing09:55
ogra_not you, the system should autocompile09:55
ogra_well, the package actually :)09:56
LPhaswell it seems to me that it compiled stuff09:56
LPhasi recall it used kernel headers09:56
LPhasshould i remove/reinstall it?09:56
ogra_who pointed you to that guide09:56
ogra_thats super broken09:57
ogra_just adding the ppa and installing the meatapackage will suffice09:57
ogra_if you did any of the manual steps in there its doubtful that your system still functions the way it was intended (with all the automatisms)09:58
LPhasand no, i didn't do any manual step09:58
ogra_well, wait for robher clark or rsalveti to get up ... they are both pvr specialists10:00
ogra_robher, sorry, that wasnt for you10:00
* ogra_ curses autocompletion10:00
ogra_i meant robclark10:00
LPhasok thx10:00
ogra_you were also using headless, right10:01
LPhasmh yeah10:01
ogra_oh, wait, and you are using oneiric ?10:01
LPhasubuntu-desktop failed to install due to dependencies problems10:01
LPhasmmh where oneiric was like "development version" something like that?10:02
ogra_lsb_release -a10:02
ogra_that should tell you10:02
ogra_i dont think anyone toucvhed pvr for oneiric yet10:02
LPhasyep, oneiric10:03
ogra_so its a matter of luck if it works at all10:03
LPhasbut hey, i would be more than happy to use a more stable version10:03
ogra_natty should just work10:03
LPhasbut i need to install it from netinstall image10:03
LPhascause i don't have a 4gb sdcard10:03
ogra_netinstall is still pretty young ...10:04
ogra_you could use headless and then install the netbook task10:04
LPhasheadless will fit on the 2gb sdcard? and the i'd have to move / on the usb stick10:06
ogra_headless should fit on 1GB10:06
ogra_at least if you dont use it much beyond doing the basic config before copying to USB10:07
LPhasheh, let's do some dd work to save the current system and have a try10:08
lilstevieogra_,  I have a few questions for you when you have a moment10:37
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alemariusnexusHi. Has anybody else experienced problems with the PowerVR SGX GLES2 driver on Natty lately?12:02
rsalvetiwhat kind of issues? panda or beagle?12:04
alemariusnexusPandaboard. It seems that the depth buffer is screwed up: http://noend-rpg.de/users/alemariusnexus/error.png vs. http://noend-rpg.de/users/alemariusnexus/correct.png12:05
alemariusnexusI don't have problems on my desktop computer, and PVRFrame (the PowerVR GLES "emulator") doesn't show this error, too12:07
alemariusnexusIt might be a problem in my application. But since it appears on my Pandaboard only and since I can't imagine what kind of error in my application could cause this, I suspect it might be a driver problem (also, I had another problem which is very likely to be a driver bug in a Qt program)12:19
LPhasusing the installer in headless img for omap4/pandaboard, everyhing is messy, is there a dimension of the serial console i've to use to see it correctly?12:27
LPhaslike this http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/197/screenshot3gv.png/12:29
brendandLPhas - a lot of sort of question mark characters?12:29
LPhasyeah, there are a lot of question mark charters, a lot of misplaced charters and generally the layout is broken12:31
LPhasmeh, i'd really like to have a way to install a stable version with the netinstaller12:36
LPhasi mean, shouldn't be only matter of writing the proper apt configuration file?12:37
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mahmohis anyone else seeing init @100% after heavy IO loads? 2.6.38-1309 #14 on panda?13:07
mahmohPS. running threaded IO13:08
fredimSomeone used ubuntu-arm on Mini6410?13:27
persiafredim, The processor on that board can't run Ubuntu.  Debian should run nicely on that.13:49
MartynFixed OpenMPI upstream.   1.5.4 release imminent13:50
MartynAlso getting a source deb pulled together in debian...13:51
persia1.5.4!  My, we're a bit out of date for that.13:54
lilsteviepersia: I haven't forgotten about that package btw, just been a bit busy13:55
persialilstevie, Totally understood.13:57
persialilstevie, Based on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule, we have until 11th August, although I'd like to try for a bit sooner, just to have time to be sure we make that deadline.13:59
persiaAlso, I'll not be around so much 22 July to 1 August (although someone else may also be able to sponsor), so my personal timing goals aremore complicated.14:00
Martynpersia : The reason we're so far behind, is that until 1.5.2, there was no ARM support14:01
Martynand the ARM tarball was broken (missing files) until just now, since the ARM maintainer was building from SVN14:01
Martynso now it's getting fixed, and it should all work nicely for 1.5.4.  I'm testing daily14:01
lilsteviepersia: well if we need to get something done https://github.com/lilstevie/samsung-kernel-tab/commits/GT-P1000-gingerbread/14:02
persiaAnd the other architectures are all sufficiently well supported with 1.4.3?14:02
lilsteviepersia: but that does have big bugs14:02
MartynSort of14:02
Martynit's considered the "stable" release14:02
lilstevieI haven't sync'd for a bit14:02
Martynbut it's missing features that are becoming important to users of OpenMPI ... 1.5.3 is mainline in Sid right now14:03
Martynso it's probably time to move Ubuntu server up to 1.5.3 as well, and make sure to provide an alternatives config14:03
persialilstevie, If you haven't found time by next week, I'll try to find time for first packaging and upload of that, directly from git.  If you find time, and we can publish a *working* kernel where you understand the packaging, that's considerably preferable.14:03
Martynwell, 1.5.4 rather14:03
lilsteviepersia: :)14:04
persiaMartyn, Hrm?  My rmadison tells me sid has 1.4.3-2.114:04
MartynHmmm .. I've been working with the guys to make the .dsc ...14:04
Martynmaybe they are waiting for 1.5.4?14:05
Martynyes, I see14:05
persiaThey're probably waiting, indeed.14:07
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Martyn1.4.x series, though 'stable' is also ludicrously behind in features14:17
Martynand 1.6.x won't be out for a long while..14:18
Martynthis is the old odd/even kernel problem...14:18
persiaWell, it's a stable/unstable thing.14:18
persiaLots of folks do that in ways that don't appear so obvious in version numbers.14:19
persiaBut there's no reason we can't put it in oneiric, if we had some volunteer who would continue to make sure it works for 18 months (hint)14:19
Martyn*chuckle*  Yes, I kno14:21
MartynI just need to finish packaging it up14:22
persiaSylvestre is also an Ubuntu dev, so you probably want to get it into Experimental, and sync from there if he agrees, just to avoid potential checksum mismatches later.14:23
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LPhasany idea on why i get this http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/36/screenshot4ag.png/ in installing ubuntu headless?15:57
LPhascould be some minicom settings?15:57
GrueMasterNot off hand.  The settings look ok, from what I see on the bottom of the screen.15:58
GrueMasterCan you run screen on your system?  If so, try this:  screen <serial port> 11520015:59
GrueMasterI.e. screen /dev/ttyUSB0 11520015:59
infinityLPhas: Minicom is a lousy terminal emulator, nothing new there.  As GrueMaster says, try screen.16:01
LPhaswell, with screen i get only gibberish16:01
LPhasoh, no, ok it seems working right now16:02
LPhaslol what is that? wait i'll make a screenshot16:03
LPhashttp://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/15/screenshot5hc.png/ this is with screen16:03
GrueMasterI have never seen that before.  You have something strange going on, possibly with your serial port.16:05
LPhasthat's quite strange because with minicom that part of the boot is fine16:07
LPhasand also yesterday the ubuntu netinstall was fine16:07
LPhasand yet, you were right16:08
LPhasi changed usb port for my serial/usb adapter and now is fine with screen O_O16:09
LPhascomputer science is weird16:09
GrueMasterCould be a data flow issue.  I have seen weird things happen with one hub vs a different one, both are USB 2.016:14
LPhasGrueMaster, true16:15
LPhasstill, it's a pity that there isn't a netinstall for stable16:16
GrueMasterThere may be a way to do it.  I am going to test a method today (once I get all these new usb enclosures filled and online).16:18
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LPhasphas@panda:~$ sudo16:53
LPhassudo: must be setuid root16:53
LPhasthat's strange16:53
LPhaswell ok i probably lost some permission while moving on usb duh16:54
GrueMasterHow did you do the move from SD to USB?16:58
LPhassudo mv16:59
LPhassudo cp -r16:59
LPhasbut i should have fixed16:59
LPhasi just activated root in /etc/shadow and fixed permissions on /usr/bin/sudo16:59
GrueMasterI usually do: sudo su;tar -cf - . | (cd <target> ; tar -xvf -)17:05
GrueMasterIt also has the benefit of one thread doing reads and the other doing writes.17:06
LPhasmakes sense17:06
LPhasnext time i'll try it17:06
LPhasor if permissions problems starts to get an issue17:06
LPhasactually the only problems seems to be that i get17:09
LPhasProcessing triggers for man-db ...17:09
LPhasfopen: Permission denied17:09
LPhason aptitude ugrade17:09
LPhasouch, is this normal? http://hpaste.org/4897417:11
GrueMasterThe find error is normal.17:11
GrueMasterNot that it is right, just happens all the time.17:12
GrueMasterWell, if you were expecting perfection, you should have used...hrm.  Nevermind.17:13
LPhasi used everything else that run on pandaboard17:13
LPhasso what i expect here from ubuntu-arm is a miracle :p17:13
GrueMasterI'm trying, but am still stuck on that whole wine from water issue.17:15
LPhasthere are probably powders for that17:15
GrueMasterJust don't expect good things to happen if you spray your system with Miracle Grow.17:17
GrueMaster(sadly I have heard of people doing much stupider things).17:18
LPhaswhat's Miracle Grow?17:18
GrueMasterSome plant food sold in stores in the US to make plants grow faster.17:19
LPhasoh i see17:20
LPhasaaand ok, we are at the point where startx starts in framebuffer with VGA resolution17:26
GrueMasterHrm.  Can you install read-edid?17:27
LPhasbut i still haven't install pvr-omap417:27
LPhasi'm about to try17:27
GrueMasterDon't need it.17:27
GrueMasterThis will see what the edid data is coming from the monitor.17:28
LPhaswhere "monitor" is a television17:28
LPhas(starting to run out of monitors here)17:28
GrueMasterheh.  I know the feeling.  That's why I have an HDMI switch.17:30
LPhasheh, my monitor has some hdmi ports17:31
LPhasbut it's painful to switch17:31
LPhasthat's weird17:32
LPhasi installed read-edid17:32
LPhasand i have parse-edid as an executable17:32
LPhasbut i can't find get-edid17:32
GrueMasterhmmm.  Not finding edid on my system.  Should be at /sys/devices/omapdss/display0/edid.  Use "cat /sys/devices/omapdss/display0/edid | parse-edid"17:33
LPhasmmh i can't file an edid file in  /sys/devices/omapdss/display0/17:34
GrueMasterHrm.  Wonder if it got left out of the kernel.  Shouldn't have been.17:35
LPhasmmh wait a second here17:36
LPhas# Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 80000000 ..17:36
LPhasis it normal that he says "Legacy Image"?17:36
LPhaswell, let's try another monitor/hdmi cable17:37
LPhasit was the usb cable17:40
GrueMasterusb cable?17:40
LPhashdmi cable17:40
LPhasstupid hdmi cable17:40
GrueMasteroh.  ok.17:40
LPhasthat's weird too17:41
LPhasa hdmi cable that let you use only vga resolution17:41
LPhasnow should i try to  install pvr_omap4 from the ti repository right?17:42
GrueMasterIt was probably not getting the edid signal.17:42
GrueMasterGo for it.17:42
LPhasshould i use TI OMAP release PPA or TI OMAP trunk PPA17:42
GrueMasterNot sure.   Probably trunk, but I don;'t know which has the latest stuff.17:43
persia"trunk" probably has newer stuff, but "release" probably has stuff TI thinks is release-worthy.17:50
persiaFor oneiric, "trunk" is probably best: when the underlying environment isn't stable, expecting stable add-ons is dreaming.17:50
LPhasGrueMaster, i think i've got it, gg17:58
LPhasjust this two errors bothers me17:58
LPhas(EE) AIGLX: reverting to software rendering17:58
LPhas(EE) Keyboard: Couldn't open mtdev device17:58
LPhasif they do mean something17:58
GrueMasterUnless it isn't working, I would ignore those.  I think they are for multi-touch.17:59
GrueMasterNot sure.17:59
LPhasnow the last omap4-related matter is to get omap-gstreamer work18:02
LPhasis it in the ti ppa that you know?18:03
persiaThere have been some gstreamers in the TI PPA.  I'm not sure if any of them are compatible with oneiric.18:05
LPhasi'm not on oneiric18:05
LPhasi switchet to nanny18:05
persiaOh, heh.  In that case, there's likely to be something.18:06
LPhasbasically i look for the hardware decoding support for h26418:06
persiaIf there isn't, the uploader of the maverick version is very likely to be lurking around in this channel, and may respond to a ping.18:06
LPhasi saw that there's a gstreamer_h26418:07
LPhasand the usual gstreamer h264 plugin is in good18:07
persiaThis is probably what you want :)18:07
LPhasso it may be it18:07
LPhasthx guys, i think that it's tyme to bothers #gstreamers guys18:49
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mahmohso I'm seeing init consume 100% cpu on panda while/after running IO and threaded IO tests (PTS)22:24
GrueMasterInstalling phoronix now on 2 systems (third is still imaging from netinst).22:24
persiamahmoh, Is there some spinning job spewing to /var/log/syslog?  When you strace init, what is it doing?22:25
mahmohhaven't checked that but I'll add it to the list22:27
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cmaginapersia: i've run strace on it and it is looping, waiting for something22:31
cmaginapersia: if you watch its process state, you can actually see it go to sleep between checks22:32
GrueMasterWell, this can certainly pose a problem.  I have two panda systems with identical mac addresses.  Sigh.22:35
GrueMasterAnd as a result, my dhcp server has assigned them the same IP address.22:35
mahmohset the ethaddr in uEnv.txt or boot.scr22:36
mahmohactually, once you boot the linux kernel you should have unique macs22:36
GrueMasterBoth systems have been powercycled since netinstall finished.22:37
mahmohunless both your boards came from the same die?22:37
GrueMasteru-boot is hardwired for the same mac.22:37
GrueMasterDefinitely not same die.  One is ea1, the other is a1.22:38
mahmohthe u-boot mac is 00:02:03... yours should not be that once booted22:38
GrueMasterHrm.  Then something isn't right in my world.22:38
GrueMasterI can log into each independently via serial console, but that has limits (not to mention that my serial console is being upgraded).22:39
GrueMasterBut they both show the same mac/ip.22:40
mahmohwhat's the mac?22:40
persiacmagina, Could you paste one or two repetitions of the strace?22:40
mahmohso mine both start with 2E:40:.... but diverge from there, odd22:41
cmaginapersia: i wish i could, but apparently i failed to record it.  on a good note, mahmoh has been able to preproduce this, so we can get one as soon as he hits it again22:42
mahmohcmagina: persia: I'll reproduce.  If it appears to be a problem, where should the bug land?  kernel, init, server-arm?22:42
persiaI can't say without a bit more information.  I'd guess upstart, but that's a completely uninformed guess at this point.22:43
persiaThe 'init' executable is provided by upstart, which ought only do job processing.  It may be that some job is spinning, in which case the job provider is at fault.  It may be that upstart is spinning internally, in which caes it's a bug in upstart.22:44
persiaIt may be that some kernel interface changed and something that is supposed to be a wait in userspace has converted to a poll (unlikely), which would make it a kernel issue.22:44
persiaMost likely is that something else is spinning, and making N requests of init, which upstart is trying to service, making it look like upstart is at fault.22:45
mahmohand why do I see a bunch of "omapdss DISPC error: timeout waiting for EVSYNC", is that just an artifact of the panda-usb connectivity?22:47
GrueMasterthat is the fb driver whining.  Safe to ignore.22:48
cmaginalooking through the logs i gathered from mahmoh recent repro, i noticed that the pts tests were hung22:48
persiaIt's bug #78131822:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 781318 in linux-ti-omap4 "omapdss DISPC error: timeout waiting for EVSYNC" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78131822:48
cmagina[31200.956817] INFO: task tiotest:1615 blocked for more than 120 seconds.22:48
GrueMasterOr bug 75848622:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 758486 in linux-ti-omap4 "omapdss DISPC error on Panda platform" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75848622:49
persiaThere's a chance that this could be driving odd stuff in udev, which could in turn be spinning upstart, but this is very unlikely, as more folk would see the problem.22:49
mahmohyeah but it's annoying on the server iamge22:49
persiaGrueMaster, I thought 781318 was it being noisy as headless, and 758486 was about failure to resume from suspend cleanly.22:50
GrueMasterRead the bug reports.22:50
persiaI did.22:50
GrueMasterThis is a simple matter of someone filing a duplicate bug.22:51
persiaAre they duplicates?  The messages are different.22:51
mahmohrsalveti: GrueMaster: I've also confirmed I can load and run from a USB memstick (fatload usb 0 ..., root=/dev/sda2)22:51
mahmohrsalveti: ^ with your patch u-boot, I have to validate the package version [soon[22:52
GrueMasterpersia: Only slightly different messages, but they are caused by the same failing kernel FB code.  I already did the leg work with rsalveti last cycle.22:54
mahmohrsalveti: GrueMaster: and root=USB-SATA (root=/dev/sdb2) booting from MMC/SD22:54
persiaGrueMaster, Ah, that makes sense.22:54
GrueMasterIt was supposed to be fixed with the edid update code that apparently never made it in.22:55
persiacmagina, That's probably just an artifact of the CPU spinning on something else.  Unless a thread is asserting realtime, it shouldn't care if it doesn't get execution slices very often (although it's nice to warn the user in case it's all batch processing and the user needs to get more cycles or reduce the load)22:56
persiaAh, that's extra annoying.22:56
persia(and cooloney isn't idling yet :( )22:56
cmaginapersia: agreed, i'm still looking over the logs i did collect, hopefully there will be something of interest22:57
GrueMasterI thought paulo was the arm kernel guru now.22:57
GrueMaster(ppisati I think is his nick).22:57
persiaDunno.  cooloney is still assigned both those bugs.  If they ought be reassigned, I leave that between them.22:57
GrueMastermahmoh: So in your USB testing above, was that with the kernel & initrd on USB or are they still on SD?23:16
mahmohI loaded from MMC then booted to USB first, then tried loading from USB then booting to USB (sticks)23:18
persiaDoes that mean that we've reached a point that if we put the right u-boot in flash/MMC then we can boot from USB cleanly?23:18
GrueMasterSweet.  So in theory, we can just have x-loader (MLO) and u-boot.bin on SD, or even no SD and u-boot.bin pushed via usbboot.23:18
* persia celebrates reaching parity with other architectures23:18
persiamahmoh, Does it still need to be FAT?  Can we load off e.g. ext4?23:19
GrueMasterI wonder if elmo can utilize this in the buildd cluster?23:20
mahmohooh, good question, I think it should be able to load off of ext2, I'll try it after my tests complete23:20
persiaFor extra points, load directly out of /boot on USB-SATA :)23:21
mahmohpersia: that won't work :( drivers on;y support sticks23:21
mahmohor so I'm led to believe23:22
persiamahmoh, Considering there's no way in the USB spec to distinguish sticks from other things that provide USB class-compliant storage facilities, I suspect you've been misinformed.23:22
persia(or perhaps I have)23:23
mahmohpersia: tell that to the driver considering it only detects one USB storage device out of two (usb-stick & usb-sata) - guess which one ;)23:23
persiaThat said, the drivers might not be class-compliant, or be horridly buggy for certain sorts of storage characteristics.23:23
mahmohyou always see USB-FDD/USB-HDD etc. in bios so there has to be some diff., maybe it's based on size?23:24
persiaUSB-FDD is something else.23:24
persiaRather than representing a mass-storage device, it represents a removable storage device.23:25
mahmohwell that's supported though in u-boot, haven't tried though23:25
persiaDo you have one?  I have some dusty ones somewhere if it especially needs testing.23:25
persiaNot sure if I have any floppies for it, mind you.23:25
GrueMasteru-boot "should" support usb-sata, but may not be enabled for panda.23:25
persiaThere's no "enable"ing to do for that.23:26
mahmohI do have one but do we really want to test it, except for curiosity's sake?23:26
persiaUSB MSC is USB MSC, and *doesn't* indicate whether it's one or another implementation.23:26
GrueMasterconfig flags?23:26
persiamahmoh, Up to you.  It's a time/interest thing.23:26
mahmohwhen I'm super bored ... == never23:27
persiaGrueMaster, Really?  Please don't tell me that someone created configuration flags to turn on/off buggy behaviour.23:27
mahmohpersia: no, that's never been done before, ever.23:28
GrueMasterwell, considering usb support existis in u-boot since jaunty, but only recently for omap...23:28
* persia reviews version 1.3 of the spec, just to be sure23:28
* mahmoh has some land in FL to sell to persia23:28
persiaGrueMaster, Oh, perhaps.  But there really shouldn't be any way to turn on or off USB<->SATA gateways.23:28
* persia offers discount shares on a new alligator belt factory23:29
mahmohit's probably just an addressing space issue, can't support more than X gig so USB-SATA isn't an option?23:29
* GrueMaster offers to trade Oregon Coast property w/ ocean views for property in florida).23:30
persiaOr rather, if the device is more than some size, it fails to load, and is skipped.23:30
persiaThat's buggy, but not configurable (and would work fine with a 2G USB PATA device)23:30
GrueMastermahmoh: What filesystems does u-boot support?  Could be as simple as no ext4 support.23:30
persiamahmoh, Could you verify the Subclass code for your two USB devices (working, not working)?23:31
persia(lsusb -v)23:32
mahmohI'm running ext3, so maybe23:32
mahmohGrueMaster: actually no, there's a fat fs and it doesn't detect the device23:33
GrueMasterext3 is ext2+journal.  Fully backwards compatible.23:34
mahmoh  bDeviceSubClass         0    for both23:34
persiaRight.  So if both are MSC, and both are bDeviceSubclass 0, then they are the same.23:34
GrueMasterCould be a simple "find 0-1 devices and return) thing.23:35
persiaIs there anything other than vendor/device identifiers (name, number, etc.) that differs in the descriptors?23:35
mahmohiConfiguration          4 USB Mass Storage  vs. iConfiguration          023:35
persiaWhich is which?23:35
mahmohbmAttributes         0xc0  vs  bmAttributes         0x8023:35
mahmohflash/works vs sata/not-recognized23:36
persiaWhere is that?23:36
mahmohiInterface              6 MSC Bulk-Only Transfer   vs   iInterface              023:36
mahmohin lsusb -v23:37
persiaSo, which is which?  Are these all in the same order?23:37
mahmohwhy don't I just pastebin it all for you?23:37
persiaMay as well.23:37
persiaOne of those devices looks misimplemented, but I may be mistaken.23:37
mahmohit's possible but they both work in linux23:38
mahmohthe usb-sata was the cheapest I could find ;)23:38
persiaNot surprising.23:39
persiaIt only implements a subset of MSC, specifically BBB.23:39
persiaSide effect is that it would have poor performance with multiple parallel IO streams.  Depending on the backing store, and caching, etc. this may not matter.23:40
persiaYour USB stick supports CBI, which is a richer instruction set.23:40
persiaI'm perfectly willing to believe that u-boot only supports CBI devices, but I'll assert that this is unrelated to the backing store.23:41
persiaYour USB stick *should* have iConfiguration of 4 (USB Mass Storage), but in practice it doesn't matter, as it's defined at the interface level.23:44
persiaOh, heh, I am out of date.  1.3 says "Usage of CBI for any new design is discouraged.".23:47
persiaThis is probably worth a bug, as without BBB support, even USB "sticks" of the future may not work.23:48
mahmohpersia: who's going to write it up?  I'm sure everyone would love that support in u-boot, I know I would!  Then you could have a real boot partition that really boots and updates easily!23:49
persiamahmoh, As you have hardware known to be recognised *AND* not-recognised, I suspect you're a natural candidate.23:50
rsalvetimahmoh: cool, the u-boot binary from the package should work the same way as my binary23:50
persiaPass me the bug number and I'm happy to comment based on what I know of USB specs23:50
rsalvetithe patch is integrated and package uploaded23:50
mahmohrsalveti: how difficult would it be to get usb-sata support in u-boot?23:51
rsalvetimahmoh: didn't work for you?23:52
rsalvetiI believe it should behave the same way as when using with a pen drive23:52
rsalvetiat least the usb protocol should be the same23:52
mahmohrsalveti: usb-flash-drive is recognized but usb-sata-drive is not23:53
mahmohI thought I read that it wasn't supported, only sticks23:53
rsalvetioh, ok23:53
mahmohrsalveti:   31 Currently supported are USB Hubs, USB Keyboards, USB Floppys, USB23:54
mahmoh  32 flash sticks and USB network adaptors.     http://git.linaro.org/gitweb?p=boot/u-boot-linaro-stable.git;a=blob;f=doc/README.usb;h=a8a4058de122d6c068d9cb91b218bdc89919c0b8;hb=HEAD23:54
rsalvetimahmoh: I believe my sata disk did work23:55
rsalvetiusing with usb23:55
rsalvetilet me check23:55
persiaWhat!  There's a static list in udev detailing which devices to support?23:55
mahmohrsalveti: if it does work then pls tell me which controller/oem so I can get a couple ;)23:56
persiamahmoh, Try inserting the vendor/device pair for your device into the u-boot code.  That might be enough to make it work.23:57
mahmohthat means I'll have to build it ;)23:57
rsalvetimahmoh: run lsusb at ubuntu and paste me the output of your usb disk23:58
persiarsalveti, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/642971/23:58
persiamahmoh, Really, compilation isn't scary :)23:58
persiaThere are nice scripts that do everything for you.  You only have to type `debuild -b`23:59

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