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troy_sThe Ubuntu Art mailing list is a train wreck I cannot turn away from.16:49
troy_sIt is perhaps the most dark, macabre, and fascinating display of group dynamics and culture I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.16:50
troy_sReally fantastic stuff. Perhaps not in the manner desired, but absolutely fascinating nonetheless.16:50
troy_svish: I found your commentary regarding the icon set very on point. Hobgoblin's consistency.16:51
etnegantone awake16:52
troy_setneg: Antone perhaps not, but anyone yes.17:03
etnegi wsa hoping someone could digitally color a few logos for me17:06
etnegits for ubuntu ensemble17:06
etnegsome guy offered to help me here before i f it had to do with ubuntu stuff17:10
etnegbut he's gone missing:/17:10
troy_setneg: "Some guy" is your first mistake. Figure out whom.17:20
troy_setneg: That's where I'd start.17:20
etneghe was around but was unresponsive then17:20
etnegoh well17:20
troy_setneg: If it is a project that requires art and design elements17:20
troy_setneg: The best thing you can do is to not treat it as an after-the-fact component of the project.17:20
troy_setneg: And try to get someone to become a participant. A sort of sabdfl of the art and design elements.17:21
troy_setneg: That minor step can have a tremendous impact on a project.17:21
etnegman i have it on the bugs report list17:22
etnegand so on17:22
etnegnobody to color it yet17:22
troy_setneg: It isn't about color.17:22
troy_setneg: Trust me on this.17:22
etnegwhat are you talking about then17:23
troy_setneg: Chances are if your project doesn't have an abddfl (appointed benign design dictator for life) you are already soaking in a mess.17:23
troy_setneg: If you have _anything_ that faces outward and toward an audience and you _do not_ have someone that cares about art and design around, you are already sunk.17:23
etnegare you trolling me?17:24
troy_setneg: Yes I'm trolling you. Ciao. *sigh*17:24
troy_setneg: May I ask what the project is and see where you require something to be colored?17:25
etnegi did a few logos for them but havent received anyone to color it17:25
troy_setneg: Sorry don't speak the code.17:25
troy_setneg: No clue what ensemble is.17:26
etneg https://launchpad.net/bugs/80710017:26
ubot2Ubuntu bug 807100 in ubuntu-branding "Develop Ensemble logo (ensemble.ubuntu.com)" [Undecided,In progress]17:26
etnegwell yeah17:26
etnegthat should do it17:26
etnegit'll give you an idea17:26
troy_setneg: Does ensemble have an art / design lead?17:27
etnegwait are you trying to help me17:28
etnegwith coloring it17:28
troy_setneg: Wait yes.17:28
etnegoh ok17:28
etnegthey dont have a design team lead for ensemble17:28
etnegthey just wanted a logo and i offered my services17:28
troy_setneg: And where are the links to your work?17:29
etnegi just posted the link to you17:29
etnegin te bugs list17:29
troy_setneg: So those are _your_ sketches?17:29
etnegthe first post you can see  afew i did17:29
etnegexcept   http://ubuntuone.com/p/13yI/ i didnt do that17:29
etnegand in the bottom i posted another17:30
etnegAbi R is me17:30
etnegsladen posted some of my sketches there17:30
troy_setneg: So you are capable with the pastel, but you are having issues with getting an SVG or something colored?17:31
troy_setneg: Because if it is your work, I'd encourage you to perhaps color it yourself. You are likely the only one that will give it the attention you desire.17:31
etnegdigital painting is what i have issues with17:31
etnegi dont hve a  tablet or anything17:32
etnegso out of luck17:32
etnegthe coloring i did for those are just samples17:32
etnegits not suposed to colored like that17:32
troy_setneg: Hmm. Have you tried leveraging tracing until you get a tablet?17:32
etnegbut if someone takes up the coloring initiative i can guide them about the palette17:32
troy_setneg: Solid line work, scanned, and traced, can often get you to where you need.17:32
etnegthere's ways to learn it but i dont think i ever will17:33
etnegno intention of doing digital painting17:33
troy_setneg: Then I fear you are probably going to be met with similar success.17:33
etnegi thought you offered to color it?17:34
coz_etneg,  i agree,, you need to put your mind to at least inkscape for vector graphics17:34
troy_setneg: No. I offered to try and see if there was a means to resolve the issue.17:34
coz_troy_s,  hey guy17:34
troy_scoz_: Greets cozziemoto17:34
troy_sIs cozziemoto you too coz_?17:34
etnegbut you havent really tried to resolve it17:34
coz_troy_s,  yeah that's my other machine for scrollback :)17:34
etnegnothing is resolved in art by talking17:34
etnegthat works best in mphilosophy17:35
etneghey coz_17:35
troy_setneg: Thanks for your illumination.17:35
troy_setneg: But in plain terms17:35
etnegcoz_: the guy who did tohse skethces?17:35
troy_setneg: You are unlikely to find someone that is capable _and_ willing to color in someone else's work.17:35
etnegtroy_s: you're generalizing way too much here17:35
troy_setneg: Sure I am.17:35
etnegopen source is community driven17:35
coz_etneg,  tohse sketches?   not sure  , several people are using my work for different things,, do you have a link?17:35
etnegand thre are people who do color MY work17:36
troy_setneg: Example?17:36
etnegjust not on tihs occasion because they dont work for ubuntu and work for other distributions17:36
troy_setneg: Right. Sample?17:36
coz_etneg, oh the figure sketches ,, yes17:36
etnegno sample now17:36
etnegcoz_: ye17:36
troy_setneg: Indeed.17:36
etnegcoz_: you any good with coloring?17:36
etnegcoz_: i did some rough concepts for ensemble17:36
etnegtroy_s: indeed what?17:36
troy_setneg: It was a case in point that eluded you.17:37
coz_etneg,  well  I can be,, however  may I ask why you dont want to look into inkscape?17:37
etnegyou hyavent made any case at all17:37
etnegcoz_: lack of time and fear of moving away from pencil to digital painting17:37
etnegcoz_: i need to get those colored asap, they have just one design thats digitized by one of the server lead members there17:37
coz_etneg,  let go of the fear,,, inkscape can be quite remarkable once you get used to the "vocaulary"  of the tools17:37
etnegand have no more options, mine re still in pencil17:38
coz_etneg,  let me see the link again17:38
ubot2Ubuntu bug 807100 in ubuntu-branding "Develop Ensemble logo (ensemble.ubuntu.com)" [Undecided,In progress]17:38
etnegsladen posted some of my links on the first post17:38
coz_etneg,  5 images?17:38
etnegand at the bottom i 3 new ones17:38
etnegna na17:38
etnegyou dont have to do all 517:38
etnegwe just need to do atlast 2 images17:38
etnegso they have more options on the table17:39
etnegright now their only option is to go with http://ubuntuone.com/p/148u/17:39
thorwilthose sketches need more than just coloring17:39
etnegbut since mine arent  colored, i tihnk they'd just go with the oxygen atom idea17:39
etnegthorwil: what more?17:40
etnegwell it needs to be digitally painted of course17:40
thorwilno point in doing it, before you have precise and clean lines17:40
etnegand why cant that be achieved on inkscape17:40
etnegyou can get all the cleanlines right there using the sketch as a reference17:40
thorwilit's easier to do on paper17:40
etnegrun over it!17:40
etnegwhat precise clean line are you referring to though17:41
etnegif you're interested in coloring one of them, tell me and i can redraw it17:41
thorwiltracing is not enough. those are fine sketches, but rough.17:42
etnegyes it was just for a concept17:42
etnegbut if you're interested in coloring one of them, tell me17:42
etnegso i can draw it out more clearly17:42
thorwiletneg: i have no time to do work on other people's art. but in any case, the linework is not in the shape it should be in17:42
etnegit is a concept17:42
etnegif somoene picks up the concept and wishes to color it, i redraw most of it so they get a better idea17:43
etnegas far as precision goes, i dont think i cared about it for a concept sketch17:43
etnegthorwil: http://i52.tinypic.com/t62vzl.jpg17:44
etnegwhat about that?17:44
thorwili think you can drop the E boxes, as i'm pretty sure something very much like that has been done already17:44
etnegis that decent linework to color?17:44
etnegi did more than E boxes17:45
etnegand the E boxes are better seen if colored17:45
etnegfrom a pencil point of view, you cant tell what it is going to be but ok17:45
etnegso the E boxes are done a lot vs http://ubuntuone.com/p/148u/17:46
etnegthe oxygen atom idea hasnt been done but thats ok by you?17:46
etnegleave all that17:47
etnegjust to get an idea about the precision you're talking about in linework17:47
etneghttp://i52.tinypic.com/t62vzl.jpg would you color that?17:47
thorwilthe atom idea is less likely to end up being a trademark infringement17:47
etnegtrademark infringement is not a concern. i think anyone can evade that17:47
etnegthe point you were making was to have a d esign that was not done a lot17:48
etnegand the oxygen atom idea is no different to a bunch of E boxes17:48
thorwilthe last time i colored someone else's lines was in secondary school.17:48
etnegthats nice17:48
etnegbut is the linework good enough there do digitallly paint it?17:48
thorwilthat depends on the feel you want to end up with17:49
etnegwell is the linework good enough?17:49
etnegthats all i'd ;like to know17:50
etnegi mean that sketch goes straight for digital coloring, nothing more is done on it, is it clear enough or not clear enough for one to digitally paint it?17:50
coz_etneg, looking at the one image with the rounded lower case "e"  and people on it with clouds around,, the elements are there,,, they would have to be redone in inkscape,,, a tracing of that image wouldnt do it justice, however,, it is going to take on the feel of the person recreatin git17:51
coz_recreating it17:51
etnegcoz_: i liked that one too but i dunno17:51
etnegsimple and to the point is what i thought17:51
etnegnot too many elements either17:51
etnegthe E i wanted it like cable wire, that sort of a texture17:52
etnegbut are you interested in coloring that?17:52
coz_etneg,  it would take more than colouring it,, it has to be essentially recreated in one of the applications17:53
troy_sDavid Airey it is not.17:53
etnegyes it has to be imported17:54
coz_etneg,  more than imported ,, well. at least on inkscape it would have to be re created in vector17:54
etnegbut if you need more clarity or something in the drawing i could redraw it17:54
coz_etneg,  i suppost it could be brought into gimp and carefully coloured ,,17:54
coz_I havent used gimp in months17:54
etnegah ok17:55
coz_etneg,  you mentioned you have had people colour your work before,,, have you asked them again ...yes?17:55
etnegwell they wont do it for ubuntu17:56
etnegsame way ubuntu folks wont do it for them17:56
etnegtime factor17:56
etnegeither way  i think im done17:57
etnegthey're gonna go with the oxygen atom idea17:57
etnegnobody to color mine so17:57
* etneg moves on17:57
etnegthanks anyhow coz_17:57
coz_etneg,  oh i see17:57
coz_etneg,  I am not particular keen on that oxygen atom concept17:58
etnegit's kinda sad though they have no options17:58
etnegthe oxygen atom idea is sooooooooooo cliche17:58
etnegi theink they just want a quick logo and dont wish to drag it anymore17:58
coz_etneg,  that's just lazy then17:59
etnegso i told them quits and left it at that, and the lead guy for ensemble kim0 is ok with the oxygen idea17:59
etnegso i guess whatever works for them17:59
coz_etneg,  I downloaded those images,, I may play with them,, if it works out I will let you know if you are in t his channel18:00
etnegsure i'm idling here these days18:00
etnegif you can do it today , would help or latest by tommorrow18:02
etnegi think any later and it would be pointless18:02
etnegjust told kim0 you might take a look into it18:02
etnegand if i dont update by tommorrow to go ahead with the oxygen idea18:02
coz_etneg,  well .. it would take longer than that ... I would have to work through a few ideas,,, test them ,, render them,, etc18:13
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coz_etneg,  its likely I cant do this in time,, I am in the middle of creating 3d animated models for compiz right now18:18
thorwildoctormo: regarding http://doctormo.org/2011/07/13/i-had-the-idea-of-using-javascript-instead/ , shouldn't the first question be if either js or python is better suited for this particular job?18:48
thorwilwhile a lot of people might *know* some js for web stuff, in many cases the knowledge will be limited to some simple jquery stuff, i guess18:49
thorwilin general, it seems whyt js has to offer over python is noisy syntax :)18:50
Ronnie1i agree with thorwil that writing good javascript may be more difficult than good pyton. But the project can catch more interest is programmers can start in js18:51

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