kingmilohi all06:42
kingmiloI am booting the alternate install cd, normally to install LTSP I get the nice graphical install menu and I can push F4 and select to install LTSP. Unfortunately my graphics card cannot show the graphical install menu so I have the text install menu, how do i specify to install ltsp from the text menu?06:43
julian37I'm setting up edubuntu on a box I'm going to donate to the local school, and I have a few questions.  anybody here who could give me a hand?10:42
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:42
julian37sure, thanks.  I've chosen to install unity and the default setup doesn't seem to have an easy way of browsing the installed apps.  in particular I was hoping there was an easy way for teachers to explore the educational software installed10:43
julian37did I do something wrong or is the edubuntu menu editor stuff not yet integrated with unity?10:44
julian37also, if I search for "edubuntu" in the unity application chooser (the lens with the plus symbol), I see all the education bundles (such as "primary bundle") listed under "apps available for download". however, I asked to have them installed when installing from the DVD, and if I go to ubuntu software center they appear to already be installed.  is there some tool I can run to clean this up?10:46
* alkisg hasn't used unity yet, but hang around for a while, others might see your questions and answer them10:47
julian37thanks. would this question better be asked on #ubuntu?10:50
alkisgFor browsing the apps with unity, yes. For the edubuntu menu editor, here is fine.10:51
mgariepy_good morning everyone11:01
mgariepy_julian37, for edubuntu menu editor i haven't tested it with unity so i'm not sure if it works11:03
julian37everything seems to work fine with classic gnome, but I have the impression unity isn't integrated with edubuntu at all11:10
highvoltagejulian37: yep, that's exactly why classic gnome is default in Edubuntu :)11:21
mgariepy_julian37, highvoltage told me that edubuntu menu editor works with unity but that it doesn't make unity any nicer ;)11:21
mgariepy_haha :)11:21
julian37fair enough, but enabling unity was just a single click on a checkbox and there was no mention of it being experimental or anything anywhere, as far as I can remember11:22
julian37I'm not complaining, this is free software after all... just trying to help improve the user experience11:22
julian37I can't remember the exact wording but I don't remember any hint that I'd be shooting myself in the foot with it :-)11:24
highvoltagejulian37: we have a dilemma with the next release. I'd really like to stick with the old-style gnome desktop again, but others argue that we're diverging from Ubuntu too much then (which is a valid arguement), so it's kind of a tough one11:26
julian37I like unity and I believe that less technical people find it easier to use than gnome, what with applications in plain sight on the left, and easy searching of apps11:28
julian37(which is why I tried installing it)11:28
julian37at the same time, I was surprised it doesn't offer any hierarchical browsing at all... is that a matter of unity setup or does it just not support that, do you know?11:28
highvoltageit's a design decision11:44
julian37you mean they broke it on purpose11:48
highvoltagewell I guess it's not considered broken11:48
highvoltageit works perfectly fine in encouraging you to find more apps in the software center (which seems to be one of the goals while browsing the menus)11:49
julian37yes, I got that impression... sigh11:49
julian37`anyway, switching to gnome solves my problem.  if I may make one suggestion it would be to add some sort of brief warning to the unity option in the installer saying that it's experimental at this point12:08
julian37`right, that's all I wanted to say, just a minor suggestion.  thanks for your help, have a good day everybody!12:25
jussiHas highvoltage woken up yet?12:48
highvoltagejussi: depends on your definition of woken up12:50
stgraberjussi: I guess so, he was taling in here an hour ago12:50
jussihighvoltage: mind if I PM?12:50

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