dtchendoes anyone have any opinions about the k3b + normalize-audio issue raised on kubuntu-devel?02:49
Snowhogk3b continues to have a coding 'error' with regard to the recognition of the installed package normalize-audio. Bug reports that go back four years still exist, and current reports still complain about the problem. See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/k3b/+bug/45026 and comment #32 by 03:35
SnowhogVanessa Ezekowits who posted a simple shell script to overcome the programming 'error' in k3b, and which identifies the underlying problem. Any k3b maintainers care to take this on?03:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 45026 in k3b (Ubuntu) "K3b dont find emovix-2 and normalize" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:35
dtchenSnowhog: well, we don't have k3b maintainers per se03:45
dtchennot to mention I just asked that question about an hour ago ;)03:46
Snowhogdtchen: Understand, I think, but someone/somebodies must be maintaining k3b, yes?03:46
dtchenSnowhog: as a practical matter, probably only in a passing manner03:48
Snowhogdtchen: I did attempt to send and email with the details to kubu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com but got a reply that the list isn't open to non-members. Then claydoh replied and I provided him with what I tried to send. The work-around is to run a shell script that addresses the internal program error in k3b, but it would be nice if k3b it self was fixed/patched to fix this rather simple problem.03:51
dtchenSnowhog: yes, I've been looking at it. I'm surprised that upstream k3b maintainers haven't fixed it.03:52
claydohsimple, but more of a hack, right?03:52
dtchenit's a terribly hack IMO03:53
claydohhai Snowhog my fine snowy friend :)03:53
dtchenterrible hack*03:53
Snowhogdtchen: Maybe so, but it does work. But yes, it would be much better if k3b were itself patched/fixed.03:54
dtchenwhat I haven't investigated tonight is whether Debian is carrying a specific customisation for normalize-audio such that we would need to do something ourselves, i.e., it becomes our problem and not upstream k3b's03:54
Snowhogdtchen: From what I gather, it's simply that k3b is version testing for normalize-audio instead of just checking for it's existance. I have no idea whether a specific version is required, but I'd think not, since this has been an issue for over four years now.03:55
Snowhoghey claydoh. Yeah, decided to raise the topic here. Be careful what you suggest! :)03:56
* claydoh goes to bed03:59
dtchenhuh. In Oneiric that script seems to do the wrong thing.04:03
Snowhogdtchen: http://machine-cycle.blogspot.com/2011/04/fixing-normalize-audio-feature-in-k3b.html contains the documentation/script I'm using to fix the k3b issue. Still a hack, but...04:03
Snowhogdtchen: I'm using the above script in Natty 64-bit.04:03
dtchen127|crimsun@errno:~$ normalize --version | sed -e 's/normalize /normalize-audio/g'04:04
dtchenNo command 'normalize' found, did you mean: Command 'vnormalize' from package 'lipsia' (universe)04:04
dtchennormalize: command not found04:04
valorieQuintasan: also, "grok"04:04
dtchenwhich isn't surprising, since the normalize-audio package doesn't ship a normalize executable04:04
dtchenI guess the package's original normalize-audio is renamed to normalize?04:05
valorieoops, scroll error04:05
Snowhogdtchen: That's what I read in one of the bug comments.04:05
dtchenok, well, I just answered my own question above. It looks like the upstream normalize is actually normalize-audio in Debian, and as a result, rgreening applied a patch way back in Sept '09 to use that executable name04:09
dtcheneek, Vcs entries are outdated04:14
Snowhogdtchen: When I installed normalize-audio in Kubuntu 11.04, k3b reported it, but without a path, so was showing as 'not found'. When I created/ran the script in http://machine-cycle.blogspot.com/2011/04/fixing-normalize-audio-feature-in-k3b.html, k3b then properly reported it with it's path.04:15
dtchenbzr branch lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/k3b04:18
dtchen...and it looks like we?someone? needs to check in jr's latest changes04:19
dtchencrimsun@errno:~/Code/Kubuntu-packagers/k3b$ bzr push                                                                                04:26
dtchenUsing saved push location: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/k3b/04:26
dtchenPushed up to revision 28.                                                                                                          04:26
dtchenok, now to look at this normalize-audio mess...04:26
dtchenok, so the problem is, of course, the binary being 'normalize-audio', but the version string being 'normalize 0.7.7'04:47
Snowhogdtchen: Yes, that is correct.04:48
dtchenit's rather daft that externalBinManager()->foundBin() assumes the string will always match the executable name04:49
Snowhogdtchen: Looking at normalize-audio with apt-cache show indicates that normalize-audio replaces normalize. So the problem, as you indicate, is that the coding that originally worked for the 'normalize' package, doesn't for the replaced package normalize-audio.05:00
dtchenSnowhog: right, and the gist of the issue is that externalBinManager() needs to grow to accept an actual executable name, not just assume the executable name is identical to the "program name" string preceding the version string05:02
dtchenthe more I look at it, the more it seems it will be a Debian- /Ubuntu-specific delta. :-(05:03
Snowhogdtchen: So, is this a 'fixable' issue? It's been way to long - four+ years - that the problem has existed without resolution.05:03
dtchenSnowhog: well, it's able to be worked around05:03
dtchen"fixed" is rather imprecise, I'm afraid05:03
Snowhogdtchen: That is true, but 'normal' users won't figure it out.05:03
dtchenAFAIK upstream k3b would likely be concerned, this is a Debian- /Ubuntu-specific corner case05:04
Snowhogdtchen: And getting that group to address it is doable??05:04
dtchenSnowhog: you're in that group's midst05:05
dtchenand however (un)fortunate it may seem, I don't know if anyone else is going to take up the mantle05:05
Snowhogdtchen: hehe05:05
Snowhogdtchen: From a July 2010 reply to the bug: Downloading the normalize code, and making the fix to src/normalize.c fixes the issue.05:11
Snowhogdtchen: That is, if you want to fix the source and recompile. Again, normal users should not have to do that.05:12
dtchenSnowhog: yeah, but we also don't know who else is relying on that precise string05:13
Snowhogdtchen: Isn't the basic problem that the comparison criteria is to strict? Can the check be made looser?05:14
dtchenif we change the source to print out argv[0] (which arguably is the right thing to do), we might break some other user05:14
dtchenIMO the check isn't too strict, it's plain inflexible05:14
Snowhogdtchen: hehehe05:14
Snowhogdtchen: Am I correct in assuming/believing, that k3b is a mainstream KDE application, and as such, should be coded to be complient with any KDE Linux distro?05:15
dtchenSnowhog: I don't think that's particularly revelant in this context05:20
dtchensheesh, 1 AM and everything goes to shot05:20
Snowhogdtchen: Well, I'm happy at least, that someone 'in the know' (you) has looked at it and seen where the problem lies. One can hope that a viable solution can be arrived at and included in a future release of k3b. As said, four+ years of this issue is a bit 'long in the tooth'.05:22
Snowhogdtchen: Thank you for looking at this, and the discourse. I'm off for the evening, but I'll check back in tomorrow.05:32
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jussiapachelogger: <3 :)07:05
dpmHi Kubuntu devs. A KDE translator asked me why he couldn't see the latest KDE translations in Launchpad, and it turns out that there hasn't been an upload of the kde-l10n-* packages for a while. When you've got a minute, may I ask you to upload these packages for Oneiric?07:52
debfxapachelogger: ^07:57
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* apachelogger waves fist because of work09:01
Quintasanapachelogger: ping09:36
Quintasanmore like DarkwingDuck09:36
* apachelogger waves fist more and more09:38
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apacheloggeryofel: ping10:38
shadeslayeryofel: i have no idea, it built fine here, twice10:58
debfxapachelogger: want to review my pkg-kde-tools l10n changes before I upload? https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/pkg-kde-tools/pkg-kde-tools/revision/32210:58
shadeslayeryofel: i'm a bit busy this week, will be back to work on monday10:59
apacheloggerI just got a comment on the most original neon post11:00
apacheloggerdebfx: why merge findfiles from stable?11:00
debfxapachelogger: that is what's used once the development version is branched11:02
apacheloggerrules also grabs stable11:03
apacheloggerfair enough11:03
apacheloggerdebfx: looks good to me, I think we shoudl do something about the wget though11:03
apacheloggerplz report a bug and assign it to me and add it to the packaging blueprint11:04
debfxhow do you want to change that?11:05
debfx(without cloning the whole repository)11:05
apacheloggershallow clone11:07
apacheloggeror perhaps I get a better idea11:07
debfxwe have quite some QA issues regarding patches11:25
debfxI've just removed 3 patches from kde-workspace that were either refreshed wrongly or upstream reverted the commit11:26
apacheloggerdebfx: who uploaded it?11:40
debfxapachelogger: I haven't tracked down when those patches were refreshed11:44
apacheloggerdebfx: probably bambee did not revert all changes or someone uploaded the wrong workspace11:45
apacheloggerI know that the first proposed workspace merge was bogus WRT patches11:45
bambeeapachelogger: I've reverted all patches11:46
bambeeI have just refreshed the broken ones11:47
bambeedebfx: what was the problem?11:48
debfxapachelogger: they were broken even before this cycle11:49
apacheloggerall kaput11:49
apacheloggerwin win win11:49
debfxbambee: nothing with your changes, just our patches being broken in general11:50
bambeeoh :)11:50
* apachelogger is overengineering the l10n rules12:21
debfxyour time would be better spent reviewing patches ;)12:22
* apachelogger should be doing phonon things12:24
CIA-52[kde-l10n-common] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110713123336-tnpv7b2ek3cji489 * debian/ (README.source build-l10n.sh changelog control rules) (log message trimmed)12:33
CIA-52* Introduce new targets: - get-l10n: called by the build script and -12:33
CIA-52get-desktop: prerequisites all targets to get desktop file translations -12:33
Quintasan>The lack of performance and the amount of resources needed by the Kubuntu base were identified as an issue12:43
Quintasanso they will be switching to Debian KDE packages12:44
shadeslayerQuintasan: lol13:24
shadeslayergood luck having a rolling release with Debian ^_^13:25
cdbsI'm running Ubuntu Oneiric. Have all the KDE 4.6.90 packages landed? Is it okay to install and test kubuntu-desktop right now or should I wait more?13:26
shadeslayercdbs: please see the topic\13:27
cdbs*ahem* okay13:28
* cdbs decides to wait13:28
debfxeverything you get with kubuntu-desktop should be uploaded13:29
debfxyou might want to test it in a VM first though :)13:30
Quintasanshadeslayer: more like, how can our packages really differ performance-wise from Debian's?13:32
QuintasanWe are using the same base and we don't build some stuff13:32
shadeslayerwell that too13:32
QuintasanUnless we are doing something horribly wrong performace-wise they should be the same13:33
shadeslayerbut Debian more or less focusses on stability13:33
Quintasanthe blog post mentions use of resources13:33
shadeslayer( thats the impression i get anyways )13:33
QuintasanThat's very ambiguous term13:33
* Quintasan goes for a beer13:34
cdbsIs Debian also moving to 4.7?13:34
cdbsThe last time I checked, they were on 4.413:34
QuintasanThey will someday13:34
debfxQuintasan: do you know which packages are missing in the package set?13:35
debfxat least libkexiv2 and libkipi13:35
Quintasandebfx: kdegraphics-thumbnailers13:37
Quintasandebfx: nothing else comes to mind nor is not returned by grep13:39
debfxok, thanks13:43
yofelapachelogger: pong?13:58
debfxScottK: do you know what happened to the live images?13:59
ScottKThey've been failing recently, I think due to /run stuff, but I'm not sure.13:59
yofelcdbs: Debian has 4.6 in unstable, not sure how much of 4.7 they did yet. I only know they did some of the language bindings14:01
debfxtoo bad, would be interesting to know if everything is installable14:02
apacheloggeryofel: how is the blog post?14:04
yofeldebfx: I'll do a check in a chroot, but I believe there was something that didn't work yet14:04
yofelapachelogger: []14:04
yofelah good, kross is in14:05
yofeldebfx: in fact now, kubuntu-desktop has no dependency issues in O14:07
apacheloggermy google exploded14:08
yofelagain o.O?14:08
debfxyofel: ah good, there are still a some upgrade issues14:09
debfxhopefully the kdegraphics-libs-data transitional package will fix that14:09
yofelI'll install the packages as a test14:10
yofelwent fine, so I believe the only breakage in oneiric should be the /run business14:11
yofelhm, wasn't gwenview in the default install?14:12
yofel(which isn't uploaded yet thanks to broken licensing)14:12
yofelI'll file a bug about that14:12
debfxoh how I love file overwrite errors14:13
debfx(thanks to missing epochs)14:13
yofelI found the overwrite errors that come from 4.6.4/5 -> 4.6.90 uprades thans to << 4:4.6.3-1ubuntu1 replaces more fun14:14
apacheloggeryofel: what is with gwenview licensing?14:16
apacheloggerjust fix it already14:16
yofelapachelogger: the docs have the license comment out, thus no license14:16
apacheloggeroh yeah14:17
apacheloggerI told agateau already14:17
yofelwell, not fixed14:18
apacheloggersomeone simply fix it :P14:18
* yofel thinks apachelogger would be the ideal person to do that14:18
apacheloggerbug 794513 is going to get beatin for removing quanta14:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 794513 in kdewebdev-kde3 (Ubuntu) "Please remove kdelibs and kdewebdev-kde3 from the archive" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79451314:18
apacheloggeryofel: no time14:18
apacheloggerI got you commit access14:18
apacheloggerso use it :P14:19
yofelI don't mind adding license copies, but I'll try to get some gwenview dev first before changing the licensing14:19
agateauyofel: apachelogger can you refresh my memory regarding this issue?14:19
apacheloggeragateau: you comment out the FDL license markup in your documentation as to work around missing FDL copy problems14:20
apacheloggerwhich in turn is a problem as now your documentation is not licensed at all14:20
apacheloggerwhich makes it non-free content14:20
debfxScottK: I've put 2 packages into NEW for you14:21
agateauapachelogger: what would be the best solution in your opinion? license it as GPL or FDL?14:21
yofelevery other package uses FDL, so I would say keep that14:22
yofelyou've got the FDL statement already in there, just commented out14:22
apacheloggerIMHO the question should be FDL or CC, GPL is a terribly unsuitable license for documentation IMHO14:22
apacheloggeragateau: I'd go with FDL, all other KDE documentation is14:23
yofel+ a full copy of the GFDL-1.2 is missing as COPYING.DOC14:23
agateauapachelogger: sounds good, but I need to contact the doc authors before doing this change14:26
apacheloggerso, I think our new l10n rules are ready14:27
CIA-52[kde-l10n-common] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110713142833-pr4xwf6rk0781duj * debian/config add config, all should be good now14:28
ScottKdebfx: Looking14:45
ScottKyofel or debfx: Did patches/step_needs_-lcln.diff go upstream?14:50
ScottKstep accepted.14:51
agateauyofel: apachelogger: just sent a mail to ask doc authors their agreement on licensing Gwenview doc under FDL14:53
apacheloggerdebfx, dpm: we have a good chance at breaking all of KDE l10n this cycle15:01
apacheloggerpreparing packages right now15:01
dpmapachelogger, oh, why's that?15:02
yofelagateau: thanks15:02
yofelScottK: looking at it again15:03
apacheloggerdpm: all sorts of upstream changes15:03
apacheloggernaming, architectural etc.15:04
debfxScottK: no, it's an undocumented patch from Debian15:04
apacheloggerwe really need some better implementation for all this15:04
apacheloggertoo much possibility of failure15:04
kubotuapachelogger meant: "too much possibility for failure"15:04
ScottKdebfx: Looks like something ~straightforward to go upstream.15:05
yofelScottK: actually, I believe we can drop that15:05
yofelfrom cmake:15:05
yofel-- qalculate found and cln is:-lcln15:05
ScottKIt's not worth having more diff from Debian over.15:06
dpmapachelogger, ok, let me ask you more about this tomorrow (finishing off my UDW talk right now)15:06
ScottKSee if they'll drop it.15:06
yofelsvuorela added that in 4.6.96 "* Add patch to also build with -lcln when building step with qalculate"15:08
yofelstep seems to build prefectly fine without that though15:08
yofelerrr... 4.2.9615:09
ScottKstep binaries accepted.15:10
yofelI'll drop it from bzr, it builds with -lcln even without the patch15:11
ScottKTalk to Debian too.15:12
apacheloggeryofel: is rc2 wip already?15:19
yofelapachelogger: not yet, although I wanted to start with kdelibs in the evening15:20
yofelwe were still fixing broken packages15:20
debfxcould we please finish rc1 before that?15:20
apacheloggerdebfx: define finish15:21
yofelwell, I would like to get gwenview, cantor and kate in at least before doing RC215:21
yofelforget the other bindings15:21
apacheloggerwhy is that?15:22
yofelI'll take a look at ksaneplugin15:22
apachelogger+gwenview is postponed anyway15:22
debfxupload kate, kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer, mobipocket and svgpart15:22
yofelwell, kate is currently unfunctional in oneiric, cantor should be fine to upload, rc2 won't be different, and ok, forget gwenview15:22
apacheloggeryofel: blog post?15:22
yofelapachelogger: do you want me fixing packages or spending hours on wondering what to write about our work?15:23
debfxand make sure upgrades work15:23
apacheloggeryofel: I think I answered that question at least once15:23
yofelyou did indeed -.-15:23
* apachelogger starts writing a post then, if yofel doesnt have itme15:24
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/step] Philip Muškovac * 4 * debian/ (4 files in 2 dirs) drop step_needs_-lcln.diff since it's not needed anymore15:25
yofelI need to write a kubuntu.org post about RC1 (kde and kdepim) or users are going to kill us for not communicating.15:26
debfxis there a generic kde project on launchpad? we need one to link the packages to15:27
yofelhttps://launchpad.net/kde ?15:28
debfxyofel: I've tried that but it doesn't work15:29
debfxapparently you can't link them to project groups15:29
debfxI'll just use the old projects like kdebindings15:33
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/ksaneplugin] Philip Muškovac * 7 * debian/copyright That's LGPL, not GPL15:33
apachelogger"we need one to link the packages to" why?15:35
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/ksaneplugin] Philip Muškovac * 8 * debian/copyright use the version of the BSD-3-clause license that's shipped with the package15:35
yofelapachelogger: upstream bug report links I believe15:35
apacheloggerwe do not track upstream reports15:35
yofel*shrug* then15:35
ScottKUpstream branches (which we also don't care about)15:36
ScottKTranslation links (I don't think we care)15:36
yofelmost of those are under project-neon/ anyway15:36
ScottKUDD branches (I don't think we care anyway)15:36
yofelwe certainly don't15:36
yofelksaneplugin should be fine to upload15:40
debfxI think it's useful to be able to add upstream bugs15:44
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/svgpart] Philip Muškovac * 9 * debian/control Fix Vcs links and control file layout15:44
apacheloggerdebfx: you can use any random kde project for that15:45
apacheloggerfor that reason it is a bug that the kde project cannot be used for that15:45
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/svgpart] Philip Muškovac * 10 * debian/ (control copyright libsvgpart.install) wrap-and-sort cleanups15:46
debfxapachelogger: right, file a bug against launchpad then15:46
yofelsvgpart should be ready too15:47
yofeldebfx: how's your build status page progressing btw.?15:50
debfxyofel: haven't worked on it any further15:59
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yofelshadeslayer: *are* you going to fix kate soon? If not I'll do it16:10
Quintasanyofel: If you are looking for someone to upload then ping me16:11
QuintasanI will be reading a book16:12
yofelQuintasan: see wiki16:12
Quintasanyofel: cantor?16:12
Quintasannot in damn packageset16:12
yofelwell, it's not up AT ALL16:12
* Quintasan looks at it and uploads16:13
yofelksaneplugin and svgpart aren't either. Recheck those though before upload16:13
QuintasanWhy is r stuff commented out?16:13
Quintasanand kalgebra is not in tarball?16:14
ScottKIf cantor won't hit new I can upload it.16:14
yofelno, cmake detection broken upstream16:14
QuintasanScottK: Can you upload cantor? I don't really feel like uploading this and then getting to know it's rejected16:15
Quintasanshadeslayer: WRAP-AND-SORT FFS16:17
Quintasanfor !@#@#% sake16:17
yofelwhich package?16:17
ScottKQuintasan: Sure.16:17
Quintasancantor too16:17
yofelcantor would be me, and I didn't know about w-a-s back then16:18
QuintasanScottK: Thanks.16:18
yofelI did run wrap-and-sort on svgpart though16:18
Quintasanyofel: I see, but shadeslayer knew about that16:18
yofelnot when he did ksaneplugin I believe ^^16:18
ScottKQuintasan: I don't see it got uploaded before.  Isn't it New source?16:19
ScottKThat'll need me to acceptit.16:19
QuintasanScottK: It is16:19
ScottKIt is which?16:19
QuintasanIt is entirely new package16:20
ScottKWhich you can't upload because you aren't MOTU?16:21
ScottKdebfx: Can you upload cantor so I can New it ^^^16:21
Quintasanoh wait16:21
* Quintasan uploads16:21
ScottKdebfx: Nevermind16:21
* Quintasan turn on his brain16:22
Quintasanshadeslayer: ping ping ping16:27
QuintasanScottK: Please disregard ksaneplugin for now16:28
Quintasanshadeslayer: Fix ksaneplugin tarball and changelog16:33
Quintasansince they both suck16:34
QuintasanScottK: cantor uploaded16:34
yofelQuintasan: what's wrong with the tarball? I can redo the changelog16:42
Quintasanyofel: let shadeslayer do16:45
yofelQuintasan: if he seriously wants to get back to work on monday then I'll rather fix it16:51
Quintasanthe changelog doesnt mention the repack16:51
yofelhm, then only the changelog should need fixing, what's wrong with the tar?16:53
ScottKcantor source accepted.16:58
ScottKor not.  lp fails16:58
ScottKSecond try worked16:59
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/ksaneplugin] Philip Muškovac * 10 * debian/control fix hadling of versions in breaks/replaces16:59
ScottKQuintasan: Should I reject ksaneplugin?16:59
QuintasanScottK: Please do16:59
yofelScottK: yes please16:59
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/ksaneplugin] Philip Muškovac * 11 * debian/copyright remove trailing spaces16:59
yofeloh, akonadi 1.6.0 is out17:01
yofelI'll do that later17:02
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/ksaneplugin] Philip Muškovac * 12 * debian/ (changelog control) Add a proper changelog entry and description17:07
Quintasanyofel: tarball unpacks to ./17:07
Quintasannot ./ksaneplugin-4.6.9017:07
yofelwell, description is still lacking, but I can't find anything more17:07
yofeldidn't here...17:07
yofeloh wait, you're right...17:08
yofeldpkg-source unpacked it in ksaneplugin-4.6.90+repack/, but the tar indeed has ./17:08
yofelrepack1 is in order...17:09
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/ksaneplugin] Philip Muškovac * 13 * debian/changelog repack again17:10
yofelQuintasan: new tar uploaded to ninjas17:12
Quintasanyofel: Thanks17:21
CIA-52[kde-l10n-common] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110713172406-seaeazgdrgpeb3q7 * debian/ (build-l10n.sh changelog) releasing version 4:4.6.90-0ubuntu117:24
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/akonadi] Philip Muškovac * 31 * debian/changelog New upstream release17:25
yofelcool, kstars has missing license copies again17:47
* yofel fixes17:47
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kstars] Philip Muškovac * 2 * debian/ (not-installed changelog control copyright) fix up packaging18:41
yofelok, this should be right now except that libindi in the archive is too old (but it's optional)18:42
Quintasanyofel: Thanks for fixing ksaneplugin, uploading18:52
QuintasanScottK: Are seriously considering moving to alioth or it's just a suggestion?19:00
QuintasanScottK: Also, ksaneplugin uploaded, this time it is working19:01
ScottKQuintasan: I think it's worth discussing.19:03
ScottKFor our packaging branches it doesn't matter if they are in LP or not.19:03
QuintasanIt certainly doesn't19:04
QuintasanI can do git-buildpackage -S as well19:04
QuintasanAre there any benefits?19:04
yofeluh, you'll have a sane VCS?19:05
QuintasanIs bzr THAT insane?19:05
ScottKbzr is fine.19:05
yofelwell, not really, but it would make working with debian easier19:05
QuintasanThat's a benefit.19:07
yofelbah, cantor failed on armel :/19:10
yofelyay, rosetta spam again...19:15
yofelScottK: do you get what's wrong on https://launchpadlibrarian.net/75126316/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-armel.cantor_4%3A4.6.90%2Brepack1-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ?19:21
yofelaccording to launchpad libspectre was built on armel...19:22
ovidiushi, i don't know where to ask my question. please just say if i am wrong here. i want to make a small patch to kmail in the experimental ppa. I installed the build-deps and the source from the ppa. Fine so far.  dpkg-buildpackage takes some time (some hours to be exact on my rather slow laptop) is there something like a build service? or how do you test patches for such a big package? any help/hint/link appreciated.19:23
ScottKovidius: If you have an LP account you can have your own PPA for this19:25
ScottKyofel: What happens if you try to install libspectre1 on your armel box in a oneiric chroot?19:26
yofelScottK: checking19:26
ScottKksaneplugin source accepted.19:28
yofel_this totally doesn't make sense: http://paste.kde.org/9577919:34
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yofelScottK: aptitude:   libgs9: Depends: libgs9-common (= 9.02~dfsg-2ubuntu1) but it is not going to be installed.19:42
yofelarchive inconsistency I guess19:42
* yofel makes an attempt of building kdelibs 4.6.95 on armel..19:46
debfxyofel: https://felix.fobos.de/kubuntu/kubuntu-buildstatus.htm19:48
debfxping me if a package is missing19:49
yofelkubotu: order cookies for debfx19:50
* kubotu slides a whole bunch of world's finest cookies down the bar to debfx.19:50
ScottKyofel: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ghostscript/9.02~dfsg-3ubuntu1/+build/2623476 is the reason19:51
yofeldebfx: kde4libs is missing on your page. kdelibs is kde320:06
* debfx blames the wiki20:07
ScottKksaneplugins binaries accepted.20:09
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdelibs] Philip Muškovac * 363 * debian/ (14 files) those symbols aren't i386 specific20:19
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Quintasan_ScottK: Thanks21:23
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apacheloggerbuild failz21:34
apacheloggerarchive is kaput21:34
yofelapachelogger: didn't you overtake kdemultimedia recently?21:37
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Quintasanyofel: What was the patch that broke Wacom foo in Qt?21:39
yofelno idea, I didn't look at qt at all this cycle21:40
QuintasanScottK: ^^21:40
Quintasanyofel: >Missing symbols >armel21:48
Quintasansounds like fun21:48
yofelyeah, but for kde4libs that's one symbol if I didn't see wrong21:49
yofelI'll do an armel build myself here over the night for 4.6.95, so let's see tomorrow21:49
* Quintasan goes to bed21:50
QuintasanGood night21:50
ScottKQuintasan: What was the question?21:52
Quintasandebfx: Did you ask cjwatson to add missing packages to packageset21:52
ScottKQuintasan: He did once today, but we've uploaded more since.21:52
QuintasanScottK: What patch did break Wacom magic in Qt?21:52
yofelnow, let's see if icecc over 2 qemu VMs works...21:54
yofelhey, it's worth a try :P21:55
Quintasanyofel: [Neon] [recipe build #60630] of ~neon project-neon-phonon-vlc in oneiric: Chroot problem21:57
yofelfun, ping lp folks21:57
* yofel wonders when someone will bother to fix the java error for project-neon-kdesdk21:58
apacheloggeryofel: I am lord president of kdemm22:06
apacheloggerwhy be you asking?22:06
yofel<PovAddict> it just means there isn't enough people caring; I see no plans about kdenetwork either, and I poked kdemultimedia guys more than twice asking for feedback on how to split, no answer22:06
yofel<svuorela> which kdenetwork guys are there?22:06
yofel<svuorela> and which kdemultimedia guys are there ?22:06
yofel<PovAddict> yea, I'll admit both are kinda dead22:06
yofelabout git splitting22:07
apacheloggerthe split was decided in randa, announced on the list and brought to direction of eean22:07
apacheloggerI fail to see what else should have been done22:08
yofelwell, povaddict seems to have slept through that ^^22:08
apacheloggerperhaps write letters to everyone in kde and put cookies inside :P22:08
ScottKQuintasan: kubuntu_28_xi2.1.patch22:09
apacheloggeryofel: http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-multimedia&m=130711637126292&w=222:10
ScottKQuintasan: cnd still owes us a fix for oneiric.  natty is fixed.22:10
apacheloggerthe thread also contains some follow up discussion on why and problems and solutions and stuff22:10
apacheloggerbut the decision stands22:10
apacheloggeror at least no one bothered enough to challange it to the extent that we'd have to revert22:11
Quintasan>Lord President of KDE Multimedia22:12
apacheloggersomeone might want to retry l10n stuff once the chroot is fixed22:33
* yofel was wondering why icecc failed and digged up debian bug 630504 :(23:42
ubottuDebian bug 630504 in icecc "icecc: Remote compilation fails with missing g++ plugin" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/63050423:42
yofelwell, at least the workaround seems to work23:42

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