truepurpleOMG, I am struggling with the simpliest thing, moving the terminal prompt to the "downloads" directory.00:01
StevenRtruepurple: cd ~/Downloads ?00:01
truepurpleIt says it knows of no such file or directory00:01
truepurpleoh wait00:02
truepurpleI didn't use a ~00:02
StevenRtruepurple: ~ is shorthand for "My Home Directory"00:02
StevenRor you can use things like ~someotheruser to go to their homedir (if you have permissions to do so, like managing a fileserver for lots of users)00:03
truepurpleSo if @myubuntu:~$ is home, then what is a@myubuntu:/home$ ?00:03
StevenR /home is (usually) where everybody's homedirs live00:03
truepurpleThat doesn't seem to answer my question00:04
StevenRwell you've pasted two prompt strings00:05
StevenRone shows the current location as ~ or "My Homedir", the other shows the location as /home (Your homedir will be /home/yourusername00:06
StevenRso you'd also have say, /home/mycat where all your cat's files are stored, which could also be referenced as ~mycat or by your cat as ~   ... yes, in this example, you own a cat that can use a computer :)00:07
truepurpleSo home is different from "my home directory"00:07
holsteinusing tab to auto complete the path can help you ensure that you are navigating to something that is there, and not doing any typos00:07
StevenRtruepurple: yes, /home is where everybody's homedirs live00:08
StevenRso, /home/user1, /home/user2, etc, etc00:08
holsteintruepurple: its probably as simple as Downloads in stead of downloads00:08
truepurpleIt was the absense of the ~ actually00:10
truepurpleI so miss the simplicity of windows root directory and folder system sometimes00:10
truepurplelinux's folder system seems a mite unnecessarily complex00:11
holsteinyeah, root all the time00:11
holsteinthe negatives far outweigh the positives for me though00:12
holsteinand i like how nothing is hiding from me in linux00:12
holsteinit might not be plain english, but its a language that i have access to learn if i choose to00:12
truepurpleWhen I install a linux program, it always seems to decide where to install, and where to put its link in menu for me, how can I take that power back?00:12
holsteintruepurple: you dont really want to i think00:13
holsteinpart of the 'magic' is the package management00:13
truepurpleAt least in windows, many install programs will let you decide such things00:13
holsteinits mostly self maintaining00:13
holsteinyou can do it literally however you want00:13
truepurpleIf it puts the programs and links in folders in a patter that makes more sense to me, it will be easier for me to find them latter00:14
truepurpleWhy would it be a good thing for me to lose that selection?00:14
holsteinwhy do you need to find them though?00:14
holsteini try and let apt deal with it whenever possible00:14
truepurpleSay, if I want to start the program, or if I want to copy and paste a save file00:14
holsteina save file?00:15
holsteinthose are all in your /home00:15
truepurpleThere are different subfolders within your home directory00:15
truepurpleWhy can't I choose which one different things go to?00:16
holsteinand hidden config directories00:16
holsteintruepurple: its linux, you always can choose00:16
truepurpleAnd why can't I choose which menu to go down under apps or whatever, to start a program?00:16
holsteinbut, going outside of what the system expects, as far as defaults, could prove to be more trouble than its worth00:16
holsteintruepurple: you can00:16
truepurpleNo, its linux, it never lets me pick00:16
holsteinits linux00:16
holsteintruepurple: pick?00:17
holsteinby using synaptic or whatever, you are choosing00:17
holsteinthats what happens when you apt-get that app00:17
holsteinyou can change that behavior00:17
holsteinedit it afterwards00:17
truepurpleSynaptic just installs it, doesn't let me choose the wheres00:17
holsteintruepurple: its package management, thats implicit in the action of installing that way00:18
holsteintruepurple: i just use apt, and am quite happy with the menu placement, but when i want to customize that, i use the menu editor in gnome00:18
truepurpleSo where is the menu editor? And how can I choose when I originally install?00:19
truepurpleAFK a moment00:19
holsteintruepurple: you can just build what you want from scratch, or compile it yourself00:19
holsteinthat will get you whatever result you want00:20
truepurpleI'm no programmer00:20
holsteintruepurple: thats what we are taking advantage of using apt or whatever00:20
holsteinsomeone else has done the work for us00:20
holsteinand we install it, and it does whatever its built to do, as far as menu and whatever else00:21
holsteinyou can always make your own packages, or build from scratch00:21
holsteinbut, that negates (for me) what i like to take advantage of with package management00:21
truepurpleSo its either use the installer, or make your own? What a inferior method to what windows does00:22
holsteintruepurple: ?00:22
holsteinits very similar then00:22
holsteinyou go and make an installer, like an .exe00:22
truepurpleWindows programs don't require you to build your own damn installer, but do allow you to choose download location and menu location00:22
holsteinand you are responsible for it00:22
holsteintruepurple: someone has built those windows applications00:22
truepurpleLinux installers should ask you where you want these things too00:23
truepurpleYeah so?00:23
StevenRtruepurple: hundreds of people have spent many hours packaging literally thousands of pieces of software for ubuntu, all available on demand to you :)00:23
holsteinand you arent required to build them in linux, you can take advantage of whats already build00:23
holsteintruepurple: i dont want them to ask me00:23
holsteinand others dont either00:23
StevenRtruepurple: why do you need to pick where the bits of the package live, so long as you can launch them?00:23
truepurpleIf you need to get into the program, and sometimes you do00:23
holsteinthere are rules in place for where menu icons go. its quite an elegant process really00:24
holsteintruepurple: you still can get in there, you just need to learn where the files are00:24
truepurpleWhats wrong with it asking? Like a windows screen, if you want default, you just go past that00:24
StevenRtruepurple: can you give an example? (There are a ton of "find" type tools anyway :) )00:24
holsteintruepurple: it doesnt need to... i dont want to be asked... when i install firefox, it goes to the internet menu item00:25
StevenRtruepurple: because it doesn't need to ask. Things go in standard places.00:25
holsteinyeah, they are standard to linux systems, and protocols that are in place00:25
StevenRtruepurple: all the config files are in /etc, log files in /var/log. It works out really well :)00:26
holsteintruepurple: it sounds like you are saying 'why isnt ubuntu windows?' and its just not00:26
truepurpleStevenR: An example of what exactly?00:27
StevenRtruepurple: "if you need to get into the program" ... an example of that... why would I? What would I need to do?00:27
holsteinif i did need to get in there, i can, and i can always make my own custom version of whatever i want, and im actually encouraged to do so00:28
holsteinnothing is hiding anywhere00:28
truepurpleWell heres a example, one AV program wanted to be under applications> system tools, and another wanted to be under applications> accessories Now maybe I can change this after the fact, but I really should have been allows to choose where they were in the first place00:29
holsteintruepurple: thats just the menu though... thats really not a big deal at all00:29
truepurpleWhen are more options, a bad thing? Those that don't want to use those options, need not do so00:29
truepurpleIt is a big deal to me00:29
truepurpleIt means trouble finding the app when I want to use it00:29
holsteintruepurple: you can easily edit that00:30
truepurpleIt should allow me to choose in the first place00:30
StevenRbut *why* ?00:30
holsteintruepurple: you can always file a bug report on anything00:30
truepurpleBecause its better for the users00:30
StevenRtruepurple: ok, how is it better?00:30
truepurpleMore options are always a good thing, especially with something like how things are organized00:30
holsteintruepurple: its not better for me though, because i prefer it as-is, and the fact of the matter is, we can both customize00:31
truepurpleIts like this, if you moved into a apartment, even if the apartment did provide the movers, would you want them to decide where everything is placed?00:31
StevenRtruepurple: no, they aren't always a good thing. OK, You've bought a server from my work. Do you want proftpd or vsftpd?00:31
holsteintruepurple: right, but you can build your own apartment, this place is ubuntu's place00:32
truepurpleIts your space, just like menu layout is part of the GUI interfact on your own PC that is your own space00:32
truepurpleNo, on my PC, it is my space00:32
holsteintruepurple: and its fully customizable00:32
holsteintruepurple: right, but you have chosen ubuntu as a base00:32
truepurpleShould let you choose from the start, rather then forcing you to clean up after its messes00:32
holsteinthere are certain defaults associated with that00:32
StevenRtruepurple: but you can change all of that. ALL of it. You can build your own package that puts the menu item in the COOKIEMONSTER folder on the programs menu if you want.00:33
holsteinyou can build your own purplebuntu that does all of that, and share it with others00:33
holsteinand link it here :)00:33
truepurpleI don't know how to make packages, and even if I did, I shouldn't have to go through all that work, just to be able to decide where it puts the damn shortcuts00:33
holsteintruepurple: windows doesnt ask that either, not about the menu00:34
truepurpleI mean that sounds like more work then moving the links after the fact00:34
holsteintheres not even what i consider proper sub menus00:34
holsteinits just a big list00:34
truepurpleYes it does, well depends on the program, many do though00:34
holsteinbut, thats just my opinion00:34
holsteintruepurple: nope, just the install location00:34
holsteinnot the menu00:34
StevenRtruepurple: those choices are designed to work out of the box and be simple to get people up and running. If you feel a particualr package has got it wrong, file a bug for that packae. It's not a perfect universe.00:35
truepurpleAnd menu locations too with at least some00:35
holsteintruepurple: ive never seen it, i havent used windows much since XP, but what i just tested the other day in win7 (todo backup) didnt ask00:35
truepurpleOne could allow people to choose where it installes, and have it no less simple00:35
holsteintruepurple: you can allow that for yourself and others if you want00:35
truepurpleSome have for me holstian00:36
holsteinif you want ubuntu to do that, you'll need to file a bug report, and follow up00:36
StevenRtruepurple: you've added a layer of complexity that most people don't care about. Most packages get it right (as far as I can see).00:36
holsteinget it marked wish-list00:36
truepurpleWhere do you go for that?00:36
truepurpleOne simple thing ubuntu and probably others need, is to have windows url links working by default00:37
truepurpleEspecially since the code for it is so simple00:37
StevenRtruepurple: "windows url links" ?00:37
truepurpleLinks to webpages made under windows00:37
* holstein doesnt follow00:37
holsteinwebpages made under windows?00:38
StevenRyou mean .lnk files?00:38
truepurpleIf you pull the icon next to a URL to a desktop or folder it creates a link to a webpage, when you do this under windows, those links don't work by default under ubuntu00:38
StevenRtruepurple: well, file a bug report.00:38
truepurpleSuggestions go under bug reports too?00:39
holsteinyeah, i didnt know about that one00:39
StevenRtruepurple: provide a patch, or maybe an algorhythm on how to do it?00:39
StevenRtruepurple: yeah, wish-list or similar category probably.00:39
truepurpleWell someone else gave me the code and instructions (and I dont know if I still have the instructions, but I am sure they can figure it out)00:39
holsteinmost folks find it easier to just make their own spin00:39
holsteintruepurple: you and i or anyone can take ubuntu and change it or whatever00:40
holsteinwe have access to all the resources freely00:40
truepurpleThere is already enough distros00:40
StevenRtruepurple: the more help you can give, the more likely you are to get the outcome you want. (with the bug report on links)00:40
truepurpleAnd theres that weird thing where programs arent available to all distros, even though I thought any linux program could work on any linux distro00:41
holsteinyou can always build it00:41
holsteinwell, assuming the creator gives you what you need i suppose00:41
StevenRtruepurple: that just means that a program hasn't been packaged for that distro.00:41
truepurpleHell, I still don't even know what you mean by "build it" and I doubt I could, whatever it means00:41
holsteintruepurple: its linux, the answer is always yes :)00:42
holsteindoesnt mean its easy though...00:42
holsteinStevenR: you have guest os's hosted via ssh with virt-manager?00:44
StevenRholstein: could you precise your question please?00:45
holsteinmaybe... im wondering if you have the guest hosted elsewhere and connect to if via ssh ?00:46
StevenRI run virt-manager over ssh (either with ssh -X or using virt-manager's builtin ssh-hook) and I access the guests via ssh (mostly, some are desktop test machines and similar)00:46
StevenRholstein: I have a box with 16GB of RAM, though I rarely sit in front of it. It's also my "TV" (using mythtv and a couple of DVB usb sticks)00:47
holsteini'll have to see if i can get my mind around it... virtualbox is very GUI easy, but i think i might like some of that functionality00:48
thewrathhey all01:19
thewrathwhen is the next meeting01:19
thewrathhey stlsaint01:26
stlsaintthewrath: sup man01:28
thewrathnothing much01:28
stlsaintthewrath: you see now backtrack iso released?01:29
stlsaintim way behind on it already01:29
thewrathnew backtrack?01:29
thewrathis it 4?01:29
stlsaintnope 501:30
stlsaintand it looks flipping awesome01:30
thewrathoh ok01:30
thewrathwow really01:30
stlsaintyep, they released a kde version this go around01:31
stlsaintthewrath: after i take the pen-tester course maybe i can try and circumvent that honeypot you got all setup ;)01:31
thewrathI have not set it up yet01:31
thewrathI was talking with bodhi and he said use honeyd on fedora01:32
stlsaintaye, well hopefully sometime next year after i get back from kuwait and take course01:32
thewrathwhat course?01:32
stlsaintthewrath: yes fedora is extremely app rich as i am starting to see01:32
stlsaintespecially with virtualization and security01:32
thewrathwell fedora is red hat beta as i like it call it01:32
stlsaintthewrath: the offensive security course for backtrack01:33
stlsaintim actually mad at a few of the default configs in fedora, particualry with yum that even upstream doesnt do01:33
stlsaintbut thats for another time, gotta go man, bbiab (about an hour)01:33
stlsaintred hat01:33
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
HAWK_is this where i can ask a question?09:46
Mohan_chmlo/ philinux11:44
Mohan_chmlhow is life philinux ?11:59
philinuxMohan_chml: good yeah. Just checking emails etc etc12:03
RiggsFollyHi, I am new to all forms of *nix. I have just installed Ubuntu 11.04 and am looking for some doc on "Users and Groups". When I look at ubuntu.com the screen shots dont match the ones I get on my installation? Have I got the wrong desktop manager running, or have things changed since the doc was last maintained?13:31
RiggsFollyAlso I cannot find a description of the groups that already exists which the Group Manager! Can somebody point me to some good docs.13:32
holsteinRiggsFolly: hey14:35
holsteinim going to assume you have 11.04 installed14:36
holstein11.04 used the unity desktop, and *if* you dont have 3d support on with your graphics hardware, you will be defaulted to gnome14:36
holsteinthats why the screenshots would look different than what you see14:37
holsteinfor the user information, what are you trying to do?14:38
tyrhi, i know this might be a silly question, but how do you address a user so that he will see my message highlighted red?15:17
holsteintyr: like that <<15:17
tyryes, like that15:17
holsteini just used your nick15:18
holsteinyou can use tab to complete the nick15:18
holsteintype hol and hit tab15:18
tyrholstein, test15:18
coalwaterholstein, hi :D15:18
tyrok, thanks15:18
holsteinif you type h and hit tab a bunch, you'll scroll through the h's15:18
holsteincoalwater: o/ :)15:18
coalwaterbtw, holstein  who should i talk to if i want to get a cloak15:19
holsteincoalwater: i got mine in #freenode15:19
holsteinthe free unafilliated one15:20
coalwateru just go there and ask anyone?15:20
holsteinthey gave me one for me and my bot :)15:20
holsteincoalwater: yeah, if its not busy, an op should be able to hook you up really quick15:20
holsteini wouldnt ping an op though... i would just try later if no one responds15:21
holsteincoalwater: you can also donate and get a cloak15:22
coalwaterlol of course i can :D15:22
coalwaterbet they wont mind a donation , but i can use some donations my self, so no i could stick with ugly free ones :D lol15:22
RiggsFollyholstein: Sorry, the Mother in law called and needed a bit of remote support.15:29
RiggsFollyholstein: I do have 11.04 installed and I guess the graphics card issue could be the case as its a fairly old PC i am using.15:31
holsteinRiggsFolly: theres a 2d version of unity if you are interested, and cant get 3d support for your card15:35
RiggsFollyholstein: Just checked and yes I have Gnome running15:35
coalwaterholstein, got it :D15:36
RiggsFollyholstein: I can live without unity for now.15:38
coalwaterRiggsFolly, sometimes installing drivers does the trick15:38
RiggsFollyholstein: RE: User and Group info. I see there are a set of GROUPS defined in group manager but I dont know what any of them mean. Especially confused about adm and admin??15:38
RiggsFollyholdsein: I can guess most of them but some documentation would be nice!15:39
RiggsFollycoolwater: Ok thanks. I will have to find out how to get drivers, once I work out what graphics card is in this mechine.15:40
coalwaterif ur on classic gnome u should have administrator > additional drivers, try there15:41
coalwateradministration* i think15:41
RiggsFollycoolwater: Currently has an nvidia driver runnning15:41
RiggsFollyGFORCE 620015:41
RiggsFollyI will have to check what that is capable of!!15:41
RiggsFollyDoes UBUNTU keep a hardware compatibility list somewhere15:42
holsteinRiggsFolly: we have extensive wikis, but i suggest getting a question in mind, and going from there15:44
holsteinthe only reason im aware of user groups is for audio work15:44
holsteini run sudo adduser holstein audio15:44
holsteinthat adds my user to the audio group which gives that user rights to use the sound device15:45
holsteinotherwise, when i run JACK, i need to run JACK as root, and all the other audio apps as root15:45
holsteinand you generally want to be careful what you are running as root and why15:45
holsteinRiggsFolly: if its just a general 'whats this button do?' kind of question, i say, dont push that button, and take it slow15:46
holsteinand i think you'll get the hang of it as you go15:46
holsteinand as always, any specific questions you have, feel free to ask here15:47
RiggsFollywell i guess i am being picky. I am an old techy and I like to understand what I am up to. Ignorance is not so much bliss as dangerous in my experience15:47
holsteinheres a very little information on adding users and groups15:47
holsteinRiggsFolly: its all about permissions really15:48
charlie-tcahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 2 starting in 12 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:48
RiggsFollyyea thats what I was talking about when I said my windows look different to the ones in the graphics i.e the content is layed out differently15:48
holsteinRiggsFolly: gnome is quite different than unity15:49
holsteinif you have no frame of reference, you probably wont care much, or miss something that unity has15:50
RiggsFollywow, i guess all this flexibility is great when you have a handle on what you are doing. Right now it just seems to make things even more complicated for me the beginner15:50
holsteinRiggsFolly: i can identify with that15:51
holsteini moved my recording studio over to linux not too long ago15:51
RiggsFollyAnd that doc does not mention anything about the "groups" and what rights they impart to a user when a user is placed i one of them15:51
holsteinthe options are daunting at first, but its literally as close as i feel i cant get to a 'your imagination is your only limit' system15:52
holsteinRiggsFolly: think of it this way15:52
holsteinyou and i are going to make that document15:52
holsteinfor one thing, some apps you install make groups15:52
holsteinSO, we have some users with different groups than others15:53
holsteinand all of the groups are going to have different permissions based on what they are and what they do15:53
holsteinand also, how the user may or may not customize those permission15:53
holsteinRiggsFolly: some of them are obvious15:53
holsteinlike the one im familiar with... audio15:53
holsteinthe audio groups has permission to use the audio devices15:54
holsteinroot would have those permissions, and now my user does15:54
RiggsFollyholstein: correct some of them are. Or is that just a dangerous assumption15:54
holsteinwhy would i not want that out of the box?15:54
holsteinit becomes more obvious with some of the disk groups15:55
holsteini also add myself to the firewire group, this means if something malicious was happening on a firewire network device15:55
holsteinthat something malicious *could* have root access15:56
RiggsFollyholstein: I understand the concept of group based security, I have been in tech support ( not unix ) for many years.15:56
RiggsFollyWhat I am asking is: Is there a doc somewhere that describes what rights/privilages are imparted to a user for each of the groups in that GROUP list.15:57
holsteinRiggsFolly: right, but how would that doc look?15:58
holsteinim saying, if you and i want to make that doc, these are some of the issues we would face trying to make that doc15:58
holsteinthe groups list is *not* necessarily static15:59
rajui have installed java successfully from a .bin file15:59
holsteinhttp://thameera.wordpress.com/2011/06/16/unity-2d/ < on unity 2d if you're interested15:59
RiggsFollyadm = This gives the group member the right to xxxxx15:59
RiggsFollyavahi-autoipd = This gives the group member the right to yyyyyy15:59
rajuif i enter java or javac its not listing the flow and showing some pkgs15:59
RiggsFollyholstein: Aghhhhhh now we might be getting somewhere16:00
holsteinRiggsFolly: you could search/ask on a group by group basis16:01
holsteini think that would be best16:01
RiggsFollyok thanks16:01
holsteinRiggsFolly: also, these wikis are 2 ways really... if you feel we need a 'default user groups explained' wiki page, go for it... i'll even help if i can16:02
RiggsFollyyea, think I had better learn a littel more before I go telling others the wgong thing16:03
RiggsFollybut I will bear the idea of getting involved in mind16:03
holsteinRiggsFolly: thats why i dont want to say too much as well16:04
holsteini have only used those few groups enough to really have something to share16:05
RiggsFollyok well thanks for what you have done for me.16:05
holsteini think keeping in mind that any of these groups your user is in can be a potential security risk is enough16:06
holsteini have to be in the audio group and video16:06
holsteinand im aware of the risks16:06
holsteini dont do that on every machine though16:06
holsteini could also do something like have a seperate user for recording audio16:07
holsteini bascially have that since i have a dedicated machine for that task16:07
RiggsFollythe more i see about these groups the less I think i need to use them for what I want to do16:08
holsteinRiggsFolly: whats the goal?16:10
holsteinRiggsFolly: also, its challenging as well to have a hardware compatibility list16:11
holsteinthere are lots of wikis though, and a new 'ubuntu friendly' initiative16:11
RiggsFollythe goal was actually only to understand what they were each for16:11
holsteinbut, a kernel rev and really knock out some support for older hardware16:11
RiggsFollylike I say I like to know what I am doing and I dont on unix ( I am a mainframe and Windows guy )16:12
holsteinRiggsFolly: the more i learn about ubuntu and the internals, the more im just amazed that it all works and anything gets done16:12
holsteintheres *so* much information16:12
holsteinjust bug reports alone are quite time consuming16:13
holsteinRiggsFolly: its just different16:13
holsteinwith windows, what would you do?16:13
holsteinyou'd buy hardware and look for a driver16:13
holsteinnot much different really16:13
holsteintheres just more freedom i find16:14
RiggsFollyyea, I just wanted to set up a PC to run as a jukebox basically. To site in the Clubs bar and play CD's and the like16:14
RiggsFollymaybe I am just getting a bit to picky16:14
holsteinRiggsFolly: the answer is always yes basically16:14
holsteinnothing is hiding from you16:14
holsteinand instead of microsoft, its really just you and me16:14
holsteinand we can do whatever we learn how to do16:14
RiggsFollyTHAST WHAT WORRIES ME, cause I knoe I dont know enough16:15
holsteinRiggsFolly: you gotta start somewhere :)16:15
RiggsFollyanyway  THANKS. I got go now and collect the GF from work16:15
holsteinsure... we can talk about some jukebox solutions sometime if you'd like16:15
bdfhjkIs there anyone, who can help me in router issue on ubuntu?16:27
holsteinbdfhjk: i can try, whats up?16:28
bdfhjkI have new router16:28
bdfhjkand try to connect to it16:28
bdfhjkusing addres16:28
bdfhjkbut in this addres I have apache welcome page16:28
bdfhjkI removed apache, deleted IP from /etc/network/interfaces16:29
holsteinmaybe the router has a webserver16:29
bdfhjkbut still entering I see "it works! "16:29
bdfhjkno, this router work normal in windows16:30
holsteinhit control+F5 as well16:30
holsteinmaybe you are seeing a cached page16:30
bdfhjkand I see this message also when it is not connected16:30
bdfhjkthis is not cached16:31
bdfhjkI restarted computer :-)16:31
holsteinthat doesnt mean its not cached16:31
holsteinif the machine is not online, and you are seeing a webpage that used to be at, thats a cached page16:32
holsteinbdfhjk: control+F5 forces a refresh in most browsers16:32
holsteinrestarting the box doesnt necessarily16:32
holsteinbdfhjk: control+F5 did what??16:33
holsteinbdfhjk: whats the word?16:39
holsteinim about to head out the door... i still say its a cached page16:39
holsteinif you cant figure out control+F5, and you dont want to clear the browser cache, install another web browser and try it16:39
holsteinsudo apt-get install midori16:39
coalwaterbdfhjk, are u sure the router is on that ip ?16:42
coalwaterlike for example my ip uses
coalwatermy router* sorry16:42
coalwatercheck the default route on the connection information on the network applet16:43
coalwateror not :D16:43
coalwaterhe broke his router16:43
bdfhjkeh now I am back16:45
bdfhjkI connected by wi-fi to router16:45
bdfhjkand now I can connect by wi-fi16:45
bdfhjkbut I can't connect by eth16:45
kristian-aalborghas anybody had success running this "paltalk" thing on Linux?17:00
kristian-aalborgI see it can be done via Wine/VM... but nothing native, amirite?17:00
coalwaterbdfhjk, can u tell me ur problem again, u can't connect to the router thru eth0 but u can from wifi ?17:11
bdfhjkcoalwater: hi17:33
bdfhjkcoalwater: now I solved one problem17:33
bdfhjkcoalwater: and have another17:33
bdfhjkcoalwater: I try to set internet sharing17:34
bdfhjkcoalwater: from PC (Ubuntu, ppp0 - wireless modem)17:34
coalwaterthere was a post in the website about internet sharing17:34
bdfhjkusing router17:34
coalwaterhm let me check17:34
bdfhjkto X1017:34
bdfhjkthanks, but17:36
bdfhjkI saw this17:36
bdfhjkthe main problem17:36
bdfhjkI can connect phone to router and computer to router17:37
bdfhjkI can also set a firestarter to enable connection sharing17:37
bdfhjkbut I can't set a gateway in router17:38
bdfhjkI don't know how to do it17:38
bdfhjkSo what IP I should put in gateway17:39
bdfhjkMy ppp0 IP or my computer-router IP (eth0)17:39
holsteinmy router's ip is
coalwateri don't really know, most these stuff are auto17:41
coalwaterdhcp handles most of this17:41
holsteinyou can always set it to static17:42
bdfhjkMy router DHCP assign IP for X1017:42
holsteini have through for DHCP17:42
bdfhjkBut it should direct connections to PC17:43
holsteinyour router assigns an ip for everything unless you specifiy otherwise17:43
holsteinthats what you have asked it to do17:43
bdfhjkand I don't know how to set it to do this17:43
holsteinstatic ip17:43
bdfhjkwhere ?17:44
holsteini dont know what an x10 is17:45
bdfhjkIt is impossible to set it in android17:46
holsteinbut i would probably start with 'x10 how to set static ip17:46
holsteinbdfhjk: should be17:46
bdfhjkI know should be :-)17:46
bdfhjkbut isn't17:46
bdfhjkI must use DHCP17:46
bdfhjkand set all in router17:46
bdfhjkI don't have advanced tab17:47
bdfhjkbecause I don't rooted it17:48
bdfhjkwhen I root phone, I lose my guarantion17:48
holsteinbdfhjk: on the wifi tab?17:51
bdfhjkI read about it some days ago17:51
holsteinbdfhjk: you wont be able to set a static ip on cellular17:53
holsteinthats not what you want anyways17:53
holsteinive seen some router firmware that lets you specifiy17:54
holsteineitherway, you should be able to find the IP of the droid17:54
holsteinim just not clear on what you want17:54
holsteini mean, you dont need to share anything on the buntu box if you have wifi from the router17:55
holsteini use http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/index assuming you have a compatilble device17:55
holsteinmight give you more flexibility17:55
bdfhjksorry for late answer18:03
bdfhjkI have wi-fi from the router18:03
bdfhjkI am thinking about how to tell my router to direct connections to ppp0 in ubuntu computer18:04
bdfhjkbecause my phone can only connect to router18:05
bdfhjkcan't to computer18:05
holsteinright, but whats the problem with that?18:05
holsteinat that point they are networked18:05
holsteinmaking the phone share the network from the buntu box shouldnt give you any more functionality18:06
holsteinAFAIK, it will basically be acting as a switch18:06
bdfhjkproblem lays in android system policy18:08
bdfhjkwith don't allow to modify system settings18:08
holsteinright, but thats *always* going to be the same18:08
holsteindoesnt matter how you connect to your network18:09
holsteinwhat are you trying to do?18:09
bdfhjkI am trying to have net in my phone :-)18:09
bdfhjkAnd in android system18:09
bdfhjkphone can only connect to wi-fi AP18:09
bdfhjkad-hoc connections aren't allowed18:10
holsteinright, but that gets you 'net on the phone'18:10
holsteinwhen you connect via wifi18:10
bdfhjkYou mean via wifi to computer?18:12
holsteinwhere ever18:12
holsteini mean to the router18:12
holsteinwhere i am pretty sure if i understand you, you are able to connect18:13
holsteinconnecting the phone to the computer bypassing the router wont afford you any more luxuries18:13
bdfhjkI am sorry If I get You wrong ( I am not expierienced in english)18:14
holsteinlets imagine for a minute we travel an hour and a half in the future18:14
holsteinand you are connected to the ubuntu box with your phone18:15
holsteinthen what?18:15
holsteinyou still got the same android permissions issues18:15
holsteinif the issue is the phone, it wont matter where you connect or how18:15
bdfhjkThat isn't true. My computer network card don't have AP mode. My router have it18:16
bdfhjkand phone can connect only in AP mode18:16
holsteinright, and what does that matter?18:16
holsteinthat still doesnt help you with the phone issues18:16
holsteinAP mode doesnt give you more access18:16
holsteinor less18:16
bdfhjkthis not a problem18:16
bdfhjkthe problem is18:16
bdfhjkhow to set router18:17
bdfhjkthat it will direct connections from phone to computer-> internet18:17
holsteinits not doing anything to prevent that18:17
holsteinthe 2 devices are on the network18:17
bdfhjkbut look18:17
bdfhjkmy computer have IP18:18
bdfhjkmy phone ....518:18
bdfhjkand my router ....118:18
holsteinright, router/gateway18:18
bdfhjkbut when I use internet on phone18:18
bdfhjkit connect with gateway18:18
bdfhjkbut gateway isn't connected with internet18:19
holsteinah.. theres the piece of the puzzle ive been missing18:19
holsteinthe ubuntu box is connected to the internet18:19
holsteinand the router is not18:19
holsteinyou cant just run the internet into the router? and use it in a more traditional fashion?18:20
coalwaterok so can i try imagine something, u have gateway, with no wireless, and a router with a wireless? and u want to connect internet to the router to give access to the phone ?18:21
coalwaterit sounds more like a switch with a wireless interface18:22
holsteinwell, i just have one router/gateway18:22
holsteinthe others just act like switches18:22
bdfhjkmaybe I draw it18:22
bdfhjkand create thread at forum18:22
coalwatergateway->router->computer would do fine18:23
holsteinim not clear on why you dont use the router as that, a router, and plug the main internet directly into it18:23
holsteinand then, connect all other devices through the router, which is online18:24
holsteinand then, all devices have internet, and are networked with each other18:24
bdfhjkbecause I have cellular internet18:24
coalwateri've seen one at my cousin, the router doesn't really have a gateway, so it's just a switch with wirelsss, i think that's what he's talking about18:24
bdfhjkform HSDPA modem in netbook18:24
holsteinbdfhjk: you should lead with that next time18:24
coalwaterso the computer is the gateway18:25
coalwaterthat's totally different now18:25
bdfhjkbut phone can't direct connect to computer18:25
holsteinstill, if the netbook has 2 network cards you should be able to grab wifi, and sent it via wired network to the router18:25
holsteinthen, like coalwater says gateway-router-devices18:25
bdfhjkI try to set up router it this model18:26
bdfhjkcomputer connect to internet18:26
coalwaterdoes the computer have wireless?18:26
coalwaterso u want the wireless to act as an access point18:26
holsteinyeah, make a wifi router out of the netbook18:26
bdfhjkI want to use router as access point18:27
holsteinconnect it up wired then, and use it like a switch18:27
coalwaterit's kinda easy to do so on windows, u mark an interface to allow others to connect, and let others target that ip18:27
bdfhjkyes, but not in android18:27
bdfhjkwhen I have windows mobile18:27
holsteinandroid will just connect to the AP though18:28
holsteinand that will be online18:28
holsteinin this scenario^18:28
bdfhjkbut how to make AP ?18:28
coalwaterok, connect to the router, and connect the router to the pc, and write the computer ip as a gateway ip18:28
bdfhjkbut what IP18:28
bdfhjk'what computer IP18:29
coalwaterthe computer's ip on the wired network18:29
coalwateri dont know ur network set up, if that's the computer ip then i guess18:29
bdfhjkI try18:29
bdfhjkWhen I connect to router18:37
bdfhjkmy computer was disconnected with internet18:37
bdfhjkand I don't know18:37
bdfhjkwhere to set gateway in router18:37
bdfhjkplease look18:38
bdfhjkthere are screenshots from my router settings page18:38
keaponbdfhjk I don't know, but usually gateways end in a .1 or .018:42
bdfhjkkeapon: not in this case18:44
holsteinyou dont want the gateway to the a computer IP18:46
holsteinbdfhjk: work with a small piece of the puzzle18:47
holsteintake the cellular connected machine while its connected18:47
holsteinwire the router to it, and get that forwarding the network like a switch18:47
holsteinat that point, everything else should just connect and be easy18:47
bdfhjkI must set forwarding in gateway18:50
bdfhjkactual my gateway is router18:50
bdfhjkand I can't change this18:50
holsteinnah.. you just want to share on the machine18:51
holsteinthe router will just do that18:51
holsteinthe cellular connected netbook will be acting like a modem for you18:51
bdfhjkbut my phone don't know this18:52
holsteinyour phone is not an issue18:52
holsteinthe phone doesnt need to be in the equation yet18:52
holsteinyou get the router working properly, and you can connect your phone or whatever to that later18:53
bdfhjkholstein, I setted internet forwarding, connected phone to router and router to computer18:53
bdfhjkbut I must also tell router, that it should look at internet in computer18:54
holsteinright, thats not the order18:54
holsteindont connect anything to the router yet18:54
bdfhjkso what I should do?18:54
holsteinbdfhjk: put the phone down18:54
holsteinthe router will just take the internet from the wired network device on the computer18:54
holsteinwhen that is configured properly18:54
bdfhjkthis not working18:55
holsteindoes your ISP block this?18:56
holsteinwhat i would do is get another known good network card, like on a desktop machine or another laptop18:56
holsteini would plug that into the netbook with the cellular connection18:57
holsteini would then configure the netbook intil it was sending its internet over to the other machine via the wired interface18:57
holsteini would want to ping google.com or whatever18:57
holsteinTHEN, in theory, when you plug the router in where that test machine was plugged in, it *should* just work18:58
bdfhjkI try to solve this tomorow19:00
bdfhjkThanks for help19:02
bdfhjkholstein, coalwater and keapon19:02
holsteinthe issue is not with the router though...19:02
holsteini say, the netbook is *not* passing the network along, unless you have tested that19:02
bdfhjkI tested, I can connect another computer to netbook by cable and share internet19:02
bdfhjkbut today I am tired19:02
holsteinbdfhjk: with it like that, you should be able to reset the router, and just plug it in19:03
bdfhjkyes, but this not work ( I tried this)19:03
holsteinbdfhjk: after reseting the router?19:03
holsteinwith the button?19:03
holsteinyou want to look at a few IP addresses for conflicts then19:04
holsteinyou want to see what IP a machine is getting from the netbook19:06
coalwaterbdfhjk, do u know what i do, i grab the usb sim card and stick it in the phone and use it directly lol19:07
holsteinhehe... thats an idea, i dont have a sim card phone though19:08
keaponCould it be a DHCP issue? The laptop and the router both trying to assign IP addys?19:09
bdfhjkI can't do this19:09
bdfhjksome programs on androin can download data only by wi-fi connection19:10
bdfhjkand can't use internal mode19:10
bdfhjksorry for errors19:11
bdfhjkkeapon: not, computers, router and phone have diffrent IPs19:12
keaponTypically the router assigns internal IPs to whatever devices are connected to it19:14
holsteinyeah, you can try disabling DHCP on the router19:15
holsteinthat would be the preferred way either way19:15
keaponI have a syslog problem, it's not logging19:23
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