michael_pulse audio is not working after suspending to ram00:12
michael_can anyone help? thanks!00:13
draiochmicheal: try also #opensourcemusicans  on freenode00:23
* phillw patience quality of -1... "I've got a problem"... 9 minutes - gone. It really annoys me when I pick on something and go dig through to return to find they are gone.00:24
phillwnever mind. :\00:24
Unit193phillw: I've seen worse, but that really is annoying :/00:35
phillwUnit193: ay, we ave good days, we have bad days. fortuanately on Lubuntu, we win a lot more than we loose :)00:36
DannyDroidI'm back, this time, with a real problem. I have no sound. alsamixer seems to have picked up everything but no sound comes out of the speakers or jack.12:25
DannyDroidCard: HDA Intel | Chip: IDT 92HD81B1X512:25
bioterrorDannyDroid, and you have master and pcm 100%?12:29
DannyDroidyep, i do12:35
utusancan't get unity nor gs so installed lxde on 11.11. what is the volume applet package name for lubuntu?12:42
utusani saw briefly in unity the vol applet. how can I get it to show on systray for lubuntu?  any idea?12:45
Psilocybin_ElfHow do I set up bluetooth in Lubuntu?12:45
Psilocybin_ElfWhich software do I use?12:45
utusanI don'y have bluetooth but I see them started each time. So I guess they are installed by default?12:47
Psilocybin_Elfthat's what I thought12:49
Psilocybin_ElfRegular Ubuntu has a bluetooth manager of some sort12:49
utusanthere's a gnome-bluetooth as well a bluetooth package12:49
Psilocybin_Elfmight apt-get those then12:50
utusanalso there is a bluez* tools used in Kubuntu.  look at them as well as lubuntu uses qt anyway12:51
utusanis there such a thing as lmix  like kmix? or it's bundled somewhere? anyone knows?12:55
utusanis this the lubuntu channel?12:58
ubot5For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup13:02
zachleighhello everyone13:46
zachleighim wondering if somebody could teach me how to get conky to run on startup...13:46
zachleighbeen bashing my head against the wall for near a week now...13:50
bioterrorsections 3.3 and 3.4 covers pretty much. here's link: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ14:09
Victor_Hi all. I can't dual boot Lubuntu 11.04 or 10.04 and Win XP on a 800 mhz Duron with 625 mb RAM. I have searched the web but all the info I obtained was about Ubuntu. Is there any known problem about Grub on Lubuntu?? Thanks14:31
bioterrorVictor_, you didnt tell us anything about your problem14:43
Victor_Thanks for the answer, bioterror... The problem is that I install WinXP, then Lubuntu 11.04 or 10.04. The boot loader is installed by default in sda (I have one HD,80gb). All seems correct,and Lubuntu starts from Grub,but WinXP doesn't starts...14:47
bioterrordo you have Windows XP in your GRUB?14:48
Victor_yes, of course14:48
bioterrorwhat happens when you try to boot your XP?14:49
Victor_I have installed a lot of times, and I only obtain two results: 1. a flashing "-"         2. black screen, and returns to grub14:49
ubot5For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:50
bioterrorcan you provide us your grub.cfg from /boot/grub/14:50
Victor_i have tried Super Grub Disk 1, 2 and rescatux...14:50
Victor_I can't provide that at the moment, i'm sorry... I was searching the web with and operative pc with Ubuntu....14:51
Victor_Should I copy that file to advance, I suppose... But I should say also that with Rescatux I manage to destroy Grub, and then Win XP starts perfectly. When I reinstall Grub with Rescatux, Winxp doesn't boot again14:52
Victor_it could be a bios problem? My motherboard is a PCChips M810ML, that is not a very good motherboard and is very old, but I think that lubuntu is focused on old computers14:56
bioterrorput that hdd to another computer and check if it's BIOS problem14:57
Victor_I am thinking on some hardware problem, because it is really odd that a fresh installation of winxp and lubuntu fails in that manner... I'll check the disk15:00
Victor_Here is my grub.cfg http://paste.ubuntu.com/643413/17:58
Victor_Any idea why Lubuntu runs perfectly and Winxp doesn't starts from Grub? Thanks in advance17:59
bioterrorlooks rather correct18:02
Victor_thanks bioterror for your help... So if grub.cfg looks correct, should I think on a hardware fail related to the MBR or similar? The problem is not Windows or Lubuntu....18:04
bioterroryou could do os-proper again ja try to reboot18:05
bioterrorsudo os-prober18:06
bioterrorsudo update-grub18:06
bioterrorsudo reboot ;)18:06
Victor_I'll try it... It seems last hope for that odd problem... Let's go18:18
Victor___Well... Sudo os-prober gives in return -----> /dev/sda1:Microsoft Windows XP Professional:Windows:Chain18:29
bioterrordid you then update grub?18:30
Victor___And grub-update, first time I tried has failed with a physical sound on my pc tower (could it be hard disk?). Next time it has worked, but when I reboot, the same problem remains... But now, when I try to start WinXP it says that Windows has failed to start, so I can try safe modo, last good configuration or start windows as usual... None of them works18:31
bioterrorcould be a defect hdd18:32
Victor____Thanks for all your help bioterror. Now I am relatively sure that is not my fault and I should try with another hardware... Thanks to people like you now i'm really interested in free software18:41
bioterrorif only you lived closed to me, I could give you few 120GB drives :D18:42
Victor____no problem, now my local store is searching some ide disk. I expect that it was in perfect condition18:43
* phillw provides bioterror with home address for spare drives :)18:45
bioterrorfor phillw I could get 9GB SCSI drives ;)18:45
Victor____well, now I have heard some really clear "clack" on my pc that reminds me a brocken hdd... I think that the afternoon checks have killed finally that hdd18:52
Victor____Is really strange, because I have installed and reinstalled a lot those days and it never has made any sound, but now finally is dead. RIP the hdd and thanks a lot for the help18:53
bioterrorsuch is life of harddrive18:55
phillwVictor____: as really sad day when a good HD goes to its resting place. I'm sure it held on for as long it could.18:55
bioterrorhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUatnbaNfEo this is for the memory of harddrive ;)18:57
Victor____great vid, those eighties...18:59
Victor____bye friends, and thanks for your help bioterror19:09
nosoundanyone know how to fix an acer aspire one a0751h with no sound? just installed lubuntu22:02
Kurdistannosound: write in terminal22:06
Kurdistansee if it finds your sound card22:07
nosoundall at 10022:07
nosoundlists hda intel mid, realtek alc272x22:08
Kurdistansee if you have mute it22:11
nosoundnope its all at 100 in sound manager and alsamixer22:11
Kurdistanhave you tried switch to realtek alc272x22:12
nosoundno, how do I do that?22:12
Kurdistanpress f622:14
nosoundssays hid intel mid22:22
nosoundhda i mean22:22
Kurdistanlshw -short22:28
Kurdistanyou can se what your sound card is22:28
Kurdistanthen pick the right one. if it is not picked.22:28

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