BobJonkmanI envision the Rogues with cloth caps at jaunty angles, silk scarves trailing in the wind, and black leather jackets so shiny you can see your reflection.00:00
BobJonkmanAlmost, but perhaps not entirely unlike https://s16-us2.ixquick.com/cgi-bin/sf?f=39aefd376f33452190f2b75ad00e7204.jpg&anticache=6889900:04
BobJonkmanOK, if the fun and frivolity is at an end, then this Rogue must go shopping before the stores close.00:08
BobJonkmanBye all!00:08
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dscasselSee you, BobJonkman_AFK :)00:16
=== BobJonkman_AFK is now known as BobJonkman
BobJonkmanOK, IRC meeting minutes and log are now up: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-07-1202:04
dscasselThanks, BobJonkman :D04:21
BluesKajHi all12:12
dscasselMorning, BluesKaj12:51
BluesKajhey dscassel12:53
BluesKajI missed the meeting last evening due to a jam at my buddy's place ...is there a meeting log somewhere ?13:11
dscasselYup. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-07-1213:20
dscasselToday's Ubuntu Developer Week sessions start in 10 minutes.15:52
dscassel(join #ubuntu-classroom or install Lernid. :)15:52

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