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NCommanderskaet: ping, I'm moving the release date for mx5 server since preinstall pool hasn't landed yet and I rather not push something completely broken and untested08:38
ogra_NCommander, release date ?09:07
ogra_NCommander, isnt that bound to milesones anyway ?09:07
NCommanderogra_: er date we would hav efirst images09:07
NCommanderogra_: not directly09:07
ogra_(i.e. next official release date for new images would be A3)09:07
ogra_does that matter ?09:07
ogra_we want *working* images by next milestone09:08
ogra_if they work on first cut they can as well go in on milestone freeze date (ulikely they will indeed)09:08
Laneyare archive days still happening?12:25
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skaetNCommander,  just go ahead and update first image date to your best prediction.   ogra_'s is correct, first release date is a milestone.13:23
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skaetScottK,  any reason why the Kubuntu images for Karmic, Dapper can't be moved off cdimages to old-images (http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/kubuntu/)  now?18:13
ScottKskaet: No.  I'm suprised they weren't moved long ago.20:31
skaetScottK,  Thanks.  :)20:32
Laneyso I'm just watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snXPtQpl3b0 in which ScottK mentions that the freeze guidelines aren't clear20:39
Laneylooks like they haven't been updated since then...20:39
ScottKI think they are perfectly clear and have no clue why people get them wrong.20:39
Laneyok, that some people think they aren't clear20:40
ScottKHow can U/I freeze possibly mean that features that affect U/I are exempt from feature freeze?20:40
LaneyI'm looking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeatureFreeze and it seems like it doesn't clearly express the de facto 'bug fixes are ok' policy as well as it could20:40
ScottKIt's just mind boggling.20:40
ScottKI think the bigger problem is people landing crap at the last minute and then coming up with lame excuses why they thought it was OK.20:41
ScottKI certainly don't object to more clarity.20:41
LaneyHaving not been on the team for a freeze period before I can't really comment, but I do have that impression too.20:44
LaneyDo people respect the 'file a bug for all bug fix uploads after FF' requirement? It seems a bit heavyweight — wouldn't it be better as 'explain that this is a bug fix release in the changelog or sync request'?20:48
seb128Laney, in practice I've not seen lot of bugs for those20:58
Laneyright well I just went ahead and changed it. We can discuss if someone doesn't like it.21:00
ScottKLaney: I think that's fine.  We did that when we first started allowing it.  I think it's time has passed.21:01
ScottKIt used to be ALL new upstream releases needed an FFe, so just requiring the bug to document it was, in fact, lighter weight at the time.21:02
Laneyand after reading these I can't find out how you could confuse UIF and FF21:03
Laneyso I'm on your side here.21:03
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