snap-lgreg-g: Very cool00:02
snap-lWas asking re: CC position00:02
snap-lSo that means we're losing a leader then. ;(00:02
snap-l(sniff sniff)00:02
alpha-01any reccomendations before i reboot?00:03
greg-gcross your fingers? (I have no idea what's going on)00:04
alpha-01ubuntu 8.1000:04
alpha-01can't upgrade or update for that matter00:05
alpha-01tyrok helped me try to fix it00:05
alpha-01replaced intrepid with karmic00:06
alpha-01and then ran un update00:06
alpha-01we will see what happens00:06
alpha-01goodnight everybody!00:06
greg-ggood luck!00:07
alpha-01an error occured00:07
alpha-01please run packet manager from the right-click menu or apt-get in a terminal too see what is wrong00:08
alpha-01the error message was 'error: brokencount > 0' This usually means your installed packages have unmet dependencies00:09
alpha-01should that worry me?00:10
alpha-01the exclamation point on the big red down arrow suggests it should.00:10
snap-lalpha-01: I think your best bet instead of trying to upgrade is to install anew (after backing up your home directory)00:11
alpha-01how to install new?00:11
alpha-01that is what i wanted to do in the first place00:12
snap-lYou'd need to either get a CD or a USB key with the OS installed on it00:12
snap-lWHere are you located?00:12
alpha-01i did that (usb) but it doesn't work.00:12
alpha-01oakland county00:12
alpha-01madison heights atm.00:12
snap-lIf you want, come to CHC tomorrow00:12
snap-lwe're meeting at the Caribou Coffee on 14 / Campbell road from 8-10pm00:13
snap-lI'll see if we can get you sorted out00:13
snap-lbring a 1GB USB key00:13
alpha-018gb, no prob00:13
snap-lI'll make sure I have a few ISO images on this machine00:13
alpha-01i'll see what i can do, when is the next meeting if i can't make it?00:14
snap-lWE meet every WEdnesday.00:14
alpha-01wow, ok00:14
alpha-0114 & campbell, i will see what i can do. thanks again!00:14
_stink_greg-g: yay, congrats!00:23
_stink_but DIAF for moving to CA.00:23
TeamXlinkDoes anyone know if AT&T block port 25, I know Comcast does.03:31
snap-lYeah, I heard about that last night11:46
snap-lEven though it clearly says on the phone "3G"11:46
Wolfgeryou expect iPhone users to read?11:55
rick_h_I thought iphone users were the smart "appreciate great ux" types11:58
rick_h_not morons :)11:58
brouschrick_h_: i sent you a PM12:03
Wolfgerrick_h_: well... I live with a couple iPhone lovers, so i'll refrain from comment. :-)12:11
brouschbut that means you're especially qualified to comment12:13
WolfgerHaving used an iPhone for a month, and then switching to Android, I can't for the life of me understand why *anybody* would want an iPhone.12:17
WolfgerIt was about on par (some things better than, some things worse) with my BB Curve12:18
* Wolfger expects tjagoda to pop up any second now that BB hath been invoked12:18
snap-lgreg-g: So, when is your going-away party?13:38
snap-lMan, losing jcastro to FL for a year, and losing greg-g to CA13:38
snap-lHe's going to flock with the CC crew13:39
Wolfgerthat flocker13:44
Wolfgerrofl-copter: http://tech.slashdot.org/story/11/07/13/1317252/Zuckerberg-Quits-Google-Over-Privacy-Concerns?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Slashdot%2Fslashdot+%28Slashdot%2914:06
snap-lI think it was more that it was embarrassing that he was the most followed person on Google+14:16
greg-gsnap-l: July 31st, 4-8pm, BBQ in our backyard14:39
greg-gannouncement will be mailed/emailed/bloged shortly14:39
rick_h_will be in pyohio july 31st14:40
greg-goh right! :(14:40
greg-gwell, my parents' schedules kinda trumped all others given they're A) my parents and B) missed the ceremony :)14:41
snap-lYeah, me too14:41
snap-lbah, I say, bah.14:41
rick_h_bah bah!14:41
greg-gwell, given enough time in my schedule, we should do something another time ebfore I go, then14:41
snap-l<# reading jajrgon filled slides about how awesome APIs are14:41
snap-lSeriously, you'd think it was the second coming of Christ via JSON and REST14:42
rick_h_woo! lord JSON I bow to thee!14:42
rick_h_you need me to write up the JSON bible side of things?14:42
snap-lNah, i think we have that covered.14:43
snap-lJust make sure you pencil in Revelations at some point14:44
snap-lAnd lo did the beast speak along the sevel layers of the TCPIP stack14:44
snap-lAlso, video is hot14:45
snap-lrick_h_: You'd have to see these slides14:46
snap-lBasically they're all a-giddy that video and a better customer experience can be delivered via these APIs.14:47
snap-land in return, there's gold in them thar APIs.14:47
snap-lY'know, the exuberance before the douche.14:48
snap-l"I can pay my bills online" becomes "God, I have to use this piece of shit system to pay my bills online"14:48
rick_h_huh? video to pay bills?14:54
rick_h_oh, you mean your apis for transferring video?14:54
Wolfgervideo of you signing the check and mailing it14:56
rick_h_what?! a failwhale?14:59
rick_h_haven't seen one of those in a while14:59
WolfgerI saw one the last time I tried to go to twitter, actually15:00
Wolfgerjust this past weekend15:00
snap-lyeah, that sort of thing.15:00
Wolfgerthey just wanted to remind us they are made of fail...15:00
snap-lAnd now to add a group on the work social network.15:08
snap-lya new bosses.15:08
snap-lIt's essentially sharepoint, afaict.15:09
WolfgerOK, seriously? People are getting upset that federal law is making inefficient lightbulbs go away?15:36
WolfgerPeople are *stockpiling* inefficient lightbulbs so that they don't have to go out and buy efficient ones?15:36
WolfgerI am a hair's width away from losing all faith in humanity.15:37
_stink_funny, that's almost verbatim a conversation that just took place in another channel15:38
_stink_including the near loss of faith in humanity15:39
Wolfger...and a smidgin of faith is restored.15:39
Wolfger...and lost again when I see that Rodney King getting arrested without being beaten by maglights is somehow worthy of the national news.15:40
WolfgerI mean, these lightbulb people.... do they not realize that the energy efficiency of cars has been federally regulated for a long, long time now?15:42
rick_h_but you can go buy an old muscle car if you want15:42
Wolfgerand that this is a *GOOD* thing for humanity?15:42
rick_h_I hate the stupid lights. They take too long to warm up15:42
Wolfgeryou can go buy an old incandescent if you want15:42
rick_h_I've started moving LED, but at $30+ a pop...a slow process15:42
Wolfgerbut nobody can manufacture one15:43
rick_h_heh, so they go the way of oil?15:43
Wolfgerand nobody will manufacture that muscle car either15:43
rick_h_a limited supply commodity15:43
rick_h_there are places you can buy a muscle car :)15:43
rick_h_restoration at its best15:43
rick_h_right, but you can't manufacture the old bulbs, you can't exactly 'restore' them15:44
Wolfgerheh :-)15:44
rick_h_I'm just arguing there are sources for getting one and won't for the other15:44
Wolfgerok, I missed that point15:44
WolfgerLED is ftw. I switched all my bulbs that aren't on dimmer switches to CFL years ago15:45
rick_h_yea, hate the CFL slow times15:45
rick_h_in the bathroom the mirror lights take a while to warm up and that's not what you want when the wife jumps in for a quick make-up check15:45
rick_h_so half are CFL and half are not so that you kind of get the best of both worlds15:46
Wolfgerdo LED bulbs work on dimmers? I might buy some of those, but they are $$$15:46
rick_h_not sure, I use one in a light stand with two settings15:47
rick_h_and they flicker on the low setting15:47
brouschWolfger: so start making old style light bulbs in your garage15:49
Wolfgerbrousch: I don't want old style bulbs15:54
Wolfgerthey are the suck15:54
brouschbut you can sell them to people who do want them15:54
snap-lIt's because pepole are afraid of CFLs15:54
WolfgerIf I find out who still wants them, I am just as likely to stab them as sell them something. That would be bad.15:55
snap-lbecause they're flourescent bulbs, and can possibly cause headaches in people15:55
snap-lWhich of course means that nobody will buy things like LED bulbs, or even improved incandescent bulbs.15:55
brouschno, fluorescent sounds like fluorine, which is bad for you, except your teeth15:57
ptenhoopenThere's also the mercury if they break.15:58
ptenhoopenFreaks people out.15:58
ptenhoopenI replaced all of my regular use bulbs with CFL years ago.15:59
ptenhoopenI'd like to use LEDs but haven't justified the cost yet.16:00
ptenhoopenSome of my CFLs have burned out recently.  Seems too early after installation as I thought they last longer.16:00
greg-gptenhoopen: huh, wow, I've never had one wear out yet, they've all just been broken when the lamp falls over :)16:02
ptenhoopenIt could have been the brand.  I got them at Menards.16:03
ptenhoopenThe brand was something starting with an F I think.16:04
ptenhoopenI've switched to Sylvania for new ones.16:04
ptenhoopenIt was Feit brand.16:05
brouschmine fail at the same rate as regular bulbs16:06
snap-lI had a CFL burn out in the bathroom16:09
snap-lactually, several16:09
rick_h_mine do as well, I'm guessing they're testing in some perfect electrical setup16:09
snap-lYeah, Feit is Fail16:09
rick_h_no led ones have failed yet16:09
rick_h_so curious if they'll hold for a long while16:09
rick_h_that's just crazy16:22
snap-lYeah, that's been making the rounds.16:28
snap-lAWesome stuff16:28
snap-lmakes me want to try that out, without the messy business of jumping out of a plane.16:29
rick_h_you know there were some bruises in the practice of that lol16:29
Wolfgerspeaking of loss of faith in humanity: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/1107/leading-off-0711/content.11.html16:30
rick_h_greg-g: boot is in order16:31
snap-lWolfger: That picture totally needs the Dixie horn from the Dukes of Hazzard.16:32
snap-lAlso, way too many people in that photo need T-shirts16:32
gamerchick02ugh. that's... whoa.16:33
rick_h_boot worthy16:33
rick_h_send him away greg-g16:33
Wolfgerfinal straw in the faith-in-humanity game... going to men's room and guy standing at the urinal is talking on his cell phone. At the urinal.16:44
Wolfgerwith about 4 other people in there16:44
Wolfgerwe should initiate a nuclear war with Russia now, before things get any worse.16:45
gamerchick02why do people do that?16:47
gamerchick02women do it in the stalls too.16:47
WolfgerIf you want to talk in the bathroom at home, fine... you're only being rude to the person on the line, and if you're careful they might not even know. But talking in a public restroom just shows a completely lack of respect for everybody except yourself.16:50
Wolfgerand a lack of sense, too.... "omg, this phone call is so important, I must have it RIGHT NOW!"16:51
gamerchick02but is it worth accidentally dropping the phone in the toilet?16:52
BlazeixI don't really mind people doing that from a rudeness perspective, but I would never do it simply due to sanitary reasons16:52
gamerchick02it's bloody rude. the bathroom is the ONE place i should be free from bloody phone calls.16:53
gamerchick02and yes, unsanitary. ick ick ick.16:53
snap-lThis gives me a great idea for a prank16:57
snap-l"Yeah, yeah doc, it's [unzip] Ahhh, yes, a little uncomfortable. No, no, the swelling's gone down..."16:58
snap-l"Right, well the red spots are starting to go away"16:58
snap-land see if anyone tries to sneak a peak16:58
snap-lpeek, rather16:58
gamerchick02ooooh. you're evil, snap-l. in a good way.16:59
brouschmake loud fart noises17:10
WolfgerI always try to fart and flush when people are on phones in the restroom17:19
WolfgerI'm one tiny bit of restraint from just flat out yelling "Why would anybody talk on the phone while they're taking a dump?"17:20
waldo323_wow started reading at the wrong place.17:20
ColonelPanic001greg-g: I saw on twitter you're pregnant. Congrats.17:20
WolfgerWelcome, waldo323_17:20
ColonelPanic001and yeah, can't stand phones in bathrooms. Ugh17:21
waldo323_oh, Wolfger i could have sworn i saw you on my way to work the other day17:21
Wolfgercould be... My Jeep is rather distinctive17:22
WolfgerI've been working in Auburn Hills all week.17:22
waldo323_ah, hmm no i was a big truck, around davison and i7517:23
waldo323_erm *it17:23
WolfgerNope. Not I.17:24
snap-lSpecifically demands your attention.17:36
WolfgerHuzzah, Ubuntu Bug Squad!17:38
WolfgerI confirmed a bug in February of 2009. Today (the very next time anybody touched it) it was marked as "won't fix".17:38
snap-lWolfger: Awesome. What was the bug?17:39
gamerchick02wolfer, i hate it when that happens17:39
gamerchick02gotta restart. bbiab, new kernel.17:39
WolfgerNow that I look at it again, I think it's not even a valid reason for marking won't fix.17:41
Wolfgeralthough I am quite certain they won't fix it...17:41
snap-lOK, at least it did get some attention, though17:42
snap-lbut is it still a problem?17:42
WolfgerThe person who filed the bug has probably bought a new laptop since then17:43
snap-lproblem solved. ;)17:44
gamerchick02what was the bug? sorry, had to restart.17:48
Wolfgergamerchick02: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/4121117:49
WolfgerBug Squad kinda feels like Amway to me.17:49
gamerchick02it's frustrating that you report a bug like you're supposed to and then nothing.17:50
gamerchick02and they wonder why people don't file bugs in the first place.17:50
WolfgerPeople in it talk it up like it's a great thing to do, but it doesn't seem to get anywhere when you're in, and then they just bring in fresh blood to replace the disillusioned.17:50
gamerchick02why is something open from 2006?17:51
gamerchick02that's 5 years ago. that's like an eon in computer terms17:51
Wolfger5 years ago, Twitter was born17:57
WolfgerI was really hoping Google would give better results on "five years ago"17:59
snap-lWolfger: Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq3EZhT3G7U18:02
snap-lhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=louXPUW7tHU <- Also...18:05
WolfgerYeah.... Firewall.18:07
WolfgerI'll watch when I get home.18:07
snap-lDavid Bowie: Five Years18:07
snap-lone studio, one live.18:07
WolfgerCool. Not familiar with that song. At least not by name18:08
Wolfgerstill have Fashion stuck in my head after sitting through last week's So You Think You Can Dance with my wife...18:08
snap-lYou'll have this stuck in your head.18:09
* snap-l fires up Bowie: Stage18:09
greg-gColonelPanic001: thanks!18:55
Wolfgersnap-l: You ever get a Spotlight award that looks like a big chrome d6?19:01
WolfgerI want a second one, so I can play craps...19:01
* Wolfger is bored at work again19:01
brouschstart drawing up plans for your ren faire themed brewery/retro lightbulb factory19:08
Blazeixas a software engineer, you should recognize that google+ is the future, noob.19:14
Wolfgerit was closed, or I would have told them to follow rick_h_19:21
snap-lWolfger: Yeah, I did19:37
greg-gdude, come on19:42
greg-gI'm not even opening that link19:42
bmcmahoneveryday I loose a little faith in humanity19:42
greg-gfirst Wolfger now you? :)19:42
snap-lI'm there as well (losing faith in humanity)19:42
bmcmahonwait he posted it?19:42
greg-gbmcmahon: no, he posted another link that was a bit "off color"19:44
bmcmahonthe urinal one or the twitter one?19:46
snap-lGah, I need to figure out ow to make a million dollars busking or something19:48
bmcmahongreg-g: no imagine that as the next mortal kombat finishing move19:49
bmcmahonthat will really piss the parents off19:49
brouschbuggery, now there's a word19:57
snap-lI think every generation feels they're the last generation on this Earth not because they want the legacy of being the final generation; it's because they look at the stupid perking up in the next generation and hope "Dear God, make it stop"20:02
gamerchick02heh, snap-l20:12
gamerchick02buggery is a great word, brousch.20:34
gamerchick02what's up, ColonelPanic001?20:35
snap-lYou know, it really irritates me when people offer something via bittorrent, and don't have anyone sending anything20:36
snap-lesp. since it's the King Crimson site20:36
gamerchick02"people, what a bunch of bastards"20:36
snap-lThey have their live shows available, and one of the options for download is torrent20:36
gamerchick02that's good.20:37
gamerchick02but nobody seeding?20:37
snap-lJust sitting there idle20:37
snap-lsame problem with Jamendo20:37
snap-lGot a list of 67 Peers20:38
ColonelPanic001sue them all.20:39
snap-lbut apparently none of them are able to send me anything20:39
gamerchick02i first read that as a list of "67 Beers"20:39
gamerchick02and i was like, SWEET, 67 BEERS!!20:39
gamerchick02but no.20:39
ColonelPanic001take one down, pass it around...20:39
gamerchick0266 bottles of beer on the wall20:39
bmcmahonperditious was a word at one time, now it's gone and it would fit very well into our conversation about stupid human beahviour20:39
snap-lAt this rate, I can download the individual files faster20:40
gamerchick02my quote still stands. "People, what a bunch of bastards."20:40
bmcmahongamerchick02: I see your 'bunch of bastards' and raise you 'a bag of assholes'20:40
ColonelPanic001bundle of idiots!20:41
gamerchick02i was quoting the IT Crowd. but you have a point.20:41
bmcmahonrick_h_: have you played with $.proxy this shit is awesome20:42
gamerchick02"I came here to drink milk and kick ass, and I just finished my milk."20:43
snap-lHey, now it's working20:47
gamerchick02heh. complaining to the internet works, i guess20:52
snap-lThank you, Internet.20:56
=== brousch is now known as TheInternet
TheInternetyou're welcome20:57
=== TheInternet is now known as brousch
BlazeixThe elders of the Internet heard your complaint.20:58
gamerchick02they did!!21:08
snap-lAnd it finished. :)21:14
snap-lWolfger: Re: the Spotlight D6, I made the joke that I could use it to see what I'd be that day.21:16
snap-l(This was an award that you could purchase with a certificate from your manager that was essentially a giant "Things Remembered"-like d621:17
snap-lOne side had "Spotlight" on it (which was the name of the program)21:17
snap-land the other sides had different one-word leadership phrases (drawing ablank on them)21:17
snap-lshit like leadership, courage... (my cube is in the garage, and I haven't seen it in years)21:19
snap-lIt was like a d6 of motivational bullshit.21:19
gamerchick02lol, motivational bullshit22:00
gamerchick02sounds like my last job22:00
gamerchick02gotta log out and back in. something to do with my mouse, gah22:01
gamerchick02why does my mouse do that?22:05
gamerchick02it'll just disappear from my main laptop screen and only be visible on the external22:05
WolfgerI keep my cube handy on my desktop. If anybody ever goes postal, I'm-a try an' knock his brains out with it.22:37
WolfgerI'm convinced it's deadly if your aim doesn't suck22:37
snap-lWolfger: trie dat22:56
snap-ltrue dat22:56
snap-lgreg-g: This is what I downloaded earlier: https://www.dgmlive.com/archive.htm?artist=16&show=130122:57
snap-lGot Gavin Harrison on drums23:02
greg-gsnap-l: looks great23:05
greg-grick_h_: dangerous question (time-wise for me): If I were to try out awesome, is if easy or hard to switch back and forth between it and gnome without losing much functionality of either (ie: during a transition period)23:55
greg-gyo yo waldo32323:55
rick_h_easy, you just log out, pick the other DE from the drop down23:56
rick_h_and relog in23:56
rick_h_all the apps/etc are ok23:56
rick_h_the keybindings might drive you bonkers for a bit back/forth23:57
* greg-g nods23:57
greg-gthat's ok23:57
greg-gI can deal with that23:57
greg-gso, cool, I might give it a while sometime :)23:57
rick_h_but yea, it just shows up as a DE option in the bottom of the gdm login23:57
rick_h_definitely :) I've got samples if you need anything23:58
greg-gin your github?23:58
greg-gdoesn't look like it23:59
rick_h_no, it's part of my personal files, havnfe't gotten it up there23:59
rick_h_but I can put up some things for you23:59
greg-gcool, no rush, I have no time right now, but maybe after I get to SF23:59

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