vishcould someone add the aurora channel to the topic?05:14
chrisccoulsonvish - we should probably actually set up a dashboard somewhere with all the PPA's displayed, and just link that in the topic07:47
chrisccoulsonthe topic is already very long ;)07:47
vish yea..  :)07:47
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vishchrisccoulson: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/PPAs  could be a good place, it looks quite outdated too..08:53
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m_conleychrisccoulson: hello, how are you?13:05
chrisccoulsonhi m_conley, i'm good thanks. how are you?14:06
m_conleychrisccoulson: all is well. :)  I was wondering if you'd seen:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/unitylauncher-extension/+bug/80519414:07
ubot2Ubuntu bug 805194 in unitylauncher-extension "New message count incorrect TB 5.0" [High,Confirmed]14:07
m_conleychrisccoulson: has the Unity Launcher functionality been uploaded yet?14:07
chrisccoulsonm_conley, yeah, it was uploaded to oneiric on friday14:08
m_conleychrisccoulson: hm.  Just thinking about that last comment.  Maybe that user isn't on the Oneiric alpha.14:09
m_conleychrisccoulson: alright, cool, I'll let him know. Thanks. :)14:09
bhearsumanyone else having issues with Tb not properly opening links in Fx? (Aurora PPAs for both)14:42
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, i'm not using the aurora build of thunderbird. which ubuntu release are you on though?14:47
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, does it just not open links at all, or open them in the wrong application?14:49
bhearsumit doesn't open them at all14:49
bhearsumi think it's been happening ever since i started using the Tb PPA14:49
bhearsumthe aurora one, that is14:49
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, what sort of links are they? (ie, are they http, https, or something else)14:49
bhearsumhttp/https mainly14:50
bhearsumhuh, that's funny....they don't work out of Gnome Terminal, either14:50
bhearsumbut they do work out of Konversation14:50
* bhearsum digs around in the control center14:51
chrisccoulsonheh, that's odd :)14:51
bhearsummust be something GNOME/Unity-wide, though14:51
bhearsumif i change my Preferred Web Browser to Chromium, that works14:52
bhearsumbut setting it to Aurora doesn't14:52
m_conleybhearsum: hm - this bug has been brought to my attention a few times, but I've never been able to reproduce14:52
bhearsumi do see my HD indicator light up when i click it, so _something_ is happening14:52
m_conleybhearsum: when you click, does something pop up in the error console?14:52
* bhearsum looks14:53
m_conleyOk, then this sounds like a different bug.14:53
m_conleyI've also occasionally had TB opening up links in FF with http://%u/14:53
chrisccoulsoni have a 11.04 machine here behind me, i'll try installing aurora on there14:54
chrisccoulsonm_conley, that bug should be fixed now14:54
* m_conley checks his Oneric machine..14:54
bhearsumhuh, /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser points to /usr/bin/seamonkey14:54
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, yeah, you can ignore that ;)14:54
chrisccoulsonwe don't use alternatives. they are pretty broken anyway14:54
bhearsumah, ok14:55
bhearsumis there somewhere else i can look to see exactly what it's trying to execute?14:55
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, possibly strace, but that will be quite slow14:55
bhearsumoh, there's not something in gconf or something?14:56
bhearsumoh, here's something14:56
bhearsum[] bhearsum@voot:/etc$ firefox https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=67092914:56
bhearsumCouldn't load XPCOM.14:56
ubot2Mozilla bug 670929 in Release Engineering "release_sanity.py should halt if buildbot isn't in $PATH" [Normal,New: ]14:56
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, oh, interesting14:57
bhearsumubot2: stop stalking me! ;)14:57
ubot2bhearsum: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:57
chrisccoulsoni wonder if that is fallout from dropping the shell wrapper script14:57
bhearsumcertainly sounds like an LD_LIBRARY_PATH problem14:57
chrisccoulsonah, bingo14:57
chrisccoulsonthunderbird still sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH, whereas firefox doesn't14:57
bhearsumand "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. firefox https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=670929" works as expected14:58
chrisccoulsonso i bet the firefox binary tries to load the thunderbird libxpcom.so14:58
ubot2Mozilla bug 670929 in Release Engineering "release_sanity.py should halt if buildbot isn't in $PATH" [Normal,New: ]14:58
chrisccoulsonah, that's bad14:58
bhearsum(in /usr/lib/firefox-7.0a2)14:58
chrisccoulsonstrace would verify that though ;)14:58
chrisccoulsonbut i bet that's it14:58
bhearsumi'll try strace'ing my terminal, that should be a bit quieter14:58
chrisccoulsonoh, i forgot, it happens from the terminal too14:59
chrisccoulsonso that doesn't make sense anymore ;)14:59
bhearsumdoesn't my tests with and without LD_LIBRARY_PATH confirm the issue?14:59
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chr1sccoulsonbhearsum, ok, i moved to my natty desktop now15:01
chr1sccoulsontime to upgrade to aurora :)15:02
bhearsumi'm going to try to repro in upstream aurora, too15:02
chr1sccoulsonah, my internet connection hates me15:03
chr1sccoulsontrying to download aurora on this machine whilst uploading aurora and nightly builds from my other machine ;)15:04
bhearsumhow do i set my default browser to a custom installed one?15:04
chr1sccoulsonbhearsum, that's with an upstream build isn't it?15:05
bhearsumthe original problem?15:05
chr1sccoulsonthe custom installed build is just a stock upstream build isn't it?15:05
chr1sccoulsonah, i'll need to think about that15:06
bhearsumi just want to make sure Thunderbird is trying to use it to open links instead of the known-to-broken PPA one15:06
chr1sccoulsonbhearsum, basically, you need to create a desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/ with an Exec= line pointing to your custom install15:06
bhearsumah, that's easy enough15:07
chr1sccoulsonthen you need to set the default for "x-scheme-handler/http" and "x-scheme-handler/https" in ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list to point to the name of the new desktop file15:07
chr1sccoulsonour build of firefox does this automatically if you choose it as the default browser15:08
bhearsumahh, yeah, i see it in there15:08
chr1sccoulson(but that's because we build with --enable-gio)15:08
bhearsumdo i need to restart anything for it to take effect?15:09
chr1sccoulsoni don't think so15:09
bhearsumah, it works with the upstream build15:09
bhearsumshould i file this in launchpad?15:10
chr1sccoulsonyeah, can do15:10
bhearsumhuh, ubuntu-bug gave me a traceback15:10
chr1sccoulsonyeah, feel free to just file it normally15:10
chr1sccoulsoni think our apport hook is broken with the PPA builds15:10
chr1sccoulsonbut i've not fixed it because i'm going to completely rewrite it at some point ;)15:11
bhearsumlooks like it, based on the traceback15:11
bhearsumhm, now my Aurora PPA build won't launch at all!15:11
chr1sccoulsondoes it give you an error if you launch it from the console?15:12
bhearsumyeah, the same XPCOM one15:12
bhearsumworks fine if i run it from /usr/lib/firefox-7.0a2, of course15:12
chr1sccoulsonbhearsum, could you run that with "strace -f firefox" and attach the output to the bug?15:13
chr1sccoulsonhmmm, so, aurora seems to work here :/15:14
ubot2Ubuntu bug 809384 in firefox "Firefox Aurora PPA build fails to load XPCOM" [Undecided,New]15:17
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, oh, that's odd:15:19
chrisccoulsonstat("/home/bhearsum/firefox", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=4096, ...}) = 015:19
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, is /usr/bin/firefox a symlink to /usr/lib/firefox-7.0a2/firefox ?15:20
bhearsumlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 28 2011-07-11 13:16 /usr/bin/firefox -> ../lib/firefox-7.0a2/firefox15:20
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, have you modified PATH in your environment at all?15:23
bhearsum /home/bhearsum/bin is in it, but i think that's normal15:25
bhearsum(and there's no firefox in it, either)15:25
chr1sccoulsonbhearsum, oh, it's the /home/bhearsum/firefox folder which breaks it15:28
chr1sccoulsoni get the same issue here15:28
chr1sccoulsonif i create an empty /home/chr1s/firefox folder, then it breaks :/15:29
bhearsumoh, hah!15:29
bhearsumthat's a crappy bug15:29
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, ok, i'll take a look at that after our team meeting15:29
bhearsumby which i mean, hard to deal with15:29
bhearsum(indeed, if i remove that folder, everything works again)15:30
chrisccoulsongood catch though, that wouldn't have been too good if we pushed that in to the distro :)15:30
bhearsumnp :)15:31
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micahgvish: ^^15:33
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, ok, i see what the problem is not15:46
chrisccoulsonmozilla::BinaryPath::Get is quite broken, and it's being used at startup now since the changes to lazy load libxul15:47
chrisccoulsoni'll write a patch and send it upstream once i'm done15:47
bhearsumoh, sweet15:48
bhearsumwhy didn't this affect upstream, then?15:48
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, your custom build worked btw because you launch it with the full path (it only fails if it's loaded from PATH, so "firefox" will fail, but "/usr/bin/firefox" works)15:48
chrisccoulsonoh, i broke all the nightly builds, https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa/+build/262220717:03
micahgchrisccoulson: http://groups.google.com/group/mozilla.dev.planning/browse_thread/thread/51e2b5b4a209b4a3, I wonder if this would help us with space issues: http://groups.google.com/group/mozilla.dev.planning/browse_thread/thread/51e2b5b4a209b4a318:51
m_conleychr1sccoulson: ping19:45
m_conleychrisccoulson: ping19:59
chrisccoulsonhi m_conley19:59
chrisccoulsonsorry about the confusing names, i've been back and forwards between machines all day ;)19:59
m_conleychrisccoulson: hey - quick question for you.  So it turns out that js-ctypes doesn't really like it when I invoke the nsPromptService from async callbacks. I need the prompt in order to get auth details from the user for address books that require user/pass.20:01
m_conleychrisccoulson: jorendorff in #jsapi came up with a patch, but it's blocked on a few other patches20:01
m_conleychrisccoulson: I've found a workaround that involves spawning my own window dialog with user/pass prompts.  My question to you:  should we prefer to backport jorendorffs patch, or should we go with my workaround?20:02
chrisccoulsonm_conley, it might be easier to backport the changes. how big are they?20:02
m_conleychrisccoulson: jorendorff's patch:  https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=67102720:02
ubot2Mozilla bug 671027 in js-ctypes "Assertion failure: !cx->outstandingRequests, at js/src/jsapi.cpp:6053 with reentering ctypes function callbacks" [Normal,New: ]20:02
chrisccoulsonm_conley, yeah, i just read the scrollback on #jsapi20:05
m_conleychrisccoulson: thoughts?20:06
janimo`hello, can you point me to an update page describing patching mozilla packages? The links under Patching on this page are 404 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/KnowledgeBase20:06
chrisccoulsonm_conley, it looks fairly trivial to backport20:07
m_conleychrisccoulson: cool, alright, i'll stick with the prompt service then.  The patch indeed fixes the problem.20:07
chrisccoulsonm_conley, ok, i'll start working on that tomorrow. i've got all your other bits to backport anyway :)20:07
chrisccoulsonjanimo`, i'm not sure if there are any wiki pages describing what you want20:08
m_conleychrisccoulson: oh, yes, those.  :)20:08
chrisccoulsonm_conley, do you think we'll be able to get people testing your extension this week?20:09
m_conleychrisccoulson: for read capability?  Sure.20:09
chrisccoulson(once i've got all the changes backported)20:09
m_conleychrisccoulson: I'm eager to hear about all the things I forgot to implement.  :p20:10
chrisccoulsonheh :-)20:10
janimo`chrisccoulson, what is the sequence of commands when patching configure.in ? I edit-patch for the actual patch, then edit-patch 99_configure.patch and in the subshell autoreconf but that fails to run20:17
chrisccoulsonjanimo`, there's no need to run autoreconf20:23
janimo`how do all configure files get regenerated?20:23
chrisccoulsonjanimo`, they're generated at build time. we don't even ship a pregenerated configure script20:27
janimo`chrisccoulson, ok, but some patches (in nspr at least) touch configure.in20:27
janimo`and there's a 99_configure patch which lead me to believe it was an autoreconf variation as done in many packages20:28
janimo`so at least for nspr the configure scripts are not upstream ones but patched20:28
chrisccoulsonjanimo`, oh, you're looking at nspr?20:28
janimo`chrisccoulson, trying to fix ARM FTBFS20:29
janimo`and generally hate it when after what should be a simple fix I get to fight autotools and this whole regeneration of config files. The number one thing I dislike about packaging, by far20:30
chrisccoulsoni think 99_configure.patch is just the result of autoconf2.13 run20:30
janimo`as sometimes autoreconf works but now it even fails with undefined macro AC_OUTPUT_FILES20:31
janimo`whereas I think I have a new enough autoconf20:31
janimo`2.68 namely20:31
chrisccoulsonyou need 2.1320:33
janimo`chrisccoulson, thanks, I assumed when seeing 2.13, 'or newer' was implied .20:45
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