mhall119cjohnston: how about my teams list speed improvements?00:19
cjohnstonits already approved00:19
cjohnstonjust waiting on nigels bot00:19
cjohnstonyou didnt put in a commit message so its been sitting there all day00:19
cjohnstonstupid NameField!00:19
mhall119yes, NameField sucks00:20
mhall119btw, cranberry has South 0.700:20
cjohnstonit does?00:20
cjohnstonwhen did that happen00:20
mhall119dunno, dholbach told me00:21
mhall119so use manage.py schemamigration00:21
mhall119I think there's code in there so that NameField will work without you having to do anything when you use 0.700:22
cjohnstoni think thats what it is00:22
cjohnstonand it blows00:22
mhall119what blows?00:22
mhall119like I said, it should "just work" with south 0.700:24
cjohnstonmhall119: http://paste.ubuntu.com/642270/00:24
mhall119pastebin the actual migration script00:26
mhall119why is it getting rid of the participants table?00:26
cjohnstoni dunno00:27
cjohnstonmight be my fault00:28
cjohnstongive me a couple00:28
cjohnstonmhall119: https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/summit/tracklead00:40
cjohnstonthats what is deleting00:40
cjohnstonany thoughts mhall119 ?00:44
mhall119one second00:53
mhall119cjohnston: I have no idea what's causing the deletion00:55
mhall119do you get that when you use South 0.6?00:55
mhall119btw, I pushed a new version of my LD venues fix to add test cases00:56
cjohnstonmhall119: when running 0.6 I get the NameField error01:17
cjohnstondid you try it?01:19
cjohnstonI wonder if something wasnt properly migrated in the past01:19
cjohnstonor if updaitng django f'ed it up01:20
cjohnstonI have a whole bunch of MPs that need review01:23
mhall119later, I'm tired and heading to bed02:32
nigelbgood night mhall11902:32
mhall119good morning nigelb02:32
* nigelb is now 2302:32
jledbetternigelb, Happy birthday02:33
nigelbjledbetter: Hey! THank you :)02:33
paultagnigelb: if you make it over tonight, I've got some scotch with your name on it02:35
nigelbpaultag: hah. There's always fedex :D02:35
paultagnigelb: well that's no fun unless we can share the toast02:36
mhall119nigelb: Happy Birthday02:36
nigelbpaultag: Good Point!02:36
mhall119paultag: he meant he can fedex himself02:36
nigelbmhall119: Thanks :)02:36
paultagmhall119: hahahaha02:36
paultagdude today was ubuntu kung-fu loco day02:36
paultagI just kicked so much ass02:37
mhall119safer than crossing the street02:37
paultagmhall119: my crushed belongings beg to differ02:37
mhall119have you seen how they drive?02:37
paultagmhall119: fedex is a hazard to all mankind, we can all sleep at night knowing no human are handled by them02:37
nigelbhaha, its Tara's birthday too  (Novacut)02:38
* mhall119 can think of a few I'd like to ship without insurance02:38
paultagmhall119: so, I've not pushed a single line of fixes against syn02:39
paultagI'm so bummed at this code I don't even want to touch it02:39
nigelbpaultag: If your friends didn't recognize Klingon, you shouldn't be friends with them any more :P02:39
paultagnigelb: dude, those were both ubunfriends02:40
paultagnigelb: I am shoked02:40
paultagshocked, better yet02:40
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mhall119paultag: make 2.0 a complete re-write in python12:33
dakermhall119, can pls test this https://code.launchpad.net/~daker/loco-directory/fix.707614/+merge/6512413:08
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dakercjohnston's output is odd13:09
mhall119daker: later I will13:35
dakerok tyt13:35
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ronnie1ping mhall11918:41
cjohnstonronnie1: sorting events by approved teams?19:08
ronnie1cjohnston: yes (still keep the region sorting too)19:08
coalwatercjohnston, i think like putting all approved teams first then the unapproved later under them19:08
cjohnstonI disagree19:08
ronnie1coalwater: yes19:08
cjohnstonI don't think we should segregate like that19:08
ronnie1cjohnston: why not?19:09
cjohnstonI think the logo is good enough19:09
cjohnstonI think it would be discouraging19:09
coalwatercjohnston, i think the top box looks better, do u ?19:11
* cjohnston goes to look19:12
coalwatereven easier to notice without scrolling all the way down19:12
cjohnstonI don't like it being "attached" to the subnav.. i'm thinking it probably wouldnt be following the design guidelines either19:14
coalwaterok, so u want it floating like the about page ?19:14
cjohnstonthats my opinion, yes19:15
coalwaterdo u have a design guidelines page?19:15
nigelJust my two cents. we need to look at our goals of loco directory.19:15
nigelIts about trying to make loco teams more accessible to new comers19:15
nigelIf we seggregate, it makes that harder.19:16
cjohnstoncoalwater: design.ubuntu.com19:16
nigelIf of course makes it easy to know which team is approved and which team is not, but that's not why loco directory was built.19:16
coalwateri don't mind them being sorted or not, it's just i got little confused when i opened the teams list for the first time, had to ask on the irc here to understand why some loco teams are grayed and some are not19:19
cjohnstonthats the point of the bug your working on coalwater19:19
nigelI believe you were working on a legend or footnote for that. Isn't there already a mouseover?19:19
cjohnstonthere is a mouseover19:19
coalwaterthere is, but its not easly noticeable19:19
coalwateri think we might find a neat way we might also add a link on the guide of how to get ur team accepted19:20
nigelWould making it linkable and poping out a fancybox help make it easier?19:20
cjohnstonif i were to click the image next to the team, i would expect it to go to the team19:21
coalwaterso http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14224314/Screenshot-1.png on the top ?19:23
cjohnstonthe size of -2 tho19:24
coalwater-2 what19:24
coalwatero ok19:24
coalwatergot it19:24
coalwatersmall and thin ?19:24
coalwateri need to read more of python and django to be more helpful on the coding side, than just some templates :D19:25
coalwaterdo all websites projects use python/django19:26
cjohnstonnot all..19:26
cjohnstontheres wordpress and drupal too19:26
cjohnstonbut most of what we do is django19:26
coalwateris jledbetter around here often ?19:28
cjohnstonhaven't seen her in a while19:28
coalwatershe's usually busy i suppose19:29
coalwateri might get her to help me with jdango19:30
jledbetterYeah, very busy, coalwater. You could try those classes I mentioned to you before.19:30
jledbettercoalwater, And a django one now: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/introduction-to-django/19:31
ronnie1cjohnston, nigel: if you wont want to destinguish between approved and "yet to be approved" (sounds more positive than "not approved"), why use different icons?19:31
cjohnstonhow else would you want to differentiate19:31
cjohnstonthere needs to be something19:32
cjohnstonpropose better wording if you like19:32
cjohnstonbut they are approved and not approved.. yet to be approved doesnt suit a team that lost their approval19:32
cjohnstonso then yet to be approved again?19:32
ronnie1cjohnston: true19:32
nigelronnie1: I don't want to primarily just mention that.19:33
nigelIf it can be mentioned, good with me. That's all19:34
ronnie1what i dont understand is that you do not want to sort them by approval, but still want to show approved/unapproved on the list page19:34
cjohnstonI like it the way it is19:34
cjohnstonothers want it to be more clear19:34
cjohnstonbut seperating them makes them even more different than just a logo19:34
ronnie1i suggest using all the same icons (no differentiate between approved/unapproved) or sort by approved19:35
ronnie1as the bug describes, the logo's are confsing19:35
cjohnstonthats why we are defining what the logos mean19:35
ronnie1when you understand the logo's you can differentiate between approved/unapproved very easily19:35
cjohnstoni can mark it wont fix if you wish19:36
cjohnstoni agre19:36
cjohnstonthats why i dont think anything more is needed19:36
cjohnston(than defining the logos)19:36
cjohnstonwhich is already done19:36
ronnie1whats the use of displaying the approved/unapproved in this list actually?19:37
cjohnstonthere arent any other lists19:37
YoBoYstupid question : why there should be a different display depending of this status of approved / not approved ? These teams are accepted to the "locoteams" group by an administrator. Yes we have to show users the team is or is not approved, but this information is for me only usefull on the team detail page. Opinions ?19:39
ronnie1YoBoY: only on the detail page is good for me. but maybe czajkowski want to have an overview of approved/unapproved teams19:40
YoBoYthis overview exist on Launchpad no ?19:40
ronnie1the 'problem' i have with the current solution, is that the differentiating logo's are cluttering the nice clean design/view of the site19:40
cjohnstonI'll pose this question then.. Why not? It is MORE work for us to change it. YoBoY your very own team doesnt use LP much.. we are trying to make LD a one stop shop for all needed info.19:41
cjohnstonronnie1: then leave it the way it is.. if they want to know what the logo means, mouseover it19:41
YoBoYcjohnston: and yes you are right, why not. I only think a user don't really search for that type of information in the first place. he search for events, support, users... and don't really care of the approved status of the eventual team he could find localy.19:43
cjohnstonThe LC can use it to quickly find out information19:44
cjohnstoninstead of having to click on the teams19:44
ronnie1cjohnston: with the 'current situation' i mean the current live version, without the bugfix.19:44
cjohnstonronnie1: how is it cluttering anything.. there is a logo (or bullet point) for each team19:44
ronnie1cjohnston: for the LC we can think of other solutions. normal users do not have to differentiate in my opinion19:44
cjohnstonwhy make more work19:45
cjohnstonand why duplicate efforts19:45
cjohnstonthere is already a team list, why make another19:45
YoBoYit was just a question, I also think it's great to be able to see how many teams are grown enought to be approved teams :)19:46
cjohnstonso there is another reason for having it19:46
ronnie1because users an LC have different interests. Its not that 'it has to be the way i want', but i think it just looks better and raises less questions. I agree there are bugs that need more attention now19:47
cjohnstonbut the current design does not hinder the user19:47
cjohnstonother than being curious19:47
YoBoYit's just an eyecandy bug for now19:47
cjohnstonand if they are curious enough, they will figure out what it means19:47
cjohnstonand then they know19:47
cjohnstonand then they can look just like the lc and quickly see who is and isnt approved19:48
ronnie1seeing growth is not as easy if they are not sorted. I suggest coalwater makes the fix and we merge it. we maybe have a look later to improve it19:48
cjohnstonim fine with that.. i disagree with sorting19:48
dakermhall119, cjohnston  where are you with the django package upgrade ?21:14
dakerdjango 1.1.1 sucks :/21:16
ronnie1cjohnston, daker, coalwater: i just worked a bit on the event detail page. i redesigned the "attending" block. Feedback is welcome21:43
dakerimageshack doesn't work for me :/21:45
ronnie1hmm, ill do ubuone then, moment21:45
coalwatercairo :o21:53
coalwaterronnie1, sorry what's the original links :D21:53
ronnie1coalwater: current live version: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/egyptlocoteam/1055/detail/21:54
coalwaterfunny thing im egyptian but for some reason i don't believe in our loco team21:54
ronnie1oh the pyramid people :P21:58
coalwateri like how compact it is21:58
coalwaterfound a friend on the list lol21:58
ronnie1coalwater: nice to see new fresh loco-directory developers :)22:00
coalwateru mean me ? lol i still need much to be called a loco directory developer22:01
ronnie1any help is welcome, even small steps22:02
ronnie1im not as active anymore as i used to be. I want to do more, but have limited time :(22:04
dakerronnie1, the label at the bottom right is too small22:04
ronnie1daker: which screenshot?22:05
ronnie1what label?22:05
dakerthe lp username on the comments list22:06
coalwaterbottom left u mean22:06
ronnie1daker, thats a part of the screenshot i didnt change yet. also the irc channel is too small22:07
ronnie1ill work on that another time22:07
dakeri was just reporting it :)22:07
ronnie1daker: great! we have a buglist for these things ;)22:08
ronnie1coalwater: that small label issue is maybe a great bug to start, coalwater22:09
ronnie1its only css/templates22:09
coalwaterreport it and give me a link to bookmark22:10
coalwaterim working on this one right now, when i finish it i could switch to it22:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 783544 in loco-directory "Teams listing's small logos aren't informative enough (affects: 1) (heat: 5)" [Low,Confirmed]22:10
dakeri am going to report it22:11
coalwateri want to get membership to lp's loco-dir-dev team :(  lol22:14
dakercjohnston, ask mhall119 or cjohnston22:14
dakeri mean coalwater22:14
dakercoalwater, bug 80959722:15
ubot4Launchpad bug 809597 in loco-directory "The lp username on the event's comment is too small (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80959722:15
dakerwhat's your lp username ?22:16
mhall119cjohnston: coalwater, i'm against segregating teams by approval status22:17
coalwaterdaker, same name22:17
coalwatersry was eating and trying to keep my keyboard clean22:26
coalwatermhall119, excuse my poor english, but what does segregate mean22:27
mhall119coalwater: separating them22:29
coalwaterhm well i wasn't gonna do any kind of sorting, that's up to u, im just working on the tiny ui change22:30
mhall119we can attempt some basic sorting by country name22:31
mhall119unfortunately the lack of standard naming convention means we can't sort by name22:32
head_victimmhall119: on that note, I have no idea how hard it would be but just throwing the idea out there, there is already "State/Province/Region" and "City" fields in the team details, would it be difficult to add a "Country" so then you have all the data you need to sort with?22:33
head_victimHold on, there is already a countries list.22:34
coalwatercity without country? that's a bit weird22:34
mhall119head_victim: we already have a field for country22:34
head_victimIs there a way of sorting with that field?22:34
head_victimTry to manufacture a "standard" naming using the edited fields for use purely to list teams.22:35
mhall119I'm not sure on sorting, it's a many-to-many field22:35
mhall119a team can have multiple countries22:36
head_victimIt does seem to get a bit more complex everytime I hear more about how varied the teams are.22:37
coalwaterare the countries entered by a text box ? or do we have auto complete/ drop down menu ?22:39
coalwatero wait, a team has many countries?22:39
head_victimIt's a scrollable list22:39
coalwateri think ill stick with css bugs untill i study the system more, instead of asking silly questions lol22:40

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