TheEvilPhoenixntoombs_:  is the web server running?00:00
TheEvilPhoenixi.e. the apache part00:00
ntoombs_TheEvilPhoenix: Yes I can access it just fine localy00:01
TheEvilPhoenixand is it binding to *:80?00:02
TheEvilPhoenixjust to make sure that its reading outside connections00:02
TheEvilPhoenixntoombs_:  can I /query ya for a sec00:04
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ntoombsHi. I'm having problems opeing port 80 for my LAMP server. I have opened port 22 sucessfully for an ssh connection the same way I opened port 80 however, port 80 still remains closed. I have called my ISP multiple times to see if they are not blocking it and they confermed that they are not. The LAMP server is working perfectally on a local connection but no one can see it externally. Can anyone think of a reason why port 8002:00
Ursinhantoombs: that happened here in Brazil to me, and the isp guys didn't know what they're talking about... turns out port 80 was blocked by them02:14
Ursinhantoombs: have you tried setting the port to 8080, just in case?02:14
ntoombsYea and 8080 gets through. I've gotten throug port 80 before with this isp.02:15
Ursinhaif you set the port locally and redirected in your router or whatever links you to the external world, it should work02:15
ntoombsto be sure, is there a program i could install that uses a port that I can change to 80?02:17
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ntoombsHi. I'm having problems opeing port 80 for my LAMP server. I have opened port 22 sucessfully for an ssh connection the same way I opened port 80 however, port 80 still remains closed. I have called my ISP multiple times to see if they are not blocking it and they confermed that they are not. The LAMP server is working perfectally on a local connection but no one can see it externally. Can anyone think of a reason why port 8003:01
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megremset up postfix but it refuses to send mailsto foreign hosts: relay access denied07:40
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_johnnyhi, i'm having an odd networkin problem. i've followed this guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=318539 to get wlan working. and i can do a scan and see all APs, but as soon as a pull the ethernet cable, but ip's are lost and no internet connection07:42
_johnnyplug the cable back in, and both ip's are regained, and internet connectivity on both ip's07:42
_johnnywould anyone mind having a look at my networking  config ?07:42
lei__Is there anyone who can un-install libvirt?07:59
lei__Is there anyone who can un-install libvirt? Since I have two version conflict08:10
th0mzAnybody in England please ? out of subject question. I'm looking for a dedicated/vps server prvider based in england please.08:21
shaunoth0mz: bitfolk.com and bytemark.co.uk are the two names I usually see for vps.  couldn't answer for dedicated08:26
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th0mzthanks shauno08:34
andolth0mz: I have a VPS with Bitfolk, and I am very happy with them.08:43
andolth0mz: Yet, if you want a more "cloudy" solution, where you can spawn new virtual machines yourself etc I guess you might want to go with Linode. In the Bitfolk case there is still the need to talk to support@ when creating a new virtual machines, modifying amount of resources to it, etc.08:45
th0mzto be exact, i'm just looking to a small vps to get an ip based in england to access BBC video ;)08:49
th0mzi just need to run openvpn or kind of proxy... So i'm looking to the cheapest solution.08:50
th0mzi have nothing to host (i'm working in a hosting compagny, all my personal need are hosted here).08:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #809218 in cobbler (universe) "Cobbler should generate a usable /etc/rsyncd.conf file but doesn't" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80921809:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #809239 in dhcp3 (main) "Default interface config is not deleted after upgrade to Natty (dhcp3-server)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80923910:06
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SpamapSRoAkSoAx: pong, was travelling yesterday11:03
rurufufusshow does one remove libraries added from make install?11:12
rurufufussis it only doable manually?11:12
SpamapSrurufufuss: unless you changed the --prefix, they should be in /usr/local...11:21
SpamapSrurufufuss: some things have a 'make uninstall', try that first11:22
SpamapSrurufufuss: if not, you can just rm the files... just make sure you get rid of *all* the files.11:22
rurufufusscool, thanks11:22
Boonsetfacl: Option -m: Invalid argument near character 312:14
Boonsetfacl -m u:lighttpd:rx /var/www12:14
Boondoes my command wrong?12:14
sorenCalm down.12:19
jamespageSpamapS: still around?12:35
amelinhi all, i just found out, that i can start ubuntu server in rescue mode and become root without being asked for a password12:43
amelinbug or feature?12:44
patdk-wkdoes it really matter?12:44
amelinwell, i guess12:45
patdk-wkanyone with physical access doesn't need a password to copy your drive12:45
patdk-wkunless it's encrypted12:45
pmatulisamelin: that's fine.  if you ever set a p/w for root user then it would be different12:45
amelinpmatulis: ah okay, but there is a root pw set12:46
amelinpatdk-wk: of course it does, i dont want a technican in any center to have it that easy12:47
pmatulisamelin: why did you set a root p/w?12:47
patdk-wkmy bios locks the keyboard, no password, the bios won't accept entry from the keyboard12:48
* patdk-wk always sets a root password12:48
maswanyou can get into rescue mode as root even if you set a root password12:48
amelinpatdk-wk: if my system fails, i dont want that everybody can access my system, okay, maybe a technican call me sometimes an tell that he already fix it12:49
PiciRemove the entry from GRUB and add a GRUB password if you're really paranoid about it.12:49
maswanif you want to protect data against attackers with physical access, you need to do disk encryption12:49
pmatulismaswan: but doesn't it ask you to enter that p/w?12:50
patdk-wkpmatulis, ideally, yes12:50
patdk-wkotherwise local users would still have access12:50
maswanpmatulis: depends on which rescue mode you go to.12:50
maswanbooting init=/bin/bash etc won't care about root password being set12:50
pmatulismaswan: sigh, i'm not talking about that stuff12:51
maswanpmatulis: then what are you talking about? I thought we were talking about booting rescue modes with root password set or not12:51
pmatulismaswan: i'm talking about the official rescue mode12:51
pmatulismaswan: boot cd and choose from menu12:51
maswanpmatulis: oh, external boot, then it is up to whatever you boot if they want to care about that.12:52
maswanpmatulis: so no added security from a root password12:52
pmatulismaswan: well you're confusing my conversation with amelin12:52
pmatulisamelin: what did you do to get into your rescue mode?12:53
amelinpmatulis: reboot, open grub menu, choose rescue mode, choose the shell menu12:53
amelinokay, i choose the shell option to become root12:54
amelinso after reboot i choose rescue in the grub menu12:54
pmatulisamelin: and you can get root access w/o p/w even with a p/w previously set?12:54
amelinpmatulis: yes12:54
pmatulisamelin: k, guess i'll need to go over that scenario.  i didn't think you could do that12:55
maswansounds resonable, one of the uses of rescue mode would be to recover from forgotten passwords12:55
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Ursinhagood morning13:02
shaunoit's difficult to work around root from a local boot.  if they edit at the grub menu (or provide their own boot media), they can just use init=/bin/sh to bypass *everything*13:04
shaunoso you've bot bios-level & physical defences, and encryption.  anything past that is a false sense of security13:05
patdk-wkthis is what locked racks or cages are for13:06
amelinjeah, okay, maybe thats right, maybe i was just a bit to confused :-)13:08
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: howdy! yeah I heard... we were wondering how did you get ensemble + cobbler to work as we were unable to13:09
RoAkSoAxsmoser: ping13:29
lynxmanUrsinha: bom dia13:29
Ursinhalynxman: bon dia :)13:30
lynxmanUrsinha: ooh very good ;)13:31
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van7hucould I get help with bind here?13:54
van7huaccording to it, I can configure bind9 as hybrid cache and master, then could I achieve it?13:55
ScottKDid you look in the server guide?13:55
ScottKIt discusses bind9 configuration.13:56
van7huthat's it?13:56
smoserRoAkSoAx, in now13:57
sorenOh, good grief.14:02
ScottKvan7hu: If you aren't willing to look at the existing documentation, I think it's unlikely you'll find the level of help you want for free.14:04
van7huScottK, okay14:05
sorenzul: Do you have a stack of changes to the glance packaging that you forgot to push?14:05
zulsoren: no14:06
zulsoren: i dont think so14:06
sorenzul: There are *5* uploads to the archive that aren't in bzr.14:08
zulsoren: frig14:08
sorenzul: One of them even has changes from two people. How did you pull that off?14:09
zulsoren: ill clean it up today14:09
sorenWhere are you keeping this stuff? If yo uhave changes from two people, you must be sharing packaging somewhere. Where?14:09
zulim not14:09
zulit was done locally and uploaded14:10
zulas i said ill clean it up today14:10
sorenzul: Before you actually do fix it, I'd like to hear what you intend to do.14:15
sorenzul: Whenever.14:15
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: there was a lot of stuff necessariy14:36
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: do you think you can write a small howto for me/us to be able to do it?14:38
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: are you trying to do it w/ my branch or something else?14:38
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: we (smoser and I) were tryiung to do it with your branch without success14:39
smoserSpamapS, woohoo14:39
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: did you setup a webdav?14:39
smoserwe did not.14:39
SpamapSthat part is a pita14:39
SpamapSit would probably help if you guys just said where you're stuck14:43
lynxmanjamespage: ping14:43
DavieyRoAkSoAx: how is it going?14:47
RoAkSoAxDaviey: its going we are currentlyu trying to get somethjing to work with smoser14:48
Davieysomething? :)14:49
smoserSpamapS, we're trying to be secretive, and not tell you things so you can't laugh at how incompetant we are :)14:49
smoserbut, spamaps, if you could write down everything you need to do to get it functional , then that would be great.14:50
SpamapSsmoser: good idea, I am a heartless bastard that way14:50
Davieys/that way//14:50
jamespagelynxman: 10 mins14:50
smosercobbler-devenv at lp:~smoser/+junk/cobbler-devenv/14:50
lynxmanjamespage: k14:50
smoseris pretty close to creating the clean environment14:50
smoseryou coudl start there.14:50
SpamapSsmoser: uh.. install cobbler, setup a writable webdav at /formulas ..14:51
SpamapSsmoser: oh I bet a full environments.yaml would help14:51
smoseryea. that would help14:51
smoserand "setup a writable webdav" is not dummy proof.14:51
smoserand i think that you need to have an ensemble agent running on the cobbler14:52
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SpamapSsmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/642690/14:59
ralliasI'm having difficulties that apache suddenly cannot access the /testing subdirectory of my web server... can someone help me out with this?15:00
SpamapSsmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/642691/15:00
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serge_af1stgraber: is the lxc srcarch +=arm patch from you?15:12
serge_af1just wondering whether to put your signed-off-by on it15:12
serge_af1recon i could check the bzr tree15:12
jamespagelynxman: back now - wassup?15:12
lynxmanjamespage: hey15:14
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DanaGhmm, anyone here use zfs on ubuntu server?  I've currently installed OpenIndiana, but I'm quickly starting to dislike the lack of packages for just about everything I want to run on the server.15:28
DanaGHow's btrfs?  Can it now reliably fsck?15:28
DanaGI do see this, at least: http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-btrfs@vger.kernel.org/msg10864.html15:29
SpamapSDanaG: from what I understand, its still experimental. :(15:30
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DanaG"it" being btrfs?15:34
SpamapSThough a few distros are pushing harder to make it the default15:37
serge_af1stgraber: nm, found the original author :)15:40
DanaGhmm, installing ubuntu-server to an 8GB usb stick, in a 1.5GB-RAM VM.15:47
DanaGThe system it'll be running on has 5GB RAM.15:47
DanaGDo I really need swap, or is swap a bad idea?15:47
viezerdaltijd swap15:48
pmatulisDanaG: swap is not great in a vm15:48
DanaGI've made a rawdisk vmdk for the flash drive.15:48
DanaGAnd the VM is just for the install, not the final place it'll run.15:48
pmatulisDanaG: if you have enough ram then don't use swap15:48
pmatulisDanaG: it won't run in a vm?15:49
DanaGNo, I'm just doing the install in a VM.15:49
DanaGSo then I can take the drive home and plug it into the microserver.15:49
RoyKDanaG: swap can be nice when something goes bad - it can also be a nice way to swap out things that aren't in use, especially on desktops and when hosting large applications, VMs etc15:50
DanaGThere's no way the installer need more than 1.5GB, right?15:50
DanaGWell, the install, and post-install upgrades.15:50
RoyKDanaG: setting /proc/sys/vm/swappiness to 100 will make linux swap out earlier, thus keeping more memory available for useful stuff - a lot of allocations are for memory that's not in use, and that's important indeed for VMs15:51
BuenGenioguys having a major issue with the server here15:51
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:51
BuenGeniomysql, apache stopped because apparently  / is full15:51
BuenGeniohowever, du -chs shows this:15:51
BuenGenioFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on15:51
BuenGenio/dev/sda3             108G  103G     0 100% /15:51
RoyKBuenGenio: usually 5% is reserved for the root account15:52
RoyKBuenGenio: you should never fill up a file system that much anyway15:52
BuenGenioi don't know what did15:52
BuenGenioprobably a runaway log15:52
BuenGeniobut I'll check15:52
BuenGenioneed to start mysql first thing15:52
RoyKyou can change the amount of reserved space with tune2fs -m15:53
RoyKman tune2fs15:53
RoyKsetting that to zero is usually a very bad idea for the root15:53
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pmatulisBuenGenio: try to reclaim some space quickly with 'sudo apt-get clean'15:54
DanaGThen you can install ncdu -- ncurses disk usage tree thingy.15:54
pmatulisDanaG: installing unnecessary s/w on a system with a space problem?15:55
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BuenGenioit's some log somewhere15:55
DanaGpmatulis: it's a small tool, and it'll tell you where all the space went.15:56
DanaGBut yeah, check logs first.15:56
pmatulisBuenGenio: first get space with my command and then 'sudo du -sh /var/log/*'15:56
DanaGThat ncdu package is just 92 kilobytes, by the way.15:58
DanaGno, wait, 22.15:59
SpamapSRoAkSoAx: so , did you guys still want a howto first? I feel it will be faster if you just show me whats broken16:01
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koolhead17hi all16:04
koolhead17apt-cache showpkg moodle  shows mysql-client as deps but does not install it. Using dbconfig-common for installation throws error saying mysql-client needs to be installed before this process to finish.16:07
koolhead17do i need to file a bug for this?16:07
SpamapSkoolhead17: postgresql-client | mysql-client16:09
SpamapSkoolhead17: if you already have postgresql-client installed, that dependency is satisfied16:09
koolhead17SpamapS, http://pastebin.com/sxscTTyU  this is what getting installed once i do apt-get install moodle16:11
koolhead17i can see postgresql-client getting installed with it16:12
SpamapSkoolhead17: yeah, that just means that the moodle maintainer prefers postgres over mysql16:12
SpamapSkoolhead17: if you want to be explicit.. just do  apt-get install moodle mysql-client16:12
SpamapSkoolhead17: you can just install both also.. since you're writing a formula.. eventually you should support both.16:12
koolhead17SpamapS, so its not a bug, just a confusing dbconfig-common configuration of moodle where once clicking on mysql as db option ceases the deployment16:13
SpamapSkoolhead17: dbconfig-common is basically the predecessor of ensemble. ;)16:14
SpamapSkoolhead17: it is to ensemble as neanderthal man is to ensemble .. a fork along the same chain that will become less relevant as ensemble becomes more popular. :)16:14
zuldbconfig is evil16:15
koolhead17SpamapS, :D16:15
koolhead17zul, +116:15
koolhead17am still stuck with phpmyadmin preseed16:15
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: yes it would be helpful for us here at the sprint16:15
koolhead17SpamapS, its just am not interested in paying amazon to test the preseed stuff :D16:15
koolhead17before putting it on ensemble :P16:16
* koolhead17 bows to RoAkSoAx 16:16
DanaGhmm, anyone use the kq Linux zfs?16:17
DanaGRandom: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2011051/Black-macaque-takes-self-portrait-Monkey-borrows-photographers-camera.html16:18
* Ursinha fails with irssi16:21
pmatulisDanaG: that's off-topic, kindly refrain...16:23
koolhead17SpamapS, can i atleast request for showing some love to mysql :P16:24
DanaGanyway, I think I'll try ubuntu-server with zfs.16:25
seruezul: there?16:26
UrsinhaSpamapS: so16:28
UrsinhaSpamapS: I'm fixing the old SRU reports script, so you can have it for now16:28
SpamapSUrsinha: thats great!16:28
UrsinhaSpamapS: I'm sorry I've been quiet these days, I'm bootstraping yet16:29
SpamapSUrsinha: I was hidden away in the mountains all last week.. AFAIK, you have been shouting with a bull horn all week. ;)16:29
DanaGhmm, in Linux, how significantly much better is an Intel NIC than a Broadcom 5723?16:30
patdk-wkyou can't compare them like that16:32
patdk-wkand that is a very old broadcom16:32
DanaGThat's what's in the HP microserver I have.16:33
DanaGI have that, and a 5721 PCIe 1x, and one of these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683310603316:33
patdk-wkodd, the netextreme ii's have lower numbers16:36
patdk-wkheh, that is a budget intel card16:37
patdk-wkthat broadcom should be much nicer than that16:37
DanaGReally?  Interesting.16:37
patdk-wkwhy? you just picked the lowest cheapest thing intel makes16:38
patdk-wkand think it will perform?16:38
DanaGI have an 82574L somewhere else (not sure where), and it worked pretty well, I believe.16:39
patdk-wkthat is more rated along that broadcom chip16:40
DanaGSome peope in #openindiana suggested that Intel would be better than Broadcom.16:41
DanaGI'll have to try the Broadcom again.  Maybe it's just their broadcom driver that's the problem.16:41
patdk-wknever had an issue with broadcom nic's myself16:42
seruezul: could you push http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc_0.7.4.2-0.3ubuntu3-pkg/lxc_0.7.4.2-0.3ubuntu3.dsc ?16:42
kirklandjamespage: howdy, around?16:44
jamespagekirkland: yep16:45
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DanaGwell, that's weird... I boot a server (a spare one, not the microserver that's at home), from a USB stick...16:55
DanaGThe screen is blank for like 70 seconds... and then pops up, fully booted.16:55
DanaGThis is without "quiet".16:55
patdk-wkdanag, normal issue, grub put it into video mode card doesn't like or something16:57
patdk-wkeasy enough to fix16:57
DanaGIt was fine at grub, actually.16:57
DanaGOr do you mean the interaction between grub and kernel?16:58
DanaGI'll try grub console instead of gfxterm.17:01
DanaGNope, still blank, but this time with a blinking cursor.17:03
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DanaGBefore doing much troubleshooting, I'll have to try it in the system I'll actually want it in.17:04
kirklandSpamapS: ping17:11
DanaGAny of you use zfsonlinux?17:12
SpamapSkirkland: pong, on a call but wassup?17:12
kirklandSpamapS: forgive a dumb question ...17:13
kirklandSpamapS: but i'm spinning my wheels here :-)17:13
kirklandSpamapS: what's the best way to see the current list of formulas that have landed in principia?17:13
SpamapSkirkland: *good* question.. I was wondering the same thing. :-P17:14
serueyuck, lots of oopses at __raw_callee_save_xen_make_pte+0x11/0x1e17:15
kirklandSpamapS: :-P17:15
kirklandSpamapS: we need the equivalent of "apt-cache search"17:16
SpamapSkirkland: Yeah, a lot of that is delayed as we wait for ensemble to have a proper repo.17:17
SpamapSkirkland: we could certainly hack it in.17:17
SpamapSkirkland: http://code.launchpad.net/principia has a lot actually17:25
SpamapSkirkland: but has stuff in dev too17:25
kirklandSpamapS: hmm, hard to tell what's in, and not17:26
kirklandSpamapS: so, for instance, I'm trying to tell if my "musica" formula has been accepted ... how do i do that?17:26
SpamapSkirkland: if there's an lp:xxxx branch its "accepted"17:27
SpamapSkirkland: but I think it also needs to go into the mrconfig17:27
SpamapSkirkland: so 'principia getall' grabs it17:28
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serueSpamapS: regarding lp:~clint-fewbar/ensemble/lxc-container/, are you still ok keeping that in the ensemble source, rather than the lxc source?17:40
SpamapSserue: I am not sure where exactly it belongs actually.17:40
SpamapSserue: I think there's value in distributing that with lxc17:41
serueSpamapS: oh what am i thinking.  let's discuss it at the sprint17:41
serueSpamapS: since zul seems to not be around, do you mind sponsoring my little lxc cleanup?17:41
SpamapSserue: especially if we can genercize it enough where one can just say 'lxc-create -t uec -d oneiric -a amd64 ...'17:41
serueSpamapS: i don't want to make the templates more complicated...17:42
SpamapSserue: I 'spose I understand17:42
serueyeah, but you can just have ensemble do that,17:42
SpamapSserue: do what?17:42
seruejust install it at /usr/lib/lxc/templates/lxc-uec17:42
seruethen you can do lxc-create -t uec17:42
SpamapSserue: I see value in people being able to boot the same image that is used on the cloud in lxc.17:43
seruei prefer ensemble isntalling the template right now in case the template is going to change a lot for awhile17:44
SpamapSserue: that sounds good then17:44
serueSpamapS: so do you mind pushing http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc_0.7.4.2-0.3ubuntu3-pkg/lxc_0.7.4.2-0.3ubuntu3.dsc ?17:44
SpamapSserue: is that attached to a bug?17:46
SpamapSserue: you need to run clean before building that source17:46
SpamapS--- lxc-        1969-12-31 16:00:00.000000000 -080017:47
SpamapS+++ lxc-        2011-07-12 08:00:54.000000000 -070017:47
DanaGhmm, is ebox supported, or is it known to break things?17:47
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).17:47
SpamapSDanaG: ^17:47
seruei don't see a .log file.  but i guess i tarred it on the other laptop.  sigh.17:48
DanaGDoes ebox run its own ldap server, or can I do it without ldap?17:49
SpamapSserue: why aren't you using bzr-buildpackage ?17:49
DanaGoh, I see... usersandgroups is not just for local groups.17:49
SpamapSor bzr-builddeb, whatever its called17:49
DanaGIt's explicitly for managing ldap.17:49
seruespami use debuild -S -sa17:50
serueSpamapS: (jinkeys, network is killing me) i don't use bzr bd bc I don't use bzr right now bc the bzr trees are always out of date.17:55
serueI know that's been recently addressed, and I need to try going back to a udd dworkflow17:56
seruespamanyway, I thought that debuild -S did a debian/rules clean.   but i see the .log file.  huh17:56
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* serue wants to smack irssi for not expanding SpamapS 17:57
SpamapSserue: why are the bzr trees getting out of date?17:59
SpamapSserue: we can fix that usually by importing the versions that have failed17:59
serueSpamapS: dunno.  i don't think they had failed per se18:01
amerodoes anyone know what's the hyphen sign in front of log filenames in rsyslog,conf mean?18:04
ameroeg mail.* -/var/log/mail.log18:05
serueSpamapS: making a f'ing bzr tree18:06
serue<grimace> quilt patches applied18:11
serueyay, i get to start over.18:11
alamarsometimes that's a good thing ;)18:12
DanaGhmm, looks like ebox is more than I need.18:13
DanaGall I'd really want is something like what FreeNAS gives.18:13
serueSpamapS: well, i don't understand it.  New version, with source at lp:~serge-hallyn/ubuntu/oneiric/lxc/lxc- and pkg src at http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc_0.7.4.2-0.3ubuntu3-pkg created with 'bzr bd -S -- sa', the debhelper.log files are still there18:28
serue(but not in the bzr tree)18:28
SpamapSserue: *weird*18:29
seruenot like it's a helpful log either :)18:30
serueSpamapS: eh well, pls push if you feel comfortable.  bbl.18:34
SpamapSserue: will take a look ASAP.. need to go find some food18:39
pmatulisSpamapS: take out spear?18:43
SpamapSpmatulis: the only thing I'll be able to hunt and kill with a spear in west L.A. is Chihuahua .. and then I'd have to deal with angry UCLA juniors and their giant pink purses.18:45
pmatulisSpamapS: LOL (at chihuahua), still reading18:46
pmatulisSpamapS: wow, another LOL18:46
pmatulishas anyone heard of idmapd spontaneously stop running?  have natty desktop client randomly getting the nobody-user using NFS/autofs with solaris server18:48
* SpamapS wonders if Chipotle would be interested in some locally sourced Canine..18:49
xperiahello to all. i am trying to get the modrewrite loging to work on my Ubuntu Server maschine but i fail now the whole day to get this to work.19:20
xperiaAnybody can give me a advice how to enable logging for modrewrite ?19:20
maccam94is the php suhosin patch installed by default in lucid? do i need/want the php5-suhosin package in apt?19:23
zeknoxusing iscsiadm how can I detach from an iscsi server?19:24
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pmatuliszeknox: --logout i think19:24
zeknoxpmatulis: thanks buddy!19:25
serueDaviey: any update or new comments on spice upload?19:26
roastedHas anybody tinkered with network interface bonding? I'm curious about a few things and was hoping someone could clear the air...19:34
patdk-wkworks great for me19:36
roastedwhat does?19:36
alamari guess bonding19:37
roastedwasn't sure if that was directed at me or not19:37
alamarwhat's your problem with bonding?19:37
roastedwell I found a guide for it, but I wanted to talk to someone who knows a lot about it to help me understand it a bit more.19:38
patdk-wkhow about we start simple19:38
roastedI'm running edubuntu 10.04 on a server with 4 gigabit network ports, I want to combine them into 1.19:38
roastedwould that be the broadcast method?19:38
patdk-wknone :)19:38
patdk-wkwhat is the goal?19:38
patdk-wkwhat are you attempting to protect?19:38
roastedto make all 4 NICs look as one19:38
roastedI'm just trying to maximize throughput19:38
patdk-wkyou can make all 4 look like 1 several ways19:39
patdk-wknot all of them will maximize throughput, infact most won't19:39
patdk-wkcause maximizing throughput over 4 nics is not easy to do19:39
roastedwell, here's my dilemma so you know what I'm doing19:39
roastedI'm running an LTSP server with thin clients.19:39
roastedI previously ran a server with a single gig port to a lab of 30 clients without issue.19:39
roastedthis year we're moving to 60-70 clients, so naturally my thought process is to utilize the other nic's19:40
roastedto help out with the load, ya know?19:40
roastedI've always set up LTSP on smaller scale setups, so bonding was never a necessity. but this time I think it'd be wise to utilize bonding, based on my client load this year as well as the benefits I read about.19:40
roastedwhat do you think would be best?19:40
maccam94roasted: the best option is if you can afford a managed switch, use IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic link aggregation19:41
roastedwell, I'm here in our server room, we have some decent gear19:41
roastedlet me see...19:41
roasteddell powerconnect 624819:41
patdk-wkwish I knew what that was, non-rebranded19:42
roastedso my optimal solution would be to work at the switch level and let ubuntu alone?19:42
maccam94no, you configure both ends19:42
roastedI thought you meant one or the other.19:42
maccam94so you want to do 802.3ad bonding in ubuntu, and the switch should work with it19:42
maccam94i'm not certain if you have to configure bonding on the switch side or if it will automatically detect it19:43
patdk-wkthat will do it, configure 4 ports of that into a ladp19:43
patdk-wkno, linux only supports static mapping19:43
patdk-wkso you need to configure it on both sides19:43
roastedI see. what advantages would 802.3ad give me?19:43
patdk-wkalittle less than adaptive bonding, but much much more reliable19:44
roasteddoes it just lump all bandwidth into one larger pipe19:44
patdk-wkhell, no, you can't do that19:44
maccam94roasted: so you want lacp19:44
roastedmaccam94, at the switch?19:44
patdk-wkpretty much you limit a mac per interfaces19:44
patdk-wkall packets from that mac or mac+ip will go over the same connection19:45
patdk-wkbut packets from other paces will use other interfaces, so if you have enough different source, you will use all your links up19:45
maccam94patdk-wk: are you familiar with LACP?19:46
roastedtrying to put all this together and understand it...19:46
patdk-wkonly bad thing would be to put a layer3 switch, router, or firewall between the clients and ltps server19:46
patdk-wkmaccam, yes19:46
maccam94patdk-wk: he has a layer 3 switch19:46
roastedwe have layer 319:46
maccam94it supports LACP19:46
patdk-wkbut his layer3 switch isn't doing layer3 stuff is it?19:46
roastedI don't believe this particular 6248 is19:46
maccam94so i think he just needs to create the lagg interface in ubuntu and it should work19:46
patdk-wkand on the switch19:47
maccam94roasted: http://www.dell.com/us/en/enterprise/networking/pwcnt_6248/pd.aspx?refid=pwcnt_6248&cs=555&s=biz19:47
roastedI think our switches acting as layer 3 are 3500 series switches19:47
maccam94Link Aggregation with support for up to 18 static  aggregated links, 8 dynamic aggregated links per switch and up to 8  member ports per aggregated link; LACP support (IEEE 802.3ad), LLDP-MED19:47
maccam94so as long as your server is directly connected to that, you should be ok19:47
monokromeHey. Does anyone here have experience with setting up puppetmaster on Ubuntu?19:47
patdk-wksetup a static lacp on the switch19:47
monokromeI am trying to figure out why Ubuntu's installation expects/assumes that I have etckeeper installed.19:47
roastedmonokrome, oh man. that's my next project... :(19:48
roastedmaccam94, if I do this, would the server itself see only 1 ip?19:48
roastedlike would my entire box, despite having 4 ports, use 1 ip or would each interface still have to be set up?19:48
maccam94roasted: you would have the 4 physical interfaces, and one virtual aggregated interface19:48
monokromeroasted:  Pretty simple to get it running, but configurations don't work because it assumes etckeeper is set up - but I don't know how to fulfill it's assumed requirements.19:48
maccam94the physical interfaces wouldn't have ips19:48
roastedso I'd set my static IP to the virtual interface in /network/interfaces?19:49
maccam94roasted: i think it would look like this: ifconfig lagg0 laggproto lacp laggport bge0 laggport bge1 laggport bge2 laggport bge3 netmask
roastedoh bo19:50
maccam94so lagg0 is the virtual interface, the bge's are your physical interfaces, and then you've got the ip and netmask19:50
maccam94so lagg0 gets the ip info19:50
maccam94and laggproto is lacp so it will negotiate bonding with the switch (assuming that functionality isn't somehow disabled, as the documentation says it supports up to 8 dynamic aggregated links)19:52
maccam94roasted: think you get it?19:53
sorenzul: The latest glance upload's changelog entry says "debian/control: python-hashlib". What does that mean?19:54
zulstupid typo19:54
sorenShould have been ruby-hashlib?19:55
zulsoren: no i noticed when jetlagged that there were a python-hashlib in the tools/pip-required19:55
zulsorry tools/pip-requires19:56
sorenzul: And then you... wrote python-hashlib in the changelog, but added python-daemon in debian/control?19:56
zulno i think that was me i dont know what i was thinking19:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #809526 in squid (main) "squid 2.7.STABLE9-2ubuntu5.1, reload kills squid, called in /etc/resolvconf/update-libc.d/squid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80952620:01
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DanaGhmm, anyone here have experience with btrfs mirrored drives?23:22
DanaGI'm trying to figure out whether I want to do that, or do zfs+linux, or do openindiana.23:22
DanaGI'd definitely prefer to have Linux.23:22
CrystalVoidgreetings everyone ... i have 2 cpu;s and want to run a small ubuntu file server ... http://products.amd.com/en-us/DesktopCPUSideBySide.aspx?id=72&id=25 ... i want to aim for low power ... but am woried about the l2 cache ... and recamendations ?23:27
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TheEvilPhoenixquestion for ya: will krb5-user and its dependencies screw with standard UNIX login at the command line on a system?23:40
TheEvilPhoenixthe package is a prereq for connectivity to my university's UNIX filespace23:41
TheEvilPhoenixfrom anything23:41
qman__CrystalVoid, that depends entirely on what other hardware you're running23:51
qman__the CPU is only really important on a file server if you use software raid23:51
qman__and what sort of software raid you're running23:52
qman__for example, my previous file server was running a single core athlon 64 3500+ venice, and was fully capable of saturating a gigabit link with a raid 523:53
qman__while also running a couple dozen torrents23:53
TheEvilPhoenixhey qman__ know anything about kerberos authentication and how its packages screw with local authentication, by chance?23:54
qman__I know how pam works, but I don't know anything about how kerberos is packaged23:54
TheEvilPhoenixi really only need to know if krb5-user will interfere with the standard UNIX login system on this system23:56
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