h00kray24 may become an issue in #ubuntu-offtopic :(01:16
mintacious21why did they send me here?01:53
Jordan_UIdleOne: I need to leave in a few minutes so don't feel like you're stepping on me if Seanmc98|mobile needs to be dealt with.03:08
IdleOnesure thing03:08
ubottuIn #ubuntu, BKTech86 said: ubottu: because that is my real question07:56
ubottuIn #ubuntu, nibbler_ said: !ops sisri is onjoin spamming08:02
mrmistyeah, he is :/08:03
mrmisthmm, and it rejoins, and doesn't reply to my /msg08:04
Tm_Tban, you say?08:04
mrmistit's not adding any value.08:05
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1458 users, 3 overflows, 1461 limit))08:25
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1445 users, 3 overflows, 1448 limit))08:25
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Piciikonia: How do you know?14:26
ikoniaI am all knowing14:26
ikonia....plus he's in debian saying "I'm not using ubuntu any more, I'm using debian and having this problem"14:27
ikoniadid I give away my powers ?14:27
ikoniahe's just joined #ubuntu after the guys in #debian where getting a bit fed up of him14:27
ikonia03:28 < PythonSnake> I just installed debian from netinst and apt-get install gnome, now when the output of xrandr is "xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default ". Someone can help me please ?14:29
ikonia15:20 < Python> Can I remove the task "GNOME Desktop Environment" and install the "Graphical Desktop Environment"?14:29
PiciAre those tasksel tasks?14:29
PiciThey don't exist on Ubuntu...14:30
ikoniait's a long story (reading back) but it looks like he's made a mess as he's done what he thought someone told him to do, rather than what they told him to do14:30
ikoniaI don't believe so14:30
ikoniathe fact that's hes trying to quit rather than respond to the question of what OS he's using is annoying me14:31
Pici@mark #ubuntu python Asking about debian tasksel tasks in #ubuntu, even after asked not to14:31
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:31
Piciikonia: I'd go by cloak, hes always switching nicks between his python and snake ones.14:31
ikoniagood call14:32
tsimpsonor $a14:32
Picior that14:32
ikoniaI'm not quick with the real name stuff, I have to sit down and work it out </shame>14:32
Pici$a is account name14:33
ikoniaso as long as he identifiys14:33
ikoniathat's cool14:33
tsimpsonsame for a cloak ban ;)14:33
ikoniayes, but I can visually "see" a cloak ban, in that it's obvious14:34
ikoniathat's very cool14:34
h00kif I remember right, Python was going to ask to be an op14:38
ikoniaone of the worse things ubuntu did was put encyption options available in the installer with all these people who have no need for it, no idea how to manage it and just breaking their system14:50
PythonMay I ask why am I banned from #ubuntu ?15:24
PiciPython: Hi.  It looks like you were asking questions about Debian, and continued to do so after being told that we don't support Debian in #ubuntu15:24
PiciPython: Does that sound familiar?15:27
PythonPici: "after being told that we don't support Debian in #ubuntu", Sorry, but I received that, I think tty was lagging..15:27
PythonPici: is it permanent ?15:27
PiciPython: You were replying to messages from someone else interspersed with the messages that ikonia was telling you about debian.15:28
Pythonoh, So I didn't notice it, my bad. :( Is the ban permanent ?15:29
PiciI don't really feel comfortable removing the ban right now.  I think you're familiar enough with our channel to know that we don't support other linux distros.  How about you come back tomorrow and we can talk about it?15:30
PiciI wasn't aware there was a history.17:42
ikoniayeah, he's normally like that17:42
ikoniahe's on my hilight17:42
ikoniawell, "always" is a harsh word but certainly "a large percentage of his time"17:42
oCeanquite a history too17:43
h00kI got disconnected, are we talking about ray24?17:46
ikoniano, marcusdavidus17:46
ikoniaI was waiting for that in #kubuntu and h00k made me miss it !17:47
h00kbaw, I'm terrible.17:47
ikoniathat's when pre-emption would be useful, everyone knew that was coming17:47
ikoniabut sitting there waiting for it....17:48
PicioCean: I hate when people do that.17:56
oCeanPici: indeed. I think he just came to rant anyway. As soon as he started to get useful feedback, he says 'i stop using ubuntu'17:57
oCeanPici: It seemed a deja vu to me: found exact the same conversation 3 days ago: http://privatepaste.com/ee560c1d4a18:04
h00kIt's not even orginal :(18:05
Picigoogle translate plugin triggered accidentally.19:17
PiciFor japanese (ja)19:18
ubottufishscene called the ops in #ubuntu (jorde)20:03
CoreyBit of lag there.20:04
oCeanglenn__: hi20:20
oCeanglenn__: you are aware that banevading is a violation of Freenode's network policy?20:20
ikoniaglenn___: are you going to respond ?20:27
IdleOneglenn__: glenn___ Please respond20:31
ikoniaglenn___: is there a reason you have rejoined20:35
IdleOneguess he doesn't realize he is forwarded here20:36
ikoniaglenn___: is there a reason you have rejoined20:36
h00kglenn___: you were forwarded to #ubuntu-ops, which is the channel you're in now.20:36
ikoniaglenn___: stop trying to join #ubuntu20:36
ikoniaglenn___: you are banned from #ubuntu20:36
glenn___how long20:37
ikoniaglenn___: there is no time, but you trying to ban dodge in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-nl is totally unacceptable20:37
ikoniaglenn___: your behaviour and attitude do not comply with the ubuntu rules20:37
IdleOneI don't think this will be resolved soon20:38
ikoniajanc is talking to him now20:38
rwwnext time they drop in, perhaps mention that I'm mentally adding a day to the ban length every time I see them O:)20:38
ikonialets see how that goes20:38
* rww nods20:41
ikoniakinders = kids I assume20:44
rwwit's not in BT, I checked :P21:29
h00kI suck at grep. hang on.21:29
rww( We're trying to answer the demands of my bansdb program, in case anyone's wondering. "Who owns the current #ubuntu b *!*@s15427526.onlinehome-server.info ?")21:30
h00krww: I can't find anything21:34
rwwalrighty, it can't be that important then. removing :321:34
h00k$ grep -i "+b *-i "freenode/@s15427526" \#ubuntu.log@s15427526.onlinehome-server.info" \#ubuntu.log21:35
h00kit was correct when I typed it ;)21:36
h00kanyway. yeah, notta.21:37
rww!away > meisth0th_zzz23:18
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to respond to factoid requests. Call that job satisfaction? Because I don't.23:20
ubottupong is an old atari game. It's fun!23:21
CoreyIt is.23:21
rwwhrm, i thought that did something23:21
ubottu"Life" is a so-called game created by John Conway. But make no mistake: it's really no fun at all.23:22
Juesti am wanting to join #ubuntu because23:55
Juesti want to know about fingerprint devices23:55
CoreyJuest: No.23:56
Juestwhy? :(23:56
CoreyROund and round we go.  You're incapable of behaving in #ubuntu, ergo you're no longer welcome there. It's not up for debate.23:56
Juestnow i am just using a live cd23:56
CoreyPlease /part the channel.23:56
CoreyJuest: You might try the forum.23:57

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