poolieNoldorin: no it doesn't00:07
pooliethere is a bug for this00:07
Noldorinpoolie, ah right. link at hand?00:07
micahgno, it just links it to the bug, fixed in bzr isn't fixed for most projects00:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 318439 in Launchpad itself "bzr commit with --fixes lp:xxxx has no impact on the status of the referenced bug" [High,Triaged]00:08
poolieclick 'affects' if you like00:09
Noldorinpoolie, thanks. i'll follow that00:09
Noldorinno big deal for now00:09
Noldorinas long as i know00:09
micahgah, that bug makes sense :)00:10
Noldorinsounds like a feature00:10
Noldorinnot a fan of the solution either00:10
Noldorinbut oh well00:10
pooliewhich solution?00:21
poolielifeless: does this actually mean O(one minute) downtimes?00:46
lifelesspoolie: 300s is the initial window I have gotten an ack for00:54
lifelesspoolie: thats the satisfying criteria00:54
pooliein the sense of our stakeholders could tolerate more frequent bumps if they're no more than 5m?00:55
lifelesswe all want as low as possible00:57
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pfarrellhow is the code update going? :-)09:22
dupondjeseems done :)09:23
wgrantNot quite.09:23
wgrantHalf-way back up.09:23
pfarrellcool, good luck with it :-)09:25
dupondjewhat happens with emails sent to launchpad? they get queued ?09:25
wgrantdupondje: Right.09:26
wgrantdupondje, pfarrell: Everything should be back now.09:29
pfarrellsweet, thanks09:29
dupondjewgrant: getting timeout error when trying to add patch in a bug09:30
wgrantdupondje: Do you have an OOPS ID?09:30
dupondje(Error ID: OOPS-2020CO69)09:31
dupondjesomething broken ? ;)09:51
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dupondjewgrant: its broken ? :)09:56
lifelessyes, should be fixed in a minute09:56
wgrantdupondje: Sorry, yes, in the middle of the fix.09:57
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dupondjeaight :D10:00
dupondjegreat service10:00
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apwany known issues with the launchpad API since the upgrade?  getting "HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable" from scripts that worked yesterday10:26
wgrantapw: We have some DB load issues at the moment. Not quite sure if they'll settle down on their own.10:27
apwwgrant, so keep hammering it until they work :)10:27
wgrantSomething like that...10:27
lifelessapw: 16 core machines w/128GB of RAM are a little hard to come by on short notice10:28
apwlifeless, i am sure they are, though i am also sure you didn't release code which you expected to need another one either10:28
wgrantapw: Well, the normal master DB is getting a disk upgrade.10:29
lifelessno; so this isn't bad code - we're upgrading the disks on the master machine, so we're running degraded on the replicas10:29
wgrantapw: So one of the slaves has been promoted.10:29
apwwgrant, ok so assuming that the issue is just the slave is 'crap', how long is the outage going to be10:29
lifelessapw: we did anticipate some load (but as the replicas service many requests anyway, no degradation)10:30
lifelessapw: grab one of the oops ids and get wgrant to look at it; you may be suffering unrelated to load.10:30
apwlifeless, i am not getting an oops, just a 503 service unavailable responses via the zope api10:31
wgrantapw: That will have an OOPS ID.10:31
wgrantapw: Probably in the X-Lazr-OopsID header and the body.10:31
apwwgrant, ok will try and find it in the 2.5k of html thats its dumping on me :/10:31
apw        <code class="oopsid">OOPS-2020CF91</code>)10:32
wgrantAh, Ubuntu tag searches FTL :(10:33
apwwgrant, yep one of those painful scripts one has to run because searching in the interface can't find anything10:34
wgrantCan't find anything?10:35
wgrantOh, the CVE FTI thing?10:35
apwwgrant, yep, the CVE titles don't match, closed development tasks, search issues10:35
* apw notes that nominations have gotten worse, you used to be able to nominate up to two series, now even 1 is too many :/10:38
apw(Error ID: OOPS-2020DR100)10:40
apwany idea how long we are going to be degraded, so i know how long to schedule for lunch10:41
wgrantapw: Potentially up to a day, but we are trying to sort it out.10:43
geserapw: that will be a long lunch break :)10:43
apwwell as i can't do anything anymore, i guess i have no choice10:44
sorenArgh.. I get a timeout trying to see our PPA page: https://launchpad.net/~nova-core/+archive/trunk  (Error ID: OOPS-2020AS123)11:12
sorenI appreciate you want to track it when things are slow, but I really do wish there was a way I could specify that what I'm trying to do is important to me, and that I'm ok waiting an extra couple of seconds for it.11:14
sorenWhat I'm trying to say is that I'd rather have a slow Launchpad than no Launchpad at all.11:16
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i'm getting a timeout consistently when trying to access https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam11:16
chrisccoulsonOOPS-2020EDGEA42 for example11:16
sorenchrisccoulson: Works for me. (on non-edge)11:17
chrisccoulsonsoren, yeah, me too11:17
spivsoren: it's not just about tracking (we have soft timeouts that are also reported without aborting the page like hard timeouts), it's also about freeing up resources so that other requests aren't overly impacted by the slow parts.11:26
cjwatsonDoes anyone know why https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/launchpad/dpkg-xz-support-619152 might be stuck in "Updating branch..."?  I pushed changes to it yesterday11:27
spiv(Part of the problem is that if something is slow, it's often *really* slow, more than just "an extra couple of seconds")11:27
sorenspiv: For this particular case, the alternative was to retry 4 extra times before it finally worked. I can't imagine doing the first 9 seconds of each request 4 times is less costly and takes less resources from others than just letting the request run for 12 seconds or however much it would have been the first time around.11:37
soren...and I doubt I'm the only one who routinely retries when I'm met by a timeout oops.11:38
wgrantsoren: But then you get a really bad request which goes on for 5 minutes.11:39
sorenwgrant: Maybe the 9 seconds (isn't that what the limit is?) are just a tad optimistic?11:40
wgrantsoren: Around 0.01% of requests time out.11:40
wgrantsoren: Today is special.11:41
sorenwgrant: How so? caches not warmed up yet?11:41
wgrant(most of that 0.01% is ubuntu tag searches)11:41
wgrantsoren: Our DB master is currently undergoing hardware upgrades, so we're running on inferior slave hardware.11:41
wgrant8 cores rather than 16.11:41
sorenwgrant: Oh.11:42
wgrantDidn't expect it to be quite this bad, though.11:42
SteveExodusi would like my money back ...11:42
sorenwgrant: Perhaps put that in the /TOPIC or something? Just to help manage expectations.11:45
sorenwgrant: I for one expected it was the code update that caused it and it would be this bad until the next major code update... Which would really suck.11:45
tsarevHi there11:55
tsarevGuys, I have two troubles with launchpad11:55
tsarevhttp://img560.imageshack.us/img560/4340/screenshot1t.png - first11:55
tsarevhttp://jenkins.percona.com/view/Percona%20Server%205.1/job/percona-server-5.1-param/57/console - second11:55
tsarevAnybody able to help me?11:55
bigjoolstsarev: yes I can help11:57
tsarevbigjools: great :)11:57
bigjools1. the site is slow today as we are running on degraded hardware11:57
bigjoolskeep retrying11:58
bigjools2. the output tells you what the problem is11:58
bigjools"bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/percona-server-5.1-param/".11:58
tsarevbigjools: about first - thank you11:58
tsarevbigjools: No-no, trouble ois before11:58
tsarevbigjools: bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~percona-dev/percona-server/5.1_slow_extended_tests_fixes/".11:58
tsarevbigjools: branch is available11:58
tsarevbigjools: http://jenkins.percona.com/view/Percona%20Server%205.1/job/percona-server-5.1-param/54/console11:59
tsarevbigjools: ^ here all ok with dir, but bzr branch not available11:59
apwwgrant, it occurs to me if the machine is half as fast would we not expect to have to proportionatly increase the timeout to match ?11:59
bigjoolstsarev: use lp:~percona-dev/percona-server/5.1_slow_extended_tests_fixes11:59
tsarevbigjools: https://code.launchpad.net/~tsarev/percona-server/5.1_slow_extended_tests_fixes12:00
tsarevbigjools: I trying to build this branch12:00
tsarevbigjools: All other branch - clones, just for doublecheck what trouble not solved12:00
tsarevapw: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~tsarev/percona-server/5.1_slow_extended_tests_fixes is permanently redirected to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~tsarev/percona-server/5.1_slow_extended_tests_fixes/changes12:01
tsarevapw: Lines from log. Trouble on the launchpad side12:01
bigjoolstsarev: use bzr+ssh:// or lp:12:01
tsarevbigjools: I used lp:~tsarev/percona-server/5.1_slow_extended_tests_fixes12:02
tsarevbigjools: in the log this is BZR_BRANCH enviroment variable12:02
wgrantapw: Not quite.12:02
tsarevbigjools: Before today all works fine.12:02
tsarevbigjools: We change nothing in our Jenkins12:02
bigjoolsthe lp: url works fine for me12:03
wgrantapw: We are already fully utilising all CPU cores, so extending the timeout will just let even fewer requests work.12:03
wgrantIt's not that it's slow.12:03
wgrantIt's that we are over capacity.12:03
wgrant(so timeouts are fulfilling their goal here, but not quite enough)12:04
apwwgrant, and we are going to be in this state for 24 hours ?12:04
bigjoolstsarev: ah you're using anonymous access12:05
apwi think that should definatly be in the topic12:05
tsarevbigjools: Yes. We allow anynimous access to our repos12:05
bigjoolswell I mean to LP's branch12:05
bigjoolswgrant: could that be broken with this rollout?12:06
wgrantbigjools: Possibly. Just checking branch-rewrite now.12:06
bigjoolsI have to run out for a bit12:06
wgrantThere should be maintenance people around :(12:06
wgrantI would like to leave at some point too.12:06
bigjoolsyes, who is on maint?12:07
wgrantApparently nobody.12:07
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timhi, i am trying to backport gcc from oneiric to natty (mainly because of the c++0x support of gcc-4.6). it requires backporting of gcc-4.5 as well, because of a libgcc1 conflict. i got as far as uploading the package to launchpad, but launchpad doesn't start the build because of a g++ dependency conflict: http://pastie.org/2206841 ... any idea, what is going wrong? can i fix it myself, or is it simply not possible to build natty-12:17
timprovided gcc versions on launchpad?12:17
wgranttim: You should try building it in a natty chroot/pbuilder/sbuild locally.12:21
wgranttim: You can then diagnose the dependency issues.12:21
wgrantIt's not Launchpad-specific.12:21
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timwgrant: ok will try to set up such an environment ...12:28
timwgrant: however i wonder, why it complains about installing g++ >= 4:4.5.2-1ubuntu3 ... because natty seems to provide 4.5.2-1ubuntu412:31
wgranttim: It's saying that it can't install that combination of three packages.12:32
wgranttim: It's likely that your gcc-4.6 backport has clobbered something to make gcc uninstallable in your PPA.12:34
timwgrant: i see ... will try to find the reason ... otherwise i'll simply build gcc-4.6 from sources without creating a debian package12:36
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gesertim: IIRC gcc-4.6 in oneiric has a breaks on gcc-4.5 which is newer than the version in oneiric which breakes the installation of gcc-4.5; this is known and hopefully fixed soon13:05
wgranttsarev: That branch should be working again now.13:05
tsarevwgrant: Yes, I see already13:06
tsarevwgrant: THis was launchpad trouble?13:06
wgranttsarev: Yeah, fallout from the rollout earlier.13:06
wgranttsarev: Most stuff was still cached, but some new lookups weren't working.13:09
wgrantLike your branch.13:09
tsarevwgrant: Cool. I'm happy what you solve13:09
timgeser: i see ... will keep my eye on the gcc versions of oneiric13:10
dpmhi deryck, are you around and have got a minute for a translations sharing question?13:33
deryckdpm, on call, available shortly.13:33
dpmderyck, no worries, I can also ask henninge now that he's around13:34
dpmhenninge, have you got a minute for a translations sharing question?13:34
henningedpm: yes but I might get called in to the doctor's any time.13:34
dpmhenninge, ok, we'll try to make it quick and painless then :)13:35
dpmso here it is:13:35
dpmI've created a table with the intltool-based source packages that will support upstream sharing, with the intention to give an overview and let the community help in enabling sharing:13:35
dpm(I need to remove some redundant fields to make it more readable, though)13:36
dpmAs all of the projects are already linked to a source package, I understand that the next step is to enable translations in the upstream projects, and here is my question:13:36
dpmGiven the following translation_usage in the upstream project, do these settings make sense as the ones to recommend?:13:36
dpmProjects with external translations:13:36
dpm• Permissions: Closed13:36
dpm• Translations group: does not matter13:36
dpm• Translation Import mode: templates + translations13:36
dpmProjects with translations in Launchpad:13:37
dpm• Permissions: Structured13:37
dpm• Translations group: Launchpad Translators/Ubuntu Translators13:37
dpm• Translation Import mode: templates only13:37
dpmhenninge, so, does that make sense? ^^13:37
henningedpm: those look good13:37
henningedpm: maybe even suggest "Restricted" permissions?13:38
henningedpm: AFAIK Ubuntu uses that setting nowadays13:38
dpmhenninge, ah yeah, good point, my mistake, I wanted to actually suggest "Restricted", yes13:38
dpmregarding "Closed" permissions, can one still see the statistics?13:39
henningedpm: other than that this looks sane13:39
henningedpm: not sure.13:39
henningeIf not, that'd be a bug I think.13:39
dpmhenninge, ok, I guess we'll soon find out. Thanks!13:39
henningedpm: pleasure13:40
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jamis the branch scanner stopped, or did I just break it?14:20
jamI submitted this about an hour ago: https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr/2.2-is-up-to-date/+merge/6783614:20
jamIt is based on a fairly old version, but the actual changes are pretty small.14:20
jamI did do a "commit --unchanged" as the last commit, but I don't see why that would break anything14:23
commandolinehello, my translations aren't imported from the trunk branch. Does anyone know what the problem can be? https://translations.launchpad.net/openteacher/trunk/+imports14:25
jamdanilos: ^^ any chance you can figure out why the diff is still "pending" after 45 minutes?14:29
ryehi all, is merge proposal diff generator working or there is a huge backlog of tasks? it's been 3 hours since mp submit :(14:41
sorenAre new uploads not being accepted?15:04
sorenI uploaded a package at 13:24 UTC which made it through just fine.15:05
sorenThen I uploaded another one at 14:31 which, at 14:49 still hadn't shown up so I reuploaded it. Still no trace of it.15:06
bigjoolsdanilos: ^15:06
sorenThe package is called "keystone", uploaded to ppa:soren/keystone15:07
cyberdeckhi, how long does it usually take until you get an accept/reject mail after uploading some source.dsc to your own launchpad ppa?15:10
cyberdeck*uploaded with dput15:10
bigjoolsthere's a problem at the moment it seems15:10
bigjoolslooking into it15:10
Logan_I can't get a public key. :|15:10
cyberdeckis there any kind of upload/incoming queue where one can take a look at? (sry for the newbie question)15:11
bigjoolscyberdeck: there isn't15:13
cyberdeckoh, ok. thank you!15:13
bigjoolsI think there's just a massive backlog at the moment15:13
sorencyberdeck: Under normal operations, things don't sit there for more than at the most 5 minutes.15:13
bigjoolsthere were performance problems earlier and it slowed the upload processor down15:14
cyberdeckwell, i got a reject mail after my first upload pretty soon. then i corrected the error and uploaded again. now, after my fourth coffee i started to wonder if it got lost.15:14
bigjoolsah no it looks like someone uploaded a load of language packs15:14
* soren shakes his fist at language packs15:15
bigjoolsbe patient, it'll get there15:15
cyberdecki'll try. even if its my first ppa upload. ^^15:15
bigjoolsI think it'll be about 20-30 minutes before the langpacks are done with15:16
bigjools(my finger in the air guesstimate)15:17
danilosjam: there were a few issues with some of the branch scripts, hopefully will get resolved soon15:26
bigonhi, an idea why I get a timeout? OOPS-2020D18415:32
sorenbigjools: Yup, here they come.15:34
cyberdeckyay, in 52 min. my first ppa upload ever will be build. \o/15:37
timrcHello, is there a way I can get details on who copied a package into a PPA from the UI (I'm looking for a culprit, not the original uploader)?15:42
bigjoolstimrc: no, that's not recorded unfortunately15:43
timrcbigjools, bummer15:43
timrcbigjools, that's a particularly useful bit of information if the ppa sits upstream of another archive15:44
bigjoolstimrc: file a bug!15:44
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timrcbigjools, oh I will15:49
candreaHello! Could somebody please help me with https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/164646 ? It's not very urgent, but the sooner it is solved, the better15:49
timrcMaybe another opportunity for me to chip-in as well15:49
timrcbigjools, out of curiosity, can you find the info via the api? (e.g. is this just a case of not be supporting in the UI?)15:51
bigjoolstimrc: no, it's not recorded anywhere15:51
bigjoolsalthough some changes I am doing right now to make copying asynchronous could help15:52
timrcbigjools, okay I'll file the bug and assess if finding a solution is within my capability-bounds :)15:53
bigjoolstimrc: well, there's an easy way and a better way15:54
timrcReally, what I'm trying to solve are collisions that occur in a downstream archive as a result of people submitting packages with the same name / version but different hashsums from more than one location15:58
timrcIf we could provide the URL to the immediate downstream archive, we could do this detection early... but it sounds like opening a can of worms :)15:58
dpmderyck, henninge, I'm doing a presentation on upstream sharing in a few minutes on #ubuntu-classroom, as part of Ubuntu Developer Week. (just a heads up if you're interested, no need to be there)15:59
deryckdpm, great.  Thanks for the heads up!16:00
daniloscandrea, hi, I am not sure what is going on there, I'm looking around16:09
candreathank you danilo16:10
Ampelbeinhi there, I just got OOPS-2020DW183 while filing a bug via the api.16:15
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zygais there a way to extend the dreaded launchpad timeout?16:39
zygaI keep getting a problem when trying to copy _ONE_ package from a ppa16:39
zyga(Error ID: OOPS-2020B220)16:39
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daniloscandrea, I can confirm the problem happens with "bzr branch" with "bzr-hg" plugin installed as well, so I suspect that's where the bug is16:42
sladencould somebody check the LP database.  Have a user ('mellgoth29@gmail.com') trying to reset their password16:42
sladenbut when I try subscribing them to a bug report using that email address it is also not found, so it might not be the right one16:43
daniloszyga, if it is stopping people from doing work, we can certainly do that16:43
candreadanilos, thanks, I'm opening a new bzr-hg bug right now16:43
zygadanilos, well it is stopping me now16:43
daniloscandrea, I've already did that based on the question16:43
candreadanilos, ah, great thanks!16:44
zygaplars, attempts to copy any packages at https://launchpad.net/~linaro-validation/+archive/ppa/+copy-packages fail with a timeout16:44
zygadanilos, how can I request a timeout "extension"16:45
daniloszyga, I am not sure, we'd have to talk to the powers that be and investigate how frequently does the OOPS hit our users like you16:47
daniloszyga, (and figure out the right override or fix the problem)16:47
plarsdanilos: zyga's trying to get through this right now and it's blocking him, is there someone in particular we should talk to16:48
zygadanilos, well right not it hits me each time I try to copy one package to the same ppa (just different series) and this seriously affects my work, is there a chance to get this resolved quickly?16:48
daniloszyga, I am also waiting for an OOPS to sync to compare with bug 57545016:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 575450 in Launchpad itself "Archive:+copy-packages nearly unusable due to timeouts" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57545016:48
zygadanilos, the bug description sounds about right, I think it is the same issue16:49
plarszyga, danilos: last comment on that bug seems to indicate it is believed to be fixed16:51
daniloszyga, plars: right, which is why I need to wait for OOPS to sync before I can comment further; zyga, for urgent work-arounds, you can talk to lifeless or flacoste perhaps16:51
zygadanilos, how soon will we know that the OOPS is indeed bug 575450, what's the next step if that is the case?16:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 575450 in Launchpad itself "Archive:+copy-packages nearly unusable due to timeouts" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57545016:52
daniloszyga, hopefully in less than 30 mins16:53
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zygadanilos, I'd like to have those packages for my ubuntu-developer-week session at 19:00 UTC16:53
daniloszyga, also, it's possible that upping the timeout won't help since the query might be taking minutes!16:53
zygadanilos, minutes!16:54
flacostezyga: we are experiencing degraded performance currently because of a DB reconfiguration issue16:54
flacosteso that doesn't help that particular issue16:54
daniloszyga, I am just saying that when something is bad, it can be very bad, but without seeing the OOPS report, we don't know if it's fixable16:54
danilosflacoste, oh, I thought that was reported fixed (at least it was on identi.ca/launchpadstatus)16:54
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brycehWhen I try to land https://code.launchpad.net/~bryce/launchpad/cronjob-component-deletion/+merge/67782 I get this error:17:45
brycehec2: ERROR: Merge proposal is not approved. Get it approved, or use --force to land it without approval.17:45
brycehhowever the review status is approved, so I'm confused.17:46
bacbryceh: each reviewer has a review status but then the MP as a whole has a status17:56
bacyours is still in 'needs review'17:56
bacit doesn't transition automatically b/c different projects have different requirements as to how many individual approves are required17:56
brycehbac, ok, how does that get changed?17:56
bacbryceh: for LP it is just one and you are free to change the status yourself17:56
brycehbac, no that option doesn't appear in the status dropdown for me17:57
bacbryceh: ok, i'll do it for you17:57
bacbryceh: done.  if you remember, ask your reviewer to be sure to do it next time17:58
brycehI see just 'Work in Progress'/'Needs review'/'Merged'17:58
brycehbac, I seem to recall I used to be able to set branches to approved when I was on the bugs team; what has changed that I can no longer do so?17:59
bacbryceh: you have to be a member of ~launchpad-reviewers.18:01
brycehbac, ah ok thanks18:02
brycehbac, guess that team is closed to community contributors18:06
bacbryceh: no, we decided to allow community contributors to become launchpad reviewers.  but then we hired the only person who had expressed interest.18:07
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pkernThe latest apt update links to LP: #784473.  Does LP claim that a page doesn't exist when privileges are missing nowadays?  I get OOPS-2020CI278 when I try to access it.22:35
lifelesspkern: yes22:38
pkernlifeless: Interesting that MOTU isn't enough.  But ok, thanks.22:39
lifelesspkern: partial disclosure is very hard to do reliably - we found some paths to inappropriate disclosure due to the older behaviour22:39
lifelesspkern: and we closed it the most expedient way; we -may- revisit it later22:39
lifelesspkern: its probably a security bug, which ~ubuntu-security is needed for22:40
lifelesspkern: I imagine it will be unembargoed once all the series are updated22:40
lifelesspkern: (I also cannot see it)22:40
wgrantpkern: It's a security bug, yeah.22:41
pkernAh, if it's unembargoed afterwards, that's ok.  I guess the Debian security team is already aware of it, I was just checking the issue.  I also searched for the CVE and there was no bug reference, so I wondered quite a bit. ;)22:41
wgrantDebian is aware, yes.22:41

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