dpmgood morning all07:12
yurchorgood morning07:13
dpmmorning yurchor :)07:16
yurchorIs there any way to prompt Kubuntu team importupstream  translations with KDE-rc packages? Importing packages without their upstream translations is not very kind thing for Ubunut-translators...07:21
dpmyurchor, they should already be going it, afaik07:33
dpmthey tend to upload the l10n packages, which get the translations imported into Launchpad07:34
yurchordpm: LP shows the opposite... kdelibs, kopete, kget...07:34
yurchorI mean for 11.1007:35
dpmyurchor, let me investigate this (I need some more minutes, I'm in the middle of something else)07:35
dpmyurchor, the kde l10n packages were indeed uploaded, but quite a while ago, which would explain why you are not seeing recent translations. Let me poke the kubuntu developers to see if they can do a new upload07:50
yurchorOh, thanks. :)07:51
dpmno worries :)07:53
andrejzwhen i use nightmonkey i frequently get timeouts in launchpad09:53
andrejzwhen i refresh the page, it loads in most cases, but not all. Especially critical are the strings which contain "has fetures", because it appears very often (many hits) has anyone else experienced this?09:54
kelemengaborandrejz: I just tried it and yes, I got a timeout at the first try :(09:58
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kelemengaborperhaps LP doesn't like the long query strings, or the many results for common short queries10:00
andrejzok, i just wanted to make sure it's a general thing and not my slow internet connection10:00
andrejz@kelemengabor: exactly my thoughts: many results for common short querries definetly time out all the time10:01
andrejz@kelemengabor: would you mind filling a bug? Otherwise I will do it later in the afternoon  when i have time10:01
kelemengaborandrejz: sorry, I have to do some work today too :(10:03
andrejzno worries10:03
andrejzi will do it later then10:03
andrejz@kelemengabor: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/80979110:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 809791 in launchpad "timeout when searching for long or short and common strings (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]10:33
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Cas07i am looking for some help using dh-translations, is this the right chan?15:06
dpmCas07, this is the correct channel for anything related to translations. I'd suggest to just ask the actual question, and if someone can answer it, they'll go for it :)15:41
Cas07ok well i am trying to use dh-translations with debhelper to modify the desktop file to link to gettext domain but not sure what steps to take after including it in the build15:45
dpmtranslators: Ubuntu Developer Week talk about upstream imports sharing in ~7 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:53
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artnaydpm: you could mention OOPS that have happened this year during your UDW interview16:28
artnayI'm referring to infamous January LP updates16:28
artnayfrom which we are still suffering of16:28
yurchorXScreenSaver marked as "Has upstream project" in this list https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Projects/LaunchpadUpstreamImports  , but no translation resource available. Is LP a really upstream for xscreensaver?17:03
dpmartnay, I'm not sure what you mean by OOPS and January LP updates. If this is a problem for you, can you please be more specific?17:03
dpmyurchor, good point. "Upstream project" in the table means that there is a project for it in Launchpad, regardless of whether code and translations are hosted there or externally. This is the first step to enable sharing (there needs to be a project in Launchpad). After that translations can be marked as "Launchpad" (i.e. they're hosted in LP) or "External" (i.e. they're hosted externally). Depending on that choice, the integration with translatio17:06
dpmns will be less or more complete17:06
dpmi.e. full integration (sharing in both directions) for "Launchpad" projects17:06
dpmsharing only in the direction upstream -> Ubuntu for "External" projects17:06
yurchordpm: Thanks. Now it's clearer.17:07
dpm(as we're preventing the Ubuntu -> upstream sharing direction until we have a way to send automatically translations to external upstreams, which we still don't have)17:08
dpmok, calling it a day for today. See you all tomorrow!17:09
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