SarvattRAOF: i saw 2 people talking about that bug but haven't been hit by it, guessing it comes from udev being screwed?01:20
Sarvattcrw-rw----+ 1 root video 226, 0 2011-07-11 18:49 /dev/dri/card001:21
RAOFPretty much nothing that wants to talk ot hardware is working for me; dri, pulseaudio, etc.01:21
RAOFYeah.  No + for me :)01:21
Sarvattpulseaudio is definitely the udev problem01:21
Sarvattyou updated to the latest and moved /run out of the way?01:21
Sarvattwonder why it didnt take out your input devices but did for other people01:23
RAOFOh, it did.01:23
RAOFI just plugged them back in.01:24
Sarvattah gotcha01:24
Sarvattmove /run man, it'll fix the world :P01:24
Sarvattheck even moving /run and dpkg-reconfigure udev might fix it without rebooting01:25
Sarvattor sudo service udev restart01:25
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tjaaltonumm, someone changed wayland to source 3.0 format?19:02
ricotztjaalton, doesnt look like 3.0 to me19:10
ricotztjaalton, http://people.ubuntu.com/~ricotz/wayland/19:10
tjaaltonricotz: well there wa a bug marked fixed with the changelog claiming so, among other things19:15
ricotztjaalton, yeah, but it doesnt includes a "source/format", so it is still handled as 1.019:18
ricotzalso it failed to build19:18
tjaaltonok then19:18
ricotztjaalton, maybe you could have a look at my package19:19
ricotzi dont think the old version really serves a purpose19:19
tjaaltonwork with debian19:19
ricotzthis way mesa could build against it to generate wayland-gl19:19
tjaaltoni'm not really that interested, yet anyway :)19:19
ricotzi see19:20
brycehI'm interested19:20
brycehricotz, there's a few things we need to do19:20
brycehwe need to update to a newer snapshot19:20
brycehthe package needs broken into two different packages to match upstream19:20
ricotzbryceh, i know19:21
ricotzand wayland-demos depends on mesa wayland-gl backend19:21
brycehricotz, did you build and run this snapshot?19:24
ricotzbryceh, i build it, but i dont ran it since the lack of a proper mesa build here19:25
Sarvattricotz: and the mesa build needs wayland-dev to build now.. :P19:28
ricotzSarvatt, yes19:28
ricotz... and wayland-demos need mesa wayland backend :P19:29
ricotzbryceh, upload it if you like, but the changelog doesnt contain the packaging changes19:36
brycehricotz, thanks, I'll do some work on it19:37
Sarvattohhh ok i thought wayland was needing mesa and mesa was needing wayland to build, that doesn't look so bad19:38
Sarvattwas having xorg state tracker nightmares all over again19:38
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