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dholbachgood morning06:38
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iulianMorning dholbach.07:45
iulianEarly start today? :)07:45
dholbachhi iulian08:10
dholbachiulian, yep, had to take the dog to the vet08:10
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dupondje23 bugs waiting for sponsorship :D ohhh10:14
dupondjesorry for the workload :D10:14
tumbleweeddupondje: if they are fixing problems, then it's good workload, \o/10:32
geserdupondje: keep up the workload and soon your sponsors get bored uploading for you and urge you to apply for MOTU :)10:40
Laneyafter DIF, I urge you to explain in your sync requests /why/ a sync is necessary though10:46
* tumbleweed has been trying to urge that already :)10:47
tumbleweedarchive admins presumably don't need to see reasons, they just do the sync, but sponsors need to understand why it's a good idea10:48
jtaylordupondje: no anwser from sylveste concerning clang yet, better file a bug10:53
dupondjetumbleweed: most of sync's are because ubuntu delta is now in debian, so we can sync that.10:54
dupondjenormally I noted that ... :)10:54
geserdupondje: why sync it now and not later?10:56
dupondjegeser: how you mean 'later' ?10:57
Laneythere's "why can we drop the delta?" and "why do we need the rest of the changes?"10:57
Laneyi.e. if there was no delta, would you still be requesting the sync?10:58
geserdupondje: in the future when there is an upload with useful changes10:58
dupondjewell its better to be in sync with debian again.10:59
dupondjeeven if there are no other changes10:59
geserwe shouldn't sync when the only difference is that we don't have the delta anymore (and no other useful (for Ubuntu) changes are included)10:59
geserdupondje: why? what's the benefit of being in sync right now?11:00
dupondjethat it won't need to be checked a second time ?11:00
dupondjejtaylor: made a bug11:02
dupondjejust mailed :) no number yet11:03
dupondjejtaylor: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=63373911:07
ubottuDebian bug 633739 in clang "clang is not fully multiarch" [Normal,Open]11:07
tumbleweedyou can also just note in MoM that $VER removes the need for any ubuntu delta, and sync it next cycle11:07
* tumbleweed tends to just do the sync straight away (before FF), but there's also no sponsor-time involved11:08
jtaylordupondje: you should give more information on the bug, the architecture where it fails, the folder where the header is, the LP bug you showed me and the apparent problem in the patch for that bug11:08
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dupondjejtaylor: added11:15
jtayloris dvipng installable on armel? (can't test myself due do libc bug :( )12:21
ogra_libc bug ?12:22
jtaylorW: Failure trying to run:  dpkg --force-depends --install /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.13-9ubuntu2_armel.deb12:22
tumbleweedthat's more a base-files bug than anything else. jtaylor: You should be able to work around it by creating /var/run12:25
jtaylorI have var/run12:26
tumbleweedin the chroot you are debootstrapping?12:27
jtaylorwhere is that with -dist?12:28
jtaylorfound it12:29
jtaylorseems to work, thx12:32
jtaylorok I can't install anything12:41
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dholbachUDW (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek) day 3 starting in 23 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:38
dupondjemicahg: fixed sox :)15:45
micahgdupondje: great!15:51
micahgdupondje: can you fix the weird space changes in the changelog as well?15:54
dupondjehuh where ? :) it looks fine from here ?15:56
micahgdupondje: last 7 or 8 sections in the changelog part of the diff15:56
dupondjeI see that also15:57
dupondjegrab-merge did that15:57
micahgdupondje: you probably inherited it from someone else :)15:57
broderdebian's armhf is the same architecture as armel, right? i.e. if something works on armel, it should work on armhf (though the reverse might not necessarily be true)?16:03
micahgbroder: idk, but this link was just posted in #debian-derivitives: http://wiki.debian.org/ArmHardFloatPort16:26
tumbleweedbroder: if you are asking about reptyr, there aren't any armhf porterboxes, so I can't test16:37
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dupondjemicahg: could you ACK the merge ?16:50
micahgdupondje: not right now, jdstrand is piloting though, maybe he could look at it16:50
dupondjeok :)16:51
jdstrandI'll look at it16:52
jdstranddupondje: ^16:52
dupondjethx jdstrand  :) I gave you some work héhé16:52
jdstrandyou did!16:52
jdstranddupondje: thanks for all your hard work :)16:52
dupondjethe goal is an empty ftbfs list and empty MoM :p16:54
brodertumbleweed: it looks like the person that filed that bug is leading the armhf porting effort, so i'm going to assume that he knows what he's talking about18:13
broder(or at least his company)18:14
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tumbleweedbroder: ah, I didn't see the bug20:26
* tumbleweed should subscribe to packages I sponsor... but I trust broder :)20:28
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* dupondje is giving jdstrand some work again :p21:11
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dupondjetumbleweed: ?21:51
tumbleweeddupondje: yeah?21:52
dupondjeyoure working on python-djvulibre in debian ?21:52
tumbleweedI reviewed the most recent upload, I do regular review/sponsorship in debian-python21:54
dupondjewell wanted to sync it21:54
dupondjebut its ftbfs21:54
dupondjealso in debian21:54
tumbleweedyay :/21:54
Quintasantumbleweed: Python magic ;)21:55
tumbleweedit built fine two weeks ago21:55
tumbleweeddupondje: builds for me on sid21:59
tumbleweedbut yes, I see the FTBFS on oneiric21:59
dupondjeweird pbuilder fails here on debian unstable22:03
tumbleweeddupondje: my local mirror is about 20 hours stale. /me tries against archive.u.c22:04
tumbleweederr, debian22:04
dupondjewell mine wasn't up-to-date22:04
dupondjeupdating & trying again22:04
dupondjenope fails again22:06
tumbleweeddupondje: err that's just a stripped translation problem. it's expecting a translated error message, but the lang-packs aren't installed on buildds. I still have no idea why you can replicate it in sid22:31
dupondjealso using pbuilder? Any idea btw how to fix it on ubuntu ?22:34
tumbleweedeither we need to add the lang-pack as a build-dep, or skip that test (or patch that test). None of those are ideal for forwarding to debian, and the upstream author probably isn't interested either.22:40
dupondjeanywaygtg now23:07

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