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oSoMoNgood morning07:03
MacSlowmorning folks07:20
mick_Good morning MacSlow07:41
RAOFnjpatel: Your X server has arrived.  Go crazy with the cheesewhizz!08:18
njpatelRAOF, WOOHOO!08:21
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jcastronjpatel: you see this? http://oli4444.wordpress.com/2011/07/13/ubuntu-unity-breaks-bluefish/13:55
jcastroI suspect the menu stuff is ted territory13:55
njpateldbusmuen and compiz13:55
njpatelWould have been nice to link to the bugs13:55
jcastroI can post.13:55
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njpatel`UBUNTU_MENUPROXY="" bluefish` should provide a workaround (not sure if there is a system-wide "excluded" list for dbusmenu)13:57
njpateljcastro, ^13:57
njpateljcastro, also, the window thing needs to be seen by smspillaz13:57
jcastrothere is a system wide one afaik13:57
jcastrowe use it for like broken Java apps, etc.13:57
njpatelso he can ask his user to put bluefish in there13:58
njpatelbut the WM issue is a bigger problem13:59
andyrocktitle fade effect no longer works on onieric... should i report a new bug?14:15
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jcastronjpatel: unity releases this week?14:35
njpateljcastro, er, maybe14:35
jcastronjpatel: anything to add to the report other than the usual stuff in the changelog?14:35
jcastroandyrock: nice work on that drag-to-trash usb key thing14:36
njpateljcastro, nothing I can think of, sorry for the late reviews :)14:36
jcastrono worries, they're in there now, heh14:36
andyrockjcastro, oh thx... three merging yesterday! :) thx to MacSlow14:37
MacSlowandyrock, yw14:37
jcastromaybe someday we'll catch you!14:37
andyrockjcastro, i am to idiot :)14:37
jcastroandyrock: I think you've got more commits than DBO14:38
jcastrohey IRC meeting today14:38
andyrockjcastro, sure... :) the problem is the heat here... more than 37 C ( about 100 F)14:41
jcastroandyrock: no AC?14:44
jcastrocimi doesn't have AC either, is that an italian thing?14:44
andyrockjcastro, AC is too American :P14:46
Daekdroom37 C D:14:52
andyrockDaekdroom, and very wet and no wind -.-14:54
DaekdroomI'm used to dryness. :314:55
DaekdroomThe absolute maximum temperature ever recorded where I live is exactly that.14:56
andyrockjcastro, 1800 UTC right?15:03
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jcastroDBO: can you be available for the unity team meeting today? 4pm local15:34
DBOjcastro, ping me prior but yes15:34
seifwhere is didrocks15:35
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Trevinhojcastro: meeting today?17:03
jcastro~3 hours17:03
Trevinhomh... I don't know if I'm at home in 3 hours...17:03
TrevinhoI've to dinner outside... :(17:04
Dimitroffhello Unity users17:59
Dimitroffjust quick question you prolly heard many times18:00
Dimitroffhow to move window buttons to right, when window is maximized?18:00
jcastroDimitroff: this isn't possible18:02
jcastroTrevinho: still around?18:02
* jcastro prods DBO18:03
jcastroDBO: stand by!18:03
DBOstanding by18:03
jcastrook, we're going to start our weekly Unity Contributor meeting18:03
jcastrohere's the report for the week18:04
jcastroso far the biggest issue this week has been the back up of Merge Proposals18:05
jcastrobut the DX team hit those  pretty hard yesterday18:05
jcastroso we're not so doomed18:05
jcastroHere are the current outstanding MP's: https://code.launchpad.net/unity/+activereviews18:06
jcastroDBO: check out trevino's, he's been messing around in indicator land, we gotta get him back on the cool train18:07
njpatelI'll have andyrock's branched merged tomorrow latest18:07
jcastrohe was around earlier, his only beef is he doesn't have an air conditioner.18:07
njpateland daniel's if he proposes one for trunk at some point this evening, otherwise as soon asit's ready18:08
jcastrothey're making great progress on the backlog bugs18:08
jcastrocheck out the backlog graph18:08
jcastrored line (committed but not fix released yet)18:08
jcastrook so other than the usual grind, there doesn't appear to be any outstanding problems this week other than the clog of MPs18:10
jcastroeveryone keep rocking, you're all amazing beacons of OSS blah blah.18:10
jcastrook, now we can get back to work. *gavel*18:10
Trevinhojcastro: yes I am18:14
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TrevinhoAh, jcastro ok... I already am back on the cool train...18:16
TrevinhoI just had to finish to implement something with indicators...18:16
jcastroyou have any issues for the week?18:16
TrevinhoNow I've finished the middle-click support (i.e. for mute with indicator-sound)18:16
Trevinhoand now I was looking at the fading title again (it's not working now in trunk)18:17
Trevinhothen... I would like to work in bamf again, but I'm still waiting for my previous merge request18:17
TrevinhoSo I know if I can use my tree as basis or not for future work18:17
jcastroiirc dbarth was talking to you about the bamf bug right?18:18
jcastroI totally lost track of what's going on there18:18
TrevinhoMh, I don't remeber who was there... However nothing changed18:20
Trevinhoat least the fact that I've made libwnck support correctly the WM_Class...18:20
Trevinhothat library was missing some APIs, so it was not possible for us to retrieve all the informations we needed18:21
TrevinhoSo now we should: re-fix properly chromium (Making it to export the wm_class in the proper order), make bamf to use the wm_class values to match applications18:22
Trevinhoas it used to be, but avoiding any crash18:22
Trevinhoto do*18:22
andyrockjcastro, i'm late i know :(18:27
jcastroit's ok, people are still around18:27
jcastroandyrock: any issues this week?18:27
andyrockjcastro, mmm... just a problem with a bug...18:28
jcastroDBO and njpatel are around18:28
jcastroif you wanna talk about it18:28
andyrockjcastro, https://code.launchpad.net/~andyrock/unity/fix-750311/+merge/6746718:29
andyrockjcastro, i will test more... and if i cannot resolve it i will ask them18:30
Trevinhodamn launchpad today is often down18:31
jcastroI just saw a mail about it being read only18:32
TrevinhoHowever now my greater blocker is this merge https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/bamf/fixes/+merge/65434 but DBO said me few days ago it was looking on it, so I just wait18:32
jcastronow would be a good day to poke him18:33
jcastroDBO: hey.18:33
DBOokay I do that now18:33
jcastrothat's why have these meetings, mostly to shame people18:34
Trevinhoehehe... No problem, I can wait18:34
DBOoh sweet I was already running this version and didn't know it18:35
DBO_1 :)18:35
andyrockTrevinho, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/80990718:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 809907 in unity "Title fade effect no longer works" [Undecided,New]18:36
andyrockTrevinho, this is the bug i was talking about18:36
Trevinhoandyrock: I'm on it right now18:36
Trevinhoand I've fixed18:36
andyrockTrevinho, great :)18:36
Trevinhohowever, I don't know if it's really a fix since I should rever tomse cimi's work18:36
TrevinhoI mean, he uses gtk_render to show cairo, but that is not working18:37
Trevinhoit totally ignores the layout18:37
andyrockjcastro, someone can confirm that bug?18:38
Trevinhocool DBO :D18:38
TrevinhoEhm... No way for us to have the power of confirming and changing status fo the bugs?18:38
DBOnot that I know of18:40
jcastroI am getting the fade effect, but I'm running plain oneiric18:41
jcastroI think we can add you guys to ubuntu-bugcontrol18:42
jcastrobut I am not sure if that will give you the permissions in the upstream unity project18:42
Trevinhomh, ok18:42
Trevinhohowever that bug has been introduced by recent cimi's change18:43
jcastroI think in progress is ahead of confirmed anyway18:43
jcastrolamalex: who manages bug permissions in unity?18:43
Trevinhomerged in commit 126518:43
lamalexjcastro, i think i have permissions to add people18:44
lamalexwho needs permissions18:44
jcastrolamalex: andyrock and trevino18:45
jcastroTrevinho: what's your launchpad nick?18:45
jcastroandyrock: hey, next time you do a code review, can you see if launchpad let's you do one by clicking on the buttons?18:46
Trevinhojcastro: 3v1n018:46
jcastrosomeone from LP told me that community people should be able to do code reviews right in launchpad but it will still go through a core dev before being approved18:46
jcastrolamalex: and 3v1n0, the worst launchpad nick of all time18:47
Trevinhocome on... it's nice :P18:47
andyrockjcastro, which buto18:47
Trevinhojust call it "three-vi-n-o" :P18:47
lamalexjesus that's a lot of wine18:48
jcastroandyrock: under Add Comment you should see a drop down18:48
jcastrothat has like, comment only, approve, needs fixing, etc.18:48
jcastroin a merge proposal18:49
lamalexTrevinho, what can't you do that you need?18:49
lamalexset priorities?18:49
andyrockjcastro, i can see that... :) but someone told me (or i read it somewhere) that i have to add just comments...18:49
jcastroyeah that was me18:50
andyrockjcastro, but i think we set approve, need fixing etc.18:50
TrevinhoI've not these powers :P18:50
andyrockjcastro, since marco biscaro did it :)18:50
jcastroand then it is supposed to leave something like "Approved (community)" or something18:50
andyrockjcastro, cool :)18:50
jcastroanyway, when we had the session at UDS I didn't know we could do that18:50
jcastroso, just use the dropdowns and buttons18:50
andyrockbtw i can set the status of a bug18:51
andyrockbut i cannot set the importance of a bug18:51
jcastroI think only certain people can set the importance?18:51
jcastronot sure18:51
andyrockjcastro, indeed18:52
jcastroTrevinho: do you see a comment box on a merge proposal, like this one for example? https://code.launchpad.net/~apinheiro/unity/a11y-replace-gconf/+merge/6786918:52
jcastrook so the idea is to do code review of other people's merge proposals18:53
jcastrodo you see a dropdown at the bottom of the box? Review: Comment only, etc.18:53
lamalexcdbs, do you remember what team i had to add you to for setting priorities on bugs?18:53
jcastroTrevinho: basically, you can just start doing reviews of other merge proposals18:54
jcastroTrevinho: I think I even assigned you a work item to do one, heheh.18:54
andyrockTrevinho, doing reviews is so boring :)18:55
jcastroI have an idea18:55
jcastrosince the reviews were so backed up18:55
TrevinhoWell, I already did for other projects...18:55
andyrockand evil :)18:55
Trevinhoit's an important thing however ;)18:56
jcastromaybe you guys could crank em up a bit so by the time they get to njpatel/DBO you've all peer reviewed each other18:56
jcastrothat would probably catch a bunch of stuff18:56
Trevinhomh, ok...18:57
andyrockTrevinho, don't review my code... you are evil and you hate me :)18:57
Trevinhojcastro: will I receive a notification for assigned reviews (since you said you did that)?18:57
jcastroI don't think you can assign a person to individual reviews can you?18:58
Trevinhoandyrock: you know that you're saying something that is totally untrue18:58
TrevinhoYes, you can specify a person to get an opinion /review18:58
andyrockjcastro, of course you can :)18:59
andyrockTrevinho, i know <3 <3 :)18:59
jcastrook I don't know where in the UI that is18:59
lamalexcdbs, can you even set bug priorities18:59
jcastrounless it shows you when you initially publish your branch18:59
Trevinhoandyrock, jcastro: however that can be done only by the one who is asking the merge18:59
Trevinhowe can't do it18:59
jcastrooh ok18:59
jcastroso what you can do in the mean time18:59
jcastrobookmark that19:00
jcastroand then if you see someone with "None", do a review19:00
Trevinhoandyrock: https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/opengl-version-check/+merge/67867 :D19:00
andyrockTrevinho, no linked bug?19:01
jcastroI wonder if LP tracks whose is doing the most reviews in a project.19:01
jcastrothen we can flame the bottom 5 people19:01
andyrockjcastro, https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/opengl-version-check/+merge/6786719:08
andyrocklooks good19:08
andyrocki have to use the button?19:08
jcastroandyrock: ok leave a comment and select approve19:08
jcastrolet's see what happens19:08
andyrockTrevinho, do you know something about launcher icon animations?19:09
TrevinhoNo, I never looked to them19:12
andyrockTrevinho, you have natty right? https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/unity/fix-687567-unity3.0/+merge/6781619:16
andyrockTrevinho, njpatel love it, but i cannot test...19:17
Trevinhoandyrock: yes I have natty19:19
andyrockTrevinho, test it then... :)19:20
TrevinhoOk, however I don't have these flickering... :P19:27
Trevinhoandyrock: And... I've natty, but I'm using trunk unity19:28
TrevinhoIs that against trunk?19:28
TrevinhoAh, ok... However I can test it with old code too...19:29
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andyrockTrevinho, sorry for the delay... it if for unity 3.0 branch21:38
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