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eli_how do i reduce the fuzz from my internal mic?03:51
eli_anyone here?03:51
holsteineli_: you can maybe EQ afterwards03:51
holsteinif you're using JACK, you could use something to put an EQ on in realtime03:52
holsteinotherwise, you'd just need to look into your environment03:52
eli_elaborate? i haven't found an eq03:52
holsteineli_: well, you wont find a button labeled 'EQ'03:52
eli_i would use my good mic, but i get beeps in play back :(03:52
holsteinbut theres a bunch of ways to add EQ03:52
eli_i'm using alsa03:52
holsteinthen, you'd just want to do it in post then03:53
eli_i'm an amatuer btw03:53
holsteinin audacity or whatever03:53
eli_i recording with my webcma03:53
holsteinits really challenging to get rid of that hiss, and not lose some signal03:53
holsteinbut, try with some EQ03:54
eli_how can i have eq in a webcam program ? -_ -03:54
holsteindepends on what you are using03:54
holsteini would probably find or export the audio track03:55
eli_what to use03:55
holsteinimport or open it in an audio editor03:55
holsteinlike audacity03:55
holsteinapply the EQ and whatever else you want/need03:55
eli_i cant run both simultaneously03:55
holsteinand then put it back in the video03:55
eli_the time will be off03:55
holsteineli_: shouldnt03:55
holsteinif you dont change the time03:55
eli_teach me?03:55
holsteinyou keep it the same size and duration03:56
holsteinall you are going to do is EQ03:56
eli_how to take sound from a vid, fix it, and put it back -__ --03:56
holsteineli_: i seem to remember seeing EQ for audio in kdenlive though03:56
eli_wuts dat?03:57
holsteineli_: im not sure what you are using, but you'll have an audio track somewhere03:57
holsteinOR the ability to export it03:57
eli_it outputs mkv03:57
holsteineli_: then, you might need to export03:57
holsteineli_: let me just say, this is *not* trivial03:57
holsteinthere are guys that charge $120 US per hour to do what you are trying to do03:57
eli_what gui can i use03:58
holsteinthat being said03:58
holsteinyou can improve your results03:58
holsteinBUT, you'll need to look up whatever program you are recording with03:58
holsteinand see how to export  the audio03:58
eli_they can bite the big one, i know a lot of them as close friends03:58
holsteinOR open the video in a more robust editor like kdenlive or openshot03:58
eli_is kde better than gnome?03:59
holsteinneither is better03:59
holsteinits a choice03:59
eli_a lot of k programs are nice03:59
holsteini dont like KDE, but its really great03:59
holsteini think it looks slick04:00
holsteini just cant find anything, and i go back to gnome04:00
eli_open shot doesn't record video04:00
holsteineli_: you already recorded it right?04:00
holsteinthen, you'll just edit with something like openshot04:00
holsteinOR, edit just the audio in something like audacity04:01
eli_how do i separate the audio?04:01
holsteineli_: i dont use openshot, but in kdenlive, and the *very* limited audio i have done, its easy to *export* the audio04:02
holsteinthats the term04:02
holsteinyou can ask over in #opensourcemusicians too04:03
holsteinlots of video and audio guys over there04:03
holsteini do very little video04:03
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