cyberangeracidic: Welcome to the Tennessee LoCo00:26
cyberangerUnit193: another power loss?00:26
Unit193cyberanger: Computer just being crappy (Works off and on. I'm just hope I can get it into a working streak)00:30
Unit193Did I miss anything fun? ;)00:30
cyberangerwell, remind it of what happened to the last one, sit rusting in a landfill, or smelted down in india, the key is negetive reinforcement ;-)00:31
cyberangermaybe it'll get the message00:31
cyberangerUnit193: I think not00:31
Unit193It just lost connection again... (I can catch it fast so it doesn't disconnect from IRC) Unplug USB, plug back in00:48
cyberangerseems not much of an issue with a server at a data center00:57
cyberangergranted, even with that my computer can still go on the fritz, just nobody on IRC notices00:58
Unit193Both of them are :P  And I don't have the income for that :P00:59
cyberangeryeah, volunteer IT, forgot01:06
Unit193Once a week and it's still fun! (+ $4 at the crappy food place and discount too ^_^ pop is good...)01:08
Unit19332oz for 1.09 (without the discount)01:08
cyberangerI enjoyed it mostly01:10
cyberanger(my folks work at hospitals, nursing)01:10
Unit193cyberanger: Don't know why it popped now, but I also get cool crap from the hospital (Some sadly don't run *ubuntu all that well {Optiplex GX260})03:53
cyberangeryeah, you definately don't want hot steamy crap, that's the bad kind ;-)03:54
cyberangeralways nice to see effort being rewarded03:55
Unit193Haha! Old but not bad :D  This Latitude D810 is really nice!03:55
cyberangerI take it they are dell fans03:58
Unit193And you see that as bad? They get business class in bulk (swappable parts)04:00
cyberangerNo, I just haven't seen many bussinesses I've dealt with running dell is all04:05
cyberangerIBM (now Lenovo) and Panosonic Toughbooks & HP servers mostly04:06
cyberangerdesktops seem less brand loyal, and include dells, but I think I see more HP (slightly) followed by dell & after that is emachines and one alienware (dude was a graphics designer, favored macs but his employer loved domain controllers)04:08
cyberangerI love linux, but if I kept to linux at work, the bills wouldn't be paid04:09
cyberangerso I snatch any linux job I can first, then get whatever is left04:09
cyberanger(well, I should say former work, downsizing)04:10
Unit193Eh, you got kicked out? (Maybe bad wording here...)04:11
Unit193(This is the one I hate to see http://paste.ubuntu.com/642358/ but I see way too much on Sigma)04:12
cyberangerUnit193: not the best wording, too many techs, for too little work04:18
cyberangertoo much payroll for too little income04:19
cyberangerI'm not sales, I'm not a revinue generator, I'm in repair, meant to fix what's broken, too many fixers for too little problems is all04:20
Unit193cyberanger: Sorry to hear/bring it up, you seem like a really nice guy and I hope you find another job that you even like soon! (I was saying maybe my wording isn't the best)04:21
cyberangeryeah, and I wasn't the only one, it's been a little while, no suprise, in time there will be another04:22
cyberangerand you didn't bring it up I did04:44
cyberangerit happens04:49
cyberangerour age group has high unemployment, my age (21) is only slightly better than 16 (earliest the US Gov't counts) to 1904:51
cyberangerit's not desired, but expected04:52
Unit193B-cause we (the young) is stupids ;)05:02
cyberangermore like we lack (proof of) good work ethic, compared to our older colluges, we can afford a few more hardships05:10
cyberangerwe have our whole life ahead of us05:10
cyberangerafter a point the skills you have are relied on more, we can have whatever skills we're trained for05:12
cyberangerit's not great, but it is somewhat realistic, if you've done one thing for 5-10 years, you don't need training, you have it or not05:14
cyberangerand they don't spend much training on them, for that matter05:14
Unit193I'm going to have to get some college/certs if I'm going to go into IS/IT, else I'll have to get a crappy job :/05:21
cyberangerI've heard they're largely ignored, let my linux+ expire for the time being05:26
cyberangerit might have been an edge with something else next to it05:27
Unit193I don't mean to pry, but what type of college/certs did you get/do you have? (Feel free to ignore this one)05:28
Unit193I'm going to kill this... -_- (I just KNOW it's going to drop out again before the morning)06:23
cyberangerI plan on finishing everything, but in progress (with work being a better value for the tight budget, doing that as much as I can)06:30
cyberangerI have a Computer Information Science Degree being worked on, had a Linux Plus cert (they expire every 2 years, retest to renew, but I can't afford to retest atm)06:31
cyberangerUnit193: ^06:31
cyberangersorry, had to run for a little bit06:31
Unit193cyberanger: Thanks and no problem! As I would like to go into mostly the same (?) line of work as you, it's nice to know what others can get work with :)06:32
cyberangerUnit193: I got work with nothing, at first06:33
cyberangerand my linux+ cert probally fell in less value compared to actual experience06:33
cyberanger(I've been the president of my local LUG (an easy feat, ask when the next meeting is, and your appointed/drafted club president till the next meeting, which your sole duty is to set up ;-))06:34
Unit193I'm going to see if I can get a job at where I volunteer (I have been told to apply, but I haven't yet :/ )06:35
cyberanger(and then my various roles here, in this LoCo)06:35
cyberangerand finally, chatting the IT Dept up (rarely does HR mind, since I still formally apply through them, but I see IT at confrences and such, no intent to bypass the chain any) has shown knowledge that HR wouldn't screen for06:36
cyberangerUnit193: at this hospital?06:37
cyberangerare you out of high school, graduate?06:41
Unit193Yes I am06:41
cyberangerthen if I were you, if they want you to apply, I'd apply06:46
cyberangersomebody has your back, usually good to follow the advice, with that kind of support06:47
Unit193The person is no longer in charge of interviews, but he had a few good points and is the Domain Admin06:49
cyberangerand a reference, that will look good to the current interviewer (unless there is some presonal feelings one tends to avoid)06:52
Xpistos... cricket noises ...15:46
Xpistos\msg cyberanger are you around?16:32
wrstha ha :)16:34
wrstcyberanger: is all knowing he's always around, Xpistos ;)16:34
Xpistoswrst: it's true he answered me telepathically and I know now what I must do ...16:35
wrstha ha16:56
=== pace_t_zulu_ is now known as pace_t_zulu
wrstgreetings pace_t_zulu18:54
pace_t_zuluhey wrst18:58
pace_t_zului am all over the place lately18:58
wrstglad you stopped by ;)18:58
pace_t_zuluthanks man :)19:19
cyberangerWow, the one day I'm offline is the day everyone messages me, darn22:21
cyberangerwrst: except when you need him (me) it seems22:21
wrstha ha cyberanger23:40

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