tioxI am having problems with my hard line to the web. I tried deleting the old wired connections I had, then trying again, failed.00:00
tioxMaybe... should I delete my wired connection and then plug my modem in? :/00:00
tioxThat sounds like it might work. BRB00:01
captwhoanyone know what serves as an xorg.conf file in Ubuntu 10.04?00:01
ubuntu___tiox: yes delete the connection and plug in the modem00:02
Daraelcaptwho: If you create one, it should work, but most of it is dynamically generated rather than read from a config file.00:02
ugly_duckok, where is the xorg.conf located now days 11.0400:02
ubuntu___ugly_duck: just search for it on the command line00:03
ugly_duckubuntu___: what a fantastic idea, why didn't i think of that already00:03
xanguaugly_duck: there s no a xorg.files , you an create one if yu want00:03
Daraelugly_duck: /etc/X11/xorg.conf - but it won't exist unless it's already been created by something overriding the auto-generated config.00:03
captwhoDarael: I'm trying to up the resolution on my desktop and the instructions that i found were to modify the xorg.conf file00:03
exutuxxorg.conf doesn't exist more from Ubuntu 8.1000:03
ugly_duckDarael: ahh... okies, thats why its not there00:04
Daraelcaptwho: Like I say, it doesn't exist until and unless something creates it for the purpose of overrides.00:04
billy2007ive plugged in a wireless usb adaptor and it isnt even reconizing it00:04
ubuntu___exutux: did you start with linux from ubuntu?00:04
exutuxif you want or need one you must create it by hand, or bu X -configure00:04
ugly_ducki install ati drivers, its changed my settings, it turns out the drivers aren't for my card, so unity wont run any mroe00:05
exutuxubuntu___: nope with debian but I use Ubuntu from 7.0400:05
captwhoexutux: is "bu X -configure" the command?00:06
captwhonever heard of that one00:06
bora_hello all00:06
ubuntu___exutux: have you used Suse?00:06
Daraelcaptwho: Nope. "sudo X -configure"00:06
exutuxcaptwho: lol my bad.... was by*  X -configure00:07
bubbles|how do i update from ubuntu 10.04 to 11.04?00:07
captwholol, thanks00:07
maalacbubbles|: download the iso file and burn to dvd and then upgrade00:07
exutuxyeah sudo before and need to stop X before run command....then copy xorg,conf.new in /etc/X11/00:07
maalacbubbles|:although 11.04 is a bit buggy ..00:08
bubbles|how is it buggy?00:08
exutuxsudo cp xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:08
Daraelbubbles|: You'll have to go via 11.10. And to do that you need to change your sources settings (the update section of the Software Sources tool that you can get to from the Software Centre), so that you see "All releases" rather than just "LTS releases".00:08
captwhoexutux: sweet, thanks00:09
bubbles|11.10? has that been released?00:09
Daraelbubbles|: My apologies.  Typo.  I meant 10.10.00:09
bubbles|oh, ok00:09
maalacbubbles|: i can't really tell i had some bad experience and end up going to 10.1000:10
Daraelbubbles|: I can neither confirm nor deny that I am running 11.10 alpha, however.00:10
Uchiha_Itachiwhat's actually buggy about 11.04 is unity00:10
maalacbubbles|: yes i agree and its kernel issues ..00:10
Dr_Willislubuntu in 11.04 works quite well :)00:10
bubbles|so i should stay with 10.04? i'm actually only updating because i need mysql 5.500:11
Drone4fourUchiha_Itachi, yes, i agree that Unity on 11.04 is buggy...that's why i switched to xfce00:11
kiichiroquick question, a lot of my files became read only, I can change them back. But is there a way to select an entire folder and make it so all the files and subfolders+files are set to read and write in one command00:11
bora_hey i hawe a question. in ubuntu 11.10 GUI is 100% Unity or as a 11.04 is a session gnome00:11
xangua!ubuntu+1 | bora_00:11
ubottubora_: Oneiric Ocelot is the codename for Ubuntu 11.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+100:11
bora_sorry i'am polish and my english is bad00:11
maalackiichiro: try this chmod -R 777 (name of the folder)00:11
Daraelbubbles|: It's worth checking for a PPA with the package you need first.00:11
xanguabubbles|: or compile00:12
Daraelbora_: Gnome3 is allegedly to be available.  It doesn't, however, work for me right now.00:12
exutuxmaalac: isn't a good idea set 777 permission in that way00:12
kiichirothank you so much00:12
bubbles|hm.. i'm not sure if compiling is a good choice00:12
Uchiha_Itachichmod -R 666 /folder00:12
bora_yes i know it a codename but i quest about a GUI00:12
bubbles|the ppa is this one: https://launchpad.net/~clint-fewbar/+archive/mysql but it's for 10.1000:12
Uchiha_Itachi660 would be much better00:12
kiichiroyou seriously just got my server up 10x quicker thank you so much maalac00:13
maalacexutux: sorry my bad, i assume its just an ordinary folder..00:13
Daraelbora_: The bot-comment was to suggest that you should talk about Oneiric only in #ubuntu+1, rather than here in #ubuntu.  That's all.00:13
exutuxmaalac: isn't a good idea too give permission to all-world :)00:13
garfielddoes any one here use and game emulators?00:14
Darael!anyone | garfield00:14
ubottugarfield: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:14
garfieldparticularly Xmess00:14
maalacexutux: ok. i know. :)00:14
maalacgarfield: i do. Have you tried the ps2 emulator?00:15
garfieldmaalac: no havent gottden to it yet, Ive downloaded pcsx2 though00:15
garfieldmaalac: Im using gelide, but xmess doesnt work00:15
maalacgarfield: me too. but i haven't configured it yet. but my friend got it worknig and  he is playing ps2 games00:16
garfieldIm gonna pastebin the error output, and hope that someone can help00:16
maalacgarfield: xmess this is new to me..i'll try that ..00:16
bubbles|hm.. if i compile mysql myself, how do i make sure that package dependencies don't break?00:17
DaraelGot an interesting one here.  Attempting to use the alternate CD to install (I want to fiddle with things, and stuff), but said CD leaves the backlight on the display off.  The brightness function-keys do nothing.  The display is unreadable without any backlight.  Ideas?00:17
twI'm trying to use dhclient-exit-hooks.d.  I've tried putting my script file in /etc/dhcp/dhclient-exit-hooks.d and in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient-exit-hooks.d.  According to the man page, it should be in the regular dhcp folder.  But as far as I can tell, nothing gets executed. The contents of my script are "touch /tmp/DHCPTEST"00:18
maalacbubbles|: yes, you might have problems in the future ..00:18
garfieldIf anyone is familiar with xmess(its in the repositories) this is the error Im getting http://pastebin.com/xCrZbwDR00:18
bubbles|so what do i do?00:18
Dannielhi, there's a correct sequence for ubuntu partitions?00:19
maalacbubbles|: just make sure that you install all the dependencies requirements.00:19
maalacgarfield: this is something to do with your Video card. have you try glxinfo00:20
bubbles|what dependencies? if i compile it myself there are no dependencies .. but things like phpmyadmin will probably still depend on the mysql-package in the repository00:20
sudokillDanniel, no00:20
garfieldmaalac: no I havent00:20
chad___I'm looking at a laptop and wondering if I'll be able to run Ubuntu on it.00:20
sudokillchad___, it probably will00:21
Dannielsudokill: but, what is recommended?00:21
Dr_Willisgarfield,  i would say the default config file is using some obsolete option.00:21
maalacbubbles|: ok. try compiling it and see if you encounter any errors00:21
Dr_Willisgarfield,  been years since i last use xmess and xmame :)00:21
sudokillDanniel, if you dont care about a seperate home partition then just use one big / and a swap if you want it00:21
garfieldglxinfo says I need to install mesa-utils00:21
garfielddoing that now00:22
Dannielsudokill: maybe it's better a separate /home00:22
Dr_Willisgarfield,  whats your video chipset?00:22
garfieldati radeon00:22
sudokillDanniel, only for reinstalls00:22
Dr_Willisgarfield,  you did insatll the fglrx drivers?00:22
sudokillDanniel, but i never bother because theres so many root files too00:22
garfieldshould I just use the proprietary driver?00:22
maalacgarfield: you need drivers for it to emulate00:22
garfieldnot manually00:22
chad___sudokill: It has both integrated intel graphics and the dedicated Nvidia 540m00:22
Dr_Willisgarfield,  if they are supported.. use the addational-drivers tool (jockey-gtk)00:22
sudokillchad___, should work fine00:23
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frybyeHi - how to access files on a Nokie N8 phone with 11.04?00:23
Dr_Willisnight all...00:23
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DaraelA separate /home doesn't make reinstalls much easier any more.  The installer autodetects an existing /home and preserves it, whether it's on a separate partition or part of /.00:23
garfieldDr_Willis: so install the proprietary driver witgh additional drivers app?00:24
chad___sudokill: Alright, I was just worried because of the whole Optimus thing.00:24
maalacgarfield: use firs that came with ubuntu if its supported and later on you can download the proprietary drivers and install it ..00:24
sudokillchad___, hmm not sure about how well the kernel is00:24
sudokilli think 2.6.39 will be ok00:25
chad___sudokill: I don't believe it has Optimus enabled, but I suppose I'm just paranoid.00:25
garfieldwell I would prefer the open source driver, but if it doesnt allow the emulation, oh well00:25
DannielDarael: oh, very good!00:25
sudokillchad___, what, the laptop or the kernel?00:25
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chad___sudokill: The laptop00:25
garfieldSystemError: Binary package fglrx has no trusted origin, rejecting00:26
sudokillchad read a bit of this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=169197900:26
sudokillbearing in mine its slightly old00:26
sudokillchad___, seems to work00:27
chad___sudokill: Thank you very much. I think I read that article a while ago, actually 0.o00:28
sudokillok lol00:28
Talaskinaanyone have any info on what encyption types are recoverable?00:29
sudokillTalaskina, what do you mean00:30
fishsceneBy their very nature, encryption is supposed to be non-recoverable. :S00:32
Talaskinasudokill: there are some encryption schemes out there, methods or types, that have a master key that can be recovered even without the right passphrase, specifically I am trying to find out what standards those are, like is AES effected, or twofish, or whatever. i would prefer to avoid them if possible :)00:32
sudokillno idea00:32
sudokillall i know is AES is generally fine and reliable and fast00:33
sudokilli think youd be safe with plain aes00:33
Talaskinasudokill: yes, but i am trying to find out if aes does have the recoverable part00:33
maalacgarfield: go to the ati radeon website and see if you find a driver..00:33
garfieldmaalac: ok, thanks00:34
garfieldmaalac: what about synaptic? Couldnt I just use that?00:34
Nin1question .. can I get a good ref for where to find info about installing pcmcia cards for ubuntu ?00:34
sudokilleveryone seems to be fully encrypting drives nowadays00:34
maalacgarfield:hmm..i'm not sure. i rarely use that ..00:35
garfieldmaalac: apt-get?00:35
Talaskinasudokill: its the best thing, tho i dont know how much longer it will last, DOJ is trying to force a woman to decrypt her drive00:35
Talaskinasudokill: department of justice, america00:35
sudokilli used to fully encrypt my drives years ago00:35
sudokillbut then i realised i dont need it lol00:36
sudokillTalaskina, i dont know the laws in US. in the UK by law you have to reveal password00:36
sudokillbut if you havent got illegal stuff, just your bank details etc then dont see what you got to worry about with the government00:37
Talaskinasudokill: i saw that, you could just forget it or, idk house the actual info out of country00:37
sudokilli know00:37
sudokilli dont know how it works because anyone could easily forget a long password00:37
jeffreyfHi...I have vids I need to rotate and also convert to mpg or mp4.....any ideas??00:38
Talaskinasudokill: i never liked that analogy, I have data and i perfer it to be encrypted so no one can see, even if its nothing illegal, I wouldnt want random goverment people shuffling through my stuff just because they 'suspect' something,00:39
sudokillmeh i wouldnt care00:39
billy2007my computer wont detect my wirless usb adapter ive tried ndiswrapper and that just says no hardware found im out of ideas00:39
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sudokilli think the whole "privacy" thing is overkill nowadays00:39
Talaskinasudokill: at this point its half principle, and half protection of private data.00:39
sudokillwell the laws are different all over the world00:40
sudokillyou can find them on google00:40
jamesensorhello, can someone help me regarding disk load unload cycles in ubuntu 10.10?00:41
tioxOdd: The problem kinda fixed itself.00:43
axisysi corrupted my grib2 boot loader by runing these command: mkdir /boot/temp; extlinux --install /boot/temp00:43
axisysis there was to fix it now00:43
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axisysnow it boots to syslinux 4.02 with boot: prompt and error: no config file found00:44
tioxDon't give up hope: Google it or wait for somebody with more experience guide you.00:44
axisyscan't go anywhere from there00:44
tioxto guide you*00:44
axisystiox: that was to me?00:44
tioxYep. Sorry I can't be of any help/00:44
tiox(I'd be asking the same questions, lol)00:45
realjoehi I am looking for grub2 themes, that can easily be installed, where can I find them?00:47
maalacgarfield: you can try ..00:49
garfieldmaalac: yeah, I just downloaded it from the site, and am using this wiki: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Natty_Installation_Guide00:49
Alnada_Rigelanyone aware of how to install gsteaming 32-bit plugins on 64-bit sysetm?00:52
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benonsoftwareHi all00:53
rypervenchecaoxiaomin: 沒有00:53
rypervenche!cn | caoxiaomin00:53
ubottucaoxiaomin: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn /join #ubuntu-tw 或 /join #ubuntu-hk00:53
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lapaganot that it is really important but because of a low ram system I have set it so that update manager only checks every two weeks...00:56
lapagaI still get it checking every day...any ideas how to turn this off00:56
OsmodivsHello. Why even after i deleted a program in Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic, there are still folders of that program in /home/.program?00:56
jamesensoranyone heard anything about ubuntu screwing hard disks? High frequency of load/unload cycles00:56
OsmodivsSome of them are 150MB+00:57
DaekdroomOsmodivs, because Ubuntu Software Center and Synaptic don't purge programs by default.00:57
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DaekdroomWhen you only uninstall them, it leaves all configuration files behind00:58
afeijohelp! I enabled ccsm in my new ubuntu 11, now I have no vertical toolbar!00:58
xanguaafeijo: enable unity/launcher lugin00:58
afeijoxangua, I do not have alt+f2 ether00:58
afeijoxangua, it wasn't easy to get to an terminal to install xchat and get here too lol00:59
xanguacontro+alt+t for terminal00:59
OsmodivsDaekdroom: So, What should I do?00:59
afeijoxangua, no shortcut works00:59
xanguaor just clic in the ubuntu icon to run apps afeijo00:59
DaekdroomOsmodivs, delete those folders manually.00:59
Daekdroom(if you wish)00:59
afeijoxangua, what icon??? I have none00:59
afeijoI cannot move any open window too01:00
afeijoxangua, cant I change something in ccsm to fix it?01:00
xangua(19:58:28) xangua: afeijo: enable unity/launcher lugin01:00
Daekdroomafeijo, it looks like you're not running compiz01:00
OsmodivsDaekdroom: Ok, thx01:00
Daekdroomrun 'unity' in a terminal01:00
afeijoxangua, I did try to run unity01:00
afeijoDaekdroom, just done, didnt help01:00
afeijoDaekdroom, how to check for compiz?01:00
afeijocube is working01:00
chewyTreeFor some reason, when i click on the network tab on the top panel ,it wont show any wireless connections.  It says, Wireless is disabled by hardware switch.  Can someone Help me?01:02
billy2007hi i have have 2 wireless recivers one built into my laptop one usb my laptops working fine but the usb is recognized in ndiswraper but not in the network manager01:02
afeijowhat a mess...01:02
afeijoI cant move any window, nor resize it01:02
h00kchewyTree: check for a hardware switch on your laptop and switch it the other way01:02
chewyTreeh00k, Thanks, i think i found it.  Switch the tab but nothing happened01:04
chewyTreeh00k, I may need to restart, lets see.  Thanks01:05
h00kchewyTree: you shouldn't, give it a second to flip, then check the nm-applet again01:05
garfieldyeah installing the proprietary driver didnt help at all with xmess01:05
h00kor...just restart01:05
rbrtzvanyone here good with wine?01:06
centHOGGrbrtzv: i hear cheese is01:07
billy2007hi i have have 2 wireless recivers one built into my laptop one usb my laptops working fine but the usb is recognized in ndiswraper but not in the network manager01:07
garfieldcan someone tell me how to fix this: Process error output:01:07
garfieldGLINFO: loaded OpenGL library libGL.so!01:07
garfieldGLINFO: loaded GLU    library libGLU.so!01:07
garfieldGLINFO: glColorSubTableEXT (2): not implemented !01:07
garfieldXDGAOpenFramebuffer failed01:07
garfieldUse of DGA-modes is disabled01:07
garfielderror: unknown option -doublebuf01:07
FloodBot1garfield: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:07
jseutterDoes anyone know how to disable on screen display notifications only for bzr commit messages?01:08
mbrochhhey folks. i am running ubuntu in a virtualbox. i need to ssh into a customers machine. the customer wants my public ssh key and my static ip. obviously i don't have a static ip. are there any ticks I could do? Maybe with dyndns or so?01:11
Chipzzzmbrochh: if you're ssh'ing into his machine you don't need a static IP01:12
afeijook! how can I proper config unity + compiz ??01:13
uRockmbrochh, how often does your ISP change your IP?I understand that the person on the other end is opening the firewall for you01:13
carandraugChipzzz, unless the costumer wants to limit ssh connections from his IP. That's probably the case01:13
mbrochhuRock, i think it changes quite often.01:13
mbrochhChipzzz, I THINK I will be connecting to an Amazon EC2 machine or so. I think those open ports for static IPs to improve security01:14
gskellig-mobilecan someone help me restore grub on Ubuntu? I'm using rescatux right now.01:14
gskellig-mobilekind of panicking01:15
Chipzzzcareandraugh: good point but in that case, I don't think dyndis will help01:15
uRockI wouldn't think they'd change it more than once every 24 hours. Otherwise it would mean a lot of overhead for their routers to keep updating the routing tables01:15
th0rmbrochh: if your customer is using a whitelist for ssh access there is no way you can spoof a static IP. Either you will have to arrange a static IP with your isp, or the customer will have to settle for your public key and give up the whitelist01:16
Lancedid anyone notice that VLC skipped at the beginning of playing audio files in ubuntu 11.04?01:17
=== Lance is now known as Guest15507
uRockif anything you should be able to offer a range like 69.109.144.* which would only open up 255 possibilities on their end01:17
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)01:18
gskellig-mobileyeah I've tried that01:18
carandraugmbrochh, or tell him to replace an IP whitelist for an username based whitelist01:18
gskellig-mobileand some.other solutions01:18
seanmc98hello. if i am making ubuntu 11.04 pendrive with a 4gb usb drive can i set a persistant file size for storing changes? if so what size do you suggest?01:18
afeijook! got unity back :) found it in ccsm, but I still do not have alt+tab nor I can move any window01:18
gskellig-mobileI'm trying rescatux now.01:19
uRockmaybe try lilo01:19
Chipzzzgskellig-mobile: you should be able to run grub-install from a live disk01:19
carandraugseanmc98, I'd say in that case you won't be using the rest of the pen for anything else so I'd take over the entire space01:20
seanmc98carandraug: so how big 1.5gig? or 2gig?01:20
gskellig-mobilechipzzz I got an error01:21
carandraugseanmc98, ALL of it. If you create it with the USB disk creator, there's a bar. Move the bar to the end01:21
gskellig-mobilesomething about block error01:21
Chipzzzgskellig-mobile: what was the error?01:22
seanmc98thank you01:22
tioxafeijo: You really like Unity?01:22
gskellig-mobilecan't remember, hold on01:22
carandraugseanmc98, but I find it even better to just install Ubuntu on the USB stick (instead of creating a live USB stick with a persistent file01:22
seanmc98it said oops there is not enough space01:22
gskellig-mobileI don't have Ubuntu on my USB anymore, because I put rescatux on it01:22
tic^gskellig-mobile: --> http://www.sysresccd.org/Sysresccd-Partitioning-EN-Repairing-a-damaged-Grub01:23
seanmc98carandraug: how do u go about doin that? i am following the guide according to http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download01:23
seanmc98i am on windows 701:23
fedora_newbanyone know where I could get the ubuntulooks to get a theme to appear correctly?01:23
tlhuntercan someone tell me where the boot error logs are written on disk?01:23
tioxIf I had the money for a 250 GB USB flash drive, the things I would do with it...01:23
p1l0tIn the latest firefox browser for 11.04 how do you change the user agent?01:23
edbiantlhunter: /var/log/01:23
edbiantlhunter: Somewhere in there01:23
Chipzzzlol @ tiox01:24
edbianp1l0t: You need to install an add-on for that I think.01:24
p1l0tno about:config aye?01:24
tioxI don't think that's necessary,.01:24
tioxThere's a key in about:config for it.01:24
tioxThen again, go to #firefox.01:24
p1l0tI can't find it though. It is different from older versions01:24
carandraugseanmc98, oh! Ouch. Sorry, haven't deal with windows in many many years. No idea how to do it. I'd say, burn the iso on a CD. Boot from a CD and during the install steps, when it asks if you want Ubuntu to take the whole disk or to install side by side with windows, choose manual, and install on the USB stick01:24
carandraugseanmc98, that gives you a small Ubuntu install that you can take anywhere (but it's no good to install on other computers)01:25
tlhunterthanks edbian01:25
wsbl-uhpd651Good evening.  I just have really quick question.  Easy to answer.  UFW firewall.  Do you have to enable it every time you log in?  Or is it enabled for system startup every time - after you command it to be enabled the first time?01:25
edbiantlhunter: did you find what you were looking for?01:25
tlhuntermy /var/log/boot is blank, I think I'm SOL trying to debug my issue01:25
p1l0t#firefox is idle :/01:25
seanmc98carandraug: thats all i want untill i get me own computer01:25
Chipzzztlhunter,edbian: /var/log/boot01:25
p1l0twait maybe not01:25
edbiantlhunter: What are you trying to do?  Bigger picture?01:25
invisiblekmy iwl3945 constantly disconnects. anyone else seen this at all?01:25
tiox(Sorry p1l0t, priorities are priorities, we'll help here if everyone in #firefox is playing online idle, hehe)01:25
invisibleknever had this problem in gentoo, switched to ubuntu for simplicity on the laptop01:26
egopinewhats the ubuntu off topic channel?01:26
tlhuntermy VPS died, and I'm in 'repair mode' trying to figure out what happened01:26
twHow do I make ubuntu figure out which network I'm attached to and update configs accordingly? My network is set up via dhcp so if there was a way to execute a post-up script, that'd be ideal.  I've tried dhclient-exit-hooks.d but as far as I can tell, those scripts don't get executed.01:26
tioxUHm, #ubuntu-offtopic01:26
wsbl-uhpd651Can anyone answer a very simple question about the UFW firewall inherent to Ubuntu?01:26
carandraugseanmc98, so you think you can do those? It's not too hard. I don't know what tool to burn a iso on windows. The ubuntu wiki talked about infrarecorder01:27
dimm0kanyone know how switch metamodes on a thinkpad notebook?01:27
edbiantlhunter: look at dmesg.  It's a great all purpose log.01:27
tlhunterit's blank too :(01:27
seanmc98carandraug: i already am creating the usb drive01:27
wsbl-uhpd651If you enable the UFW firewall once - do you have enable it again every time you log in?01:27
edbiantlhunter: Look at the old ones.  They have numbers01:27
Jordan_Utlhunter: So it currently fails to boot?01:28
seanmc98lowered the space to 2.1gb to leave some room for the iso01:28
tlhunterI think the virtualization software is doing something weird01:28
tlhunterthere aren't any dmesg.# files01:28
wsbl-uhpd651Does anyone currently on here use the UFW firewall?  I have a very simple question.01:29
Chipzzztw: check the man for interfaces... you can specify a post-up command there01:29
edbiantlhunter: There should be on Ubuntu.01:29
dimm0kanyone know how switch metamodes on a laptop?  there's no keypad!01:29
Jordan_Utlhunter: What symptoms are you seeing? I'm guessing since it's a VPS you are just seeing a lack of services (http / ssh)?01:29
edbianwsbl-uhpd651: The question is hard to answer yet easy for you to figure out.01:29
seanmc98carandraug: am i doing the right steps if i always want to bioot into ubuntu and use it anywhere with the pendrive? or is there a seperate way?01:29
tlhunternone of the services are up (e.g. trying to SSH and hit it with a browser)01:30
edbianwsbl-uhpd651: iptables (the backend to ufw) does not save changes by default but it is always on.01:30
edbiantlhunter: ping01:30
tlhunterparallels web interface tells me the only thing running is init01:30
carandraugdimm0k, there should be a key for that. Look for blue words NumLK on the keyboard.01:30
wsbl-uhpd651edbian: OK.  So you are telling me the ufw firewall is on by default anyway?01:30
Jordan_Utlhunter: Can you pastebin the contents of /boot/grub/grubenv ?01:30
edbiantlhunter: How are you looking at log files? Are you logged in locally?01:30
edbianwsbl-uhpd651: I don't know.01:30
tlhunterI told parallels to restart in 'repair mode', which reboots the old server contents under /repair/01:31
edbiantlhunter: Not familiar with parallels but ok01:31
dimm0kcarandraug: oh crap, got it!  thanks!01:31
tlhunterso now I can SSH into it temporarily, but it's not running the regular OS01:31
carandraugseanmc98, I prefer my way. What you did takes (I think) more space and is slower but allows you to install Ubuntu in any computer. Mine doesn't (but boots faster). It's like a normal install but on a hard drive where the size is the same as the USB stick01:32
carandraugdimm0k, no problem01:32
Jordan_Utlhunter: If your VPS is using grub2 (the default in Ubuntu) and /boot/grub/grubenv contains "recordfail=true" then you at least know that you are getting as far as grub, but not as far as running /etc/init.d/grub-common .01:32
edbiantlhunter: Sounds like logging is turned off.  Still, the old log files should be in there.01:32
seanmc98well all i want to be able to do is boot into ubuntu using the pendrive and anything i do on there save to pendrive01:33
twChipzzz: No dice. It looks like interfaces run by NetworkManager don't execute the /etc/network/if-<option>.d scripts.01:33
tlhunterboth the /boot and /repair/boot directories are empty, I'm thinking parallels is doing something silly01:33
edbiantlhunter: If /boot is empty you're missing grub...01:33
Jordan_Utlhunter: It's possible that, like many VPS providers, they are having the virtual machine load the kernel directly, without a separate bootloader. Which would mean no grub.01:34
Chipzzztw: I think you're right about that... you could turn off nm, though01:35
tlhunterthanks Jordan_U01:35
tlhunterif I chmod a-x a bunch of services in /etc/init.d, does that disable them from running at boot?01:35
carandraugseanmc98, then I would install Ubuntu on the USB stick (rather than making a Live USB stick. You'll need a CD with Ubuntu (or another USB stick to use as install)01:36
edbiantlhunter: it should yes01:36
edbiantlhunter: not sure what the a does.  But if the files are not executable (-x) they wont' execute01:36
Jordan_Utlhunter: You're welcome.01:36
tlhunterthanks edbian01:36
edbiantlhunter: sure01:36
seanmc98carandraug: i was reading from http://www.pendrivelinux.com/ that the way i am doing it will work01:37
carandraugseanmc98, yes. And like I told you, it will. I'm just explaining that there other way, and the difference to it.01:38
Co11ym00r3hi guys01:39
seanmc98oh ok thank you for all your help carandraug01:39
seanmc98getting ready to boot into ubuntu now01:39
seanmc98be back soon01:39
edbianCo11ym00r3: hello01:40
carandraugedbian, I believe the a means all (but I've been wrong before)01:40
carandraugedbian, yes. I just checked the man page. 'a' means all. a+x reads 'add (+) the execute bit (x) to all users (a)'01:41
edbiancarandraug: I would do sudo chmod -xR .01:41
edbiancarandraug: aaahhhh  not all files but all users01:41
edbiancarandraug: right-o01:41
carandraugedbian, o-x removes the execute from the owner01:42
carandraugof the file01:42
edbiancarandraug: Never used it like that! :)01:42
carandraugedbian, personally, I prefer the numeric mode 744. But it's handy to know the syntax as many people prefer this01:43
edbiancarandraug: yes me too.  Thanks :)01:43
carandraugedbian, actually. o is the group that owns the file. u is for the user that owns the file01:43
seanmc98carandraug: i need your opinion. what is better.. mint or ubuntu?01:43
edbianseanmc98: mint01:44
edbianseanmc98: but this is #ubuntu so I'm gonna get yelled at now :P01:44
carandraugseanmc98, I believe that's a matter of taste. I never used mint myself. Seen it once and wasn't impressed01:44
centHOGGlinux for desktops = joke01:44
seanmc98well ubuntu is the first linux OS i have ever tried01:44
edbianseanmc98: Ubuntu is great! :D01:45
seanmc98but the problem i have been haiving is i boot ubuntu from a CD01:45
carandraugseanmc98, ubuntu is nice. You may want to try other distros later. Many Linux users are afflicted with distro hoping. I've tried Debian and Arch as well01:45
seanmc98and i only have wireless so it installs the drivers and says reboot to finish installation and it pops out cd and boots to windows01:46
twChipzzz: It turns out run-parts didn't like my script (bad format, it says).  if-up.d/ does get called by nm.01:46
carandraugseanmc98, hmmm.. yeah. Install on a USB stick then. It should solve your problem01:47
seanmc98that should!! thanks man you are so much help!!01:48
Gracenoteshi. I'm having serious issues with graphical login (safe mode/root terminal work fine). according to auth.log, I log in then immediately log off, because something important crashes, it seems01:48
Chipzzztw: I'm surprised at that... I've had problems setting up wireless cards & had the impression that nm would mess up interfaces configurations01:49
canu-qummerm, i'm on ubuntu 10.10 and I recently got emerald theme manager.01:49
invisibleklets see, disabled hw_scan on iwl3945, well see if that helps (even though modinfo says it's deprecated)01:49
canu-qummit doesnt work.01:49
canu-qummWell, I successfully imported the themes to it, but when I click on a theme, it does not change anything.01:49
Gracenotesit usually seems to be after mucking with nvidia's X settings, but there's nothing particularly wrong with Xorg.0.log or.. any log, that I can see01:49
Chipzzztw: maybe it's a version thing... what version are you running?01:50
GracenotesI'm a tad tired of having to re-install Ubuntu... uh... three times in three days, now?01:50
seanmc98can i make linux mint bootable from usb drivetoo ?01:50
invisiblekeww, still 41% packet loss over 10 seconds01:51
twChipzzz: this is 11.04. my nm version is 0.8.4~git.2011<some numbers get cut off>01:52
canu-qummwhy isn't emerald working on 10.10? i click on a theme and it doesn't do anything... yes, themes are successfully imported. I can't see the problem..01:52
benonsoftwarehi all01:52
Jordan_UGracenotes: Can you do a terminal login, run "gnome-session 2>&1 | tee /tmp/gnome-session-log.txt" then pastebin /tmp/gnome-session-log.txt ?01:52
xindzGuys are "Not cloning cgroup for unused subsystem ns" something to worry about?01:52
xindzGot that "error" all over my /var/log/messages file01:52
qincanu-qumm: emerald --replace, and emerald is dead software, thus not supported.01:53
Chipzzztw: maybe they've improved it since I was having that problem (back in the late 9.x & early 10.x versions)... thanks for that01:53
GracenotesJordan_U: ah. I assume there is output, but once I do xinit gdm, or gnome-session I suppose, I can't see it. tee makes lots of sense >_> brb01:53
canu-qummqin: I made it work on 11.04, it's amazing.. you're probably right on the dead part.01:53
canu-qummqin: it's still popular around deviantArt though.01:53
twChipzzz: np, try to run the directory with run-parts manually and see if it craps out on you like mine did.01:53
carandraugseanmc98, I believe you can install any Linux on a USB stick and boot from it (different from making a Live USB/CD)01:54
seanmc98whats the difference fom booting from one and a live USB?01:54
Chipzzztw: thanks, that's a good idea... I'll keep it in mind for next time around :)01:54
qincanu-qumm: Yeah, pity, could have decor ala Mathew Farrel ;(01:55
seanmc98hmmm use 8 gig flash drive for ubuntu bootable pendrive and use 4 gig for storing files or vice versa01:55
carandraugseanmc98, you can install on the USB stick (as if it was just another HD), or you can make a Live USB (with or without a persistent file). I explained you this 10min ago01:55
riz0nHey guys I just installed ubuntu 11.04. A couple of things -- first I'm not wild about the new interface. Is there a way to go back to old version, or at least move the sidebar on the left to the bottom of the screen?01:55
=== xindz is now known as xindzz`off
qin!classic | riz0n01:56
ubotturiz0n: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".01:56
seanmc98lol i am sorry. i want to install on USB stick01:56
riz0ncan KDE loaded just like the old days sudo apt-get kde01:56
benonsoftwareriz0n: Pretty sure you can01:57
riz0nAlso if I should choose to keep "Unity" is there a way to move the task bar to the top or bottom of the screen instead of having it hover the left hand side of the screen?01:57
carandraugseanmc98, burn the iso on a CD (you already have a Ubuntu CD so this is already done). Boot from the CD and choose to install. During the install steps, when it asks if you want Ubuntu to take the whole disk or to install side by side with windows, choose manual, and install on the USB stick01:57
seanmc98k i will be gone doing tat01:58
Blackoakx22Its seanmc9801:58
invisiblekthink i might have got it02:00
rawfodogHey, I was wondering how I wopuld update my linux kernal easily ?02:00
invisiblekdisabled hw_scan on iwl3945, switched from network-manager to wicd02:00
invisiblek0% packet loss02:00
riz0nrawfodog: sudo aptitude safe-upgrade02:00
ssquirrelhello ... does anyone know the correct syntax for /etc/security/limits.conf to include everyone but one person or two?02:00
canu-qummqin: but there's one problem, --replace only does the thing if that terminal is opened02:00
canu-qummqin: if I close it, emerald goes down.02:00
qincanu-qumm: Alt-F202:00
benonsoftwarerawfodog: What version of ubuntu fo you have?02:00
rawfodogMy kernal is.38 tho02:01
=== RyanP is now known as debbie15
rawfodognewest stable is.3902:01
rawfodogI've been reading it fixed some major issues with unity02:01
ssquirrelguess not02:01
benonsoftwarerawfodog: ok run $ sudo apt-get update then $ apt-cache search kernel-image and now install kernel by explicitly specifying version number:02:01
riz0ndo u guys know the graphics setting that allowed you to move the window and it would wiggle and wobble around until you dropped it? how do you set that up with the new unity?02:01
benonsoftware$ sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.xx-yy-generic02:01
Chipzzzssquirrel: man limits.conf02:02
canu-qummqin: oh right, gotta add it to list of startup apps.02:02
qincanu-qumm: No02:02
GracenotesJordan_U: hm... I run xinit gnome-session... it says gnome-user-share can't be started as root, and additionally the login screen never shows up02:03
Phr3d13hi all, asking again: anyone ever able to get a pci vt6410 ide card working in ubuntu 10.10?02:03
Gracenotesdoing xinit gdm does show the login screen, but has no real stderr/stdin output02:03
qincanu-qumm: In ccsm (compiz) set window decorator (propably there is way to do it with gconf too)02:03
Jordan_UGracenotes: You should not be running anything as root. Are you?02:04
wabznasmriz0n: install ccsm (compiz config settings manager) and there's an animation setting in there somewhere for wobbly windows02:04
Gracenoteswell it is a root terminal :/ yeah, that was silly of me.02:04
GracenotesI'll su as myself and try again02:04
qinGracenotes: he?02:05
Jordan_UGracenotes: I thought you were using the failsafe terminal option from GDM (the Gnome login screen).02:05
canu-qummqin: erm.. k02:05
canu-qummqin: do you know how exactly bmpanel2 works? excuse me if you've never heard of it.02:05
GracenotesJordan_U: no, that fails02:05
ChipzzzGracenotes: "sudo -i" is recommended02:05
Gracenotesadditionally, failsafe x mode fails02:05
qincanu-qumm: bmpanel? not idea, using dzen or tint02:05
Jordan_UGracenotes: Do you see the GDM screen at all?02:06
GracenotesI mean booting up grub into recovery mode, dropping to root terminal, which just has VESA02:06
GracenotesJordan_U: yes. and I type in my password. And there's a blank screen, and I'm back at the login screen.02:06
canu-qummqin: it's a netwm compatible panel for x11, pretty fun actually02:06
canu-qummqin: it's written in C, so it's fast as hell.02:06
Gracenoteser s/VESA/VGA/ display02:06
danny__hello I was wondering if anyone could help me set up a remote desktop02:07
pieroWhere can I find help about gnome3 on ubuntu 11.04?02:07
qinGracenotes: If any, framebuffer02:07
Phr3d13piero: try the ubuntu+1 chat room02:07
qinPhr3d13: #ubuntu+1 in for 11.1002:08
qin!gnome3 | piero02:08
ubottupiero: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.02:08
canu-qumm/var/lib/dpkg can't be ran by 2 processes? only 1? that sucks..02:08
Phr3d13i thought it was for 11.04 my bad02:08
Gracenotesactually, when I run gdm from root terminal, between the flashing blank screens is a white x terminal, for a fraction of a second02:09
kruxpiero the gnome website has also a jhbuild way of getting gnome3.. and they got step by steps..02:09
ugly_duckwhat stops unity from running02:09
qinGracenotes: Thats xterm02:09
danny__hello I was wondering if anyone could help me set up a remote desktop02:09
Gracenotesand then it goes back to gdm login screen02:09
pieroWell, I'm using gnome-3-team packages and catalyst driver. But gnome-shell keeps using VESA, it doesn't seen to be using any hardware acceleration. My screen is blinking a lot of times02:09
Phr3d13anyone ever able to get a pci vt6410 ide card working in ubuntu 10.10?02:09
BioHazard9907how can I tell apt to ignore package dependencies02:09
GracenotesI suppose I'll poke it more, try to make it give an error message02:09
centHOGGthem cheapo via raid cards02:10
Phr3d13i can only find old instructions and none of them work anymore02:10
GracenotesI should mention, this usually happens after I muck with nvidia X settings02:10
=== tum is now known as Guest25847
Gracenotesusing the graphical client02:10
Gracenotesbut not always02:10
Gracenotesand it's solved by reinstalling everything :/02:11
carandraugBioHazard9907, you can  manually edit the file that lists them. I've done it before but it's obviously not recommended02:11
ugly_duckGrr... i've played around with trying to get ati drivers to install for my card, but not unity wont run and i'm not sure what drivers to install again to get unity to run02:12
danny__hello, can someone help me?02:13
ugly_duckis there an app to reconfigure x for unity?02:13
Phr3d13danny__: http://www.howtoforge.com/configure-remote-access-to-your-ubuntu-desktop02:13
LmAtI'm having trouble installing Ubuntu 11.04 on Virtual Box.02:14
LmAtHas anybody else had the same problem?02:14
Phr3d13i got it to install, but unity won't work for me02:14
LmAtDuring install, it chugs along quite nicely, then it hangs.02:16
Phr3d13ugly_duck: i think ccsm (compiz) can configure unity02:16
danny__Phr3d13: thanks, I've tried that but it only allows me too connect when I am on the same network as the computer02:16
axisysmy grub2 boot loader is back.. eehhaa.. thanks to ubottu02:16
Phr3d13try re-downloading your iso02:16
kruxLmAt, never had any problems and I am installing 11.10 right now.. smoothly02:16
LmAtkrux, I envy you.02:16
Phr3d13danny__: did you forward ports correctly?02:16
axisysi followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub02:16
LmAtkrux, I'm using Windows XP as host, VM VirtualBox...02:17
danny__not sure02:17
eli_I have a small problem, when I record videos with my webcam it beeps in the video, do you know whay this happens?02:17
kruxLmAt, maybe iso is bad ?..02:17
kruxinstall a x86 edition not a 64..02:17
LmAtkrux, Thanks.  I'm on x86...but I have only downloaded the iso once...02:17
LmAtkrux, Perhaps I should try again.02:18
Phr3d13LmAt: try using a torrent client instead of downloading via browser02:18
LmAtPhr3d13, I don't have a torrent client.02:18
Gracenotesokay. I managed to start up into "normal" mode by doing 'xinit gnome-session' on the terminal, which shows the desktop, then having a script on the desktop which starts gnome-panel02:18
=== marcelo is now known as Guest46428
Mik4how i can install the gdm themes?02:18
lapaganot sure if this is ubuntu related or not..am wondering what if anything is causing hits to the firewall from china on port 27977 every 15 minutes or so...it does not happen in windows02:18
LmAtPhr3d13, Why?  Is it more reliable?02:18
qin!md5 | LmAt02:18
=== Guest46428 is now known as marcelocb
ubottuLmAt: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:18
arosen1Anyone know what package on ubuntu I need to get rid of  error: mysql.h: No such file or directory?02:18
Phr3d13LmAt: they download faster with less problems usually02:19
carandraugLmAt, in a way. Automatic check of the file during downloading and at the end02:19
LmAtsure.  That makes sense.02:19
=== guampa_ is now known as guampa
nightrid3rarosen1 mysql-dev02:20
Phr3d13danny__: http://portforward.com/   and   http://www.whatismyip.com/02:20
* LmAt is redownloading...02:21
ugly_ducki types unity and bingo it came up02:21
arosen1nightrid3r: E: Couldn't find package mysql-dev02:21
Phr3d13ugly_duck: maybe tinkering with some other settings prior to doing that fixed it02:22
Phr3d13anyone ever able to get a pci vt6410 ide card working in ubuntu 10.10?02:22
eli_I have a small problem, when I record videos with my webcam it beeps in the video, do you know whay this happens?02:22
wabznasmekli_ low battery on the smoke detector?02:23
greghello all02:23
gregi was wondering if anyone might be able to help me with my first script?02:23
arosen1Anyone know what package on ubuntu I need to get rid of  error: mysql.h: No such file or directory?02:23
canu-qummwhy does the font on my panel look white when they *should* look black.02:23
canu-qummthe panel is white, so I'm pretty much blind right now.02:24
Phr3d13eli_ do you have a dell laptop?02:24
gregi just need my script to display information about currently logged in users02:24
gregso do I add the 'users' command on a new line, or the 'who' command?02:24
RcorCanu Theme02:24
RcorTry changing the theme, if your OS has that..02:25
canu-qummRcor: mm? it's called droid. Ubuntu.02:25
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
canu-qummjeez i need the engine 'equinox' lol.02:25
Rcorohh,, I was late to the party..02:25
Rcormissed that part02:25
Phr3d13eli_: is it a dell laptop?02:26
canu-qummhow to install equinox engine on ubuntu?02:26
eli_phr3d13, no...i'm using an external, by the way, tab isn't letting me type names automatically i have to mannually put them in02:26
eli_i've been researching, nothing have i found02:26
woot010100Hello. I just rebuilt my PC with new mobo, processor and ram. All is 64-bit. The processor is an Intel i5 Quad-Core and I have 16gb ram installed. I am trying to install Ubuntu from the live cd but after it starts loading the cd it falls to ramfs> prompt02:27
centHOGGwoot010100: did you check it with a live cd first02:27
woot010100the cd im using is a live cd.. it shoudl boot to a full desktop but it just falls to the ramfs> prompt02:28
Phr3d13eli_: you'll probably have to do some googleing to fix your beeping webcam issue, but i think it might be whatever software you're using02:28
Gracenoteshm. I've found "xf86CloseConsole: VT_ACTIVATE failed: Input/output error"02:28
Gracenotesin Xorg.0.log02:28
Gracenotesbut that's not usually there when I fail to log in02:29
eli_phr3d13, i have been googling, if you cant help i understand that too, can you help me with my "name tab" issue?02:29
Gracenoteshave no idea why my computer hates me02:29
eli_phr3d13, all the software does it02:29
woot010100I've been googling this issue for a few hours now and cant find anything to help me through the issue02:29
=== max is now known as Guest42321
Phr3d13eli_: my tab completion works, and it is case sensitive02:29
eli_why when i come here i am told to google?02:29
eli_phr3d13, i use xchat02:30
centHOGGgoogle = handy tool02:30
eli_general help chat= better handy tool02:30
LmAteli_, ++02:30
Phr3d13are you saying tab completion won't work in xchat or in terminal?02:30
Phr3d13i don't think it does02:31
woot010100if i remember right, its saying it cannot find my hard disc drive... but it shouldn't need a hard disc drive to boot a live cd properly, correct?02:31
eli_that sux02:31
Phr3d13sounds like bad media woot02:31
carpiohi i cant use flash player in google earth for ubuntu 11.04 the flash player dont work in google earth for ubuntu 11.0402:31
centHOGGhiren's bootcd02:31
dimas__how can i make visible part of a window of a program that dont show complete?02:31
GracenotesI might try to figure this out. Anyone have any idea where to look, though? :/ running xinit gnome-session seems to let me log in, using the usual gdm login screen doesn't02:31
woot010100Phr3d13: as in the disc itself... if so, i'll try a reburn02:31
GracenotesI can't reproduce it even if I Try.02:32
ntoombs_Hi. I'm having problems opeing port 80 for my LAMP server. I have opened port 22 sucessfully for an ssh connection the same way I opened port 80 however, port 80 still remains closed. I have called my ISP multiple times to see if they are not blocking it and they confermed that they are not. The LAMP server is working perfectally on a local connection but no one can see it externally. Can anyone think of a reason why port 80 would02:32
Phr3d13woot: if that doesn't fix it try re-downloading the iso02:32
woot010100Phr3d13: will do.. thanks for the assist02:32
woot010100centHOGG: thank you as well :D02:32
dimas__how can i see a window that dont show completly even i spand it02:33
Phr3d13dimas__: resize the window?02:33
eli_yeah tab should work but it just puts all the names on the sceer02:33
Phr3d13ok, i know why02:33
dimas__Phr3d13 even if i spand the window...i know there is a command for that but i forgot02:34
Phr3d13too many possiblities02:34
eli_I have a small problem, when I record videos with my webcam it beeps in the video, do you know whay this happens?02:34
Phr3d13eli_: did you try a different software to record?02:34
eli_I told you, i have02:34
Phr3d13what kind of webcam?02:35
eli_i'm not sure02:35
Phr3d13is it build into the laptop?02:35
Phr3d13or computer02:35
eli_i said that02:35
canu-qummcan you use openbox on ubuntu? : obviously you can.02:35
Phr3d13sorry, trying to help too many people at once02:35
carpio hi i cant use flash player in google earth for ubuntu 11.04 the flash player dont work in google earth for ubuntu 11.04 for this reason i cant see youtube video from google earth without use the browser in g.earth02:35
canu-qummbut, exactly how?02:35
dimas__eli_ use xVidCap02:36
eli_go to synaptic and install the environment02:36
eli_dimas what is that?02:36
canu-qummeli_: yes?02:36
eli_go to synaptic package manager to install open box02:36
dimas__eli_sorry you have a problem to use you webcam i mistake02:37
canu-qummeli_: i thought it was on the repos.02:37
eli_when you get to the log in screen select it from the menu below02:37
canu-qummeli_: but ok02:37
eli_you can go to synaptic, i'm sure02:37
eli_i dont know terminal syntax02:37
canu-qummeli_: oh, synaptic is more secure though, ok then (:02:38
seanmc98carandraug: i didnt have to boot into ubuntu i can just run and install from windows02:38
seanmc98just letting you know02:38
eli_I have a small problem, when I record videos with my webcam it beeps in the video, do you know whay this happens?02:38
canu-qummeli_: will it appear on the session selection after logout?02:39
KindariHello folks. Is it possible to install php 5.2 alongside 5.3?02:39
Phr3d13eli_: is the camera itself beeping or is it piping a beep sound to your computer?02:39
dimas__i have a window which i cant see some of the bottons and had tryed resizes the window , spand it and nothing...any suggestion?...i know is a command for it but i dont remember02:39
eli_yes, canu qumm :)02:40
eli_phr3d13, yes02:40
eli_the latter option02:40
rwwdimas__: hold down the alt key, click the window, and drag it to move it02:40
Phr3d13is it any time you record video or only while on the web?02:41
dimas__rww i dont need to move it...i need to see it completly02:41
canu-qummeli_: kay then02:41
eli_phr3d13, any time i record02:41
carpiothis does not happen in windows: hi i cant use flash player in google earth for ubuntu 11.04 the flash player dont work in google earth for ubuntu 11.04 for this reason i cant see youtube video from google earth without use the browser in g.earth02:42
qindimas__: Maximise - Alt-F10 ?02:42
dimas__qin that doesnt work either02:42
Phr3d13eli_: from a quick google it sounds like a privacy thing telling you that you are being recorded, you can probably use the pulse mixer to turn the volume of it all the way down02:43
Phr3d13eli_: or whatever mixer02:43
eli_phr3d13, it doesn't beep outside of videos though02:43
dimas__i been trying to explain that since i got here...the regular ways to adjust the window doesnt work in particular programs as this one...so i know there is a command for that ans someone told me one day02:44
eli_only in recordings02:44
canu-qummeli_: hey02:44
canu-qummeli_: how do you change the themes?02:44
Phr3d13the beep gets recorded?02:44
eli_phr3d13, there is no audible beep, other than the one i hear when i play back the video, i dont know how it gets there02:44
ubuntunoobie2903Why do all online videos except you tube spaz out?02:45
eli_canu-qumm, i'm sorry, i'm not sure02:45
eli_but a lot of resources can be found on the web02:45
Phr3d13eli_: i'll try to locate my webcam in the near future to test and see if mine does it too, but look through your mixers and see if maybe one of those is creating the beep noise in the video02:45
* Phr3d13 is going afk02:45
=== Phr3d13 is now known as Phr3d13_AFK
carpioTHIS DOESNT HAPPEN IN WINDOWS NEVER:  hi i cant use flash player in google earth for ubuntu 11.04 the flash player dont work in google earth for ubuntu 11.04 for this reason i cant see youtube video from google earth without use the browser in g.earth02:46
willwhhi folks - has anyone successfully got audio beeps with screen/irssi remotely in ubuntu?02:46
willwhhi PythonSnake02:46
ackleecarpio: Google Earth for Ubuntu 10.04? you use Wine?02:46
PythonSnakeI get xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default02:47
ackleecarpio: I mean 11.04?02:47
carpioaklee not i use ubuntu 11.04 and my goole earth is a app linux native02:48
eli_phr3d13, it was the sound manager all along, gnome alsa mixer stops it, how do i make it my default?02:48
PythonSnakeI get xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default02:49
OmegaAfter a reboot my touchpad isn't working.02:49
ugly_ducksince unity is not starting on startup, where would i check to get it to start up02:49
PythonSnakenow can i fix that02:49
eli_how do i make gnome alsa mixer my default sound controller?02:49
eliotnI need help on installing ubuntu 64 bit on my usb hard drive02:49
eliotnApparently it won't boot, because I have another partition02:50
eliotnhow do I fuse both partitions of my usb hard drive?02:50
eli_how do i find out the make and model of my webcam02:51
carpioacklee yeah my ubuntu is the version 11.04 the last version of ubuntu02:51
ackleecarpio: me too 11.04. I've never tried "sudo apt-get install googleearth-package lsb-core", now I use Google Earth in Wine, Flash Player runs fine and I can watch YouTube perfectly..02:53
carpioaklee thank you for your information02:54
carpiobuacklee but with wine goole earth will work more low?02:55
ackleecarpio: no problem02:55
willwheli_: if it's usb, try just: lsusb - and look and see02:55
chewyTreeHey all, anyone want to help guide me through setting up a DMZ? First time trying02:55
willwheli_: mine looks like this: Bus 004 Device 002: ID 046d:08d7 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Communicate STX02:55
carpioacklee, sorry02:55
willwhcarpio: use tab-completion02:55
willwhyou can start typing someone's name and push tab, and keep pushing tab to cycle through names02:55
JoeR1Ok I know this isn't a wine room but I need help with Civ 4 and wine and the winehq room is silent02:56
willwhJoeR1: tried crossover games? :]02:56
centHOGGdude Civ4 on wine... good luck02:56
eliotnciv 4 on wine?02:56
JoeR1centHOGG, it works but there are some rendering issues02:57
eliotnanyways how can I install ubuntu on my usb drive?02:57
* psusi just plays FreeCiv02:57
willwheliotn: there are a few ways - from ubnuntu or what?02:57
JoeR1freeciv has nothing on civ 402:57
carpioacklee: but with wine goole earth will work more slow?02:57
eliotnI tried usb-creator-gtk02:57
willwheliotn: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick02:57
carpioor heavy?02:57
JoeR1Civ 4 is like this beautiful work of art in afloat in a sea of inequity02:57
eliotnyup and I read that02:58
centHOGGCiv 4 is bloated02:58
canu-qummwell this is useless02:58
eli_canu-qumm ?02:58
canu-qummi click on the theme using obconf (openbox theme manager).02:58
canu-qummand it wont.. erm.. like02:58
JoeR1anyway I take it no one here has any help to offer?02:58
eliotnThe problem is that there are two partitions on there02:58
eli_i'm sorry, not sure02:58
eliotnat least that may be part of the issue02:59
=== phantomcircuit is now known as phantom
willwhJoeR1: not really - http://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/browse/?app_id=172802:59
willwheliotn: gparted would let you combine them02:59
JoeR1willwh _ i'm not going crossover because they want money02:59
willwheli_: I have no idea :]02:59
eliotnwillwh: it only lets me select one of the two partitions02:59
willwhJoeR1: that's a shame, it's good, and it's good to support people writing/improving things for linux03:00
ackleecarpio: basically Google Earth does consume lots of memory, I do not know exactly the difference between using and not using Wine..03:00
willwhdo you ever donate to projects? :/03:00
eliotnwillwh: same with usb-creator-gtk03:00
willwhI hate the "I'm not using that, it costs money" argument.03:00
willwhwow.... that's scary timing.03:00
JoeR1hell no, I don't give a crap about linux - it is just an ends to a means for me, I am not a true believer03:00
willwh< afk03:00
eli_willwh... nice03:00
centHOGGlinux = servers03:01
willwheli_: is it a usb webcam?03:01
willwhcentHOGG: hah, hardly.03:01
willwhI assume you're a CentOS user :x03:01
Seanmc98|mobilecarandraug: what happens if I accidentally install it over window703:01
carpioacklee ok i will try google earth with wine now, thank you very much03:01
eli_willwh, yes03:01
willwhit doesn't tell you what it is? on the webcam itself?03:02
ackleecarpio: well, yes please..03:02
eliotnhow do you list all devices in command line?03:03
Seanmc98|mobileSo do these flood bots work?03:03
=== buni is now known as wbunz
qineliotn: ls /dev/ ? lshw, lspci03:03
Jordan_USeanmc98|mobile: Yes, but unless you want to be removed from the channel I wouldn't recommend testing them out...03:04
Seanmc98|mobileThey just kick you right?03:04
johannes_hi I installed a new gpu but ubuntu wont find it, what can I do to "rescan" for the newly installed one?03:04
Jordan_USeanmc98|mobile: No, they quiet you temporarily. If you purposely flood *I* will kick you.03:05
willwhjohannes_: you sure it's installed correctly?03:05
lintuxok i was trying some of the compiz settings and now i can't drag my windows around the screen like i used to would like to know if there is some type of restore settings like the way it was when i installed Ubuntu 11.04?03:05
johannes_willwh it works with win 703:05
willwhjohannes_: ah03:05
willwhI gtg, back in a little bit03:05
ubuntunoobie2903I am having problems watching online videos (everything except youtube. When the video is not full screen, large portions are whited out. When it is full screen, certain players only show half the picture (I have dual monitors and it would appear to be splitting the image between screens but not actually getting it onto the other screen). How can I fix this problem?03:06
Seanmc98|mobileJordan_U: how can you kick me your not a OP THOUGH?03:06
Jordan_U!ot | Seanmc98|mobile03:06
ubottuSeanmc98|mobile: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:06
eli_can someone help with a beeping webcam?03:06
Seanmc98|mobileUbotto STFU03:06
eli_it only does it in playback03:06
centHOGGdoes it not beep in windows03:06
sarujihow does one go about preparing a usb drive for a mini ubuntu iso install?03:06
IdleOneSeanmc98|mobile: Please keep the language clean03:07
Seanmc98|mobilesaruji: to make a live usb or boot from it03:07
sarujiSeanmc98|mobile to boot from it...but its ubuntu mini and i tried penthumb or whatever and it does not see the iso file03:07
qinWonder if centHOGG is badly written bot, or badly writting human...03:07
Seanmc98|mobileMake a live CD03:08
johannes_lspci does find the video cared03:08
Jagged2saruji: some bootable isos you can dd directly to the usb device03:09
qinjohannes_: Fisrt check bios setting.03:09
johannes_what should I look for?03:09
sarujiJagged2 nevermind I found unetbootin and that does the job thanks!03:09
qinjohannes_: graphic cards03:09
eli_why do people ask questions about this problem, but know one know the answer, i am far from the only one who has beeping in the playback from their webcams, please help, i have been googling and asking here, please i will pay you 15 bucks03:10
eli_no one03:10
johannes_qin but they both work on this pc with win 7, and lspci can find it, what should I look for within bios?03:10
hexacodemy wireless network connection applet, or top right icon has dissapeared...how do i make it come back?03:10
=== Logan_ is now known as LoganUnderscore
qinjohannes_: Sorry, misread you, what cards?03:10
Seanmc98|mobileUmmmmm carandraug I did what u said and now when I start up computer it asks me what OS to boot into03:11
Seanmc98|mobileI need to get rid if that03:11
hexacodemy wireless network connection applet, or top right icon has dissapeared...how do i make it come back?03:11
johannes_qin 785g (4200) and amd barts (6850)03:11
Seanmc98|mobileI chose install to usb03:11
qin!repeat > hexacode03:11
ubottuhexacode, please see my private message03:11
Seanmc98|mobileAnd I removed usb and its still there03:11
consolersi tried formatting a usb flash drive as ext2, and copied a linux system and installed grub. it boots on one box, but not on another box -- bios doesnt recognize it at boot.  is there some rule that says flash drives have to be fat32/fat16 for the bios to detect it? (the same flash drive was recognized on this 2nd box at boot before when it was fat)03:11
qinjohannes_: And you want then to work at the same time, dual-head?03:12
carandraugSeanmc98|mobile, during installation you have to install on the USB, not on the HD03:12
Seanmc98|mobileI clicked usb03:12
carandraugSeanmc98|mobile, that also applies for the bootloader03:12
qinjohannes_: Uhm, never did it.03:13
carandraugSeanmc98|mobile, that menu that shows up, what options does it show?03:13
Seanmc98|mobileHis do I make it so I will boot to windiest when I start computer03:13
IanLiuHow can I make LC_ALL variable work? I've installed Portuguese translations but LC_ALL=pt_BR.utf8 gedit won't launch translated gedit. Please, can someone help?03:13
Seanmc98|mobileChoose a OS to boot into. Windows or ubuntu03:13
consolersbtw ubuntu 11.04 kernel wants to load i915.ko for the 82845G video chipset, and that fails, (it should use i810), both the intel and vesa drivers (xorg shipped with 11.04) fail on this chipset --- intel fails to start, vesa gives a blank screen.03:13
carandraugSeanmc98|mobile, to remove grub and reinstall the windows bootloader you need the windows cd03:14
qinIanLiu: sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales   Does it fill LC_ALL03:14
hexacodemy wireless network connection applet, or top right icon has dissapeared...how do i make it come back?03:14
benonsoftwarehexacode: Reboot?03:15
eli_why wont anyone help, i'm using this os, i support and promote and help others when i can,..... i have random beeping in the playback of my webcam video with built in mic, how do i update the drivers? :( thanks03:15
carandraugSeanmc98|mobile, I never had to do it. Like I said before, I don't use windows in years. And if you installed the bootloader on the HD rather than the USB, you'll need to to do it again03:15
IanLiuqin: Running that command lists all locales present in my computer followed by "up-to-date"03:15
hexacodebenonsoftware nope03:15
carandraugeli_, maybe no one knows how to help you03:16
odixwhats the best way to set my own nameservers ? /etc/network/interfaces dns-nameservers myip?03:16
eli_carandraug, you dont know how to update drivers either :(03:16
eli_for pity  :(03:16
qinIanLiu: Yes, just checked it, why degit need All?03:16
IanLiuqin: http://codepad.org/YFl7n9LM03:16
Seanmc98|mobilecarandraug: wait I found out it was in programs03:17
Seanmc98|mobileI uninstalled it03:17
johannes_qin mhm doesnt seem to work, I will probably just get an adapter03:17
carandraugeli_, no. I've installed my own modules once, a long time ago, but I was just following a bunch commands that were given to me. Now I just get hardware that I know I won't have problems with03:17
IanLiuqin: I want to translate the gedit application, so I set LC_ALL to translate it, but it does not work03:17
Seanmc98|mobileI got it to boot right into windows03:17
carandraugSeanmc98|mobile, if it shows there, you installed with Wubi. That's not what you wnat03:17
eli_too bad huh?03:18
eli_well how do i turn down the fuzz in my internal mic?03:18
qinIanLiu: Apparently, you can just export it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables03:18
Seanmc98|mobileThat's what was on the cd when I burnt ubunti iso03:18
eli_its not an old computer at all03:18
ubuntunoobie2903I am having problems watching online videos (everything except youtube. When the video is not full screen, large portions are whited out. When it is full screen, certain players only show half the picture (I have dual monitors and it would appear to be splitting the image between screens but not actually getting it onto the other screen). How can I fix this problem?03:18
qinIanLiu: But there are some bugs filled for "gedit LC_ALL"03:18
carandraugSeanmc98|mobile, you have to restart the PC and boot from the CD03:18
eli_ignoring me, thanks you :)03:19
carandraugSeanmc98|mobile, hmmm.. you seem to be doing this for the first time. Maybe it's not good to install on the USB stick. You may end up accidentaly removing your windows partition03:20
addisonj_j #node.js03:20
IanLiuqin: I see. Well, exporting LC_ALL and LANG does not work either, for any program as I can tell03:20
eli_how can i turn down fuzz in my internal mic!03:20
Seanmc98|mobileIt is my first time03:20
Seanmc98|mobileI just want a bootable pendrive of ubuntu03:20
IanLiuqin: running 'export' shows an env variable named "LANGUAGE" which is equal to "en_US:en"03:21
* consolers also trying to get a bootable pendrive 03:21
IdleOne!usb | Seanmc98|mobile03:21
ubottuSeanmc98|mobile: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent03:21
qinIanLiu: LC_ALL=your_utf gedit (this way)03:22
ntoombsHi. I'm having problems opeing port 80 for my LAMP server. I have opened port 22 sucessfully for an ssh connection the same way I opened port 80 however, port 80 still remains closed. I have called my ISP multiple times to see if they are not blocking it and they confermed that they are not. The LAMP server is working perfectally on a local connection but no one can see it externally. Can anyone think of a reason why port 80 would 03:22
IanLiuqin: that was my first attempt, nothing works03:23
ntoombsi've done sudo nmap -p 80 and i get the response '80/tcp open  http'03:23
consolersi've already trawled google and didnt find any pages on it, not even ones that  said it was a bad idea: i dont want an iso, i wanted the actual filesystem (unpacked) on the flash drive03:23
dlintoombs, NAT?03:23
qinIanLiu: BUg?03:23
ntoombsport 22 doesn't have any problem getting through the nat firewall. why should port 80?03:23
IanLiuqin: I will fill a bug, then ;-)03:24
eli_if you can tell me how to reduce fuzz in my recording, with internal microphone, i can compensate you through pay pal03:25
sharkzHi - where can i give the password in remote desktop viewer ?03:25
ubuntunoobie2903Can anyone help with online video problems?03:26
dlieli_, fuzz from speakers?03:26
eli_dli, when i record with my webcam mic, i get beeping, when i record with my internal mic i get feedback03:27
qineli_: What recording sofware are you using?03:28
eli_qin, it happens in every program03:29
almoxarifeeli_: cheap fix, use ear buds03:29
eli_i'm recording music03:29
eli_i'm a musician03:29
h00k!anyone | ubuntunoobie290303:29
ubottuubuntunoobie2903: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:29
eli_i dont hear the beeping, it only comes in playback03:30
rbrtzvcan someone answer a Ubuntu newbie on how to update graphic cards?03:30
h00keli_: You could check in #ubuntustudio03:30
ubuntunoobie2903hook: I have asked it, repeatedly. I'll paste it in again. I am having problems watching online videos (everything except youtube. When the video is not full screen, large portions are whited out. When it is full screen, certain players only show half the picture (I have dual monitors and it would appear to be splitting the image between screens but not actually getting it onto the other screen). How can I fix this03:31
ubuntunoobie2903 problem?03:31
Sarujihello, installing mini ubuntu onto my already running windows 7 computer, how do i install it side by side with windows?03:31
eli_h00k, i just want to find the problem here, how do you reduce feedback in recordings, and stop beeping only audible in playback, this is an hardware issue03:31
Jordan_USaruji: "mini ubuntu"?03:31
qineli_: Test it: arecord -d 60 -t wav test.wav03:32
SarujiJordan_U yes03:32
eli_qin, what is that -_- ?03:32
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:32
DelrayneSo...anyone had any success with Itunes?03:32
h00k!dualboot | Saruji03:32
ubottuSaruji: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:32
=== JoshManders is now known as Guest63285
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:33
qineli_: command to record 60 seconds long wav file called test.wav03:33
ubuntunoobie2903Does anyone else have problems watching online videos?03:33
=== Guest63285 is now known as JoshManders
eli_qin , and it will beep -__-03:33
Jordan_USaruji: The minimal install CD is not the same as "Ubuntu mini remix" (which I only found out about just now from googling). Which are you talking about?03:34
Sarujiok so read over the dulal boot and minmal install instructions right?03:34
MechdaveG'day all, does anyone know how to use Evolution 2.32 backups in evolution 2.28?03:34
SarujiJordan_U I am talking about the ubuntu minimal install iso03:34
hwq001ubuntunoobie2903: you are using compiz  right?03:34
ubuntunoobie2903hwq001: no, adobe flash plugin03:35
Jordan_USaruji: Then yes, just follow those instructions.03:35
SarujiJordan_U ok if i ask you about anything that i dont understand?03:36
hwq001ubuntunoobie2903:so you don't use compiz ,if you are using compiz  and Nvidia cards .would get this problem03:36
hwq001is there any app for google plus in linux ?03:37
ubuntunoobie2903hwq001: I use the nvidia program to set up the monitors. Is there something I need to turn off in compiz?03:37
almoxarifehwq001: any browser?03:37
eli_so no one will help?03:37
qineli_: Did you record file I aksed you for?03:38
hwq001yes,you can try turn off it to check if the problem still there03:38
eli_qin, where would i put it?03:38
almoxarifeeli_: may I recommend an external mic, and keep it away from the speakers03:39
eli_my external mic has a beep in playback03:39
qineli_: Is beep there?03:39
ubuntunoobie2903hwq001: what exactly am I turning off?03:40
eli_qin, beep where, in the recording, yes03:40
Sarujiwhich do  you guys prefer ubuntu 10.10 or 11.04?03:40
chewyTreeCan anyone here help me port foward for transmission?03:40
almoxarifechewyTree: shoot03:41
qineli_: How often? Constant? What card (sound)?03:41
chewyTreealmoxarife, Ive been trying to set up the ports to use transmission for the better part of 2 hours.  Seems like no matter what I do, its always closed03:42
psusichewyTree, set your router for forward some ports to you, and configure transmission to use them.. though if your router supports UPnP, this should happen automatically03:42
almoxarifechewyTree: can you access the firewall between you and the internet?03:42
soreauchewyTree: Not really a ubuntu-specific issue. You have to configure your router and/or server correctly03:42
eli_its from the microphone on my webcam, throughout the whole video, i cant hear it, outside of the actual video, i probably should update the driver, it was plug and play, but i cant find the manufacturer of my webcam03:42
nate114578Hello, I am running Ubuntu virtually and am unable to print. Is that possible?03:42
chewyTreealmoxarife, I think thats the issue.  Verizon has it all blocked, no matter what i set my router as03:43
almoxarifechewyTree: how are you connected to the internet?03:43
chewyTreealmoxarife, my router is directly connected to the fios box03:43
nate114578broadband/directly connected03:43
soreaunate114578: Sure, for various reasons. One of which may be that the virtual machine does not have direct hardware access to whatever the printer connects to03:43
SarujiJordan_U hey I already have my usb thumb drive setup to boot from the mini ubuntu iso, the problem i have is with the partitioning screen, could you possibly help me out?03:43
nate114578my printer shows up but the jobs always fail03:44
almoxarifechewyTree: if verizon blocks ports then you need to figure out which are not blocked, if they block bittorrent protocol then you are screwed03:44
soreaunate114578: I'd try it from a live session and make sure it's working there first03:44
soreauThat would at least rule out driver/configuration issue03:45
nate114578thats what i'll try... thanks!03:45
eli_its from the microphone on my webcam, throughout the whole video, i cant hear it, outside of the actual video, i probably should update the driver, it was plug and play, but i cant find the manufacturer of my webcam03:45
chewyTreealmoxarife, Its not blocked cause i can DL and upload.  But many peers its hard to connect cause of the ports03:45
prabhakargood morning to all03:45
kionHelp, After running Pppoeconf and connecting with pppoe to the internet through my wlan0 now after rebooting my wlan0 card will not show any wireless networks please help03:45
zykotick9Saruji, FYI the partitioning in the LiveCD is easier then the mini cd (why do you want mini exactly?  do you have a reason?)03:46
almoxarifechewyTree: you installed a software firewall ?03:46
soreaukion: What wifi chip is it?03:46
ackleechewyTree: that's about configuring NAT in the router..03:46
chewyTreealmoxarife, nope03:46
kionSoreau not shure but it was working perfectly before i messed with it03:46
chewyTreeacklee, not that good at networking.  How would i go about that?03:47
soreaukion: What is the output of 'lspci|grep Network'?03:47
almoxarifechewyTree: you can acess the firewall setting on your router?03:47
kionIntel Corporation Ultimate N WiFi Link 530003:47
prabhakari have one virus problem in my system each folder creates duplicate folder with .exe03:48
chewyTreealmoxarife, Ya, its all off and such03:48
almoxarifechewyTree: off?03:48
soreaukion: Alright, and does 'iwconfig' show a wlan0 interface?03:48
chewyTreealmoxarife, Will i unchecked Block Anonymous Internet Requests  & Filter Internet NAT Redirection03:49
soreaukion: Does this show your AP? 'sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | grep -i ssid'03:49
almoxarifechewyTree: first thing, decide what ports tcp/udp you want to use on transmission03:49
prabhakarhow can i stop the duplicate folders03:49
Jake556778HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEeeee .....03:49
ackleealmoxarife: transmission usually use udp datagram..03:49
almoxarifechewyTree: don't do that, recheck those, those have nothing to do with what you need to set up03:49
kionsorry for the uppercase03:49
soreaukion: So the drivers are working. What isn't showing the Ap list as you expect?03:49
eli_hey guys, i'm going back to windows, as they have a much more knowledgeble community, though i know the advantages of linux, i'll do what i have to do, good luck with your systems!03:50
Jake556778how do i cache DNS inquiries on ubuntu without contacting the ISP dns server?03:50
Jake556778is it possible ?03:50
wabznasmJake556778: set up bind903:50
Jake556778what is bind903:50
wabznasmJake: Or use an open DNS server03:50
kionif I click on the networks icon the wireless networks are greyed out and cand see any03:50
almoxarifeJake556778: yes, simple with 'dnsmasq'03:50
Jake556778so there is no DNS server already on ubuntu?03:50
soreau! who | kion03:51
ubottukion: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:51
wabznasmJake: It's a DNS server - it will cache DNS requests instead of always going to your DNS provider (ISP or open)03:51
Jake556778ok that's what i wanted to hear03:51
Jake556778TSAAAANK YOOO03:51
kionsorry for that03:51
qin!caps > Jake55677803:51
ubottuJake556778, please see my private message03:51
wabznasmJake: Ther is a more simple DNS server I saw yesterday while looking through the 'light applications' recommendations for Arch linux, but I forget whatit was now03:51
soreaukion: Try left-click on the wifi icon and make sure Enable Wireless is checked03:52
almoxarifearch linux?03:52
littlebearzalmoxarife: light distro 300Mb03:52
kionsoreau: yes it is enabled03:52
kionsoreau: and sudo ifconfig wlan0 up does no good03:52
wabznasmalmoxarife: less user firendly than Ubuntu, but there is something about it that draws me, even though I run Ubuntu right now03:53
soreaukion: Is NetworkManager running? Check the output of 'ps ax|grep NetworkManager'03:53
kionsoreau: yes i have two processes running03:54
zykotick9soreau, i can't think of a reason when pppoe over wireless would ever make sense (as you'd be connecting to a router most likely), but i can see how it would cause issues....  i imagine removing the pppoe changes might be required.03:54
ackleeJake556778: note that if your internet connection through the MikroTik, you can create the DNS server there03:54
soreaukion: Next thing I would do is left-click on the network icon and select 'Edit Connections..'03:54
soreaukion: Make sure things are sane there03:54
soreauzykotick9: I really have no idea what the problem is but maybe he will see it himself while walking through the basic steps03:55
kionsoreau: on my wireless network everything appears greyed out and cannot edit or change anything03:55
soreaukion: Is it a laptop? HP by chance? Does it have a wifi switch to enable/disable wireless?03:56
kionno it is an Alienware03:57
zykotick9soreau, from what i remember (and it's been a LONG time since i used pppoe directly on my system) it creates some sort of virtual adapter and diables the regular network adapter interface - but it's been a long time!03:57
kionand yes it has something like a switch03:57
soreauzykotick9: ick03:57
=== BigJay_ is now known as jay001
kionbut tried changing it03:57
kionsoreau it is more like a button03:57
ntoombsI'm having problems opeing port 80 for my LAMP server. I have opened port 22 sucessfully for an ssh connection the same way I opened port 80 however, port 80 still remains closed. I have called my ISP multiple times to see if they are not blocking it and they confermed that they are not. The LAMP server is working perfectally on a local connection but no one can see it externally. Why would port 80 would still be closed?03:58
soreaukion: You might have to mess with 'rfkill' though I'm just guessing03:58
soreaukion: rfkill unblock wif03:58
almoxarifekion: go to system > admin > net tools , in net devices do you see 'wlan?'03:59
kionsoreau: yes I see wlan003:59
tonyyarussontoombs: Did you forward it on your router?03:59
soreaukion: I'm not the one that asked you that ;)03:59
ntoombstonyyarusso: yes03:59
tonyyarussontoombs: Is Apache listening for connections from outside your network?  Anything in the log files?04:00
ntoombsthe /etc/apache2/ports.conf file says it is listening on port 8004:00
tonyyarussontoombs: would you be willing to share the IP address?  (PM is fine)04:01
bubbles|i want to compile mysql from source, but already have an instance on my system, and don't want them to conflict each other - how can i specify an install folder for the new (source-)install?04:01
ntoombstonyyarusso: yea /query me04:01
almoxarifekion: down from there, in ip info, what is the ip adress?04:02
soreaububbles|: Why do you want to build it?04:02
bubbles|because there's no package for 5.604:02
nate114578i need to get a screen shot of the terminal that verifies the cups daemon is installed and verify cups is running then start the cups daemon... i tried: sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys status.... and that didn't work.. any suggestions?04:02
Jake556778how to clear the text in the terminal ?04:02
soreaububbles|: Did you already check for a PPA?04:02
ackleeJake556778: "clear"04:02
bubbles|i tried there's only a "5.5 experimental" build04:03
soreau! compile | bubbles|04:03
ubottububbles|: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:03
almoxarifekion: ok, you are not connect,04:03
bubbles|is it a problem to install a second instance?04:03
zykotick9!checkinstall | bubbles|04:03
ubottububbles|: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!04:03
soreaububbles|: It can be problematic depending on how different the two versions are, where they store config files, if the config stuff is different between the versions etc04:04
kionalmoxarife: so how do I connect if i cant see my network04:04
almoxarifekion: I assume you have a wifi connection avail?04:04
soreaububbles|: I do not know enough about mysql myself to say though04:04
kionalmoxarife: what is an avail?04:04
bubbles|soreau well that's why i want to install the new version in a new location, so config files don't mix04:05
Jake556778how to undo in the terminal ?04:05
soreaukion: available04:05
almoxarifekion: some wifi connection available to connect to04:05
wabznasmQuick recommendation to all for apt-fast as a replacement for apt-get. Installed it yesterday and it's impressing the hell out of me04:05
kionalmoxarife: jajaja shure!04:05
kionalmoxarife: my own wireless modem!!04:05
almoxarifekion: you are using a desktop ubuntu?04:05
soreaububbles|: Often times programs use config files from a common place regardless the version, such as somewhere in ~/.config/ or /etc/04:05
almoxarifekion: see the network icon on the top panel?04:06
kionalmoxarife:  yes ther is the icon04:06
bubbles|oh, i see04:06
ackleeJake556778: no undo, to repeat recent commands, press Up-Down buttons04:06
almoxarifekion: click on it, see your wifi id?04:06
soreaububbles|: config files stored in /etc/ are system wide while stuff in ~/ is specific to the current user04:07
qinJake556778: "Undo" what command?04:07
kionalmoxarife: I cant see any wifi Essid, I only see a greyed out wireless networks option that i cannot choose04:07
almoxarifekion: right click on the network icon, is wifi checked?04:08
almoxarifekion: actually it should say 'wireless'04:09
kionalmoxarife: yes both activate network and activate wireless are checked04:09
zykotick9almoxarife, not sure if you where here in the beginning -- i think kion said the problem started after trying to setup PPPOE on his wireless device.04:09
kionzykotick9: That is right !04:10
=== tum is now known as Guest53481
mikubuntuhp deskjet f4480 wont work.  running u-10.04.  gives incorrect error msg 'out of paper', but there is paper.  google searchd installed updated hplip, that din't solve the prob.  (scanner doesn't work either). anybody have any ideas? oh, also idid a power reset, no lu ck.04:10
almoxarifekion: pppoe on wireless?04:10
kionalmoxarife: actually I went with pppoeconf and got my wireless working with my modem set up as bridge04:11
zykotick9almoxarife, :) that was my reaction04:11
soreaumikubuntu: Does the printer itself show out of paper or just the UI interface?04:11
kionalmoxarife: after a reboot i couldnt connect anymore so i reset my modem to act as a router and my wifi was messed up04:11
almoxarifekion: is there some reason why the traditional wifi connection is not avail?04:11
Jordan_Uwabznasm: As far as I can tell apt-fast will only make things faster by you by giving you a disproportionate (see unfair) amount of bandwidth from the package servers. There are enough mirrors that you should be able to find one that can saturate your connection without overloading servers with connections.04:12
mikubuntusoreau: the ui, i just lookd at the unit i don't know where it might indicate out of paper on the box itself04:12
kionalmoxarife: No, it is available, its just my wlan0 that is not showing the network04:13
Jordan_Uwabznasm: Try using Software-Sources' option for finding the fastest server for a better way to get more speed.04:13
soreaumikubuntu: On my hp printer, it will show a blinking 'E' on the unit when there's a problem (such as out-of-paper)04:13
kionalmoxarife: I was thinking to connecti it manually with ifconfig04:13
almoxarifekion: the best advice I ever got when it came to crippled network setups was to delete them, so that a generic is recreated when you reboot, you think that's an option?04:13
nate114578i need to get a screen shot of the terminal that verifies the cups daemon is installed and verify cups is running then start the cups daemon... i tried: sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys status.... and that didn't work.. any suggestions?04:13
kionalmoxarife: good how do i do that?04:13
soreaumikubuntu: In addition, my hp psc 1200 works beautifully with hplip04:14
soreaumikubuntu: never had any problems with it04:14
mikubuntusoreau: nope, nothing like that showing anywhere04:14
mikubuntusoreau: yes, thats what surprises me, usually hp plays great with ubuntu04:14
soreaumikubuntu: I guess it could be a driver issue but I'd suspect some configuration is confusing it04:14
soreaumikubuntu: I wouldn't really know what though, as I've never had an issue04:15
almoxarifekion: right click the network icon, see 'edit connections' go to wireless tab, what ever exists in wireless tab 'delete'04:15
kionalmoxarife: ok done04:15
soreaumikubuntu: Perhaps try removing/re-adding the printer?04:15
mikubuntusoreau: k, thx --- anybody else know anything about printer issues?04:15
=== [1]IRsee is now known as IRsee
kionalmoxarife: I will reboot and be back shortly and report...04:15
mikubuntusoreau: yeah, tried that04:15
soreaumikubuntu: Check sys>admin>printers and make sure there's only a single device04:15
almoxarifekion: I assume if you went to network tools you would not see a whole slew of wlan1/2//3 ?04:16
soreau! print | mikubuntu04:16
ubottumikubuntu: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows04:16
kionalmoxarife: no just wlan004:16
almoxarifekion: cool04:16
kionalmoxarife: ok going down04:16
kionalmoxarife: bye for now04:16
almoxarifebye :)04:16
mikubuntusoreau: yes, i removed previous printers from configure04:17
soreaumikubuntu: Not really sure what else to tell you other than read the links ubottu offered04:17
almoxarifeI feel for people with net issues, I spent nights re-doing the same mistakes till someone told me to stop fighting ubuntu 'netmanager'04:18
mikubuntusoreau: yup04:18
soreaualmoxarife: Oh yea, network-manager caused me many pains04:18
soreaualmoxarife: Firs thing I do: chmod -x $(which NetworkManager) :)04:19
soreau&& killall NetworkManager ;)04:19
FriGiNhow would i know if i were having troubles with networkmanager?04:20
CoreyOh I hate NetworkManager.04:20
soreauFriGiN: You're not04:20
air_how to remove video card icon from tray??04:20
soreauleave it alone04:20
CoreyFriGiN: Roughly the same way you'd know if you were missing a foot.04:20
soreauCorey: xD04:20
almoxarifeFriGiN: no get out ?04:20
FriGiNwell i was having net troubles, it led me to buy a new wireless network card. so i thought that might be what the problem was.04:21
nate114578how can i verify the cups daemon is installed from the terminal?04:21
almoxarifeCorey: that was harsh04:21
soreauFriGiN: Not necessarily04:21
soreaualmoxarife: It was hilarious and right on point04:21
air_how to remove video card icon from tray?? ubuntu 11.04. No need install video card drivers04:21
soreauair_: What tray?04:21
FriGiNnp the old wireless is gone. im online with some nudging.04:21
almoxarifeFriGiN: problems went way?04:21
usermanageris there any cheap magazine that comes with ubuntu cd ?04:22
FriGiNno i bought an Linksys AE1000 vs my old one...04:22
soreauusermanager: Why does it have to be cheap?04:22
air_soreau: notification area04:22
soreauair_: Hm. Can you upload a screenshot of it to picpaste.com?04:22
wabznasmnate114578: ps -e |grep cupsd04:22
usermanagercos i'm not as loaded as you ?04:23
soreauair_: Oh wait, you mean the one that is a monitor icon?04:23
FriGiNif i am using wine to install something and only the first 1 character of any field is showing up ... any suggestions?04:23
ackleeusermanager: Ubuntu Unleashed 2011 Edition, it's ebook, not magazine04:23
air_soreau, yes04:23
almoxarifeFriGiN: yeah, live with it?04:23
soreauair_: left-click on it, go to 'Configure Display Settings..' and uncheck 'show in panel'04:24
soreauair_: (uncheck Show monitors in panel)04:24
usermanageracklee i'm not lookin for a ebook , i'm lookin for a ubuntu os cd04:24
kionno luck04:24
FriGiNwelll.. i would. and im trying however after i get to a certain point (the part where it should be getting the download) its just a blank window with nothing in it i hav eno idea if its working.04:24
almoxarifekion: no luck means ?04:24
air_<soreau> no, no monitor.Video card icion04:24
soreaukion: Well I guess after you reinstall ubuntu, you'll know what not to do ;)04:24
kionalmoxarife: same thing my wlan0 does not show any wireless network04:25
soreauair_: Hmm. Does it open jockey? (the drivers manager)04:25
ParadigmUltraWOW, I'm actually installing City of Heroes in Ubuntu using Crossover!  I can't believe it's working.04:25
kionsoreau: Cant belive this04:25
kurtosisis there any way to remove the borders from the icons on the unity sidebar?04:25
kionsoreau: thanks anyway04:25
almoxarifekion: you are using ethernet right now on the machine?04:25
kionalmoxarife: yes  i am on eth004:26
ackleeusermanager: but it comes with Ubuntu DVD04:26
almoxarifekion: does wlan0 exist?04:26
soreaukion: Sorry, I have no idea what you did that broke it :P04:26
kionalmoxarife: yes04:26
air_soreau http://picpaste.com/______-YVJ3INjV.png04:26
soreaualmoxarife: Yes, and he can even scan for AP's successfully04:26
soreaualmoxarife: I went through the basics with him already04:27
kionalmoxarife: it does exist and i can put it up or down04:27
usermanageran ebook that comes with dvd ?04:27
almoxarifekion: you can see avail wireless connections>?04:27
usermanagerhow's that possible ?04:27
soreaualmoxarife: Basically, NetworkManager is just configured incorrectly04:27
coz_hey guys,, anyone know of any vrml players for ubuntu / linux?04:27
kionalmoxarife: no, not one! and there are many around here04:28
air_<soreau>  i no need this hardware icon04:28
soreaucoz_: google came up with this http://www.vrinternal.com/docs/links.html04:28
soreauair_: What is the output of 'ps ax|grep jockey|grep -v grep'?04:28
kionalmoxarife: actually when i rebooted i loge into windows and could connect to my wirless router so it is working fine04:28
coz_soreau,  ooo I didnt see that one , thanks ..let me check this out :)04:29
air_<soreau>  ps ax|grep jockey|grep -v grep04:29
almoxarifekion: can you get back to the edit screen of wlan0?04:29
air_<soreau>  2010 ?        Sl     0:00 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/jockey-gtk --check04:29
soreauair_: Ok, try 'kill 2010' and see if it goes away04:29
kionalmoxarife: yes...04:30
Sarujidisk is not recognized in ubuntu install??!!?04:30
almoxarifekion: would you then04:30
air_<soreau> ok thanks04:30
ackleeusermanager: it's printed one, if $30 is quite cheap04:30
soreauair_: It probably will show up again next time you boot..04:30
kionalmoxarife: well as i just deleted my connection there is none now04:31
almoxarifekion: that's fine, what is the ssid of your wifi connection?04:31
usermanageracklee hohoho that's tooooooooooo expensive ! i'm lookin for like a few dollar magazine that comes with the cd04:31
DelrayneNeed some help booting up from the dual boot menu. When I was using the LiveCD I had to boot it with the nomodeset option checked or else my monitor wouldn't work...how can I do that from the dual boot menu and after make that the permenant boot method?04:31
Sarujihello, my hard drives are not being recognized by the ubuntu installer?04:32
kionalmoxarife: Infinitum926c04:32
Jordan_Uusermanager: Why not just buy an Ubuntu CD?04:32
nate114578what is the terminal command to simply start a process?04:32
almoxarifekion: on the edit screen, see the 'add' option?04:32
kurtosisnate114578: the name of the process04:32
kionalmoxarife: yes..04:32
nate114578:) sorry :)04:32
almoxarifekion: open it04:32
usermanagerwhre can i buy one ?04:32
air_<soreau>  i have other problem i need use one program with root. But i cant. I think i need change chmod?04:33
wabznasmkurtosis: :)04:33
soreauair_: What program?04:33
usermanageri wonder can a 8.04 ubuntu be upgraded to 1104:33
air_<soreau> optirun04:33
TheEvilPhoenixusermanager:  no04:33
Jordan_Uusermanager: http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=85204:33
kionalmoxarife: what is your point?04:33
TheEvilPhoenixusermanager:  you'd have to update to 10.04 first, then upgrade to 10.10, then upgrade to 11.0404:33
soreauair_: To run programs as root, prefix the command with 'sudo'04:33
TheEvilPhoenixusermanager:  but its not advised that you do that04:34
TheEvilPhoenixat all04:34
Jordan_Uusermanager: Why can't you burn a CD yourself?04:34
almoxarifekion: a manual addition of a wireless access, unless you have a better idea?04:34
coz_mm most of these viewers are windows based,,, interesting    I cant find one for linux that is current :(04:34
coz_be back later04:34
soreauair_: Google seems to suggest you don't need root to run optirun though04:34
kionalmoxarife: I will try and get back04:34
usermanagerhow to reinstall a new version of ubuntu whitout losing all my data and browswer setting ?04:34
soreauair_: What command are you using?04:34
soreauair_: And what's telling you that it needs root privledges?04:35
soreauair_: And what's telling you that it needs root privileges?04:35
air_<soreau>  $ optirun -gamma 1.5 "/home/air/HoN/hon.sh"04:35
air_[sudo] password for air:04:35
almoxarifekion: get back? sure. that sounds good04:35
usermanagerit's not that i can't burn a cd but my internet connection is slow so can't actually download the file04:36
soreauair_: Well I'm not familiar with optirun so I don't know what you're trying to do exactly..04:36
wabznasmusermanager: LUG?04:36
almoxarifethe e-book mentioned earlier, where would I find it, had to do with ubuntu system04:37
usermanagerwhat is LUG ?04:37
Jordan_U!lug | usermanager04:37
ubottuusermanager: Lug's are Linux User Groups. You can find your local group here: http://www.linux.org/groups/04:37
wabznasmusermanager: local user group - someone nearby who can help you?04:37
wabznasmoops - linux user group...04:37
air_soreau, ok how i can find ptirun in my system? where is it?04:38
air_soreau, *optirun04:38
almoxarifelug is down04:38
soreauair_: Use the command 'which' to find out where a program is that is in your path. 'which program-name'04:38
air_soreau, ok thanks. how i can change program to root. chmod?04:39
soreauair_: You shouldn't need to afaik.. how did you install optirun?04:39
air_<soreau> from 3thd part repo04:40
ParadigmUltraAnyone know if it would be dangerous to execut the following in the command line?  #echo 4096 131072 3612672 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_wmem04:41
soreauair_: Well we don't support programs provided by non-official repos here04:41
air_oh sorry04:42
soreauair_: And i do not have any further information about optirun04:42
air_<soreau> this program for nvidia optimus cards04:42
soreauair_: Yea, I'm not familiar with it. Perhaps try #nvidia04:42
air_soreau thanks04:43
noipHi, all. Question: Can anyone suggest a Download Manager and Accelerator that can 1) Download via HTTP, 2) Pass through server authentication credentials and 3) Make multiple connections to download a single file in several pieces?04:44
xpistosHey can someone give me a hand with Stale NFS file handle.04:44
FriGiN"Sorry, an error occourred and it was not possible to install the bootloader to the specified location." I have multiple HDD's including a RAID 0 as my master, with windows on it. any help?04:47
qinnoip: number 2 seems to lay beyond areaof support, man wget, man curl, /topic, !guidelines04:47
ackleenoip: DownThemAll add-on for Firefox?04:48
noipqin -- ??04:48
air_Народ надо запускать только одну программу без ввода пароля от рута(sudo). как сделать?04:48
noipacklee -- Ok. I'll take a look at that. I've been downloading everythign from gwget, axel, aria2c, fatrat , jdownload, etc... nothing has meet my needs. thanks.04:49
Captainkrtekair_, #ubuntu-ru04:49
Captainkrtekno problem04:49
FloodBot1air_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:49
qinnoip: in terminal: man wget; man curl; in irc lient: /topic; !guidelines04:49
ackleenoip: you're welcome, good luck04:50
Jordan_UFriGiN: What location did you specify? What version of Ubuntu? FakeRAID?04:51
noipOk, I got you. I've done that. (Actually, I haven't looked at curl yet.)04:51
FriGiNJordan_U, i'm not using fakeraid that i know of do i have to set that up for it to see my raid, and the installer autodetermined that i dont know where it decided tho i have 2 clues abou tit.04:52
Jake556778why is causing this problem? -  dnsmasq: failed to create listening socket: Address already in use04:52
noipqin - pretty sure curl doesn't support multiple connections to servers though. thanks though.04:52
qinnoip: If you know names, you can loop curl command in script04:53
qinnoip: Since you talk of rar split (propably), it will do04:53
qinJake556778: One instance already running?04:54
FriGiNJordan_U, i have my MB setting up my raid004:54
Jake556778qin how to check?04:55
Jake556778sudo /etc/init.d/dnsmasq status ?04:55
qinJake556778: sudo service <service_name> status, or top, or htop, or ps aux.04:55
Jake556778* Checking DNS forwarder and DHCP server dnsmasq                                * (not running)04:55
ileawill ubuntu work with touch screen monitor?04:56
ackleeJake556778: sudo netstat -lpn | grep ":"04:56
ka1gdqI have a question about my modem.  How can I tell if the driver is loaded??  I don't see it under System Monitor/testing04:57
TheEvilPhoenixilea:  run off a livecd or a liveusb and find out04:57
ActionParsnipka1gdq: how does it connect to the system?04:57
noipaklee - Using Download them All now. It's working, and it's fast. I wonder if it can handle https?04:57
ka1gdqThe modem is internal. Worked fine when I had XP on the system04:57
ActionParsnipka1gdq: so its a dialup thing?04:58
ka1gdqactually fax04:58
ActionParsnip!dialup | ka1gdq04:58
ka1gdqbut yes...04:58
ubottuka1gdq: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up04:58
FriGiNif i change the bootloader to the selection that shows "Windows 7 Bootloader" will it hose my win 7?04:58
sb1i am trying to customize ubuntu LiveCD where i am adding a databse in mysql in livecd but when i try to connect to mysql it tries to connect to the install ubuntu mysql not the uck version of mysql04:59
sb1can someone quickly help me to guide to sort out this problem04:59
sb1i would like to connect to the uck version of mysql not the installed version of mysql04:59
ka1gdqknetwork mgr not installed04:59
ActionParsnipka1gdq: that's fine, read the link. It will show how to setup the modem05:00
ActionParsnipka1gdq: you can see which modem you have by running:  lspci05:00
ka1gdqOK Thanks05:00
sb1when i restart mysql it restarts in the installed version and it shows all the installed datases in system05:00
sb1i only want to restart mysql in uck-remaster-chroot livecd/ area05:00
ackleenoip: as far as I know, yes it can handles https05:01
Jordan_UFriGiN: You are most likely using FakeRAID ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID#Firmware.2Fdriver-based_RAID ), desktop systems almost never have real RAID. What location did you specify? What version of Ubuntu are you using?05:02
rkhshmi connected my 1TB external HDD to ubuntu 11.04 and from syslog i can see that its being detected.. But not mounted. http://pastie.org/220027005:02
rkhshmcan anyone pls help me05:02
saruji_I have 4 partitions (mirrored 1 tb, 500 Gb, 320 Gb split into two smaller partitions), installing ubuntu 10.10 but when i use liveusb and try to install, installer only shows 2 of the three partitions fdisk -l output-->http://pastebin.com/2LaLfJ0y05:03
saruji_*of the 4 partitions05:04
Jordan_Usaruji_: Why are you installing 10.10 rather than 11.04?05:04
rkhshmAnyone can help me?05:04
saruji_Jordan_U, the same thing happens when i tried to install 11.0405:04
wildbatrkhshm: mount it yourself then?05:04
Jordan_Usaruji_: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"?05:05
rkhshmwildbat: how do i know the dev ID?05:05
rkhshmI"m new to linux.05:05
wildbatrkhshm: sudo fdisk -l05:05
wildbatrkhshm: or sudo blkid05:05
rkhshmah.. ok05:06
saruji_Jordan_U, http://pastebin.com/hHhGkbCq05:06
rkhshmwildbat: NTFS partitions are not automatically detetected is it?05:06
wildbatrkhshm: it should05:06
rkhshmwildbat: hmm.. then this is strnage05:07
sb1can someone help me:I am trying to customize ubuntu livecd with mysql when I try to restart mysql while using uck it restarts at system level not in uck-remaster hence if add any database in mysql it adds in system i want to add new database from uck-remaster05:07
sb1how to stop the system level mysql and use mysql in uck-remaster05:07
saruji_Jordan_U, I want to keep my windows, it is install on the 320 Gb disk on the bigger of the two partitions05:08
Jordan_Usaruji_: Which partitions does the installer show, which doesn't it show?05:08
saruji_Jordan_U, it shows the 1.0 TB drive and the 500 Gb drive05:09
RediXeLooking for some help with getting my NVidia GT 240 video card working with 11.04 (installed with Wubi) - Current state: I get a terminal only05:09
FriGiNJordan_U, ubu 11.04, 4hhd /sda/ and /sdb/ are 1tb raid0, /sdc/ is a 500g backup drive /sdd/ is a 1tb drive and where it is installing ubu.  The bootloader screen is ofering: http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/6910/91290583.png05:10
Jordan_Usaruji_: Which doesn't it show?05:10
saruji_Jordan_U, it does not show the 320 Gb drive which is split into 2 partitions and the one that has windows installed05:11
ackleeRediXe: if the nvidia drivers don’t allow you to have special effects, just try this05:12
ackleeRediXe: blacklist nouveau05:12
Jordan_UFriGiN: What happens if you choose the first option?05:12
rkhshmwildbat: http://pastie.org/220030405:13
ackleeRediXe: blacklist lbm-nouveau05:13
perfectjiteshsomeone help me in setting up my htc desire , i followed steps given in http://www.howtoforge.com/setting-up-an-android-app-build-environment-with-eclipse-android-sdk-phonegap-ubuntu-11.0405:13
FriGiNJordan_U, the ok button does nothing. I'm half scared to do anything else, i can't lose win705:13
Jordan_UFriGiN: And yes, choosing the second option would make Windows (temporarily) unbootable.05:13
ackleeRediXe: in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf05:13
FriGiNJordan_U, i can live with temporary, if i can get it back05:13
gryperfectjitesh, what did you get after following them?05:13
FriGiNJordan_U, even if im using a grub loader i dont care.05:14
ackleeRediXe: then "update-initramfs -u" in Terminal05:14
Guest77016I use linux mint 11, and how to install nessus on it?05:14
perfectjiteshgry @ i am trying to find ur previos message give me a min05:14
ackleeRediXe: download & install normally the nvidia proprietary drivers. restart the x server and everything should be fine05:14
Jordan_UFriGiN: You don't want to install to a partition anyway. I assume that you have selected the first option and the install is continuing successfully now?05:15
RediXeacklee, I'll give it a shot - but thinking I worded my current state wrong.. I have no desktop atm - it just spits me to the command line05:15
wildbatrkhshm: may be that y the automount failed ~ is it formatted ? or try scandisk in windows see if it fix05:15
FriGiNJordan_U, no its stuck where it was, nothing happens if i select /dev/mapper/pdc_bahcbhddbf05:15
SeanBannisterJust wondering, once I edit a port in /etc/services does anyone know what service I have to restart to make the port changes known05:16
Jordan_UFriGiN: Is there an option to continue without installing a bootloader?05:16
FriGiNJordan_U, yes, how do i load ubu if it doesnt have boot loader then05:16
Jordan_UFriGiN: By installing grub manually from the LiveCD or using Super GRUB2 Disk.05:17
ka1gdqno luck..way too much time adn I am beat!05:17
RediXeacklee, I tried installing nvidia-current and I think I got to the basic gnome desktop.. downloaded the nvidia driver for linux 32bit off their site and now back to CLI only ... while I had the basic desktop I checked the other drivers that lists the propietary drivers and it said it was installed but not in use (no activate button either)05:17
FriGiNJordan_U, last i knew, grub was difficult to mess with and unforgiving has that changed?05:17
Jordan_UFriGiN: I would highly recommend installing 11.04 rather than 10.10 though, as it has a newer version of grub.05:17
perfectjiteshgry @ is it important to setup $path05:18
FriGiNJordan_U, i am using 11.0405:18
FriGiNJordan_U, You are using Ubuntu 11.04 - the Natty Narwhal05:18
gryperfectjitesh: I suppose.05:18
Jordan_UFriGiN: Good (sorry, I was confusing you for saruji_ who is installing Ubuntu 10.10).05:19
ackleeRediXe: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf05:19
sam1234hei guys anyone using GT540m VGA with ubuntu ?05:19
ackleeadd noveau & lbm-noveau to blacklist05:19
FriGiNJordan_U, its ok. 100% forgiveness when im screwed :) so is grub still tough to deal with?05:19
ActionParsnip!anyone | sam123405:19
ubottusam1234: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:19
saruji_Jordan_U, i'm dl'ing 11.0405:19
RediXeacklee, doing that now05:19
ackleeRediXe: that is the only thing that worked for me05:19
sb1is there anyone who can help me with this : i want to restart mysql in uck-remaster and add new database05:20
saruji_Jordan_U, just that i've had the same issue with 11.04 before, right now i've got 10.10 avail05:20
sb1how to stop system level mysql and restart it in uck-remaster05:20
sb1and add new database05:20
saruji_Jordan_U, any ideas?05:20
perfectjiteshgry@ sorry i am a bit scared last after doing it my ubuntu crashed :( like i could not load into unity or root even with startx. i am done with installing everything except $path , just tell me if it's safe . sorry i know it is a silly question05:20
ActionParsnipsb1: could add a script to run at boot05:20
gryperfectjitesh: It is safe indeed.05:21
sam1234oh sorry obottu. im strucked with my VGA driver with ubuntu distro from two weeks.05:21
sb1i am customizing a livecd where on livecd i want to add new mysql database when i try to restart mysql it does not start as it is running on system i need to know how to restart mysql in livecd and create new database over there which i can pack on livecd05:21
sam1234it give me device not found error. dont know how to fix it.05:22
perfectjiteshgry@ okay let me complete then i'll tell u what is not happening most probably it will say that it does not understnad "adb"  when i use some commands05:22
ActionParsnipsam1234: install nvidia-current and it will give the driver you need, you may need to add the boot option: nouveau.blacklist=1   to get the initial desktop05:22
Jordan_UFriGiN: It depends on what you're doing. FakeRAID in linux is always complicated, that includes when dealing with grub.05:22
ActionParsnipsb1: have you tried my suggestion?05:22
gryperfectjitesh: sure, just describe your issue once you understand it well, and explain what you did.05:22
Nullifi3dhas the suspend/resume issue been fixed for core i* processors in 11.04?05:22
sb1Actionparsnip:i dont know hw to do that05:23
FriGiNJordan_U,  soooo drop linux, go back to win, call it a day? I'm only playing with ubuntu for the giggles of it, looking for some possible game speed increases so nothing really serious and honestly my *nix info is about 15 years old.05:23
ActionParsnipsb1: if you get a boot, do you have a list of commands you can run to make the system do as you desire?05:24
RediXeacklee, thanks for the help - still not working for me though05:24
kaellananyone here is a web designer or know how to make live cam feed onto a homepage from multible cams ? :) (i know its not a ubuntu question) :)05:24
ackleeRediXe: then update-initramfs -u following with sudo apt-get install nvidia-common nvidia-glx-18505:25
ActionParsnipkaellan: then its offtopic here, this is Ubuntu support only05:25
kaellanok :P05:25
sb1actionparnip: i have opened my livecd.iso with uck-remaster-unpack now i want to add new mysql and postgres database here can y tell me step by step to do this05:25
Jordan_UFriGiN: Don't expect game speed increases with Ubuntu (or any other distro), that said I'm curious why grub isn't installing so if you're OK with it I'd actually prefer to keep troubleshooting :)05:25
ActionParsnipJordan_U: apparent counter strike source runs better under wine than in windows :)05:26
FriGiNJordan_U, 100% happy to be ur guinea pig as long as win 7 doesnt go anywhere. and as far as speed increases thats due to an overdue overhaul of win7 with bad drivers and some other complicated crap i'd normally just format.  However there is some work stuff i cant get back for about 3 months if i lose windows.05:27
RediXeacklee, still no such luck05:27
sam1234ok ActionParsnip. thx lot will try and share the result.05:27
Jordan_UFriGiN: The "dangerous" part, resizing the Windows partition, is already over. Even if grub completely fails there will be no data loss and it's easy to restore an MS style mbr to get Windows booting.05:29
ackleeRediXe: I'm reallu sorry, can't help you for this anymore, so it might another problem05:29
kaellanannyone tried eve online in ubuntu and/or how is it running? smooth or crap ? :P05:29
FriGiNJordan_U, im down then .. call me luke and i'll call ya yoda.05:29
perfectjiteshwhile doing step 5 http://androinica.com/2010/08/how-to-install-apps-to-the-sd-card-by-default-on-android-2-2-froyo/ it gives me an output of http://pastie.org/220035405:29
RediXeacklee, thanks for the help that you gave ... sucks as I've never had issue's with NVidia cards before :(05:29
perfectjiteshgry@while doing step 5 http://androinica.com/2010/08/how-to-install-apps-to-the-sd-card-by-default-on-android-2-2-froyo/ it gives me an output of http://pastie.org/220035405:30
Jordan_UFriGiN: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo blkid"?05:30
FriGiNJordan_U, just did "sudo blkid" and absolutely nothing happened. got next input line05:31
perfectjiteshhelp: while doing step 5 http://androinica.com/2010/08/how-to-install-apps-to-the-sd-card-by-default-on-android-2-2-froyo/ it gives me an output of http://pastie.org/220035405:32
ackleeRediXe: glad to help05:32
Jordan_UFriGiN: That's odd. Did it finish (return to a prompt ending in '$ ' ) or does it appear hung?05:32
ar0nicim desperate to figure out how to assign my vga input as the main monitor05:33
ar0nicand the hdmi as secondary05:33
FriGiNJordan_U,  nope it finished sittin @ "ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ "05:33
ar0nicim back in windows cause i was being angered05:33
ar0nicit will assign the hdmi output as primary, and it will clone them, and then proceed to fuck up05:33
Jordan_U!language | ar0nic05:33
ubottuar0nic: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:33
ar0nicbut it will NOT, by every setting ive tried, assign my VGA output as primary05:34
ar0nicsorry Jordan_U.05:34
perfectjiteshsomeone please help: while doing step 5 http://androinica.com/2010/08/how-to-install-apps-to-the-sd-card-by-default-on-android-2-2-froyo/ it gives me an output of http://pastie.org/220035405:34
ar0nicperfectjitesh..wrong channel05:34
perfectjiteshar0nic :which channel then05:34
Jordan_Usaruji_: No idea. I'm surprised that those aren't listed. The "nomdraid" kernel parameter might help if you have some stale raid metadata on them.05:35
wabznasmperfectjitesh: that is left as an exercise for the reader05:35
perfectjiteshar0nic: it shows adb command not found05:35
perfectjiteshwabznasm@ please guide me a bit05:36
wabznasmperfectjitesh: do a /list and look for an android channel?05:36
perfectjitesh:( okie05:38
ar0nicthat chan can help05:38
tuanhtHi everyone, I'm customize a distro base on Ubuntu. And I want run a bash script when ubiquity installer complete (to copy some file that pre-generate before ubiquity run). I used 'd-i preseed/late_command' in ubuntu.seed file but it's not work. Anybody help me solve this problem?05:38
kvcrawford_what specs would you need to say build a media server?05:39
Jordan_UFriGiN: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"?05:39
perfectjiteshperfect@perfect-desktop:~/android-sdk-linux_x86/tools$ cyanogenmod05:40
perfectjiteshcyanogenmod: command not found05:40
perfectjiteshoh sorry05:40
FriGiNJordan_U,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/642401/05:40
RediXeacklee, did you install with Wubi? Just curious if a true install has the same issue's.05:41
perfectjiteshar0nic@ sorry thanks for help05:41
Jordan_UFriGiN: sudo mount /dev/sdd5 /mnt/05:42
ktimedoes anyone know anything about the error "grub-mkconfig couldn't be executed successfully. You must run this as root!" in grub-customizer? I've already checked google and read through alot of forums with no help. I've tried gksu with grub-mkconfig and grub-customizer05:42
FriGiNJordan_U, k05:42
perfectjitesh* #cyanogenmod :Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services05:43
Jordan_UFriGiN: sudo mount --bind /dev/ /mnt/dev/; sudo mount --bind /proc/ /mnt/proc/; sudo mount --bind /sys/ /mnt/sys/; sudo chroot /mnt/05:43
saruji_Having problems with not being able to see 2 of my partitions, this post explains the problem very well, any help would be greatly appretiated..http://tinyurl.com/5rdpeyk05:43
FriGiNJordan_U, k05:43
Jordan_UFriGiN: After all that you should have a new prompt ending in '# '.05:43
Jordan_U!register | perfectjitesh05:43
ubottuperfectjitesh: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:43
FriGiNJordan_U, "/#" yes.05:43
Jordan_UFriGiN: dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc05:44
RediXeacklee, odd... after removing the blacklist entries, running update-initramfs -u, and reinstalling nvidia-current it works (after reboot) .. even got the new sidebar thing05:44
ackleeRediXe: I used to, now I run 11:04 not using Wubi..05:44
FriGiNJordan_U, one sec before continuing... i still have the "continue without loader" up. should i go ahead and OK that?05:44
tuanhtI'm customizing a distro base on Ubuntu. And I want run a bash script when ubiquity installer complete (to copy some file that pre-generate before ubiquity run) by using  'd-i preseed/late_command ...' in ubuntu.seed file but it's not work. Does anyone help me solve this problem?05:45
ackleeRediXe: wow!05:45
kaellanHdmi question. if i select that option "separate x server" if i do full scren while playing wow it gets the resolution for the tv and not for the laptop ?05:45
saruji_Having problems with not being able to see 2 of my partitions, this post explains the problem very well, any help would be greatly appretiated.. http://tinyurl.com/5rdpeyk05:46
RediXeacklee, I'm wondering if it had something to do with the update-initramus as that is the one thing I was not doing when I was trying to solve this solo05:46
RediXeacklee, just gave it another reboot just to make sure and it's still working fine :D05:47
=== kvcrawford is now known as ColKurtz
ackleeRediXe: so "man update-initramfs" may help you05:47
consolerswrong channel,but the the answer to my usbstick question  is that that bios expects 64 heads and 32 sectors05:47
Jordan_UFriGiN: Yes. But I thought you had already done that, so first run "exit" then when you're back to a normal prompt run "for mountpoint in /mnt/{dev,sys,proc,}; do sudo umount $mountpoint; done"05:48
almoxarifesaruji_: that is one handsome post, I must say, I don't know the answer, but, could it have something to do with entries? as in only the first 2-3 partions show up by default? long shot05:48
tux_hey all05:48
RediXeacklee, Yeah I'll give a read - thanks again for the help :)05:48
kaellanhow do i open th nvidia x gui if i dont cant click on the ubuntu logo in upper left corner ? :P05:48
Jordan_UFriGiN: I don't want anything we did to affect what the installer might still need to do.05:48
FriGiNJordan_U, well im pretty sure its hosed already, i cant click ok on any of the options including the "cancel installation"05:49
tux_what are you having problems with05:49
Jordan_UFriGiN: Then just leave it however it is and we'll install grub and see what happens. Did you run "exit" or the for loop I gave yet? If not, don't. If so tell me which you have run.05:51
FriGiNJordan_U, i cant even get installer to go away...05:51
Jordan_UFriGiN: I understand that.05:51
tux_try to restart05:51
=== perfectjitesh is now known as your_favorite_ni
FriGiNJordan_U, so leave installer mucked up, then just go ahead and dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc again?05:52
Jordan_UFriGiN: Have you run "exit" yet? (yes or no)05:53
FriGiNno im totally horked. give me like 10 mins. let me restart pc, resetup my wireless and get back in chat. scratch it all over05:53
Jordan_UFriGiN: Also, when I ask questions please answer them the first time I ask them. I don't like that I have had to repeat questions to you multiple times already.05:54
FriGiNJordan_U, i have been to my knowledge answering you to the best of my ability the first time. if i miss something please feel free to tell me to scroll up.05:54
Jordan_UFriGiN: I don't think you're totally borked at all. Please just answer the question if you have run "exit" or not yet before doing anything else.05:55
kaellanhow do i open th nvidia x if i cant click on the ubuntu logo in upper left corner ?05:55
FriGiNas i said before no i didnt run exit05:55
pratzhey guys i have installed 10.04 but can not boot in the system, hard disk - WD (Wester Digital ) , any ideas ??05:55
ktimedoes anyone know anything about the error "grub-mkconfig couldn't be executed successfully. You must run this as root!" with grub-customizer?05:56
tux_what about the grub05:56
pratzguys any help ??05:56
saruji_almoxarife, how would i go about changing that?05:56
pratzprocessor - core 2 deo05:56
tux_where did you put the grub05:56
Jordan_UFriGiN: Then just run "dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc".05:56
saruji_almoxarife, ps thank you05:56
tux_does it give you an option05:57
ktimei'm getting the error grub-mkconfig couldn't be executed successfully. You must run this as root! I ran gksu grub-mkconfig and it stops after BEGIN /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme ###05:57
FriGiNJordan_U, http://paste.ubuntu.com/642408/05:57
almoxarifesaruji_: I don't think that is the prob, what is special about 2 of those hard drives?05:57
ktimedo you think it would have anything to do with windows 7 being my default os?05:58
Jordan_UFriGiN: Now I agree that things are borked :).05:58
pratztux_: blank screen which say hd0 - out of disk05:58
tuanhtdoes anyone known how to run a custom-script after ubiquity installer complete? (d-i preseed/late_command not work for me)05:58
ackleektime: sudo grub-mkconfig ?05:58
balls_429s0f7_mach1ne: hello sir05:58
FriGiNJordan_U,  well im not too out of it to recognize borked when i see it. give me like 10. i'll be back05:58
tux_ ps me05:58
saruji_almoxarife, Windows 7 is installed on that 1 hard drive but it is split into 2 partitions05:58
almoxarifesaruji_: the ones that don't show, special how?05:58
Jordan_UFriGiN: I need to go to sleep soon so reboot and confirm that you can still boot Windows.05:59
FriGiNJordan_U, ok05:59
pratztux_: any more information you need buddy ??05:59
almoxarifesaruji_: how many physical drives are there?05:59
ktimeBEGIN /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme ### is what it stops on when I run gksu grub-mkconfig05:59
saruji_almoxarife,  405:59
tux_no your hard drive might be going bad05:59
sam1234ActionParsnip> i did how u said. but it give me error.  E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:59
Jordan_UFriGiN: I'll help you recover if you can't, and I can probably help you get Ubuntu installed another day if you'd still like to try.05:59
pratztux_: mother board is lenovo05:59
pratztux_: how do i check if the hard disk is bad ??06:00
kaellanGfx driver question - Nvidia driver sais: "This driver is activated but not currently in use". How to activate ?06:00
tux_you cant06:00
almoxarifesaruji_: googled it? usb install hidden partions?06:00
pratztux_: so whats the other option , and how can i recover the data ??06:00
tux_its eather the hard drive or the mother board or boath06:00
Jordan_Upratz: You have a buggy BIOS which can't properly handle large drives. You can work around the bug by creating a small /boot/ partition near the beginning of the drive.06:00
tux_install a linux os on a usb drive and run it on your computer and mount the hard drives06:01
saruji_almoxarife, doing so now, previously I came across a similar post labeled solved but not solution was given06:01
tux_have you tryed reinstalling  linux did it install okat06:02
saliakI've noticed random emails (well, really only one, from root to smsp) trying to get sent on my system.  How would I figure out what program is queueing those? or better yet, make it remove them from the queue after so many fails (they are sitting there making my logs grow now)06:02
tux_it might be the mother board if it installs good06:02
sam1234hei why its a pain to install nvidia drivers on ubuntu ?06:03
djcastonwould someone be able to tell me how to set a static ip for a computer connected to an ubuntu box through internet sharing?06:03
almoxarifesaruji_: want to try something for shits and giggles, unplug one of the drives now showing, see if the missing drive/s show up?06:03
pratztux_: i haved installed it successfully06:04
pratztux_: with no erros06:04
ackleedjcaston: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces06:04
tux_ok then it may be your mother board06:04
tux_how old is it06:04
Jordan_Upratz: tux_: This is almost certainly due to a buggy BIOS as I have explained.06:04
saruji_almoxarife, i unplugged 3 hard drives and only left the one I wanted to install to and as a result it did not show up06:04
FriGiNJordan_U: yup windoze is loaded.06:04
tuanhtdoes anyone known how to run a custom-script after ubiquity installer complete? (d-i preseed/late_command not work for me)06:05
djcastonacklee what do i do? the only text in the doc is two lines: auto lo and iface lo inet loopback06:05
FriGiNJordan_U: wanted to do a scandisk but eff that i canceled that junk.06:05
tux_it may be but eather he gets a better bios or a new mother board06:05
Jordan_Utux_: Or creates a small /boot/ partition near the beginning of the drive.06:05
tux_it ant going to matter if the bios wont load it up06:06
almoxarifesaruji_: you are installing 11.04, have you tried the cd/dvd, not the live, the one with repair/install06:06
saruji_almoxarife, no but I will give it a shot in a second06:06
greghow do i create a file that has a value of 5?06:07
saruji_almoxarife, by the way, i'm in GParted and the hard drive is showing up split into two just like it did in windows06:07
Jordan_Ugreg: What do you mean by a value of 5?06:07
andrew__hey can someone help me with xubuntu 11.0406:07
saruji_almoxarife, and I've never hidden a drive so I dont know why it would be that...06:07
gregi'm not sure myself06:08
gregi'm trying to figure that out06:08
almoxarifesaruji_: nothing to lose by trying the dvd/cd06:08
gregwould it be something like "MYVAR1="5""?06:08
andrew__how can i restore the bottom panel in xubuntu 11.0406:08
saruji_almoxarife, right burning now, thanks for helping06:08
Jordan_Ugreg: What are you trying to accomplish?06:08
=== FriGiN_ is now known as FriGiN
gregessentially i'm trying to create a file, where one line has a value of 506:09
Jordan_UFriGiN: If you want to try again then boot the LiveCD and run "sudo mount /dev/sdd5 /mnt/; sudo mount --bind /dev/ /mnt/dev/; sudo mount --bind /proc/ /mnt/proc/; sudo mount --bind /sys/ /mnt/sys/; sudo chroot /mnt/" then "dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc".06:09
almoxarifesaruji_: I am talking about the 'alternate' cd, btw06:09
Jordan_Ugreg: What is your end goal>?06:09
FriGiNJordan_U, you going to stay awake for a bit? if you want i will if not i'll try it another day.06:09
saruji_almoxarife, what do you mean?  So i have the default download from ubuntu.com of 11.04 64 bit, burnt to a cd right?06:10
gregah, well the end goal is to create a script that reads the value from that file06:10
tux_just try to redownload must be a bad download06:10
almoxarifesaruji_: not sure, the default is something like 'desktop-11.04' I assume, and that is not it06:10
gregso I'm trying to create 2 files, file1 has a line with a value of 5, file2 has a line with a value of 100, and i'm trying to write a script to read the values from both files06:11
Delraynehrm, just installed Ubuntu 11.04 and the OS icon wasn't on my desktop now it is...how can I get it off without breaking things? The only option I see is unmount, but that would bad right?06:11
Jordan_Ugreg: Then MYVAR=5 and loading the file with "source /path/to/file/" is the easiest solution, though completely insecure if you can't trust the file not to be mallicious.06:11
neologyhi.. what are the good mobile web developer tools for ubuntu?06:11
gregJordan: don't worry this is for my own practice and knowledge06:12
almoxarifesaruji_: the one I am talking about http://releases.ubuntu.com/natty/ubuntu-11.04-alternate-amd64.iso06:12
Delrayneif I unmount 'OS' from my desktop will that unmount that drive completely? Or just remove it from my desktop?06:13
Jordan_UFriGiN: I am going to leave now, come back in 10-20 minutes for a short time, then go to sleep.06:13
gregJordan, any idead how I would divide the values from file 2 by the value in file1, and output the result of the calculation in a new file? :)06:13
bullgard4What is the use of the file ~/.gnome2/keyrings/user.keystore.3APUWV in my Natty computer? (It is empty.)06:13
saruji_almoxarife, downloading it06:13
Delraynegreg: what language?06:13
dev1cednecesito ayuda con capturadora06:14
gregdelrayne: bash06:14
almoxarifeDelrayne: unmounts completely06:14
gregi'm trying to create a bash script06:14
bullgard4!es | dev1ced06:14
ubottudev1ced: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:14
Delraynegreg: oh...well sorry can't help. almoxarife: how do I get it off the desktop then?06:14
FriGiNJordan_U: brb then06:15
gregdelrayne: thanks anyway :)06:15
almoxarifeDelrayne: you mean just the icon?06:15
avik42how do I set windows to default boot in grub please?06:15
Delraynealmoxarife: yeah, this is my first linux experience, so bear with the stupidity a bit.06:15
andrew__how do i restore xubuntu 11.04 bottom panel to defult06:16
almoxarifeDelrayne: the thing is that those icons want to be created and put up for your enjoyment, you could delete the icon, but I think they return on the next re-boot06:17
avik42how do I set windows to default boot in grub please?06:17
almoxarifeavik42: in windows 'system something' sets the boot options06:18
bullgard4avik42: You cannot. Grub is no windows manager.06:18
Delraynealmoxarife: Ah, it just wasn't there after install so I figured I'd keep it clean, but if it wants to be there, thats fine. Thanks for the info.06:18
avik42I am aware of that.. grub2 no longer has menu.lst .. I need to have my computer boot into windows as default, so my daughter can use it06:19
tux_well just reinstall the windows boot sector on it again06:19
tux_it well remove grub06:19
avik42I either need the file I can manually edit (in that case where can I find it) or is there an app I can download that I can use to make Windows partition boot by default06:19
almoxarifeDelrayne: listen to someone who trashed 'the other drive' cause it was there, linux is merciless about allowing you to destroy data in connected drives06:19
Delraynealmoxarife: Noted!06:20
=== neology_ is now known as neology
FriGiNJordan_U, i'm back in ubu, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/642420/06:24
almoxarifeavik42: did you get the answer?06:26
sferguthi .. does someone know how where putty searches for fonts.. i want to install the dejavu Sans mono font on putty06:28
dev1cedi need help with a capture pci device06:30
dev1cedi need help with a capture pci device06:31
dev1cedi need help with a capture pci device06:31
Saruji11.04 live cd is taking longer than 5 minutes to load...so far, still loading...normal?  Comp is C2D 3.0 Ghz06:31
almoxarifeSaruji: live? or 'alternate'?06:32
Sarujialmoxarife live, still downloading alternate06:32
almoxarifeSaruji: still? bittorrent much faster06:33
sferguti was able to install the font so now putty works great06:33
Sarujialmoxarife i'm on the university network we are capped06:33
almoxarifeSaruji: the live and alternate are like 600-800 meg06:33
almoxarifeSaruji: sorry to hear06:34
Sarujialmoxarife yeah and torrents are blocked06:34
FriGiNwhere's the hide part/join in xchat.. i had it like 10 mins ago.. apparently im special ed..06:35
zabomberi use irssi.. give it a bash.. hahahahaha06:36
vlt!repeat | dev1ced06:36
ubottudev1ced: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:36
vlt!details | dev1ced06:36
ubottudev1ced: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:36
BKTech86hi, I'm trying to configure grub with ubuntu on 1 hard drive and windows xp on a 2nd hard drive .. i had to remove the boot flag from the windows xp partition in order to get grub working again, but now if i try to boot the windows xp  partition it says bootmgr missing06:45
BKTech86i just want grub to recognize that the windows xp partition is bootable, and list it in the grub menu, can anyone help pls?06:46
Jordan_UBKTech86: That's an error message from Windows, not from grub.06:47
BKTech86yeah i know06:47
BKTech86but how can i fix the whole situation06:48
Jordan_UBKTech86: For help fixing Windows try ##windows.06:48
FriGiNJordan_U: did you see my pastebin06:48
Jordan_UFriGiN: Yes.06:48
bullgard4What is the use of the file ~/.gnome2/keyrings/user.keystore.3APUWV in my Natty computer? (It is empty.)06:48
BKTech86im not trying to fix windows im trying to get grub to recognize the windows partition and put it in the menu list06:48
Jordan_UBKTech86: Once Windows is actually in a working state "sudo update-grub" will add an entry for it to the grub menu.06:49
BKTech86well it was in a working state06:49
BKTech86until i removed the boot flag06:49
BKTech86and i did update-grub06:49
BKTech86thats all i did and now its not in the  list (1) and it wont boot (2)06:50
Jordan_UBKTech86: Did you install grub's boot sector to a partition rather than the mbr?06:50
BKTech86ill tell you exactly what i did06:50
Jordan_UFriGiN: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"?06:51
BKTech86i mounted my normal linux partition that install grub to06:51
BKTech86then i did sudo grub-install root-directory=/mnt/mountpointoflinux /dev/sda06:51
BKTech86that's what i did06:51
FriGiNJordan_U: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/642430/06:52
Jordan_UBKTech86: Then the boot flag on the Windows partition should't have made any difference as far as grub working.06:52
Jordan_UBKTech86: Unless you have a buggy BIOS or there is more to the story than that.06:52
BKTech86Jordan_U: i know thats what someone else said when i installed windows7 on the same partition as that linux partition but it does make a difference06:52
=== mirco_ is now known as mirco
BKTech86now i can boot that linux partition and the grub menu comes up just the same as before i can choose windows7 or ubuntu but not the windowsxp partition on the other drive06:53
FriGiNJordan_U: at the end of all this remapping if i can get it to work right, will i ever be able to mount the raid0 drive?06:53
Jordan_UFriGiN: Replace /dev/sdd in the commands with /dev/sda.06:54
Jordan_UFriGiN: Yes.06:54
Jordan_UBKTech86: What happens when you restore the boot flag to the XP partition?06:54
BKTech86i get that bootmgr missing error i told u about06:55
BKTech86now if i take it away, grub will come up06:55
BKTech86im in live cd right now06:55
Jordan_U!bootinfo | BKTech8606:55
ubottuBKTech86: Boot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).06:55
FriGiNJordan_U: so "sudo mount /dev/sdd5 /mnt/" becomes "sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt/" yes?06:55
Jordan_UFriGiN: Correct.06:56
FriGiNJordan_U:  ok were golden, asking for input on the command line editor06:57
=== tum is now known as Guest95970
Jordan_UFriGiN: Leave it at its default (probably blank).06:57
FriGiNJordan_U: asking for flags "quiet splash"06:58
especially-cornfglrx installation failed for me every time (for 2.6.39 kernel)06:58
Jordan_UFriGiN: Again, leave it at the default.06:58
especially-corn/var/lib/dkms/fglrx/8.840/build/2.6.x/firegl_public.c:117:28: fatal error: linux/smp_lock.h: No such file or directory06:58
Jordan_UFriGiN: For the install devices select /dev/sda (select a drive by pressing space bar, continue to the next menu by pressing enter).06:58
BKTech86Jordan_U: http://pastebin.com/dfn3cFHM06:58
FriGiNJordan_U: just as a Q, the previous dialog box had information pertaining to installing grub to all drives, is that such a bad idea in this case?06:59
Jordan_UBKTech86: Make sure sda is the first in the boot priority or install grub to sdb and sdc as well.06:59
BKTech86Jordan_U: make sure how07:00
BKTech86oh in bios? it is07:00
Jack87oh boy.. i need some support via networking in linux07:00
Jordan_UFriGiN: Normally it would be a good idea. With Fakeraid it is not a good idea.07:00
BKTech86Jordan_U: do you know what boot-sector type is?07:00
Jack87i feel bad because im sure this question has been beat to death by now with all the mobile devices and tablet pcs out there07:00
Jack87but i want ot be able to broadcast wifi access point from laptop for tablet to connect to07:01
FriGiNJordan_U: ok, also it shows a 2nd line "- /dev/sda5 (118924 MB; /)"07:01
Jordan_UBKTech86: The symptoms + boot info script output suggest otherwise. I'm betting if you select sda in a one time boot menu grub will load no matter what boot flags are where.07:01
Jack87not quit sure where to start. any advice would be great07:01
Jordan_UFriGiN: Do not select that. Select only sda then continue.07:01
BKTech86Jordan_U: ok but i already did that and i'm telling you it's not the case07:01
FriGiNJordan_U: thx.07:01
BKTech86Jordan_U: if that boot flag is on the windows xp partition it doesnt matter what drive i select in my bios07:02
Jordan_UBKTech86: How are you selecting a drive?07:02
BKTech86boot order ?07:02
FriGiNJordan_U: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/642435/07:02
pratztux_: now i am trying to install from usb stick07:02
FriGiNJordan_U: looks ok, however, i'm still on thumbdrive, no install has happened.07:03
bullgard4What is the use of the file ~/.gnome2/keyrings/user.keystore.3APUWV in my Natty computer? (It is empty.)07:03
Jordan_UBKTech86: Sometimes some drives take longer to spin up or otherwise be recognised, that's why I mentioned a one time boot menu rather than just boot priority.07:03
pratztux_:  i have plugged in usb , how do i find the usb device name ??07:03
Jordan_UFriGiN: Try booting from sda.07:03
BKTech86what do you mean a one time boot menu07:03
FriGiNJordan_U: ok on my way.07:04
pratzhow do i find the usb device name which is plugged in ??07:04
Jordan_UBKTech86: Most BIOSs will show a message like "press F8 for a one time boot menu" (where F8 might be some other key) which will list all drives and allow you to select one to boot without changing the boot priority permanently.07:04
BKTech86my bios doesnt have that option on my desktop07:05
BKTech86my script says windows is installed in the mbr of sdb07:05
BKTech86what exactly does that mean07:06
Jordan_UBKTech86: It means that the mbr of that drive contains Microsoft code which will search for the first active partition and load the code from the first sector of that partition.07:07
sam1234hei guys/gals i installed latest NVIDIA driver on my acer laptop. but it giving me device not found error. what could be da wrong ?07:07
BKTech86so how does that tie into my grub installation on sda507:08
FriGiNJordan_U: restarted str8 to win707:08
FriGiNJordan_U: happy to muck about this another time.07:08
Jordan_UFriGiN: Be sure your BIOS is actually booting from sda (which could be numbered differently in the BIOS, go by size /brand information).07:08
FriGiNJordan_U: 95% sure. will check.07:09
Jordan_UBKTech86: If your BIOS were booting sda it would make no difference at all07:09
ar0nicguys im trying to figure out how to set up or read the log in vlc, ive set it to log, and chose a specific file to it output to, so im a bit miffed, but i can have it log to the ubuntu logs, i just dont know how to read them07:10
kaellanmy vlc is laggy, prefer the one included in ubuntu :)07:11
ar0nicvlc is far better than for what im lookign for07:11
=== csd is now known as csd__
ar0nicbut i catn seem to get any video streaming07:11
almoxarifear0nic: you already have vlc logging to a file07:11
ar0nicyeah but nothing is there07:11
dattebayohey guys i recently upgrade my 10.10 to 11.04 so i wanted to know is it possible to revert it? downgrade it to 10.10?07:11
wabznasmar0nic: permissions on log dir?07:12
ar0nicso im either doing it wrong, or there is another file somewhere, a log it creates when i turn on logging07:12
ar0nicwabznasm,  its on my desktop..07:12
wabznasmar0nic, sounds fair - and vlc runs as what user?07:12
almoxarifear0nic: where did you place the log? in your home folder or elsewhere?07:12
sam1234no survival for me ?07:12
pratz_how do i find the usb device name which is plugged in ??07:15
Rousesudo  ./ "command not found"07:15
Rousewhat the error07:15
wabznasmpratz_: ls -la /media ?07:16
wabznasmpratz: storage or a device though?07:16
BKTech86pratiz_: try sudo blkid07:16
djcastoncan someone tell me how to install guidedog on natty?07:17
pratz_wabznasm: thanks dude thats it07:17
BKTech86Jordan_U: now that i've turned on the boot flag for my sda ext4 partition, grub will come up07:17
mikunoshi guys07:17
crackerjackzi just installed ubuntu on my desktop using wubi, after wubi was done it wanted to reboot, so i let it. it says error: unknown filesystem grub rescue>07:17
BKTech86im in my native linux partition -- how can i add windows xp to the grub boot list (its on another hard drive)?07:17
Rousewhen am trying to install i gave sudo ./ "filename.sh"07:17
astraljavaRouse: `sudo ./filename.sh`, but are you sure what you're doing?07:18
astraljavaRouse: That might be a dangerous command.07:18
astraljavaRouse: Be absolutely sure what the script is doing, in order to not mess up your system.07:18
mikunosmy sondcard doesn't work with the last kernel and I don't understand why. I have already set all the audio preferences but nothing. My last kernel is Linux vaio 2.6.38-8-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:31:50 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux http://imagebin.org/162722 http://imagebin.org/16272307:19
Rousethe error is sudo: ./: command not found07:19
Rousehow to correct it07:19
fairuzRouse: Make sure the .sh file is in the current directory07:20
wabznasmRouse: you got a space between ./ and filename? should be sudo ./filename.sh07:20
stimpieanyone knows a simple script to log basic performance info such as cpu usage?07:20
pratz_hey guys i am following this tutorial http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-from-usb-stick.html07:20
mikunosany idea?07:20
pratz_sudo syslinux /dev/sdbX - this is the command i am stuck in07:20
Rouse./filename command not found07:20
pratz_i have to replace "sdbX" with my usb device name07:21
wabznasmRouse: didn't you say it was filename.sh?07:21
astraljavaRouse: Does the file have execute permissions? If not, then `chmod +x filename.sh`07:21
BKTech86there is a utility to make a usb stick07:21
Rouseyeah exactly07:21
BKTech86pratz just go to system, administration, startupdisk creator07:21
BKTech86create your usb stick there07:21
BKTech86then reboot with it and install07:21
genjixworks in natty07:21
genjixnot in oneiric07:21
Rousei did that astraljava07:22
Rousethough command not found error07:22
crackerjackzi do not have any blank cds or a flash drive with enough space to install ubuntu .. so i used wubi but i get this.. error: unknown filesystem. grub rescue> i do have damn small linux on a flash drive though.. would this guide fix my grub rescue problem? http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2010/06/02/how-to-chroot-to-ubuntu-using-live-cd-to-fix-grub-rescue-prompt/07:22
astraljavaRouse: Could you pastebin the following: `ls -l filename.sh` and `./filename.sh`, please?07:24
fairuzRouse: Maybe you are in a wrong directory?07:25
ar0nicguys what would i do to track down the log for vlc07:25
ar0nicive tried to create a log, and it wont output it, ive tried a manual flag and its not working07:25
crackerjackzhow come fdisk -l only list my flash drive?07:27
bullgard4What is the use of the file ~/.gnome2/keyrings/user.keystore.3APUWV in my Natty computer? (It is empty.)07:28
crackerjackzthats so bizzare07:29
lei_Hey, who knows how to un-install  libvirt, since i had libvirt-0.8.3,then i compile libvirt-0.7.5 and now the virt-manager can not start07:29
crackerjackzits not detecting the harddrive any more... i'm in the bios right now.. it says onboard sata hard drive not present07:29
wabznasmcrackerjackz: you rechecked connectors and cables? I have a dodgy sata that disappears if I so much as look at it a bit funny07:30
crackerjackzwabznasm, i'm about to check it now07:30
lei_when i use virt-manager, error occurs as below: root@lei-ThinkPad-X200:/usr/lib/virt-manager# virt-manager07:30
lei_sh: getcwd() failed: No such file or directory07:30
lei_Traceback (most recent call last):07:30
lei_  File "/usr/share/virt-manager/virt-manager.py", line 26, in <module>07:30
lei_    import libvirt07:30
lei_  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/libvirt.py", line 25, in <module>07:30
FloodBot1lei_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:30
wabznasmcrackerjackz: mine actually ended up dying. so if things seem okay, but you get intermittent probs still, get it backed up07:31
lei_when i use virt-manager,error occurs as below:07:31
lei_root@lei-ThinkPad-X200:/usr/lib/virt-manager# virt-manager07:31
lei_sh: getcwd() failed: No such file or directory07:31
lei_Traceback (most recent call last):07:31
lei_  File "/usr/share/virt-manager/virt-manager.py", line 26, in <module>07:31
lei_    import libvirt07:31
FloodBot1lei_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:31
lei_who knows how to uninstall libvirt? I need help07:32
Rousehow come the sudo chmod +x is working but ./ alone ..command not found :(07:33
lei_I have two version on my laptop right now, and the virt-manager can not work07:33
CapTechRouse: What kind of program/script?07:33
wabznasmRouse: what's your pwd now?07:34
Rousethts a our own program07:34
wabznasmRouse: what's your pwd now? - current directory07:34
kobe1hello everybody07:34
CapTechRouse: If it's a script, do you have the #!/bin/bash or what ever shebang set correctly?07:34
Rousehome directory07:34
lei_Hi, can anybody help me07:34
mrpriseIm trying to use ubuntu in virtualbox. how can I change the screen's resolution? the monitor it detects is unknown and I only have 1024x768, but I want 128007:34
CapTechRouse: What file system is your home dir on?07:34
wabznasmmrprise: you installed VBox Tools?07:34
gmorekDoes anyone know, how I can access the sandisk commands through a usb connected card reader?07:35
kobe1install VMware Tools07:35
mrpriseI tried  but it shuts down gnome and does not seem to work07:35
kobe1o my god \07:35
wabznasmmrpsie: how are you doing it?07:35
eddiemongesilly question, but how exactly do i enable git-shell?07:35
lei_Is there anybody who install libvirt?07:35
lei_or compile it07:35
mrprisewabznasm: I have the vbox additions cdrom on the desktop, I clicked on it, then run with the autorun07:36
CapTechlei_: Not I, sorry.07:36
lei_I need to un-install libvirt, since the virt-manager can not work07:36
mrpriseit is a fresh 11.04 ubuntu.07:36
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
kobe1first  select the menu in virtualbox07:36
lei_oh...thanks all the same~07:36
wabznasmmrpsie: just in case, try running the .sh file from a terminal07:37
CapTechlei_: Have you googled the heck out of it yet?07:37
CapTechlei_: Google is your best friend.07:37
mrprisewabznasm: I tried that too.07:37
kobe1i try baidu07:37
wabznasmmrpsise: hmm. I do have some VMs I used where I can't get 1920x1080, but can usually get 1280x102407:37
crackerjackzwabznasm, ahh i was wrong the bios does detect the hard drive it appears my HD is abunch of random letters and numbers07:38
wabznasmcrackerjackz: that does not sound good :(07:38
CapTechcrackerjackz: Are you seeing your drive, or the UUID of the drive?07:38
tombuntui've a question, why when install ubuntu i can install only in one disk? i've 3 but i can't choose07:38
lei_yes ,i used google, but still can not find answer to solve it07:38
CapTechlei_: I'll talk to you in the PM you sent me.07:39
wabznasmlei_ what about the README and INSTALL in the src.tar.gz?07:39
crackerjackzwhen i press f12 for boot menu i see onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive then i see ST3320620AS and USB Device07:39
crackerjackzthe one with the numbers and letters is my hard drive07:39
wabznasmcrackerjackz: less reason for panicking then...07:39
wabznasmcrackerjackz: random numbers and letters are your serial code for your SeaGate drive (IIRC)07:40
wabznasmmodel number...07:40
crackerjackzwabznasm, i see07:40
crackerjackzwabznasm, so how come my hard drive wont show up when i fdisk -l from dsl07:40
lei_the first version i used apt-get install to install, and the second version i wget 0.7.5. tar.gz and compile it07:40
crackerjackzi ran it as root too07:40
RouseCapTech,  yeah its a script07:40
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
wabznasmcrackerjackz: difficult to say for sure. Before my sata bit the dust, I got lots of error messages in dmesg - anything there that looks nasty?07:41
CapTechRouse: Make sure the very top line of it is #!/bin/bash or #/!usr/bin/perl or whatever script program it should be.07:41
CapTechOops #!/usr/bin/perl07:41
crackerjackznone of my partitions are showing up07:43
bullgard4What is the use of the file ~/.gnome2/keyrings/user.keystore.3APUWV in my Natty computer? (It is empty.)07:43
crackerjackzwabznasm, i dunno i can't pastebin it i cant get net07:43
crackerjackzwabznasm, what kind of errors should i look for in dmesg?07:43
wabznasmcrackerjackz, errors prefixed sataX, hard resetting link, link down, reset failed. Ugly stuff that doesn't sound good. Hoipefully you won't07:45
kuralI have a external disk , besides the main disk . My problem , how to mount partiotions of extemal disks in readonly mode , as disk are different most of the times.07:45
crackerjackzwabznasm, VFS: can't find ex2 filesystem on dev sd(8,1).07:45
Rousebut it was not accessible when i was trying to access through folders07:46
wabznasmcrackerjackz: a gioolge search shows some results for that which might be worth reading07:46
CapTechRouse: I'm not sure what you mean.07:47
megremset up postfix but it refuses to send mails to foreign hosts: relay access denied07:47
crackerjackzwabznasm well the error im getting is grub rescue invald filesystem... i found this but, this guide isn't going to work unless i can see my partitons07:47
megremreceiving mails works07:47
wabznasmmegrem: where is your host? AWS?07:47
megremwabnasm: don't understand your question^^07:48
wabznasmmegrem: you have setup postfix on a server somewhere. Where is your host?07:48
wangshouyiHi,why the output of 'file' command always include "for Linux 2.6.15"?07:49
megremwabznasm: server stands in frankfurt/germany, my host is in oldenburg/germany and the foreign mailserver is yahoo07:49
wabznasmcrackerjackz: so you've booted with a live cd (I didn't read any previous messages of yours) is thatright?07:49
wangshouyiBut my kernel version is 2.6.3507:49
crackerjackzwabznasm, i booted into damn small linux with a usb flash drive.. when i run the command fdisk -l it doesn't show my hard drive.. none of my partitions show up07:50
wabznasmmegrem: ok - not sure if I can help you then. I have experience of outgoing email problems on cloud based hostsm but maybe this is not your issue07:50
CapTechcrackerjackz: Try a cat /proc/partitions and see if anything shows up there.07:50
megremwabznasm: nah i think it's a configuration issue of postfix.. tried everything and over 9000 howtos07:51
wabznasmmegrem: not an area I can help with, I leave it for someone else07:51
crackerjackzCapTech, it says 503808 sda and 497983 sda107:51
wangshouyiHi,why the output of 'file' command always include "for Linux 2.6.15"?07:52
=== Mamut_ is now known as Mamut
crackerjackzi have 3 partitons though.. one of those partitions that is showing is my flash drive07:52
llutzmegrem: you use sasl-auth for sending mail?07:52
CapTechcrackerjackz: How many physical drives do you  have?07:52
megremllutz: no, any tutorials on how to set it up?07:53
gryI'm reading second response at <http://serverfault.com/questions/113675/what-is-the-difference-between-usr-local-bin-usr-local-sbin>. On Ubuntu, should I have `/usr/local/sbin` in my path only if I'm a sudoer, for all users, or for root only?07:53
crackerjackzCapTech, just 107:53
llutzmegrem: http://www.postfix.org/SASL_README.html07:53
crackerjackzsda1 is my cd drive i think07:53
CapTechcrackerjackz: No.07:53
CapTechcrackerjackz: sda is your first hard disk.07:53
CapTechsda1 is the first logical drive on the hard disk.07:53
CapTechOr the first partition.07:54
BKTech86is anyone a grub expert?07:54
CapTechIf you are only showing 1 logical drive in /proc/partitions under /dev/sda, then your other partition has been erased or is damaged.07:54
CapTechcrackerjackz: /dev/sr0 should be your cdrom.07:55
gry!anyone > BKTech8607:55
ubottuBKTech86, please see my private message07:55
llutzmegrem: btw there is a #postfix channel too, you might get more help there07:55
crackerjackzCapTech, sda1 is my flash drive.. i just now mounted it07:55
BKTech86ubottu: because that is my real question07:56
HAWK_is anyone on here?07:56
megremthanks so far llutz07:56
CapTechcrackerjackz: Do you have a physical drive installed in the computer?07:56
=== Robin is now known as Guest54829
CapTechcrackerjackz: I came into your problem late, so I don't know the history of what you've said.07:56
CapTechHAWK_: Um, yeah, can't you see us talking?  :)07:56
crackerjackzCapTech, yes.. it was working fine an hour ago. i didnt have a way to install ubuntu so i used wubi. it told me to restart my computer. when i did it said invalid file system grub rescue>07:57
HAWK_i guess i didnt let it load before i stuck my fingers in07:57
Us3r_UnfriendlyHAWK_: i'm here via a iphone07:57
CapTechcrackerjackz: Did you have your thumb drive also plugged in when that happened?07:58
crackerjackzCapTech, no07:58
HAWK_i need help, is there another channel to use07:58
CapTechWhat are you booting up to?07:58
Us3r_UnfriendlyHAWK_: whats the problem07:58
crackerjackzCapTech, what do you mean?07:59
HAWK_amd 64 from a 32  10.04 install failure07:59
CapTechcrackerjackz: How are you booting?07:59
crackerjackzCapTech, i dont know what you mean07:59
=== herve is now known as herve06
Us3r_UnfriendlyHAWK_: how so exacly?08:00
CapTechcrackerjackz: If you don't have a hard disk working, how are you booting?08:00
Us3r_Unfriendlylive cd08:00
crackerjackzCapTech, i have damn small linux on a USB flash drive08:00
CapTechcrackerjackz: Ok.  That's how you booted then.08:00
CapTechReboot the computer, and look in your BIOS and see if the disk is showing up there.08:01
CapTechThat's the first place to start.08:01
crackerjackzCapTech, the disk shows up in the bios08:01
HAWK_it was running fine with vista premium, and 10.04 on top, then i tried to install 10.04 in 64 bt and it wont let me08:01
crackerjackzCapTech, ive already done that08:01
HAWK_lost vista and the 3208:01
crackerjackzCapTech, but for some reason fdisk -l will not show my partitions08:01
crackerjackzand cat /proc/partitions  only shows sda and sda108:01
Us3r_UnfriendlyHAWK_: dual booting, wubi, or vm ?08:02
CapTechcrackerjackz: Ok.  I'm just trying to run through the steps, so please be patient.08:02
nibbler_!ops sisri is onjoin spamming08:02
bullgard4What is the use of the file ~/.gnome2/keyrings/user.keystore.3APUWV in my Natty computer? (It is empty.)08:02
HAWK_no , neither, i was dual, now i just want to run 10.04 6408:03
HAWK_or if i have to install xp, and dual boot with it to 6408:03
HAWK_i give up on vista08:03
Us3r_UnfriendlyHAWK_: do you already have ubuntu installed?08:04
HAWK_i did, it erased when i tried the 64 conversion08:05
AFDAny ideas why an SSH session would crash in Terminal when I'm using a VPN? (the whole conenction seems slow)08:06
AFDIs there a speed requirement to keep the session open?08:07
zolgarIS  there a program I can use to watch DVD's? I tried VLC player but its not working.08:07
HAWK_im on a memtest86 pass 100% test 17% then i will try to re-install from a usb08:07
AFDzolgar VLC will work but you may to have to look at the settings. What version of Ubuntu are you using?08:07
soreauWhat is onjoin spamming?08:07
Tm_TAFD: not more than the ping timeout limit08:07
AFDTm_T ok08:08
zolgarAFD: 11.0408:08
AFDzolgar did you check the box at install that asks if you want to enable 3rd party / restricted stuff?08:08
zolgarAFD: You know... i don't know.. I might not have08:09
kaellanannyone know how to get a sd card reader to work in 64 bit ubuntu ?08:09
AFDzolgar ok, it's likely that you need those codecs then ;)08:09
AFDzolgar I'm no expert btw - think you (+Google) can take it from here?08:09
gmorekkaellan: Waht SD-Card reader? Mine works out of the box.08:09
zolgarAFD: Yup :D thanks08:10
AFDzolgar come back if you have problems ;) ciao08:10
HAWK_zolgar- u can use rhythmbox, totem movie player , banchee, muine, or beep media player08:10
=== CapTech is now known as Charybdis
baijiuzolgar just do     dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda08:12
baijiuthat will fix it08:12
=== graingert_ is now known as graingert
HAWK_kaellan, did u go to the bios and check if it is on08:12
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Did you find any more information?08:12
GiZmeHello, iam wondering if anyone know howto disable the autorepeat function for all keyboards through hal08:13
HAWK_i have an xp question, what would be the reason that xp install will not find my 250g hard drive?08:14
zolgarbaijiu: that didnt do anything08:14
tsimpsonzolgar: don't run random commands unless you know what they do, that one is destructive08:15
CharybdisHAWK_: If it's on an addon SATA card, or has some special setup along with it, such as RAID, you may need to install drivers before it can be seen.08:15
mrpriseI updated virtualbox, and installed the lates vboxadditions but I still can not use 1280, the max is 102408:17
HAWK_how can i install drivers with no sys08:17
sam1234hei if my laptop have two VGA modules how should i configure the xorg.conf ?08:17
=== Jack87 is now known as Jack87|Away
CharybdisHAWK_: ???  What do you mean?08:19
kubancwhat application do i need to run IP webcam?08:19
crackerjackzCharybdis, not yet.. im about to put a windows cd in and see if it detects the partitions08:19
CharybdisHAWK_: It's part of the loadup.  If you read what the screen read as you are booting up the Win XP install CD/DVD, you'll see that it asks if you need to install any specific drivers.08:19
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Just for shits/grins, how about you shut down the system and physically disconnect the power and data cables to the physical drive, then reconnect them.08:20
mrprisehow can I add more resolution to that list?08:20
plouffemrprise, try #vbox08:20
HAWK_i have no system installed on that one, xp, im trying to install theos and it tells me there are no hard drives, there are i can see them08:20
crackerjackzCharybdis, i already did that08:20
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Ok.  Again, I don't know what steps you've gone through, so please bear with me.08:21
CharybdisHAWK_: I understand.  As I said, it's part of the install process, not the post install.08:21
HAWK_im working 5 installs at once08:21
CharybdisGuys, I apologize if I am not making any sense, my pain meds are kicking in.08:21
=== knivez is now known as moses_
Charybdiscrackerjackz: What were you doing just before this occurred?08:22
crackerjackzCharybdis, i was installing ubuntu using wubi.. it asked me to reboot my computer so i did. when it rebooted it gave me this error.08:22
crackerjackzinvalid file system08:22
crackerjackzgrub rescue >08:22
crackerjackzthe windows cd detects a partition.. i'm running the recovery console08:23
crackerjackzit only detects 1 partition though08:23
Charybdiscrackerjackz: What was installed prior to that?08:23
crackerjackzCharybdis, windows, linux, and another NTFS partition with music and what not on it08:24
crackerjackzCharybdis, i wanted to reinstall linux.. i formtted the linux partition then used wubi to reinstall it08:24
CharybdisI'm not familiar with wubi, is that the ubuntu on thumbdrive tool?08:25
Charybdiscrackerjackz: IS the drive an SATA or PATA/IDE?08:26
bullgard4What is the use of the file ~/.gnome2/keyrings/user.keystore.3APUWV in my Natty computer? (It is empty.)08:26
crackerjackzCharybdis, it allows you to install ubuntu along side windows.. but you run wubi while booted into windows08:26
goshawkCharybdis, wubi is ubuntu on windows08:26
CharybdisThat's why I've never heard of it.  I don't run Windows.  LOL.08:26
Charybdiscrackerjackz: What version of Windows was installed before this happened?08:27
crackerjackzCharybdis, windows xp home08:27
eddiemongeif i setup a git user and set that users shell to /usr/bin/git-shell, why do i keep getting fatal: Interactive git shell is not enabled?08:28
llutzbullgard4: according some google-hits: to hold wifi-keys stored by gnome-keyring08:28
odixdamn...i have 10 2 tb sata2 hds and 7 usb 500 gig hybrids hooked up to ubuntu right now08:28
odix=) running smooth08:28
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Ok, let's take this from the top.  When you take out the thumb drive and boot the computer from a powered off state, what happens?08:28
bullgard4llutz: Even though these files are empty?08:29
Charybdisodix: You sound like me.  LOL.08:29
crackerjackzit says invalid file system then i get a prompt that says08:29
crackerjackzgrub rescue>08:29
llutzbullgard4: did you store any wifi-keys?08:29
=== almostroot_ is now known as almostroot
ikonia_eddiemonge: look in /etc/shells08:29
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Ok.08:29
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:29
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
crackerjackzCharybdis, i think i can fix it.. every single one of my partitions show up08:30
bullgard4llutz: I have used this computer in foreign wifi networks. I did not store any keys by hand.08:30
eddiemongeikonia_ is /etc/shells a script?08:30
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Let's reset your MBR back to a bootable state then.  If you are getting a grub error without the thumb drive in, then I think I know what's going on.  I deal with this all the time in Ubuntu installs.08:30
CharybdisAh, ok.08:30
crackerjackzCharybdis, on the windows cd08:30
odixwell im copying one hd two 7 other satas, but since i have no room left i took apart a bunch of external usbs, took out the sata to usb bs and just did a dd with one if and seven of...08:30
odixhope it works08:30
=== anomie is now known as almakj
ikoniaeddiemonge: no08:31
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Yeah, that's what you need to do, run a fixmbr from the Windows install cd.08:31
llutzbullgard4: then it might have other purposes. sry can't help08:31
bullgard4llutz: Thank you.08:31
CharybdisAlthough, I didn't think there was a recovery console included with the Home edition of XP.08:32
CharybdisI thought that was only with XP Pro.08:32
eddiemongeikonia: what is it supposed to be? i see /etc/shells but it says its not a folder. do i just use that as the shell prompt?08:32
ikoniaeddiemonge: open it and view the contents of the file08:32
crackerjackzCharybdis, it has a recovery console08:33
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Then go ahead and run fixboot and fixmbr08:33
Charybdiscrackerjackz: That should get you back into Windows.08:33
crackerjackzCharybdis, it was the admin password but there is no password i leave i blank but it says invalid lol08:34
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Ok.08:34
eddiemongeikonia: /usr/bin/git-shell is not in there. how do i enable it? adding it doesnt seem to change anyting08:34
odixcopying dd 7 times at once...anybody see a prob with that? 500 gig img to 7 hds at once ?08:34
odix16gig of ram ?08:34
ikoniaeddiemonge: for a shell to be classed as a "login" shell, it needs to be in that file08:35
gryodix, copy serial, not in parallel, that usually is faster overall08:35
odixto late08:35
odixyour right tho08:36
crackerjackzCharybdis, it won't let me use the recovery console because it says i have the wrong admin password08:36
eddiemongeikonia: hmm then how do i set git-shell? all the tutorials seem to imply that it just works08:36
odixi think it took like 45 mins last time for one so we will see... ;p08:36
Charybdiscrackerjackz: One tic...08:36
ikoniaeddiemonge: ls -la /usr/bin/git-shell08:37
Charybdiscrackerjackz: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntucat/resetwindowspassword/ <-- Try that.08:37
gryHi tim_desta! What's that we can help you with?08:38
sam1234http://pastebin.com/vs0wCKLc what could be the wrong ?08:38
eddiemongeikonia: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 426224 2011-03-11 02:15 /usr/bin/git-shell08:38
ikoniaeddiemonge: where did you get git-shell from ?08:38
tim_destai was trying to change my network cards MAC adress. but i can not change it. i try machanger also macchanger-gtk but they can not change it too :(08:38
=== sygeek is now known as FusionX
HAWK_why when i put the 64 bit 11.04 ubuntu in at startup it boots back to the 32 bit version?08:39
crackerjackzCharybdis, thats not gonna work because.. i dont have a ubuntu live cd.. im using damn small linux. the internet wont work with dsl and i cant get linux to detect my partitons08:39
eddiemongeikonia: it was just there. maybe from doing aptitude install git git-core08:39
ikoniaHAWK_: you've either not installed 64bit, or you've pointed grub at an old 32bit08:39
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Boy, you's all sorts of screwed then ain't ya?  LOL.08:39
crackerjackzCharybdis, lol pretty much...08:39
ikoniaeddiemonge: can you run git-shell now ?08:40
crackerjackzCharybdis, i suppose i could reinstall windows...08:40
ikoniaodix: any reason you're posting that in here ?08:40
crackerjackzi'll lose some of my files though08:40
Charybdiscrackerjackz: I don't recall if you told me or not... did you say if it was SATA or PATA/IDE?08:40
crackerjackzbut that would indeed fix the mbr right/08:40
crackerjackzCharybdis, SATA08:40
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Yes, it would.08:40
tim_destagry: i can not change my mac adres on ubuntu. can you help me ?08:40
Charybdiscrackerjackz: But, you'd also lose all your data.08:40
CharybdisIs this the only computer you have working?08:41
crackerjackzCharybdis, nope im talking to you on a laptop right now08:41
eddiemongeikonia: no, i get fatal: Interactive git shell is not enabled. hint: ~/git-shell-commands should exist and have read and execute access.  that folder doesnt exist in the home directory and creating it doesnt change anything. i feel like im supposed to copy stuff into there but that doesnt seem right08:41
HAWK_can i go into "e" and edit the commands and boot from the usb?08:41
CharybdisHow big is your thumbdrive?  Do you have a CD/DVD burner on the laptop?08:41
crackerjackzCharybdis, my thumbdrive is 512 mb08:41
grytim_desta: I see your question, I'm not sure why it's happening. I think you should be able to try to find a relevant part of system log on your system.08:41
ikoniaHAWK_: if you want08:42
crackerjackzCharybdis, i have no blank cds/dvds08:42
ikoniaeddiemonge: ok - so the good news is, you know it's a limitation of the shell in it's current state, not a problem with it not being a login shell08:42
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Either you need to find a blank, or you'll lose your data.  What's the deal with the internet?08:42
eddiemongeikonia: thats good news?08:42
HAWK_does anyone know the correct command to access the usb from command line08:42
ZiauddinMKany alternative for adobe in design?08:42
ZiauddinMKfree program?08:43
wabznasmZiauddinMK: I spent some time looking a few months ago, and found absolutely nothing08:43
CharybdisHAWK_: Linux sees usb drives the same as installed disks.  If you have only one installed disk, it should be /dev/sda.  Then your USB drive should be /dev/sdb08:43
crackerjackzCharybdis, i dont know, still trying to figure out whats wrong with the net08:43
ikoniaeddiemonge: ok, google shows a few patch submits on git-help - the problem appears to be that the "COMMAND" directory needs to be present and have write permissions on it08:43
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Wired or wireless?08:43
wabznasmZiauddinMK: totally proprietary Adobe standard. No open source at all08:43
ikoniaeddiemonge: where the command directory is on your system I don't know, but the code suggests it's in your home dir08:44
ikoniaeddiemonge: http://git.661346.n2.nabble.com/PATCH-shell-Rewrite-documentation-and-improve-error-message-td5445842.html08:44
crackerjackzCharybdis, i have both an ethernet card and a wireless NIC08:44
szalZiauddinMK: scribus?08:44
fen_I need some assistance diagnosing graphics stuttering occuring in video streams on ubuntu 11.0408:45
HAWK_i got  "unkown command" in grub08:45
CharybdisHAWK_: What did you type?08:45
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Have you tried this: http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/wiki/index.php/Network_configuration08:45
fen_scrap that occurring in everything.08:45
crackerjackzCharybdis, it has this GUI dsl netcard config... it should just work08:46
sam1234any advice for me ?08:46
Charybdiscrackerjackz: This is the real world.  SHOULD and does are two different things.08:47
crackerjackztrue that08:47
Charybdissam1234: What is your problem?08:47
CharybdisHawk, it should be /dev/sdb if it's got a hard drive installed inside of it.08:47
CharybdisIf it's got more than one, try /dev/sdc08:47
sam1234i installed nvidia driver on my laptop. after that x wont stop. it end up with this error08:47
HAWK_then "/dev/sdb"08:47
eddiemongeikonia: hmm i guess the folder just needed to be created with the proper permissions. thanks for the help08:47
chris34g3hey, is there a possibility to change the sound/wifi transparent frame that shows up when u change volume or connect to networks on 10.1008:47
ikoniaeddiemonge: no problem08:48
HAWK_are these commands grub?08:48
HAWK_or do i need to go back to the command line?08:48
CharybdisHAWK_: These aren't commands, these are files.08:48
CharybdisOr rather, objects handled as files.08:49
HAWK_sorry , i did dos for too long08:49
CharybdisHAWK_: Time to RTFM.  :)08:49
CharybdisThat's friendly, not the other version.08:49
crackerjackzCharybdis, it already has some stuff in it.. should i comment it out. it says auto lo and iface lo inet loopback08:49
CharybdisRead The Friendly Manual08:49
CharybdisOr, STFW (Search the Friendly Web)08:49
HAWK_ive been doing that for 3 days,08:50
fen_why didn't i think of that.. disabling compiz & unity fixed the issue.08:50
Charybdiscrackerjackz: lo and loopback are necessary.08:50
HAWK_no job and all that, ive been searching non stop08:50
sam1234<Charybdis> log file is hear. http://pastebin.com/vs0wCKLc http://pastebin.com/vs0wCKLcX wont start after installing nvidia driver08:50
chris34g3hey, is there a possibility to change the sound/wifi transparent frame that shows up when u change volume or connect to networks on 10.1008:50
crackerjackzCharybdis, how do you save / quit in vim again i forget?08:51
HAWK_could i try installing linux and putting ubuntu on top of that?08:51
wabznasmcrackerjackz: :wq08:51
xubuntu-noobcrackerjackz, :wq08:51
crackerjackzdidnt work for some reason08:52
crackerjackzits still in insert mode08:52
xubuntu-noobcrackerjackz, that's the reason08:52
xubuntu-noobpress ESC first08:52
kaellandesktopwhat's the average time on resizing partition? feals like it got stuck :s08:52
kaellandesktoplol only cous i typed that it finished hahaha08:53
Charybdisxubuntu-noob is right, hit escape, then try :wq08:53
kaellandesktopisnt it posible to instal backtrack 5 on the same disk buth difrent partetition ?08:54
Charybdiskaellandesktop: Yes.08:54
crackerjackzCharybdis, so there isn't a way to fix the MBR from linux?08:55
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Yes, but I'm not familiar enough with grub to be able to point the way.  I have used lilo for so long, I got used to it.08:56
crackerjackzCharybdis, do i need internet on the desktop to do it08:56
CharybdisHowever, if DSL isn't seeing the drive at all, then it won't matter, because you can't write to a boot record you can't even see.08:56
Charybdiscrackerjackz: The only thing you'd need internet for is to download a different distro.08:57
crackerjackzCharybdis, cat /proc/partitions list sda and sda1... sda1 is my flash drive08:58
kubancis there any application for IP webcam, I already tried zoneminder and motion, but none of them works. My IP camera works in browser08:58
crackerjackzdo you think sda is where the mbr is?08:58
Charybdiscrackerjackz: NO!08:58
kaellandesktopwhat to type in terminal to get that disk untility thingy just to look up the partetitions on a disk?08:58
crackerjackzits 503808 blocks.. what is that partition i wonder08:58
Charybdis/dev/sda1 is the first logical drive on drive /dev/sda08:58
Charybdiscrackerjackz: In otherwords, it's the first partition on drive sda08:58
CharybdisSo if /dev/sda1 is your usb drive, then /dev/sda is the physical drive it's on.08:59
crackerjackzahhh i see08:59
crackerjackzwell i have an idea...08:59
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Or rather, /dev/sda is the thumbdrive... and /dev/sda1 is the first partition on it.08:59
crackerjackzCharybdis, when it i boot the computer up with out the flash drive it says grub rescue> and there are commands that i can type.. anything i could do from there maybe?09:01
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Possibly, but I don't know grub well enough to give you advice.09:02
Charybdiscrackerjackz: What's happened, is that the drive is looking for the boot info from your thumb drive, instead of from the hard drive.09:02
Charybdiscrackerjackz: That sometimes happens when you do a soft reboot instead of doing a hard shutdown then startup.09:02
xubuntu-noobHey who can inform me well on Likewise ? I'm crawling forums, and it looks like I should just forget it since I have ubuntu>lucid_lynx. Can someone confirm ?09:03
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Especially if you are booting from cd09:03
HAWK_anyone know what cardamom is09:08
romeushello :-)09:08
llutzHAWK_: a nice spice, but related to ubuntu ...09:08
romeusafter installing kubuntu, I decided to use gnome, but now I'm stuck with my browser and gnome-panel opening things in dolphin all the time, is there a way to fix this?09:08
HAWK_the login screen says "cardamom" under the ubuntu logo09:09
HAWK_then it has a "other " box09:09
romeusspecifically, to fix it so that nautilus is used09:10
actionParsnipHAWK_: is it the hostname?09:10
HAWK_looks like it09:11
crackerjackzCharybdis, i fixed it :D09:11
HAWK_i click other and a username block comes up09:11
Charybdiscrackerjackz: What did you do?09:11
crackerjackzfor some odd reason wubi created another partition... i deleted that partition with the windows cd.. and it just.. works09:12
actionParsnipromeus: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-change-back-nautilus-as-your-default-file-manager.html09:12
HAWK_i put my user name and password in and it said    authentication failure09:13
romeusactionParsnip: tried that, but it didn't work09:14
crackerjackzthe ubuntu install is finishing now...09:14
crackerjackzCharybdis, thanks for helping me09:16
Charybdiscrackerjackz: My pleasure.  Have a good one.  And enjoy!!! :)09:16
crackerjackzi still wonder how that 4th partition got there09:17
Charybdiscrackerjackz: No telling, and without playing with the software to see if I could recreate the error, I won't even theorize.09:18
folivoraHAWK_: It seems that either your username / password is wrong. You can try accessing straight from tty1, ctrl+alt+F1 and then try to access with your username... or even straight with root account09:18
actionParsnipromeus: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/how-do-i-change-the-default-file-manager-from-nautilus-to-e-g-dolphin-688594/09:18
ph8Hi all, i have two near identical ubuntu systems, both have the same snmp config file - i can snmpwalk one and not the other. On both boxes iptables --list returns no rules, is there some other thing i might check for firewall rules or network restrictions? Similarly both boxes have identical /etc/network/interfaces (apart from the ip address of course)09:19
HAWK_it has "cardamom login: " there also09:19
crackerjackzwubi only allows you a max of 30 gb for the ubuntu partition... i wonder what it did with the other 46 gb...09:19
romeusactionParsnip: I got part of it fixed with exo-preferred-applications09:19
crackerjackzi wanted to use the whole 76gb for the ubuntu partition09:19
crackerjackzbut it wouldnt let me09:20
grycrackerjackz, why?09:21
crackerjackzgry, why what/09:21
grycrackerjackz: Wouldn't it let you.09:21
sam1234any one can help me regarding device not found error09:21
actionParsnip!details  | sam123409:22
ubottusam1234: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:22
romankrvHi. I try use command POST in terminal. I type in terminal: POST URL="http://example.com/o1", PAYLOAD="p1=1&p2=2&p3=3" but I get responce in terminal:  """  Please enter content (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) to be POSTed  """ my question is what need to type for it   that POST cimmand is running?09:22
crackerjackzgry, because wubi only lets you go up to 30 gb for some reason.. its a gui and has a drop down menu.. it doesn't let you custom define it for some reason09:22
crackerjackzand the only reason i used wubi was because i dont have a blank cd or a thumb drive with enough space09:23
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Understood.09:23
sam1234ok <ubottu >  im running Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS09:24
sam1234Release: 10.0409:24
sam1234my VGA card is GT 540M09:24
sam1234hear is my error log http://pastebin.com/vs0wCKLc09:24
grycrackerjackz: then dualboot.09:24
crackerjackzgry, i was before... but i decided to reinstall linux because it was so messed up i couldnt get it working..  i figured it would be less time consuming to just reinstall it rather than trying to figure out how to fix it09:26
sam1234im running Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS. Release: 10.04  my VGA card is GT 540M. after i install nvidia official driver x server wont start. It give me device not found error. this is the error log for ur reference. http://pastebin.com/vs0wCKLc09:26
grycrackerjackz: that doesn't mean you can't dualboot by now09:27
crackerjackzgry, i am... but i'm getting rid of windows i think09:27
grycrackerjackz: make sure you have backups. just in case you have inportand documents in there.09:27
crackerjackzi might try reactos09:27
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Why?09:27
actionParsnipsam1234: you may need natty, or a PPA. The driver in the Lucid repos is a bit old for your newer hardware09:27
grycrackerjackz: it's alpha; not for everyday use.09:28
actionParsnip!info nvidia-current lucid09:28
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 195.36.24-0ubuntu1~10.04 (lucid), package size 22757 kB, installed size 70860 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)09:28
Charybdiscrackerjackz: I keep Windows 7 installed along side Linux, I just never use it.  When I need Windows, I run Windows XP via VMWare, and viola, the ease of windows with the stability of Linux.  :)09:28
actionParsnipsam1234: lucid only has the 195 driver, you will need the 270 driver in Natty. Both Natty and Lucid desktop support ends at the same time09:28
sam1234<actionParsnip> thanks for ur comment. Could u please guide me how to find the latest one ?09:29
actionParsnipsam1234: why use Lucid?09:30
aarondsHi, using chmod, how can I restore a file or folder to its default settings?09:30
sam1234<actionParsnip> i have no idea. i just installed the latest driver from the nvidia side.09:30
gryaaronds: you need to know the default settings yourself for that.09:30
crackerjackzCharybdis, can you make any sense of this? http://pastebin.com/SzvYp7Xu09:30
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions09:30
actionParsnipsam1234: go to www.ubuntu.com and download Natty and install it09:30
gryaaronds: see what ubottu said, please.09:31
actionParsnipaaronds: restore from backup09:31
th^^'umask' tells you the "default" =)09:31
sam1234actionParsni: if u dont mind what is stand for natty ?09:31
actionParsnipaaronds: or if you wrote down the permissions, just re-apply the old attributes09:31
gryty th^^09:31
actionParsnip!11.04 | sam123409:31
ubottusam1234: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/110409:31
aarondsactionParsnip, all I'm looking for is the number used when a new file is created.09:32
actionParsnipaaronds: which file is it/09:32
aarondsactionParsnip, say I right click -> create new folder, what chmod rules are applied to that file by default?09:33
naxahi! i have 10.04 and having problems with my nvidia geforce 6200: cpu usage is very high by xorg, compiz enabled. previously i had geforce2 so and i also tried the binary drivers from nvidia site, could anyone help me sort this out so i could properly reinstall my drivers, not ubuntu? (i have already purged nvidia* and installed nvidia-current what first caused conflict with the kernel modules somehow and also some warning about vdpau)09:33
crackerjackzCharybdis, i think since i had 3 partitions all together... the partition i wanted to install ubuntu on was 76 GB  but wubi would only let me use 30 for the ubuntu install.. so i'm guessing it took the other half and made it an extended partition..09:33
crackerjackzso it created 2 extra partitions09:33
sam1234<actionParsnip> and <ubott> thx lot for the advices.09:33
actionParsnipaaronds: drwxrwxr-x $USER $USER09:33
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Possible.09:33
Charybdiscrackerjackz: Or it may have been creating the 4th partition for swap.09:34
aarondsactionParsnip, how can I apply those permissions with chmod?09:34
szalnaxa: first properly uninstall the binary nVidia driver -> 'sudo nvidia-installer --uninstall'09:34
Charybdisaarcane: That's chmod 77509:34
sam1234<actionParsni> is it possible to upgrade lucid to natty ? im uding BT509:34
actionParsnipaaronds: chmod 77509:35
szal!tab | sam123409:35
ubottusam1234: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.09:35
crackerjackzCharybdis, maybe but i wonder why it tried to boot from that one partition that was like 2gb i deleted it.. then it booted09:35
aarondsthank you actionParsnip09:35
naxaszal, okay let me see09:35
actionParsnipsam1234: bactrack isnt supported here in any way09:35
sam1234oh thx for that hint szal09:35
actionParsnip!backtrack | sam123409:35
ubottusam1234: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition09:35
sam1234yes actionParsnip09:36
aarondsactionParsnip, one last question, is it the same rule for newly created files? (i.e a text file or html file)09:36
actionParsnipsam1234: i suggest you join the channel for your distro.Backtrack is offtopic here09:36
sam1234ok thank you all of u guys for the help09:37
sam1234really appericiate it09:37
folivoraHAWK_: cardamom <- is your hostname. So use your own account or root account to login. In any case you will need to enter username and password :)09:39
actionParsnipfolivora: root login won't work ;)09:39
folivoraactionParsnip: How come ?09:41
actionParsnipfolivora: the account is disabled09:41
HackNewtonCan anybody tell me how can i access yahoo messenger through Ubuntu ? (i did not mean multiple messenger )09:41
crackerjackzHackNewton, pidgin09:41
crackerjackzHackNewton, sudo apt-get install pidgin09:41
HackNewtoncrackerjackz, i told before not multi messenger09:42
actionParsnipHackNewton: gyache09:42
HackNewtoncrackerjackz, I need to access yahoo messenger itself09:42
crackerjackzHackNewton, oh i dunno.. maybe you can run yahoo through wine or something09:42
folivoraactionParsnip: so root account is disable, then I would try to use single-user mode ...09:42
crackerjackzHackNewton, you can cam with yahoo users via meebo.com09:42
HackNewtoncrackerjackz, wine dont work smooth09:42
actionParsnipfolivora: if you hold shift at boot and select root recovery mode, yes09:42
actionParsnipHackNewton: works sweet here with postal 2 :)09:43
crackerjackzHackNewton, not sure how well itll work though since it uses flash09:43
HackNewtoncrackerjackz, i want to access yahoo chat rooms09:43
folivoraJust thought that he had foregotten pw or the useracc was corrupted.09:43
HackNewtonSO anyone have any solution over it ?09:44
crackerjackzHackNewton, i think you can get on yahoo chats with gaim but im not sure if it supports video09:45
HackNewtonI tried wine and meebo didnt solve my problem09:45
actionParsnipHackNewton: gyache09:45
HackNewtoncrackerjackz, well thats only thing i didnt tried yet so better use it09:45
HackNewtonactionParsnip, but can i access yahoo chat room09:45
crackerjackzHackNewton, looks like something here called gyach allows you to use your cam with yahoo but not sure if it supports yahoo chat09:46
actionParsnipHackNewton: yes, it also does voice and cam. Check it out09:46
sam1234for ur reference i found answer for my issue. hence i have optimus they said im loose, nvidia not support optimus with ubuntu09:46
actionParsnipsam1234: you aren't using ubuntu09:46
actionParsnipsam1234: you are using backtrack09:46
sam1234actionParsnip, isnt it based on ubuntu ?09:47
actionParsnipsam1234: ubuntu is based on debian, but I wouldn't say I was using debian.  I'm using ubuntu09:47
Charybdissam1234: Just because something is based on something else, does not make it backwards compatible.09:47
HackNewtonactionParsnip, nice point :D09:48
sam1234actionParsnip, ok i got it09:48
actionParsnipsam1234: backtrack is another spin on Ubuntu, ONLY canonical releases are supported here. This includes but isn't restricted to backtrack09:48
newgenhi there again. i have a problem with grub ans my luks encrypted / . grub install says: cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/mapper/sda4_crypt. Check your device.map . any ideas?09:49
actionParsnipsam1234: you will find the backtrack community is drastically smaller than the ubuntu community, you are also running all your apps as root which is grossly unsecure09:49
buz_hi, i had to remove one harddisk from a software raid1, an now the raid is inactive, and i can't get it active. /proc/mdstat says "md_d0 : inactive sdb1[0](S)"09:49
HackNewtonactionParsnip, hay can you tell me command for getting gyache09:49
actionParsnipHackNewton: there is a ppa you can find easily09:50
newgenbuz_, i think there was a command like mdadm to set it active...09:52
crackerjackz!ubotu gyachi09:52
szal!info gyache09:52
actionParsnipcrackerjackz: its not in the repos09:52
ubottuPackage gyache does not exist in natty09:53
HackNewtoncrackerjackz, seems like there is no record on gyachi09:53
crackerjackzHackNewton, http://gyachi.sourceforge.net/download.shtml09:53
HackNewtonactionParsnip, ppa is faling09:53
actionParsnipHackNewton: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-gyachi-on-ubuntu-11-04-natty-using-ppa.html09:53
actionParsnipHackNewton: couldn't find that link?09:53
buz_newgen: the command is mdadm -A /dev/md_d0, but all i get ist a "mdadm: /dev/md_d0 not identified in config file."09:53
HackNewtoni found but it is failing with 404 error09:53
CMoH-officehey. how can i install qt4.7 for development on lucid (i.e. i don't want to upgrade off lts version)09:54
actionParsnipHackNewton: did you run: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:adilson/experimental; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y install gyachi09:54
newgenbuz_, how about "mdadm -A -s --no-degraded"09:54
HackNewtonactionParsnip, yes09:54
actionParsnipHackNewton: then I'd contact the ppa maintae ppa maintainer, you can always compile it yourself09:55
HackNewtonactionParsnip, four not found errors09:55
RobinShenjoin #ubuntu-cn09:55
borahello all09:55
HackNewtonactionParsnip, seems like it will take time for :D09:56
buz_newgen: mdadm -A -s --no-degraded -> mdadm: No arrays found in config file or automaticall - mdadm -A -s --no-degraded /dev/md_d0 -> mdadm: /dev/md_d0 not identified in config file.09:56
actionParsnipHackNewton: could find a different ppa09:56
actionParsnip!ppa | HackNewton09:56
ubottuHackNewton: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa09:56
servet_akbelli use the latest version of pidgin. can i change my pidgin's user agent on windows and ubuntu ?09:57
HackNewtonactionParsnip, thanks :P09:57
newgenbuz_, mdadm --detail /dev/yourmd09:57
actionParsnipHackNewton: what is the output of:  lsb_release -d09:57
borai'm have a question. i'am connected my Nokia E50 to PC, but devices is not mounted to mnt. Manula mounted is failure.09:57
newgenbuz_, and post reply to pastebin09:57
boradmesg doesn not help09:58
actionParsnipPin: nobody cares09:58
borasorry for my bad english09:58
newgenbuz_, my configuration http://pastebin.com/nhMkGGJj09:58
Pindevelopers do care09:58
PinYou mean you dont care.09:59
actionParsnipPin: Its offtopic here09:59
Pinmake unity better. Theres a problem to solve09:59
actionParsnipPin: in Oneiric, Classic is replaced by Unity 2D09:59
boraoneirick ocelot is ubuntu 11.1010:00
newgenbuz_, furthermore check in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf  the "ARRAY" line10:00
PinSo whats Unity 2D like?10:00
CharybdisPin: Install 10.04LTS and don't upgrade Gnome to Unity.10:00
Pinim interested10:00
CharybdisEnd of story for now.10:00
Pinim using 11.04 in ubuntu classic mode. Works great for me. Is Unity 2D better?10:01
newgenhi there again. i have a problem with grub ans my luks encrypted / . grub install says: cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/mapper/sda4_crypt. Check your device.map . any ideas?10:01
actionParsnipPin: same as Unity, just doesn't need 3D accelleration10:01
firehazHi, I'm using Xmonad and I have had this same problem on openbox, how do you run programs without creating a ton of terminals?10:01
actionParsnippin: better is an opinion, so is never concrete10:01
PinThank you.  So I think i wont upgrade to 11.1010:02
Pini'll stay with 11.0410:02
borai preffer xfce. It's beautifull to me10:02
ph8Hi all, i have two near identical ubuntu systems, both have the same snmp config file - i can snmpwalk one and not the other. On both boxes iptables --list returns no rules, is there some other thing i might check for firewall rules or network restrictions? Similarly both boxes have identical /etc/network/interfaces (apart from the ip address of course)10:02
HAWK_i am about to give up on computers forever, 4 days and im only making things worse, i cant load any operating system any more,10:02
boraKDE poor, Gnome not bad, Unity? I hate this10:02
actionParsnipPin: Natty will eventually reach EOL. You can always switch DE10:02
spassdesktop env10:02
actionParsnippin: desktop environment10:03
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:03
actionParsnippin: instead of asking really simple wuestions, try using the internet to research10:03
PinOk. So how do i keep the ubuntu classic interface while keeping updates10:04
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:04
boraahh.. sory10:04
Pinwhile still being able to recieve updates, Downgrade to ubuntu 10. LTS?10:04
actionParsnipPin: you can keep classic as long as Natty is alive10:05
icerootPin: there is also lxde and xfce10:05
firehazPin: I'm not sure but there may be a package when Oneiric comes out.10:05
PinWill it be alive for more than 2 years?10:05
actionParsnipPin: lucid desktop support dies when natty desktop support dies10:05
Pini understand now10:05
BaribalHi. I tried adding an existing user to an existing group, following the example at http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-linux-add-user-to-group/ which says I should "useradd -a -G sudo sh", which results in "useradd: invalid option -- 'a'". So, what should I *actually* do?10:05
crackerjackzis screenie the same thing as gnu screen... one person runs screen from a terminal.. then the other person can attach to the session and the person can watch what they are doing in your shell...10:06
actionParsnipBaribal: are you trying to give a user admin access (sudo usage etc)10:07
servet_akbelli use the latest version of pidgin. can i change my pidgin's user agent on windows and ubuntu ? or someone knows a crossplatrofm program which can change user agent ?10:07
BaribalactionParsnip, yes.10:07
actionParsnipBaribal: add them to the admin group, not sudo10:07
iosolidaris there a way to view microsoft producer website presentations in ubuntu?10:07
iosolidarlike here10:08
buz_newgen: here you go -> http://pastebin.com/D4VaCHSD10:08
BaribalactionParsnip, actually, I'm not to sure about the "etc" part, and I have to admit, it's a Debian system, not an Ubuntu (I came here 'cause I *usually* use Ubuntu...), so, usually, you'd be right with that hint, but the point here isn't best practices of administration, it really is the actual unix command.10:09
ikoniaBaribal: take it to #debian please.10:09
ChristianAdamskiHi, 11.04: using a cpu-intensive command like "convert" to resize pictures renders my whole system basically unusable. How can I make "convert" a low priority task?10:09
iosolidarman nice10:09
actionParsnipbarbichu: debian isn't supported here10:09
ikoniaactionParsnip: sure you don't mean Baribal ?10:10
newgenbuz_, pm10:10
ramsess comment configurer une plateforme de messagerie instantanée en local svp?10:10
actionParsnipikonia: tabspazz :(10:11
BaribalOkay okay, I took it over there... But, srsly, both use the same useradd and bash!10:11
actionParsnipBaribal: debian has it's own support channel, it's not here10:11
ikoniaBaribal: I know this10:11
ChristianAdamskiThanks alot "nice" seems to work10:12
ChristianAdamskiErr, no it does not10:14
ChristianAdamskiseems still almost freezes with a nice-lvl of 15.10:15
monkwhy isnt world of padman in the ubuntu repo?10:15
nightrid3rramsess http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/10:15
actionParsnipmonk: add the playdeb repo: http://www.playdeb.net/welcome/   lots of games there including padman :)10:16
monkactionParsnip, cool10:16
actionParsnipmonk: wget http://archive.getdeb.net/install_deb/playdeb_0.3-1~getdeb1_all.deb; sudo dpkg -i ./playdeb_0.3-1~getdeb1_all.deb; rm ./playdeb_0.3-1~getdeb1_all.deb; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install worldofpadman10:17
actionParsnipshould doit10:17
monknice, thanks actionParsnip10:18
actionParsnipmonk: there are tonnes of games and apps in that repo, check it out10:18
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brainwave92how do i change the default 'main.c' filename in code blocks?10:25
PeddyWhen I try to run any program as root with sudo, I get the following error: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=ST1frMtm   could someone have a look please?10:26
mgolischPeddy: tried gksu?10:28
Peddymgolisch, it says "incorrect password" even when I enter the correct password.10:29
Peddyis there supposed to be a .Xauthority file in my home directory?10:30
acklee    /set irc_conf_mode 110:30
w4h256hi all....10:31
brainwave92Peddy, there isnt any on mine10:32
Peddythanks for checking, brainwave92. it must be something else then.10:33
PeddyI  can't run any GUI applications using sudo, command line works fine10:33
ozstrikernessuno che parla italiano?10:33
newgenacklee, wonderfull command :)10:33
szal!it | ozstriker10:33
ubottuozstriker: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:33
brainwave92what is that acklee? that command10:34
brainwave92Peddy, u tried gksudo?10:34
ozstrikerera per dire10:34
nerd_blokewhich project should a launchpad bug be assigned against if a user should be created as a member of a certain usergroup?10:35
newgenbrainwave92, it's not a command, but acklee's comment :)10:35
newgenbrainwave92, it removes joins/leave messages in irc10:35
ackleenewgen: yes, easily distracted without that command10:35
ackleebrainwave92: hide joins & parts (conference mode) in xchat10:36
szalnerd_bloke: what are you trying to do?10:36
nerd_blokethere is a bug against dial up modems, user privialges are assigned to a certain usergroup only10:37
nerd_blokeppp say it isn't their responibility10:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 292203 in ppp (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/pppd has group owner dip, not dialout" [Undecided,Invalid]10:38
consolershmm what sort of terminal shows up as :nnnn in wtmp ? (when the user logs in from a different ip)10:38
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AFDI did a server reboot after installing ubuntu-desktop for NXserver sessions and the encrypted disk won't come back up... error I get at boot is "unknown error setting up device mapping"10:43
newgenAFD, welcome in my personal hell10:44
AFDnewgen hi10:44
AFDnewgen you know your way around?10:44
newgenAFD, i updated from ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 and it killed my grub including the device.map in /boot/grub/10:45
newgenAFD, but i spent currently 8 hours and have still no solution10:45
AFDI don't think I'm on 11.04 as the server was 10.04 and I think I kept it that way10:45
newgenAFD, better do not try to update. it will make things worse10:46
newgenAFD, does your /boot/grub/device.map look ok?10:47
blunderblastmorning anyone around this early?10:48
newgenif you are lucky, you can use a live cd, open the crypto filesystem with "cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdX devicehandle" and run fsck on /dev/mapper/devicehandle10:48
AFDI'm looking for that not10:48
FstabUserswhat should i typein /etc/fstab so just users from group sambausers can mount a shared folder?10:49
blunderblastearly for me I think10:49
FstabUsersany help plz?10:50
ikoniaFstabUsers: the option in the file is "users"10:50
blunderblastI'm brand new to Ubuntu and having the toughest time getting it up and running, with the livecd version everything goes great, but when I install and run from the drive, nothing happens at all10:51
ikoniablunderblast: what do you mean "nothing happens"10:51
Squall5668well, blunderblast, something must happen. Anything at all10:52
ikoniablunderblast: you need to explain the problem, or thats like me saying "do something to fix it"10:52
blunderblastguess I should be a bit more specific..sorry..I'm still half asleep10:52
FstabUsersikonia: gid=users ?10:53
ikoniaFstabUsers: no, the option is juse "users"10:53
especially-corncan anyone tell me what package do i need to install so CTRL+left or right will jump a word?10:53
especially-corninside a terminal10:53
FstabUsersand where should i specigy the group?10:53
ikoniaFstabUsers: it's not a group10:54
AFDnewgen I have an Ubuntu server CD and am trying the "rescue" option... fingers crossed10:54
ikoniaFstabUsers: listen, if you want non-root users to be able to mount a disk, the option is "users" in fstab10:54
newgenAFD, i really hope you can fix it with the fsck. because my problem is very persistent and noone seems to know the solution....10:55
AFDnewgen do you know if the server CD will boot to a live session?10:55
blunderblastI boot from the HD, get the login/pwd screen, I login then...the wallpaper appears and then that's it..no keyboard input allowed or mouse input10:55
newgenAFD, not sure...10:56
tyler-allenI dont belive the server vesion boots ot a live session, sorry.10:56
FstabUserslook what i got....i have share1 share2 and user1 user2 and user3 // share1 should be mounted, unmounted and written by all users. share2 should only be used by user1 and user2.10:56
blunderblastand nothing else on the screen but the wallpaper, no submens, etc10:56
obertbut really..are you really get Quassel gui intuitive at its usage? hmm10:56
newgenAFD, all you need is a console where you can enter the commands10:56
Squall5668blunderblast: are you running 11.04? try the classic option, see if that works for a start10:57
AFDyeah - I've got a borne shell atm10:57
ikoniaI doubt you've got a bourne shell10:57
AFDbusybox 1.1310:57
ikoniayou've most likley got bash or dash10:57
AFDthat's what it told me10:57
FstabUsersikonia: look what i got....i have share1 share2 and user1 user2 and user3 // share1 should be mounted, unmounted and written by all users. share2 should only be used by user1 and user2.10:57
AFDit doesn't know what fsck or sudo is tho :(10:57
ikoniabusy box isn't your system10:57
ikoniaFstabUsers: ok - so that's file system permissions, thats nothing to do with fstav10:57
lalejand_Hi, I'm trying to configure a cisco vpn connexion with network-manager but I cant' make it work. Someone can help me ?10:58
ikoniaAFD: no, it won't it's a busy box environment, you need to be in your system or a live environment10:58
AFDI can ls -a and see the RAMdisk10:58
AFDbin dev init etc there10:58
ikoniathat is useles10:59
FstabUsersikonia: what do you suggest then?10:59
ikoniaFstabUsers: you set the permissions on the target file system and on the local users/groups10:59
newgenAFD, the busy box is quite useless to repair the system10:59
AFDcan't find anything in media or mnt though...10:59
AFDnewgen ok thanks... I'll try another approach11:00
newgenAFD, wait11:00
ikoniaAFD: why are you not listening, busybox is useless to you11:00
lalejand_the information I have is http://www.utc.fr/~5000/vpn/11:00
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newgenAFD, does is know cryptsetup ?11:00
artviris it possible to burn a cd iso image on a dvd11:00
artvirin ubuntu?11:00
AFDnewgen I'm not sure what you're asking11:00
siddharthasahuis there a way to download ubuntu binaries for a particular package on a different computer and install it on my computer?? it is very inconvenient  directly installing using apt-get because i've a slow net connection...11:00
newgenartvir, try k3b11:00
AFDbut I know the disk is enrypted.... not just the home folder/s11:01
mmanartvir, use brasero!!!11:01
newgenAFD, enter "cryptsetup" and check if the command exists11:01
AFDyep :D11:01
AFDnewgen what should I do with it?11:02
newgenAFD, ok. cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/yourcrypt somename11:02
nightrid3rsiddharthasahu apt on cd does this11:02
MrEgg964Hey guys - I'm looking to build a Ubuntu samba server that would serve up to 100 users. What kind of cpu/ram should I go for? Do I need a rig that could melt down Greenland, or can I go for something more reasonable?11:02
ikoniaMrEgg964: depends on a lot of things, do a sizing exercise11:03
AFDnewgen can you repeat that for me please11:04
newgenAFD, ok. cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/yourcrypt somename11:04
newgenAFD, then "mount /dev/mapper/somename /mnt"11:04
AFDand what would the 'yourcrypt' be? the sda1?11:05
SwedeMikeMrEgg964: if they're just going to do light fileserver interaction basically any box will do, but if you want it to serve multiple gigabits/s of data continously, then it's another deal11:05
siddharthasahu@nightrid3r: could you please tell the exact command??11:05
BaribalMrEgg964, sounds to me like the number of users would be less relevant than the traffic they're causing. A company SVN server could be a rather modest box, but a HDTV streamer... Well, not.11:05
newgenAFD, try sda111:05
newgenAFD, if it does not work, increment... one will work and ask for the password... i hope you used a password and not a key11:06
AFDsda3 access denied11:06
Joupilalejand, are you there ?11:06
AFDand I can't sudo it11:06
ikoniaAFD: you're in busy box - there is no sudo11:07
AFDwe have a passphrase and a password I think11:07
mmanany CAD program similar to Pro Engineer?11:07
pratzhey guys just a suggestion, which is the best project management and bug tracking system ?? I am going with trac, if you know any other than trac please do comment11:07
newgenAFD, "fdisk -l /dev/sda" will tell you which partitions you have11:08
AFDfdisk not found11:08
ikoniait's busy box11:08
Squall5668preatz: you can try bugzilla for tickets only, but it won't connect to SVN, i actually prefer trac myself11:08
Anakin_napt get install fdisk :P11:08
ikoniaAnakin_n: please don't give out comments you don't understand11:09
Anakin_nikonia, yes sir/madam11:09
Squall5668pratz: sorry misspelled your name, check my previous message11:09
newgenikonia, it seems, busybox is not even worth trying, eh?11:09
ikonianewgen: no11:09
AFDikonia can I do a checkdisk from busybox?11:09
ikoniaAFD: check disk is a windows program11:09
newgenAFD, the command would be called "fsck"11:10
pratzSquall5668: thanks dude, even i think trac is more that sufficient11:10
newgenAFD, but it can only be used if you open the crypto partition with cryptsetup11:10
Squall5668pratz: yes its a great tool, now, if it didn't also break down so easily if you customise it... but that's another story :)11:11
bkWill moving the launcher be supported later on? Or at all?11:11
sproatyHi. Ubuntu 11.04; I just noticed that when connecting to a server over SSH and browsing in nautilus, I no longer get path auto-complete when typing in the "location" bar11:11
sproatyI get the autcomplete locally, just not on servers11:12
mmananyone knows a CAD program for ubuntu?11:12
Dr_Willisbk: from what ive heard. no. but they can always change their minds11:12
bkDr_Willis: I hope they do :P, I would love to put it at the bottom.11:13
AFDI just tried rebooting and entering cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda5 - it asked for the passphrase and seems to have accepted it11:13
AFD"Keyslot 0 unlocked"11:13
newgenAFD, congrats11:13
AFDtrying another reboot now11:13
newgenAFD, no11:13
ikoniawhat's that going to do ?11:13
AFDfingers crosssed (thansk for your help so far)11:13
Dr_Willismman:  i recall at least 2. qcad. and one or two that are commeecial11:13
ikoniaI've unlocked the key - I'll reboot11:13
ikoniawhat ?11:13
newgenAFD, you have not checked the filesystem yet...11:13
Dr_Willisbk: i doubt if they want it there11:14
Squall5668too late i guess, guys :)11:14
bkDr_Willis: I say that because I am use to OS X, I could just install another doc app but then there is still the problem where I go to hit the back button and the menu pops out.11:14
tuxx-mman: http://www.linuxcad.com/ ? :)11:14
tuxx-mman: even more: http://www.tech-edv.co.at/05_LUnIx/80_CAD~2f3d/10_CAD~20Links/index.php11:15
Anakin_nWhat is best supported well-known video for Ubuntu from these: GF 8900 GT, GF 240 GT, GF 450 GTS, GF GTX460SE ?11:15
ikoniaAnakin_n: look up the hardware compatability list11:15
Anakin_nikonia, and it can be found ...11:16
ikoniaAnakin_n: on nvidia.com's website11:16
mmantuxx-, im looking something similar to pro engineer11:16
Anakin_nikonia, big thanks11:16
SDrhi guys,11:16
* newgen is now confinced that using uuid's for local harddiscs was the worst invention ever....11:17
Dr_Willisrarely had issues with uuids.11:18
marchdownHas anyone succesfully created bootable usb flash while on mac? dd doesn't work for me and unetboting is unavailable.11:18
SDrour webserver (ubuntu) went down earlier this morning; powercycle brought it back. no trace of the problem in /var/log/syslog . where should I look next?11:18
Anakin_nanyone tested high-performance geforce cards ... to share practicality results ? :)11:19
Squall5668eh, this isn't mac support marchdown, i have succesfully created a bootable usb flash on ubuntu those11:19
SDrI'd like to be able to fix this proactively so things like this don't happen, ever again.11:19
bkwell kernel panic, this pos laptop hates linux11:19
SDrso, where should I look next?11:19
icerootmarchdown: dd is not working because the usb-drive is "optimizing" the write-actions. so its not writing always on the same place. the same for the mbr...11:19
Mythage of empires11:20
icerootmarchdown: so your mbr is randomly written and not always on the first 512byte11:20
markskilbeckYo! How can I get the titles of windows to show when using alt+tab?11:20
markskilbeckIt's becoming a huge annoyance.11:20
marchdowniceroot, are you just speculating or do you have a source/experience to that effect11:22
=== xindzz`off is now known as xindz
icerootmarchdown: experience with some usb-sticks11:22
xindzIm getting "kernel: Not cloning cgroup for unused subsystem ns" all over my /var/log/messages file. Something to worry about?11:24
Anakin_nwho have free time and can talk about high-performance graphics with ubuntu ? pm - please11:25
AFDI've booted in to a LiveCD on this server I can't access the encrypted HDD on11:27
pratzhey guys anyone using tilda on ubuntu, i just installed it , but it is not occupying complete screen, i.e top panel and bottom panel can be viewed, tilda fits btween both the panels , i want tilda to occupy competel screen11:27
AFDcant' fschk it11:27
thesheff17Anakin_n: I don't know a ton but what are you looking for?11:28
pratzif any one is using tilda kindly help me11:28
AFDwhat could I try next? (ideally to fix grub)11:29
CruX|hello, can any1 here download & send this for me  http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=176902&d=1291027678 ?11:29
AFDhere's our error at boot btw:11:29
AFD*ourpassphrase* /sbin/cryptsetup -T luksOpen /dev/disk/by-uuid/43ae3987-4f36-4e1b-bc3e-6675866fbf4f sda5_crypt --key-file=-cryptsetup: unknown error setting up device mapping11:29
Anakin_nthesheff17, want to buy high-perf geforce for ubuntu and not sure what will be best supported :/11:31
thesheff17Anakin_n: all nvidia cards are supported with native drivers11:31
balaji_how to protect a file with password11:31
AFDAnakin_n I'm not sure about Optimus / Ion stuff though11:31
FstabUsershow can I allow users to mount and umount anything without having to type any password?11:32
Anakin_nas i see old models like GT 8800 GTX 9800 "works" better than new 4xx 5xx ...but it's only my look11:33
Squall5668i confirm 8800 works perfectly but, anakin_n exactly what do you want a high performance card for if i may?11:34
Anakin_nin principles can ubuntu use DirectX 10 and 11 technologies on hardware, or it's depends of manufacturers driver ?11:34
Squall5668it can't11:35
thesheff17direct x is for windows11:35
ppetrakiFstabUsers, you can use simple file permissions, e.g. sd devices are in group "disk", so just add your users to that11:36
FstabUsers i was talking about smbfs shares11:36
Anakin_nSquall5668, i need fps, graphic rendering and test games on high-rez/details11:36
ppetrakiFstabUsers, add 'user' option to fstab entry11:36
FstabUsersbut if a share is not automounted....will a user be able to remount it without rebooting?11:37
Anakin_nthen i not need to look technologies DX10 and DX11 , when choice a new card for ubuntu ?11:37
Squall5668Anakin_n you can never, ever run directX in ubuntu, or any linux distro for that matter. Even directx9 barely works in Wine. I so wish someone can slap and correct me right now though11:38
=== Jack87 is now known as Jack87|Away
thesheff17Anakin_n: allot of games don't work on linux.  I would search google for just for linux gaming and you will see the small subset that work.  Many times they are running through wine which is like a windows emulation program.  Of course you can display FSP with linux.11:38
ppetrakiFstabUsers, that fstab perm should make it irrelevant whether it's automounted or not.11:38
ppetrakiFstabUsers, test it11:38
ppetrakiFstabUsers, if you're trying to automount a specific share, relative to the logged in user, that's a different exercise11:39
FstabUsersi got share1 share2 and user1 user2 user3. share1 should be automounted and remounted anytime by all users. share2 should be only automounted and remounted anytime by user1 and user2. that's what i'm trying to achieve.11:40
=== ksinkar__ is now known as ksinkar
billy2007can anyone help me ive been trying all night all i want to do is share my laptops inet connection with my iphone wirelessly the only problem is my internet connection is wireless aswell can someone tell me how to connect to both networks at once11:41
ppetrakiFstabUsers, yeah, that's possible, by just exploiting the existing features of fstab11:44
wh1zz0Hello guys11:44
icerootbilly2007: if i am correct a wifi-card can only connect to one network11:44
ppetrakiFstabUsers, see "group" in mount man page, and "user" in fstab manpage11:44
pratz_hey guys anyone using tilda ??11:44
ppetrakiFstabUsers, http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/configure-a-system-to-automount-a-samba-share-with-etcfstab/11:45
icerootbilly2007: why not connecting your iphone to the same wifi your pc is connected to11:45
billy2007iceroot is the anyway to send a signal from a wireless usb stick11:45
icerootbilly2007: ?11:45
icerootbilly2007: you mean to buy aother card, in this case a wifi-usb-card?11:46
billy2007iceroot it wont find it and it wont connect but if i make a networkk on my laptop it will connect to it11:46
Dudihey guys I have big problem with NVIDIA Drivers... I go with this tut http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9769396&postcount=2 but after restart GDM didn't start11:46
FstabUsersthnx...will see...11:46
ppetrakiFstabUsers, so you're really just extending this example to include the ACLs your after. So for user1 and user2 you should probably make a group for them, and use that as the "group=" constraint in fstab. That should achieve the desired affect you're after.11:46
billy2007iceroot i already have 211:46
asavari21Ubuntu is cool11:46
billy2007iceroot but my usb one wont find the network either only my laptop built in is picking it up11:47
Anakin_nSquall5668, that's means ubuntu will use wine DX9 functions to rule the videocard ? not kernel driver or manufacturer driver ?11:48
DudiSo A1 can help me?11:48
Dudihey guys I have big problem with NVIDIA Drivers... I go with this tut http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9769396&postcount=2 but after restart GDM didn't start11:48
wh1zz0Got a little problem and would appreciate any help. I am connected via lan i.e eth0 but would like to share my internet to other users via some kind of ad-hoc.. So my windows box can connect to my network wirelessly. I tried turning on sharing on the wired section but that does not work.11:48
Anakin_nthesheff17, there is a lot of 3d modeling products direct for linux like Art of Illusion, Blender K-3D, POV-Ray, Radiance, YafRay11:48
samroarIs there a fix for bug 166328 in inkscape? Its stopping me doing any work11:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 166328 in Inkscape "COPY/PASTE doesn't work with system clipboard (dup-of: 170185)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16632811:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 170185 in Inkscape "Support for copy/paste with system clipboard" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17018511:49
billy2007wh1zz0, go to network manager and make a new wireless network as long as the pc connected to the internet is sending a signal to the other device itll work11:50
samroarsee it says it is fixed, but ti still wont work for me11:50
wh1zz0Yes.. I created a new network with ssd and all11:51
wh1zz0The windows box sees me but after connecting it doesn't surf the web11:51
AlexDevilLXWhat email clients are compatible with mail indicator11:53
newguyif I place ubuntu on a slave drive, after installation, should I take out the primary drive and promote the slave to master, or does it matter?11:53
billy2007newguy, as long as its set to boot from either drive it shouldnt matter11:55
=== samroar is now known as samtate
mbenkenewguy you can also leave it on slave and install grub on master11:56
HAWK_whats the best way to wipe a hadrdrive11:57
wh1zz0Any idea why the win box sees but doesn't surf?11:57
wh1zz0I just tried changing eth0 to shared to other computers11:57
mgolischAlexDevilLX: evolution11:57
mgolischAlexDevilLX: i dont think any others are11:57
wh1zz0but then my own connection stops surfing11:57
mbenkeHAWK dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<disk> bs=2048 (put proper device instead of <disk>)11:58
mbenkeHAWK careful tho, it will really really wipe it11:58
AlexDevilLXmgolisch: I'm using Ubuntu 11.04, but after installing evolution it doesnt hide to mail indicator like pidgin11:58
SwedeMikembenke: why do you set 2048 as blocksize? I usually go for around 1 meg. 2048 sounds small.11:59
mgolischAlexDevilLX: it probably does not do that11:59
AlexDevilLXmgolisch: How to fix it11:59
mbenkeSwedeMike try to fit actual blocksize, avoid unnecessary buffering11:59
mbenke/dev/zero is really fast ;)12:00
mgolischAlexDevilLX: dunno maybe it just doesnt hide12:02
mgolischi dont use evolution12:02
mgolischand i dont use gnome either12:02
AlexDevilLXWhat are you using?12:03
wh1zz0msg billy2007 please can you help?12:03
AlexDevilLXKDE or XFCE12:03
mgolischiam using awesome as wm12:03
AlexDevilLXHey, are there any mail clioents, that hide to mail indicator12:03
pbosHi, I'm still using jaunty and the archive.ubuntu.com entry has disappeared, how do I do a dist-upgrade when I get a lot of 404's from the jaunty repositories?12:03
pbosWhen trying to update through update-manager, I get "Can not upgrade: An upgrade from 'jaunty' to 'lucid' is not supported with this tool."12:05
PhosphateAnyone know if there's a way to stop the unity bar from autohiding in Unity-2D? Tried the Compiz Unity plugin on 2 different machines and the setting doesn't do anything.12:06
Booni keep get setfacl: Option -m: Invalid argument near character 312:07
Boonbut my command is correct12:07
Boonsetfacl -m u:lighttpd:rx /var/www12:07
Boonany idea?12:07
Boonany idea?12:08
Booni keep get setfacl: Option -m: Invalid argument near character 312:08
th^^Phosphate: yes, look for 'compizconfig' in software center12:08
Boonsetfacl -m u:lighttpd:rx /var/www12:08
mbenkepbos, have you tried upgrading to karmic first?12:08
Pici!repeat | Boon12:08
ubottuBoon: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:08
meisth0thi am trying to install ubuntu on my friend's laptop12:08
th^^Phosphate: then go to system settings -> compizconfig manager, search for 'unity', there's plugin for unity, there you can disable autohiding, change panel size, etc12:08
Boonsearched not found12:08
meisth0thhe has ati radeon mobility 4650 graphics card12:09
pbosmbenke: can I specify that with command-line options etc.?12:09
th^^Phosphate: ah, sorry, 2D, didn't read12:09
Phosphateth, thanks but yes I'm using Compiz-config and using that plugin. Under Unity 2-D it doesnt seem to have any effect.12:09
th^^Phosphate: that's possible too, sec, i had something bookmarked for this :)12:09
th^^Phosphate: http://marianochavero.wordpress.com/2011/04/20/a-simple-gui-for-unity-2d-settings-ubuntu-11-04/12:09
BoonLinux avs 2.6.38-8-server #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:49:04 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:09
PhosphateAwesome thanks th!12:09
FstabUsersppetraki: fstab is not responding as it should...i have // /media/T smbfs user=sampleuser,password=samplepassword,gid=samplegroup. user1 is not in samplegroup, but user1 can mount this. How come?12:10
meisth0thwhat driver should he use? will he have any performance issues?12:10
BoonFstabUsers: can you help me?12:10
th^^meisth0th: that card is old enough to work ok with open driver i guess, but it'll suck for gaming12:11
FstabUsersif i can...whats the matteer12:11
th^^meisth0th: if you want games, proprietary is the only choice, but unity has a bit worse performance with closed driver12:11
th^^meisth0th: it's not too bad though, but dragging windows around etc lags more than with open, at least this is the case with my 687012:11
PiciBoon: Addressing random people isn't really the right way to ask for support here. If someone knows the answer to your question they'll reply.  For your question, I'd suggest asking in #ubuntu-server as well, as its less 'desktop oriented' there.12:12
mbenkepbos never tried it.. have you tried update-manager -c ?12:12
HAWK_mbenke> im locked into an " A> "  command prompt and its asking for the name of the command interpreter?12:12
mbenkeHAWK so you've really wiped your disk ... I have warned you it will really wipe it12:13
ppetrakiFstabUsers, not sure, could be pre-existing config options defined somewhere else, or that new set of options hasn't actually taken effect12:13
ppetrakiFstabUsers, /proc/mounts should show the exact options used.12:13
BluesKajhey folks12:13
meisth0thth^^: so i'll activate proprietary driver, this is first time he uses linux and i don't want him to have bad impression about linux12:13
HAWK_no i cant get to the correct prompt to do it12:13
th^^meisth0th: yeha, it should work just fine, that window dragging with compiz sucks a bit though, but it ain't unusable12:14
mbenkeHAWK seems you have no system installed12:14
AFDwho was the guy here talking to me about my encrypted partition problem? I think I'm making progress - want to share12:14
kamididoes anyone know why i i have to use 'padsp' with sudo for it to work? if i don't use sudo, it gives error: ERROR: ld.so: object 'libpulsedsp.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.12:14
HAWK_she still loads into gnu/grub12:15
mbenkeHAWK try booting from a live CD12:16
=== jcandynina is now known as candyninja
HAWK_good idea i havent tried that yet12:17
=== mb is now known as Guest70032
alexleonhey pp12:23
alexleonwhat can i use t update nd do stuff with my iphone on ubuntu?12:23
ato_i need help12:24
alexleonato me to :P12:24
alexleontell me if its easy ill help12:24
alexleonwhere is everyboody -_-12:25
HAWK_alexeon   try gaim, ekiga softphone, or skype12:26
Picialexleon: There is no itunes for Linux, if thats what you're asking.12:26
gryalexleon: Skype for linux indeed exists.12:26
alexleonpici i know just i need something that works like itunes12:26
Picialexleon: There isnt anything that will push iOS updates to your iphone.12:27
HAWK_thats what the book said12:27
AlexDevilLXHow to put totem to indicator?12:28
newguyhello again..just installed ubuntu, install completed, rebooted..ubuntu appeared to be loading..now nothing but an immovable mouse cursor, black screen, and no HD activity...been trying to install this for two days and I have no hair left lol12:28
alexleoni can manage music pics documents nd everything12:28
phaxwhich pkg do I need to get the source of libstdc++-v3?  I have installed libstdc++6 and libstdc++6.4.4-dev but am not able to find the source12:28
AFDanyone know how to restore grub on an encrypted disk with LVM?12:28
AlexDevilLXlinke Rhythmbox and Banshee12:28
alexleonjust i need a program that let me update12:28
Picialexleon: Perhaps if you clarified what you mean by 'update',  I could help better.12:29
UbuntuUzerOk I have a difficult problem. I need to install apache offline. How in the world can I download all the dependencies for it easily?12:29
AFDI can mount it using a live disk but there's a swap partition that might contain grub (how do I check?)12:29
HAWK_newguy im right there with ya12:29
PiciUbuntuUzer: try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/12:29
HAWK_ive got four days into it though12:29
AlexDevilLXHow to make totem hide like Rhytmbox and banhee(to indicator)?12:30
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
SkiOnehi, I am trying to setup rsync to mirror a server. I am following this tutorial http://www.howtoforge.com/mirroring_with_rsync_p2 and I get to the end and it is still asking me for a password. Obviously I did something wrong with setting up the keys but I am not sure how to trouble shoot12:30
alexleonpici update the iphone ios like from 4.2 to 4.3 u know :)12:30
UbuntuUzerPici: so those are all the dependencies I must download?12:30
Picialexleon: There is no software for Ubuntu that will let you do that.12:30
mattycozehey guys how do I use find to find files created on a specific date "18th october, 2010" in subdirectories12:30
alexleonoh :(12:30
PiciUbuntuUzer: Make sure that you put in the meta-package that you have.12:30
UbuntuUzerPici: then I just do dpkg -i * for all of those dependencies?12:30
PiciUbuntuUzer: Yes.12:31
Rousehow to access the partition ... i could not create folders other than my home directory12:31
UbuntuUzerPici: what is a meta package?12:31
Rousei have 3 partition in my hard disk12:31
Rousei can create folder in my home directory alone12:31
CruX|Rouse: well permissions ?12:31
PiciUbuntuUzer: A package that doesn't contain any data itself, but just depends on other packages.  So for a desktop install, it would be ubuntu-desktop.12:32
CruX|and what do you want to do12:32
rkhshmwhat are the essential softwares needed to be installed on 11.04 to get flash support? I just opened a link with flash and it says download plugin12:32
Rousenow my home has low memory12:32
Picirkhshm: install the flashplugin-installer package.12:32
=== backbox is now known as eXpl01t
Rouseso i need to save my files in another partition..but its un accessible12:33
llutz_Rouse: what filesystem?12:33
CruX|Rouse: do you have writing permissions there ? is partition mounted in rw ?12:34
mattycozehey guys how do I use find to find files created on a specific date "18th october, 2010" in subdirectories: I can't work out how to do it from the man page12:34
llutz_Rouse: use chown/chmod to adjust permissions12:34
Rousewhats the command ?12:35
PiciSkiOne: If you just ssh in (not using rsync) does it ask you for a password?12:35
alexleonafter i write top on terminal how can i end a process?12:35
icerootalexleon: q12:35
llutz_Rouse: read: man chmod, man chown12:35
icerootalexleon: a sorry, you want to kill a process instead of stoping top12:35
UbuntuUzerPici: this thing isn't making a whole lot of sense. It is telling me I need to download a .deb, but I know those debs have dependencies.12:35
icerootalexleon: press "k" in top and then type in the pid12:35
alexleonyes i wanna kill it12:35
SkiOnePicl yes12:36
CruX|alexleon: k key, but htop is better12:36
PiciUbuntuUzer: So what did you enter in the fields?12:36
newguywhy would the CD live version of ubuntu work on my system,,but the actual installed version won't even budge?12:36
UbuntuUzerPici: for example I need to install package apache2-mpm-worker (it's one of apache2's dependencies) and the metapackage for all apache is apache212:36
alexleondo i write htop?12:36
PiciUbuntuUzer: The metapackage field is for metapackages that you already have installed.12:37
Lomexwhy is this room so empty???12:37
UbuntuUzeroh I have not installed any packages yet Pici , so I leave it blank right?12:37
PiciLomex: 'this room' has 1,490 people in it.12:37
Rouseplease tell me the command12:38
newguyno advice?12:38
alexleongreat i did it :)12:38
PiciUbuntuUzer: Put at least ubuntu-minimal.  I'm not sure if theres a better meta-package for server though.12:38
alexleonmy ubuntu freezes too much :(12:38
billy2007is there anyway to tether my iphone in reverse i.e use my pcs internet through my iphone12:38
PiciSkiOne: Did you do ssh -i /path/to/your/key user@host12:38
CruX|alexleon: what freezes ?12:39
alexleoncrux my ubuntu like when i close a game12:39
alexleonnd just now i was watching a video on full screen nd i wanted to change the timeline nd it just freezed :(12:40
SkiOnePici: is the path on the local machine?12:40
CruX|hmm broken vga drivers12:40
billy2007AlexDevilLX,  need more ram?12:40
billy2007alexleon, need more ream?12:40
alexleonidk :P12:40
billy2007AlexDevilLX, sorry pressed tab to quick12:40
alexleoni think it has 3gb ram12:41
alexleonhow cani see what my pc has?12:41
billy2007alexleon, go to system manger it should tell you12:41
CruX|problem is in ubuntu and unity for sure :)12:41
UbuntuUzerPici: I'm not sure this thing is correct, because when i was just trying to pull dependencies apache2 requires libapr-dbd-mysql and i don't see it12:41
BluesKajalexleon, type free in the terminal12:42
llutz_!ics | billy2007 establish an ad-hoc connection to your pc and try this (not sure if it still applies to actual ubunu-versions)12:42
ubottubilly2007 establish an ad-hoc connection to your pc and try this (not sure if it still applies to actual ubunu-versions): If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing12:42
PiciSkiOne: Its the path to wherever you put the hostkey on the machine that you're going to be running rsync from12:42
alexleon             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached12:42
alexleonMem:       3050908    1516136    1534772          0      81884     74682012:42
alexleon-/+ buffers/cache:     687432    236347612:42
alexleonSwap:      3103740          0    310374012:42
Picialexleon: Don't paste into the channel again12:42
Pici!paste > alexleon12:42
ubottualexleon, please see my private message12:42
gryty Pici12:43
BluesKajalexleon,  Mem:       305090812:43
Dudihey guys I have big problem with NVIDIA Drivers... I go with this tut http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9769396&postcount=2 but after restart GDM didn't start12:43
SkiOnePici: the yes it is still asking for the password12:43
BluesKajalexleon, 3G12:43
alexleoni use a 64bit ubuntu also and it freezes so much what u think it could be?12:43
szalDudi: and what's wrong w/ the packaged nvidia driver that you don't use that?12:43
UbuntuUzeri give up, i'm just going to install the packages on a different machine via the internet12:44
billy2007llutz, i did this and it disconnects me from my wireless network and before you ask im  not usin that on my phone because it wont find it12:44
Dudiszal, do what?12:44
dlialexleon, freezes, you mean hard hang? not even respond to kernel magic keys?12:44
BluesKajDudi, which nvidia card?12:44
szalDudi: read again, I think I made myself clear enough12:45
PiciUbuntuUzer: What release of Ubuntu are you using?12:45
szalDudi: and yes, what card?12:45
DudiBluesKaj, 330m12:45
llutz_billy2007: if you have a wireless network, you should have a wifi-ap you could connect your iphone to, no?12:46
alexleondli no it freezes just the window like im watching a video on firefox nd it feezes so i cant use that window anymore but i can minimize nd open firefox again -.-12:46
=== crackerjackz_ is now known as crackerjackz
DudiBluesKaj, I'm back12:46
billy2007llutz, what do you mean by wifi app12:46
llutz_billy2007: wifi-accesspoint12:46
crackerjackzdoes anyone here know anything about firestarter?12:46
dlialexleon, that's much better than hard hangs12:47
billy2007llutz,  thats what i said my iphone wont pick it up12:47
szalDudi: 'sudo nvidia-installer --uninstall' (if you already ran the binary script) '&& sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nvidia-current && sudo nvidia-xconfig', then reboot12:47
ChesterXhey, quick question: does ubuntu/linux have a ftp file manager that allows you to open and modify the files directly from the server without downloading it? (like cuteftp from globalscape)12:47
=== l0nwlf__ is now known as l0nwlf_
llutz_billy2007: hidden-ssid?12:47
billy2007but it will pick up a network made from the pc but then wont connect to wireless12:47
dlialexleon, do you have some remote file systems? like nfs or sshfs, etc12:47
Dudiszal, I have no internet connection12:47
alexleonye dli but when i open like a game my screen turns black nd i cant do anything12:47
isteve_my problem is when i login in ubuntu and then nin fb: dont know wats the prob with my account . on bottom left corner i get -u r offline and must go online to chat plus on bottom right corner i see a green circle but when i click to see who all are online i dont get anything. i see the number of people i can chat but no name . i dont know what bug is this pls help to solve as m unable to chat to any one :-(  thanx in advance12:47
szalDudi: how are you here then?12:47
CruX|ChesterX: krusader under kde is best12:48
alexleoni dont know whats a remote file :/12:48
PiciSkiOne: How far in that how-to did you get?12:48
CruX|ChesterX: there is also FUSE, you can use sshfs12:48
Dudiszal, I will have if I restore Xorg then I will have... With netbook12:48
dlialexleon, can you check for error messages in dmesg?12:48
isteve_same problem doesnt happen in windows.. in windows everything works fine. so i guess its prob of ubuntu12:48
SkiOnePici: OK key exchange is working right, the tutorial has a command that does not allow pty connections so I removed it and now I can ssh without adding the password12:48
alexleondli if u tell me how to do it :)12:48
PiciSkiOne: ah, good.12:48
alexleonim pretty new12:48
dlialexleon, in a terminal or console (Ctl-Alt-F1 ?)12:49
SkiOnesomething is this part was not happy with: command="/home/someuser/rsync/checkrsync",from="mirror.example.com",no-port-forwarding,no-X11-forwarding,no-pty but just when running rsync12:49
szalDudi: then run only 'sudo nvidia-installer --uninstall', it should revert you to the nouveau driver12:49
dlialexleon, type the command dmesg, or tail /var/log/syslog12:49
Dudiszal, ok wait..12:49
BluesKajDudi, did you try the recommended driver in sys>admin>additional drivers ..but you need the internet , like you did when you tried that tutorial on the forums12:50
isteve__anyone pls12:50
SkiOnePicl obviously the no-pty was why i could not ssh, but it should of worked when I rsynced12:50
szalDudi: and don't forget to un-blacklist the nouveau driver12:50
gryhello kathyAnne12:50
kathyAnnehi gry12:50
szalDudi: and possibly some of the fb drivers too, no idea which one12:50
Dudiszal, aaa damn12:51
kathyAnnei failed to use Ubuntu12:51
NET||abusedoing a quick dualboot install, should i setup / partition as ext3 or ext4 ?12:51
NET||abusewhat's the pro's / con's12:51
SkiOneok time for a stupid question, if I add a use to the root group should he be able to read everything on that server?12:51
grykathyAnne: Please describe your problem in details for us to troubleshoot it.12:51
szal!anyone | isteve__12:51
ubottuisteve__: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:51
kathyAnneI have many backup data in CD12:51
NET||abuseSkiOne, not entirely, if all files are 700 in a dir, no, as group does not have privilege then.12:51
BluesKajNET||abuse, for 11,04 ext412:52
kathyAnneboth readable for Mac OSX and WIndows.... since I've been using Intel Mac12:52
kathyAnnethe problem was that....12:52
NET||abuseBluesKaj, ye, it's 11.04, why ext4 over 3? i know it's newer, but is there a tangiable reason?12:52
SkiOneah, I need to give a user read access over everything12:52
isteve__szal : i asked the question above12:52
kathyAnneI couldn't transfer all data which I burned to CD to Ubuntu12:52
BluesKajNET||abuse, very stable in my experience12:53
szalisteve__: define 'above', I find nothing in the last half hour12:53
kathyAnnethere are file access problem12:53
crackerjackzfor some reason when i run firestarter i can't access any websites... yet i can ping them.. when i stop firestarter everything works fine. any ideas on why its doing that?12:53
grykathyAnne: One IRC line is longer than you think.12:53
BinjaexHello, I've been planning to record Minecraft videos; but every screencorder I tried didn't work; recordmydesktop causes a huge frame loss and Istanbul freezes after recording. What I can still try?12:53
=== Jay is now known as Guest11034
isteve__szal : ok i will repeat my question12:54
isteve__szal:when i login ubuntu and then in fb: dont know wats the prob with my account . on bottom left corner i get -u r offline and must go online to chat plus on bottom right corner i see a green circle but when i click to see who all are online i dont get anything. i see the number of people i can chat but no name . i dont know what bug is this pls help to solve as m unable to chat to any one :-(  thanx in advance12:55
kathyAnneIf i set access free of ubuntu12:55
szalBinjaex: what do you expect?  if the game eats all resources, what's left for a screen recorder?12:55
alexleonback :D12:55
BluesKajBinjaex, recordmydesktop12:55
isteve__szal: this problem is only with ubuntu , when i login windows everything works fine12:55
alexleonwhat do i have to do after ctl alt f1? :(12:55
vwoeHey. I need some help with uTouch.12:56
isteve__szal : also in my indicator applet in ubuntu i see i am offline and i cant change to online as it is not highlighted12:57
dlialexleon, login12:57
=== Guest6741 is now known as will123
dlialexleon, and check dmesg / syslog12:57
alexleondli i did12:57
* szal shuns Facebook12:58
alexleonand how go i exit from that?12:58
isteve__alexleon : try ctrl + alt +f7 . u will return back12:58
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
NET||abusearrggg,, read error from the cd from linux format magazine.... damn them12:58
alexleonoh thx -.- thats easier12:58
SkiOnehow can I create a user with read permissions over all files without change file permissions?12:58
NET||abuseit seems to boot to CLI on the live cd, can i do an entirely net install from command line?12:58
billy2007what is a vpn connection12:58
isteve__billy2007 : i guess u can google it to get more detail answer12:59
BluesKaj!vpn | billy200712:59
ubottubilly2007: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN12:59
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
isteve__billy2007 : anyways it stands for virtual private network and it allows you to login your network safely even from outside your network13:00
isteve__szal : you there?13:00
Dudiszal, I uninstall driver and now nothing shows up13:01
alexleonit says comand check not found13:01
szalDudi: did you a) make sure you deleted /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and b) un-blacklist nouveau?13:02
llutz_alexleon: "check" is not a command, you should "check" like "dmesg |less"  or "less /var/log/syslog"13:03
Dudiszal, I did not do any of it because no1 say "do it"... damn13:03
=== meisth0th is now known as meisth0th_zzz
alexleonok ill do that13:04
billy2007could i set up a vpn for my iphone to connect through my pc13:04
billy2007via usb13:04
Dudiszal, it's like "and remember do backup your data befor any actions" at the end of tutorial13:04
llutz_billy2007: no, it would need a special driver letting your pc acting as a usb-networkcard for your iphone13:05
billy2007llutz this is becoming a pain i can reverse tether on windows but not on ubuntu13:06
alexleonwell i didnt find any error :)13:07
llutz_billy2007: no idea, i neither use windows nor an iphone13:07
phaxwhich pkg do I need to get the source of libstdc++-v3?  I have installed libstdc++6 and libstdc++6.4.4-dev but am not able to find the source13:07
llutz_billy2007: i'd check why the iphone cannot connect to your working wifi-network first13:08
billy2007llutz obviously to far away13:08
billy2007there HAS to be a way for my iphone to use my pcs internet somehow13:09
llutz_billy2007: your pc is connected to internet only via wifi, no wire-lan?13:09
billy2007llutz, thats right13:10
llutz_billy2007: what wifi-chipset? you have to create something like a virtual (2nd) wifi-device, which let you connect via ad-hoc connection. i know atheros-chips could do that13:11
billy2007i have a calexico2 built in and a atheros wg111t usb device13:13
llutz_billy2007: so you already have 2 wifi-devices?13:13
billy2007yes but my onboard one is the only one that'll pick up my network13:14
llutz_billy2007: try to establish an ad-hoc to the wg111t13:14
billy2007llutz, how would i do that every setting ive changed before in network manager cuts off my network13:15
llutz_billy2007: iphone <-> wg111t          then try to setup ip-forwarding/masquerading with your internal-wifi as WAN-iface13:15
llutz_billy2007: sorry no idea how to do that with networkmanager. try using iwconfig, at least to setup the wg111t, without touching the internal13:17
JesdiscipleHi.  I've managed to get an uncorrupted ISO over to my Ubuntu (this computer) via a flash drive.  I installed it to the hard disk with Unetbootin (frugal install) and tried to boot to it.  A message flashes on the screen that something is deprecated, too quickly to read, and then I'm presented with an ash shell (I think it was called "(initrmfs)".13:17
ehw /win 213:17
JesdiscipleMy laptop's inbuilt keyboard is broken, so Enter and some other keys don't work; meanwhile, my external keyboard isn't detected at that stage of boot.  So all I can do is hard-reset the computer - but before, when I had suspected the ISO was corrupted because copies I downloaded later were so but I couldn't verify that because Unetbootin had deleted the ISO, I was able to type and entering "exit" caused a kernel panic.13:17
JesdiscipleAny advice on taming Unetootin?13:19
JesdiscipleUbuntu 9.10 - I can't find a Unetbootin version13:19
naftilos76hi everyone, can evolution import emails from kontact without any problem?13:20
isteve__naftilos76 : yes.. and wat do you mean by problem here?13:20
naftilos76any kind!13:21
naftilos76like loosing data13:21
sdaHi ALL! I have an Acer5750 with a LED monitor, and an IntelHD3000 Svideo, I installed UBUNTU but i cannot controll the brightness of my monitor, anyone can help me? thanks! Stefano13:21
billy2007llutz, i cant get iwconfig from the software centre?13:21
naftilos76isteve__: if i export from kmail in mbox, can that be imported into Evolution?13:21
llutz_billy2007: should be installed already, comes with package "wireless-tools"13:22
joo__Does anyone know how i can get da_DK.ISO8859-1 locale?13:22
billy2007where do i find it13:22
llutz_billy2007: its a commandline tool13:22
billy2007oh im no good at terminal13:23
billy2007i can install and remove packages uing it thats about as far as my knowlege go's13:23
Dr_Willistime to up your terminal-fu-skills13:23
llutz_billy2007: i doubt theres a gui-tool for what you need to do13:24
wasanzy_hi guys13:24
naftilos76can a MBOX file be imported into Evolution?13:25
llutz_billy2007: easier to buy an old wifi-router, put dd-wrt on it and let it work as wifi-repeater :)13:25
billy2007llutz, ive made a ad hoc network but it wont connect13:25
wasanzy_need some help on asterisk, I was on the asterisk channel but couldn't hv solution to the problem13:25
sdaHi ALL! I have an Acer5750 with a LED monitor, and an IntelHD3000 Svideo, I installed UBUNTU but i cannot controll the brightness of my monitor, anyone can help me? thanks! Stefano13:25
billy2007llutz, its only for a few days till i get my broadband rolled over im paying a neibour for theirs at the moment13:26
wasanzy_am sure some one out here can help me13:26
compdocwasanzy_, I use asterisk, but Im no expert13:26
wasanzy_compdoc: hv u use the asteriskgui too?13:27
compdocthe web gui?13:27
compdocsure, thats how you configure it13:27
wasanzy_that is where I hv the problem13:27
compdocwhats the problem?13:28
cantoranyone: how do I recover my passphrase for disencryption on Lucid13:28
wasanzy_is giving me an error:  error:Asterisk Call Manager/1.1 Response: Error Message: Missing action in request13:28
cantoranyone: how do I recover my passphrase for disk encryption on Lucid13:28
matt08642Hiya. I was wondering if making a bootable Windows XP USB stick in Ubuntu was as easy as formatting the USB as a primary FAT32 partition, then copying the CD contents to the USB???13:28
llutz_billy2007: what won't connect? the iphone or ad-hoc -> internet?13:28
billy2007the usb stick wont connect to the network i make13:29
billy2007but the onboard will13:29
ChogyDanmatt08642: I think you need the right files on there for it to be bootable13:29
quemi got a problem with hdparm.. i can set -S to anything but 0.13:29
quemand i really want it to never spindown.13:29
venolhelo, I have problem with mailgraph, anyone can help me.why mailgraph count sent message as receive message ? thanks for your help.13:29
matt08642@ChogyDan Do you happen to know what the right files I need are??13:29
billy2007venol, corrupt file maybe try to reinstall it13:30
ChogyDanmatt08642: are you trying to make a windows boot?  You would have to ask windows folks for that13:30
compdocwasanzy_, what browser are you using?13:31
billy2007llutz,  the usb stick wont connect to the network i make but the onboard will13:31
cantorcan anyone help with the disk encryption done at installation?13:31
matt08642@ChogyDan: Yeah, I am. Problem is, all the sites I am looking at show you how to make the bootable USB from inside windows, which is useless to me as I already have Ubuntu13:31
matt08642oh well, I'll look around. Thanks!13:31
llutz_billy2007: does the usb-stick work unter linux at all?13:31
billy2007yes i have ndiswraper and it detects other wireless networks13:32
llutz_billy2007: sorry no idea what to do13:32
venolbilly2007: I think so, and I'm reinstall mailgraph. But the problem still same. Hmm, how about log_level of postfix or amavisd ? Because Mailgraph update rrd database use log file13:32
will123hey guys. in ubuntu 11.04, do your window buttons highlight / change when you mouse over them?13:33
cantor@anyone: how do I recover my passphrase for disk encryption on Lucid.  I can login, I just need to write it down.13:33
wasanzy_<compdoc> am using firefox 513:34
billy2007venol, youve lost me lol13:34
NET||abusehey all, haveing trouble getting the usb boot to work on my Sony VGN-FW21E   just says Boot error, thta's it13:35
NET||abuseusb drive boot is enabled, if i take it out i land back in windows 7 so there's nothing else wrong.13:35
compdocwasanzy_, Ive seen using the wrong browser causing problems because it requires java to work properly, but I have no idea what that error means13:35
Dr_Williscantor: im not sure you can recover it13:35
billy2007i know its a weird question but would an xbox360 wifi adapter work on ubuntu13:35
billy2007or would i need the drivers13:36
Dr_Willisbilly2007: try it and see13:36
cantorDr_Willis, there is an app that pops up when you install.  There is a button that says, show passphrase13:36
wasanzy_I will try other browser and see13:36
Dr_Williscantor:  thats to make sure you soell ut right. nit recover it. i belive13:37
cantorDr_Willis, recover might be the wrong word.  the drive boots and I can login13:37
cantorwhat is the name of that app that lets you set the passphrase, I think it is the same app.  The one that pops up when you login after install and asks you to write down the passphrase for disk encryption13:38
jrib!encrypt | cantor13:39
ubottucantor: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory13:39
SkiOnehow can I run sudo su automatically after login?13:41
SkiOneI tried adding it to .bash_login but nothing13:41
icerootSkiOne: never run sudo su13:41
jribSkiOne: you don't want to...13:41
cantorjrib, what is the GUI app called?13:41
jribcantor: I have no idea.13:41
cantork, thx13:42
jribcantor: (but that page does describe how to recover encrypted directories)13:42
SkiOneI need to for what I am doing13:42
jribSkiOne: what is it that you are doing exactly?13:42
icerootSkiOne: why you think you need "sudo su" or the correct one "sudo -i"?13:42
SkiOneI am rsyncing 2 servers13:42
jribSkiOne: and...?13:42
SkiOneI have some issues with file permissions that need to get resolved13:43
SkiOneuntil then I need to run the user I setup for mirroring as root13:44
jribSkiOne: I still don't see the need for "sudo su" on login13:44
SkiOneto overcome that13:44
SkiOnethe need is the user cant read the files13:44
SkiOneso it cant rsync them13:44
jribSkiOne: are you doing this manually or in a cron job (and please stop pressing enter)13:44
SkiOneand I hit enter cause I thought of what else I wanted to say after I hit enter13:44
mgolischwhy do you need that then?13:44
mgolischjust have cron run this task as root..13:45
SkiOnethat doesnt help cause its the mirrored server that is running the rsync and the files I need to read are on the other server13:45
* jrib nods13:45
SkiOneand I dont want to reverse the setup13:45
fjdebruijnHi folks, after installing ubuntu, I have a problem with my mouse, whenever I open a window it gets stuck in part of the active window. I can move it anywhere on my screen, but I can only click in the active part of the window. Anyone knows how to solve this problem?13:46
icerootSkiOne: what is the difference between "sudo su" and running the cronjob as root?13:46
icerootSkiOne: i dont get the difference for the other machine13:46
taar779Hello, I've tried every "solution"  I've found on the ubuntu forums but I'm still getting the error that I have broken packages. Any help would be awesome!13:47
wabznasmSkiOne: I set one like this up with rbash. Still have no idea if it really makes the grade, but might give you some ideas http://serverfault.com/questions/243854/aws-amazon-ec2-password-less-ssh-login-for-non-root-users-using-pem-keypairs13:47
iceroottaar779: what is the exact error messaage?13:47
dhruvasagarHi, I am facing a very weird issue, I have a dell laptop with ubuntu installed. It has an optical cd/dvd drive. It used to work fine earlier, but recently whenever I insert a cd/dvd into it, it just ejects after a few seconds...can anyone please help ?13:47
iceroot!paste | taar77913:47
ubottutaar779: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:47
jribSkiOne: I'm trying to understand your situation.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  You have system A and system B.  You are running rsync on system A to copy things from system B.  You need the rsync command to have root permissions on system B.13:48
SkiOnersync connects to a remote server via SSH, its at THAT time I need to sudo su, the cron is on the local machine so running it as root (which it does BTW) doesn't give me the permissions I need on the remote machine. I need to setup it now until i can fix the permissions problem on the remote machine (since it was set incorrectly to begin  with)13:48
wabznasmSKiOne: check my link13:48
[S^K]How can I set FixShowAllUsers to true in ubuntu 10?13:48
fjdebruijnHi folks, after installing ubuntu, I have a problem with my mouse, whenever I open a window it gets stuck in part of the active window. I can move it anywhere on my screen, but I can only click in the active part of the window. Anyone knows how to solve this problem?13:49
xgt001fjdebruijn: did u change any compiz settings?13:50
kobe1hi where is the download folder of the linux13:50
taar779iceroot, here is the error:  http://pastebin.com/LHp58aCm13:50
jribkobe1: ~/Desktop is default13:50
jribkobe1: I think... or maybe ~/Downloads/13:50
fjdebruijndidnt change anything13:50
fjdebruijnsorry for my slow respons, got stuck in other window ;-)13:50
SkiOneyeah that doenst work with rsync13:51
iceroottaar779: what was the whole command you where using? also please the output of "sudo dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii"13:51
xgt001fjdebruijn: are u working on battery or ac power?13:51
wabznasmSKiOne: I remmber using rsync at some point during the dev process, but clearly there was a reason why I decided to shunt stuff through S313:52
kobe1a no13:52
xgt001fjdebruijn: this is strange... can u move the cursor inside the active window properly? and also from when did this problem start?13:52
wabznasmSkiOne: oh well - worth a punt13:52
kobe1i can't find it13:52
kobe1who can give the answer13:52
=== Syniq_ is now known as Syniq
jribkobe1: what can't you find...?13:53
fjdebruijnI can move my cursor anywhere on the screen, but whenever I click a container in an active window, the mouse buttons seize to work at other parts of my screen, except for in the container13:53
SkiOnelet me ask my question a different way13:53
SkiOnehow can I run a script after a user logins via SSH13:53
xgt001kobe1: home/(username)/downloads is the default download folder13:53
jribSkiOne: can you tell me if what I said is correct?13:53
SkiOneit isnt13:54
jribSkiOne: ok then please explain how13:54
SambaFSTABanyone could help me with samba?13:54
fjdebruijnSo now I can only click in the chat window of my xchat screen13:55
fjdebruijnuntil I close the window with alt-f4 and then I get my functionality back13:55
SkiOneGuys I appreciate the security concern but I just need to run a command after a user logins. ONce I get the file permissions fixed on the remote server it wont be needed since group membership will be taken care of. But I need to get this done so I can move onto the next thing13:55
sdaHi ALL! I have an Acer5750 with a LED monitor, and an IntelHD3000 Svideo, I installed UBUNTU but i cannot controll the brightness of my monitor, anyone can help me? thanks! Stefano13:56
jribSkiOne: what you are asking to do wouldn't even work.  Thus why we are trying to help you properly13:56
kobe1your my  god13:56
wabznasmSkiOne: How is the user connecting? Just any old SSH connect, or is it an automated login with a script?13:56
taar779iceroot, I was using the synaptic package manager trying to isntall linux-alsa-driver-module -- http://pastebin.com/DfRG8Wt213:56
kobe1you are my god13:56
SkiOnewabznasm: SSH with key pair exchange13:56
Delraynealong sda's request where are the preferences/control panel equivilant?13:57
xgt001fjdebruijn: alt-tab then check if the same happens in other windows as well13:57
=== Jordan_ is now known as Jordanh
kobe1hu hu i get it13:57
fjdebruijnhappens in other windows :-(13:57
fjdebruijnsame thing13:57
wabznasmSkiOne: I understand. But will the user be logging in via a SSH shell ad hoc (sol you want the script to be run on an event of the user logging in) or is the user login done in a script?13:57
grusumdhruvasagar: to eliminate the drive as a prob, have u tried shutting down and then rebooting with a live CD ?13:58
=== Lomex is now known as Lomex_off
xgt001fjdebruijn: from when did u have this problem?13:58
SkiOneduh!!!! bash_login is not .bash_login, just adding sudo su to .bash_login works13:58
* jrib sighs.13:58
* SkiOne is an idiot13:58
fjdebruijnI just installed ubuntu on my laptop, happens since the start13:58
wabznasmSkiOne: you got what you needed - result13:59
sdaDelrayne, Sorry what do you mean? i can say on /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/actual_brighness the number is right with the bar i see on the notification area, but brighness never change....13:59
fjdebruijnsimilar thing happens in windows sometimes, can fix that by pressing ctrl-alt-delete and pressing any button afterwards13:59
fjdebruijnso it may be a hardware problem?!13:59
xgt001fjdebruijn:most likely14:00
fjdebruijnany ideas, or should I contact my manufacturer?14:00
Delraynesda: Sorry for the confusion but I wasn't trying to answer your question. I had one of my own. I'm trying to find the folder equivilant of the control panel14:00
xgt001ffjde:try installing latest touchpad driver if u are on laptop14:01
xgt001sorry it was meant for fjdebruijn14:01
fjdebruijnok thanks, will try that14:01
fjdebruijncan I do that via synaptic?14:02
xgt001fjdebruijn: yes search for "xorg synaptic"14:02
Delraynefjdebruijn: xgt001: apt-get updates should do it to, aye?14:02
KaoloiIm new to linux, I'd like to know whether every trackpad can enable two-finger scrolling?14:02
xgt001Kaoloi: do this "sudo apt-get install  gpointing-device-settings"14:03
Delraynexgt001: if not let me know. I'm new to linux, but if my memory serves me correctly that updates everything.14:03
woniuWhy  "ls  /proc/10550/fd" got "0 1 2 255" ?   10550 is the PID of gnome-terminal14:04
xgt001Kaoloi: then open "pointing devices" u can enable it over there14:04
woniuwhy is 255  but not 3?14:04
xgt001fjdebruijn: no synaptic is a bit safer way to selectively update14:05
Kaoloiok xgt001 i try it now!14:05
Delraynexgt001: I'll take that was suppose to go to me, and that makes sense.14:05
almostrootDoes anyone have any experience with DRBL/Clonezilla?14:06
fjdebruijnI have the latest version of my touchpad drivers14:06
sipiorwoniu: processes can open arbitrary file descriptors. maybe the gnome-terminal folks wanted to use 255 because it was out of the way.14:06
Kaoloixgt001, I have installed pointing devices and enabled 'vertical scrolling when dragging with two fingers' but its not working14:07
Piciyan__: No cursing here.14:07
Asad2005i have just installed thunderbird 5, how do i import everything from evolution ? I tried import/export tools addon but all imprt menue items are grayed out14:07
kobe1who is yan_14:07
Piciwoniu: The manpage for 'proc' explains what file descriptors you should expect to see inder /prod/[pid]/14:07
almostrootIf anyone has used DRBL before, please take a look at this. I'm open to any suggestions. http://pastebin.com/LTCrYiFs14:07
kobe1go to www.baidu.com14:07
sdaxgt001, i have a new pc but touchpad scroll doesn't work, do you have any idea?14:07
discipleyour sister14:07
Kaoloixgt001, do i have to enable it under system settings > mouse ?14:07
kobe1hou wen tao14:08
yan__o  i see14:08
xgt001fjdebruijn: sad to hear that :( Kaoloi: it should have worked....try restarting.. but most likely ur touchpad is not fully supported yet14:08
fjdebruijnxgt001: I have the latest version of the touchpad drivers, did not solve my problem14:08
uvacavs47_How do I recover my nickname password if I'm switching over to another computer?14:08
xgt001Kaoloi: yes try to enable in "mouse" as well14:08
fjdebruijnok, I guess I'll get in touch with HP, if it is a hardware problem, it may be familiar to them14:08
fjdebruijnthanks for your help!14:09
xgt001fjdebruijn: i have HP and i too have hardware lockups sometime14:09
fjdebruijndid you contact them to fix?14:09
Kaoloixgt001, its still not working I try restarting. thanks14:10
uvacavs47_fjdebruijn: no, i feel like i've done it before without contacting them... but maybe not14:10
xgt001fjdebruijn: in 10.10 touchpad was real bad , 11.04 is ok ok ... but need to change the settings in pointing devices to make it work properly14:10
Chillancewhat kind of drivers do I install to enable opengl (glx) using Intel HD 3000 gfx?14:11
woniusipior:what does it means "out of the way"?  "the process always use the lowest  number for file field  which not using" it is right?14:12
sipiorwoniu: you can dup to whatever descriptor you like. what does it matter?14:12
xgt001Chillance: do u mean sandybridge ?14:12
Kaoloihi, its still not working :(14:13
Chillancexgt001, yes14:13
Zzarkc-20Hey. I keep getting errors for resolving connections for updates. I did edit the sources.list file to allow canonical.14:13
BigDaddyDuergarIs there a applet/widget whatever it's called for Ubuntu that is a binary clock?14:14
RoastedIs there no way to change ID tags within Banshee from an actual music device? I can only seem to change ID tags of files that are within my Banshee library, but NOT on the media player device.14:14
Zzarkc-20It's on a virtualbox ubuntu server (I have multiple for development), and i eve ncopied one working sources.list file to the other, same problem.14:14
xgt001Chillance: sandy bridge support is currently not yet implemented completely in Ubuntu ... u may need to check out some unofficial PPA's for workarounds which is not "recommended"14:14
glenn_why  is it that my screen is blanck after -+ 1 h and i can't do notting14:14
cantorDoes anyone know the name of the GUI app that opens after installing Lucid and has you set the disk encryption passphrase?14:14
Kaoloixgt001, is there something else i can do?14:14
PiciZzarkc-20: What release of Ubuntu are you using?14:14
ChogyDancantor: maybe dolphin or seahorse14:15
Zzarkc-20Pici, 10.04 LTS14:15
xgt001Kaoloi: sad ... try disablin it in pointing devices and enable only in mouse and vice versa14:15
PiciZzarkc-20: Can you pastebin your sources.list somewhere?14:15
Zzarkc-20Pici, Yeah. Give me a moment.14:15
Kaoloixgt001, no success :( i guess i wont be able to do it on my laptop then.. thanks anyway14:16
cantorChogyDan, would you know which password is the disk encryption passphrase?14:17
xgt001Kaoloi: i suggested everything i could :( sorry i couldnt help u :(14:17
Kaoloixgt001, i appreciate the help i have another question however if you dont mind14:17
ChogyDancantor: the keyring password?14:17
xgt001Kaoloi: go ahead14:18
woniusipior: "the process always use the least number as file field" ,many books said that.So i doubt that whether it should be 3 not 255.14:18
KaoloiIm dual-booting windows vista and ubuntu 11.04 or 11.4 i forgot. I'm not sure but i think i didnt attribute a partition big enough for ubuntu14:19
KaoloiIm starting to like it and would love to expand the partition14:19
Zzarkc-20Pici, http://pastebin.com/kGmKsc0k14:19
RoastedIs there no way to edit ID tags on a device connected to banshee?14:19
cantorChogyDan, no such thing in seahorse.  I do not have dolphin, using gnome.  There was a popup after install showing me the passphrase.  There must be a way to see that again.14:19
Kaoloii'm not sure how to check the storage space though, as in, i dont really understand14:19
cantorsomeone has to know the name of that popup14:20
xgt001Kaoloi: u want to expand the partition size for ubuntu?14:20
cantora command I can run in terminal that will launch that popup again14:20
sipiorwoniu: perhaps you should file a bug against gnome-terminal. should be good for a laugh.14:20
Nozyhi all14:20
Zzarkc-20Pici, Sorry about the syntax highlighting. I wasn't sure what I should put it as for that file.14:21
ChogyDancantor: if you want to change the password, I think you can right click the <b>Passwords</b> password, and select 'Change Password'14:21
conleyIs tty7 supposed to boot to a functional state in Ubuntu minimal?14:21
qinconley: vt7? No.14:21
giordanoslave a tutti ho istallato lubuntu, è qui dove si possono trovare le soluzioni?14:22
Kirillhello! I'm running a server that accepts connections on some port, not HTTP. in the logs I'm seeing a message like this: TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port XXX, sending cookies14:22
xgt001Kaoloi: u could try gparted, or gnome disk utility, but i never tried repartitioning myself....in fact it looks its easier to do in Gparted, however, u "may" loose ur files14:22
cantorChogyDan, right click where, in seahorse?14:22
PiciZzarkc-20: Thats fine.  I'm not seeing anything obvious that would prevent you from updating.  Are you getting errors for every repository address, or just when you download an upgrade for a specific package?14:22
Pici!it | giordano14:22
ubottugiordano: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:22
Kirillis there any way to turn off that kernel syn protection, considering that I'm expecting to get many connections on this port?14:22
Zzarkc-20Pici, It appears to be all of them.14:22
ChogyDancantor: of course, yeah14:22
RoastedIs there no way to edit ID tags on a device connected to banshee?14:22
Kaoloiok xgt001  ill try and do some research on it. but do you think its safer to do it on windows or linux?14:22
conleyqin: okay, well that's good at least! I thought I was going crazy or my laptop was failing14:23
Zzarkc-20Pici, and I don't think it's a lack of internet conncetion, cause I can still ping stuff outside of the network.14:23
sipiorRoasted: edit the tags locally, and sync to the device.14:23
PythonHi all.14:23
PythonCan I remove the task "GNOME Desktop Environment" and install the "Graphical Desktop Environment"?14:23
woniusipior:Thanks , I thinks i should check it again. Sorry for my poor English.14:23
Roastedsipior, I'm having a little bit of difficulty figuring out how to do that, because my collection is huge, and I onlyw ant a small amount on the device.14:23
cantorChogyDan, that looks like it changes my login password, but will it change the passphrase?14:23
PiciZzarkc-20: Can you resolve us.archive.ubuntu.com?14:24
Pythonwill this give me a DE ?14:24
Roastedsipior, I figure the best way would be to edit manually, which is a pita in this case when I could benefit from syncing.14:24
xgt001Kaoloi: in linux , :)14:24
PythonHi all.14:24
cantorChogyDan, passphrase for disk encryption on home?14:24
PythonCan I remove the task "GNOME Desktop Environment" and install the "Graphical Desktop Environment"?14:24
Zzarkc-20Pici, No.14:24
Pythonwill this give me a DE ?14:24
sipiorwoniu: no worries. if you're interested, check out Richard Stevens' book "Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment"14:24
xgt001Python: what do u mean by "Graphical Desktop Environment"14:24
ChogyDancantor: oh, seahorse isn't about disk encrytion, AFAIK.  sorry14:24
Ubuntubruger4hey everyone, if anyone have any experiens with formating a WD Elements so it will be working under ubuntu AND windows 7 pls PM me :)14:24
conleyPython: it won't give you one.. if you have another, it should use it instead14:24
Python"Graphical Desktop Environment" the task14:24
PiciPython: Where do you see that?14:25
Kirillanyone have an idea how I can avoid this kernel protection against syn flooding, considering that it's not a deliberate attack or anything?14:25
conleyUbuntubruger4: I'd say NTFS..14:25
PiciZzarkc-20: Well, that seems to be your issue then. Any DNS changes lately?14:25
PythonPici: aptitude14:25
Ubuntubruger4yeah i have tryed NTFS14:25
Pythonlol talking in a tty14:25
ron345636541. on my netbook, some windows go out of screen. I need to rezise so often. What to do? 2. My irc chat doesnt works well. I can't see traffic. Why?14:25
ikoniaPython: you are now using debian14:25
Kaoloixgt001, i have a partition right now its called sda1, ntfs, label:recovery, size:13.84GiB, Used: 13.01GiB, flags: diag <<<< It should be the one ubuntu is installed right?14:25
ikoniaPython: you are not using ubuntu any more14:25
Ubuntubruger4i have tryed using 512 sectors in a DOS partition, but can14:26
conleyUbuntubruger4: Ubuntu can read NTFS. You just need 3gntfs-tools, or something like that14:26
Ubuntubruger4can't get it to work14:26
Kaoloithe other one is /host is for windows i guess..14:26
Zzarkc-20Pici, Ummm... It's a completely locally run server. I did add some 192.168 ones to my hosts, but I didn't think that'd affect it.14:26
cantorChogyDan, np.  I want know what the popup is called, the popup that shows asking to set passphrase for disk encryption after install.14:26
conleyUbuntubruger4: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions14:27
Kaoloibut i cant reduce the size of sda2 (/host) there's a 'key' symbol14:27
Kaoloii have to do it under windows maybe?14:27
paddy_I am trying to recover a key-pair from an old hard drive, unfortunately I cant find where they are stored. Does anyone know where gpg keys are stored?14:27
cantorIve seen that damn popup a ton of times, but for like of me I can figureout how to bring it up at the moment14:27
Kirillanyone have an idea how I can avoid this kernel protection against syn flooding, considering that it's not a deliberate attack or anything?14:27
=== expl01t is now known as eXpl01t
Pythonconley: are you sure ? I'm wondering if I can delete it14:28
cantorDoes anyone know the name of the GUI popup that opens after installing Lucid (gnome) and has you set the disk encryption passphrase for encrypted home??14:28
Ubuntubruger4conley im pretty sure it's not that simple, WD have some with policy with the way they make up sectors, and a simple NTFS is not anoth14:28
PiciPython: Are you using Ubuntu or Debian?14:28
ikoniaPython: you're using debian - please stop asking in this channel14:28
Kirillso nobody here knows about syn flood stuff eh..14:29
Kaoloianyone else knows how to reduce my windows partition size (there s a key symbol under gsparted i cant resize it here)?14:29
xanguaKaoloi: us gparted on the live cd14:29
cantorKaoloi, live cd?14:30
Kaoloilive cd?14:30
cantorinstall cd14:30
ChogyDanpaddy_: is it ssh?14:30
Kaoloii need to create an install cd?14:30
Kaoloicuz i installed ubuntu with the windows installer..14:30
cantorboot install cd, or usb.  run gparted14:30
cantoroh, you are using wubi?14:30
Kaoloisorry cantor im totally new to linux i dont really understand...14:31
paddy_ChogyDan: gpg encryption/signing14:31
ChogyDanpaddy_: I would like to know myself, so Im poking around14:31
xanguaKaoloi: if you want to reduce or delete windws partiton and keepig ubuntu, majke a real install14:31
=== R1ck_ is now known as R1ck
R1ckanyone know of a decent flowcharting tool?14:32
LoshkiKirill: I know a bit about it. syn flood protection is only an issue if you get lots of incoming tcp connections which fail to complete the full tcp handshake. It shouldn't affect normal tcp operations...14:32
Kaoloixangua,  a real install? but how to do from here?14:32
maheshkHi all, I upgraded from 10.04 32-bit to 11.04 64bit ubuntu 2 days before. I ran into issues like ia32-libs missing. Is there some step i m missing?14:32
cantorKaoloi, you need to resize the virtual disk for wubi14:32
Kaoloiwhats wubi? sorry...14:32
xanguaKaoloi: what you used to install ubuntu inside windows14:32
compdocmaheshk, usually, its best to install from scratch14:33
admgy22hi - I copied a server from an image, why couldn't I just go to the new server by typing its IP address into my web browser's address bar?14:33
admgy22I can ping it fine14:33
cantorthere is a wubi-resize script14:33
ChogyDanpaddy_: maybe it is in ~/.gnupg14:33
Kaoloiim lost14:34
Zzarkc-20Pici, Do you have any idea how to fix this?14:34
KirillLoshki: indeed, spoons, but that's exactly what I want -- many tcp connections that don't complete the full handshake. now what?14:34
qinLooking for way to use ffmpeg with -vhook (Lucid 64 or 32), has someone did it?14:34
Kaoloiok i found the script14:34
Zzarkc-20Pici,  I restarted the server and sitll had the same problem.14:34
cantorDoes anyone know the name of the GUI popup that opens after installing Lucid (gnome) and has you set the disk encryption passphrase for encrypted home?14:34
paddy_Does anyone know where gpg stores its keys?14:35
KirillLoshki: any ideas?14:35
PiciZzarkc-20: can you pastebin the output of  dig us.archive.ubuntu.com   ?14:35
=== will123 is now known as Will123456
tsimpsonpaddy_: under ~/.gnupg/14:36
LoshkiKirill: I don't get it: are you testing a system's response to a syn flood attack?14:36
KirillLoshki: no, I'm getting requests that require no response14:37
Zzarkc-20Pici, I'm not sure how I save it to a file. I'm doing this on a VMed server.14:37
KirillLoshki: ... and the kernel things I'm gettign attacked, but that's not the case14:38
khvaycan some help me with screen resolution on a new install of 11.04 on a dell vostro 1400 please14:39
PiciZzarkc-20: Doesn't matter really.  Do you see any 91.189.*.* addresses in the answer section?14:39
SambaFSTABin my samba server share1 is owned by user1.user1 user and group....in my client....user1 cannot access to share1....any idea why is that?14:40
paddy_I cant find ~/.gnupg14:40
b88i want to make friends14:40
Zzarkc-20Pici, It has QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 0, nothing under Question Section, no "Answer Section"14:41
LoshkiKirill: I still don't understand. If someone is sending you syn floods, you want syn-flood-protection to be operating...?14:41
TL1how to stop a running module14:41
gsbTL1: rmmod?14:41
qinTL1: rmmod14:41
TL1cant stop module is in use14:42
hoshi411how do I add the ubuntu powerpc repository to my repo list?14:42
hoshi411im running isadora ppc14:42
PiciZzarkc-20: Is there a server listed near the bottom of the result?14:42
qinTL1: What module?14:42
th0rTL1: you need to stop the service or process that is using that module.14:42
gsbTL1: there is a -w option with rmmod14:42
TL1how to list them :-)14:42
h00k!ppc | hoshi41114:42
ubottuhoshi411: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ14:42
gsbTL1: lsmod14:43
Zzarkc-20Pici, yes. It's not a 91.189.*server though14:43
redoc_k33gjoin #gentoo_desktop14:44
PiciZzarkc-20: It shouldn't be.  Is that ip the the address of your dns server?14:44
khvayhelp with screen resolution on a new install of 11.04 on a dell vostro 140014:44
khvaythe screen resolution options are limited compared to my windows install14:44
TL1using -f i got resource unavailable14:44
woniusipior:still there? I got it ."The new file descriptor is always the lowest-numbered unused descriptor" ,this is just for the "open" system call. Thanks again.14:44
sipiorwoniu: sure, no trouble.14:44
Zzarkc-20Pici, I have no idea if it is the address. What would I use to find out?14:45
paddy_does anyone know of an alternate location that gnupg stores keys other than ~/.gnupg14:45
cantoris there anyway to recover the encrypted home passphrase if I can still login after install?14:45
cantorI have not moved the drive14:45
isteve__it sda :14:46
thingfishI've tried installing 11.04, but I have an ATI Radeon HD 6950 vidcard that doesn't seem to be supported well by the drivers that are used on the livecd.  How can I find out whether, after I go ahead and install anyway, I'll find Ubuntu-supplied flgrx (?) drivers?14:46
thingfishor will I have to use ATI's binary drivers?14:46
cantorinstalled, set passphrase for encrypted home, closed gui, didnt write down passphrase.  can I see it again?14:47
PiciZzarkc-20: What OS is the virtual machine host running?14:47
TL1the app using the module is not listed on lsmod gsb14:47
Zzarkc-20Pici, Ubuntu 64-bit 11.04. I'm confused because I have another server just like it that is working just fine.14:48
gsbTL1: how?14:49
b88how to update the system14:49
cantorI am currently logged into Ubuntu lucid after install.  I setup encrypted home on install.  My login password decrypts my home so that I can see everything on login.  Is there anyway to see the passphrase for /home encryption?14:49
icerootb88: update to a newer ubuntu version or just security updates?14:50
icerootcantor: no, the passphrase is stored as a hased one14:50
icerootcantor: hashed14:50
TL1well i removed my wireless usb adapter14:51
PiciZzarkc-20: hmm... I'd check to see whether the dig output from the server that isn't working matches the ones that are working.14:51
icerootcantor: its the same as in /etc/shadow  there are all userpasswords, but stored as hash14:51
TL1but when i replug it14:51
TL1it came back i ran command again now its gone with my wireless interface14:51
TL1how to create a new interface14:52
TL1gsb: Ah follow :-)14:53
cantoriceroot, When you first login after install, there is a pop up telling you that your login password will decrypt your home.  There is a button on the pop up that shows you the hash.  Can I see the hash?  If I reset my login password will it show me the new hash?  I did not write the hash down and I would like to.14:53
khvaycan someone help me determine the best video drivers for a 11.04 install.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/642685/14:53
Zzarkc-20Pici, No, it's not the same.14:53
Zzarkc-20Pici, And the other one had the ANSWER Section.14:53
TL1khvay: the installer will do that ?14:54
cantoriceroot, the hash it shows you is the same that is in /etc/shadow?14:54
PiciZzarkc-20: As it should.  Check /etc/resolv.conf on both machines to make sure that they have the same dns server setup.  If that is being assigned by dhcp, then check there.14:54
khvayTL1 -  well the resolution sizes are limited compared to my windows install14:54
TL1khvay: it is normal during install14:55
cantoriceroot, that would not make sense, because if my laptop is stolen, etc is not encrypted and so anyone who mounts the drive can see the shadow file14:55
TL1but after you will be prompted to install new drivers14:55
=== Phr3d13_AFK is now known as Phr3d13
khvaywell i was not prompted afterwards ... :-)14:55
Phr3d13anyone ever able to get a pci vt6410 ide card working in ubuntu 10.10?14:56
AlexandrosGRi can't unistall ati driver14:56
AlexandrosGRplease help me14:56
cantorsudo apt-get remove -f <driver>14:56
nightanyone here14:56
Zzarkc-20Pici, That fixed it. Thank you.14:56
khvayTL1 - I was prompted on the wireless card but not video14:56
nightwho can tell me ,how can i join into chinese channel14:57
TL1khvay: well you will be later then14:57
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn /join #ubuntu-tw 或 /join #ubuntu-hk14:57
AlexandrosGRi can't unistall ati driver!!14:57
ikoniaAlexandrosGR: we can see14:57
nightok thank you14:57
cantorAlexandrosGR, for an uninstall14:57
YerushalmiHey folks. Today I turned on my computer to discover that I can't open Ubuntu Software Center, edit my menus, or run a whole bunch of other things. Someone help!14:57
hellomrjackhi, ive just upgraded to 11.04 and its now refusing to load up the gui, i can still login on one of the other interfaces (tty1-6) so im guessing it something to do with unity14:58
khvayTL1 okay anything i can do in the meantime... also cannot enable desktop effects  so thought there might be a better solution14:58
nighti have a problem about WARNING: Unable to load file '/etc/gdm/custom.conf':14:58
strangrhellomrjack, try startx14:58
AlexandrosGRit says system error install archives Failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!14:58
TL1khvay: if you know your card maker you will be able to install the drivers manually14:58
hellomrjackstrangr: in one of the other interfaces?14:58
TL1khvay: you can install them manually14:58
cantoryou got to chill AlexandrosGR14:59
strangrhellomrjack, yes14:59
Phr3d13Yerushalmi, did you try rebooting?14:59
nightTL1, do you know :WARNING: Unable to load file '/etc/gdm/custom.conf':14:59
khvayokay here is my VGA card   http://paste.ubuntu.com/642685/  i need help installing .... please :-)14:59
nighti can't login14:59
ikonianight: it's saying it can/t load that file, is it there ?14:59
=== LoganUnderscore is now known as Logan_
dimas__night close synaptic or program manager which may one of them be open14:59
nightikonia, yes it is14:59
YerushalmiMany, many times, Phr3d13.14:59
hellomrjackstrangr: im getting errors from fglrx14:59
ikonianight: does it had the correct permissions, is the contents of it sane14:59
BigDaddyDuergarIs there a way to change the clock in ubuntu to a binary clock instead of digital?15:00
Zzarkc-20How do you do the karma thing on here?15:00
cantorAlexandrosGR, how did you install the driver?15:00
Phr3d13Yerushalmi, sudo apt-get update15:00
ikoniaZzarkc-20: there isn't a karma thing15:00
YerushalmiMy bluetooth has also stopped working entirely. I think it's related.15:00
Delrayneok, I downloaded a .tgz file how can I open/build/make from the command line?15:00
ikoniaDelrayne: what do you want to install ?15:00
Zzarkc-20ikonia, Ah. I guess only certain channels have it then. Thanks.15:00
strangrhellomrjack, seems u have ati?15:00
TL1khvay: you are on a laptop ?15:00
hellomrjackstrangr: yep15:00
Delrayneimts its modular trigger system for MUDS15:00
strangrhellomrjack, what does the error say15:01
cantorI am currently logged into Ubuntu lucid after install.  I setup encrypted home on install.  My login password decrypts my home so that I can see everything on login.  Is there anyway to see the passphrase for /home encryption?15:01
nightikonia, my gdm looks like broken, i can't login in normal model, so , i change to root user, stop gdm, and then "startx" in root15:01
YerushalmiI get a segfault any time I try to run blueman, my bluetooth manager. I also got a segfault in man-db when I tried to use synaptic package manager to reinstall blueman when trying to fix it (I was using synaptic package manager because I couldn't open Ubuntu Software Center )15:01
ikoniaDelrayne: if you untar it there should be a README and INSTALL file that will tell you how to install it15:01
ikonianight: what happened to break it ?15:01
Delrayneikonia:and do I go about that?15:01
ikoniaDelrayne: tar zxvf $filename15:02
Delrayneikonia: its currently in my download folder, though terminal commands would be preferred as I want to get use to using the terminal more.15:02
Delrayneikonia: thanks15:02
nightikonia, i don't konw , i have just install a c++ library ("log4cpp") last night15:02
hellomrjackstrangr: "no matching device section for instance foiund15:02
ikonianight: how did you try to install it ?15:03
hellomrjackstrangr: its segfaulting15:03
Delrayneikonia: I'm assuming I need to change directories to the directory of my .tgz file.15:03
nightikonia, how can i reinstall it?15:03
ikoniaDelrayne: correct15:03
ikonianight: how did you try to install it ?15:03
ikonianight: (the c library, how did you try to install it)15:03
strangrhellomrjack, lemme check15:04
nightikonia, yes ,i install it ,it is succ15:04
hellomrjackstrangr: should i try updating the drivers?15:04
ikonianight: no, read what I'm asking you, "HOW" did you install it15:04
strangrhellomrjack, u can15:04
cantoralright, screw my passphrase for now15:04
strangrhellomrjack, seems drivers are broken15:04
nightikonia, haha , sorry ,my english no every well, i use "configure"15:05
hellomrjackstrangr: thats annoying15:05
onelinerare there any bugs reported concercing AMD motherboards and usb cables with no device plugged causing ubuntu to fail loading properly to the point where the motherboard assumes overclocking issues?15:05
ikonianight: I suspect then it has installed something that has caused a conflict/changed the permission on a library15:05
hellomrjackstrangr: thanks i will go have a look and see if there is a fix15:05
strangrhellomrjack, try reinstalling15:05
strangrhellomrjack, the drivers15:05
hellomrjackstrangr: ok15:05
conleySo Ubuntu minimal just defaults to a black screen with a blinking cursor. I can switch to another tty, but is that normal behaviour?15:06
strangrhellomrjack, ubunti what ver15:06
Piciconley: Yes, what did you expect?15:06
nightikonia, how can i repair it15:06
hellomrjackstrangr: 11.0415:06
TL1khvay: follow http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58211215:06
strangrhellomrjack, try removing the drivers15:06
khvaykewl i'm checkin it out15:07
ikonianight: I don't know - it depends how you've broke it, I must admit blindly installing libraries with "configure && make && make install" is a terrible idea and can do all sorts of damage15:07
conleyPici: It to take me to somewhere that I could enter commands at by default, like Arch does15:07
nightikonia, i have try to "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" , but it is not useful15:07
strangrhellomrjack, then u can install again using the additional drivers15:07
hellomrjackstrangr: so it uses the opensource ones?15:07
ikonianight: no, I doubt that is useful15:07
strangrhellomrjack, ati is prop.15:07
tyler_dhow(what command) do I use to connect to a console?15:07
burghello. my network manager sais that there is no network connection, even if i am connected (to a wired network) and i have internet access (pppoe). how can i fix this?15:07
Piciconley: er, well you should be able to login and see a login shell.15:07
strangrhellomrjack, r u using a laptop?15:08
hellomrjackstrangr: desktop15:08
Phr3d13anyone ever able to get a pci vt6410 ide card working in ubuntu 10.10?15:08
strangrhellomrjack, u have an onboard graphics also15:08
YerushalmiPhr3d13: Didn't download anything, just went through the list of locations and found nothing apparently.15:08
strangrhellomrjack, or is it only ati15:09
nightikonia, oh my chinese god ....15:09
nightikonia, - -, i need luck15:09
hellomrjackstrangr: none onboard15:09
hellomrjackstrangr: just the ati card15:09
Phr3d13Yerushalmi, do you have synaptic package manager open or the software center?15:10
strangrhellomrjack, remove the drivers as i said bfore15:10
hellomrjackstrangr: ok15:10
YerushalmiPhr3d13: Neither15:10
strangrhellomrjack, and then reinstall15:10
Phr3d13Yerushalmi,  can you get into and use software center now?15:11
YerushalmiPhr3d13: Nope. It has "starting ubuntu software center" for a few seconds at the bottom of the screen, then nothing15:11
Phr3d13when you open package manager does it say you have any broken packages?15:12
gregory_is there a version of visual studio 2005 available for xubuntu x11 xfc?15:12
cantorgregory_, no15:13
nightrid3rgregory_ nope15:13
TL1gregory_: visual studio is only for windows15:13
vademecumI'm trying to install ubuntu-restricted-extras but keep getting this "Failed to download package files, check your internet connection" but internet works fine.15:13
cantorunless you use wine15:13
cantormaybe wine will work15:13
strangrhellomrjack, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver15:13
hellomrjackstrangr: thanks15:13
TL1cantor: i don't think it will15:13
cantorTL1, me neither15:14
nightrid3rgregory_ if you want to develop for ubuntu you can instaal build-essential15:14
Picigregory_: There are a number of IDE's available for Linux though.15:14
cantorgregory_, Virtualbox+XP+Visual studio is probably your best solution15:14
gregory_i dual boot15:14
gregory_will dl build-essential right now15:15
gregory_is it possible to /reply to all of you?15:15
gregory_build-essential not found15:15
hellomrjackgregory_: qt isnt to bad, you dont have to use their libs either15:15
cantorif you do not NEED visual studio, there are a ton of tools in ubuntu15:16
gregory_i suppose i will search the dev tools in the package soft15:16
dimas__i have some programs that some of their windows dont adjust properly to the ubuntu desktop even i tryed resize or expand it, so is there any to adjust it so i can see the whole thing?15:17
cantorit is also good to install medibuntu repository15:17
xanguacantor: it¿15:17
adam11xwhat log should i check to try and find the cause of a hard freeze?15:17
xanguaits' up to you15:17
Phr3d13dimas__,  are they ubuntu programs or windows programs run in wine?15:17
cantorxangua, what?15:18
dimas__Phr3d13 ubuntu programs15:18
xangua(10:17:02) cantor: it is also good to install medibuntu repository(10:17:34) xangua: its' up to you15:18
BluesKajcantor, I always do , some don't think medbuntu is necessary, but if you're into media it's very helpful15:18
cantorxangua, yes, it is a choice, but IMO it is good to install15:18
cantorthe nonfree stuff works better, more codecs etc15:19
Phr3d13dimas__, did you try changing your resolution?15:19
dimas__i am a pro-linux so no wine15:19
cantorgregory_, it has a bunch codecs and programs not in the default repos15:20
=== kalam_ is now known as red0c_k33g
dimas__Phr3d13 no all the programs do that...so the resolution is perfect15:20
gregory_can i download it from terminal?15:20
taar779Hello, my headphone jack doesn't seem to be working when I set my sound settings to "Analog Headphone". Speakers work fine.15:20
cantorgregory_, what version are you using 11.04?15:20
cantorversion of ubuntu?15:20
TL1how do i change my login screen background ,I've Forgot this  :D15:21
BluesKajtaar779, open alsamixer in the terminal and set your ctrls there15:21
Phr3d13tl1 what ubuntu15:22
BluesKajtaar779,  use the M key to unmute or mute various ctrls, arrow keys to navigate set the vol15:22
gregory_medibuntu repository is a legit command in that spelling?15:23
Phr3d13TL1, http://maketecheasier.com/change-login-and-boot-screen-in-ubuntu-lucid/2010/05/1315:23
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org15:23
taar779BluesKaj, I still don't hear anything from my headphones15:23
cantorpage 215:24
gregory_how do you check your version of ubuntu?15:24
BluesKajtaar779, what did you do ?15:24
SambaFSTABhow can i make a file executable for everybody but unwritable and unreadable?15:24
qingregory_: lsb_release -a15:24
TL1thx Phr3d1315:24
Phr3d13TL1, yup15:25
Phr3d13anyone ever able to get a pci vt6410 ide card working in ubuntu 10.10?15:25
taar779BluesKaj, I just muted speakers in the alsamixer. Headphones aren't muted and volume is max.15:25
qinSambaFSTAB: chmod 111 <file>15:26
gregory_sudo pacman -s !medibuntu is invalid commmand pls help with download15:26
Phr3d13dimas__, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56255915:26
BluesKajtaar779, do you have pulseaudio installed ?, if so install pavucontrol , it has settings that might work15:26
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
cantorgregory_, in terminal, more /etc/apt/sources.list15:27
cantordo you see natty?15:27
cantoror lucid15:27
taar779BluesKaj, No I don't but I will install and let you know if it worked, thanks.15:28
TL1<TL> reading ; At this moment, there is no GUI to handle this  :o15:28
gccsteridentify g44?><15:29
ethan1991Open a Terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal). Type lsb_release -a and press Enter. The Ubuntu version will be displayed on the screen.15:29
cantorethan1991, nope15:30
cantor:~$ lsb_release -a15:30
cantorlsb_release -a: command not found15:30
gccsterguys how can i prevent apache php to access files outside web root ?15:30
cantorturn off computer15:30
gregory_i only see extras and partner repositories listed as available15:31
ethan1991lsb_release -a15:31
Picicantor: how about cat /etc/issue15:31
taar779BluesKaj, still nothing :/ could it be a driver issue or something?15:31
cantorPici, YEP15:31
cantorgregory_, yeah, medibuntu is not installed by default.  You need to added it.  You can do that from terminal .15:32
NET||abuseJust used the recovery partition left wasted by windows as my 12GB partition for ubuntu, :) now lets just hope my windows survives15:32
cantorgregory_, you should uncomment partners15:32
cantorgregory_, the command is here: http://www.medibuntu.org/repository.php15:32
Picigregory_: !medibuntu isn't a command for you to use. It is a trigger for this IRC channel so that our bot ubottu will tell you information.15:32
NET||abusenow, can apache2 use files from the ntfs  drive where i'm going to link most of my home drive stuff over to.15:33
BluesKajtaar779,nope, your speakers work so the hp should too15:33
gregory_11.04 natty what language is my terminal in?15:33
dimas__Phr3d13 thank you for the info, Alt and drag works for me, as i dont want to mess with my resolution15:33
BluesKajwhat kind of hp connection is it , taar779 ?15:34
cantorgregory_, what language?15:34
taar779BluesKaj, I'm not sure what you mean by hp connection? Is there someway to find that info for you?15:35
BluesKajnot usb I hope15:35
taar779BluesKaj, no its through the headphone jack on the side of my laptop15:35
ron34563654could anyone assist me with a simple html tweek? i can give my email15:36
gregory_is there a list of commands for irc chat?15:37
=== neha is now known as Guest68190
cantorfront slash help15:37
=== Guest68190 is now known as asnoobasitgets
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 2 starting in 23 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:37
asnoobasitgetsyuhoo! My first IRC message15:37
asnoobasitgetscantor what are you talking about ?15:38
Piciasnoobasitgets: see http://www.irchelp.org/15:38
BluesKajtaar779, well , I don't  like telling ppl to remoc=ve apps , but if you have pulsaudio installed , it could be the problem ...personally i don't use it because it's designed for fancy pci soundcards with lots of options IMO ..15:38
asnoobasitgetsthank you pici15:38
dimas__taar779 for some reason some times alsa dont have all the modules install so try add the repositories and see what happen sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa15:38
dimas__sudo apt-get update15:38
dimas__sudo apt-get install linux-alsa-driver-modules-$(uname -r)15:38
cantorasnoobasitgets, he was asking how to see the help in IRC15:38
Piciasnoobasitgets: Also, keep in mind that #ubuntu is for Ubuntu OS help only, off-topic chatter belongs in #ubuntu-offtopic :)15:38
cantorI was just answering the question Pici15:38
asnoobasitgetsalright mate, I get it now !15:39
Picicantor: oops, wrong person15:39
jnlsnl_Im in trouble if i can't open this tar file, and i keep getting the error "tar: This does not look like a tar archive" if i do a "file filename.tar" i get this: "filename : data"15:39
Picigregory_: see http://www.irchelp.org/ and keep in mind that #ubuntu is for Ubuntu OS help only, off-topic chatter belongs in #ubuntu-offtopic :)15:39
dimas__taar and then reboot of course15:39
cantorjnlsnl tar -xvzf file.tar15:39
gregory_thank you15:40
jnlsnl_gzip: stdin: not in gzip format15:40
jnlsnl_tar: Child returned status 115:40
jnlsnl_tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now15:40
BluesKajor unp jnlsnl_ ,  it unpacks practically everything15:40
Picijnlsnl_: tar xvf file.tar15:41
Picicantor: the z switch is for gzipped archives.15:41
rwwPici: given the output of 'file', I don't think that's going to work either.15:41
cantorPici, yeah, sorry15:41
Picirww: Likely not.15:41
cantorshould still work though, no?15:42
BluesKajunp ftw !15:42
cantortar -xvf yourfile.tar15:42
cantoror tar -xvwf myfile.tar15:42
cantorI guess you do not need the -15:43
cantortar xvf file.tar15:43
BluesKaj!info unp15:43
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre5 (natty), package size 14 kB, installed size 120 kB15:43
taar779BluesKaj, dimas_, I'll try those and get back to you, thanks.15:43
cantorBlackBinary, tar is just as easy15:43
cantorBluesKaj, tar is just as easy15:44
gregory_if i type during the stream of an update log in terminal will it effect the update at all?15:44
jnlsnl_Pici same error15:44
cantorgregory_, depends on what you push15:44
BluesKajfor you maybe cantor , unp has replace the xvzf etc for me for yrs now15:45
debianbestIn squeeze I have the following issue/question: instead of using /dev/mapper/sda6_crypt as a swap  partition, as instructed in fstab, it is using /dev/dm-2, why is that?15:45
debianbestIn squeeze I have the following issue/question: instead of using /dev/mapper/sda6_crypt as a swap  partition, as instructed in fstab, it is using /dev/dm-2, why is that?15:45
jnlsnl_Cannot read -xvzf, skipping...15:45
jnlsnl_tar: This does not look like a tar archive15:45
jnlsnl_tar: Skipping to next header15:45
jnlsnl_tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors15:45
jnlsnl_WARNING: There were errors while processing files!15:45
cantorlike ctrl+z or ctrl+c might stop the update15:45
FloodBot1jnlsnl_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:45
BluesKajerr replaced15:45
cantorgregory_, like ctrl+z or ctrl+c might stop the update15:45
Picidebianbest: We don't support Debian here, please ask in #debian15:45
BluesKajjnlsnl_, then it's not a real tar file15:46
cantorjnlsnl_, weird15:46
cantorsounds sketchy15:46
debianbestPici: for all practical purposes, how this works in ubuntu and debian should be very similar,15:46
jnlsnl_aye, its generated from the feature module for drupal, it worked some hours ago :X15:46
cantorjnlsnl, do you have a zip choice?15:47
cantorjnlsnl_, do you have a zip choice?15:47
jnlsnl_nope only get .tar15:47
Picidebianbest: Thats fine, but it still doesn't change the fact that we do not support debian here.15:47
rwwdebianbest: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support. #debian is for Debian technical support. As a Debian-using #ubuntu channel op, please respect our policies and the fact that you might not know everything about the difference between Debian and Ubuntu.15:47
gregory_should one begin their endeavor in ubuntu or debian for learning purposes?15:48
debianbestPici: that would be okay, were it not for the fact that the #debian channel is kind of mute, so not much help can be gotten from there.15:48
ikoniagregory_: your choice15:49
gregory_also, does anyone know the most used computer languages by the united states DoD?15:49
Picidebianbest: Their official channel is on oftc iirc.15:49
debianbestgregory_: it's probably quite irrelevant, they are both the same.15:49
cantordebianbest, not the same15:49
debianbestPici: I don't understand what you are saying, sorry15:49
cantorsimilar sure15:49
matt08642Hi, I am running Ubuntu with the Fluxbox desktop environment, and I was wondering how I would be able to switch the default sound output to my USB headset. Ubuntu is defaulting to my onboard sound, which doesnt work15:49
Picigregory_: As I stated before, Ubuntu is for support of the OS only. Use #ubuntu-offtopic for other things.15:49
cantorgregory_, for desktops, ubuntu is your best bet15:49
Picidebianbest: Debian's official IRC channel is on irc.oftc.net, not freenode.15:50
rwwPici: #debian on freenode is generally busier, though ;(15:50
cantorI am currently logged into Ubuntu lucid after install.  I setup encrypted home on install.  My login password decrypts my home so that I can see everything on login.  Is there anyway to see the passphrase for /home encryption?15:50
debianbestPici: that's fine, thanks, gonna try to get in touch with them. :)15:50
bootloaderhey guys...apt-get seems to be missing autocompletion. I'm using 10.4...how might I enable it?15:52
cantorbootloader, what are you trying to run?15:53
cantorjust apt-get <tab>x215:53
bootloadercantor, just trying to get autocomplete working for apt-get. E.g. 'apt-get install partial-package-name'15:53
=== vato- is now known as duvel
bootloaderand then I hit tab, and it should list options/fill it in if its obvious15:54
rwwbootloader: do you get tab-complete in bash for other things (like ls, for example)?15:54
bootloaderrww: yes, I do. and bash-completion is installed and up-to-date15:54
rwwahh, bootloader is psychic :)15:55
* rww ponders15:55
cantorbootloader, I have no idea how to break that15:55
cantordid it work before?15:55
bootloadercantor: no. this is a work machine that I have not done the install myself on. All other ubuntu's i've used have this feature....i do have sudoer access, so i can do anything short of reinstalling15:57
Octodigithi folks. Just about to embark on another evening of trying to make xorg work on natty. Has anything changed in the last month or two wrt fglrx and natty?15:57
cantorbootloader, are you using bash?15:58
VectorXhi, i got a guest ubunto on a host win7 via vmware, guest ip is, how do i find the ip of the host its connected to ?15:58
cantorsure it is not zsh15:58
duvelvectorx type sudo who15:58
edbianVectorX: traceroute15:59
bootloadercantor, it is bash for sure15:59
edbianVectorX: Or use win7 to get the ip15:59
Octodigit(I can't use any other display drivers as anything other than fglrx cooks my laptop right up to 100 degs and rising within a minute)15:59
=== KNUBBIG_ is now known as KNUBBIG
VectorXedbian win7 ip is something different15:59
edbianVectorX: ... Win7 is the most machine.15:59
KNUBBIGHey, I'm looking for a better version of how to mirror a local directory to a ftp directory, I only want to upload new and changed files but also apply deletes. Any idea?16:00
edbianVectorX: ahhh, traceroute.16:00
edbianVectorX: I see what you're saying.16:00
cantorbootloader, do you have access to bash.bachrc?16:00
=== bjorn_248 is now known as Bjorn248
=== Bjorn248 is now known as bjorn_248
VectorXed1703 thanks traceroute worked16:01
VectorXedbian i mean16:01
edbianVectorX: sure16:01
bootloadercantor, yes I do16:01
cantorbootloader, or /home/user/.bashrc16:01
cantorat the end of .bashrc there is a if statement about bash completion16:02
cantorsince you do not have sudo, you cannot change /etc/bash.bachrc16:03
bootloadercantor... I do have sudo. i can do anything short of a re-install16:04
JoshMandersHey guys, sorry to bother you again, but I'm running 10.04 and I can't get it to recognize my iPod Touch, and it says it should recognize it out of the box.16:05
cantoroh, well, on line 31 of /etc/bash.bashrc, you can uncomment the if statement below: # enable bash completion in interactive shells16:05
KNUBBIGHey, I'm looking for a better version of how to mirror a local directory to a ftp directory, I only want to upload new and changed files but also apply deletes. Any idea?16:05
=== Monster is now known as monsterwizard
PiciKNUBBIG: Normally, I'd suggest rsync, but rsync doesn't do ftp.  I believe lftp can do syncing, but I've never used it before.16:07
KNUBBIGPici: okay, I'm currently using lftp which is somewhat VERY slow, I think I have to look into tuning it. Thanks16:08
monsterwizardHow can I uninstall evolution?16:08
bootloadercantor, that was the problem. thx16:09
gregory_in gmusic i receive this error Playing error : Resource not found. at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/gmusicbrowser_gstreamer-0.10.pm line 135.16:09
kroq-gar78monsterwizard: sudo apt-get remove evolution16:09
cantorbootloader, cool16:09
monsterwizardahhh thank you16:10
kroq-gar78monsterwizard: or go to software center, and search for evolution, then say remove16:10
Octodigityou could use rsync with something like fuse or vfs, KNUBBIG16:10
monsterwizardI tried that but it says there :/16:10
kroq-gar78monsterwizard: what do you mean "it says there"? its already removed?16:10
Phoenix6780rsync uses lower bandwidth16:10
cantorwhy does rsync auto start in ubuntu?16:11
cantorwhat is that for?16:11
Phoenix6780and it's used by storage servers to automatically backup16:11
monsterwizardonce I uninstall it from the software centre it still apears to be...installed16:11
cantorin lucid specifically16:11
Phoenix6780rsync pushes files16:11
kroq-gar78monsterwizard: strange. did you try opening it after?16:11
cantormonsterwizard, did you try sudo apt-get uninstall packagename16:12
monsterwizardThat I shall try now16:12
kroq-gar78cantor: no such thing as "uninstall" for apt16:12
Octodigitit might be worth getting a test ftp server up, then at the "client" end trying rsync with curlftpfs16:12
cantorsudo apt-get remove package name16:12
kroq-gar78cantor: its k ;)16:12
olskolircbusiness analyst software for ubuntu anyone?16:12
nikonmikonmatt08642, U MAD16:12
Octodigitto ensure it behaves as expected, that is :)16:12
cantormonsterwizard, sudo apt-get remove packagename, not uninstall16:13
Octodigityou'll stuff like compression though :\16:13
monsterwizarddamn it16:13
monsterwizardit's still there16:13
cantoror, sudo apt-get remove --purge packagename16:13
tauntaunI've been reading web pages re sendmail vs. postfix, and I can't seem to make up my mind which MTA to favor.  Any thoughts?16:13
kroq-gar78cantor: that's what I was about to say :P16:13
compdocyes, use purge to remove it all16:13
cantormonsterwizard, what do you mean still there, where do you see it?16:14
Octodigitsorry, that was @ KNUBBIG16:14
=== FusionX_ is now known as FusionY
gregory_is there a codec in medibuntu repository for m4a filetype?16:14
sipiortauntaun: postfix.16:14
bootloadermonsterwizard, I had a problem with that recently. the metapackage installed like 3-4 different bins that were executed by the programs name16:14
monsterwizardI see it in the menu16:14
Octodigitalso, that should read "you'll lose stuff like compression though :\"16:14
tauntaunsipior: reasons? :)16:14
cantorgregory_, itunes is the devil16:14
monsterwizardand when I click it, it asked me to confiugre an account :/16:14
bootloaderso it was uninstalling...kinda16:14
monsterwizardI'm on Ubuntu 10.1016:14
cantoroh, the menu icon is still there16:14
Picicantor: Lets try to be helpful when answering.16:14
sipiortauntaun: try configuring both of them.16:15
matt08642nikonmikon NO U MAD16:15
BluesKajOctodigit, @ doesn't work on irc, the nick is enough to highlight16:15
rwwtauntaun: postfix is Ubuntu's default MTA, and sendmail is overcomplicated to configure and generally annoying16:15
matt08642nikonmikon, maddeus16:15
cantorPici, sorry, I just know I will say it later16:15
OctodigitBluesKaj: just an abbreviation of the word @ :)16:15
nikonmikonmatt08642, no u cuz im leaving this neckbearded chat16:15
Octodigitlibfaad for m4a, innit?16:15
bootloaderso what I ended up doing was finding all the pkgs installed by the meta and manually removing them.16:15
KNUBBIGOctodigit: just read you, sorry. Thank, I will try that. Have a local test ftp16:15
sipiortauntaun: sendmail also has a history of poor security. postfix was generally designed to mitigate many of the design flaws in sendmail.16:16
gregory_when i uninstalled gmusicbrowser it saved allt he songs in my library, how can i reset or remove them all?16:16
OctodigitKNUBBIG: worth a shot, isn't it :)16:16
BluesKajOctodigit, fine , but we get alot of the IM stuff , so i had to let you know16:16
=== FusionY is now known as FusionX
KNUBBIGOctodigit: very true, thanks :)16:16
Octodigitheh fair enough ;)16:16
tauntaunsipior: Yes, I've heard that, but I've also read claims that sendmail's security weakness are "way overblown."16:16
* tauntaun will do more reading.16:17
sipiortauntaun: that may be. stick with postfix anyway.16:17
monsterwizardIs there a free ubuntu book.16:17
tauntaunwi sipior16:17
rufian2my screen is black, almost all except the pointer... what should I do?16:17
monsterwizardON how to use the OS and how it works?16:17
kroq-gar78monsterwizard: try "sudo apt-get remove evolution-common16:17
monsterwizardthat the chat recommends16:17
Octodigitpretty sure we monkey around m4as around here without issue with a blob of packages we install by default, and I think the relevant ones are libfaad/libfaac, gregory_16:17
kroq-gar78monsterwizard: for evolution that is :P16:18
cantormonsterwizard, if the menu item is still there after you uninstall the application, you can delete it16:18
rufian2(I have ssh access, with X display open)16:18
cantorfrom the menu16:18
rww!manual | monsterwizard16:18
ubottumonsterwizard: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/16:18
Octodigitmonsterwizard: there's the linux documentation project, the community docs (I forget the factoid for it, hang on)16:18
kroq-gar78cantor: but the binaries are also installed still16:18
Octodigitah, sorry16:18
monsterwizardoh wow!16:18
monsterwizardThank you16:18
monsterwizardI'll send it to my e-reader :D16:19
cantorah, gotcha kroq-gar7816:19
Octodigitheh, that's not it, but is actually better16:19
cantormonsterwizard, what are you trying to uninstall ?16:19
KNUBBIGBtw I hate installing Nvidia drivers on Debian :D16:19
monsterwizardI've tried that last command K16:20
cantorKNUBBIG, from source or .deb?16:20
mocas_how can I install telnetd in ubuntu 11.4?16:20
ron34563654My irc chat doesnt works well. I can't see traffic. Why?16:20
kroq-gar78monsterwizard: try "sudo apt-get remove evolution-common"16:20
mocas_I can't get it by apt-get16:20
KNUBBIGcantor: from .run16:20
monsterwizardRight, I'm on it16:20
cantorKNUBBIG, that does suck16:20
sipiorJihaduAllahuAkba: run along and play outside.16:20
rwwJihaduAllahuAkba: Hi, welcome to #ubuntu, the technical support channel for Ubuntu. Do you have a question?16:20
KNUBBIGcantor: I got it to install but nvidia-xconfig created a config which doesn't work at all with anything. startx -> monitor loses signal -> reset button :D16:20
coz_JihaduAllahuAkba,  stop16:21
gregory_is there an equivalent of msconfig startup tab ?16:21
cantorKNUBBIG, are you running X when you install?16:21
KNUBBIGcantor: nope16:21
cantorgregory_, terminal16:21
Coreygregory_: update-rc.d from the terminal.16:21
coz_gregory_,  maybe system/preferences/ sessions or startup application?16:22
cantorKNUBBIG, is it an old card?16:22
Octodigitwait a sec, the uivalent of msconfig depends on why he's asking16:22
KNUBBIGcantor: not that much, gtx 28016:22
PolahI have a script that dumps a database to a file each day and names the file with the date as "forums_$(date +%d-%m-%Y).sql". I'd like to keep the past week's worth of dumps and thus each time the script runs I'd like it to delete the oldest file which should be 7 days old then. How can I do this?16:22
Octodigitif it's to work with gui startup it's the gnome app, if the system startup it's init16:22
Octodigitgregory_: wot for, old chap?16:22
coz_gregory_,  if it is for startup applications then  system/preferences/startup applications16:23
monsterwizardOk I think most of it is gone now16:23
monsterwizardthank you all16:23
gregory_they were not visible, in bootup manager that i had dled. it was some media program that styayed up possibly becuase of a restart16:23
kroq-gar78monsterwizard: np. does it run anymore?16:23
cantormonsterwizard, some of the evolution stuff is required for ubuntu-desktop I think16:23
monsterwizardit's a very hard application to uninstall16:24
cantorI do not think you can delete everything that is evolution16:24
monsterwizardYou're right, some of this stuff must be requirede16:24
kroq-gar78cantor: yeah that's what I thought too, but when you remove evolution, it has no problems w/ ubuntu-desktop16:24
cantorkroq-gar78, there is some dependency issue I think16:24
cantorwith some of the evolution stuff16:25
afeijohi guys, I'm using ubuntu 10.10 and my ubuntu one tell me that I cannot share one of my folders (documents) because of no internet connection? lol16:25
cantorKNUBBIG, what driver version are you using?16:25
afeijoops, not share but sync, I cannot enable the sync checkbox16:25
kroq-gar78cantor: how? do you mean that there are some things hidden in gnome or something?16:25
cantorafeijo, lol16:25
cantorno no, let me check16:26
OctodigitPolah: depends on the requirement it's easy enough to get a date for one week ago and generate the filename for  (man date)16:26
KNUBBIGcantor: one Moment, I'll have to look that up16:26
coz_monsterwizard,  one way is to open synaptic packages manager and search for evolution16:26
coz_monsterwizard,  then right click one package at a time  to see if anything of importance is going to be uninstalled16:26
Octodigitor you can use find -mtime to check for files modified, or you can alter dirvish config - are the dumps managed by config?16:26
monsterwizardI'm trying to find a more lightweight client that isn't as heavy as evolution16:26
rufian2how can i move the desktop of my laptop to a external VGA using the terminal?16:26
coz_monsterwizard,  a bit of a long way around it but you will also get a clearer understanding of necessary dependencies16:26
kroq-gar78coz_: problem with that is that a bunch of other random stuff also comes up.16:26
monsterwizardfor gmail and hotmaikl16:27
wubi_apprentice_hello, I've tried to install wubi on my fresh laptop but when I boot into wubi it does not boot and giving such errors as: "bad lun, bad target number 1-8" etc. what might be the problem and how can I figure this out? thanks alot.16:27
cantorkroq-gar78, evolution-data-server is what I meant16:27
kroq-gar78monsterwizard: maybe elementary os's postler?16:27
OctodigitPolah: also consider do you *always* want to delete dumps from a week ago? even if subsequent dumps have not worked?16:27
kroq-gar78cantor: ah got it16:27
kroq-gar78monsterwizard: but I think it's still in beta or something.16:27
monsterwizardahh wow I'll look it up16:27
rwwevolution-data-server is part of GNOME core more than it's part of Evolution.16:27
KNUBBIGcantor: I installed 275.09.0716:27
cantormonsterwizard, I love thunderbird16:28
coz_monsterwizard,  actually I believe you can uninstall all evolution packages except for  evolution-data-server-common16:28
kroq-gar78monsterwizard: nevermind, it's stable. here's the link: https://launchpad.net/~postler-dev/+archive/ppa16:28
monsterwizardthunderbird is good too but even that seems too heavy16:28
monsterwizardawesome thanks :D16:28
monsterwizardI hope it's easy to configure, I'm hopeless16:28
monsterwizardoh god!16:29
kroq-gar78monsterwizard: i haven't tried it, so can't help you with config :/ I guess time to try?16:29
cantormonsterwizard, pine is light weight16:30
kroq-gar78monsterwizard: what happened? also, if you need help installing ppa's, just ask :)16:30
Octodigitalpine is fun16:30
cantorKNUBBIG, Im not sure with debian and that card16:30
monsterwizardIt looks to complicated hahah16:30
cantoralpine, yeah16:30
Octodigitbut guis are good for email sometimes, too16:30
wubi_apprentice_hello, I've tried to install wubi on my fresh laptop but when I boot into wubi it does not boot and giving such errors as: "bad lun, bad target number 1-8" etc. what might be the problem and how can I figure this out? I've searched the problem but could not find a solution. thanks alot.16:30
monsterwizardalpine the terminal app? Yeah I failed to get that to work too16:30
KNUBBIGcantor: okay, thanks. I will try to install the one from the repo16:31
Cube``can somebody tell me why on *earth* the ubuntuforums now require an account for *reading*?16:31
kroq-gar78monsterwizard: so much for elementary, eh?16:31
cantorrepo drivers work best for me16:31