shane2peruareichman: when you fire it up, it isn't straightforward, you have to click add to add options, and the last option must be save, there you can change the file name, or tag on it so it doesn't overwrite.00:00
areichmanI see00:00
areichmanthere are a lot of options that look very similar, crop, scale, transform, fit, etc00:00
shane2peruareichman: I watermark my photos, and round the corners, and shrink them for easy upload00:00
areichmancan you tell me which I'm looking for?00:00
areichmanI have very big files that I need to shrink to 110*17000:00
shane2peruin that case you want scale first00:01
shane2peruit also does them in order, so scaling would be your first way to go.00:01
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shane2peruif you need some rotated, I would separate them out in a different folder, that way it would be easy to rotate them all areichman00:02
shane2peruafter you get the options click on the rocket, that will 'execute' the actions, and you will need to select where they are located.00:03
shane2peruoh, on the save, I have mine set to <folder>/phatch_<folder>  so it creates a new folder with the phatch before the folder name, or something like that.  That keeps it from overwriting your origs.00:04
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sillykoneHello.  Simple permissions question.  I added a user in group X and created a directory.  I set the directory permissiosn: "chown -R root:X directory," "chmod -R g+rwx directory," and "chmod -R o-rwx directory."  However, the user in group X still doens't have permission to write or even read the folder.  Any idea why?  I added him to the group and set the group readable/writeable for that folder. :(00:05
areichmanshane2peru: to rotate I use the lossless jpg option?00:06
areichmannothing else comes up when I search for rotate00:06
shane2peruareichman: hmm, not sure as I don't usually use the rotate thing, try it that way.00:07
shane2peruand see how it goes.00:07
areichmannevermind, found my solution00:07
shane2perualso, try a few pictures at a time till you get it down then run it on all of them, if you have a lot, it could take a few minutes to process all that00:07
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Walzmynusing xara extreme and the menu bar has dissapeared. Anybody know how to get it back?00:19
szalwhat is "xara extreme"?00:29
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duytruonghello, can someone help me ?00:45
duytruongKget doesn't work00:45
duytruongWhen i clicked Kget, it didn't appear00:46
szalstart kget on the terminal00:46
szalopen terminal, enter 'kget' (w/o the quotes)00:47
duytruongfor example: kdesu kget ?00:47
szaldid I say kdesu anywhere?00:48
szalor would you have a reason to run kget w/ privileges?00:48
duytruongyesterday, it still appeared, but it doesn't work today00:49
duytruongIs there an error ?00:49
szalyou tell us00:50
duytruongwhen i typed kget interminal00:50
duytruongIt appears a command: kget is already running!00:51
duytruongBut i don't see kget anywhere00:51
szalprolly minimized to the tray00:52
duytruongNo, i don't see00:52
szaldid you look at those programs in the tray that it doesn't show too?00:53
szal(click the arrow to the right)00:53
szalif all else fails -> killall kget00:54
duytruongall else programs're working well, but kget doesn;'t00:55
duytruongyes, i did00:55
szallol, I wasn't talking about other programs00:55
duytruongi have to do anything right now, i typed your command00:56
duytruongWhen Kget started, it appeared an big arrow at a middle sreen00:57
duytruongbut i can't start with it. Exactly, i don't see it00:58
duytruongi opened System Monitor, i see it appear in list but I can only kill it01:00
duytruongOk, i saw it01:03
duytruongit is in the right corner01:04
duytruongnear by clock01:05
ArunCHi all, I'm trying to build Qt from source on Kubuntu 11.04. I get the error /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXrender. Which package do I need to install to resolve this?01:14
selvakumaranArunC: Itz X Rendering Extension client library i guess.,01:19
selvakumaranArunC: go and install it from Synaptic pkg mgr dude.,01:19
selvakumaranthere is a development files pack too..! look as u need.01:20
szalArunC: any reason to do so?01:22
ArunCapt-get buld-dep qt4-x11 -- did the trick. Got the help from #qt01:24
ArunCselvakumaran: thanks for the help01:25
ArunCtesting from irssi01:57
ArunCwhois whilo01:59
lolcatHow can I see open network connections in linux?02:15
szallolcat: incidentally, same as in Windows02:29
lolcatszal: I haven't used windows for years now02:41
wildgooselolcat, man netstat03:01
wildgoosesomething like 'netstat -atlucp' is what I usually use03:02
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Guest96653how do you mount a raid drive ?03:16
KimLarouxGuest96653, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Raid03:18
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Deimonk pedo03:36
adeniciohello anyone can help me for usb conection04:19
adenicioi just instaall kubuntu but its not detecting usb04:20
Snowhogadenicio: Which version of Kubuntu, and do you mean USB sticks or other USB connected devices?04:44
adeniciousb card reader04:48
adenicio i tink its the last kubuntu04:48
adeniciokubuntu 11.0404:57
adenicioit doesnt detects usb conections04:58
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vikapinever used kubuntu/ubuntu before..installed one replacin my existing debian/squeeze.. wondering why a kubuntu installation have mysql-server-core-5.1 installed.jus curious.which package is dependant on it..??06:34
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yofelvikapi: akonadi-server uses the mysqld executable, other than that it's not used06:49
introuble if i have www.myname.com  register at A-comany and hosted at B-company, is it possible to host www.staff.myname.com at C-comany  while www.myname.com also stays at A-company ?07:07
introublewill i have to point (from domain registrar) control panel (A-company) for two different records. one for myname.com for b-comp  and second for staff.myname.com for c-comp ?07:07
FloodBotK2introuble: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:07
e_t_introuble: I think it depends on who is handling the DNS for the myname.com domain.07:10
phoenix_firebrdi am trying to compile a driver i am getting some errors07:23
vikapiphoenix_firebrd, a wild guess. u ve installd the complilers???g++ especially??07:29
phoenix_firebrdvikapi: not sure i will check07:30
phoenix_firebrdvikapi:  g++ installed07:31
vikapihttp://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3097384&group_id=197856&atid=963144 will this help??07:34
phoenix_firebrdvikapi: paching fails .. 1 line  patched successfully and one error is gone07:43
phoenix_firebrdvikapi: i checked the source, it is already patched with what you gave07:46
phoenix_firebrdvikapi: i will try to patch manually, thanks for the support07:49
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e_t_Have you a question?09:12
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briandw1969hello ppl10:10
briandw1969none of my browsers are running java10:11
briandw1969any ideas?10:13
lleebriandw1969:  do u have icedtea-plugin installed?10:20
cjaeUsing kubuntu 11.04, is anyone else having difficulties writing files to vfat formatted memory cards? A few files go onto card and the few show as corrupted data10:46
James147cjae: all cards you try, or just one?10:56
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cjaeJames147: more than one10:59
introuble in a folder containing many files. is there a way to change a certain word of every file name (if it contains it) and every code in the file name (if its a .php file for e.g) and replace it with another auto matically?11:08
James147introuble: look at krename11:11
introubleJames147 if in a folder that has subfolders and files. abc232.jpg  00sabc_3.txt and 11.php that contains code that contains *abc*  .   i want to replace all abc with xyz.11:19
James147introuble: I think krename can do that11:20
introubleJames147 do it all ???11:21
James147introuble: its just about the most powerful renaming tool I have ever found... if it cannot then your only other option is probally to create a bash script to do it :)11:22
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kurtulwhen i leave my laptop lid closed for a while, my keyboard gets unresponsive. i have to reboot the computer. can i do something else?12:00
Roeycan anyone help me with this USB earphones problem?  I have this Plantronics USB headphone set that although recognized by the Linux kernel (I can see that through dmesg), and the volume buttons work (they call up this on-screen volume control display), I can't hear anything from them.  Pulseaudio... is that the issue here?12:13
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ovidiushi. i am trying to build kdepim from source. i did get the build-dep and source packages. how do i tell it to build a deb package again from it. "fakeroot dpkg --build source kdepim" does work because it expects a source/DEBIAN/control file which isn't there12:14
BluesKajRoey, pulseaudio might be the problem..on my system it takes away any digital options I have with alsa..PA  lays itsef over alsa , preventing many options alsa provides12:17
RoeySo I tried removing it12:18
Roeyor actually just killing the process12:18
Roeybut then mpg123 wouldn't work eitehr.12:18
Roeyor it'd work but I'd still hear nothing12:18
dcorbin_workI've installed the gmail-plasmoid on a tray.  It doesn't seem to do anything.  I've added an account and set the poll-time to 1 minute. It never reflects unread mail in my inbox.12:19
BluesKajRoey, remove but don't purge ..killing only lasts for a session ..if youwant to reinstall in the future the config file will still be available for which saves your PA settings12:20
BluesKajoops , which saves your settings12:20
Roeyactually I killed pulseaudio and now I can hear fine12:21
Roeybut it re-issues itself12:21
Roeyas soon as I kill it12:21
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RoeyBluesKaj:  do I *need* PA in any way?12:22
BluesKajdcorbin_work, I 'm sad to inform you itdoesn't work for me either . have no clue what the fix is ...as usual google hides its probs12:22
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BluesKajRoey, , not unless you have a separate pci soundcard , which combined with PA might give you more options12:23
dcorbin_workBluesKaj: have you found any alternatives?12:24
RoeyBluesKaj:  http://pastebin.com/dCzUBpGD12:25
RoeyBluesKaj:  this is after having apt-get remove'd pulseaudio and killing the pulseaudio process.12:26
BluesKajRoey, for example , PA prevents me from using the digital output on my soundcard , but with alsa I can pss Dolby Digital and DTS to my audio receiver DAC for 5.1 sound on movies etc12:26
RoeyBluesKaj:  ah12:26
BluesKajRoey, alsamixer in the terminal , the upper left should show your soundcard12:28
RoeyRealtek ALC1200, yeah.12:28
Roeymotherboard soundcard12:28
BluesKajdcorbin_work, no, I have no alternatives12:28
BluesKajthat's the same as I have, Roey12:29
Roeyoh, ok then.12:29
RoeyBluesKaj:  so my current state is pulseaudio removed and the process killed.12:29
RoeyBluesKaj:  the 'alsamixer' command indeed identifies my card, but I see nothing when I call up the KDE Mixer.12:30
RoeyBluesKaj:  in addition, I get what I posted above (http://pastebin.com/dCzUBpGD) when I run mpg12312:30
RoeyBluesKaj:  so mpg123 over ALSA is messed up? why though??12:30
BluesKajdon't kill the process cuz it kills alsa as well ,by what i see in your pastebin12:30
BluesKajit's overkill :)12:31
RoeyI re-installed it and I hear sound now12:32
Roeyso long as the pulseaudio process is killed.12:32
Roeyand then it pops back up after five seconds.12:32
Roeythis is madness!12:32
BluesKajalsamixer is the base sound server , kmix just links to alsa , use alsamixer for setting up your audio , except for the volume12:32
BluesKajRoey, have you updated lately?12:33
BluesKajok now remove PA , don't kill it , just remove it12:34
DdpbfRoey: you could set audio server in system settings12:34
Ddpbfie you could choose betwen pa, alsa oss jack etc12:34
dcorbin_workBluesKaj: so far, it looks to me like the plasmoid is OK.  My mail account's "atom" is not write.  Do you use a Google for Domains account? or an actual gmail account?12:35
BluesKajgmail dcorbin_work12:36
RoeyDdpbf, BluesKaj: interesting, I hear sounds from Amarok and the KDE environment now, and aoss mpg123 and mpg123 all work, but sound in Youtube under Firefox does not.12:37
Roeywhy is this so...fucking...difficult....argh12:37
Roeyin Windows this 'just works'12:37
DdpbfRoey: hardware manufracturers themselves windows driver write drivers for their products12:38
RoeyI know12:39
Roeycan't believe I ened a driver for earphones these days.12:39
DdpbfRoey: do you use html5 on youtube or flash?12:39
Roeythat's what I get for going with USB phones over RCA-jack ones.12:39
RoeyDdpbf:  it'd be something to set up in teh flash settings then, wouldn't it?12:39
BluesKajDdpbf, where in system settings / multimedia can we choose oss, jack etc?12:40
DdpbfBluesKaj: under tab phonon12:41
Ddpbfyou could use different server for audi, video system sounds12:41
Ddpbffor games etc12:41
BluesKajDdpbf, I see nothing in phonon for oss , jack ...only my soundcard and backend options12:42
DdpbfBluesKaj: you need to *install* oss if you want to use it12:43
BluesKajRoey, try this ,  sudo gstreamer-properties A GUI will open, After configuring a reboot may be in order12:43
dcorbin_workBluesKaj: got it.  When you configure your account, there's an optional Label field.  Thats a gmail label.  Leave it blank for your inbox.12:43
BluesKajdcorbin_work, it's not a biggie with me , I just check every so often12:44
Roeyer now youtube seems to work12:45
dcorbin_workI'm just saying for me, it was all a misconfiguration.  Don't specify a Label.12:45
RoeyBluesKaj:  thanks12:45
RoeyBluesKaj:  apparently all I had to do was wait a bit after re-installing pulseaudio12:45
DdpbfBluesKaj: http://www.dodaj.rs/?1C/12o/4U59DvTD/puls.png gui is in serbian, but i think you ll be able to catch the point12:46
BluesKajso PA works for you , congrats ...I still can't use it on my setup , Roey :)12:46
BluesKajDdpbf,I thouhgt you meant there default soundeserver options somewhere in phonon , that I had missed12:47
BluesKajDdpbf, this my phonon http://imagebin.org/16288512:51
Ddpbfi see12:56
Ddpbfyou have uninstalled pulse?12:57
BluesKajthose hdmi's aren't used because my graphics card needs a dvi to hdmi  cable to my monitor which is a panasonic plasma tv, so there's no audio on  the hdmi,  I send the audio thru the digtal out out / coax to an audio receiver DAC12:59
Ddpbfpule is intoroduced to deal with such situations13:00
Ddpbfbut it is pretty buggy13:01
BluesKajDdpbf, I always remove pulseaudio becuase it's analog only on my setup , there are no digtal options13:03
BluesKajit's really not required for most setups IMO, Ddpbf13:04
DdpbfIt is not, but it is default sound server on13:05
Ddpbfmost of distributions,13:05
Ddpbfbut generally for usual user it is not necessary thing13:05
BluesKajyeah, that was a political fight between some devs at ubuntu , unfortunately the PA guy won his case , but I've never used it for long on any computers here13:07
Ddpbfubuntu and fedora are first distributions to use pa13:09
Ddpbfand biggest supporters of it13:09
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BluesKajwell, I found fedora buggy anyway so I can understand why :)13:13
saptomoenek barang murah murah ra iki13:29
saptomomana yg dr indonesia13:40
saptomoip adres indost samph masak kena baneet mau masuk dalnet13:58
Pici!id | saptomo13:59
ubottusaptomo: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia13:59
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Guest48263how do you run hotspot using wine14:40
arubarohi..i try to configurate facebook chat in kopete..but does not work...please help...15:08
arubarokubuntu 10.0415:09
fayazarubaro: what's the problem? which steps did you follow?15:09
saptomoCHANG TO UBUNTU 9.1015:09
szalsaptomo: please make sense15:10
arubarothanks...i google and add jabber....also i see in facebook chat page my user is alvarogeovany...15:11
saptomoDALNET EROR15:12
arubarothis config http://digitizor.com/2010/02/11/how-to-enable-facebook-chat-in-kopete-without-plugins/15:12
fayazarubaro: what's the error you're getting?15:17
arubarohow can i see errors?15:18
fayazarubaro: from the message indicator...15:18
roasteddoes anybody know if clementine is ipod ready?15:18
Ddpbfarubaro: have you set correct port15:19
arubarochat.facebook.com 522215:20
arubarono ssl15:21
arubarothe message indicator...no conections error for kopete...live msn works ok15:22
fayazarubaro: :-/15:24
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Ddpbfi think there is 5223 port for ssl15:25
arubarothanks every one...i have to leave now...(some Mathematica programming) ...15:25
Ddpbfthis is probablly their mess15:25
arubaro5223 for ssl ...uncheked ssl15:25
arubaroso 5222 port...15:25
Ddpbfdidn't facebook banned kde apps?15:26
macoit got unbanned15:26
arubaromaibe i should try pidgin15:26
fayazDdpbf: i'm using it right now...15:26
macofacebook put in an overzealous spam detector / banninator, and it caught a TON of legitimate apps15:26
Ddpbfthen i am out of tips :(15:26
fayazKopete Version 1.0.80 Using KDE Development Platform 4.6.5 (4.6.5)15:27
macospecifically, it was the photo uploader that was banned15:27
Ddpbfyes, that makes sense facebook is using jabber protocol15:27
arubarook...i make a new kubuntu install (10.04 lts)..kopete is 1.0.015:28
Ddpbfwich works flawlessly on kopete15:28
arubaroi moved from 8.04lts...15:29
Ddpbfarubaro: it should work on 10.04 afaik15:29
Ddpbfi have box with lts and i am using kopete for google chat and jabber15:30
Ddpbf(which is same protocol as facebook)15:30
Ddpbfmaybe url is nt working anymore?15:31
Ddpbfgoogle recently changed url of their chat15:31
arubaroits good to know i can find help in this channel thanks...i will be back later...bye15:31
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selvakumaranHey All., i wish to add a change in UI of Update mgr., can i code for that..?16:55
Peace-selvakumaran: of course16:56
Peace-just commit a change on git16:56
Peace-most clearly you have to contact the programmer16:56
Peace-and ask...16:56
selvakumaranPeace-: Thanks, i have no exp before, should i learn GTK+ prgming16:58
zulu34sxSomebody who can halp me fix a soundissue in kubuntu 11.0416:59
zulu34sxi hear myself ._.17:00
Peace-selvakumaran: gtk+ ?17:05
Peace-selvakumaran: here is kubuntu so qt417:05
Peace-zulu34sx: ?17:05
Peace-what's yourproblem17:05
selvakumaranyup., i m an ubuntu user.,17:06
Peace-selvakumaran: so... #ubuntu17:06
Peace-not #kubuntu17:06
selvakumaranPeace-:  Let it be., i wish to wrk out that 4 kubuntu only.,17:07
selvakumarani m, sorry, pls post me on basic prg tutorals17:08
Peace-selvakumaran: this is not a channel for programming17:08
selvakumarani m, sorry, pls post me on basic prg tutorials from hello world exp17:08
Peace-this is a channel for support kubuntu and kde17:08
selvakumaranPeace-: :(17:08
Peace-that's all17:08
Peace-you are off topic here17:08
selvakumaranok no probz17:08
Ddpbfselvakumaran: try #ubuntu-devel17:09
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selvakumaran_Ddpbf: thanks17:09
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vikapiim using kmail.. configured my account with imap accidently.. how can i change it to disconnected imap?? any hint on this?17:37
macoi think you delete the old config and make a new one17:38
macoregular imap doesnt have much of anything already downloaded yet anyway17:38
vikapimaco, i will loose all the current download mail rite??17:38
vikapimaco, or are u sayin to delete the whole account and re-create a new one..??17:39
macoif you're using regular imap right now, then nothing's downloaded except subject lines17:39
yofelyou can enable that somewhere, but when I did it only downloaded copies of NEW mails, so it had no effect on the existing mails17:39
yofelrather just re-setup the account.17:39
vikapiyofel, oh..17:39
vikapiyofel,maco, alright let me do that then..17:40
yofelOR I didn't find the 'download all copies now' button, I did search for quite a while though17:40
vikapiyofel, even i didn find tat even..i was using evolution and it had an option, download all message for offline usage..:)17:42
yofelwell, I'm using thunderbird usually, which has that button too :/17:42
vikapiyofel, now its showin in the status bar, Transmission for account <myname> complete. No new message17:43
vikapiyofel, but there is some activity goin on as the scroller is moving left and right, :-)17:44
Ddpbfvikapi: you want to switch from imap to pop317:45
Ddpbfor to delete all mail from your local inbox17:45
yofelDdpbf: err, no, that's something *totally* different17:45
Ddpbfit si hard to catch thing on 7-8 channels17:46
vikapiDdpbf, i will ve issue when deletin a mail. i ve to do it both in the POP account as well as in the server..17:46
vikapiwhich kills time..17:46
vikapii ve been using squeeze-Gnome and first time with kubuntu...feels good..17:48
vikapionly thng i faced while installation,i maintaind my filesystem in lvm and i had a hard time during installation..17:49
Ddpbfvikapi: yes kubuntu is pretty good configured17:49
vikapiwill lvm support in installation be introduced??? any ideas developers??17:49
Ddpbfimho best binary kde flavour17:49
vikapii wud agree.. :)17:50
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Ddpbfvikapi: tray on #ubuntu-devel17:51
Ddpbfabout lvm, that is developers channel17:51
navybartin ubuntu 10.10 i got apache installed where do i put the .html files17:52
vikapiDdpbf: thanx..17:52
yofelnavybart: read some apache howto, but the website root folder should be /var/www/17:52
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)17:53
vikapinavybart: /var/www i hope.. jus refer its config file..17:53
yofeljussi: uh, that apache factoid sounds somewhat wrong...17:54
navybartya thats it thanks18:00
vikapiDdpbf, hey they say, alternate cd installer has lvm support.. new knew tat bfore.. :-)18:02
vikapiin gnome (which is the only desktop env i ve used), workspaces are so isolated.u get a fresh workspace.. but in kde, even if i change workspace,i get to see windows minimized in the tray..18:08
vikapiis there an option to isolate them??i tried in system-settings but cudn find one.. may be lookin @ wrong place..18:08
Peace-vikapi: mm wait18:09
Peace-i will re-read18:09
yofelvikapi: yes, right click on the panel -> taks manager settings18:09
yofel(right click on the task manager part of the panel)18:09
yofeli.e. the task manager widget18:09
Peace-never used task manager xD18:10
vikapiyofel: im there..18:10
yofelah, I used smooth tasks for a while, but I'm actually happy with the default one18:10
yofelvikapi: 'Only show tasks from the current desktop'18:10
yofelI believe that's what you want18:11
vikapiyofel: thanks man..got it working..18:11
vikapiyofel: tats wat i wantd..18:11
finalghosthello all ou salut tous le monde?18:19
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en fran├žais, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.18:19
finalghosthello all18:20
finalghosti have a problem18:20
BluesKajPeace-, smoothbar ?18:20
finalghostwhen i configure my kubuntu desktop to a double view everything works good but after restart i have a only one so someone can help me ?18:21
Peace-BluesKaj: instead of task manager is a plasmoid18:22
Peace-BluesKaj: it's on standard repository ===> http://wstaw.org/m/2011/07/13/plasma-desktopxj1889.jpg18:22
Peace-BluesKaj: bottom bar18:22
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soeehiho, hows the work going with kde 4.7 in ppa ?19:30
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yofelsoee: WIP, but since people are busy, rather slow19:37
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sorush20how do I restart the kde menu.. it will not show new programs install kubuntu 11.0419:40
BluesKajyofel, think I'll wait for a while to go back to 11.10. I lack the patience to deal with it as the state of stability stands right now .19:41
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James147sorush20: try running "kbuildsycoca4"19:42
yofelwell, kate still won't work, so don't bother19:42
BluesKajyofel, yeah kate was broken on one pc and dolphin on the other19:44
BluesKajJames147, what's kbuildsycoca4 ? , never heard of it19:46
James147BluesKaj: it dose some things :) list rebuilding the menus19:47
BluesKajso it prevents uneeded reboots in some cases, James14719:48
James147^^ it rebuilds some caches and such... probally run as part of startup/shutdown anyway19:49
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godofmischiefIve created a gparted live boot cd.  Booted to the CD (actually usb stick) .  Trying to resize the local win7 partition on the host drive.  When i boot to gparted its got the little caution triangle near the device name and won't let me resize it.  Can anyone tell me why this is?21:08
godofmischiefoddly enough it doesn't list unused space on that partition either.  And it has about 180 GiB free.21:10
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e_t_godofmischief: you might have more luck shrinking the partition within Windows.21:20
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godofmischiefe_t_, yeah tht's what im working on doing right now.21:23
godofmischiefive installed linux from disks before usually prompts you to install along side an OS on a HD.  Didn't get that option with kubuntu21:24
e_t_It's in there.21:28
godofmischieffor some reason it wsn't recognizing free space on the drive.  Even though it has 208 gigs free21:28
godofmischiefonly option it was allowing for was "operation kick windows and move in on its own" lol21:29
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godofmischiefwow liinux somehow sees my windows HD as unallocated space.22:26
godofmischiefanyone have any clues what to do from here?22:27
BATigodofmischief: maybe somebody would help you if you describe what are you trying to achieve and steps you have taken...22:31
Ddpbfgodofmischief: do you have ntfs driver installed22:31
scottamungahello everyone.  I keep getting an error when I try to install ubuntu-desktop.  I can post the error I'm getting, but I'd hate to do it in the main chatroom, so if anybody wants to help, please IM me.22:57
scottamunga(because it'd take up a lot of room)22:57
scottamungaactually, I can just tell you all what I did, and see if there is a solution.  I installed Gnome 3 on my natty install, because unity wasn't loading very well.  Then I uninstalled it.  I tried to purge the Gnome3 PPA, but now I can't install ubuntu-desktop.  I know I could reinstall the system, but I've put a lot of work in my kubuntu desktop.23:00
scottamungaFYI, I've already backed up my important files just in case I need to reinstall, but I'd really rather not lose the time I put into getting everything set up the way I want it.  Sorry for sounding  childish.23:01
Piciscottamunga: thats what pastebins are for.23:03
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:03
scottamungathanks Pici - I also learned something new! :)23:04
scottamungaI've tried apt-get install -f23:05
scottamungaand going into synaptic and fixing broken packages23:05
Ddpbfscottamunga: spt-get install -f wont help you23:08
Ddpbfhow did you purge gnom3 ppa?23:09
Ddpbfyou have used ppa purge?23:09
Ddpbftray this23:10
Ddpbfit will remove all gtk apps23:11
Ddpbfand hopefully all what remained of gnome323:11
scottamungathanks Ddpbf23:12
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