glennieis there a change in how we update videos? Stuff i've imported is not showing up.00:36
fluvvellHow can videos that are imported be made to show up in the index? In previous versions, we did an index scan of some sort, that option seems missing.01:06
patdk-lapno it's not01:24
patdk-lapmenu -> scan01:24
fluvvellpatdk-lap, *which* menu?02:17
fluvvellas in M for menu?02:18
fluvvelloh duh, didnt see that coming. Thanks patdk-lap02:22
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plainSailingHave a problem regarding watching dvb-t tv on Mythbuntu 11.04. The screen is split in two horizontally with the same tv program running in the upper and the lower half. Is there some configuration that I have got wrong?17:01
plainSailingI have run an earlier Mythbuntu with the exact same usb dvb-t dongle without this problem (on another computer).17:02
plainSailingWatching dvd or other material is fine by the way. This is only related to tv.17:03
tgm4883plainSailing, use a different interlacer17:09
tgm4883not bob2x17:09
tgm4883or get rid of your ATI card17:09
plainSailingRunning an AMD E350 so its hard to change the card... but I will read up on interlacer on the mythtv wiki. Found some info.17:12
plainSailingThanks for the pointer, much appreciated.17:12
tgm4883I'd give you more info, but I'm trying to learn right now in #ubuntu-classroom17:16
tafkazoh man...trouble here with my hauppauge remote since upgrade to ubuntu 11.0417:19
tafkazanyone can help with this issue: when lircd is stopped, i can see inputs in the cli when i pres buttons on the remote17:20
tafkazwith lircd running ( and it says lircd-0.8.7[7597]: initializing '/dev/input/irremote' which sounds really promising to me)17:20
tafkazirw will not show any inputs17:21
tafkazthis is so strange. the remote used to work perfectly until the update17:21
tgm4883tafkaz, IIRC that is known. superm1 ^17:21
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bug #783107 in linux (Ubuntu): “cx88 remote control does not work”17:21
rhpot1991sounds like you may need to move to a dev input lirc setup17:22
tafkazrhpot1991: i have that, i think17:22
tafkazin my hardware.conf i always had DRIVER="devinput"17:22
tafkaztgm4883 so noone has any answer to this17:23
tafkazthis is so odd, i dont want to use my keyboard to change channels! ;.)17:24
superm1check mythtv-users mailing list, there's been a lot of traffic about this i believe17:24
superm1i've not been able to keep up with all of it myself17:25
tafkazwill read now. but do you know if someone posted a solution allready?17:25
tafkaznope...dont seem so.....argh17:37
tafkazthis is crazy. why is working modules thrown out of the kernel17:46
tafkazthere's people who might need them...17:47
tafkazreally bad17:47
rhpot1991tafkaz: its called moving forward, things are moving away from lirc and towards in kernel input modules17:49
tafkazwell yes ok...thats perfectly ok for me17:51
tafkazbut we need to give legacy hardware still a way to work17:52
tafkazotherwise we wont be much better than m$17:52
tafkazthere needs to be a way to configure the kernel to still use the hardware that used to work17:53
tafkazi dont want to control all the hardware if it will still be working with a new kernel17:54
tafkazhm...well just my 2 cents17:54
tafkazis there any usb remote that would work pretty much out of the box i could buy?17:54
tafkazor wait...maybe i get this all wrong17:56
tafkazjsut a question...if the remote works without lirc (which with some buttons seems to)17:57
tafkazwhere can i configure the remote17:57
superm1unfortunately yeah it's a bit of a rocky transition for some devices17:57
tafkazwhat is the file to be configured instead of ircd.conf and .lirc.conf17:57
tafkazah pk17:57
superm1we all use mceusb remotes which do work pretty well out of the box17:58
rhpot1991tafkaz: there i some keybindings that you can modify17:58
superm1and why some of these older ones get messed up17:58
rhpot1991but my understanding is that its a pain17:58
rhpot1991and ya most ofuse use mce devices17:58
rhpot1991I dropped my imon and used the IR on my HDHR when some of the issues creeped up with that, havne't tried going back yet17:58
tafkazmce devices are not bundled with tv-cards right?17:58
tafkazso which one would you suggest? cheap one, working as good and easy as possible17:59
rhpot1991tafkaz: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0028N6XDA/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=baablogicnet-20&linkCode=as2&camp=217145&creative=399369&creativeASIN=B0028N6XDA17:59
rhpot1991that one should work well17:59
tafkazand does it need any config with myth?18:00
superm1all you do is pick it in MCC and it works18:01
superm1MCC goes and generates the lircrc and lircd.conf for you18:01
rhpot1991I've been told it works well, I don't have one though18:01
rhpot1991unforuntately they stopped making the ones that most of us use18:01
tafkazdont know any mcc, but i will ask again here!18:02
tafkazthanx very much for your assistance18:02
tafkazhelped me a lot!18:02
rhpot1991should be installed on your box, if it isn't, install it18:02
tafkazdidnt get it18:02
tafkazgreat...will defo buy that one18:02
tafkazthanx again, must go for now18:02
qwebirc71846Hi having some issues with mythexport.  I can transcode, but nothing shows up on http://localhost/mythexport. As an example the RSS feed tells me that i dont have permission to access the file i have transcoded22:11
qwebirc71846Any clues22:11

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