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dholbachgood morning06:38
jononuff work07:04
jonoheading to bed, night all07:04
jonoup at 6.30am07:05
dpmgoodmorning all07:12
nigelbGood morning dholbach, dpm :)07:14
dpmhey nigelb :)07:16
kim0Morning all07:49
nigelbHey kim007:53
kim0nigelb: hey o/07:53
dpmmorning nigelb07:53
dpmmorning kim0 :)07:53
kim0dpm: morning man :)07:53
dholbachhi nigelb, kim0, czajkowski, dpm08:10
dpmhey dholbach ;)08:15
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nigelbcjohnston: ola11:36
nigelbhello mhall11913:10
mhall119paultag: ping13:24
jcastrokim0: ok, check out the unity bzr log now. :)13:34
paultagmhall119: pong13:46
paultagmhall119: what's up, how can I help?13:46
mhall119paultag: we've got your name as an author on one of the css files in loco-directory13:48
paultagmhall119: yessir.13:48
paultagmhall119: feel free to mush that to ubuntu community or something13:48
paultagmhall119: not canonical, please13:48
mhall119not canonical, either loco-directory-dev, or the parent community web dev team13:49
paultagmhall119: that's fine :)13:49
mhall119nigelb: ^^^ make it so13:49
mhall119thanks paultag13:49
paultagI hereby sign that file off to you guys in all ways are legal :)13:49
paultagmhall119: no problem, thank you for your work13:49
mhall119thank you for yours13:50
paultagit's nothing, really13:50
mhall119oh well in that case I take it back :P13:52
mhall119how's your syn rework going?13:52
nigelbmhall119: okay.13:53
paultagmhall119: OK. I got distracted with helping a friend learn git, so I lost time last night, but I have it doing some super-cool things. It can read  and write bz2 compressed json files to the fs, and archives13:53
paultagmhall119: so I'm going to use that a bunch-load.13:53
nigelbOn a side note, some day I want to do the "^^ make it so"13:53
paultagnigelb: it's the best thing in the world13:53
mhall119sounds interesting13:54
mhall119is the package data in json?13:54
paultagmhall119: yes, and all the control files, so that I can script updates, and I won't have to do jack unless it fails13:54
paultagmhall119: this cuts out about 90% of the work13:54
paultagmhall119: so the binaries will have all sorts of stuff, and it will all be compressed json, it's fairly cool13:55
mhall119paultag: you know what I really want, unprivileged user installs13:55
paultagmhall119: this can do it13:55
mhall119that would rock13:55
paultagmhall119: but it won't allow you to link the package unprivd13:55
mhall119install it into ~/bin/ and ~/share/13:55
paultagoh, that'd be cool. I'll consider adding that once it's stable13:56
paultagmhall119: it supports more then one root, I was going to use a flash drive to hold a package set and a directive telling it what to get linked over13:56
mhall119i think that would be a killer feature13:56
paultagmhall119: so you can plug in, and install, unplug and uninstall, but that would work in ~ as well13:56
mhall119nice, I guess Android does something like that13:57
paultagmhall119: kinda sorta, aye. I was going to make this so I can have a flash-drive full of development headers or something :)13:57
mhall119oh not like a thumb drive of l33t hacker tools that you don't want TSA seeing installed?13:58
paultagor that :)13:58
mhall119or keep all your non-free apps on a separate drive, so you can quickly yank it out when RMS pays you a surprise visit13:59
paultagnigelb: I can't find it but there's a TNG speech that was close to what you said :E)14:00
paultag:) *14:00
mhall119keep your Koder Kombat binaries separate14:00
mhall119Paultag Wins! ~Segfault~14:00
paultagmhall119: da-da-dana da-da-da-na!14:00
greg-gjono: thanks for your comment on my wedding blogpost, buddy. (And did you notice I linked to Open Respect? ;) )14:38
jcastromy favorite hippie is going away14:48
dholbachhey popey14:50
popeyHullo :D14:50
jonogreg-g, np, and I did :-)14:50
dholbachpopey, how can I help? :)14:54
dholbachoh ok14:54
dholbachnow I get it14:54
popeyoh, sorry, i was being humorous14:54
dholbachplease don't stop :)14:54
greg-gjcastro: but now you can book a trip to SF, say it is for work to visit jono, but really come out and hang with me!14:55
jcastroI'll be hitting the coast alot this summer dude14:56
jcastrowhen do you move?14:56
jcastrodholbach: you have access to the ubuntu facebook page?14:57
dholbachjcastro, only as a reader - jono is the man to talk to14:57
greg-gLeaving A2 around Aug 10th, slowly making way over to SF, there by Aug 31st (to fly out to Jamaica for my sister's wedding on Sept 2nd) first day of work on Sept 6th14:57
jcastrojono: can you post this? http://twitter.com/#!/ubuntuunity/status/91158469696176130 We had a low turn out last week so I need to get a bigger bullhorn.14:58
jcastroalso, I could use some retweets from anyone in here. :)14:59
popeyyou need to write better tweets14:59
popeyi was asleep by the 3rd word14:59
jcastrowhat would you recommend?15:00
popeyput the last words at the start15:00
jcastro"Come hack on unity before popey deletes the mailing list!"15:00
popeytell people they can get involved15:00
popeynot "come to a meeting"15:00
jcastroah, good point15:00
dholbachjcastro, popey has a career in marketing ahead of him15:01
popeyplease, god, no.15:01
jcastrodholbach: what I need here is a graph15:01
popeyI am good at testing though :D15:01
jcastrook next time I'll put the draft tweet in here15:02
popeyone of my friends made the mistake of releasing an iphone app _before_ I'd seen it15:02
jcastrothen we can slice it and dice it15:02
popeyhe got a whole load of bug reports after I'd played with it15:02
popeyso much so that another friend got special dispensation from his company to let me have a private beta because he knows I break stuff :D15:02
Pendulumpopey: break. it sounds better that way ;-)15:02
popeyjcastro: we need a collaborative tweet editor15:03
dholbachjcastro, I'll put you on an ignore list15:03
popeylike etherpad but only 140 chars15:03
paultaghahaha that'd be pretty easy and fun15:03
paultagbut totally useless :)15:03
jcastrois dpm back yet?15:04
dpmjcastro, o/15:04
jcastrodpm: hey, are you on google+ yet? That way we can do the hangout for team calls15:04
jcastrobecause it's awesome15:04
dpmjcastro, I am, I haven't tried it yet15:05
jcastrook awesome15:05
dpmsounds good to me if you want to try tomorrow15:05
paultagI'm getting freaked out with all this google stuff15:05
paultagI mean, now my social network?15:05
paultagif I get banned for whatever reason, I loose email, social contact, calendar, and a whole bunch of other stuff15:05
jcastroI wish normal people were on it15:05
jcastroit's basically identica right now. :-/15:05
paultagjcastro: my IRL non-nerd friends are on it15:06
paultagjcastro: you might just be too old15:06
* paultag ducks15:06
jcastroI've got a few15:06
jcastroI wish you could just shut people off in the stream15:06
jcastroit's like zonker won't stfu and posts every 5 minutes.15:06
jcastroyou have a blog dude!15:07
paultagjcastro: push him into another circle15:07
paultagyou can filter circles and make them on the fly15:07
jcastrothat doesn't take him off the stream15:07
paultagjcastro: srsly? I thought you can modify that15:07
jcastroyou can't say "I don't want this circle on my stream"15:07
paultagno but you can say you want everything bug that15:07
paultagjcastro: dude it's on the left, I just changed it15:08
paultagmichigan education15:09
jcastroRight, but I am talking about the home stream15:09
jcastroI know I can look at streams for individual circles15:10
jonohow can I set the default webcam in Ubuntu?15:11
jcastrolook in the video tab somewhere15:11
jcastrofor Device under default input or something like that15:12
popeypaultag / jcastro they are putting loads of new stuff live in G+ very soon15:15
popeyincluding filtering out circle15:15
jcastroyeah that's what I'm hoping for15:15
paultagpopey: sweet.15:16
paultagI'm still not sold15:16
paultagI really don't like the single point of failure15:16
paultagpopey: what would you do if google banned you, right now15:17
paultagpopey: seriously, how could you do anything?15:17
popeypoint my mx somewhere else15:17
paultagpopey: but you still have mail going to @gmail, I'm sure15:17
popeyi tend not to worry about stuff that is _highly_ unlikely to happen15:17
popeyi worry more about the disk in my laptop going bag15:18
paultagpoint taken.15:18
popeywhich happened this week15:18
jcastro(reboot bbiab)15:18
mhall119my HDD has started clicking, I figure it's only a matter of time15:18
paultagext4 trashed my sda15:18
paultagfor some reason I can't work out15:18
dholbachUDW (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek) day 3 starting in 23 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:38
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jcastrook popey16:22
jcastroI need your help for a sexy title for this week's unity report16:22
popeyWhat's the most contentious thing in it? :D16:24
popeyand what's the least16:24
dholbachjcastro, the Brits have much more experience with catchy head lines :-P16:30
jcastropopey: nothing, it's basically another boring sounding report so far16:30
jcastroalso, I don't want to use the words "sexy", or "ace". Heh.16:31
popeywe're doing the mac "drag a mounted item to the trash to unmount it" crack that people have taken the piss out of for _years_ ?16:32
jcastroI thought people liked that?16:38
jcastronigelb: check this out: https://ec2-50-19-128-105.compute-1.amazonaws.com/16:38
jcastroand login with guest/guest16:38
Pendulum'Doing Crack Like a Mac' probably isn't an appropriate bug report titel then? ;-)16:38
jcastrokirkland is using this to "termcast" his session for UDW.16:38
jcastroit's just an ajaxterm + ec216:38
jcastroanyway, it'd be neat to have this available for anyone in the project16:39
nigelbjcastro: GAWD, Its awesome16:39
popeyits screen -x isnt it?16:39
jcastronigelb: he can't figure out how to set the ubuntu font in CSS16:39
jcastrowant to lend him a hand?16:39
nigelbjcastro: sure, where?16:40
jcastrohe has like 20 minutes until his class begins16:40
jcastrohe's "kirkland" on IRC16:40
nhandlerpopey: A bit more restricted. You can't control it as a guest16:40
popeythats sweet16:40
jcastronigelb: figure out how to use the mono font, that would be wicked.16:40
nhandlerHe has done stuff ike this for most of his sessions in the past16:40
pleia2jcastro: my slide for your unity story: http://princessleia.com/temp/unity_launcher_size_change_slide.png16:40
pleia2(real statuses from the bug!)16:41
jcastrowoo hoo!16:41
dholbachthe ajaxterm looks nice - I just hope we have something good in the log later on too16:41
jcastroyou have to log it by hand16:42
jcastroit would be nice if there was a download log button16:42
jcastrobut baby steps. :)16:42
jcastropleia2: those steps won't help the people who are all about clicking on an icon to minimize an app instead of expose it16:42
jcastrobut whatever, you can't win em all16:42
pleia2sure, but my talk is about a single volunteer making a major difference, not unity UI (and thank goodness for that!)16:43
pleia2ted can do the unity talks, he's good at wearing rotten vegetables16:44
jcastropleia2: when you're done can you send me all your slides?16:56
jcastroI'm all about ripping people off.16:56
jcastropopey: any title ideas?16:56
pleia2jcastro: will do17:00
popey"Pixel-Perfect" could be appropriate jcastro17:00
jcastroisn't that kind of cocky sounding?17:02
popeywell it's only really refering to the first fix17:03
popeyinteresting to have a fix for ALT+F2 (Run) and /run in one17:04
jcastrook I just need a title for the whole thing17:05
jcastrothink faster17:05
popeyI cant work like this!17:05
popeyI need to retire to the alps for my creative juices to flow17:06
nigelbjcastro: Running Fixes? :)17:06
popeyRun Ocelot Run..17:06
nigelbThere, ^ that sounds good17:07
jcastrook ok17:07
jcastrokim0: ah crap, we forgot a picture17:13
jcastrokim0: next time we should get pics from the new people17:13
nhandlerjcastro: Also s/Freenode/freenode/17:14
jcastroreally? Does that matter?17:15
popeyho ho ho17:19
nhandlerjcastro: Not a huge deal, but one is correct and the other isn't17:22
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day17:29
dholbachsee you all tomorrow!17:29
jcastrokim0: check this out: http://blog.linode.com/2011/07/13/introducing-nodebalancer/17:54
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kim0jcastro: unity meeting now right18:02
jcastrokim0: sigh, I suck at UTC conversion18:03
kim0lbaas .. is everything gonna be aas18:03
kim0It's so easy for me .. 18 is 8pm .. I just drop the 1 :)18:03
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jcastrokim0: ok, all I need is a title now that isn't "Ensemble Updates"18:23
jcastropopey: you're up again18:23
kim0popey is the community's creative brain cells :)18:23
jcastrohe complained about my tweet so now I'm going to squeeze my creative juices out of him18:25
jcastrokim0: see how quiet he is now? :)18:28
jcastrowe could be clever18:29
jcastroand be like18:29
jcastro"ensemble status"18:29
jcastrobut no one would get that joke18:29
kim0lol :)18:29
kim0I did hehe18:29
jcastrokim0: ok posted, but doesn't appear on cloud.ubuntu.com18:33
kim0give it time18:35
kim045mins or so18:35
jcastrooh ok18:35
jcastrois that the normal amount of time?18:40
kim0my impression is that planet updates every hour18:43
kim0totally unscientific :)18:43
kim0wonder if I can download an identi.ca text corpus18:43
popeyi was driving home, sorry for not being on irc at 70MPH19:00
Pici"But Officer, I wasn't texting. I was using IRC"19:00
jcastrokim0: I didn't mean planet, I mean cloud.ubuntu.com19:02
jcastrojames_w: do you know if LP keeps tracks of the # of reviews someone does on an LP project?19:03
james_wjcastro, I don't think it does as a number19:03
jonojcastro, ok to upgrade to oneiruc?19:03
james_wI think you might be able to query the api to tell you though19:03
jcastrojono: I have no sound with the new kernel on my desktop19:04
jcastrojono: give me 10 to try the laptop19:04
jonocheers jcastro19:04
popeyjcastro: "Assemble Dune Pet!"19:04
jcastrokim0: can you follow up with someone on LP to see if we can find out who is doing the most amount of reviews in Unity?19:04
jcastrokim0: we should graph that19:05
popeyhehe "Pedant Bus Melee!"19:07
jcastrojono: ok no sound on my desktop, but my laptop is rocking and it's a thinkpad like yours is so you should be good19:15
jonothanks jcastro19:16
jonoI am going to take the plunge19:16
jcastroyou can't be any more screwed than I was a few weeks ago heh19:16
jono...touch wood19:20
jonojcastro, wow, a *tonne* of stuff held back19:21
jcastropastebin what you're doing to me pls.19:21
jcastroare you already on oneiric?19:22
jcastroor are you on natty going into oneiric?19:22
jonogoing natty -> oneiric19:23
jonoI think it is just removing a tonne of cruft19:23
jcastrodid you manually change the sources.list?19:23
jonothose are the upgrade and dist-upgrade reports19:23
jcastroor do do-release-upgrade -d?19:23
jcastrothat looks fine-ish19:24
jcastrothough when it's done reinstall ubuntu-desktop19:24
jonowill do19:24
jcastrothough me personally19:24
jonowhy reinstall ubuntu desktop19:24
jcastroI would move them back to natty19:24
jonomove what back to natty?19:24
jcastroand let it do the do-release-upgrade -d19:24
jcastrowhich is the way we're supposed to do it19:25
jcastrofor upgrades we're supposed to use update-manager or do-release-upgrade19:25
jonodoing that19:25
jcastroI don't think we've supported manual dist-upgrades in a long time19:25
jonohow do I do it that way?19:25
jonodo-release-upgrade -d?19:25
jcastrook, move your sources.list back19:25
jcastroand then just do-release-upgrade -d19:25
jcastrofor CLI way19:25
jcastroor update-manager -d19:25
jcastrofor the GUI way19:25
jcastrothey do nice things like, automatically update your sources.list, disable PPAs before the upgrade, etc.19:26
jonoI thought the gui way was broken19:26
jononot sure why19:26
jonoI will do it19:26
jcastroI prefer do-release-upgrade because it's more informative, shrug19:26
jonook doing it now19:27
jonothanks jcastro19:27
jcastrothis has been a pretty calm dev cycle for  me19:28
jcastrousually there's tons of broken crap19:28
jcastroI am pretty sure your manual way would have worked. But just in case it turnns your laptop into a piece of molten slag I'd rather be blameless and do it the official way.19:30
jonothis is way better19:35
jonocool how it reports a summary of the upgrade19:36
jcastroit beats replacing the animal name in all your source list files by hand19:36
macoalso i recall hearing the official way can resolve some types of conflicts better than the manual way19:37
nhandlerThe only time I really do a manual dist-upgrade is if I am upgrading right when the new repos open (before update-manager -d will work)19:37
macofor example in edgy, update-manager would remove evms but dist-upgrade wouldnt, but evms was incompatible with the edgy kernel and would use all your cycles writing logs complaining19:37
jcastroand I never upgrade until they turn that on19:37
mhall119jono: do we still have our LD call this afternoon?19:38
jonomhall119, yup19:38
jonoif that works for you, of course :-)19:39
jcastromhall119: 1.5 weeks and I'm a Floridian!19:39
mhall119jono: works for me19:40
jcastrojono: how's it coming along?20:13
jonojcastro, still crunching20:13
topyli"i'm compiling" is a rather old trick isn't it though? :)20:15
jcastrohe's probably just been playing guitar for the last hour20:15
topyliyeah, that terrible noise music he always makes20:16
czajkowskimhall119: have we a call in 10 mins20:50
mhall119czajkowski: yes20:51
jcastromhall119: jono just called me20:57
jcastrohe's having some network problems20:57
jcastroso he's going to be a bit late20:57
jcastroand he was wondering if you could let everyone on the call know that he's on his way20:57
mhall119jcastro: ok21:01
czajkowskimhall119: want me to start the call21:01
czajkowskibeen out and on date night21:02
mhall119czajkowski: cjohnston said he was going to need a dial-in line21:02
mhall119though I haven't heard from him either21:02
jcastrogreg-g: I just found the awesomest picture of us21:08
greg-gjcastro: oh?21:09
czajkowskimhall119: you're not on skype21:11
mhall119czajkowski: skype says i am :(21:12
mhall119can you see me now?21:13
mhall119skype says you are offline21:13
mhall119stupid Microsoft21:13
mhall119I'm using
dakermhall119, you are online now21:15
dakerand you czajkowski offline21:15
jcastroyou should do a hangout, they're so awesome21:15
mhall119jcastro: any word from jono?21:16
jcastroon the phone with him now21:17
mhall119jcastro: tell him we can just reschedule it21:20
jcastrohe's on his way21:21
jcastroone more minute!21:21
mhall119it's been 221:24
jonoback online!21:24
jonomhall119, cjohnston, czajkowski, nigelb sorry for the delay21:24
mhall119czajkowski is off for the night, said she'd email you21:24
jonoI thought leaving over an hour for the upgrade would be ok21:24
jonook, will dial you all in just one sec21:24
mhall119jono: also, cjohnston needs to be dialed in on his cell21:24
jonojcastro, btw, I see to be running Unity 2D so my 3D must be foobared21:24
jonomhall119, ok21:24
jcastrojono: k, holla at me after your call and we'll look into it21:25
paultagjcastro: fluxbox works21:26
jcastropaultag: your face works21:26
paultagthis face can cash cheques21:26
paultagjcastro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRru6Qntpvk21:27
czajkowskimhall119: back now date night kinda in bad books now21:33
czajkowskijono: want to add me in21:34
jonoczajkowski, will do21:34
czajkowskijcastro: gonna be cleaning up some wiki pages for u21:42
mhall119so if anybody asks where their pages went, we can blame jcastro right?21:44
jcastroif the pages are important then someone would be maintaining them!21:45
paultagthat's the jcastro I know21:45
pleia2paultag: where is the +1/like button on finally retiring that horrible wiki list? :)21:56
paultagpleia2: :)22:07
cjohnstonpleia2: lol22:07
paultagpleia2: I was just shown that bug and I can't believe it was never sent my way before :)22:07
paultagit was a two second deal, since the LD has that stuff anyway22:07
paultagI don't know why I triaged it and did not just kill it22:08
paultaghonestly took about the same amount of time22:08

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