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charlie-tcaThis is good - http://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/jonathan-blog-intro16:27
skaetcharlie-tca, +1  - very good initiative, thanks for posting about it. 20:10
phillwHi charlie-tca As i heard no specific objection, are you okay with young Jason coming here to ask and learn about accessibility issues?20:20
charlie-tcaI have no objection to anyone trying to learn20:21
phillwcharlie-tca: well, I have now two people wishing to learn web-building that are both agreed to accessibility, in the phpweb area they HAVE to code to accessibility :)20:25
charlie-tcaYou are aware, I can't help with web-building, I can just say if it works for me, right?20:27
phillwcharlie-tca: exactly right ! 20:28
phillwgive them hell :P20:28
charlie-tcaOkeyDokey. All they have to do is ask here for feedback, several of us will take a look and give comments20:29
phillwthank you, please can you have a quiet word, whereby it is constructive feedback. I have been on the side of "It is rubbish - never will be accessible". it was disheartening but I did prove him wrong. With the youngsters it more a case "yes, that is okay, that is really great, oh... that is so totally wrong" :)20:33

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