cyberangerwrst: rare I take that much time offline (even when I read a book, I'm listening for a system beep from the client)00:27
wrstcyberanger: you doing ok todya?00:32
cyberangerwrst: fairly well00:44
cyberangersore from earlier, but that's normal00:45
cyberangerfew hours with an axe00:45
wrstouch cyberanger, you get that mad at a computer?00:54
cyberangerno, firewood00:54
wrsthmm a strange day to worry about being warm ;)00:56
Unit193wrst: Good one...00:57
wrstbut Unit193 i barely got above 80 today where I am at01:00
wrstso maybe cyberanger had the same forturne01:00
Unit193The one about being mad at the computert01:01
wrstahh Unit193 :)01:03
* wrst is slow tonight!01:03
* Unit193 is slow in the summar.... 80F at 9pm (with 60% humidity)01:06
cyberangerwrst: somewhat low, and more preparing for later01:17
cyberangerUnit193: Being mad at the computert becuase spell check let you down?01:18
* cyberanger couldn't resist01:21
Unit193cyberanger: I would love to have spell check in irssi, but I don't01:23
* Unit193 was on the roof and took the time to drop a stick dow to the birds/bats (Angry birds?)01:23
cyberangerUnit193: vs weechat & aspell01:25
cyberangerI coulda sworn you used xchat though01:26
Unit193cyberanger: The last 3 times you versioned me, I was using irssi... There may be a way to use aspell with irssi01:27
cyberangerUnit193: idk, I never looked, I tried weechat for other reasons first, ssl & sasl support, socks5 support01:40
cyberanger(all of which are useful for using freenode with tor)01:40
Unit193I have never looked into socks5 for irssi, but ssl and sasl I am using now. However, I do like the weechat userlist on the side01:41
cyberangersasl back then was new for most clients01:41
cyberangerirssi has had ssl for awhile too01:41
cyberangerbut irssi lacked any socks proxy support (there are other options, like the mapaddress support, but that's a bit of a giveaway as to what sites I wished to visit)01:42
Unit193I do like that I can use the irssi proxy mode, it's quite cool (I don't really use it much though :P )01:44
cyberangerthat's a good mode02:15
cyberangerbut GNU Screen + OpenSSH (and too much shell acess) makes it less worthy02:15
Unit193Aye, that it does. I just used it to get sound with pidgin (hilight sounds are nice :) )02:17
cyberangerirssi does that on it's own02:18
cyberangerjust disabled by default02:18
cyberangerand ubuntu has really gutted it out, a real pain02:18
Unit193No kidding! xfce-terminal really hates it! I can only get the bell if I VNC in, don't ask me why...02:21
cyberangerI hope your not using VNC straight over the internet (esp with passwords)02:21
* wrst upgrades to alpha 202:22
cyberangerno encryption02:22
* cyberanger upgrades wrst to wheezy02:22
Unit193I don't use VNC all that much (And really not from outside, and if I do, it's SSH tunneled!)02:22
cyberangerUnit193: it's Ubuntu's nail 9/10ths of the complaints about the terminal bell (I do get it's annoyance to a new user, but they documented 100 ways to disable it)02:23
wrstcyberanger: debian is nice, I may try it full time one of these days02:25
cyberangernow those 100 ways to disable it have turned into 150 steps to re-enable it (however I skip the issue, they didn't gut it in very low level packages, alternate install disc & cli install, then grab minimal packages for openbox to work & I have it_02:25
Unit193So if I use an alt install, I'll have the bell? That doesn't sound right...02:26
cyberangerwrst: I like it. they seem more sane about documenting things to solve any issue, compared to ubuntu (lousy compared to arch, but it's still reasonable)02:26
cyberangerUnit193: alternate disk, cli install and one step, sudo modprobe pcspkr02:27
cyberangerit's a package in ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop & xubuntu-desktop02:27
cyberangerthat they loaded the bell crippling code into02:27
Unit193I did follow a few guides to enable it, but they didn't really work02:27
cyberangerI've not narrowed it fully to any single package yet02:28
cyberangerUnit193: did you enable it in irssi too?02:28
* cyberanger seems to recall pleia2 having real nice irssi documentation, which I seem to have misplaced02:29
Unit193Long time ago as it works in puttyportable02:29
pleia2basic, but it does the trick02:30
Unit193She's stalking you...02:30
pleia2(mostly people find that page because they're trying to connect with SSL)02:30
cyberangerpleia2: that's the one I was thinking you showed me awhile (two years, year and a half?) ago02:31
cyberangerbut I guess the irssi beep was another blog02:32
pleia2yeah, I don't do anything with beeps02:32
cyberangerpleia2: that reminds me, have you noticed how bloggers have more (valued) documentation than the wiki does02:34
wrstwell cyberanger as you would do to me... www.quassel-irc.org ;)02:34
pleia2cyberanger: yeah, I understand it though - official documentation is scary and hard to get into, posting on blogs is quick and easy02:35
cyberangerwrst: I don't think I'd ever point you to quasse... OHHH02:35
wrstoh yeah you would point me to something that takes 3 months to configure typing cryptic commands into the command line :P02:35
cyberangerpleia2: with how the documentation is now I agree, but we've had members metion arch02:36
cyberanger''s documentation, I've looked at it, seems worth trying for ubuntu02:36
cyberangerI wonder what it would take to fix that up02:36
wrstyeah cyberanger I agree on documentation I think is a place ubuntu really lacks coherence atleast, you can generally find what you need but is it in the offcial docs, community docs, the ubuntu forums, etc.02:38
cyberangerpleia2: reason I ask that, is I was thinking that might be a worthwhile loco project, assist in fixing a common gripe, might go a long way towards approval too02:39
pleia2cyberanger: I'm not all that familiar with arch's documentation, wiki-based?02:39
wrstpleia2: yes02:39
cyberangerpleia2: I belive so02:39
cyberangerand wrst confirms quicker than I can verify02:39
wrstand while their documentation is great their community... well you would be better off getting tech support from satain :)02:40
pleia2cyberanger: ubuntu-us tried to do some documentation days several years back to clean up wiki documentation, but they never quite took off like I wanted them too, I think beginners team did a similar "summer of documentation" thing too02:40
cyberangerpleia2: to me, a way to describe arch is some of the ease of debian's apt-get (with a tool called pacman) but the flexability in configuration of slackware02:41
cyberangermaking documentation a bit problematic02:41
cyberangerif it were of lesser quality02:41
cyberangerand ubuntu usually is jump in and go, if a new user has issues on a live disc, they ask in a forum or irc channel before install (or foolishly install, and get a bad expirence, head back to windows)02:43
cyberangerless need for handholding documentation02:43
wrstand cyberanger something that helps arch is that is totally cli so you don't have the issues with say a change to unity02:43
cyberangerpleia2: sorry to hear it was a bit of a setback last time, I do imagine it's a time consuming task, when your done on squid, the change over to squid3, new configuration syntax, one example I imagine02:45
wrstnight everyone!02:45
* pleia2 nods02:45
pleia2maybe there just need to be more efforts like that02:45
pleia2I think the problem in ubuntu is that the doc team has about 435424 responsibilities (official docs, wiki docs, team docs...) and the number of volunteers is relatively low02:46
pleia2their scope document at UDS was pretty insane02:46
cyberangernight wrst02:46
pleia2kinda makes your heads pin :)02:48
pleia2head spin too!02:48
cyberangerpleia2: yeah, it's hard being critical when in ways your part of the problem (such as being one more potential volunteer, but never actually volunteer to assist, in my case)02:49
pleia2I work with them some (particularly helping to get new contributors pointed in the right direction) but I am already overwhelmed with too-much-to-do as it is02:50
cyberangerpleia2: an example of a blogger that had an issue, did great documentation, all the legwork, trial & error, http://blogger.ziesemer.com/2008/10/ubuntu-linux-router-upgrade-project.html02:52
cyberangerwhen I got to it, it was much more complicated than lucid, all the bit with usb-modeswitch is now just apt-get install02:53
cyberangeradapted a little for Virgin Mobile's Broadband2go02:54
cyberangerthat compared to the wiki, I'd still be trying with the wiki alone02:54
* pleia2 nods02:55
cyberangerand yeah, I understand overwhelmed (part of why I try to not call upon leaders until it's most necessary, they're doing more than I am, usually, and I already have days I feel too much happened too quick)02:55
Unit193It may not be my place to comment, but I've even found forum posts to be much more helpful - old and new02:56
pleia2yeah, the forums are great02:57
cyberangerUnit193: your even free to comment in our meetings (unless the issue is strictly an in-tennessee issue, for our group, that's pretty much the votes)02:57
cyberangerUnit193: there isn't much we have offlimits, and no secrets ;-)02:58
Unit193cyberanger: I fine it's best to stay quiet in ANY meetings :/02:58
Unit193I also find it best02:59
cyberangerpleia2: yeah, the forums can be great (I've noticed a downside too, if it's a bit obscure for most, it'll go quiet, ignored, on a second page it's dead to most)02:59
cyberangerno one solution is right, but idk if any solution is utilized to it's proper potential, and it's a big issue, hard to fix03:00
cyberangerUnit193: including any in #ubuntu-us-oh ?03:00
Unit193cyberanger: I do say something, but mostly, yes03:01
cyberangerthat'd be sad, that's your state loco, your opinion should count there, and be heard (your opinion counts here, and we value it ;-))03:01
cyberangerpleia2: that was a great blueprint03:02
cyberanger(and that reminds me, why is launchpad so ssl happy, prevents squid from caching anything, I get logins and such, but the whole domain, wow)03:07
Unit193I looked it up for fun: Last meeting (short one) 59 lines, 2 by me, one to say here, one comment (I guess I don't have much to add)03:07
cyberangerUnit193: lol, Guess so03:09
cyberangerpleia2: thanks for all that input03:10
pleia2sure, sorry it wasn't more positive :) I think I'm tired03:12
cyberangerpleia2: perhaps we'll have more luck if we do that, sounds worthwhile for our next meeting03:12
* pleia2 nods03:12
cyberangerpleia2: sometimes that's just how it is though03:12
cyberangerI understand03:13
cyberangerwb Unit19303:14
cyberangerUnit193: better to know the setbacks anyhow, why make the same mistake twice ;-)03:14
Unit193cyberanger: Thanks, I really need to get this fixed (I thought I got it in time:( )03:14
cyberangerpleia2: better to know the setbacks anyhow, why make the same mistake twice ;-)03:15
cyberangerUnit193: yeah, well, we work with what we have at times03:15
cyberangerI wish I had 2 grand for some serious upgrades03:19
cyberangereasier to keep running though03:20
cyberangercheaper too03:20
cyberangerwb Unit19303:42
Unit193Déjà vu03:42
cyberangerUnit193: lol03:43
cyberangerUnit193: lol03:43
Unit193It's kinda getting on my nerves03:43
cyberangerI bet03:46
Unit193Power outage and JITBot will go too. Maybe I need to reboot to update the kernel (Or change to the other one)03:46
Unit193...And you don't know JITBot03:46
cyberangerUnit193: not offhand, no03:49
Unit193Hmmm... Was I supposed to tell you?04:16
cyberangeridk, were you?04:19
Unit193I have no idea... JITBot is a handy little guy that snarfs url titles, tells me the weather, has a bug snarfer, a few games, Nickometer ;), looks up packages, tells me info about zip codes, who is calling home and a few others04:22
Unit193I also have the ubottu factoids in him04:22
XpistosHow do I ls >> file.txt that shows all the directories in a give file recursive. I don't want all the files, but ls -Rd >> file.txt doesn't show me anything?13:42
cyberangerXpistos: you just want directories?13:47
XpistosI need all the directors in this one directory13:48
XpistosI have moved abunch of stuff so I went to go through folder by folder and put it where it belongs13:48
cyberangerwhat's the full path13:48
Xpistosto the parent folder?13:49
cyberangerfind /data/hold/ -type d > file.txt13:49
cyberanger(if file.txt exists and you want to append instead of replace use >> instead of > )13:50
cyberangerXpistos: I think that will give you what you have in mind, if it doesn't I might have misunderstood your goal13:51
Xpistosnow that is good13:51
XpistosI was tryig ot use ls for it13:52
cyberangerthat's what you wanted then?13:52
cyberangerls is nice, but I found that shred likes files, won't take a directory full of files13:52
cyberangerand after that, learned find, which has a few good uses13:53
cyberangermy favorite is deleting LSO's (Flash Cookies)13:53
cyberangerfind .macromedia/ -type f | xargs shred -fuvz13:53
cyberangerfind .adobe/ -type f | xargs shred -fuvz13:54
cyberanger(Reason for that is Pandora is entirely a flash app, I don't like something meant to be just for me (it's customized radio, after all) to stick around when I clear & close firefox)13:55
cyberangerbut it lead me to look into find more13:55
cyberangerit's often overlooked it seems13:55
cyberangerXpistos: is that what you needed yesterday when you were looking for me?13:59
Xpistosyesterday I had another issue, but I thought, what you do and I got my answer13:59
XpistosI couldn't connect SSH to my laptop14:00
Xpistosso I thought14:00
XpistosWell do you have openssh installed14:00
Xpistosare the ports blocked14:00
Xpistosdo you have a firewall on that computer14:00
Xpistosport 22 not open on the firewall14:00
Xpistosissue solved14:00
cyberangeryes, iptables, and I guess your router was the one with your isse?14:00
Xpistoswrst said you wer onimpresent and he was right, I heard yo uin my voice14:00
Xpistosnope ufw14:01
wrstha ha14:01
Xpistoson the laptp itself14:01
cyberanger(unless your like me, and enable iptables)14:01
Xpistosi will14:01
cyberangerufw, another netfilter frontend14:01
cyberangerI use iptables to manage netfilter, ufw works too14:01
XpistosI will but needed something easy and quick14:02
Xpistos... with agui14:02
vychunei missed you guys' tech talks lol14:02
cyberangerI'm nearly always nearby, a few hours later I was, unfortunately you got me on one of the few moments a month\14:03
Xpistosvychune: mine isn't as much tech talk as it is HELP ME PLEASE14:03
cyberangerwhen I'm not14:03
Xpistosit was your time of the month14:03
vychunei having an ok day considering i was fired and put out14:04
cyberangeryeah, chopping wood and dragging it into storage before it rotted14:04
cyberanger(it was already down)14:04
cyberangervychune: oh, that's never good14:04
vychuneill be ok14:04
cyberangervychune: fired, not quit, laid off, position cuts, not good14:06
Xpistosvychune: where are you at? west, middle, east?14:06
vychuneum...memphis lol14:06
cyberangerthat makes HR jumpy, even if it was a misunderstanding, something resolvable14:06
cyberangerah, memphis, well...14:07
vychune?? whats that suppoesed to mean? HUHHHHHHHHHHH cyberanger?14:07
* cyberanger holds that thought to himself for his own good, metions another thought instead14:07
vychuneno say it14:08
cyberangervychune: well, in general (not the more detailed one I'm keeping to myself) Memphis has it rough right now as is14:08
vychuneno other memphians here14:08
cyberangerpossibly worse than anywhere else in TN14:08
cyberangerso it might be shrugged off some, depending on the actual reason14:08
vychuneHold on now what about.......well there's.........ok youre right lol14:09
cyberangervychune: there are others in the loco, but not in channel atm14:09
vychuneoh that was a statement not a question14:10
cyberanger(and the other two that come to mind, jfenn2199 isn't in IT, he's in the Medical indrusity, which is always short staffed, so he's reasonably safe, and netritious has his web hosting startup he's working on, so his shaky ground isn't memphis related, and in some ways perhaps somewhat safer with his job literally in his hands)14:12
cyberanger(he'll take the effort to fix his job issue, whearas some bosses look for reasons to play employee roullete (sorta like russian roulette, except no bullets and no death)14:13
cyberangerthere is always some instability in a job market)14:13
vychunedoes he have a job opening?14:15
cyberangeridk, haven't heard any (and I'd by applying if I had)14:16
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wrstcyberanger: any more thoughts on documentation and what we can do?22:40

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