pleia2our new logo is now our favicon on wiki.ubuntu-womrn.org :D01:12
pleia2it's also used for the {*} wiki syntax, so you can see it in action here: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Profiles01:12
* pleia2 crosses that bug off the list01:14
valoriealthough what I see as favicon is the ubuntu circle of friends, not the UW symbol01:36
pleia2maybe be a little hard to see that it's our logo because it's so small01:37
valoriecould be01:37
valorietrue, it is different from the regular ubuntu wiki01:38
Cheri703ugh, I got an accidental "oops, you need to enter your resume on this site, because you can NEVER APPLY FOR THIS JOB AGAIN" -_- trying to update it quickly >.<01:48
Cheri703(was sort of poking at an application, wasn't really intending to finish it tonight)01:49
elkypleia2, why does it only show for some people in that table?08:49
nigelbelky: Isn't that the Ubuntu Member mark?09:32
elkycould be, it would fit, but it's put there manually by the looks. there's also no legend09:39
valoriedang, I should be going to bed, but I'm a member!10:01
valorieoh, I have the mark10:01
* valorie calms down and goes to bed10:01
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pleia2yeah, I think someone put them in as member marks (I've seen some other teams use similar things)15:55
pleia2wasn't really maintained though15:55
elkypleia2, sounds like a job for the man with the spreadsheet :P22:25
pleia2indeed :)22:25

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