smoseradam_g, i dont have any thing really.  niemeyer was asking too.00:00
smoserhe suggested writing it in go00:00
smoseradam_g, but the data you'd need is at https://uec-images.ubuntu.com/query00:01
adam_goh, ok00:01
smoseri have some hacky scripts that i query a locally updated cache with, and then i just type "runnit <ami-id>" and it sets the right region and such00:03
adam_gya, im doing something similar with some aliases00:03
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koolhead17hi all10:08
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* daker slaps AhmedSoliman 20:21
* AhmedSoliman slaps daker back20:22
* kim0 looks at daker and AhmedSoliman .. behave .. boys!20:25
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dakerAhmedSoliman, gameda ayi :)20:27
dakerkim0, sorry.20:29
kim0np :)20:29
AhmedSolimandaker lol20:31
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