RAOFbryceh: Create the /var/lock directory in your pbuilder chroot; base-files removed it, and pbuilder/sbuilder don't know to create it.00:02
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brycehmm, the bug that keeps on giving00:05
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pittiGood morning05:02
pittidobey: replied as well05:04
RAOFGood morning pitti!05:15
pittihey RAOF, how are you?05:15
RAOFManaged to do a little running around lunchtime when it wasn't raining (when I started).  That was nice :)05:16
RAOFHows about you?05:17
pittistill a bit 'oneiric', went to bed rather late05:23
pittiit seems the Brits finally sent us their bad weather!05:23
robert_ancellpitti, can you kick unity-greeter out of the new queue?05:24
pittirobert_ancell: sure05:24
RAOFAlso, Would you be a dear and create a git repository for colord and shared-color-profiles on alioth in collab-maint? :{)05:25
robert_ancellyou can install it and play around with /usr/lib/lightdm/unity-greeter --test-mode05:25
robert_ancellor be risky like me and actually use it as your greeter :)05:25
RAOFrobert_ancell: Do you have multiple monitors?05:25
robert_ancellRAOF, no, and no idea how it will behave...05:26
RAOFMy guess is fine — the first time :)05:26
pittiRAOF: can DDs actually do that, or does it require an admin?05:26
RAOFBecause that's what the current greeter does :)05:26
RAOFpitti: Any DD can; you've got write access there.05:26
pitti"create git repo" still sounds like having to tear apart a chicken05:26
RAOFI suggest re-using the chicken-tearing apparatus found in /git/pkg-cli-apps/create_repo :)05:27
pittiok, doing Robert's NEW, and then getting to that05:27
RAOFAlso, I'd just like to put it on record that I hate copyright, and it should go and die somewhere where I don't have to worry about it.05:28
pittiduly noted05:28
pittiI don't actually mind it much as long as it comes with a free license05:28
RAOFPerhaps I should rephrase: I hate that *other people* don't care as much about copyright as we do, so I run into things like shared-color-profiles.05:29
pittirobert_ancell: it could do with some copyright/license comment headers in the vala files05:29
robert_ancellpitti, oh, can do05:29
pittirobert_ancell: i. e. where did you take the "Copyright: 2011 Canonical Ltd" in debian/copyright from?05:30
pittirobert_ancell: or did you write it yourself?05:30
robert_ancellpitti, well, I filled it out manually :)05:30
pittirobert_ancell: can you please fix Format-Specification: to http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/ ?05:31
robert_ancellpitti, I have copyright headers pushed to master, do you want a new release?05:31
pittirobert_ancell: that's fine; won't be the last upload in oneiric, I guess05:32
pitti"New upstream release" is a bit confusing, but </nitpick>05:32
pittirobert_ancell: lightdm is only a recommends, not a depends?05:33
robert_ancellpitti, the library is a depends, the daemon not technically05:33
pittirobert_ancell: so, with the copyright headers and fixed format-specification: I'm happy (neither requires an upload)05:34
robert_ancellpitti, I've pushed copyright changes to the packaging branch, please check05:36
pittirobert_ancell: I think it's "Upstream-Name:" now05:37
pittiand Maintainer: -> Upstream-Contact:05:38
pittirobert_ancell: and you didn't push the copyright headers yet?05:38
pittiRAOF: do you mean /git/pkg-cli-apps/setup-repository ?05:38
robert_ancellwhoops updated copyright (dropping those fields as they're optional).  Headers are pushed to lp:unity-greeter05:39
pittiah, trunk branch05:39
RAOFpitti: Yes, I do.  You won't be able to use it as-is, because pkg-cli-apps uses a rather particular setup and that script will set the repository up to publish things to #debian-cli, but the core commands in that are all you need.05:39
pittirobert_ancell: thanks, looks good05:39
RAOFThe Yamma profiles are Copyright <some year> by those well known contributors, <copyright holders> :(05:40
pittiRAOF: I created colord.git05:42
pittihttp://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=collab-maint/colord.git;a=summary doesn't exist yet, I guess it takes a while to catch up?05:43
RAOFpitti: Rockin.05:43
RAOFI think it does, yes.05:43
RAOFNow, to get me access to that…05:43
* RAOF wonders if it would really be *that* much effort to get DD.05:43
pittiRAOF: DM wouldn't be, anwyay05:44
RAOFHm.  That looks positively friendly.05:47
cdbsJust an FYI, the new gnome-control-center depends on the "glxinfo" command to print details on the GPU in "System Settings"06:35
cdbsWithout the mesa-utils package containing glxinfo, it returns "Unknown"06:35
RAOFDoes it really spawn glxinfo and parse its output, rather than doing a simple GL call?  Ugh.  Anyway, have you filed a bug? :)06:37
smspillazwow that reminds me of06:38
smspillaz... beryl06:38
RAOFHeh.  Kernel SRUs are big, and cause lots of bugmail.06:39
smspillazI'm making a mental note to note dist upgrade ever06:43
smspillazI was just about to upload the compiz release yesterday and then boom, my system hangs halfway through a kernel update and now its trashed06:44
smspillaz(and by yesterday, I mean 4:30 am, when I was just about to go to bed :/)06:44
pittismspillaz: hm, could that still be bug 807306 ?06:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 807306 in udev "[oneiric] Keyboard & mouse not working in X - incomplete migration to /run" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80730606:46
smspillazpitti: no, it was because I'm using nouveau and did something the driver didn't like06:47
smspillazpitti: basically, nouveau gets cranky if you run out of video memory06:47
smspillazpitti: I also get 807306 too, but I have an external mouse, so its not that bad06:48
pittithat should be fixed now, though06:48
smspillaz(by trashed, I mean it fails to mount / even though fsck says its fine)06:48
RAOF*My* laptop started correctly today :)06:49
smspillazpitti: basically, its the case of, I had to force power off the machine during a dist-upgrade06:49
smspillazthat always breaks things :)06:49
smspillazRAOF: hm, are we turning on nouveau 3d by default now ?06:55
RAOFsmspillaz: Yes.06:56
smspillazis there just a whitelist or ... ?06:58
RAOFIt's just turned on.07:03
smspillazah ok, I didn't know it worked in most places07:03
RAOFThat's part of what we're trying to discover ;)07:03
RAOFBut it works fine on all of *my* hardware, so ship it!07:03
lucazadeon a gts 250 with nouveau3d the system hard freeze after few mins!!07:09
lucazadeso it is hard to install also from livecd07:09
* smspillaz dist-upgrades and hopes for the best07:10
smspillazfrom my chroot07:10
smspillazwohooo! I have X back again!07:16
smspillazisn't it amazing that you can leave your system in complete ruins and somehow recover from that?07:16
RAOFlucazade: See, that's the sort of feedback we're after.  Well, not exactly, but it's important to know!07:22
lucazadeRAOF: I have this issue from a couple of Ubuntu releases when using experimental-dri07:24
RAOFIs there a bug on launchpad about this?07:27
lucazadeyes, let me search07:27
RAOF'Cause that's where we'll be looking when it comes time to keep 3D enabled or disable it.07:28
smspillazRAOF: maybe it would be good to have a whitelist07:28
RAOFsmspillaz: That would be another option.07:28
smspillazI know that the 8600GT does pretty well under average circumstances07:28
smspillazI just do insane things to my gpu07:28
lucazadeRAOF: bug 696427 ... gts250 1gb, it is quite recent as card07:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 696427 in mesa "Unity visual glitches and freeze (libgl1-dri-mesa-experimental)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69642707:29
RAOFlucazade: Ta.07:29
smspillazRAOF: I was going to ask you actually, is there a sane way to enable pcsnv at the moment ?07:30
RAOFsmspillaz: Looking to do some CUDA?07:30
smspillazmmm, power management actualy07:30
smspillazso that, you know, my house doesn't catch fire for a reason that isn't my inability to cook one day07:31
smspillazI had a look into it a week ago but it doesn't like there's a non-crack way of doing it07:32
RAOFIIRC pscnv doesn't actually play with the rest of the 3D stuff, and the kernel module does things like not use TTM.  If you really want power management you could pull the nouveau kernel patches from the mailing list and build them? :)07:32
smspillazyeah, I suppose I could do that07:32
smspillazI have to run my own kernel most of the time anyways for wayland stuff soo ...07:32
RAOFAFAIK the power management code works fine, they're just being a bit paranoid about reverse-engineering stuff that can, you know, /fry your card/07:34
smspillazeh, my  card is already frying things07:35
smspillazI'm lucky I haven't had to bake it yet though07:35
RAOFOh, you've got one of those bakeable laptops too, have you?  Lucky! :)07:39
smspillazyeah, the most notorious one07:40
smspillazthe XPS M153007:40
smspillazsame laptop as sabdfl iirc07:40
cdbsHi, can someone just rebuild this build https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-greeter/0.0.1-0ubuntu1/+build/2623446 ? The build-dep is now in the archive07:40
cdbssmspillaz: What's bad about that laptop?07:40
pittismspillaz: baking seems to work well for didrocks, though07:40
smspillazpitti: indeed, he's done it twice now :)07:40
pitticdbs: it's already building07:40
* cdbs refreshes07:41
cdbsah okay07:41
cdbsrobert_ancell did that probably :)07:41
smspillazcdbs: http://www.engadget.com/2008/07/10/all-nvidia-8400m-8600m-chips-faulty/07:42
smspillazthe 8600M is basically an overlocked 8400M07:43
smspillazonly a handful of laptops ship with it07:43
smspillazthat being the 2008 MacBook Pro and Dell XPS M153007:43
smspillaz(which is basically just a 2008 MacBook Pro hardware wise)07:43
cdbssmspillaz: the news is from 200807:43
smspillazI know :)07:44
cdbssmspillaz: haven't the chips been replaced since then?07:44
smspillazthis laptop is from 200807:44
smspillazwell, yes07:44
cdbsyeah, but still, through a product advisory or recall07:44
smspillazin most laptops you'll find a fermi or something now07:44
smspillazcdbs: nope, they never recalled it07:44
smspillazall dell did was extend the warranty for "graphics related issues" and that's only in the US too07:44
cdbsSeriously, all tech companies think 99% of their target audience and consumer base lives in the US07:45
smspillazwell, it's only practical to do it in the US07:45
smspillazpeople stateside tend to have the capacity to make the most noise07:46
smspillazif you keep them happy you'll usually keep the world happy07:46
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone07:55
RAOFHowdie and good morning chrisccoulson.07:56
chrisccoulsonhey RAOF, how are you?07:56
RAOFI'm an awesome force of nature.07:57
RAOFWell, perhaps not.07:57
RAOFBut pretty good, anyway :)07:57
RAOFHows about your fine self?07:58
pittihey chrisccoulson08:02
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?08:02
pittipretty well, thanks!08:02
pittiwasting my time with packaging python3-cairo and then python3-gobject08:03
abhinav-pitti: python3-cairo ? Does it use GI ?08:04
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, i thought the python bindings were all disappearing?08:04
pittiabhinav-: no, it's a static binding; apparently cairo isn't very suitable for GI08:05
abhinav-Yeah :-|08:05
pittimight also be a performance issue08:06
pittipy3cairo is written in cpython08:06
pittifor throwing buttons around the GI overhead doesn't matter, but for vector drawing it might, but I don't know08:06
abhinav-Well not having GI bindings for cairo seems a drawback, since Gtk3 removed some of the API just because cairo provides those functionalities. I think Pycairo was lagging behind the C API of cairo08:08
pittiwhy drawback?08:08
pittiit doesn't matter much if you do "import cairo" or "from gi.repository import Cairo"?08:08
pittifor the "lagging behind", certainly, yes08:09
abhinav-Yes, so while the current C API of cairo is ready to be augmented with Gtk3, I am not sure same can be done with the Python bindings08:09
abhinav-I am referring to my experience when I was trying to play around with Gtk3 to add screenshot feature to apport08:10
abhinav-Althoug it was more than a month ago08:10
RAOFI wouldn't expect the GI overhead to be a huge issue for cairo; you should generally be doing a small number of calls to produce a large image.08:13
pittianyway, py3cairo is there, and GI bindings are not08:14
pittiso I'm packaging these for now to unblock python3 progress08:14
pittibonjour seb12808:24
seb128hey pitti08:24
seb128how are you?08:24
desrtgood morning, gents08:25
* pitti hugs seb128 and desrt08:25
seb128what are the news today? ;-) I saw an unity greeter upload, did anybody try it?08:25
seb128hey desrt08:25
pittiseb128: pretty well, thanks! just got my py3cairo package working08:25
* seb128 hugs pitti08:25
seb128pitti, \o/08:25
pittinow off to packging python3-gobject08:25
pittiseb128: just built/building, needs binNEW still08:25
chrisccoulsonhey seb128, how are you?08:28
seb128hey chrisccoulson, I'm fine thanks, how are you?08:29
chrisccoulsonseb128, good thanks08:29
seb128chrisccoulson, great work on g-s-d, you won beers for the next UDS ;-)08:29
pittiargh, LP down08:29
chrisccoulsonheh :-)08:29
chrisccoulsonseb128, i wanted to fix the crash in exit() too, but i'm not sure of the best way to do that yet :/08:30
seb128do you understand what is wrong and ponder how to fix it? or do you need to figure what is wrong?08:30
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, i know what is wrong there08:30
chrisccoulson1 of the plugins links against gconf, which creats an exit handler08:31
chrisccoulsonbut the plugins get unloaded before exit08:31
seb128tell rodrigo_ so he doesn't spend time trying to debug it as well08:31
chrisccoulsonso it crashes ;)08:31
chrisccoulsonperhaps desrt has some pointers on what to do there08:31
seb128he will tell you "don't use gconf" I guess ;-)08:31
rodrigo_chrisccoulson, yes, that seems to be the cause for http://launchpad.net/bugs/78871008:32
ubot2Ubuntu bug 788710 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in exit()" [High,In progress]08:32
seb128chrisccoulson, you fixed bug #805908 right?08:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 805908 in gnome-settings-daemon "multimedia keys not working" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80590808:34
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, that ones fixed08:34
chrisccoulsonsorry, i should have checked for existing bugs ;)08:34
seb128bah, launchpad is ro08:34
chrisccoulsonyeah, if you turn off the keybindings plugin, g-s-d doesn't crash on exit, as that's the only one still using gconf08:36
seb128that and the gsettings to gconf gateway plugin08:36
chrisccoulsonseb128, oh, that one isn't activated by default here08:38
seb128hum, indeed, it's not there either08:38
seb128chrisccoulson, how was g-s-d handling the gconf handler in 2.32 when it was still using gconf?08:42
chrisccoulsonseb128, i think that it just used to exit uncleanly when it lost the connection to the x server (so it wouldn't have unloaded plugins)08:45
seb128those issues on logout are annoying08:45
seb128they create lot of apport noise for no real issues08:46
chrisccoulsonseb128, i guess that this would have broken it: http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-settings-daemon/commit/gnome-settings-daemon/?id=c3505969ad2bb61863965e49f04000e7773f323108:47
seb128well, I will not complain especially if that means gnome-session respawn it when needed ;-)08:48
seb128don't ctrl-R in xchat08:53
chrisccoulsonwhat happens?08:53
Laneyblank bug day mail?08:53
seb128Laney, evo bug #80937908:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 809379 in evolution "Evolution is sending a blank body email" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80937908:53
seb128Laney, you can ctrl-u and read the source ;-)08:53
seb128it's a display issue08:54
Laneyseb128: not sure I can, using mutt08:54
seb128oh, you mean the one from pedro08:54
seb128he resent it08:54
Laneybad moderators then :P08:54
chrisccoulsonoops ;)08:55
seb128oh indeed08:55
seb128Laney, the bugsquad list got the second email, not the announce one08:55
seb128chrisccoulson, tried the ctrl-R? ;-)08:55
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah ;)08:56
seb128RAOF, hey, is there known xorg breakage on intel with dual screen?08:57
seb128on current oneiric08:57
RAOFseb128: I don't know of any; what are you seeing?08:57
chrisccoulsonoh, i hope my dual screen setup isn't going to break ;)08:58
chrisccoulsoni haven't restarted in several days08:58
seb128RAOF, it's not me but ronoc is having issues since he upgraded08:58
seb128ronoc, ^ could you describe how it's broken for you?08:58
RAOFWFM, modulo compiz *still* being a pile of fail at hotplug.08:59
seb128RAOF, like bug #80867708:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 808677 in compiz "Failed to activate external monitor (dual monitor mode)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80867708:59
seb128RAOF, is that a compiz issue?08:59
RAOFsmspillaz: While you're hear to shout at, when is compiz going to start drawing on *all* of my desktop after I plug a second monitor in?09:00
seb128or bug #80868509:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 808685 in compiz "Corrupted display after switching to external monitor (1 active monitor)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80868509:00
seb128RAOF, well I guess those are rather compiz issues than xorg ones09:01
RAOFseb128: Right.  That's actually a combination of compiz *still* being totally broken, the crazy “Is your monitor OK” dialog getting continually bigger, and a genuine Xserver bug when the dialog reaches a critical size and crashes the server.09:01
seb128great combo09:02
chrisccoulsonoh, i get the corrupted display when attaching an external monitor, but it does that in natty too09:02
chrisccoulsoni always have to restart compiz after connecting it, and then it works09:03
RAOFYeah.  Compiz 0.9 has hated XRandR since forever.09:03
chrisccoulsonyeah, it's pretty broken09:03
chrisccoulsonworks in mutter though ;)09:03
seb128bug #795458 got fixed in the natty sru though09:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 795458 in unity "Display garbled upon connecting external displays" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79545809:03
RAOFchrisccoulson: Corrupt, or just black and any compiz drawing (like the window switcher) doesn't get cleared?09:03
seb128ronoc, wb09:04
chrisccoulsonRAOF, i get compiz drawing correctly in a very small rectangle in one corner of one screen, and the rest of it is black as you describe (with any drawing not getting cleared)09:04
chrisccoulsonie, i can open an indicator menu, and it's contents get left on the screen after i close it09:05
RAOFYeah.  That's compiz failing to be a compositing manager in those areas.09:05
chrisccoulsonif i could figure out how compiz worked, then i would just go ahead and fix it ;)09:06
seb128it's just code, how hard can it be?! ;-)09:06
chrisccoulsoni tried reading the compiz code once ;)09:09
smspillazwhat's the bug ?09:09
smspillazchrisccoulson: RAOF if that's happening you either hve output detection disabled or XineramaGetScreenInfo is returning some very odd values09:10
RAOFsmspillaz: Where you enable a second monitor and compiz doesn't notice that the desktop is bigger and so doesn't actually composite on that.09:10
smspillazRAOF: are you running unity ?09:10
smspillazRAOF: I'm pretty sure this was a unity bug where the clip region gets reset incorrectly09:11
RAOFThis is also possible.  Unity knows about the second screen; it draws the panel, dash, etc just fine.09:11
smspillazRAOF: unity does some rather ... insane things09:11
* RAOF doesn't really care. He *does* care that plugging in a second monitor doesn't work.09:11
smspillazyep :)09:12
smspillazalthough, I thought we fixed that09:12
smspillaznjpatel: ^ ?09:12
smspillazRAOF: in other news, we should be able to handle the window size > mts case now09:12
smspillazRAOF: the plugin to do that was broken in natty but I fixed it09:12
njpatelsmspillaz, yes?09:12
smspillazso we can probably enable it09:13
smspillaznjpatel: that bug where you plug a second monitor in and it's black, was that a) a unity bug where the clip region was reset incorrectly b) was it fixed ?09:13
smspillazsince I've heard a multitude of things about it09:13
njpatelsmspillaz, a) no idea, was on yours and jay's plate b) definitely not fixed, just happened to me five times09:13
seb128    - Display garbled upon restoring original resolution (lp: #795454)09:14
seb128    - Display garbled upon connecting external displays (lp: #795458)09:14
seb128were fixed in a sru09:14
RAOFYeah, that's a different bug.09:14
njpatelseb128, different bugs09:14
smspillazRAOF: try seeing if you get it without unity on09:14
seb128so the other ones didn't get fixed09:14
RAOFsmspillaz: I'll do so later.09:14
njpatelsandybridge is very, er, delicate at the moment09:15
smspillazRAOF: :)09:15
njpatelxv kills my xserver09:15
smspillaznjpatel: try nouveau09:15
njpatelsmspillaz, on intel?09:15
smspillazmove a window with metacity, oops, your X server died09:15
smspillaznjpatel: yes, try it on intel :)09:15
njpatelsmspillaz, okay, I'll dedicate today to making it work on intel ;)09:15
smspillaznjpatel: though it won't really have any effect09:15
njpatelalso, my laptop doesn't suspend all the time09:16
smspillaznjpatel: I did a dist-upgrade yesterday09:16
smspillazNEVER AGAIN09:16
smspillazit hanged halfway through09:16
njpatelI just did it this morning, it went fine, I have one more thing working that yesterday09:16
smspillazso I thought "well crap, force reset"09:16
smspillaznope trashed my system09:16
njpatelso I should be happy I guess09:16
smspillaz event boot09:16
smspillazhad to do some interesting recovery with init=/bin/bash09:17
RAOFsmspillaz: Well, without unity it doesn't suffer that bug.  If only because compiz crashes when I enable the second monitor and then respawns.09:17
RAOFOh!  Second time lucky.09:18
smspillazif there is one good thing about running arch linux for a few months before I switched from fedora to ubuntu it was that you get to learn how to do these things because every single time you do a pacman -Syu world you have to reconfigure your entire system from scratch again09:18
RAOFSecond monitor enabled *and* compiz didn't crash *and* it's actually drawing on *both* heads.09:18
smspillazRAOF: so I just hotplugged my monitor like 10 times and I didn't get the bug09:19
smspillazand that's without unity09:19
seb128so unity bog it seems09:19
smspillazoh, monitor hotplug is awesome09:20
smspillazseb128: well, not conclusively09:20
smspillazit could just be on certain hardware that compiz gets that09:20
seb128well RAOF gets the issue with unity and it seems to work without unity09:20
smspillazseb128: I think I need to do more testing09:20
smspillazlike, checking if I get the issue with unity :)09:20
smspillazsince I don't usually hotplug this monitor09:21
seb128I should do some testing as well, my external monitor use is usually "boot with the laptop docked"09:21
seb128which works fine09:21
njpatelsmspillaz, if you know what it is, any chance of a quick mail to jay cc'ing jason and I so he knows what to fix/where to start?09:21
smspillaznjpatel: sure09:21
njpatelsmspillaz, thanks!09:21
smspillazI wonder if there's a sane way I can work around this 32 character long key limitation in gsettings09:22
smspillazthat doesn't involve the use of --allow-any-key in glib-compile-schemas09:23
seb128smspillaz, did you check with desrt?09:23
seb128smspillaz, why do you need over 32 chars?09:23
smspillazdesrt: ^ :)09:23
smspillazseb128: some of the option names in the plugin metadata in compiz are over 32 chars09:23
smspillazfor example09:24
smspillazI'm more curious to know why that limit exists09:24
smspillazdesrt: yeah, I'm not too keen on rewriting half the plugins so they'll work with one settings backend :)09:25
desrti think it was a case of "32 ought to be enough for anybody"09:25
desrtdconf limits names to 65535 characters09:25
desrtso there's no technical limitation09:25
desrti wonder if it was a windows registry consideration.  i'm trying to dig through the history.09:26
jibelsmspillaz, I get that on 3 different intel cards, arrandale, pineview and i915, but only with Unity. monitor hotplugging works fine on unity-2d09:26
smspillazsince if I change maximize_window_horizontally_key to max-win-horiz-key then I'd need to change bcop to use - instead of _ for delimiting09:26
smspillazand then also change anthing like optionGetMaximizeWindowHorizontallyKey to optionGetMaxWinHorizKey09:26
smspillazin the source09:27
smspillazdesrt: yeah, that wouldn't surprise me at all09:27
desrt    GSettings: merge the schema compiler09:27
desrti kept the branch around though09:27
desrtlet me check there :)09:27
desrt    clean up schema compiler09:28
desrt    09:28
desrt    enforce key name restrictions09:28
desrtnot much better :)09:28
smspillazdesrt: well, maybe a better question to ask: is allow-any-name going away any time soon ?09:28
desrtyou may not use it09:29
smspillazbecause if that's the case I could just g_setenv ("GSETTINGS_BACKEND", "dconf") and be done with it09:29
smspillazdesrt: :(09:29
desrtsmspillaz: the problem is that when you install schemas it's fine09:29
desrtbut when someone else does it they're going to run the schema compiler without that switch09:29
desrtthen you're in trouble09:29
smspillazah yeah09:29
smspillazI mean, the brutal workaround here09:30
desrthold on hold on09:30
smspillazis to install all the schemas to $PREFIX/share/compiz/glib-2.0/schemas and then add $PREFIX/share/compiz to $XDG_DATA_DIRS09:30
desrti'm doing a bit of research that may lead to a substantial lifting of the restriction09:30
smspillazdesrt: oh, goodie :)09:30
desrtif there's no good reason that we picked 32 and it's causing you problems then i'll change it09:31
desrtlet me just check that we won't get burned on windows or something09:31
smspillazdesrt: it sounds very much like a windows-esque limitation to me09:31
desrti just checked with wine's regedit09:32
desrtthere is no such restriction here, at least09:32
desrtand the wikipedia article on the registry mentions nothing09:32
smspillazI can reboot and check on the actual windows09:32
desrtplease do09:32
smspillazok, hang on then09:32
desrtdoes lifting it to 64 sound reasonable?09:32
seb128launchpad is back!09:32
smspillazseb128: yay!!!!09:34
smspillazdesrt: perhaps temporarily, although there could be weird cases where it could be some ridiculously long length09:35
desrtsmspillaz: i think the problem we're hitting is that GSettings was not intended to be used this way09:36
desrtyou're probably the first person auto-generating schemas in this fasion09:36
smspillazyeah, I had some fun with xslt09:36
desrtxslt is a good tool for such a thing :)09:36
smspillazits also not very verbose09:36
smspillazxsltproc -o org.freedesktop.compiz.plugin.xml gsettings.xslt plugin.xml09:37
seb128somewhat compiz using gsettings make me been nervous09:37
smspillazseb128: howso ?09:37
seb128like any typo in any schemas or any plugin is going to take the desktop down thanks to the "exit on schemas errors"09:37
desrtoh.  interesting.09:37
desrtyou actually hit a bug in the gsettings compiler09:38
desrtyour key is exactly 32 characters in length09:38
desrti did a < where i should have done a <= :)09:38
smspillazdesrt: oh yeah, I noticed that09:38
desrtokay.  i'll just fix that, then :)09:38
smspillazdesrt: at the moment I'm truncating to 32 chars09:38
smspillazdesrt: I know there are other key names that are longer than this though09:38
desrtsmspillaz: i wonder if maybe you should be using dconf :)09:39
smspillazdirectly ?09:39
smspillazhmm, probably not a good idea09:39
desrtGSettings is really intended to be a user-facing API09:40
desrtnot burried in another abstraction layer09:40
smspillazyeah, this is true09:40
desrtin fact, it features some things that make it particularly poorly suited for this 'wrapping' kind of use that you're doing09:40
smspillazdesrt: perhaps I'll prototype on GSettings first and if its too much of a problem I can just use dconf09:40
desrtthe problem is that the dconf API is not stable09:40
desrtand i have some changes planned09:41
smspillazdesrt: oh, I just checked on windows 7 at least and regedit seems to be fine with a really long key name09:41
desrtsmspillaz: cool.  i'll raise the roof a bit, then09:41
smspillazI gave it like 500 chars and it didn't complain09:41
smspillazdesrt: but good plan, I might just have to use dconf09:42
desrtokay.  in that case, i'll wait09:42
desrti want to consult with mclasen anyway.  maybe he remembers why we picked 3209:42
desrthe was at the hackfest09:42
smspillazdesrt: for now I can just truncate09:42
desrtvuntz: so were you.  do you remember? :)09:42
smspillazthat's basically what I'm doing09:42
desrtsmspillaz: that will work badly in the case where you have09:42
smspillazI know :)09:43
desrti suggest hash functions!09:43
desrttotally helpful when the user pops open the dconf-editor :)09:43
smspillazthat's a brilliant idea09:43
smspillaznow nobody will play with the settings09:43
smspillazand we can have real lockdown09:44
desrtya right09:44
njpateldesrt, have a question for you. want to test some file io functions that use async gio internally, need a way, in the tests,  to manually pump those threads (something similar to what we do with g_main....pending etc) any ideas?09:44
desrtall it means is that overnight someone will write a blog entry about how you have to change key 2jwh23828wjd in order to turn the fire-drawing plugin back on09:44
pittiwohoo, uploads are back09:44
smspillazdesrt: wow, I'm actually laughing quite a lot right now09:44
desrtnjpatel: i'm actually in a similar problem right now09:45
smspillazdesrt: can you imagine the corresponding OMG!Ubuntu! post?09:45
pitti... or not; instead of ftp failing right away, it now fails when uploading the source.changes09:45
desrtnjpatel: what i usually do is run the mainloop and each time some 'progress' happens i queue up the next stage09:45
desrtthen at the end i quite the loop09:45
desrtproblem there, of course, is that you could end up locking forever09:45
njpateldesrt, right09:45
smspillazdesrt: BRING BACK UR BLING ON COMPIZ! Only a quick cd34w8tdbns83458 away!09:45
desrtso you add a timeout say....09:45
desrtbut then the question comes what is a good amount for that timeout09:46
njpatelyep, that's what I've done before but was wondering if there was any magic gio function to make this work :)09:46
desrtwe've been bitten in the past by "reasonable" timeout values on testcases that failed asserts on really fast or really slow hardware09:46
desrtno.  i don't think so.09:46
desrtglib really has no way of knowing when some future events could possibly be pending09:46
desrtsince a lot of the time they're freshly introduced to the maincontext from another thread09:46
smspillazI wonder how irssi didn't catch that netsplit09:48
njpateldesrt, alright, thanks, will just try and main the wait/timeout bits a bit nicer to read then09:48
desrtnjpatel: i wouldn't worry too much about it.  after the last week or two the builder admins are getting really good at killing off testcases of glib-based libraries :)09:48
cjwatsonum, is anyone else entirely unable to log in using lightdm since the most recent upgrade?09:49
cjwatsonI click on my username and the greeter freezes; in lightdm.log, I see "WARNING: Unknown message from greeter: 7"09:50
cjwatsonand before that it says "pam_open_session -> System error" and "pam_setcred(PAM_ESTABLISH_CRED) -> System error", though I don't know whether that's normal09:50
desrti love git-bz!!09:52
smspillazgit-bz ?09:53
desrtgit/bugzilla integration09:53
smspillazoh, lovely09:53
desrti just typed 'git bz file glib/gsettings HEAD'09:53
desrtand it opened a bug about my HEAD commit to glib, component gsettings09:53
desrtpops open vi for bug content09:53
desrtmodifies the commit message to contain a reference to the newly-created bug09:53
smspillazI wonder if bzr has something like that09:53
desrtand attaches the commit09:53
cjwatsonah, insufficient dependency on liblightdm-gobject-0-009:55
* desrt -> lunch09:55
rodrigo__hmm, launchpad failing a lot, on dput and when updating a bug status10:02
pittijasoncwarner_: ok, sent the chinese edition mail10:02
chrisccoulsonit's not read only now?10:02
jasoncwarner_pitti: great, thank you10:03
rodrigo__chrisccoulson, not anymore, it seems10:03
brycehchinese edition?10:03
jasoncwarner_rodrigo__: hey, are you working on date/time indicator or is that all ted's team now?10:03
pittirodrigo__: it just fails later on now, although it's officially back indeed10:03
pittirodrigo__: pinged mthaddon in #u-devel10:05
rodrigo__jasoncwarner_, I guess it's ted's team, haven't worked on it10:05
=== rodrigo__ is now known as rodrigo_
jasoncwarner_rodrigo_: thanks.10:06
rodrigo_pitti, yes, pinged him also on #u1-internal :)10:06
rodrigo_jasoncwarner_, kenvandine was working on some of it, iirc10:07
=== czajkows1i is now known as czajkowski
pittirodrigo_: seems my dput actually worked despite teh "Transfer aborted" error message10:07
rodrigo_pitti, oh, checking mine, although I submitted it 2/3 times :)10:07
rodrigo_pitti, yeah, accepted and the other 2 submissions rejected10:08
* pitti binNEWs unity-greeter; have fun trying it out!10:08
cjwatson(bug 809776 for my lightdm problem this morning)10:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 809776 in lightdm "needs tighter dependency on liblightdm-gobject-0-0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80977610:09
pitticjwatson: thanks, assigning to Robert10:09
pitticjwatson: oh, what breaks for you wrt. /run ?10:10
rodrigo_pitti, they're working on it, both known issues10:10
rodrigo_changing a bug status just worked10:11
pittirodrigo_: yeah, see #u-devel10:11
cjwatsonpitti: er, I just want to get work done rather than worrying about what might break10:14
cjwatsonpitti: nothing breaks yet because I haven't upgraded to it :-)10:14
pitticjwatson: ah, ok; I'm not aware of anything that still breaks a running system (except for the libc6 debootstrap failure)10:14
pitticjwatson: so if that's just cautionsness and not a know bug, I'm relieved :010:14
cjwatsonok, but there was enough of it for a while that I was still steering clear10:14
cjwatsonI expect I'll upgrade this week10:14
pittithe /run/udev thing sucked a lot indeed10:15
pittiah, unity-greeter already looks a lot better than the example-gtk one10:17
chrisccoulsonbackporting http://hg.mozilla.org/releases/comm-aurora/rev/e3f147cb26aa is going to be some serious fun10:17
pittioh, uh!10:18
rodrigo_chrisccoulson, why do you think the atexit crash in g-s-d is due to gconf? the only atexit I see in gconf sources is in the daemon, not the library10:18
chrisccoulsonrodrigo_, it comes from corba10:18
chrisccoulsonor orbit10:18
chrisccoulsonwhatever it's called ;)10:18
rodrigo_orbit, yes10:18
chrisccoulsonrodrigo_, that handler has caused us problems in the past too, eg https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/seahorse-plugins/2.28.1-0ubuntu410:20
chrisccoulsoni think that was our most frequently reported bug ;)10:20
ogra_ch unity-greeter10:22
rodrigo_right, it calls g_atexit in CORBA_ORB_init, which is indeed called by any gconf client app :(10:22
chrisccoulsonrodrigo_, if we want to stop the crashes, we could hack around this by linking the main g-s-d daemon to gconf ;)10:23
chrisccoulson(so it never gets unloaded)10:23
rodrigo_I was thinking of making orbit do its cleanup on exit, but using something else than atexit10:23
rodrigo_but yes, we could patch g-s-d10:24
rodrigo_chrisccoulson, ok, I'll cook up a patch to make the daemon link to gconf if the gconf plugin is enabled10:25
chrisccoulsonrodrigo_, perhaps we could declare the cleanup function in orbit with "__attribute__ ((destructor))" so that it gets called when unloaded, rather than on exit?10:26
rodrigo_it is a gnu extension though10:27
chrisccoulsoni guess that doesn't matter for us10:27
chrisccoulsonsome of the linux-specific parts of firefox use gnu extensions ;)10:28
loolHey, I wonder why we have netbook seeds in oneiric, is this still relevant?10:38
loologra_: Would you know whether the netbook seed is still useful in oneiric?10:42
ogra_lool, its dead10:42
ogra_not sure if there are still any community projects using it though10:43
loologra_: what do you mean with community projects using it?10:44
ogra_dunno, there were eeepc images etc rolled by external projects in the past10:44
ogra_we definitely dont use it in ubuntu anywhere anymore10:45
loolcjwatson: Is there some Launchpad/germinate setup you have to do to stop using ubuntu-seeds/netbook.oneiric?  do I then remove the branch?10:48
cjwatsonlool: historically we've just stopped using dead branches and let them die10:48
cjwatsonlool: Launchpad does need to change though10:49
cjwatsonI'm removing it from tasksel10:49
cjwatsonand I guess I might as well do the LP change10:50
loolis this an archive-adminish thing?10:50
cjwatsonno, requires actual patch to LPcode10:50
cjwatsonalbeit not a hard one10:51
looldo you want me to submit a mp?10:52
cjwatsonwell, I'd just started, but if you want to do it instead then by all means feel free :)10:53
cjwatsondo you know what to do though?10:53
cjwatsonit's in cronscripts/publishing/cron.germinate - there are two references to netbook in various cases10:53
loolno, I would grep around10:53
cjwatsonjust remove them both10:53
cjwatson(I already have two LP branches I'm trying to land, that's probably enough for one poor platform developer)10:54
rodrigo_hmm, orbit package is in lp:ubuntu/orbit2, right, that is, no ~u-desktop branch for it, right?10:58
=== Pendulum_ is now known as Pendulum
seb128rodrigo_, right11:22
seb128chrisccoulson, rodrigo_: we should perhaps update gconf to 3.111:22
rodrigo_seb128, the dbus-based version?11:23
seb128chrisccoulson, rodrigo_: they landed the nokia,intel gconf-on-dbus11:23
seb128i.e stopped using orbit11:23
rodrigo_I just submitted a fix for orbit though11:23
rodrigo_but yes, makes sense to move to the dbus gconf11:24
rodrigo_so we can also remove it from the cd :)11:24
chrisccoulsonoh, i can't upload gconf :(11:24
seb128rodrigo_, well I was on the "don't change something which doesn't give issues" line11:25
seb128it's quite some changes11:25
seb128but on another side gconf is less used nowadays and the dbus version got tested at nokia and intel11:25
seb128chrisccoulson, when do you apply for real upload rights? ;-)11:25
seb128chrisccoulson, you should email cjwatson about having it added to the desktop set I guess11:26
seb128does anybody know why there is no daily iso image since alpha2?11:26
seb128there is no log on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntu/oneiric/11:27
stgraberlast I checked images were failing to build because of the /run transition11:27
seb128http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/oneiric/ubuntu/current/livecd-20110705.1-i386.out seems to be ok11:27
cjwatsonslangasek was working on the necessary sysvinit merge yesterday, and I handed him an untested mountall patch to go with it11:27
cjwatsonI don't know how far he got11:28
rodrigo_oh, orbit also not on the desktop set11:28
seb128rodrigo_, email cjwatson as well I guess ;-)11:28
seb128stgraber, where do you see that?11:28
cjwatsonseb128: livefs log> but that's from eight days ago11:28
cjwatsonseb128: it's been discussed on #ubuntu-devel several times11:28
stgraberseb128: in my e-mails, everyday since the base-files upload11:28
seb128cjwatson, I used current which apparently doesn't point the real current11:29
cjwatsoncurrent is the last successful build11:29
cjwatsonlatest is the last build, successful or not11:29
chrisccoulsonseb128, want me to take the gconf update?11:29
seb128cjwatson, ok, makes sense, thanks11:29
seb128chrisccoulson, if you want sure11:30
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks!11:30
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, i'll do some desktop work for a change ;)11:30
loolmvo: hey; you might want to drop https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mvo/ubuntu-maintenance-check/python-port now that it's merged in Launchpad; at least that's what a comment in launchpad/cronscripts/publishing/maintenance-check.py says  ;-)12:03
=== Zdra is now known as xclaesse
loolcjwatson: Took me a while to branch and read; I only found one ref to netbook in cronscripts/publishing/cron.germinate, which I removed since this script only cares for the development suite; other scripts mentioning netbook: cronscripts/publishing/maintenance-check.py but that needs to keep knowing about netbook for support period of netbook in lucid, lib/lp/soyuz/scripts/tests/test_cron_germinate.py but the tests are written for a ...12:12
lool... development release of natty, it seems they don't need to be changed every release; lib/lp/soyuz/scripts/tests/germinate-test-data/mock-lp-root/cronscripts/publishing/maintenance-check.py is just a symlink and lib/lp/soyuz/scripts/expire_archive_files.py is a list of PPAs with names like ~netbook-remix-team which we should never expire12:12
loolcjwatson: so just confirming with you that there was really only one place to update in cronscripts/publishing/cron.germinate and then I'll submit; are you running parts of the testsuite to test this?12:12
cjwatsonlool: two refs, one is in all caps12:13
cjwatsonlool: no need to change maintenance-check, cron.germinate is all you need12:13
loolah thanks; will grep for NETBOOK too, thanks12:14
cjwatsonlool: there aren't any tests for this, and the LP folks are used to merging platform changes to this script without them12:14
cjwatson(technically, we own this script, it's just in the LP codebase)12:14
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
loolI should really have copied over my vim config which sets ignorecase12:14
rodrigo_lunch, bbl12:16
mvolool: indeed, done12:19
loolalright, netbook seed removal submitted12:21
seb128hum, lool is still using gnome-panel and not unity!12:22
seb128lool, thanks for the upload ;-)12:22
=== Zdra is now known as xclaesse
mvoseb128: says the window-maker user ;)12:29
seb128mvo, shush!12:29
* mvo hugs seb12812:30
* seb128 hugs mvo12:30
chrisccoulsonwoohoo, no g-s-d crash on logout \o/12:35
seb128chrisccoulson, new gconf?12:36
=== seif is now known as seiflotfy
seb128chrisccoulson, or did you fix it some other way?12:36
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, new gconf12:36
chrisccoulsonit seems to be working here, gconfd runs, g-s-d doesn't crash and i can view and edit values in gconf-editor12:36
chrisccoulsonand no liborbit ;)12:36
seb128seems good12:37
seb128well at least if gconf breaks nowadays it will not break most of the desktop12:37
chrisccoulsonseb128, ok, i've pushed it to https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/gconf/ubuntu (if you feel like doing some sponsoring) ;)12:39
seb128ok, can do12:39
seb128do you want me to give it a round of local testing as well?12:39
chrisccoulsonseb128, it's up to you. it seems to be working without issue here12:39
seb128ok, will just build and install it12:40
seb128I tend to do that, often it's enough to notice issue in the few hours it takes for building and publishing12:40
chrisccoulsonbrb, need to restart xchat ;)12:40
loolseb128: Eh, I'm actually running unity, but for a while I kept alternate sessions available because I feared being stuck with a broken desktop session and not being able to do any work  ;-)12:46
loolI have unity + unity-2d + classic desktop around ATM, but I think I'm confortable dropping one at this point, I'm not sure which one and how to remove the packages though12:47
loolis there more risk in unity-2d or in classic GNOME to be uninstallable during dev cycles?12:47
lools/uninstallable/not installable12:48
seb128they should both be installable out of transitions12:49
seb128i.e i don't think any of those will stay uninstallable for days12:49
seb128gnome-panel was on my list to fix for today for example12:49
loolI thought indicator-* wasn't installable for a long time, but it turned out that I had to remove some obsolete packages12:50
loolindicator-applet, indicator-applet-appmenu, indicator-applet-session, indicator-applet-complete12:50
seb128nobody bothered porting indicator-applet to gtk3 yet12:51
seb128it's low priority since dx cares about unity and GNOME doesn't care about indicators12:51
seb128so it's neither a priority for dx, the default install or GNOME sessions12:51
seb128which is a bit unfortunate12:52
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
loolhmm it seems installable at the moment, is it actually broken?12:52
loolah no, I still have all the -gtk2 applets installed12:53
seb128it shouldn't be installable12:53
loolhmm despite gnome-panel using gtk-312:53
seb128it depends on a libpanel-applet version which doesn't work with gnome-panel12:53
mterryseb128, I did get a reply from that guy about signing the CA for indicator-datetime.  He has to ask his employer12:53
seb128we should perhaps make gnome-panel breaks libpanel-applet12:53
seb128mterry, urg12:53
seb128mterry, we should just merge those trivial fix, less than 10 lines fixes are not copyrightable and mark said it's ok to merge12:54
loolyeah, a breaks sounds sensible12:54
loolso I guess I should rather drop the gnome-panel based stack than the unity-2d one12:54
seb128lool, well I wanted to avoid leading to get things that ship a binary and an applet not installable because the applet is broken12:55
mterryseb128, really?  I thought the latest word on that was legal wanted everything to be CA12:55
loolseb128: at the same time, if the breaks is on the gnome-panel side, you can assume people are using gnome-panel if they hit the breaks and hence the applet might be important to them12:56
loolif they installed just the pacakge with the binary which pulled libpanel-applet, but not gnome-panel, they are fine12:57
pittimterry: Mark said trivial fixes are ok without CA12:57
seb128mterry, well, I wish that was stated clearly sometime, but pitti pinged mark about a trivial patch recently asking for confirmation if that was ok to commit without ca and he said ok12:57
mterrypitti, did he give guidelines for what is trivial?12:58
pittian obvious one-liner fix certainly is12:58
mterry(I suspect this patch qualifies, I'm just curious)12:58
loolI think Steve gave some12:58
pittithere's no hard line, of cours; a ten-line patch might be trivial or utterly complicated12:58
loolI can't find Steve's writeup though12:59
=== dobey_ is now known as dobey
mterryI suspect this is why legal originally wanted everything to go through CA: programmers will likely make mistakes when making legal judgements about triviality13:00
mterryBut I can push this patch through, it seems to be trivial13:00
seb128mterry, the other issues is that if that's a trivial fix and only one way to fix the bug what happens13:00
seb128like the contributor doesn't want to sign and we have no other way to fix the typo13:00
seb128does it mean we can't fix the bug?13:00
loolseb128: BTW evolution-exchange failed to build; the new upstream release's diff didn't seem to help with this, albeit it could but I doubt it; gnome-shell also fails to build (can't install build-deps -- something around libclutter is broken)13:01
seb128mterry, well, what we can do for sure is distro patch any patch13:01
mterryseb128, I suspect you can just clean room it with someone that hasn't seen the patch13:01
seb128mterry, distro patches don't need c-a13:01
seb128lool, thanks, clutter I fixed yesterday but I hit a pango depends bug I fixed, it just needs a retry13:02
seb128lool, doing the retry13:02
seb128mterry, so while dx figures if they can merge or not we can distro patch the fix if we want13:02
mterryseb128, mpt: are there any plans for update-notifier this cycle.  I was porting to gtk3/gdbus/gsettings and didn't want to be wasting my time.13:03
mterrymissed a question mark there13:03
seb128mvo, ^13:03
seb128mterry, each time I ask mvo he says he want to replace it the day upstart get session jobs management13:03
mterryI also note it still has a lot of StatusIcon code13:03
seb128mterry, which is the case for over a year13:03
mptmterry, I don't know why update-notifier would need to use GTK at all at this point, but that's more an mvo question13:03
seb128mterry, yeah, the statusicon code is for i.e xubuntu13:03
mterrympt, for statusicons and I think a reboot question dialog or something13:04
mptmterry, it hasn't used a status icon since 9.04. And update-manager could handle the restart dialog itself, couldn't it?13:05
mptoh, Xubuntu13:05
mvomterry: could you push your port somewhere?13:05
mvompt: yeah, other distros13:05
mvompt: this is why I would love to replace u-n with a bunch of upstart jobs for us and leave the ui bits in universe, but I think we are not there yet.13:06
mterrymvo, I can.  I'm halfway through the gsettings one, but gdbus and gtk3 are done (relatively easy)13:06
mvomterry: nice, I will definitely take it :)13:06
mvomterry: especially now that update-manager is using gsettings, some stuff they do in concert13:07
mptmterry, my only remaining concern relating to update-notifier is bug 35148413:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 351484 in update-manager "update-manager options no longer match functionality" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35148413:07
mvoisn't that more a software-properties issue?13:08
mptThe UI is, certainly. Would it need any u-n changes?13:09
mvofwiw, this is part of the recent work in software-properties trunk to factor out the stuff into dbus13:09
mptOr is this a case where I reveal just how thoroughly I don't know what I'm talking about? :-)13:09
mvompt: I don't think that it will actually need u-n changes, I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that its just a matter of setting the right gconf/gsetting options from s-p as the normal user (this is not possible currently because it runs as root)13:10
mvompt: heh :) the whole interaction became a bit complicated over time with those root vs user settings mix :/13:11
mterrymvo, https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/update-notifier/gtk3-and-gdbus/+merge/6783113:14
mterrystill working on gsettings13:14
seb128mvo, what is u-n still doing in stock unity session?13:15
seb128mvo, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be easier to stop using u-n and get whatever it's doing in gsd or something13:15
mvoseb128: just launching a bunch of applications (like update-manager)13:15
mvoseb128: its doing apport, the detection of upgradable cdroms, interactive upgrade hooks, reboot (but not on ubuntu), checks for the new distro release and update check13:16
mvoseb128: I would love to make each of that a indiviual script that is controlled by something else (like upstart sessions)13:17
seb128it's probably easier to just keep it this way until we get apport session jobs13:17
seb128seems like non trivial work to move all those somewhere else13:17
mvoyeah, its usually relative low maintenance13:17
* mvo nods13:18
seb128chrisccoulson, is that wanted that you let the libgconf2-dev depends on liborbit2-dev?13:28
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
chrisccoulsonseb128, oh, no, that's an oversight13:29
chrisccoulsongood spot ;)13:29
seb128chrisccoulson, did you ask cjwatson about having it added to the desktop set btw?13:29
chrisccoulsonseb128, not just yet13:30
=== Zdra is now known as xclaesse
seb128rodrigo_, did you need orbit2 sponsoring btw?13:34
seb128pitti, there?13:34
seb128pitti, the preinst in your py3cairo looks weird13:35
chrisccoulsonwtf, i've only just noticed that i've got no wireless connection since i rebooted :/13:35
seb128gconf issue?!13:35
ogra_hmpf, so the new lightdm leaves me with a hardlocked greeter13:39
seb128ogra_, did you upgrade liblightdm-gobject-0-0 as well?13:42
seb128bug #80977613:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 809776 in lightdm "needs tighter dependency on liblightdm-gobject-0-0" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80977613:42
ogra_oh, no, i didnt13:42
ogra_i dist-upgraded though13:42
seb128try that13:42
* ogra_ checks 13:42
seb128well that should have done it for you13:42
=== zyga is now known as zyga-afk
seb128they come from the same source so got published together13:42
seb128cjwatson, if you update sets can you add orbit2 and gconf to the desktop one?13:44
seb128cjwatson, thanks13:44
cjwatsonseb128: can I have mail please?13:45
seb128chrisccoulson, rodrigo_: ^13:45
seb128you guys should send those emails ;-)13:45
cjwatsonI already did orbit2 in response to a mail from rodrigo_13:45
seb128oh ok13:46
seb128chrisccoulson, send the gconf email now so it's sorted and you can fix the depends and upload ;-)13:46
chrisccoulsonseb128, ok, 1 second13:47
chrisccoulsontrying to figure out where my wireless went ;)13:47
seb128chrisccoulson, is it done yet? ;-)13:47
chrisccoulsoncyphermox, i have no wireless since i rebooted this morning ;)13:47
cyphermoxoh, sweet13:47
cyphermoxchrisccoulson: what do you get in syslog?13:47
seb128chrisccoulson, well at least you use a mailer about to send non empty emails ;-)13:48
* kenvandine notes not to update today :)13:48
pittiFWIW, wifi working just fine here13:48
* cyphermox tries to update now13:48
cyphermoxpitti: I haven't updated NM in at least a week, so it might be kernel or something else13:48
cyphermoxchrisccoulson: ^^13:48
cyphermoxchrisccoulson: if you pastebin /var/log/syslog I'll try to figure out what it might be13:49
chrisccoulsoncyphermox, http://paste.ubuntu.com/643268/13:49
chrisccoulsonnote, my wireless transmitter appears to be turned off completely, like i've switched it off with the kill switch13:50
cyphermoxbut the killswitch is enabled (eg. not blocking wifi)13:51
chrisccoulsoncyphermox, yeah. my bluetooth adapter is still on too (it controls both)13:51
cyphermoxin case, check if rfkill list shows something blocked, but you don't seem to have the wifi driver loaded or exposing a device13:51
cyphermox(wlan0 isn't listed)13:52
chrisccoulsoncyphermox, bingo. it works if i modprobe iwlagn13:52
chrisccoulsoni wonder why that's not loaded now ;)13:53
cyphermoxoh boy..13:53
cyphermoxcould you please reboot to see if it was just a one-shot?13:53
chrisccoulsoncyphermox, yeah, will do that once i've finished uploading all of the mozilla daily builds13:53
chrisccoulsoncould be a little while ;)13:54
cyphermoxotherwise you should open a kernel bug, but iwlagn not loading by itself (or a race) doesn't sound like fun :/13:54
cyphermoxI don't happen to have a device with iwlagn here sadly13:54
* ogra_ notices that using startx and firing off unity-2d-panel/-launcher manually gets you funny theme issues 13:55
chrisccoulsonright, time to send my non-empty e-mail :)13:55
cyphermoxpedro_: you there?13:56
cyphermoxseb128: do you also send empty emails now?13:56
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
seb128cyphermox, no, but debian-devel-changes and some others are rendered empty there (or at least only part of those)13:57
cyphermoxright, it's rendering13:57
seb128but I didn't try to send emails today since I'm not sure if they will go out blank or not13:57
cyphermoxcare to try a PPA package with two extra patches from git?13:58
pedro_cyphermox, yup13:58
seb128can do in a bit if pedro doesn't beat me to it13:58
cyphermoxmine don't go blank :)13:58
cyphermoxok, hold on13:58
seb128cyphermox, subscribe to debian-devel-changes13:58
seb128those seem a good case of display empty13:59
cyphermoxright... but I would have preferred to subscribe to that on my other account, which I can't add because gtk still breaks the account wizard ;D13:59
seb128which speaking of which I'm just working on14:00
cyphermoxseb128: pedro_: that's where I put the e-d-s package ^^14:00
* pedro_ trying14:00
cyphermoxif this doesn't work I'll upload 3.1.3 again.14:00
cyphermoxi think it might be because while I applied the patches to evo to remove camel_stream_printf, I didn't also include the similar patches in eds, this would fix it.14:02
loolseb128: I'm hitting the lightdm greeter crash too; I suspect it's a .dmrc thing, maybe related to ecryptfs14:03
loolseb128: I see there's an unchecked call to ldm_user_get_session() which I suspect might be returning NULL14:04
loolcould we have an apport retrace of it?14:04
* pitti restarts the retracers after the LP rollout today14:05
seb128pitti, thanks14:05
pittioh, seems seb128 already did?14:05
pittia,h, no14:05
pittithey are stuck14:05
loolI'd like to check whether greeters/gtk/lightdm-example-gtk-greeter.c:84 is in the stack trace14:05
loolI'm getting three new bugs now, gah14:06
loolxterm lost its icon in unity, commands launched from alt-f2 don't inherit the session's environment, and gdm doesn't parse /etc/X11/Xresources/*14:06
pedro_cyphermox, i'm still seeing the blank email bug14:09
seb128lool, the session environment is not a bug14:13
seb128lool, cf http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-utopia/dbus.git;a=commitdiff;h=83799f5a28ca70077e6fb4b06736740ec763fd0014:13
seb128lool, well it makes appmenu bug because it's Xsession script needs to be moved before the dbus one14:13
rodrigo_seb128, already sent mail to cjwatson, and seems he's added it, so trying an upload of orbit2 now14:17
seb128rodrigo_, right14:17
seb128once chrisccoulson sends his we are set14:17
seb128or until the next time we have a source not in the set at least ;-)14:17
chrisccoulsonrodrigo_, you requested orbit? (just so i don't duplicate things)14:18
rodrigo_chrisccoulson, yes14:18
chrisccoulsonwtf, "LDAP server search problem"14:18
chrisccoulsonprobably because i'm hammering my connection ;)14:18
seb128chrisccoulson, use debsign to remote sign the uploads so you don't need to download and upload the tarballs ;-)14:19
chrisccoulsonyeah, i will start doing that before my ISP cuts me off ;)14:19
loolseb128: I'm not sure what you mean with the above commit around dbus?14:20
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
seb128lool, that's what broke the alt-f2 environment thing14:20
loolseb128: is it because unity is started by dbus which is started without the env?14:20
loolseb128: I wonder why we didn't patch the line running STARTUP?14:21
seb128lool, what are you missing in your environment?14:21
loolor simply added exec </dev/null14:21
loolseb128: SSH_AGENT14:22
seb128lool, that commit means that anything dbus activated will get only things which were in the environment at the time the dbus Xsession script ran14:22
seb128lool, when, where do you set SSH_AGENT?14:22
loolseb128: Xsession does it; you're right that this commits breaks it14:22
seb128it's 90x1114:22
seb128so after dbus14:22
seb128lool, talk to smcv I guess14:22
loolseb128: it used to run ssh-agent dbus-launch ... now it's running them separately14:22
loolseb128: will do,thanks14:23
seb128lool, 90x11 needs to be moved before the dbus Xsession script14:23
loolI'd say that stdin shouldbe closed in another way and this change reverted14:23
seb128or dbus needs to be moved at 9914:23
seb128lool, or that14:23
seb128lool, it's breaking appmenu as well, I would not be surprised if it created other issues14:24
seb128lool, smcv is on #telepathy if you don't know where to find him on IRC14:24
seb128not sure if he's on oftc or on other channels14:24
rodrigo_pitti, did you release a new jockey tarball? if not, should I just add the patch for g-c-c to the package or just wait till you do a release?14:25
loolseb128: I saw him on #debian-devel, but not around right now14:30
loolwill file a bug with debian14:30
seb128lool, ok14:30
cyphermoxpedro_: building 3.1.3 again locally, then I'll upload it to my ppa again just in case it would not fix the problem :/14:32
pittirodrigo_: oh, sorry; can do it now14:33
pedro_cyphermox, ok, just ping me and i'll re test , thanks :-)14:33
pittirodrigo_: uploaded14:37
GunnarHjpitti: Hello Martin, other things need my attention, so the demo of the shared scripts idea will have to wait a day or two.14:40
GunnarHjpitti: On another topic, the MP https://code.launchpad.net/~gunnarhj/language-selector/oneiric/+merge/65531 has been there for a while. Do you have time to take a look?14:40
rodrigo_pitti, cool, thanks!14:42
loolseb128: had a good discussion on this with smcv on #debian-devel; don't think it is likely to get fixed properly soon; it seems dbus-launch is insane   :-/14:53
seb128lool, should the dbus Xsession script maybe moved to 99?14:54
seb128lool, or 81 at least14:54
loolit wouldn't help14:55
loolthe only way to restore support for the env, is to move back to the old-style launching, but smcv wanted to replace dbus-launch with a thinner wrapper doing something that everybody agrees upon and is trivial14:56
seb128well if the variable was set before the dbus Xsession script it would be in the dbus environment14:56
loolbecause it's not environment coming from the Xsession.d scripts; the environment is setup on startup14:56
loolthat is, the env var is created by ssh-agent when it starts14:56
loolso that you need to run exactly "ssh-agent dbus-launch foo"14:56
loolyou can't run them separately14:56
seb128hum ok14:57
seb128still seems his commit is breaking things over what it's fixing, I wonder if we should revert14:57
seb128like it fixes a login manager that nobody is using issue14:57
loolwe could revert; it's only relevant for some odd fdms14:57
loolnodm and another one14:57
seb128seems like the issues we get as a side effect are annoying over the original bug14:58
seb128like nobody ever complained about the issue he fixed before in ubuntu14:58
pittiGunnarHj: hm, seems I didn't get mailed about that one, looking at it now14:58
seb128but the "fix" at least broken ssh and appmenu14:58
loolseb128: yup14:58
seb128lool, what do you think?14:58
loolseb128: it's complex14:58
loolseb128: there are really 3 old issues here14:58
seb128lool, what would you recommend to do? ;-) I trust you to have a better understanding of the different issues of either solution14:59
mterrymvo, and https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/update-notifier/gsettings/+merge/6784814:59
loola) dbus-launch is a mess that nobody understands and does weird things; smcv proposes a replacment dbus-session-launch or something which would be simple and that people would understand; it would cover exactly one use case14:59
rodrigo_is xkb-data on the CD?14:59
loolb) some dms are doing a bit weak things, like relying on the tty that they are launched from and leaving stdin open14:59
seb128rodrigo_, yes15:00
loolc) I'm relying on commands launched over dbus to keep an environment coming from somewhere, but that's pretty weak15:00
rodrigo_seb128, ok, so for the keyboard layouts, libxklavier seems to read stuff from xkb-data and the xmodmaps from gnome-applets-data15:00
mvomterry: \o/15:00
loolso I will probably stop using the Xsession ssh-agent completely and go back to keychain or something like that, and have every shell launched in xterm setup ssh-agent if needs be15:00
seb128rodrigo_, gnome-applets-data is not on the CD15:00
seb128rodrigo_, since gnome-panel etc are not on the CD15:00
rodrigo_so, missing keyboard layouts (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/800561) might be because of the missing gnome-applets-data?15:01
ubot2Ubuntu bug 800561 in gnome-control-center "No way to add other keymap than english on Live CD" [High,Triaged]15:01
pittiGunnarHj: merged/uploaded, thanks!15:01
seb128rodrigo_, oh, they are not missing15:01
seb128rodrigo_, the issue is reverse15:01
loolthe whole Xsession setup feels as old and static as sysvinit15:01
seb128rodrigo_, there are like 15 english layouts on the liveCD try session for some reason15:01
mvomterry: in a meething, but I look right when that is over15:01
seb128rodrigo_, g-c-c limits the number of layout so it doesn't let you add new ones15:01
loolseb128: smcv said he will do something in dbus-launch in the short term too, as to keep old-world users like me working15:01
seb128rodrigo_, if you delete all the english variants it works15:01
loolbut essentially the model is broken15:01
seb128lool, well it's not only you15:02
loolI think there was some gnome-session API to set env vars or something, that might be a way forward too, don't know15:02
seb128lool, you said alt-f2 was broken15:02
rodrigo_seb128, hmm, so where's the bug, in xkb-data? default config? why do we have so many layouts?15:02
seb128lool, which uses gio to launch commands15:02
seb128rodrigo_, why is the question15:02
loolseb128: alt-f2's environment is lacking Xsession's ssh-agent env, yes15:02
seb128lool, it's only using gio to run commands15:02
seb128lool, seems like it impacts gio, gdbus and not only dbus-launch15:03
seb128lool, well gdbus uses dbus-launch somewhere15:03
loolhmm maybe15:03
seb128gdbusaddress.c:  command_line = g_strdup_printf ("dbus-launch --autolaunch=%s --binary-syntax --close-stderr", machine_id);15:03
seb128lool, ^15:03
seb128rodrigo_, so it doesn't happen if you pick "try ubuntu" from the menu you get when pressing a key early in the boot15:04
loolseb128: the thing is that the old-world model is broken for other cases too15:04
loolfor instance, if any process dies, the whole thing might die15:04
seb128rodrigo_, it does it you use the "try ubuntu" icon on the ubiquity screen you get by not doing anything and waiting it to boot15:04
seb128rodrigo_, do you know where it gets the "current active keymaps" list from?15:05
loolI can't update the environment that got inherite in other running processes15:05
loolso the keychain approach is a bit nicer to handlethis15:05
seb128lool, hum15:05
loolenvironment inheritance and dbus don't play very well together really15:05
rodrigo_seb128, /usr/share/xmodmap and/or /usr/share/X11/xkb15:06
seb128lool, still in practice we didn't have real issues before and we have now15:06
seb128rodrigo_, well those are a static list, if I boot in french I've french only in the g-c-c dialog15:06
loolseb128: sure; clearly we're better off reverting, and smcv will do something in this direction15:06
seb128rodrigo_, if I boot in spanish I've spanish15:06
loolhe will likely implement a different dbus-launch change instead15:06
seb128rodrigo_, so "current" is coming from somewhere?15:06
loolbut the truth is that it's just the tip of the iceberg15:06
seb128lool, right, like it's not only dbus-launch15:06
seb128lool, gio is broken, ie the alt-f215:07
seb128well "broken"15:07
seb128it will not get the correct environment either15:07
loolseb128: alt-f2 works, just lacks some environment15:07
seb128well which in practice means no keyring15:07
seb128no appmenu15:07
loolah is keyring broken too?15:07
loolI didn't check that15:07
loolI'm not running it anymore15:08
seb128well I didn't check15:08
seb128but it used to rely on some environment as well15:08
loolI think dbus is working ok15:08
loolit's just lacking bits from ssh-agent in my case15:08
seb128lool, thanks for the details, I think I will just revert and wait to see what smcv does in debian15:08
loolsounds good15:09
seb128it's the best middle way for us if we don't have anyone wanting to work actively on the issues the change create15:09
looland I will move away from ssh-agent in Xsession myself15:09
seb128kenvandine, ^ I will revert the dbus Xsession script behaviour change, so no need to bother moving appmenu conffiles15:09
loolseb128: since we're discussing old-cruft...  :-)  I am hitting a bug since I switched to gdm while ligthdm is crashing; it's in gdm's Xsession script which expects a /etc/X11/Xresources file while it's actually a directory in Debian/Ubuntu15:15
loollightdm had the same issue, I bet it's a file on Fedora/Solaris and it's a dir on Debian/Ubuntu15:15
loolI guess we would want to stop having tons of Xsession scripts all over the place, but in practice I suppose I should simply go patch gdm's copy?15:15
=== alecu is now known as alecu-afk
seb128lool, hum, that bug rings a bell15:17
seb128lool, but yeah, feel free to patch it15:18
kenvandineseb128, great :)15:18
seb128lool, if you do a gdm upload can you include another trivial fix?15:20
loolseb128: sure15:21
seb128lool, bug #80685715:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 806857 in gdm "Plymouth integration should use upstream “-background none” option" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80685715:23
seb128lool, it's just changing "-nr" to "-background none" in one of the patches15:23
m_conleyrodrigo_: ping15:25
loolseb128: got it, ok15:26
seb128lool, thanks ;-)15:26
rodrigo_m_conley, pong15:27
m_conleyrodrigo_: hey - got a minute to help me figure out where my Ubuntu One address book went?  :)  I need it to test my EDS add-on15:28
m_conleyrodrigo_: I understand contacts sync is having a service disruption, so I created a new U1 account.  However, Evolution isn't seeing the Ubuntu One address book.  Firing up e-addressbook-factory shows:  http://pastebin.mozilla.org/127128215:29
m_conleyrodrigo_: perhaps there's some way to "factory reset" evolution?15:29
rodrigo_m_conley, last notice I have is that desktopcouch has some keyring problem, so haven't been able to open u1 addressbooks in oneiric for some weeks15:30
m_conleyrodrigo_: ah, I see - so I'm not the only one.  Ok, cool.  :)15:30
m_conleyrodrigo_: thanks!15:30
LaneySweetshark: have you built libo/oneiric since mono 2.10.1 & cli-common 0.8 was uploaded? did it work?15:31
=== alecu-afk is now known as alecu
ogra_hmm, funny, now lightdm just works again15:34
ogra_i didnt do anything15:34
loologra_: it might be because your .dmrc now has the proper data15:34
ogra_lool, well, i upgraded to the latest15:35
loologra_: did you run another dm in the mean time, or did you login in another way?15:35
ogra_rebooted and couldnt put anything in at the greeter anymore15:35
ogra_rebooted again and restarted lightdm .. nothing in the logs etc ...15:36
ogra_then used startx for a while ... now after a reboot lightdm is back to normal15:36
* ogra_ would like to see unity-greeter but apparently installing it isnt enough)15:37
loolseb128: would you close https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dbus/+bug/809900 when reverting the dbus-launch changes?15:40
ubot2Ubuntu bug 809900 in dbus "Environment of alt-f2 commands not the same as compiz'" [Undecided,New]15:40
seb128lool, yes15:41
seb128lool, do you prefer to keep it open to track potential work needed?15:41
loolseb128: not really, I don't think we will ever have the time to look after this kind of cleanups15:42
seb128pedro_, do you have a jhbuild?16:09
pittigood night everyone, Taekwondo time16:09
seb128'night pitti16:09
seb128pitti, oh, I'm off tomorrow and friday btw16:09
pittiseb128: oh, enjoy16:09
seb128tomorrow is a national holiday (bastille day)16:10
seb128then I'm swapping friday16:10
seb128well I might be around doing some hacking if it rains as they plan, let's see16:10
seb128pitti, thanks ;-)16:10
pedro_seb128, I'd say no, is there but 'really' outdated16:11
seb128pedro_, ok, slacker :p16:14
seb128pedro_, ok, doing a gtk build for gnome bug 65396016:14
ubot2Gnome bug 653960 in Sound "audio capplet: device list truncated in input and output tabs" [Normal,Needinfo] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65396016:14
seb128rodrigo_, ^ or maybe you can try in your jhbuild?16:14
pedro_seb128, haven't had time to updated it  since you keep kicking at my door16:14
chrisccoulsonseb128, you're slacking tomorrow? ;)16:15
seb128chrisccoulson, tomorrow and friday!16:15
seb128chrisccoulson, speaking of slacking did you send the gconf email? ;-)16:15
chrisccoulsonseb128, i did, and i was just in the process of uploading ;)16:16
rodrigo_seb128, yes, coming next on my todo list16:16
seb128chrisccoulson, don't forget to drop the depends on liborbit2-dev ;-)16:16
seb128rodrigo_, thanks16:16
chrisccoulsonseb128, done ;)16:16
seb128rodrigo_, btw sorry was a bit crazy before16:16
seb128rodrigo_, do you know how the current keymaps list is built?16:17
seb128rodrigo_, like what says my system has french and english configured?16:17
seb128rodrigo_, the files you pointed have all the definitions, they don't tell you what is configured?16:17
seb128chrisccoulson, \o/16:18
dobeyrodrigo_: are you going to do a new evo-couchdb release anytime soon?16:18
rodrigo_seb128, your selected layouts are in gsettings, the rest is xkb/X11 thing16:20
rodrigo_dobey, yes, this week probably or beginning of next one16:21
seb128rodrigo_, well on first login it gets the layout from x11 somewhere16:21
seb128rodrigo_, do you know if that's libxklavier or something? is that an xprop?16:21
seb128rodrigo_, the issue for the bug you pointed is to know why the capplet lists a load of english variants16:21
seb128rodrigo_, do you know if there is any tools I can use to get the values from x11?16:22
dobeyrodrigo_: did you make an updated "enable the u1 entry by default" patch yet? (just checking, not rushing)16:22
rodrigo_seb128, no, still investigating all that16:22
seb128rodrigo_, ok16:23
seb128rodrigo_, I can reproduce the bug if you need help testing16:23
rodrigo_dobey, no, not yet, will do after the release16:23
rodrigo_seb128, I am also downloading the live image, to test it myself, so I guess I'll be able to replicate16:23
rodrigo_if not, I'll ask you16:23
seb128rodrigo_, ok16:23
seb128rodrigo_, don't do the same mistake than me, don't press a key on boot :p16:24
dobeyrodrigo_: ok, thanks. please ping me when you do, so i can fix the nightlies :)16:24
seb128rodrigo_, let it boot until ubiquity and click on "try ubuntu"16:24
seb128well maybe cjwatson knows better how that work16:24
seb128cjwatson, do you know if keyboard layouts are set differently if you select "try ubuntu" on the text mode menu from a liveCD compared at if you let it boot and select "try ubuntu" on ubiquity?16:25
seb128cjwatson, using the second option leads to bug #80056116:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 800561 in gnome-control-center "No way to add other keymap than english on Live CD" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80056116:26
seb128cjwatson, somewhat GNOME lists all the possible english variants as being configured16:27
seb128pitti, btw did you see my py3cairo preinst comment before?16:27
seb128pitti, it seems like a copy from pycairo to handle packaging system changes, shouldn't be required in the new source?16:28
cjwatsonseb128: well, it goes into a different session, so it's possible16:32
* desrt cranks down the ugly by cranking up the evil16:33
cjwatsonseb128: ev knows that code better than I do though16:33
cjwatson(I mean, it goes into a different session on the way through)16:33
cyphermoxdesrt: how evil? :)16:33
desrtstealing-pointer-to-class-vtable-and-patching-my-own-function-in evil16:34
cyphermoxoh, so happy-fun-fun evil.16:34
=== zyga-afk is now known as zyga
seb128cjwatson, thanks, I should have asked on #ubuntu-devel, doing that now16:35
cyphermoxseb128: pedro_: 3.1.3 (and rebuilding evo) seems to work properly, so I'll upload them again shortly (heading out to lunch, back in a few)16:45
seb128did pedro try the ppa build?16:45
seb128cyphermox, btw I uploaded a fixed gtk16:45
cyphermoxwith the patch, he tried, but it didn't fix the problem16:45
cyphermoxI prepared for my PPA and it's building now, but locally it all seems good so I'd just upload it16:46
pedro_looks like evo wants me to use thunderbird :-P16:47
cyphermoxpedro_: well, there is that... since we want to have thunderbird by default, this will ensure it's the case ;D16:47
seb128not being able to add accounts for some weeks was a good way to make sure nobody installed oneiric would try evo16:48
pedro_at least i didn't lost all my emails like when it migrated to sqlite, that was really bad16:49
seb128use imap ;-)16:50
seb128rodrigo_, ok, so we are discussing the keymap issue on #ubuntu-devel16:51
seb128rodrigo_, but it seems rather an ubiquity issue, so I will reassign there16:51
seb128rodrigo_, ok, reassigned to ubiquity, you can probably move on to another bug16:55
ricotzis someone looking at the telepathy-glib build failure?17:03
seb128ricotz, check with infinity on #ubuntu-devel, he did the upload17:03
ricotzseb128, ok17:04
seb128lool, you can use the unity-greeter if you want in gdm17:47
seb128lool, confirmed it's the simple gtk one which segfault on ecryptfs directories17:47
loolseb128: Yeah, I bet it's because it can't open .dmrc there17:48
seb128could be17:48
seb128you can use the others workaround as well17:48
cyphermoxseb128: about to upload e-d-s now; that will need rebuilds of things like indicator-datetime again though18:34
seb128cyphermox, did that break abi again?18:36
seb128cyphermox, did you try to git snapshot eds and evo to see if that worked?18:36
cyphermoxyes. 3.1.3 has libcamel -27, had -2818:36
cyphermoxnot git snapshots, but I took all the patches that did stuff other than just cleanup and chaging layout18:37
cyphermoxI can always do a test with git HEAD18:37
seb128downgrading abi doesn't seem right18:37
cyphermoxI know :/18:37
seb128we can keep evo broken for a few days18:38
cyphermoxI'll try some more testing with things in git see if I can pinpoint it to a particular thing broken18:38
seb128what I would do there is to upgrade both to git, see if it works, if not go on #evolution and ping mbarnes18:39
seb128let's not break abi both way again18:39
cyphermoxI'll push all that to my evolution-staging PPA as before18:39
seb128oneiric is still in alpha and evo is not default18:39
cyphermoxfwiw, what I tested before was with EDS up to 9804a01be7a9db5a30791ee3319a076e94946d72; the rest seemed like just code cleanup and translations18:41
seb128go on #evolution and ask mbarnes if git trunk is supposed to work18:41
seb128it's way easier that to try to figure what's wrong on your side18:41
seb128he should know what the status is18:42
seb128cyphermox, so are we sure that your ppa version is broken? did somebody else than pedro tested?18:52
seb128ok, let me try now18:52
cyphermoxit has now18:52
cyphermoxenter is too close to apostrophe :)18:53
cyphermoxI'll put the patches in that I believe should have everything work, upload both eds and evo, and then we'll test18:54
seb128cyphermox, ok, I'm done with other things I was doing so I can do testing, let me know if you get those built somewhere19:01
cyphermoxit's pushed, waiting for it to build19:01
dobeyhrmm, where is that bcurtis character19:01
cyphermoxseb128: amd64 or i386?19:02
seb128cyphermox, i38619:02
cyphermoxamd64 is already building, i386 will be an hour at least19:02
seb128dobey, he has not been on IRC for a while it seems19:02
dobeyseb128: yeah, i noticed that :)19:03
seb128cyphermox, one hour doesn't seem likley19:04
seb128cyphermox, the builder queue has 19 jobs waiting19:04
cyphermoxright, that's why I added "at least" ;)19:04
seb128cyphermox, no, I think it's going to be less19:04
cyphermoxit's been taking a little while lately19:05
seb128where did you upload?19:05
cyphermoxnormally, e-d-s updated should be sufficient; let's hope it really will be.19:05
seb128it's ricotz and chrisccoulson blocking the builders19:07
chrisccoulsonwasn't me....19:07
* cyphermox fires up the home builder machine ;)19:07
seb128chrisccoulson, ubuntu-mozilla-daily building trunk versions19:08
seb128chrisccoulson, I blame you!19:08
chrisccoulsoni've only got 5 builds going ;)19:08
chrisccoulsonactually, 419:08
seb128bah, and launchpad timeout19:08
chrisccoulsonyou should see them just after i've uploaded the dailies ;)19:08
seb128I can figure who uploaded a gtranslation update in the gnome3-ppa but I will bet on ricotz19:09
chrisccoulsonperhaps it's time for me to do another daily build!19:09
seb128chrisccoulson, no, it's time for you to get dinner! ;-)19:09
seb128ricotz, if that's you who did the gtranslator update, is there a need to backport softwares nobody use in that ppa? ;-)19:10
ricotzi hope some like to package cogl19:10
seb128ricotz, what about you? ;-)19:10
ricotzseb128, i added since it was a gtk3 build and now i need to keep it a bit updated :\19:11
ricotzseb128, hmm19:11
seb128hum, k, I think it's a bit crazy that the ppa is an oneiric copy19:12
seb128if users really want oneiric they can as well dist-upgrade ;-)19:12
ricotzit isnt a oneiric copy19:12
seb128well it's close19:12
ricotzit doesnt include 3.1.x19:12
seb128you seem to backport every single GNOME upload19:12
seb128or GNOMEish19:12
seb128well, that's something I guess ;-)19:13
seb128well I can understand you backport GNOME319:13
ricotzright, but still it seems to be heavily used19:13
seb128but things like gtranslator seem weird19:13
seb128like not sure we have anybody using that19:13
ricotzi know19:14
seb128ricotz, like is there any need to do git pango builds? ;-)19:15
seb128it's entertaining to watch the builder queue ;-)19:16
seb128well natty git builds19:16
ricotzi needed the G_CONST stuff and add it to my scripts19:17
ricotzbut it seems they broke the introspection build19:18
dobeyLaney: ping19:23
dobeyLaney: hi. is mono-csc a debian/ubuntu-only thing?19:23
dobeyoh :(19:24
Laneyjust carry on using gmcs upstream19:24
seb128chrisccoulson, you do 3h builds of firefox daily?19:25
seb128bah, I'm glad the build is done but no wonder we get ppa backlog :p19:25
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah19:25
chrisccoulsonseb128, it's not as bad as chromium ;)19:25
seb128right, don't get me started on fta ;-)19:25
chrisccoulson(although, i do firefox *and* thunderbird)19:26
kenvandineseb128, ok, i just finished the last thing i considered a blocker before uploading gwibber to oneiric :)19:26
seb128kenvandine, oh, don't start smiling, I've noticed gwibber on the list!19:26
seb128somebody was doing a gwibber natty build but it seems done now19:26
Laneydobey: honestly it's nothing to worry about19:26
Laneythe patch just fixes what was intended to be the case anyway19:27
dobeyLaney: i'm not worried. i'm just saying it sucks19:27
Laneyhow does it suck?19:27
kenvandinei need to run out to go to meeting my kid's new teachers... but i'll plan to upload it in the morning :)19:27
Laneyit's a convenient way for debian/ubuntu to switch the default profile without upstreams having to care19:28
dobeyLaney: because if anyone downloads random mono app and compiles it on debian/ubuntu, it presumably won't do the right thing19:28
seb128kenvandine, great ;-)19:28
dobeyLaney: then why is that patch needed for libu1?19:28
Laneyso that the distribution's copy uses the distribution's default19:28
dobeywhy shouldn't any random source i download and compile on ubuntu, not use the ubuntu defaults to compile with?19:29
dobey(by default)19:29
Laneybecause it's an ubuntuism?19:29
Laneyyou don't expect everything you do in the packaging to be reflected in the upstream build process19:30
dobeyso if libubuntuone is built against the 4.0 profile, and i'm hacking on banshee from git, it won't work, because when i just do ./autogen.sh && make in banshee, it's going to build against the 2.0 profile, and the libu1 bindings will be 'too new' to use, no?19:31
dobeyi mean, if something changes with default flags in gcc in ubuntu, that gets reflected when I build something written in C19:32
Laney2.0 apps cannot use 4.0 libraries19:32
dobeythis seems like a problem to me, unless we're going to build for both by default?19:32
dobeyso this is a problem, yes? because i'm having a really hard time understanding how it isn't19:36
Laneyyou have to ask your application to use the 4.0 compiler if you are building against 4.0 libraries19:36
Laneyit isn't that hard19:37
Laneysooner or later upstreams will switch to 4.0 too19:37
dobeyi'm not arguing about the difficulty of passing different arguments to compile against a different profile19:38
dobeyi'm arguing that by default, i shouldn't have to, to build and use an app, on ubuntu19:38
Laneyi don't see how we can guarantee to support this for every single application19:41
Laneyfor banshee you can use the daily builds19:41
dobeyusing banshee daily builds doesn't help me hack on the source any easier19:42
dobeyif we can't support it, why would we switch the default?19:43
Laneysupport what?19:43
dobeyseems like it would be better to keep building as 2.0 for now, for libraries, since the 4.0 apps can still load them?19:43
Laneylook at this build I did today https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/banshee/2.1.0-1ubuntu519:43
Laneyseems well supported19:43
dobeysupport the 4.0 profile19:43
dobeyseems not well supported to me, if i can't download the upstream source of banshee from git, do apt-get build-dep banshee, and end up with a working build after doing ./autogen.sh && make run, with no special config19:48
Laneyno, instead you have to do ./autogen.sh MCS=/usr/bin/mono-csc19:55
Laneyour job is to support everything in the archive. we are doing that.19:55
dobeythat seems broken to me20:01
dobeywe don't require people to do that with other languages when we change the default profiles for them20:02
dobeywe just change the default profile, and if upstream stuff breaks on new ubuntu, then so be it20:02
Laneyi don't think i have ever seen an assertion that all upstream software must be buildable straight off20:10
Laneywhat if they start requiring a new library?20:10
dobeyLaney: i'm not saying all upstream software should be buildable20:12
dobeyLaney: i'm saying anything i try to build on ubuntu should use the same defaults as the stuff that's shipped in ubuntu20:13
dobeythere have certainly been many updates in ubuntu over the years that have broken upstream software building20:14
dobeylike the recent gcc update in oneiric did20:14
seb128cyphermox, bah, eds on i386 failed to upload20:18
cyphermoxfailed to upload?20:20
cyphermoxah I see20:20
seb128cyphermox, doing a local build now...20:22
seb128will be easier20:22
cyphermoxI have a local build in my buildd almost done too20:24
seb128cyphermox, eds from your ppa makes evo segfault on start20:44
seb128so what's next?20:45
lamalexmterry, is there any way to control piecemeal what gets restored by deja-dup?20:46
mterrylamalex, yes.  hold on a sec20:46
mterrylamalex, https://live.gnome.org/DejaDup/Help/20:46
mterrylamalex, basically, right click in nautilus20:47
cyphermoxseb128: I'm looking into it; this is pieces of code touched by the patch I added to eds20:47
seb128cyphermox, you should just snapshot both eds and evo git rather than backport individual commits20:48
seb128cyphermox, or diff tarball to trunk and drop it in a patch dir20:48
cyphermoxseb128: that's just something I already had20:48
seb128cyphermox, is there anything I can help with?20:52
cyphermoxseb128: not that I can think of. I'm doing the diff to have one patch that will make evo / eds be at git HEAD20:53
cyphermoxmy local buildd is fixed now too so I'll just quickly do the builds locally in pbuilder instead of waiting after PPAs20:54
seb128time to call it a day, by everybody21:06
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
brycehwhere does the indicator applet write logs?  trying to figure out why I can start banshee from commandline but not indicator (probably nfs' fault)22:18
TheMusobryceh: ~/.cache/indicators22:20
brycehTheMuso, hmm empty22:21
brycehok, killing the indicator service seems to have restored it22:23
RAOFBanshee starts for me, but the indicator doesn't disappear.22:28
RAOFIncidentally, did anyone else have problems logging in from lightdm today? :)22:28
ogra_yes, i had a hanging greeter that magically started working again after a while22:31
ogra_nothing in the logs though :/22:32
RAOFOh, maybe I just should have waited longer for it to ask for my password then :)22:32
ogra_no, i mean after several hours of working under a startx session :P22:32
ogra_and after a few reboots22:32

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