mgzthere's no way of getting the parent rev or my user id in the text?00:00
lifelesshg diff --git perhaps00:00
mgz...seems not. ah well.00:02
mgzthey'll just have to take it on trust that I wrote the test first and it failed, rather than having two seperate revisions00:02
pooliehi riddell, spiv, mgz, lifeless00:04
mgzgra, dealing with python-dev is such a pain.00:20
mgzI guess it's nice I got a response before I'd posted my patch, and that the fix was so obvious someone else landed the same thing right away.00:22
spivmgz: thanks for getting that fixed in upstream!00:52
pooliespiv, robert asked if you had any outstanding work to do with the twisted haproxy availability stuff (mumble)01:47
poolieithink it's just blocked on losas but is there anything else still with you?01:47
spivNot that I can think of.01:48
spivOh, there's this near trivial, approved patch that still hasn't been landed: https://code.launchpad.net/~spiv/launchpad/haproxy-for-twisted-services/+merge/48427 :/01:49
pooliei could try to land it02:16
pooliespiv, what should the commit message be?02:22
pooliejust "fixes a cosmetic glitch in the text in the new web status page for codehosting SSH: it was always saying "Unavailable""?02:22
poolieok i'm sending it02:25
spivThat sounds good.02:27
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maxbspiv: Hi. Is it time to roll back the UDD append revisions only change, or are you still hopeful of fixing shortly?07:19
spivmaxb: time to roll it back, I hope to get to that tomorrow my time, but it's dragged on long enough in the mean time I think07:20
maxbUnfortunately, even accounting for those failures, we have still acquired a several more in recent weeks, making the number in the topic a bit of a lie :-/07:22
maxbSome of them are more packages switching to multiple upstream tarballs07:23
maxbNot sure what the rest are07:23
maxblp downtime.08:04
* maxb has paused the UDD importer08:04
maxb(echo 0 > max_threads)08:05
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pooliehi maxb08:51
jelmerhi poolie, maxb08:59
pooliewelcome back09:00
poolieare you ok?09:00
jelmerthanks, it's good to be back :)09:00
jelmerI'm doing a lot better; my leg is still bandaged and contains traces of metal but I'm feeling well09:01
jelmerNo standing desk for me for the next little while :)09:02
jelmerthanks for all the well wishes09:03
jelmerhow has everything been here?09:04
poolieyou might like to look at the standup notes09:05
poolieand my mail about next-quarter goals09:05
pooliehm i was going to feed pqm a bit but it's a little hard with lp readonly09:05
pooliethose windows should be getting much shorter, which is great09:05
jelmerah, cool09:06
pooliethere was some fallout from your bzr & plugins updates into lp09:07
pooliei'm not sure if this started before your break09:07
poolieit might be useful if you check up with one of their developers about that09:08
poolieonce the current update has finished09:08
jelmeroh, ok09:09
pooliei wonder if we should actually have a short postmortem thread about it09:10
pooliei'm not sure if the operational postmortems currently practiced are good value09:10
pooliebut, perhaps something about lessons to learn for next time would be good09:10
jelmeryeah, that's probably a good idea09:11
poolieone thing from talking to robert was that it would be nice, all else being equal, if those changes can easily be rolled back09:12
pooliei think there was concern that the cache formats had changed so they could not roll back09:12
pooliei'm not sure if that would actually have been true09:12
jelmerthe cache formats haven't actually changed in backwards-incompatible ways, as we also allow people to use multiple plugin versions in parallel on the same system09:13
jelmerthat should probably be documented somewhere though, and not just be in my head09:13
poolieare you still on lp-dev?09:14
jelmeryep, I need to catch up on the last week of email though09:14
pooliei'll kick it off09:15
pooliei think a lot of it will be in your head and robert's head so getting it out may help09:15
pooliei should go and have dinner09:15
jelmerthat'd indeed be a good discussion to have on lp-dev09:15
jelmeralso, bon appetit! :)09:16
pooliewe're having a UDD meeting in 2h40m iirc09:20
maxbhello all09:24
* maxb unpauses UDD imports09:24
maxbsigh, too soon09:29
awilkinsjelmer, Just got hit by #48560110:21
awilkinsHappily I think I can work around it, it's just me working on the branch and I can push --overwrite from one repo and re-pull from the other. It does seem to be when you merge into the trunk and push it, and then pull that from SVN on another machine, and try to pull on the original machine10:24
awilkins(from the second machine)10:25
awilkinsOk, darn, that didn't fix it10:26
awilkinsOk, so : removed repo on M2. Recreated empty repo. Pushed from M1  (machine that did the merges) to M2. Pulled new SVN-origin revisions from SVN on M2. Pulled these back from M1. Issue fixed.10:31
jam1awilkins: jelmer may not be around yet. He was supposed to be returning from vacation today. I think that means he'll be around tomorrow, or maybe late tonight.10:54
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* jelmer waves10:54
awilkinsjam, Ok... it's not a fatal problem for me, just making some notes as to avoidance on the bug ticket10:54
jelmerjam: H10:54
jamhey jelmer10:54
jelmerHi John, how are you?10:54
jamdoing pretty good, feeling better yourself?10:55
* jelmer is batch-processing email :)10:55
jamI got maxb's code for finding the most-recent publication, and I'm poking at it to try to integrate it into something like "bzr branch"10:55
jelmerjam: I'm doing a lot better, thanks; it'll take some more time for my leg to heal but seems to be going ok10:56
jelmerjam: ah, cool10:57
pooliehi jam11:20
vilajam: just passing around, see my last comments about the 2.3.4 blocking bug: I agree with you, just wanted to make sure you're ok with landing the patch as is and addressing the larger issues in a followup11:26
vilajam: I won't be able to land it until later today anyway, so no urgency11:27
vilapoolie, jelmer: Hi !11:27
jelmervila: hey!11:27
jmlIf I start using loom to work on a project, am I going to regret it?11:48
jelmerjml: there is no trap door - you can always go back (and just have your loom flattened) if you need to, in the future11:50
jmljelmer: that's good to know.11:50
jelmerjml: that said, looms need quite a bit more polish to be really usable IMHO11:50
* jml nods11:50
jmlI thought you guys were doing that as part of UDD11:50
jelmerjml: we are, but that's long term - short term we're looking at having merge just handle quilts more sanely than it does at the moment11:51
jmljelmer: ok. thanks.11:51
pooliehi guys11:55
poolieudd meeting in 5m11:55
poolieRiddell, jam, #ubuntu-meeting?12:02
awilkinsI rather liked the look of Mercurial pbranches12:17
awilkinsI wanted to port it to bzr at one point but never got far enough to refactor it into the abstract and implementation-specific bits12:18
pooliejam, that's great12:57
pooliei think you could make the text a bit more clear12:57
poolie"branch not up to date" might confuse people with eg the tree just being out of date12:58
poolieso say something about ti being an ubuntu package branch12:58
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jampoolie: I'd certainly like some discussion about polish/wording/when-it-should-trigger/etc13:04
jambut I think getting something is a good first step.13:04
poolieit absolutely is, that's great to see13:11
pooliethanks for pushing it through13:12
pooliegood night13:31
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dobeywho is best to discuss branch locking issues with?14:51
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dobeywhat's the best way to copy the history for a specific file, from one branch to another, when copying that file to another branch?19:15
dobeyor can i do that?19:16
fullermdAs described, no.19:16
fullermdFiles don't have history.  History has files.19:16
dobeyi guess i'll just lose the history, since i guess doing it right is probably infinitely hard19:18
fullermdThere are ways to copy the file-id, so at least the files would be associated if the branches were ever merged, but...19:22
dobeywell the two branches wouldn't be merged, as they'd have different ancestors19:23
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abentleyjam: The fixup_new_roots change is a regression, but a pretty minor one, so I didn't want to bother with the 2.4 series.  The test change is just a waste of CPU time and lines of code.20:28
dobeyabentley: hey. do you know much about locking in branches?20:30
abentleydobey: sure.  What would you like to know?20:30
dobeyabentley: i'm fixing an issue in tarmac, and was wondering if there's a sane way to avoid having to unlock/lock all the time, when wanting to do some specific actions in bzrlib.20:31
dobeyabentley: the issue is that in certain cases, tarmac when run under cron, can end up being run multiple times simultaneously, and as tarmac itself isn't doing any specific locking in general, you can end up with two processes competing over the same branch20:32
dobeyabentley: so i started a branch to add locking, but it seems i can't just do a lock_write() once, and then unlock() at the end, unfortunately20:32
abentleydobey: if you're doing locking, you need to lock at the beginning and unlock at the end.  Why can't you?20:33
dobeyabentley: i can't lock at the beginning, and then do branch.merge() or branch.commit() as they seem to try acquiring locks independently20:34
abentleydobey: Read locks are internal to bzrlib, but write locks will live on after the process ends.20:34
dobeyso i have to unlock, then lock again, before/after the merge/commit20:34
dobeyand then finally unlock at the end20:34
abentleydobey: If the branch is locked, taking another lock is fine.20:35
dobeyi was also wondering why there is only one unlock()20:35
dobeyabentley: i was getting errors about lock existing already20:35
abentleydobey: bzr tracks the number and kind of locks taken.20:35
dobeymaybe it's due to the way tarmac is using bzrlib or something?20:35
abentleydobey: It sounds like maybe you have two instances of the branch.20:35
dobeyabentley: it is a working tree only20:36
abentleydobey: I'm not sure what you mean.  You're using working trees, not branches?  Fine, but each working tree is associated with a branch.20:37
dobeyabentley: a lightweight checkout20:37
abentleydobey: Yes, a lightweight checkout is still associated with a branch.20:37
dobeyis what i meant. forgot the term20:37
dobeydoes that affect the locking though?20:38
dobeythat it's a lightweight checkout vs a full branch w/ history?20:38
abentleydobey: A lightweight checkout behaves like a non-lightweight tree in almost every way.20:39
abentleydobey: Can I see the traceback you were getting from commit?20:39
dobeyabentley: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/643514/20:41
dobeyactually, in the test, i think that might be a full branch20:42
dobeyso that would throw the lightweight theory out the window :)(20:42
abentleydobey: looking...20:45
abentleydobey: the Branch class looks very suspicious.  It takes a branch as input, but commits to a working tree later.  Creating that working tree will create a new instance of the branch.20:48
abentleydobey: I recommend retrieving the tree immediately, instead of in create_tree.20:51
dobeyhmm, ok; that makes some sense. thanks20:52
abentleydobey: then you can use tree.branch.  Locking the tree will also lock the branch, and you'll be locking the right instance of both.20:52
dobeyright. i'll see if i can rearchitect it without breaking stuff. thanks :)20:53
abentleydobey: np20:53
poolie_hi all22:44
poolie_hi spiv?23:48
poolie_hi abentley23:48
spivGood morning poolie23:49
poolie_hey there23:52
poolie_did you see your lp branch failed?23:52
poolie_are you ok to dig into it23:52
spivI did, all in JS tests23:57
poolie_probably some not-yet-updated dependency23:57
spivWhich is completely unrelated to my patch, so presumably spurious23:58
poolie_let me know if you want me to re-fire it23:58
spivYeah, it looks like that.23:58
spivThey were all ImportError: No module named html5browser23:58

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