Unit193skellat , CosmicPizza: Howdy02:26
skellatWhat's new?  I spent most of my day at Case Western Reserve University's School of Dental Medicine02:27
Unit193Computer has been having CPU hangups (crashes) all day and the other one keeps dropping internet :/  Only good news is the move to Natty mostly worked well02:31
Unit193And since all terminal colors are off (just had a kinda recoverable GPU wedge)02:32
skellatFrance24 is livestreaming a cool documentary bit about the mini-hospital at Charles DeGaulle (CDG) Airport in Paris02:46
Unit193Just rebooted and it's already killed again... Maybe I'll ignore it for now and just use... Hmmm...02:48
skellatI'd replace the video card02:49
Unit193Built in. If I can get it working, I can have it just fine until I reboot, then it will all go crazy...02:50
skellatWhat sort of motherboard?02:51
Unit193Optiplex GX260 if that helps02:53
skellatUgh.  Dell.02:54
skellatI'd see if the BIOS could be configured to turn off the built-in video in favor of a drop-in board02:54
Unit193I rather like Dell, just not 8xx chipset02:54
skellatThe 8xx chipset breaks every bloody release of Ubuntu02:55
Unit193As I said, if I can get it working, it's fine for months! I just don't get that...02:56
skellatThere is a physical break somewhere, then02:56
Unit193I wouldn't think so.  Intel 845G PCI Accelerated SVGA02:58
canthus13that's accelerated like a 66 VW Beetle... :P03:00
Unit193I can use that, a computer that has 500MHz Celeron, Vista or a working laptop (I would like desktop for most things though...)03:01
skellatYikes, that sounds like the Frankenstein box here03:03
Unit193That's 4 computers03:17
skellatThe Frankenstein box has bits and pieces of four separate computers in it to try to make a coherent whole03:23
skellatIt's been a long day03:23
skellatI gotta wander away03:23
Cheri703saw this yesterday: http://www.hostgator.com/jobs.shtml03:32
Cheri703applied to this tonight: http://www.support.com/about/careers/openings?nl=1&jvi=olzLVfwk,Job&jvs=www.support.com03:33
Unit193Good luck getting it and with the idiots if you do! ;)03:34
Cheri703oh yes, I know :)03:34
canthus13Cheri703: Cool.. Hope ya get it.03:36
canthus13Cheri703: you'd have to move to TX, I think.. I've been looking at Hostgator myself... They're in Austin, and I plan on moving there eventually.03:37
Unit193canthus13: Get your ticket fixed up? ;)03:37
canthus13nOT YET.03:38
canthus13Freakin' caps lock. why do we have it?03:38
canthus13I suppose if I coded cobol all day it might be useful...03:39
Unit193Cheri703: Does that make me sound at all annoying asking/saying that in other channel?03:40
Cheri703yeah, hostgator yes, but support.com no03:41
Cheri703what channel unit?03:41
Cheri703ah, gotcha03:41
Unit193#ubuntu-irc what other channel are we both in? :P (I thought the "gotcha" was at me?)03:44
Cheri703it was03:50
Cheri703I sent it after03:50
thafreakMorning Ohio14:00
deejoesince I'm not in ohio atm I'd just feel weird replying to that.14:20
thafreakwell, not like you're not an ohioan still right?14:47
deejoegood question15:27
deejoeI'll hold out for dual-citizenship :)15:27
deejoeone by birthright, one by residence15:27

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