danfishgood morning06:41
Catbuskris_good morning to you06:53
HazRPGmorning \o07:10
* iulian yawns.07:15
AlanBell morning07:16
TheOpenSourcerermoar coffee07:18
HazRPGheh, its funny to see the different sides of conversations about the new blizzard region-links for starcraft 207:24
HazRPGNortha America and Latin America regions being linked, and they're complaining about language barriers and lag, EU and Russia are being linked, and they're also complaining about language barriers and lag... but the common post is, they all want to be linked to the korean server, so they can all try and improve their skills... but what about language and lag there? Heh, people can be funny07:26
HazRPGeven more commonly between posts is, they're rather just have it the way it use to be... and be able to select which server you wanted to connect to.07:28
HazRPGdiplo: that is quite random... bet that must be a scary walk07:29
diploheh yeah, was madness07:37
diploMade my legs go :)07:37
HazRPGdiplo: oh, you actually did that walk?07:40
popeyMorning all07:51
wangshouyiHi,why the output of 'file' command always include "for Linux 2.6.15"?07:53
diploSorry HazRPG was on phone, nooooooooooooooooo08:00
diploJust made my legs go watching it08:00
HazRPGdiplo: ah ;D08:00
HazRPGdiplo: I almost set off my acrophobia/vertigo, started getting dizzy watching it!08:02
MooDoowow just watching it now08:03
diploAnyone know how to get memory make/model from cli ?08:05
* BigRedS wonders if dmidecode would help08:06
diploKids had me up all night and I really can't get going today08:06
diploCheers BigRedS08:07
BigRedSDid it help?08:14
diployeah, well partially08:16
diploGood enough for me :)08:16
BigRedSaha, handy :)08:22
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
diploAnyone ever wrote an app to send status messages to Facebook, preferably php ?08:32
diploWant to post a customers news feed to there FB account08:33
popeyuse RSS08:35
popeyi.e. get your fb page to subscribe to an rss feed which has the news in it08:35
popeythats what we do for ubuntu uk page and ubuntu-uk-podcast08:35
shaunothat sounds infinitely cleaner08:36
shaunoalso, did I spy pics of a mbp with no ssd?  get ye back off to ebuyer :p08:38
popeyshauno: it's at the post office waiting for me to collect it08:39
popey(the SSD)08:39
diplopopey, I tried that, add it to My notes ?08:39
popeyhowever I am used to having a massive disk08:39
popeywhich means I will need to be frugal08:39
shaunopopey: I yanked the dvd outta mine, and gone for the best of both worlds.  working a treat so far08:40
popeyyou can put a drive in the cd bay?08:40
shaunoyou can  (with a 3rd-party chassis, sadly)08:40
popeynow that is interesting08:41
popeyalso, how do you install the OS to use it?08:41
popeydo you have /Users/ on it or something/08:41
popeyis that it?08:42
shaunothat's one, yeah08:42
shaunohttp://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/DDAMBS0GB/  that's the one I picked up, same idea thop08:42
popeyah, 1TB only in 17"08:43
shaunoI've left the hdd in /Volumes and just symlinked anything that takes up silly amounts of space  (vmware, music, games, etc)08:43
popeydue to disk height08:43
shaunojust leaving the whole home dir on spinning rust meant the hdd never got a chance to spin down08:44
popeythat looks lighter08:46
gordhrm, looking into raids, seems to me that software raid makes more sense - anyone got any nasty experiences with it to keep me away?08:47
shaunomeans my dvdr lives in a flimsy usb caddy now, but that I can live with.  it only really gets used if I mess up enough to need to reinstall08:47
krimzon2I was walking through the park once and software raid came out of nowhere and mugged me08:48
popeykrimzon2: it must have been dark08:48
popeybet it was that nasty dm raid08:48
popeyhe's evil08:48
gordhuh if you install open arena it brings in the open arena server and starts it by default, that seems... wrong08:51
HazRPGheh just read that a program called Starfriend has been made so that you can now play SC2 at LAN parties. Epic!08:52
HazRPGThink I may have to host a few LAN parties before the summer is finished, think this is the first year I haven't hosted one so far.08:52
MooDoomorning daubers08:57
MartijnVdS /q koe08:58
shaunocoworkers are now looking at me like I'm nuts :/  I thought showing the internets the insides of your laptop was normal09:04
MooDooshauno, don't worry we think you're nuts too :D09:06
oimonanyone using popey's tomboy builds on lucid?09:06
oimonwould like to try confirm an issue with it09:07
HazRPGshauno: hmm, I thought that was normal too... I'm constantly taking pictures of the insides of things.09:08
MooDooHazRPG, but dogs and sheep don't count ;)09:09
shaunothey do in cumbria!09:09
JamesTaitGood morning all!09:12
MooDoomorning james09:12
diplopopey, found my issue as to why rss feed wasn't working09:33
diploThanks for reminding me to do it :)09:33
=== czajkows1i is now known as czajkowski
diploon Facebook that is09:33
diploDo you use a similair thing to post to Twitter as well ?09:33
diploJust reading up now09:33
dauberssupporting people in Oz is frustrating :(09:42
dauberssend a request for some data, have to wait 8 hours to get a reply09:42
davmor2morning all10:05
* davmor2 gives czajkowski a hug10:07
* MooDoo prods czajkowski 10:07
davmor2MooDoo: me owld mukka10:07
MooDoodavmor2, alreet geezer......10:07
czajkowskitweedle dum and tweedle dee10:07
MooDoodavmor2, stop being nice to czajkowski it's not big and it's nopt clever :)10:07
MooDooczajkowski, at least you didn't say tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber :D10:08
* MooDoo hugs czajkowski too as he's just seen her twitter update10:08
davmor2czajkowski: does that make you humpty dumpty the amount of time the hospital spends putting you back to gether again?10:09
MooDoodavmor2, they have the technology, they can rebuild her10:09
czajkowskiit would seem that way10:09
davmor2czajkowski: the 5 million dollar woman dududududududududududududu10:10
MooDoodavmor2, unless they are being sneaky and turning her into a borg10:10
MooDoodavmor2, ah was wondering how to spell that lol10:10
davmor2MooDoo: haha czajkowski 1 of 910:11
MooDoodavmor2, she's is the only one :)10:12
MooDoothere can be only one lol10:12
davmor2MooDoo: don't turn her into the highlander she'll take offence she Irish10:13
MooDoodavmor2, she can take it10:13
* MooDoo starts singing "i am the one and only" lol10:14
* AlanBell is glad irc is a silent medium10:14
MooDooAlanBell, me too me too10:14
MartijnVdSirssi-festival \o/10:15
shaunosomeone's got their soundtracks confused .. chesney hawkes wasn't on highlander10:15
* davmor2 starts singing Queens fried chicken song10:15
Laneyi miss CTCP SOUND10:15
MooDooIt's a kind of magic in here :)10:16
davmor2MooDoo: One Vision aka the fried chicken song, the lyrics say Freddie is saying one vision,  but no way, He definitely says fried chicken10:18
MooDoogimme gimme gimme fried chicken10:18
MooDoodavmor2, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Vision#.22Fried_chicken.2210:19
davmor2MooDoo: nice10:23
czajkowskigord: http://ardrone.parrotshopping.com/uk/p_ardrone_main.aspx10:24
davmor23 men at work their boss says you can have the rest of the week off if you can sing a song that contains a dog10:25
gordczajkowski, this will forever be known as "the incident that started it all"10:25
davmor2man 1: She ain't nothing but a hound dog crying all the time10:25
davmor2man 2: who much is that doggy in the window10:26
czajkowskigord: well the drone has a landing box, it's in the way of the roomba10:26
czajkowskiyou can see the roomba doesn't like this at all10:26
davmor2man 3:  thinks, thinks again and finally bursts into Strangers in the night10:27
davmor2boss: I know that song there's no dog in it10:27
davmor2man 3: there is, there is let me finish10:27
czajkowskigord: NEW TOY!10:28
davmor2man 3: Strangers in the night exchanging glances scubbydubbydoo .......10:28
gordsomeone bought me a helicopter toy once, took me about 20 minutes to break it forever10:28
davmor2gord: I got 2 helicopter toys how the hell did you break them?10:29
oimongord:the only way to win is not to play10:29
* MooDoo slaps davmor2 10:29
gorddavmor2, frankly, if you don't break them, you aren't using them correctly10:29
davmor2oimon: Hello Dr Falcon, wouldn't you like to play a nice game of chess?10:30
shaunoI'm so lost .. was expecting davmor's joke to be an epic palindrome10:30
davmor2shauno: No just corny10:30
czajkowskishauno: there is your first mistake, davmor2 being funny10:30
davmor2czajkowski: Hey no fair I know funny their just not safe on this channel :D10:31
oimoni wonder if they will ever make a good film about computers.10:31
MooDoodavmor2, corny spelt SH**10:31
MooDoooimon, Hackers....best film ever.....EVER....*snigger*10:31
oimonwargames/hackers/the net/tron/...all lame10:31
MooDoodavmor2, yeah that's the one, czajkowski was right....DUMB ;)10:32
shaunoto be fair, I'm not sure I'd want to watch an accurate film about computers10:32
MooDooswordfish, that was accurate :)10:32
oimonMooDoo: i saw hackers for the first time ever about a year ago. i think the only reason it has any cult status is that it features a young angelina jolie (meh) and a guy wearing a dave seaman goalie shirt at a party10:32
davmor2MooDoo: that's only cause fancy angelina jolie10:32
shaunoif I want to watch people consuming stupendous amounts of red bull and sleeping face down on the keyboard, I'll start volunteering for night shifts10:33
davmor2I liked hacker 310:33
MooDoodavmor2, isn't that one based on kevin mitnick?10:33
MooDoooperation takedown?10:33
davmor2MooDoo: something like that10:33
shaunoreminds me, did assange win that free trip to sweden?10:35
MooDooisn't he out on bail?10:35
shaunohe's back on stage sometime today10:36
oimoni think he's tagged in his house10:36
davmor2assange is the guy from are you being served isn't he10:37
WorMzyassange's back in court today to appeal the earlier extradition ruling10:40
* MooDoo sneaks over to czajkowski and tries to steal her drone10:45
czajkowskiI killllllll you10:46
MooDooczajkowski, how nice you are10:47
czajkowskiI'm not10:48
* davmor2 why MooDoo distracts czajkowski with being killed I swipe czajkowski drone and run for the hills10:48
czajkowskiclearly you dont know me if you have to aks this10:48
MooDooczajkowski, i don't know you at all.....i'll meet you in RL one day to verify it10:48
davmor2MooDoo: do you say that to everyone? :D10:49
MooDoodavmor2, yes :)  i tried to meet you didn't i.....but crappy phone systems stopped that one :(10:49
davmor2MooDoo: hahahaha10:50
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:59
davmor2brobostigon: morning dude10:59
brobostigondavmor2: good morning.10:59
MooDoobrobostigon, hi10:59
brobostigonMooDoo: hi11:00
bigcalmHow do you get a full DNS record from dig when axfr isn't working?11:25
oimondig ls <domain>11:26
bigcalmIt's not showing subdomain records11:27
bigcalmLooks like netname's name servers don't allow full transfers11:29
bigcalmVirginMedia's DNS is horribly slow to update11:33
davmor2bigcalm: use opendns it's what I do :)11:47
BigRedSbigcalm: I wrote this to get round not being able to get axfrs when I wanted them: https://github.com/BigRedS/avi-utils/blob/master/subdomains11:51
BigRedSit's rather crude :)11:51
bigcalmdogmatic69: davmor2: tempting, will have to do it per machine as the router doesn't allow one to change the settings11:56
bigcalmBigRedS: handy but a little limited11:56
bigcalmWon't tell me about 354371-web111:56
bigcalmThe admin in charge of a client's records has typo'd beyond beliefe11:58
bigcalmThis is why I wanted to check the full record, rather than have to check each subdomain by hand11:58
BigRedSbigcalm: yeah, it's a bit crap, but I kept scping it everywhere so stuck it on github11:58
* bigcalm appears to be doing somebody else's job here12:07
gordmaybe you can hire an assistant to do your job whilst you do someone else's job12:08
* bigcalm gives the Vs to everybody's jobs and goes to find some lunch12:09
MooDooi'll be your tea biatch .... :)12:11
dogmatic69is there a way to login as another user when already logged in (from terminal)12:18
BigRedSsu <someuser>12:19
BigRedSif you're not root, you'll need to provide a password12:20
shaunogood lord .. that burning ball out hate is back.  that's the second time in one year?!12:31
MooDooshauno, huh?12:32
BigRedSczajkowski: oracle, surely?12:34
jpdsczajkowski: what BigRedS said.12:35
dogmatic69BigRedS: nice, thanks12:36
dogmatic69sudo -U <user> is what i was trying12:37
jpdsdogmatic69: That would be: sudo -i -u <user>12:37
dogmatic69too many ways to do one thing12:38
kirrusdogmatic69: it's not linux if there isn't at least 2 ways, which everyone argues about which is the *right* way ;)12:39
dogmatic69i think im gonna write a bash script to do it a better way ;)12:39
MooDooThere is only one way, and that's the way chuck norris would do it12:40
=== seeker_ is now known as seeker
daubersMooDoo: Chuck Norris doesn't do anything, he thinks about something and it's then already done13:01
davmor2MooDoo: blow it to smithereens by looking at it long enough?13:02
dogmatic69i am running gitosis on a server and want to do a post-receive hook thing. would i be correct in saying that it will be run as the git user?13:02
dogmatic69user "git" that is, there is one set up for gitosis13:02
dogmatic69i want to generate api docs, but doubt this git user will be able to.13:03
BigRedSif gitosis is running as git, and gitosis is asked to run a command, it will do so as the user git, yeah13:04
BigRedSthat could have been better worded...13:04
dogmatic69so i guess.. i can create a empty file, then with a proper user run a cron every 1min looking for that file, if found do what ever and then delete the file. if there is no file do nothing?13:05
dogmatic69is that the correct way of doing things?13:05
dogmatic69i want the docs updated pretty much instant, but it takes to long to just run all the time13:06
BigRedScan you not grant the 'git' user the rights to create the docs?13:06
dogmatic69well then i might as well give it permisions for a normal user13:06
dogmatic69its got to access things all over, pull code, create files13:07
BigRedSmight you? I don't know what's involved13:07
dogmatic69well su git13:07
dogmatic69i can do nothing13:07
dogmatic69cant even run a normal .bashrc13:07
dogmatic69no auto complete13:07
dogmatic69cant add things to PATH that are needed13:08
BigRedSthat might just be that the shell is /bin/sh not /bin/bash13:08
BigRedSbut, stil, it depends how you do it and what's involved. creating an empty file and having another user's cron check for it and work on the result is quite workable13:08
BigRedSif a bit fragile13:08
dogmatic69its just internal docs13:09
BigRedSThat's probably how I'd intend to do it, before deciding to sod it and just give git all the required permissions :)13:09
dogmatic69nothing super important13:09
dogmatic69yes, it is tempting13:09
BigRedShm. postfix in debug mode produces a _lot_ of text, almost none of which I understand :(13:10
dogmatic69till oneday the auth logs say sudo rm / -rf [user:git]13:10
BigRedSdogmatic69: that's what's called a 'backup test' :)13:13
BigRedSbut, yeah, if people are able to talk http to something, it probably shouldn't be trusted to do anything at all, let alone write all over your documentation13:14
BigRedSI'm still amazed it took me so long to think of piping tail -f output through grep13:28
davmor2BigRedS: nevermind hey13:30
AlanBellpopey: what was the wordpress+apache combination that you had that didn't work so well?14:08
popeythe one that is currently on ubuntu-uk.org.. one mo14:10
popeyphp 5.3, apache 2.2, wordpress 3.x14:11
AlanBelland it was running out of memory?14:11
popeyI had some more OOMs over night last night14:11
popeywill probably move ubuntu-uk box to lighttpd when I get a chance soon14:11
AlanBellok, just seen that on one of our VMs14:12
popeycrap isnt it?14:12
AlanBellit grabbed all the disk activity and starved everything else too :(14:12
popeymy own vps has been on lighttpd instead of apache2 for some months now14:12
popeynot OOM'ed once14:12
davmor2popey: you'll be getting an ND when they ship then for 2D Craft, the minecraft you love only in 2D :D14:13
davmor2popey: http://the-nd.com/14:14
popeyi fully expect that device to never get made14:14
davmor2popey: hahaha14:15
directhexterarrium is already a 2d minecraft, no?14:20
oimonor it might get released for £9914:20
gordits a different game than minecraft really, its more adventure based, minecraft is more lego based14:20
dogmatic69what is the correct if(!is_file('/path/to/file')) for bash?14:34
dogmatic69if[[ !-e "/path/to/file" ]] is what i got14:35
dogmatic69all it does is complains 'No such file or directory'14:35
jpdsdogmatic69: if [ ! -e /path/to/file ]; then14:35
=== issyl0 is now known as Guest15331
dogmatic69yntax error near unexpected token `then'14:37
dogmatic69jpds: its not liking that much :/14:37
jpdsdogmatic69: /bin/sh or /bin/bash ?14:37
jpdsCause, you know: http://tldp.org/LDP/Bash-Beginners-Guide/html/sect_07_01.html14:38
dogmatic69if[ == fail14:40
dogmatic69if [ == win14:40
dogmatic69jpds: thanks :)14:40
=== issyl0_ is now known as issyl0
BigRedSI _never_ get bash syntax right on the first go14:42
BigRedSor the second, third or fourth, really. By the fifth I've rewritten in it perl with a bunch of backticks14:42
jpdsdogmatic69: No worries.14:42
dogmatic69BigRedS: ye, change the /bin/bash to /usr/bin/php and its done in 2.5 seconds14:43
BigRedSphp? ew.14:44
dogmatic69it works14:44
jpdsdogmatic69: What you need is /usr/bin/python.14:46
BigRedSand backticks containing `perl -e ....` :)14:48
* dogmatic69 gets some popcorn14:49
BigRedSHaha, I'm quite bad at those arguments. I don't default to perl because it's better than anything else, just 'cause I know it and haven't yet bothered to learn anything else14:50
dogmatic69same as php for me14:51
=== uxbod is now known as organicspider
* czajkowski is impressed with the NHS 14:53
davmor2czajkowski: +1 they are good14:57
* MooDoo was at whitby and they were handing our "i love the nhs" wrist bands14:58
shaunoI never realised I liked the nhs until I saw a friend get a $1200 bill for riding an ambulance :/14:59
popeyDid he go Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! NEEEE NAWWW NEEEE NAAWWWW!?15:00
popeyto get his moneys worth15:00
davmor2shauno: omg riding in a rodeo is cheaper :D15:01
MooDooyeee haw!15:01
=== chrisccoulson_ is now known as chr1sccoulson
MooDoowoohoo 30 mins till home time15:03
daubersMooDoo: Slacker, hour and 20 minutes left for me :(15:11
MooDoodaubers, started at 8 though, up; since 6 :(15:11
daubersMooDoo: I start at 8 most days :(15:11
MooDoodaubers, ouch15:11
daubers(I'm only contracted to start at 9 admittedly... but stuff needs to be done)15:12
davmor2woohoo 3 hours 48 minutes till home time15:13
MooDoodavmor2, ner ner ner ner ner :p15:13
MooDoowell that serves me right, this restore i'm doing aint going to take 10 mins :(15:17
davmor2MooDoo: ner ner ner ner ner :p15:19
MooDoodavmor2, touche!15:19
* davmor2 takes his finger off the hdd platter 15:21
MooDoodavmor2, you being a DJ again15:23
davmor2MooDoo: no I thought it might make your restore go faster15:24
MooDoodavmor2, nah :) got the wd40 out :)15:24
NET||abusejust installed ubuntu on the 12GB wated recovery partition left by windows (2GB swap for 4GB ram and 10GB / partition)15:34
NET||abusehopefully my windows won't go into crisis and need it :)15:34
NET||abusehow does the room feel on drivers for the radeon mobility HD 3400?   should i use fglrx or not?15:36
NET||abusethis is on sony viao VGN-FW21E15:36
gordno idea, tell us how things work out :)15:40
NET||abusekay :)15:40
NET||abusefirst boot update laaaaag,,15:40
NET||abusewiating for the 400 + updates to install15:40
NET||abusei selected download updates while installing, i guess i thought that meant it would slip stream install them, but i guess it just has them on disk ready to annoyingly want to be installed when you finally boot in15:41
oimonugh thats a bit gross. moved my pc so i could upgrade the net card and 2 silverfish wriggled out15:42
NET||abuseof the network card?15:43
oimonfrom under the pc15:43
NET||abuseoh that's ok15:43
NET||abusethought the silverfish were like "we can haz intarnetz inside network port "15:43
oimonif it was a male+female i could be in trouble15:44
NET||abusesplicing their microscopic silverfish netbooks directly onto the contacts of your network port : )15:44
oimonThe female lays groups of less than fifty eggs at once, deposited in small crevices15:44
hamitronoimon: need a cat to eat them15:46
oimonor a centipede15:47
oimonthis is my work PC15:47
hamitronthey aren't harmful are they?15:47
NET||abuseoimon, i think you need to get a low toxicity pesticide spray and you can treat all the areas you see them occupying too make sure you nuke their eggs15:47
NET||abusehamitron, nah, they munch on plastic and glue type substances, they can be a bit nasty to houseplants if you have any, and can, over a very long time, damage sealant like around the edges or under a bath or wiring15:48
oimonoh bugger i just spotted another15:48
davmor2oimon: you're infested15:49
hamitronNET||abuse: seriously?15:49
NET||abuseheard some say they can be like moths on your clothes, munching little holes in jumpers etc.15:49
hamitronwe have hundreds in the kitchen15:49
NET||abusenot sure about the simple hygene issues around them, if they can be in anyway bacteria spreading or anything15:50
hamitronI can confirm slugs eat paper though15:50
oimoni've got a EPA hoover around somewhere15:52
shaunoI really don't enjoy trying to invent enough *cough* to fill a CV :/15:52
hamitronthey can live for a year with no food? :-o15:54
* hamitron hides15:54
oimontime to move office15:55
hamitronbut I swear my cat does more damage than them15:55
hamitronit attacks them and claws the carpet15:55
NET||abusewhy is aptitude not in ubuntu by default anymore?15:57
shaunobecause popey's mom doesn't need it15:58
hamitronit isn't?15:58
hamitronI thought aptitude was replacing apt-get?15:58
shaunoI thought it was synaptic which was on the chopping block15:58
AlanBellsynaptic won't be on the cd15:59
AlanBellbut will be in the software centre15:59
shaunoand it really is that simple.  the people who need it, know fine well where to find it15:59
AlanBellyo dawg, we heard you liked app stores, so we put an app store in your app store so you can get software while you get software15:59
hamitronbe a bugger if you didn't have aptitude or apt-get15:59
NET||abusehmm, if i want to add the windows partition to the fstab, what's the quickest way?16:07
shaunovim :)16:08
MartijnVdSsometimes window switching slows down extremely16:09
MartijnVdSand I see lots of messages on dbus about something called "bamf"16:09
AlanBell!info bamf16:20
lubotu3`Package bamf does not exist in natty16:20
AlanBell!info bamfdaemon16:21
lubotu3`bamfdaemon (source: bamf): Window matching library - daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.90-0ubuntu3 (natty), package size 42 kB, installed size 192 kB16:21
AlanBellit works out what .desktop a window belongs to16:21
AlanBellwonder if that is for adding stuff to the unity menu16:21
directhexAlanBell, i wonder if that's to blame for chrome apps not properly appearing on their own...16:22
ali1234yes and yes16:22
ali1234also plenty of other apps don't work properly16:22
ali1234eg minecraft and probably anything java16:23
ali1234wine stuff seems to work somehow16:23
MartijnVdSbitcoin isn't wine16:24
MartijnVdSit's native16:24
MartijnVdSor am I mis-parsing :)16:24
directhexbitcoin has the other issue, the NO YOU CANNOY HAVE SYSTRAY ICONS YOU POOHEAD design decision16:25
ali1234you also can't pin it to the launcher16:25
ali1234you can, but when you close it and then try to run it from the launcher, you just get a second icon16:25
ali1234and sometimes the first icon doesn't work at all16:25
ali1234this happens whether you pin it automatically or make a .desktop by hand and then pin that16:26
directhexlikelihood of citylink turning up in the next 5 minutes?16:26
MartijnVdSdirecthex: 0.001%16:26
ali1234exact same thing happens with minecraft16:26
davmor2MartijnVdS: Don't raise his hopes16:27
MartijnVdSdavmor2: I like playing with peoples' heads :P16:28
NET||abusehmm, if i symlink all my folders to the windows profile folders, eg.. Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Music, Videos,, that's all fine, but i can't create symlinks inside the now ntfs resident folders, is that right?16:37
shaunolinux won't create symlinks on ntfs (or fat32), no16:38
NET||abuseyup, figured16:38
directhexsounds like a defect in ntfs-3g16:38
directhexntfs supports symlinks these days16:38
NET||abusenah, symlinks and ntfs links are different implementations16:38
NET||abusenot sure they can be API equivelants16:39
directhexNET||abuse, junction points have semantic differences. but modern ntfs does real "files on remote network share? no problem" symlinks16:42
shaunois ntfs considered that safe now then?  last I used it, they advised against rw partitions if you cared about the data at all16:42
shaunoso, google+ is driving me batty already.  it seems to order posts by some measure of how insane it thinks you'll find the results16:44
directhexnever had an issue tbh16:44
shaunoI have a post from the 9th, followed by a post from 5 hours ago, followed by a post from yesterday, then a post from the 5th16:45
shaunoI can't figure out what it's trying to do.  stuff just keeps coming back to the surface16:45
brobostigonshauno: it might be ordered, as to when people have commented on , those posts.16:45
shaunothat could be16:46
shaunoit seems incredibly silly to me.  people are only commenting on last week's posts, because all they can see is last week's posts16:46
shaunoso it's self-perpetuating flotsam16:47
MartijnVdSshauno: Just like the rest of the internets!16:54
davmor2Just WOW that some kissing http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2011/07/affectionate_lipstick_portrait.html16:59
bigcalmShe must really like her work17:00
bigcalmTime to go dog walking!17:00
ubuntuuk-planet[Stuart Langridge] Saving a folder into Ubuntu One - http://www.kryogenix.org/days/2011/07/12/saving-a-folder-into-ubuntu-one17:12
antdillonhey matt17:28
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Featurefreak hmm, having horrible laggy performance in vlc on a very high end laptop.. fglrx drivers..18:15
Featurefreakam i better off using an open source package instead?18:15
oracologyFeaturefreak: open source package for what, sorry?18:17
Featurefreakoracology, :) the open source radeon drivers instead of the fglrx drivers18:22
Featurefreakfor a Mobility Radeon HD 340018:22
AlanBellvlc client or server?18:22
AlanBelland what is the server?18:22
oracologyFeaturefreak: ahhh right. i thought you meant open source package for vlc and i was thoroughly confused :)18:26
Featurefreakeh? vlc the player on the desktop :)18:26
Featurefreakfresh natty install on my sony viao VGN-FW21E, vlc 1.1.918:27
oracologyFeaturefreak: are you missing any codecs? I'd suggest installing a vlc ppa. there could be newer versions. afaik, fglrx should work quite well.18:28
Featurefreakfair nuff, so fglrx isn't a bad choice anyway.18:28
czajkowskiFeaturefreak: also asking the same question in multiple channels is kinda annoying btw18:29
Featurefreaki meant to start in uk, unfortunately your about hte only one who's really active in IE :P18:30
czajkowskino it's just evening time18:30
czajkowskipeople tend to have dinner around now18:30
oracologyczajkowski: I'm having dinner right now :)18:31
TheOpenSourcererI've had mine :-D18:33
Featurefreakhmm, i have recommended updates on, but not the pre-released updates source18:34
TheOpenSourcererMince Beef and Onion Pie, Peas and New Potatoes from the Garden.18:34
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: I might attempt potatoe and broad bean curry tomorrow18:35
TheOpenSourcererIt was pretty good, even if I say so myself.18:35
TheOpenSourcererI made it kind of Balti Style18:35
oracologyFeaturefreak: turn everything on and then find a vlc ppa as well to stay really ahead of the game ;)18:37
oracologyFeaturefreak: also check vlc settings to make sure it is actually using hardware acceleration to render, and not mesa or something.18:39
oracologyFeaturefreak: otherwise, your fglrx isn't doing anything useful ;)18:39
AlanBellFeaturefreak: oops thought you meant vnc :)18:41
Featurefreakoracology, hm, the vlc graphic accelleration option is "experimental"18:43
Featurefreakthere's a lot of options in there though.18:43
oracologyFeaturefreak: don't pick anything with "nv" in the list. is there anything for fglrx? or maybe set it to opengl18:44
Featurefreakmmm, nah, no fglrx specific stuff anywhere i can see.18:46
FeaturefreakXvideo (XCB),   GLX video output (XCB)18:46
oracologyFeaturefreak: try glx18:47
oracologyFeaturefreak: also, address messages to people directly. when you send it to everyone, it might make others' computers beep and they might get distracted. :)18:49
Featurefreakoracology, really?? i used irc for a long while and never heard people getting alerts when no-one is addressed?18:51
oracologyFeaturefreak: it might, that's all. depends what clients they're using. just in case :)18:51
oracologyFeaturefreak: i use pidgin, and it used to beep for me, for instance. i'd like to beep when someone's trying to get my attention in particular18:51
AlanBelladdressing people all the time is more of an issue in #ubuntu where the stream is so fast and it is hard to track three conversations at once18:52
oracologyAlanBell: agreed. i haven't been around this channel long enough to note its traffic patterns :(18:53
AlanBell#ubuntu hurts my head18:53
oracologyhaha, it is noisy. i stick with ubuntu-uk and ubuntu-ca18:54
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Featurefreaklord help me, i alt-F4 'd my xchat, it says minimize to tray, and then,,,, emmmmmmmmmm18:55
oracologyFeaturefreak: no worries.18:55
Featurefreakunity has no tray??18:55
MartijnVdSit's a feature :)18:55
oracologyFeaturefreak: it does sometimes :P whenever it feels like it, it puts things in the dock on the left18:55
Featurefreakemm, hmm, i didn't have an xchat icon in the dock on the left already, and then i added it, and it didn't reattach to the dock icon18:57
Featurefreakso how do you retreive them?18:57
davmor2Featurefreak: it has if you install the plugin it appears under the envelope18:57
oracologythanks davmor2! i didn't know that. i haven't used xchat in years18:57
Featurefreakdavmor2, nice.. oracology what irc client you use?18:58
oracologyFeaturefreak: pidgin :)18:58
davmor2oracology, Featurefreak: Xchat indicator is the one18:59
Featurefreakarcch??? pidgin?? yikes, hate the pidgin irc experience19:00
oracologyFeaturefreak: it does the job for me. i like xchat though. might like to get back on it at some point!19:00
oracologydavmor2: thanks19:00
Featurefreakhmm, have to restart xchat to connect them.19:01
Featurefreakhmm, having no luck with keyboard shortcut, alt-F12 for tomboy menu isn't working.19:24
oracologyFeaturefreak: do you have to enable it in xchat preferences maybe?19:26
Featurefreaknah, no option there.19:27
Featurefreakjust havn't restarted yet.19:27
Featurefreakgonna try now.19:28
=== luke_ is now known as Featurefreak
Featurefreakyeh, works now :)19:28
Featurefreakyeh, clicking on doc icon starts another instance of xchat while it's minimised.19:29
Featurefreakdoh,, bit of an inconsisten setup :)19:29
Featurefreakwoah, laggy respone on getting the static task switcher to come up on this.. darnit,, most system level stuff is nappy on this machine, apps start really snappy, but compiz plugins are really sluggish to take effect.19:47
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brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.21:09
dogmatic69_hey all21:11
dogmatic69_anyone have recommendations for a new pc?21:17
TheOpenSourcererBuild your own dogmatic6921:21
dogmatic69_obviously .... :)21:21
dogmatic69_s/pc/pc bits21:22
TheOpenSourcererRead a few back-issues of Custom PC to get the latest on the best VFM hardware.21:22
TheOpenSourcererValue For Money21:23
TheOpenSourcererObviously your choice will also depend on what you want to do with it, or what you want it to do for you.21:23
dogmatic69_ok, how about this then... what is a good/the best way to set up linux? one big raid, hdd for root,home,swap, one for all etc?21:24
daubersAnyone now if Unity will run on an eee 701?21:24
dogmatic69_live cd?21:24
daubersdogmatic69: Not got that far yet :)21:24
daubersdogmatic69: Also the answer to your question is.... "depends"21:24
TheOpenSourcererdogmatic69 yes.21:24
daubersdogmatic69: Is this a general purpose home machine, or a uber powered uber machine??21:25
TheOpenSourcererI'm off to bed. NN all. Busy day tomorrow selling Free Software :-D21:26
dogmatic69_daubers: why does it always have to 'depend' on something :D21:26
* dwatkins wanders in21:26
dogmatic69_its home for work/mc/etc21:26
dwatkinsciao TheOpenSourcerer21:26
dwatkinsdogmatic69_: I'm with daubers - it depends on your requirements21:27
dwatkinsWhat's "mc" dogmatic69_?21:27
dogmatic69_minecraft :D21:27
dwatkinsAha, I see - so you need it to be reasonably quick as far as the GUI's concerned.21:27
dwatkinsWhat kinds of apps do you use for work?21:28
dogmatic69_would like 2x (something fast) gpu21:28
dogmatic69_php dev21:28
dwatkinsSo you use vi in a terminal window, then? ;)21:28
dogmatic69_browser + web server21:28
dogmatic69_just about21:28
dwatkinsYou could do all that on an Eee.21:28
dogmatic69_not on 3x 23" monitors21:29
dogmatic69_i got 8gig's ram and a quad core q8200 now21:29
dwatkinsAs for the disk configuration, I'd definitely separate out the OS from your data drive, and make sure your data is RAIDed (or at least mirrored) and backed-up, off-site if possible, to guard against failure. The OS is easy enough to reinstall from CD, your data probably isn't as replaceable.21:29
dwatkinsI had my server booting off a 4 GB compact flash / device with separate /home and other partitions, for example.21:30
dogmatic69_if i do that, what is on root? just ubuntu... where do apps go from apt-get install etc21:30
* dwatkins hands dogmatic69_ a can opener21:30
dwatkinsYou'll need that for the big can of worms you're about to open ;)21:31
dwatkinsIn theory, software apps live in /usr, config files in /etc and libs in /lib, with runtime stuff in /var, but there's a lot of cross-over for certain apps, and directories within those (e.g. /usr/local, /usr/share) which have special designations.21:32
dwatkinsHave a read of the FSH documentation for more information.21:32
ali1234libs that you install with apt-get will go in /usr/lib 99% of the time21:32
ali1234in fact almost everything that you apt-get will go into /usr21:32
dwatkinsFHS, even21:32
dwatkinsah ok, not /lib then21:32
dogmatic69_ok... say i get 3x SSD's, one for 'root' 2x for 'home' in a raid21:33
dogmatic69_how big is needed for root?21:33
dogmatic69_16GB is good?21:33
dogmatic69_i just dont want apps to fill it up, cos then i should get a bigger one21:34
daubersdogmatic69: SSDs in RAID don't support TRIM properly yet21:34
* dogmatic69_ is out of touch with this techno talk21:35
daubersdogmatic69: If you're looking at buying SSD's go read up on the various different ones on the market21:35
daubersdogmatic69: TRIM essentially lets the wear levelling stuff on the SSD work better, so your performance doesn't tail off too badly over time21:36
dogmatic69_just having a read up, so that needs a better SSD controller21:36
dogmatic69_which does not really exist21:36
dogmatic69_right, so if i have OS on SSD, and user stuff on hdd's, will it affect performance compared to all being no SSD's with no raid?21:37
daubersdogmatic69: The more recent SSDs have TRIM support21:37
czajkowskiCAKE man21:38
daubersdogmatic69: Your OS stuff will benefit from being on an ssd21:38
daubersczajkowski: lo21:38
dogmatic69_o/ czajkowski21:38
dogmatic69_the controller is built into the mobo right?21:38
daubersczajkowski: I hear you've been trying to coax your roomba to rise up in rebellion with the drone and take over the world21:38
czajkowskirooma wins hands down21:39
czajkowskibattery in drone sucks21:39
czajkowskiit does21:39
czajkowskiplus it has a landing box21:39
daubersUnsurprising really21:39
czajkowskiwhich gets int he way of the roomba21:39
czajkowskiso the roomba just bangs into it and moves it21:40
daubersNot got some more beacons to stop the roomba trying to eat the drone alive?21:41
daubersdogmatic69: The SSD controller is on the SSD :)21:41
daubersAlso \o/ I've sussed what to set my ringtone too on my new phone21:42
daubersWacky Races theme here we go21:42
dogmatic69_so RAID 1 on usr files is good enough for home use, plus a backup to something like synology21:44
dwatkins   ~.21:45
dwatkinsoops, sorry21:46
dwatkinsdogmatic69_: good enough is whatever means you don't lose your data. In some cases, data at home is more important than data at work.21:47
dwatkinsLives may depend on home data, whereas there's just money and/or time invested in work-related stuffs in general.21:47
dogmatic69_dwatkins: considering ive never had a backup...21:47
* dogmatic69_ likes living on the edge :/21:47
dwatkinsIf your disk on which your most important files failed right now, what would the impact be?21:47
dwatkins*files reside21:48
dogmatic69_8k pics of my son growing up :S21:48
dwatkinsYou might want to put those online.21:48
dogmatic69_im gonna get a RAID5 synology box21:48
dwatkinsOk, sounds good - what if the controller fails?21:49
dwatkinsJust trying to consider the single points of failure ;)21:49
dogmatic69_move them to another one21:49
dogmatic69_the drives that is21:49
dwatkinsThat's my point, though - the drives might be configured in such a way that is dependant on a specific model of controller21:49
dogmatic69_this is the problem with backups, it just starts getting crazy :D21:49
dogmatic69_also need to keep in mind what will work with our beloved ubuntu21:51
dwatkinsYeah, I doubt there's a Carbinote client for Ubuntu.21:54
dwatkinsIf you have another PC, just rsync the files, alternatively find someone willing to do the same across the internet.21:54
dogmatic69_which is better on ubuntu? crossfire or sli22:17
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popeyi see Lennart taking the piss out of bug 809426 on G+22:28
lubotu3`Launchpad bug 809426 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "pulseaudio error message contains unnecessarily offensive content (dup-of: 444400)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80942622:28
lubotu3`Launchpad bug 444400 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "Inappropriate error message when attempting to execute daemon while another daemon process is running" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44440022:28
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dogmatic69_anyone see something that wont work for ubuntu here? http://bin.cakephp.org/view/70733796422:51
directhexikonia: apparently iOS 5 beta 3 allows for setting custom SMS tones. it's the future!23:44

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