ajmitchfinally, we see some snow01:05
ojwbthe wellington weather is probably best described as "changeable" currently01:06
ojwbbright sunshine and violent rain in quick succession01:06
ojwboh and gusty01:06
ajmitchwe've had that today01:06
ajmitchnot so windy though01:07
ojwbin rarely not windy here01:07
ajmitchI doubt that the snow will settle here, but it's nice to finally see it :)01:07
ojwbi've seen it from the house here already01:07
ajmitchthat's because wellington is a cold place, we've been having nice weather in dunedin up until today01:08
ojwbi think it's more because I can see mountains from the house01:13
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chiltsshit, I'm the first for a change!19:32
lifelessnot even19:33
lifelessI just didn't want to wake you :)19:33
chiltsheh, ah well, I almost got there :)20:44

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