dmcglone1Hey all :-)00:28
Unit193dmcglone1: We are going to give you the silent treatment for not showing up anymore ;)00:30
dmcglone1LOL well it's hard when I'm on vacation in another state :-)00:31
dmcglone1I got a Ubuntu question00:31
dmcglone1How do I manually mount my SD card. For some reason it will not auto mount00:32
dmcglone1I also don't know how to find it. I looked under lsusb but don't know which device it is00:33
dmcglone1tail shows me:00:34
dmcglone1usb 1-5: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 300:34
Unit193Find where it is with   sudo fdisk -l  and then    sudo mkdir /media/{whatever} && sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/{whatever}    (replace sda1 with what you find with fdisk00:34
dmcglone1let me give that a try00:34
dmcglone1fdisk -l doesn't show it00:35
Unit193They will come back in ~30 and say that's not the best way00:36
Unit193How about   sudo blkid  ?00:36
dmcglone1all I need to do is figure out what the card is being recognized as and I can do the rest00:37
Unit193blkid didn't show it either?00:37
dmcglone1david@ace:~$ sudo blkid00:38
dmcglone1/dev/sda1: UUID="ec43074a-d3f8-4fba-84aa-83d64f26523b" TYPE="ext4"00:38
dmcglone1/dev/sda5: UUID="2ff6e467-b2ae-4a07-87c4-4436254c52ec" TYPE="swap"00:38
dmcglone11 is my linux 5 is swap00:38
Unit193Looks as if it's not going to find it00:38
Unit193I noticed that00:38
dmcglone1but tail recognizes when I plug it in00:39
Unit193dmesg tell you anything fun?00:40
dmcglone1same thing tail /var/log messages tells me00:41
dmcglone1/var/log/messages that is00:42
Unit193I wasn't sure what you were tail-ing00:42
dmcglone1[ 1380.288140] usb 1-5: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 400:42
dmcglone1looks like I'll have to wait till I get home to transfer my pictures :-/00:47
Unit193That, or wait for smart person/join #ubuntu00:48
dmcglone1Ah everybody in here is smart in their own way.00:49
dmcglone1I might have to find me a dentist before the week is over. Got a slight tooth ache :-/01:01
Unit193That's not the best response...01:02
dmcglone1well I'm out for the night. g'night all02:57
Unit193!1enolgcmd thgin dooG02:58
Unit193Cheri703: Re: Getting the LoCo doing something. Are you looking at something or do you just want to get started on anything and looking for ideas?03:55
Cheri703open to ideas03:55
Unit193Did you have something in mind? I know the wiki needs work, but I'm NOT a wiki person. There is also the ISO testing (I think you said this one too)03:56
Cheri703yeah, we can discuss ideas04:30
Unit193At the next meeting? When is that anywho?04:33
Cheri703next full loco meeting?04:56
Unit193Yeah, isn't that what you were talking about?05:02
=== _bbb_ is now known as _bbb
Cheri703_I don't think I'm going to make it tonight :/17:28
Unit193canthus13: Mind if I put your name in a linux terminal project I have? (As someone that has really helped)19:14
canthus13Uh... Sure.19:19
skrappjaw-DX2Howdy. Sorry I wasn't at unusual hour. When this HTML coding job sets in to motion I'll be available for it again.22:59
skrappjaw-DX2Im hating the auto correct on this thing right now.23:00
J21Cheri703 said she didn't think she could go and Unit193 wasn't there wither23:00
Cheri703_no worries skrappjaw-DX2, I had a crazy week and my ride home canceled, so I just stayed home23:13
skrappjaw-DX2Cheri703: Cool. Been busy myself.23:27

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