BugeyeDaight, someone knows this answer ... i'm running firefox5 from the canonical repo; is there a java plugin package available? having issues locating it.18:35
holsteinBugeyeD: if you had one installed, it might just not have one yet18:45
holsteini usually just do the big bad ubuntu-restricted-extras package18:46
MarkB1BugeyeD: I just downloaded FF5 into /usr/local/ ... and run ...19:14
BugeyeDMarkB1: are you saying that your ff5 download included the java plugin?19:29
MarkB1BugeyeD: let me see19:31
MarkB1but no, I doubt that19:31
BugeyeDi've been enjoying ff5 plus noscript, and nothing else. no flash, java, etc. installed both java and flash in order to bang on our latest hp bladecenter, and of course it still fails because the 64bit java doesn't work with the bladecenter crap.19:32
BugeyeDi'm so ready to go home.19:33
Nivexi've managed to get away with no java at home. unfortunately I can't kick the Flash habit. it's too pervasive.19:34
MarkB1BugeyeD: I have the Java plugin, apparently because it was "discovered" already there, for my Debian (sorry, about to return to Ubu) 6 install of Iceweasel19:50
BugeyeDokay, didn't think ff ever came with java.19:58
MarkB1BugeyeD: did not come with Java, it found the Iceweasel dirs for Java & other plugins20:01
MarkB1must be a larger "search path" now, for plugins, than in earlier versions20:01
BugeyeDMarkB1: i got that, thx23:26
BugeyeDabout 9 out of 10 times when X starts on my laptop, the backlight goes out. only workaround i've found is to cycle power and retry until it stays on. any ideas?23:34
BugeyeDscreen works normally up until X. i can hold the laptop up to a light and see the X image - just no backlight.23:34
lubotu1Launchpad bug 776102 in linux (Ubuntu) "Lcd Backlight is gone" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:42
BugeyeDlooks like i'm not alone. sucks because plenty folks are suffering. but it means my laptop isn't having hardware probs. :)23:42

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