pleia2nhandler: I think we're as close as we'll get to ready to publish, fire when ready00:13
benonsoftwareHi all00:35
nhandlerpleia2: Will do.00:37
nhandlerThanks a lot00:37
pleia2oh, and I should publish one of these weeks (not next - too busy, not the one after that either, i'll be out of town all weekend)03:21
pleia2just so we can confirm we've got all the processes documented and flowing03:21
holsteinpleia2 nhandler03:21
pleia2hi there holstein03:21
holsteinif you guys do anything i can learn from, try and keep it in the channel03:21
holsteinif possible03:21
pleia2will do!03:22
* nhandler is publishing now03:22
pleia2holstein: then we can have you publish some week too!03:22
holsteini got a little wiki-fu03:22
nhandlerWe should probably try to actually set up a schedule for the jobs (we have the wiki page)03:23
holsteinand somebody's gotta do the summaries03:23
nhandlerThe biggest road block with publishing is that it requires access (or finding people with access) to the Fridge, Forum, and ML03:23
pleia2I need to find the brain bandwidth to review all our Suggested things and just go ahead and merge them in to something we're using03:24
* nhandler notes that we should probably setup fridge.ubuntu.com so it doesn't simply redirect to ubuntu-news.org03:38
pleia2the syadmins are going to hunt me down and turn off my email if I submit another ticket, so I'd appreciate it if someone else could handle it :)03:38
pleia2they've been really good about responding lately, haven't had to wait more than a week unless there was a misunderstanding03:39
nhandlerpleia2: I can. If possible, poke me in the morning when I am more likely to do it03:39
pleia2will do03:39
nhandlerThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue22303:47
nhandlerThanks everyone who helped out with this issue03:50
alouriepleia2: sure, I can do that. I can also hunt for news and write summaries :-)05:19
pleia2alourie: actually it's already been released, you don't want to edit anything on 223 now05:20
pleia2I'm going to revert that change you made (sorry)05:20
pleia2but it all starts again next weekend!05:21
alouriepleia2: I haven't done anything yet, it wasn't me :-)06:05
alourieI worked though on older version, just before the small recession06:05
pleia2oh, oops :)06:06
pleia2looks like an andregondim made the change I had to revert06:06
alouriewell, if he did - he missed the release anyway06:07
* pleia2 nods06:08
alouriegreat, work on it next week then :-)06:11
* alourie is looking for links Amber sent him once06:11
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/LinkSuggestions is the one she sent us06:15
alouriepleia2: ^^^ that's it :-)06:16
pleia2things are a bit scattered, trying to get it all together now, I linked that to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/EditingPolicies/HowToEdit06:17
alouriepleia2: yes, I've seen it! You're doing an amazing job!06:20
alourieit's much clearer now06:20
alouries/clearer/more clear/06:21
pleia2thanks, glad to hear it :)06:21
alouriepleia2: I was also thinking, maybe, about automating some of the steps06:29
alouriebut that's for another day ;-)06:30
pleia2alourie: some of the stuff is automated (like collecting security and updates), you can check out the scripts here: https://code.launchpad.net/uwn06:40
pleia2and exporting some of the stuff in publishing06:41
pleia2there is probably more we can automate, and would be good06:41
alouriepleia2: sure thing06:59
NRWlionMooDoo: how is your day?10:12
MooDooNRWlion, very busy but fun, just downloading ubuntu server....so i can replace my windows server10:13
NRWlion:D dont let me disturb you10:13
MooDooNRWlion, don't worry i'm at work as well i'm remote desktopping into my server :)10:14
NRWlionMooDoo: another reason for me to let you do your work10:15
MooDoolol don't worry :) i've got two monitors :)10:16
NRWlionMooDoo: i would like to have those too :(10:32
MooDooit's handy while at work :)10:32
NRWlionneed 2 work at a 12 inch one :(10:33
NRWlionMooDoo: are you on facebook10:38
MooDooNRWlion, yes i am paulmellors10:40
MooDooi think lol10:41
NRWlionMooDoo: are you able to access facebook atm?10:41
NRWlionok, then i have been banned from fb10:42
MooDooah book10:42
NRWlionweird. getting via your profile works10:43
pleia2welcome Andre_Gondim18:48
pleia2Andre_Gondim will be doing the translation stats for us each sunday :)18:48
Andre_Gondimthanks pleia2 :D18:48
holsteinAndre_Gondim: o/18:49
holsteinthanks for your help18:49
nhandlerpleia2: Did we ever figure out where the stats were being pulled from in the past? Or do we just want to set a new policy going forward?19:00
pleia2our former volunteer doesn't respond to emails so we never found out, I'm inclined to go with whatever Andre_Gondim wants19:01
pleia2we should document that though19:02
Andre_GondimI think the import is to show the stats and wiki about translations19:02
NRWlionhi there19:59

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