jack_^Anybody tried installing gnome-shell on 11.04 yet?02:10
jeffrashLeo, there was an article asking why people were following Mark.20:32
jeffrashI asked myself that question, and unfollowed him.20:32
jeffrashsorry, guys wrong irc windows.  :)20:33
BugeyeDi follow mark every time he gets in front of me.20:48
BugeyeDi can think of worse things to be called20:54
BugeyeDif i say, you'll just call me those things. and that might upset me.21:00
BugeyeDyou know, because i wear my feelings on my sleeves.21:00
BugeyeDfor the record, i like unity. at least unity-2d (can't run the other). i'm surprised and impressed. doesn't work for my purposes, but i believe it fits some of my customers/family members better than gnome or kde.21:12

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