dpmgood morning all07:20
dholbachgood morning07:26
dpmmorning dholbach07:30
dholbachhola dpm07:31
nigelbhello dpm, dholbach, and ara :)07:34
dholbachhey nigelb - happy birthday07:34
nigelbdholbach: Thanks. Its been a great day so far. Spontanous party planned over twitter :P07:35
kim0Morning all08:03
nigelbhello kim008:04
kim0nigelb: hey o/ how's it going08:04
nigelbkim0: Pretty good :) Turned 23 today :)08:07
* kim0 brings the cake :)08:07
kim0nigelb: Happy B-day man :) \o/08:07
dholbachsalut huats08:13
dholbachcomment ça va?08:13
huatshello dholbach !08:13
huatsI am fine thanks  ! how are you ?08:13
dholbachbien bien :)08:14
dholbachkim0, huats est le gens qui a travaillé avec bbb!08:15
huatskim0, you speak french too ?08:15
huatsdholbach, regarding bbb it is really interesting, but the version we have tried (the latest one) is a bit buggy with the sound (there is a 2 sec delay)08:16
huatsit is a know bug and it willbe fixed in the next release08:17
huatsso we are waiting for it to test it more and start using it widely08:17
dholbachhuats, kim0 works with ensemble - and thought it'd be awesome to have an ensemble formula for it08:17
huatsoh ok08:18
huatsI know he is working with ensemble08:18
huatsindeed it is a good idea08:18
huatskim0, I might be interesting in doing it08:18
huatsI have never done that kind of stuff (and I was thinking to do it)08:18
dholbachhuats, you might have just become the next new best friend of kim0 and jcastro :)08:19
huatsdholbach, you mean that I wasn't already ? ;)08:19
dholbachif you weren't you have good chances now :)08:22
kim0oh crap .. no irssi terminal beeps under unity .. reading up08:34
kim0huats: Indeed you are :)08:34
kim0huats: can I file a bug and assign to you ? what's ur LP name08:35
huatsand yes you can08:39
huatskim0, go ahead08:40
kim0huats: bbb doesn't seem to need a DB ?!08:42
huatsbbb it needs one08:42
kim0bug 80918608:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 809186 in principia "Formula needed: BigBlueButton" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80918608:43
kim0huats: done ^08:43
huatskim0, great08:43
huatsI have a look at it early next week08:43
huats(or before but it seems complicated)08:43
kim0huats: once you start working on it, ping me .. I think it's gonna be pretty easy for ya08:43
huatskim0, I will08:44
kim0might just be copy/pasting those installation instructions into ensemble's install hook et voila08:44
kim0cool :)08:44
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jcastroomg huats13:17
jcastrokim0: holla at me when you're back15:22
kim0jcastro: I am15:23
kim0was editing a bit on the ensemble report15:23
jcastrook, where do you get the new info from?15:24
jcastroI was reading the trunk changelog15:24
jcastrobut it seems like you got most of that last week15:24
jcastroso are you just integrating from the pending merge proposals?15:24
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 2 starting in 23 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:37
dholbachhey jono15:38
jonohey dholbach15:38
dholbachUDW day 2 started and I need to rush out, so have a great rest of your day everyone - see you tomorrow16:00
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jcastrotoday is a good day!17:51
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jcastrojono: there should be a list of events that robbie and I went through in your inbox18:55
jonojcastro, yup, got it18:56
jonowill respond soon18:56
jonojust in calls18:56
czajkowskievening chaparoos21:18
paultaghowdy doodie czajkowski21:28
czajkowskipaultag: didnt get yesterdays job which was part 2 of interview :(21:32
paultagczajkowski: :(21:32
czajkowskibut did get date for injections into my back21:32
paultagczajkowski: you'll pull through21:32
czajkowskiI hope so, hate not working and getting so disheartened21:32
czajkowskihae community week stuff to prepare as well for next week21:32
czajkowskishould keep me occupied21:32
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