InHisNameFIRST good morning everyone09:48
rmg511JonathanD:  is up to his old tricks again ;-)09:58
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rmg51morning JonathanD10:20
JonathanDhowdy rmg5110:20
InHisNamemorning you 2 early birds,  JonathanD and rmg5113:09
x_hochiBisjeKits 9am13:10
andrewit's 9:1113:11
JonathanDhey InHisName13:13
InHisNameIt's 9:14 here right now.13:14
JonathanD10 days!13:15
teddy-dbeardang JonathanDbot :P13:25
JonathanDteddy-dbear: keep that up, I'll write a script for it :P13:25
JonathanDthat does hours13:25
teddy-dbearjust like a bot :-D13:26
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