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Guest96020ummmm, still wanting answers, got nothing in internet00:01
Guest96020about my fingerprint device00:01
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CoreyZungo: What part of "no" were you unclear on?00:02
CoreyYou're really not helping your case here.00:02
LjLthere's no case to help00:02
Zungoummm, i left, ummmm00:02
LjLZungo: people here are pretty keen on giving second, third and four chances. but i think there has to be a breaking point.00:03
Zungoi think this notebook is very specific : |00:03
LjLZungo: so please try the forums, or askubuntu, and stop coming here because at this point you're not achieving anything00:03
Zungoaskubuntu: nothing00:03
LjLZungo: http://ubuntuforums.org/ and http://askubuntu.com/00:04
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com00:04
Zungokkk cya00:04
ZungoLjL, u told me to come back to solve my case.....00:04
* Zungo thinks it was the last weekend00:05
CoreyThat's not what I show.00:06
LjLok, maybe. i wasn't very aware of the situation i guess.00:06
rwwI will re-iterate what I said the last time you were in here, Juest.00:07
rww2011-07-08 00:10 < rww> Juest: The second time you were banned, you came in here and agreed to our guidelines, got unbanned, and then got banned the same day for breaking them again. Why would we want to unban you again?00:07
rwwAlso, "We already tried the "agree to unban and follow guidelines" route. It did not work. You're on your third time around. Therefore, we're not comfortable removing your ban at this time, so you /have/ to find somewhere else if you want support."00:08
rwwI'm getting bored of saying this. It sounds like Corey and LjL are too. Your inability to listen to what you've been told repeatedly is making your case even worse.00:08
CoreyJuest: Your problem is just that-- YOUR problem.  It's not our issue.  What *IS* our issue is the way you've failed to follow guidelines, constructive feedback, strong suggestions, and finally outright bans.  Continued asking doesn't change anything other than to irritate us further at this point.00:10
CoreyZungo: Now that we've said all of this, please part the channel.00:14
Coreybazhang: I was going to use the term "honest," but... :-)00:48
bazhang<allowoverride> could you repaste my pastebin to me01:48
bazhangPython, hi02:03
Pythonhi bazhang02:03
h00kPython: Can we help you?02:03
bazhanghe's forwarded here from #ubuntu02:04
h00kAnd is supposed to talk about the ban tomorrow02:05
bazhangso ignores that, and tries to rejoin, forwarded here? or its after midnight somewhere so that means tomorrow02:06
h00kit could be.02:07
bazhangI confused Juest and Python for a minute there02:08
h00kIt could be the same as well02:09
bazhangbluetooth and broadcom on a single chip? never heard of that02:41
IdleOneI've been called out02:49
bazhangwhoa chanserv.py failing me02:50
bazhangat kb'ing allowoveride02:50
IdleOne!ot > allowoverride02:50
bazhangworking now02:53
bazhangallowoverride was saying "either shut up or help" when asked to stop with the enter key earlier02:53
IdleOneI was willing to let the personal attack slide but then he implied the attack materializing02:54
IdleOneI took that as a physival threat02:54
IdleOneallowoverride and magnets return at the same time...02:55
bazhanghe's been warned several times, and removed once02:55
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bazhang<allowoverride> asdjaputra: xps, its a dual nic/bluetooth trust me02:57
bazhangIdleOne, just give him enough rope imo03:03
bazhanghe's already annoyed most of the supporters. so just wait until then03:03
IdleOneI have no problem with him, I just wish he would tone down the attitude a little but he does seem to have a legit issue03:03
magn3tsIs there a list of #ubuntu ops by IRC name.03:19
bazhangmagn3ts, yes03:19
magn3tsAll I found was a deeply buried list of real names on LP.03:19
bazhang /msg chanserv access #channel list03:19
magn3tsdidnt know it was an irc feature, thank you bazhang03:19
bazhang<magn3ts> I can't take it anymore.    <-- any idea?04:06
bazhangfollow channel rules, etc.?04:06
bazhangremastersys is in the Super OS (aka Ubuntu Ultimate) PPA08:31
bazhangnot part of Ubuntu afaik08:31
elkyohdeargod, that thing hasn't died yet?08:32
ikoniait's not08:32
ikoniawe can but hope08:33
bazhang<tester> bazhang, It is because I am a White hat >?08:33
bazhangmeaning what ^08:33
ikoniabazhang: a white hat hacker, it's a thing children pretend to be08:33
bazhangikonia, thanks08:33
ikoniait's an ethical hacker, but it's very hard to imagine someone who can't use the OS being one08:34
ikoniait was what panarchy used to claim to be, a professional white hat hacker08:34
tsimpsonif people claim to  be a "white hat", it's a good bet they are nothing of the sort...08:35
topyliheh. if anyone introduces themselves as "a hacker" of any sort, it's fairly safe to say "no you're not"08:40
topyliwell, sometimes people do say they're a gnome hacker or something like that08:41
topylithat would be in akademy or so. "oh i'm just a gnome hacker checking stuff out"08:43
bazhangopera is in the partner repo?08:50
bazhangthanks. seems opera has a deb on their homepage for 11.509:05
bazhang~waaaaaaaa@   is that the dd= overwrite your drive person?09:11
jpdsYou didn't let me mingle with him. :(09:12
bazhangwhy would someone need the latest 'tar'? Fx I can understand, to an extent, but tar?09:13
bazhang1.25-3  is natty's version he wants 1.2609:18
popeyi have had to use the 'latest' tar in the past because ubuntu shipped a buggy version09:27
popeycaused dist-upgrade to fall in a massive heap, not nice09:28
* jrib wonders why floodbot banned e_t_10:08
LjLthe hell10:10
LjL[12:25:00] *** FloodBot2 has been kicked from the channel by FloodBot2 (Please join #ubuntu).10:36
LjLgem of the day10:36
jribi need to find a place on the web for ~/ubuntu_quotes one of these days.  Added that floodbot2 line and some of the things in here are still making me laugh10:41
ubottuIn #ubuntu, dattebayo said: ubottu, there is no /apps/gnome.....10:51
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bazhang* [impiza] (~impiza@ impiza1  ban removed?12:47
bazhangban evaded unless there are two impiza's completely unrelated12:49
bazhangerr evading12:49
jussibazhang: have you asked him/her about it?12:50
ikoniaI spoke in great detail with him yesterday12:51
bazhangjussi, just witnessed him discussing it12:51
bazhangnot even using ubuntu iirc12:52
* jussi missed the whole sitution and havent had a chance to keep up with logs in here yet12:52
ikoniathat ban will hopefully keep him out for a little while until he gets the message it's unacceptable to get mint support12:56
h00kubottu: asked if I wanted to unban smallfoot-, I said nothx14:41
ubottuh00k: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:41
PythonI would like to ask for an unban on my account at #ubuntu. Unban or keep banned as you see fit. Thanks.15:03
popeyhello Python15:05
popeyPython: it seems you were banned from #ubuntu recently (and not just once) for not following the guidelines we have set out for users of the channel.15:06
Pythonpopey: it's my first ban15:06
popeyI'm seeing bans across #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic15:08
popeyanyway, it seems ikonia / Pici are responsible for setting the ban(s)15:08
ikoniahello there15:09
Pythonis it permanent ?15:10
ikoniayou summond15:10
ikoniaPython: not at all no, no intention to put a permanent ban on y ou15:10
ikoniapopey: may I interject here15:10
Pythonikonia: glad to hear that15:11
ikoniaPython: you seem to selectivly follow the rules / topics of channels though, that is the main issue we are having15:12
ikoniaPython: are you aware of the channels topics you sit in within the #ubuntu name space ?15:13
ikoniaeg: do you know what each channel is "about" or what it is acceptable to talk about ?15:13
popeyikonia: feel free.15:13
ikoniapopey: sorry, already have :)15:13
ikoniajumped the gun15:14
PythonI'm sorry for not following rules/topics15:15
ikoniaPython: is there a reason you chose to ignore the rules, and ignore the people who where telling you multiple times ?15:15
ikoniaPython: and I would appreciate an answer to my initial question of "do you know the topics of the channels you are in ?"15:16
ikoniaPython: ok - is there a reason you are chosing to ignore the topics of the channel and ignore people telling you that it's not the correct place to discuss ?15:17
ikoniain short "why are you doing this on numerous occasions" ?15:17
ikoniawhat is causing this behaviour ?15:17
PythonI don't know..15:17
ikoniaright, so if I remove the ban from #ubuntu - what is to stop you doing it again ?15:18
PythonMaybe impatience15:18
Pythonwhat do you mean ?15:18
ikoniaI can understand that, but why when people tell you it's the wrong place to ask do you ignore it ?15:18
ikoniaI'm trying to understand why you are doing what you are doing and get some sort of understanding and agreement of it not happening again15:19
PythonI didn't noticed that you were telling me it's the wrong place15:20
ikoniaPython: please be honest - you did15:20
ikoniahello asdjaputra15:20
PythonI were talking in a console15:20
ikoniaI assume you've been asked to join here by Python ?15:20
asdjaputranope, i read !appeals by ubottu15:21
ikoniaoh I assumed as you and Python where talking about his ban you'd been asked to join15:21
ikoniaasdjaputra: is there something we can help you with as I am in the middle of a discussion with Python at the moment15:21
ikoniaPython: won't keep you a minute15:22
asdjaputraum nope15:22
asdjaputrai'll leave15:22
ikoniaPython: apologies for the interuption15:22
Pythonno problem15:22
PythonI didn't ask for him to join..15:22
ikoniaPython: I believe you do see the message people are telling you to stop talking - this has happened on multiple occasions and you answer to every other question asked to you, apart from the ones that say "please stop discussing that"15:22
ikoniaPython: I understand you didn't ask him to join, that was my wrong assumption15:23
ikoniaPython: if I was to remove the ban, can you promise me you'll follow the topics and if someone ask you to stop talking about a specific topic, you will comply ?15:25
ikoniaPython: and you understand that if you repeat this behaviour again it will be harder to get unbanned ?15:27
ikoniaok, give me a moment15:27
ikoniaPython: please remember, no debian support in #ubuntu15:28
ikoniaI've removed the ban15:28
Pythonthanks and have a good day15:28
ikoniayou too15:28
Pici'low quality' irssi themes?17:00
IdleOnenot sure what he is expecting17:01
IdleOneI mean there is only so much you can do with a theme17:01
IdleOneunless he wants some cool 3d stuff to happen17:01
* popey reaches out of the screen and bobs him on the nose17:05
IdleOneNow THAT is a theme17:06
IdleOnebe funny if every time someone types your nick a hand pops out of the monitor and slaps you in the face17:07
h00khttp://img.flamingeeks.com/2011/02/punch_over_tcp_ip.gif 'eh?17:07
ikoniago for it17:08
TheEvilPhoenixare #ubuntu* channels able to be created by any ubuntu member?  Was just curious after i witnessed a statement in #ubuntu about #ubuntuforums17:08
TheEvilPhoenixwhich doesn't seem to match the standard #ubuntu-* format17:08
* ikonia looks to the council members to answer this better17:08
TheEvilPhoenixi THINK its owned by the council but i am not sure17:09
TheEvilPhoenixshould i perhaps go to #ubuntu-irc or w/e the council channel is?17:09
IdleOne/msg chanserv info #channel iirc17:09
ikoniait's fine to ask here17:09
ikoniathere are council memmbers here17:09
IdleOneto see owner/founder17:09
TheEvilPhoenixIdleOne:  its not owned by the IRC Council user17:09
TheEvilPhoenixIdleOne:  its owned by...17:09
TheEvilPhoenix*switches tabs*17:09
ikoniaTheEvilPhoenix: I'm just being coy as there is a policy for creating channels and requirements, I'm just not fully aware of them off hand, let me see if I can grab the URL17:09
PiciTheEvilPhoenix: Technically, anyone is able to create an #ubuntu* channel. The IRCC owns that enire namespace, so they could request that the channel ownership be changed.17:10
IdleOnewell like ikonia said I would prefer a council member answer that one17:10
Pici<- ex council member17:10
TheEvilPhoenixPici:  was just checking before i stab the council about a potential issue ;)17:10
TheEvilPhoenix-ChanServ- Information on #ubuntuforums:17:10
TheEvilPhoenix-ChanServ- Founder    : jdong17:10
TheEvilPhoenixthat's the main reason i'm curious17:10
TheEvilPhoenixthey have an ubuntu/member/ cloak but i wasnt certain about policies17:11
PiciTheEvilPhoenix: Many of the loco channels are owned by a loco person, but the IRCC just needs to ask freenode staff to hand over ownership for it to be done.17:11
tsimpsonthe IRC council also "own" the #ubuntuforums namespace17:11
TheEvilPhoenixso my question is: did someone create/reg that channel who was *not* on the council17:11
tsimpson"own" doesn't necessarily mean we are named with access, but that we can ask freenode staff to either give us ownership/powers or to act on our request17:11
TheEvilPhoenixwas just curious because someone in #ubuntu mentioned the channel, and i was curious ;)17:12
PiciTheEvilPhoenix: That channel existed well before the IRCC did, and it isn't necessary for the IRCC to have any access in a channel.17:12
TheEvilPhoenixi see17:12
tsimpsonI would say most channels are created by non council members, and we don't have a problem with that in general17:12
PiciTheEvilPhoenix: If your question is "Is #ubuntuforums an official channel", then the answer is yes.17:12
TheEvilPhoenixPici:  yes, that was my question17:12
TheEvilPhoenixand that answers that17:12
TheEvilPhoenixthank you for your time17:12
PiciIts not very active, but its official ;)17:13
topyli"thanks guys"19:22
* topyli fills in19:22
ubottuIn ubottu, guntbert said: !id3v2.3 is <reply> If you want soundjuicer (Audio CD Extractor) to write id3.v2.3 tags (instead of id3v2.4) which is needed for many mp3-players follow http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1680681 post #3.20:35
rwwI don't think that's a popular enough request to need a factoid :|20:35
guntberthi, any questions regarding !id3v2.3 ?20:36
rwwguntbert: I don't think it's a popular enough question that it needs a factoid, personally.20:37
guntbertrww: thats true, on the other hand it took me a long search to find that solution (most posts suggest installing some kde tag editor), so I hoped it might be handy store for that info20:39
Piciguntbert: Put a wiki page up then, that way if someone needs the info its just a quick search (rather than a long search) away.20:42
guntbertPici: good idea, will do :) - I think I could add it to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - ok?20:44
Piciguntbert: I'm not sure where it should live.  I honestly haven't looked that that wiki page in a looong time.20:44
guntbertPici: no problem, I'll just do it :)    thx for your time20:46

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