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thewrathhey all02:32
thewrath /join #pctacm02:33
philipballewis there a way to stop the ability to loggin to a root shell when i reboot. it seems like a security hole04:46
bioterroryou mean single user04:49
bioterrorthat RECOVERY04:49
bioterrorremove it from grub04:49
bioterrorbut how does that differ from insert usb or cd with ubuntu or any linux04:49
bioterrorand mounting your drives :D04:49
philipballewyeah. recovery from grub. it seemes to me that if someone can turn on my desktop and with no passwords be at a root prompt.04:50
M0hiphilipballew: you can edit the GRUB04:50
philipballewim not sure hows its different04:50
M0hi /boot/grub/grub.cfg04:50
bioterrorif someone gets inside your house, then he can use any media04:51
M0hiphilipballew: the only secured way to protect your machine is to set a BIOS passowrd04:51
bioterrorit really just doesnt matter at that point04:51
M0hithought it can be broke by CMOS removal for some 5 minutes04:51
philipballewi should do that. but someone can still open a root shell?04:51
M0hiphilipballew: BIOS password wont even let you load the hardware04:52
M0hithats the only option or edit the options in /boot/grub/grub.cfg manually04:52
philipballewhow so M0hi04:52
philipballewi can just have grub not show04:52
M0hiyou can manually remove the entry of the recovery mode in grub04:54
M0hiphilipballew: ^04:54
philipballewM0hi, makes sense04:54
M0hibut if you want a secured machine, go for BIOS password04:54
bioterrorif you want secure computer, remove keyboard :D04:55
bioterrortake it with you when you leave your home04:55
bioterrorhave you seen anyone carrying keyboard with him04:55
bioterrorI have not!04:55
M0hibioterror: enough plays :P04:56
M0hiphilipballew: go for a BIOS password and that will be my suggestion04:56
philipballewM0hi, alright. seemes easy04:57
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testeranyone up?08:48
coalwaterhi tester09:27
testerhi coalwater  you know any thing about rematersys ?09:33
coalwaternot really, what's that09:34
testerremastersys make a iso of your system09:35
testerand makes it into a live cd/dvd09:35
testerRemastersys is a tool that can be used to do 2 things with an existing Debian,  Ubuntu or derivative installation.09:36
testerIt can make a full system backup including personal data to a live cd or dvd that you can use anywhere and install.1 It can make a distributable copy you can share with friends. 2 This will not have any of your personal user data in it.09:36
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coalwaterhow can i check what process has the dpkg lock ?14:49
holsteingood question14:50
bioterrorwho locks the dpkg!14:50
bioterrorprobably update notifier or something else14:50
Abhijitcoalwater, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141409214:50
coalwaterdoes update notified gain lock by it self? it would be strange if it does14:51
coalwaterAbhijit, it's stuck lol, does it take a bit to generate the list ?14:54
Abhijitno idea14:54
Abhijiti just found it marked SOLVED14:54
coalwaterlsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/coalwater/.gvfs      Output information may be incomplete14:54
coalwateris this fine ?14:54
coalwateryea it finished14:55
bioterroris your dpkg unlocked now?14:55
coalwatershould i just killall ? or is there another way14:55
coalwaterps: im on ssh, no gui14:55
holsteinsudo reboot ;)14:56
coalwaterok, its unlocked now, apt-get works14:57
bioterroryeah, those automated updates sometimes locks it14:58
bioterrorno it is not14:58
coalwatershouldn't it lock only when i give it password to upgrade14:58
bioterrorthey use apt-get to check if there's anything to update14:58
holsteinyou can set up auto updating14:59
coalwateri just mean it should release the lock after the list update and then re lock when actually asked to upgrade14:59
holsteinis it over in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades still?15:00
coalwateri don't really know what that is :D15:01
holsteincoalwater: in ubuntuserver, theres a promt at install for auto upgrading15:01
coalwaterhm, it's not really a server, it's my home pc with dyndns and an ssh server15:02
holsteini set one install up like that, and ran into something like what you had going on, and now i dont15:02
trufliphii so i tried 'sudo apt-get install ndisgtk' per ndiswrapper instruction.15:40
truflipbut i'm getting an error about firmware-b43-installer any solution here?15:40
holsteintruflip: you wont need both15:40
truflipuhh why.?15:41
trufliphey its u again. haha15:41
holsteinwith ndis, you literally use the windows driver15:41
holsteinthose other pacakges are for linux15:41
holsteinif you have ndisgtk installed, you'll see 'windows wireless drivers' over in the system menu15:42
holsteinyou go and get the windows driver for your device from the install CD or web, and point ndis to it using the GUI15:42
truflipyea umm i'm using it right now so i odnt really see it15:42
truflipi'm using LAN15:42
holsteinright.. you need to go and get the windows driver from wherever you choose15:43
truflipi cant dig you15:45
holsteintruflip: whats up?15:45
holsteinthe driver you need is not associated in any way with ubuntu15:45
truflipi dont get what you're trying to say.15:45
holsteinSO, you have to go and get it... the windows driver15:46
truflipso ok, i download it here right? but how do i install it if the installer is an .exe?15:46
holsteintruflip: usually, the .exe will extract the driver15:46
truflipok let me try that15:47
truflipoh good it saves as and executable15:58
truflipnow when i double click it, it opens with archive manager15:59
truflipanyone breathing out there?16:02
truflipfirmware-b43-installer ERRORR16:23
trufliphelooanyone out there?17:01
holsteintruflip: hey17:01
* holstein went out for breakfast17:01
holsteinwhats up?17:01
holsteintruflip: you might be able to uzip the .exe17:02
holsteinyou are looking for the driver for your device17:02
holsteinit wont say 'driver'... it'll be something like ramdom_or_not_so_random_text.inf17:02
truflipah ur back17:04
truflipnp worried u got sick of me let me find it.17:04
holsteinnah... just wanted eggs :)17:04
yulerI've both Compiz and Metacity installed (10.10 + updates, Nvidia 6200), noticed MC is more responsive.  Anything I can do to tweak Compiz?  If I ditch Compiz for Metacity, I have to figure out why some window overlays are not drawing completely.17:04
holsteinopen the .exe in the archive manager and see if you see the driver17:04
holsteini usually just unzip or extract, and ndisgtk will look in the directory and use what it can use17:05
holsteinyuler: i would be looking at the graphics driver17:05
holsteinif you are using the open one, try the proprietary, and viceversa17:06
yulerUsing proprietary driver, don't know how to change to open driver17:08
holsteinyuler: usually, thats the best case scenario... using the proprietary one17:08
truflipok i extracted it.  now what do i  do exactly? i'm sorry17:08
holsteintruflip: do you see a file.inf ?17:08
holsteintruflip: actually, NM that, just open ndisgtk17:09
holsteinyou can find it in the system menu named 'windows wireless drivers'17:09
holsteinOR, hit ALT+F2 and type ndisgtk and hit entery17:09
trufliproot privelage something17:10
truflipi see the inf file btw.17:10
truflipjust found it. weew17:10
truflipah i found windows wireless!17:14
holsteintruflip: i dont remember if i needed to restart or not17:14
holsteini have one card that i use ndiswrapper with17:15
holsteini think it just started working though17:15
truflipholstein, bcmwl6 wardware present: No17:15
truflipdidnt ask for me to restart or anything17:16
holsteintruflip: lol17:16
holsteinit wont17:16
holsteinthis is a total hack17:16
holsteintruflip: i would expect to see that message if i had the incorrect windows driver17:16
holsteini would double check that you have the proper driver17:16
holsteinmaybe try the one for XP if you DL'd the one for win7 or vista17:17
truflipholstein, is there a way i could find out which driver i need to download?17:17
truflipcuz i used dell.com support earlier and i probably can only get vista version that way17:18
holsteintruflip: in a perfect world, broadcom would release the information about that device, then, the driver would just be in the kernerl17:18
holsteinand you wouldnt need to do anything17:18
holsteinbroadcom has recently started doing that though AFAIK17:18
holsteintruflip: i would literally just get some drivers, and try them17:19
holsteini would try getting them from broadcom instead of dell maybe17:19
holsteinits pretty easy to load them up in ndis, and look for that message17:19
truflipholstein, do i have to configure network connection for wireless? maybe?17:22
holsteintruflip: not prior to getting the device to load17:23
holsteintruflip: you'll just need to fiddle around, and honestly, it might not work17:23
holsteintruflip: what device is it again?17:23
truflipwhat device is what? the laptop or the wireless card?17:24
holsteinfound it :)17:24
holsteintruflip: im going to do some of the heavy lifting for you... i'll walk you through how i did it17:26
holsteinassuming it works...17:26
holsteintruflip: try this http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1172535/temp/bcmwl6.inf17:28
holsteinyou should *not* trust any random link someone drops in the IRC though.... so let me tell you where and why i have it17:28
holsteini found http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-wireless-networking-41/bcm4315-card-no-wlan0-device-no-wireless-extensions-621795/17:28
holsteinsuggested getting the driver from http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=ob-60592-1&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&os=2093&product=3652828&sw_lang=17:29
truflipgood enough. :D17:29
* holstein appologizes for the long URL's17:29
truflipok i just removed the old one i had.17:30
truflipthen installed this one from you.17:30
holsteinany joy?17:30
truflipInvalid Driver it says invalid driver17:31
truflipmaybe i should uninstall then reboot?17:31
holsteinyeah... it doesnt have to work17:31
holsteini would just poke around a bit more, and try some other drivers17:31
truflipi found something. i'll see if it'll work?17:31
holsteinthats how you do it though... you can extract the .exe's you get and find the .inf, thats all you need to poing ndis to17:31
truflipto poing ndis to?17:32
truflipso if i install a drive and it says the hardware isnt present, that means, i got a working hardware but isnt the right wireless card right?17:33
holsteintruflip: well, thats the theory... thats what i would expect to see17:33
holsteinhardware not present, or the other message would make me think its not the proper driver17:34
holsteintruflip: you want to make sure theres no hardware switch though17:34
truflipwhat hardware switch?17:34
holsteinif you have a hardware switch that turns the device on and off, and its off, i would expect to see 'hardware not present'17:34
holsteinthat would be with the proper driver too17:34
holsteintruflip: you may or may not have one... i have a machine with a button, and one with a keyboard shortcut17:35
truflipoh i know what u saying. toturn on and off the wireless device17:35
holsteinyeah... you want to make sure thats on17:36
truflipholstein,  ok i think i have it working cuz i just UP and DOWN arrow thing up on the taskbar17:36
truflipand i'm getting wireless connections. i'm just not connected.17:36
holsteintruflip: this will be hardware though17:36
holsteinthat arrow just says 'networking is happening' in general17:37
holsteindoesnt mean the wifi hardware is on or off17:37
truflipbut i'm getting signal from a network i know exist.17:37
truflipright now i'm LAN17:37
holsteintruflip: yeah?17:37
holsteinyou cant connect to it?17:38
trufliplet me try.17:38
truflipahh it works!17:41
truflipholstein, you still there?17:41
truflipholstein, it works!17:43
truflipyea i got connection but i was so slow.17:43
holsteintruflip: that progress17:44
truflipwew thought ur gone again.17:45
truflipso i dont really need to install ndiswrapper right?17:46
truflipcuz its installed already...?17:46
holsteintruflip: seems like you are using a driver from somewhere17:46
holsteinyeah, i shouldnt have assumed17:47
truflipholstein, assumed what?17:48
holsteintruflip: that you *didnt* have a current driver17:49
zkriessehallo all17:49
truflipoh oki. well how i just tried 'sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng17:49
truflipbut its still giving me the same error as before. saying about firmware-b43-installed17:50
holsteintruflip: you never said anything about aircrack17:50
holsteinthat is not trivial, and im not sure what you intend to do with that... but i cant/wont help you17:50
truflipthat's fine i guess.17:51
truflipanswer 1 question though?17:51
holsteininfomation is freely available about it though... i would look on the ubuntu wiki's17:51
holsteinand forums17:51
zkriesseWait, why will you not help truflip holstein ?17:54
truflipholstein, ok i'm trying to install macchanger and its giving me firmware-b43-installer error17:55
holsteinzkriesse: well, i dont know much about aircrack, thats the main reason, but that would cross over into 'wont' if its to crack some wifi somewhere17:55
truflipthat's not aircrack-ng17:55
zkriesseThen what is it17:55
truflipidk. everytime i try to install a program using 'apt-get install' i get the same error all the time17:56
truflipe: sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)17:56
truflipon top of that is 'firmware-b43-installer17:56
zkriesseholstein: pm me my friend17:58
truflipholstein, yea i did that earlier18:02
truflipapt-get -f install18:02
truflipapt-get upgrade18:02
truflipand over and over18:02
truflipholstein, same error.18:02
truflipholstein, i'm using ubuntu 10.10. if that would matter18:03
holsteintruflip: im not totally sure whats broken... its something to do with that package18:03
holsteintruflip: maybe you should try synaptic in the system menu18:04
holsteinits a gui18:04
holsteinyou can try some of the 'fix' options in the menu18:04
zkriessetruflip: Why on earth are you using a wi-fi hacker18:06
truflipjust something i wanna learn. but right now all i want is to get my ubuntu get working18:06
zkriesseOk well learn how to hack with legality behind it...18:06
zkriesseDon't hack others, hack your own internet...secure it up and "hack" it18:07
truflipyea that's what i'm trying sheesh.18:07
truflipi have 2 routers which i wanna hack if i get the programs running.18:08
zkriesseOk I am also "just saying"18:09
holsteintruflip: i know that some hardware is easier than others18:09
zkriesseWe may be open source volunteers but we still have ethics18:09
holsteinits *not* trivial either18:09
truflipsome say the best way to learn linux is by walking though hardcore linux stuff. and i'm just walking through it to learn linux.18:12
holsteintruflip: these are your personal routers?18:13
holsteinWEP is what you want to be using18:14
holsteinWPA is still quite challenging AFAIK18:14
holsteinas far as i know18:15
holsteinand at the end of the day.. what good is this?18:15
truflipwell if my internet fail. which it does from time to time, i would still be able to do my online classes.18:15
holsteini mean, basically what i take from aircrack is... on my router i run WPA, and i change my passwords often18:15
holsteintruflip: you can reset your personal router anytime18:16
holsteinyou dont need to crack it18:16
truflipthey're a pain having to do them in the library which i could have been doing something else more entertaining18:16
holsteintruflip: if your network goes down, and you hack your neighbors, thats not only illegal, its just *not* cool18:16
truflipyea well if u guys wont help, there's really no hard feelings from me. thanks though18:16
holsteintruflip: i would walk next door and say 'im your neighbor and i was wondering if you will let me share your internet'18:17
holsteinfor a couple bucks a month... when/if mine goes down18:17
zkriesseThat way you're being not only honest but also ethical18:17
holsteinOR, if you see folks with WEP, go and offer to help them set up their routers for a fee18:17
holsteinOR better yet, for access to it18:18
holsteinthat wont take long to switch them over to WPA, you have access, they are more secure18:18
holsteinits a win win18:18
truflipholstein, np18:22
aseemHow do you get to know who your BT Guide is ?18:43
bioterrorhe will contact you18:44
aseemoh okay, thanks :)18:45
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Guest70791whats the easiest way to get rid of windows if ubuntu was installed via wubi?19:04
holsteinGuest70791: are you trying to preserve any data?19:05
holsteineasy would be 1. wipe the drive19:06
Guest70791no most i can just redownload,19:06
holsteinif you need to keep something from the ubuntu install, i would probably copy the home directory and reinstall19:06
holsteinif you need to migrate that wubi install, you can... i dont think its easy though19:06
Guest70791would i need anything from the install for it to run properly?19:07
Guest70791i dont want to have to migrate partitions, looks way too confusing for me19:07
holsteinGuest70791: drivers you mean?19:07
holsteinin theory, if you install the same version of ubuntu you have in the wubi install, it should end up being identical19:08
Guest70791would i need a usb/cd to do this, like i think i know what to do, but am still kinda confused,19:11
holsteinGuest70791: you can do it however you feel comfortable19:11
holsteinGuest70791: you'll need to get the machine booting a CD or USB, and install from it19:12
holsteinthe installer will ask how you want to partition19:12
holsteinone option is 'use entire drive and wipe whatever'19:12
Guest70791oh okay, and thats the one i want.19:14
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Guest70791just was wondering if there was an easy way without cd/usb because i didnt have one, but i got one, thanks for the help!19:15
holsteinGuest70791: yeah, not easy... theres always an option though... let us know how it goes :)19:17
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Guest70791one last thing, should i uninstall wubi version before i install from cd?19:52
coalwaterjust a fast question, bzr pull lp:whatever --overwrite should overwrite my local version right ?20:42
_CommandeR_Hi there, i currently tried phpsysinfo however for some reason when trying from local it works but from outside it gets to "loading please wait"20:51
froqI have missed Ubuntu time... how are all of you!21:14
coalwaterhey froq21:15
froqcoalwater, what up coal?!21:15
coalwaternot much, checking some bug to fix lol, but i really need to sleep soon21:16
froqcoalwater, a bug!!!  icky... where is this BUG?21:16
ubot2Ubuntu bug 810122 in lernid "URL's highlighted and opened include trailing comma" [Low,Confirmed]21:21
mi6ail1234Greetings...I want to ask you how can i update my Java version21:26

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