BluesKajhey folks12:13
dscasselMorning, BluesKaj12:18
BluesKajhi dscassel12:35
dscasselMeeting in 1/2 an hour.22:31
dscasselI'm heading to Kwartzlab if any KW people want to join me there. (Looking at you, BobJonkman :)22:32
hakimsheriffHelloe everybody22:35
BobJonkmanO Hai, dscassel22:42
BobJonkmanJust got home to Elmira.  Feeling a bit baffed, would rather be NIFOC22:43
hakimsheriffHave a meeting in 15 minutes, right?22:43
BobJonkmanBy ourselves, if necessary22:44
fhassounehhello everyone22:49
BobJonkmanHi there, fhassouneh22:49
fhassounehHi BobJonkman22:49
BobJonkmanI'm thinking dscassel is in transit to #kwartzlab, so he may not yet be at a terminal (that's his irssi presence in the channel)22:50
dscasselMeeting in 1022:51
* BobJonkman is looking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-07-1222:53
dscasselThanks, BobJonkman :)22:53
dscasselLike I said, not a lot on the agenda.  Anybody want to add anything?22:54
BobJonkmanHow about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek22:54
dscasselOh yeah!22:54
dscasselMentioned it last time, but it bears repeating.22:54
BobJonkmanShould be on now...22:54
BobJonkmanAh, I guess the last session today ended at 5:00pm EDT22:57
dscasselRuns all week!22:58
* BobJonkman grabs a last-minute beverage, and prepares to compute outside on the back deck22:58
dscasselHold on, denting the meeting.22:58
dscassel(People should follow @UbuntuWaterloo on twitter/identica, btw. That's me).23:01
dscassel(There's no Ubuntu Canada account, but people can use !ubuntuca on identica or #ubuntuca on Twitter.23:01
dscasselMeeting start! Introductions are in order.23:02
dscasselWho are you? Where are you from? What are you doing for/with Ubuntu?23:02
dscasselI'm Darcy, in Waterloo. I'm the LoCo contact for Ubuntu Canada, and run events and stuff here in town.23:03
fhassounehI'm Fouad, from st johns, NL. I study computer engineering and I work in signal and image processing23:04
hakimsheriffI am Hakim Sheriff, in Montreal,  I distribute "Powered By Ubuntu" STickers for System76 (Temporarily not since I am moving) and I try to help here and there.23:05
dscasselAwesome! Welcome, fhassouneh.23:05
dscasselIs there much of an Ubuntu community in St John's? Any LUGs or anything?23:05
dscasselHi, hakimsheriff :)23:05
hakimsheriffHi Fouad!23:05
fhassounehI think most of my Data structures class use ubuntu23:05
fhassounehbut we dont have any community here23:06
hakimsheriffHey dscassel23:06
fhassounehhi hakimsheriff23:06
fhassounehhey dscassel23:06
dscasselCool. U Waterloo's CS and Math departments are all ubuntu now. :)23:06
txwikingerdscassel: rgreening is in St. Johns23:06
dscasselMass Call! KombuchaKip sipherdee IdleOne Kulag cyphermox Jaguar james_w willwh johanbr MylesBraithwaite zeroedout FiReSTaRT Kamondelious ryanakca zul !23:07
dscassel(Sorry, forgot earlier)23:08
dscasselMeeting start!23:08
fhassounehoh thats interesting, cz st. john's is a small city, so i definitly met him before23:08
dscasselIntroduce yourselves if you could. :)23:08
KombuchaKipHey folks. My name's Kip. I'm the principle developer behind the Avaneya project, a cerebral science fiction game for Ubuntu (www.avaneya.com).23:08
KombuchaKipI'm from White Rock, British Columbia, and sometimes Vancouver.23:09
dscasselHi Kip. :)23:10
FiReSTaRThey darcy\23:11
BobJonkmanBobJonkman is Bob Jonkman from Elmira, ON, just north of Waterloo23:12
FiReSTaRTdropped in for a couple, but watching copa america23:12
FiReSTaRTchile playing peru23:12
KombuchaKipdscassel: Hey man. Check out what the Avaneya VikingExtractor pulled out yesterday. This is a real pic. http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=197342&d=131050499523:12
BobJonkmanKomuchaKip: I get "You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page. "23:13
BobJonkman/.../ KombuchaKip: I get "You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page. "23:14
hakimsheriffBobJonkman: You need to login to the Forums23:14
hakimsheriffto be able to see it23:14
KombuchaKipBobJonkman: Ubuntu forum I think you have to sign in to see message attachments.23:15
dscasselKombuchaKip: Huh. Is that all rendered, or just the lander superimposed on Mars photos?23:15
* BobJonkman grumbles about yet more logging inning23:15
KombuchaKipdscassel / BobJonkman: It's real. Very exciting. Details on how we got it out here: https://www.avaneya.com/temp/Avaneya%20Crew%20Handbook.pdf23:15
KombuchaKipBobJonkman: That you certainly don't need to login for.23:16
* txwikinger is on his way23:17
dscasselKombuchaKip: That's cool. I was assuming Avaneya was just the game.23:18
dscasselSee you soon, txwikinger :)23:19
dscasselOkay, we don't have much of an agenda today, but we should get started...23:19
KombuchaKipdscassel: It is, but we needed the Viking Lander images to make the material shaders realistic.23:19
* BobJonkman grumbles that he has to log into http://ubuntuforums.org and not https://ubuntuforums.org23:20
dscasselUbuntu Global Jam is coming up September 2-4.23:20
dscasselWe're going to host a jam here at Kwartzlab (the hackerspace in KW)23:20
KombuchaKipBobJonkman: Don't worry. Soon we'll have them all in PNG for you to download.23:21
dscasselThere seemed to be interest in hosting one in Toronto at Free Geek, but I haven't heard what's going on with that.23:21
dscasselI need to hunt down a point contact person there.23:21
dscasselIf people want to run one, it's pretty fun.23:22
dscasselNot as easy as an Ubuntu Hour, but a great way to get people contributing to the project.23:22
dscasselAnybody running (heard about) other Jams?23:22
dscasselI'm assuming that's a no.23:24
zeroedoutnope :)23:24
dscasselhakimsheriff: Nothing in Montreal?23:24
hakimsheriffdscassel: not sure23:25
dscassel(Quebec has its own loco, but I like to know these things so I can tell people about them if they ask. :)23:25
hakimsheriffIm not very involved with Ubuntu Quebec23:25
dscasselhakimsheriff: Still haven't made it out to an Ubuntu hour, eh?23:26
hakimsheriffnot really,23:26
hakimsheriffim currently VERY busy23:26
dscasselMagicFab's a good guy.  I'm looking forward to meeting him next month. :)23:26
BobJonkmanAre you going to MagicFab, or is MagicFab coming to KW?23:27
dscasselBobJonkman: I'm going to Montreal. :)23:27
dscasselAnyway, Ubuntu Developer Week is on this week in #ubuntu-classroom.23:27
dscasselIf you're interested in programming for or on Ubutu, it's a great place to learn about different technologies and techniques.23:28
fhassounehThanks a lot dscassel23:29
dscasselno problem, fhassouneh :)23:29
dscasselHope it's helpful.23:29
dscasselI've attended in the past.23:29
dscasselI kinda forgot about it this week (doesn't help I'm at work when it's going).23:29
fhassounehoh ok, it should be interesting23:30
dscasselI'll probably fire up Lernid and have it running in the backround at work.23:30
dscasselUbuntu Vancouver's Randall Ross is running a similar event: Ubuntu Community Week.23:31
dscasselSimilar, but about building the community.23:31
sipherdeedscassel: thanks for mentionning it again, i am back from vacation so i will check #ubuntu-classroom.23:32
dscasselNo problem, sipherdee :)23:32
dscasselIt's July 18-22 in #ubuntu-classroom.23:32
dscassel(Although I think they're pushing Lernid, because you get slides and it's easier for non-technical people).23:33
cgrozaToo late for the meeting?23:33
dscasselcgroza: Nope! We're still going.23:34
dscasselAlthough we're coming to the end of the posted agenda.23:34
dscasselAnybody else running, know of events they'd like to talk about?23:35
BobJonkmanIs the Ubuntu CD Bribery Program still on?23:35
dscasselAssuming the answer is no, anything I can do to convince you it's a good idea?23:35
dscasselBobJonkman: Yeah, but no bites.23:35
dscasselUbuntu CD Bribery Program is I will send you a package of 10 CDs if you run an Ubuntu Hour in your town, and post pictures/blog about it.23:36
dscasselA bargain!23:36
dscasselI'll probably throw in stickers and buttons too. :D23:36
BobJonkmanMaybe I can distribute some CDs at events like the Guelph Web Makers Meetup and the KW Design/Developers Meetup23:37
hakimsheriffBe Right Back,23:37
dscasselUbuntu Hours are fun and easy! You just find a nice cafe somewhere, advertise when you're going to be there (twitter/identica/forums/the mailing list/loco.ubuntu.com)23:38
dscasselAnd people show up! You meet other cool Ubuntu people! And you can make nefarious plans for release parties and whatnot. :D23:38
dscasselOr you dont' have to talk about ubuntu at all, if other things come up.23:39
dscasselTotally informal.23:39
BobJonkmanAnd we have one in KW next Wednesday23:39
dscasselBobJonkman: I brought CDs for you to KWLUG, but you weren't there. :(23:39
dscasselI'll have some to give you next week.23:40
* hakimsheriff is back!23:40
BobJonkman*grins* because #gwmm is tomorrow...23:40
BobJonkmanBut #kwdm is the week after Ubuntu Hour23:40
dscasselBobJonkman: You should be here! I've got them in my car. :)23:41
BobJonkmanThat'll teach me...23:42
dscasselfhassouneh: You should totally run an Ubuntu Hour in St John's.23:42
dscasselAnything else anyone wants to talk about?23:43
fhassounehdscassel: I think its a great idea, i think i'll run one soon, i just need some information and ill definitely find some ppl to help me here23:43
dscasselfhassouneh: Great!23:43
dscasselYeah, see if you can get in touch with rgreening. :D23:44
dscasselAnd let me know if you have any questions about it. There's really nothing to it.23:44
fhassounehok i think it will be a fun experience23:44
dscasselWe gotta get one going regularly in Linuxcaffe in Toronto. I should poke the Free Geek guys.23:45
fhassounehby the way all the computers at memorial univerity have ubuntu 8.04 installed on them23:45
dscasselfhassouneh: Yeah, that's where U Waterloo is too.23:45
fhassounehdscassel: yeah thats awesome23:45
dscasselI'm just happy I'm able to run Ubuntu at work now.  No more Windows! :D23:46
BobJonkmanI've been running rogue Ubuntu at work for about 6 months.23:47
dscasselBobJonkman: I'm making it possible for other developers to run Ubuntu at work too. :D23:47
BobJonkmanNeed Virtual Box to run WinXP for MS-only apps like OneNote and Exchange (because the Exchange server is too damaged to properly deal with UTF-8 in SMTP)23:48
dscasselOur old IDE is Windows-only.  I'm making a new cross-platform one based on Eclipse. :D23:48
dscasselBobJonkman: Yeah. I need IE for a few things still.23:49
dscasselI installed Crossover Pro trial to get Office running because I need to mark up Word docs sometimes.23:49
dscassel(I'm thinking the meeting is pretty much over, btw. But I'll be around for a bit if anyone wants to chat)23:50
BobJonkmanI'm hoping the money argument will win over management types to adopt Linux - no OS license fees, no server license fees, no application license fees...23:50
dscasselBobJonkman: For us, we support Linux for our customers, but developers aren't testing it.23:50
BobJonkmanMaybe we should form a special interest group, the Ubuntu Rogues23:50
fhassounehnice to meet everyone today, sand I'll keep u all updated about the ubuntu hour :)23:51
fhassounehhave to go now23:51
dscasselGetting developers developing on Linux cuts down on embarassing bugs.23:51
BobJonkmanBye fhassouneh!23:51
dscasselSee you, fhassouneh. thanks for coming out. :)23:51
fhassounehdscassel: see you23:52
hakimsherifffhassouneh: Goodbye!23:52
dscasselBobJonkman: Ubuntu Rogues. I like that. Infiltrate and assimilate. :D23:58

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