dpmgood morning all07:20
andrejzmorning dpm07:24
dpmmorning andrejz :)07:29
dpmhey henninge, good morning! I hope you had a great time off :) When you've get a minute, do you think you could look at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/164475?08:35
henningedpm: we are still missing mass update capabilities.09:03
dpmhi henninge, I know, my concern is rather why 1000+ new suggestions appeared overnight09:03
dpmhenninge, it was filed as a bug, but lifeless converted it to a question09:04
henningedpm: I would say he was wrong, at least it needs to be investigated.09:04
dpmthat was my thought09:04
andrejzhello! as far as i am concerned i will be more than happy if all suggestions are auto-approved, but if this behaviour is abnormal it might be wise to investigate it09:08
dpmhenninge, I added a comment to bug 808882, but I'd appreciate some help. A comment from an LP developer will probably carry more weight than mine09:11
ubot4Launchpad bug 808882 in launchpad "More than 1000 suggestion appeared overnight in translations (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80888209:11
henningedpm: done09:13
dpmcool, thanks henninge ;)09:14
oier__hi, I am not sure if I am on the correct channel. I have a question regarding translators credit in Launchpad.10:09
oier__If I set a translatable string in my app (in the about diagol) as"translators-credit", does Launchpad automatically translate that string with the translators? or does each translator have to append its name there?10:10
serfusoier__, i'm not sure about the answer, but if you don't get answered here you can check #launchpad as well10:11
henningeoier__: Launchpad will automatically add translators to credit strings.10:16
oier__ok, I already have a couple of translators before I discovered this feature, I assume I will have to append them manually?10:20
dpmoier__, you'll need to be a bit more specific (e.g. could you point us to the project in LP?), but if the translators have translated in LP or if at least the imported PO files have the translator's e-mail in the Last-Translator field, Launchpad should add them automatically to the credits10:28
oier__here you go https://translations.launchpad.net/indicator-bug10:28
oier__there is turkish and basque until now10:29
henningeoier__: The credits are added dynamically. So if you add a "translation-credits" message now, it will automatically list all translators that have worked on the translation in Launchpad so far.10:30
henningeoier__: If there was translation work done outside of Launchpad, you will have to include them in the credits manually.10:31
oier__no, it was done in Launchpad10:31
henningeoier__: btw, the credits cannot be manually changed in Launchpad.10:31
henningeoier__: than all you need to do is add a "translation-credits" message to your template.10:31
henningeoier__: I see you already did that but it is spelled wrong.10:33
dpmoier__, looking at https://translations.launchpad.net/indicator-bug/trunk/+pots/indicator-bug/ca/10/+translate, this will not work. It looks to me that you've manually added a 'translators-credit' string.10:33
henningeoier__: it is either "translation-credits" or "translator-credits"10:33
oier__yeah I added the string manually10:33
henningeoier__: that is the right way to do it10:33
henninge(unless your local tools have a way to do it automatically)10:34
oier__where ad is the about dialog10:34
henningeoier__: you just need to spell it correctly: "translator-credits"10:34
henningeoier__: note the position of the "s"10:34
oier__so the last s is missing10:35
henningeoier__: and the first s must go10:36
henningeboth work but nothing else10:36
oier__thanks alot10:37
henningeYou are welcome10:37
oier__BTW, does sombeody here know how to use recipes(for daily packages) to merge translation branches into trunk?10:38
oier__I have a branch where Launchpad exports the po files, so it has a po directory and inside po files10:39
oier__in trunk I have also a po directory but with the pot file10:39
oier__but i can't merge them because they are unrelated10:40
oier__and if I nest the it puts the po directory inside the other po directory10:40
henningeoier__: you could simply have Launchpad export to your trunk branch.10:40
oier__but in the wiki this is discouraged10:41
oier__since it overrides everything10:41
dpmoier__, if your translators are doing translations through Launchpad only, it does not matter10:42
dpmso I think having the same branch for imports and exports would work well for you10:42
oier__ok, I will try10:44
oier__and are you sure that it will not erase the template file on each export?10:46
dpmno, only the po files with the latest translations from Launchpad will be written to your branch10:47
dpmthe daily exports won't touch the pot file afaik10:47
oier__btw, is it now possible to let Launchpad create the POT file?10:47
dpmit's the responsibility of the maintainer to keep it up to date10:47
dpmoier__, yes, but only for intltool-based projects10:48
oier__so my python indicator is not included?10:48
oier__I am using gettext, that is part of intltool, isn't it?10:49
dpmunfortunately not. I see it uses python-distutils-extra, which actually uses intltool behind the scenes, but right now only 'classical' intltool/autotools layouts are supported10:50
dpmthis simply means that you'll have to take care of updating the template whenever there are new translatable strings, rather than letting Launchpad do it for you10:51
oier__ok, many thanks!10:51
dpmbtw, gettext is not part of intltool. Intltool is just an optional layer above gettext, that makes it easier to make translatable a lot of formats that gettext does not directly support (e.g. .desktop files)10:52
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ashamsHello Translators20:03
ashamsIs there any guide or How-to for uploading translation after doing it locally?20:03
trijntjeashams, not really. You can just go to launchpad, select the package you translated and upload the updated po file20:06
trijntjeprovided this file has first been exported from LP, if not I'm not sure what the proper procedure is20:06
ashamstrijntje: but I can't appear to every project's branchs20:07
ashamstrijntje: sorry mean upload20:08
trijntjeashams, you mean every ubuntu release? Or are you talking about translating programs that are not part of ubuntu by default?20:09
ashamstrijntje: I mean, I need to upload to a project's branch(in ubuntu) but have no privilage20:10
trijntjeare you a member of the ubuntu translators team for your language?20:11
ashamstrijntje: I'll go to read more about bazaar20:12
trijntjeashams, I never use bazaar, I thought you were referring to the web interface of launchpad20:13
ashamstrijntje: the web interface is great. I just want to move on to the next level, translate locally, using some CAT tool, then upload it :)20:17
trijntjeyou can still use the web interface to upload it in that case, but that would be a lot of work if you did many translations20:21
nickgoodfateashams:  tomorrow at 16:00 UTC there is a session in #ubuntu-classroom with the topic "Getting Translations Quicker into Launchpad: Upstream Imports Sharing"20:42
nickgoodfatei'm not sure if that's relevant to what you asked though :(20:43
nickgoodfateashams: here is the schedule of #ubuntu-classroom  http://people.ubuntu.com/~nhandler/classroom.html20:44
ashamsnickgoodfate: Thank you :20:52

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