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pittiLaney: where does it say "file a bug for all bug fix uploads after FF"?05:07
pittithat's ceratinly wrong, and not common practice as well05:07
pittithat's for new upstream releases, right?05:07
pittias long as they contain a proper changelog and the developer check that there are just bug fixes, no UI etc. changes, I see no reason to file release bugs05:07
pittithere is no more or less reason for it/trust involved than for debian/ubuntu only revisions, which might also introduce features05:08
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Laneypitti: it /was/ on FreezeExceptionProcess, but is no more07:04
Laneycheck the changes07:04
Laneywhoever does the sync run today, please consider doing a backport run too :)10:16
cjwatsondone (mostly; the one you care about anyway)10:26
Laneywell there is one in particular, but I also care more generally about backports10:28
cjwatsonthere were two packages that were listed as depending on other things in the queue, so I decided to leave those a bit rather than trying to do them all at once10:29
cjwatsonI did the rest10:29
Laneyokey dokey10:44
Laneythanks a lot10:44
cjwatsonoho, latest LP deployment rolled out the Lubuntu change I was waiting for10:55
* cjwatson enables lucid CD image builds, which apparently weren't running. I wonder if this means we'll be late for 10.04.3 :-/11:51
cjwatsonhm, and it needs a few code changes11:52
cjwatsonok, doing an initial build pass now12:00
jibelcjwatson, is it possible to build 10.04.3 images with proposed enabled before the end of this week ? there are SRUs for casper, debian-installer and ubiquity to validate.12:05
cjwatsonjibel: see literally the last thing I said on this channel :-)12:06
cjwatsonbah, I broke cdimage12:06
ogra_was there much more to break ?12:07
jamespagehi there - I have ~14 packages waiting in the NEW queue for oneiric to support packaging of Jenkins;16:57
jamespagethey have been there for well over a week now; I wondered when they might get reviewed as I have some more to upload but wanted to clear these through first.16:58
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slangasekjamespage: having a look now.  What's the source for the MIT license statement in the packages?  Upstream sources seem to be devoid of license statements18:28
jamespageslangasek: lemme take a look18:29
jamespageslangasek: any particular package you are looking at ATM?18:31
slangasekjamespage: fwiw, the actual copyright line looks suspect to me; I doubt that there's such a legal entity as "Contributors of the Jenkins project", and the author field in all the sources for jenkins-memory-monitor is a single 'Kohsuke Kawaguchi'18:31
slangasekjamespage: jenkins-memory-monitor - top of the queue :)18:31
jamespageslangasek: right - so for most of these package the licensing is outlined in the pom.xml (XX and a link to somewhere)18:33
jamespageslangasek: the source code files should have license headers - I worked with the upstream project(s) to ensure that this happened18:33
jamespageslangasek: which should reflect in debian/copyright18:34
slangasekjamespage: haha, I never would've thought to look in an xml file for license information :/18:36
jamespagelicensecheck does not think todo that either :-)18:37
slangasekjamespage: so j-m-m doesn't have any license headers in the source that I can see (or that licensecheck knows how to interpret).  Since the pom.xml links specifically to a URL claiming "Copyright (c) 2011, contributors of the Jenkins project", I guess we let that stand, even though it's almost certainly not correct legally :)18:37
jamespageslangasek: let me just check whats in the queue18:38
jamespageslangasek: OK so upstream did a release for me with license headers after that one was uploaded (hence why I was a little puzzled)18:39
slangasekaha :)18:40
slangasekhmm, first time I've seen mh_make... too bad it uses cdbs :)18:40
jamespageslangasek: I believe thats on the roadmap to change18:41
jamespageslangasek: do you want me to get the new version uploaded? or I could get it uploaded once its out of NEW and in the archive - its just the license headers in the source files that have changed18:42
slangasekjamespage: I'd rather you wait till I've processed this one - the missing license headers aren't a blocker for accept, it just means I had more questions when reviewing than I would have otherwise :)18:43
jamespageslangasek: fine with me18:43
slangasekaccepted now18:43
slangasekthat's one down, anyway :)18:44
slangaseklamont: hi, need some urgent buildd chroot handling23:57
slangaseklamont: apparently something is broken in sysvinit-utils, and I currently have the publisher off because I need to fix sysvinit ;) https://launchpadlibrarian.net/75155992/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-amd64.sysvinit_2.88dsf-13.10ubuntu2_CHROOTWAIT.txt.gz23:57
slangasekI wasn't expecting the autobuilders to pull from cocoplum bypassing the mirrors, sigh23:58

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