pindongahi, I just wanted to know what I need to do to get a package updated for oneiric00:00
pindongain particular, how can I get the source pacakge (in ubuntu) track a differnent upstream connection (so that it tracks the one that gets updates)00:01
micahgpindonga: which package/00:21
pindongahi micahg : python-configglue00:22
pindongaI'm the main dev, and I'd like to get the latest into oneiric00:22
ajmitchpindonga: I thought that package was being maintained as part of the ubuntuone packages?00:24
ajmitchmostly because they're the main user of it00:25
pindongaajmitch, that's how it started00:25
pindongabut the proyect evolved00:25
pindongaand now has it's own life :)00:25
ajmitchthat's good :)00:25
pindongaat ISD we use it heavily00:25
pindongathat's why it evolved (actually two projects merged into one, and configglue kept the name)00:26
ajmitchare there any backwards-incompatible changes that'd break the current packages that use it?00:26
pindongait's likely00:26
pindongabut otoh, the ubuntuone guys are using the latest from a daily ppa00:26
pindongafor dev00:27
ajmitchthat'll make things tricky then, if U1 is still using 0.9 for oneiric00:27
ajmitchah ok00:27
pindongais there a way to get the list of all packages that depend on it?00:27
pindongaso that I can ask around?00:27
ajmitchapt-cache rdepends python-configglue00:27
pindongathat on oneiric I guess00:27
ajmitchyes (which I don't have running right now)00:28
pindongame neither00:28
pindongalet's say I can get an ok from all the users00:28
pindongawhat shall I do next?00:28
ajmitchI'd be happy to update it, I uploaded it to debian00:28
pindongaajmitch, ok, I'll ping you then when I have confirmation from the u1 guys that it works alright in oneiric00:29
pindongaand maybe from someone else00:29
ajmitchI'll get an updated package ready for it then00:31
ajmitchI'm guessing that there shouldn't be many changes needed from what's in the branch00:33
pindongaajmitch, cool00:33
micahgpindonga: I'll give you a list...one sec00:33
ajmitchmicahg: thanks00:33
pindongaajmitch, my intention is to get the 1.0 release before oneiric, but since I'm not sure I'll pull it off at least I want it to be a bit more updated00:33
pindongamicahg, cool, thx00:33
pindongathat's the reason there are many changes since 0.9pre100:34
micahgpindonga: http://paste.ubuntu.com/642279/00:34
ajmitchpython-django-configglue, also not updated for a couple of releases00:35
pindongaajmitch, yes, that one will get an update too (I'm also the author of that)00:36
pindongaso, only django-configglue and ubuntuone-client it seems00:36
pindongaI'll confirm the u1-client tomorrow morning00:37
pindongadjango-configglue will be ready tomorrow too00:37
ajmitchthat should be easy enough to confirm & check00:37
micahgpindonga: so, to get it updated, file a bug w/a debdiff or prepare a merge proposal into the UDD branch lp:ubuntu/foo00:37
micahgif you go the bug route, you'll need to subscribe ubuntu-sponsors00:38
ajmitchmicahg: I need to update the package in debian anyway, so I offered to look at it00:39
micahgajmitch: ah, cool00:39
pindongamicahg, ajmitch thanks a lot00:40
pindongaajmitch, I'll ping you tomorrow00:41
benonsoftwareHi all02:20
aboudreaultIf we do a security release for our major software versions... can we replace the package in hardy and other dists04:25
aboudreaultor we have to do manual security package with a single patch04:25
micahgaboudreault: we generally do a minimal patch update for security issues04:31
micahgaboudreault: you just need to file a bug, attach a patch, (make it private if the issue is private still), and subscribe ubuntu-security-sponsors04:32
aboudreaultlast time, I did the package myself. I guess I can attach a debdiff04:32
micahgaboudreault: that would be great, there's a security person available most days in #ubuntu-hardened if you have specific questions regarding security updates04:33
aboudreaultalright. thanks04:33
dholbachgood morning07:26
_Dreamer_Good morning dholbach :)07:29
dholbachhey _Dreamer_07:31
_Dreamer_What's up dholbach ?07:31
dholbach_Dreamer_, still slowly waking up - how 'bout you?07:32
_Dreamer_I'm looking for Pythin to make my OO concepts strong.07:32
dholbachnice, good luck with that! :)07:33
_Dreamer_Thank you dholbach :)07:35
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jykaedev day 2, rock y'all :)10:47
jykaewe will gather locally here in Tampere, Finland10:49
jykaehere http://www.demola.fi10:50
jykaeactually a start for our local meetups :)10:50
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dholbachbdrung, can you review my fix for 798972?12:15
dholbachbdrung, I mentioned packaging-dev at UDW yesterday!12:15
pindongamorning ajmitch , k we're good to go with python-configglue12:58
pindongathe u1 guys said they're going to test it once it landed on oneiric (they're using a custom build of 0.11+r65 right now, so it should work)12:59
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dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 2 starting in 23 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:37
dupondjethis is something in libc6-dev ?15:41
dupondjebut thats included as build-dep15:44
jtaylordoes clang have multi arch support?15:44
bdrungdholbach: looks good. maybe change the order (but that can be done later)15:44
dholbachbdrung, thanks15:45
bdrungdholbach: i wasn't aware that i should reviewed it (unless you said it)15:45
dholbachI thought that everybody on the team would get an email about it? or at least the team list?15:46
dupondjejtaylor: it builds fine on amd6415:46
bdrungdholbach: i got the bug mails, but no merge proposal15:47
dholbachhm, weird15:47
tumbleweeddholbach: packaging-guide team?15:50
dholbachtumbleweed, yes15:50
dupondje+ if (Distro == DebianWheezy && Arch == getArch())15:51
dupondjenot really cool :P15:51
tumbleweeddholbach: that has ubuntu-dev as a member, and ubuntu-dev receives no mail from launchpad, IIRC15:51
jasonb1hi again dholbach = )15:51
tumbleweedI mean, it doesn't have real members, only ubuntu-dev and ubuntu-core-doc (which probably does get mail)15:51
dholbachhi jasonb115:53
dholbachah ok15:53
dholbachstill there's a team mailing list :)15:53
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tumbleweedright, /me should probably subscribe15:54
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* dholbach hugs tumbleweed and bdrung15:57
dupondjejtaylor: https://bugs.launchpad.net/llvm/+bug/764870 => so clang should be multiarch :s15:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 764870 in LLVM "clang doesn't know about multiarch" [Medium,Confirmed]15:57
jtaylorits incomplete http://launchpadlibrarian.net/72509068/clang_2.9-1~exp1_2.9-1.diff.gz15:59
jtayloronly search 486 and 686 but not 38615:59
dupondjemmm indeed :s16:01
jtaylorlets see if sylvestre is there16:01
LaneyScottK: is kdebindings going away in Ubuntu?16:05
ScottKLaney: It's being split.16:05
Laneyyeah, going away in its current form.16:05
ScottKI'm not sure all the existing bindings will get packaged by Debian qt-kde or Kubuntu people.16:06
ScottKFor example, I'm virtually certain no one on either team will do the mono bindings.16:06
LaneyI imagine they would only get done on demand16:07
dupondjejtaylor: you stalk the maintainer ? :) If I do need to open a bug on debian, let me know :)16:08
jtaylordupondje: k16:10
dupondjethanks for looking btw :)16:11
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dupondjeHi i'm trying to merge mysql++, but I got some issue (http://paste.ubuntu.com/642863/).19:57
dupondjeOn Ubuntu its build with 'g++ -o test_ssqls2 test_ssqls2_ssqls2.o    -L. -lmysqlclient   -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions -L/usr/lib64  -lmysqlpp -lmysqlpp_ssqls2parse '19:58
dupondjeBut on Debian with: 'g++ -o test_ssqls2 test_ssqls2_ssqls2.o    -L. -lmysqlclient   -L/usr/lib64  -lmysqlpp -lmysqlpp_ssqls2parse'19:58
dupondje-Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions should be at the end, but don't know really where to start :)19:59
dupondjeits Bakefile ...19:59
jtaylordupondje: its just a ordering issue20:43
jtaylormysqlpp_ssqls2parse is a static library20:43
dupondjethats needs to come in front of -Wl ?20:44
dupondjeor ?20:45
jtaylorno in front of -lmysqlpp20:46
jtaylormaybe also move -lmysqlclient to the end just to be save20:47
dupondjelets see how I can fix this :)20:52
dupondjeaight :D It did build21:10
dupondjethx jtaylor21:10
dupondjebut small question, how you see its a static lib exactly? And why does it need to be in front :)21:11
jtaylorit has a .a extension21:11
jtaylorstatic libraries are just an archive of object files, so the same rule as for regular object files applies21:12
jtayloroften static libraries are not linked with -l to distinguish them from shared ones, but thats different from develoepr to developer21:12
jtaylorinstead you just use the full patch, which makes exactly this issue more obvious21:14
dupondjejtaylor: http://ubuntu.dupondje.be/mysql.debdiff21:31
dupondjedoes that looks fine? It builds21:31
jtaylordupondje: why build egainst 16-dev? wouldn't -dev do?21:34
dupondjein previous version it was: debian/control: Explicitly build against libmysqlclient16-dev.21:35
jtayloryes, but -dev pulls in 1621:36
jtaylorI'm unfamilier with mysql versionen, you have to ask somene else21:36
dupondjewell it shouldn't be linked against 15-dev21:37
dupondjethen you can indeed choose -dev or 16-dev21:37
dupondjeboth are same21:37
jtaylorin debian versioned -dev's are being discouraged as they complicate transitions21:38
jtaylorbut mysql might be a special case21:40
dupondjewell shouldn't matter alot no ?21:40
jtaylorprobably not21:41
jtaylordon't forget to forward the patch to debian21:41
jtaylor+ upstream21:41
dupondjeits not ftbfs on debian ...21:41
dupondjestill forward ?21:41
jtayloryes as wishlist21:42
jtaylorwith: User: debian-gcc@lists.debian.org21:43
jtaylorUsertags: ld-as-needed21:43
dupondjebtw a small question, is there a tool to upload files directly to launchpad from commandline ?21:44
dupondjecause i'm building packages on a build box now :)21:45
dupondjeah, didn't check launchpad's email api yet :)21:45
Laneyfor bug attachments, just email nnn@bugs.launchpad.net and attach the file21:45
pindongaajmitch, are you around here?21:50
dupondjeseems like alot of sponsor requests from me :P21:51
ajmitchpindonga: yes, sort of21:51
pindongahey! :)21:52
pindongaI have the go from the u1 guys for python-configglue21:52
Laneyuh oh21:52
pindongaajmitch, they are already using 0.1121:52
pindongaso it should be alright21:52
ajmitchLaney: what'd you break this time?21:52
ajmitchpindonga: is there a release of django-configglue as well to match it?21:55
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pindongaajmitch, there will be , but not yet22:23
dupondjeallright :) done for today23:02
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