rmg51morning JonathanD09:45
JonathanDMorning rmg5109:45
JonathanD11 days.09:45
rmg51will have to continue to think about it09:46
JonathanDsponsors and speakers updated.09:57
rmg51JonathanD, your starting to sound like a bot :P10:00
JonathanDYou will be assimilated.10:01
rmg51best reason to stay far, far away from you :-/10:03
InHisNameWithout self appointed promoters where would fosscon be ?10:03
rmg51in your backyard? :-D10:05
JonathanDrmg51: I can't help but get a little excited this close in :)10:08
rmg51hug a teddy bear maybe that will calm you down a little10:09
JonathanDIf only I had one...10:09
rmg51Christmas is coming :-[10:17
rmg51maybe even a birthday?10:18
JonathanDBirthday is after christmas10:19
rmg51that's still two chances10:22
InHisNamethere's always taking your master card to build-a-bear store and get your own bear.10:24
rmg51or any good toy store10:26
InHisNamebet then they're just cheap cheezy bears10:30
rmg51craft shows are also good places to find non-cheezy teddy bears10:34
rmg51breakfast time10:36
InHisNameb'fast done, now what ?12:57
teddy-dbearsit there and look stupid? :-*13:49
* InHisName sits there looking at stupid bear14:16
teddy-dbearworks for me14:18
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