douglasawh-workis unity built on GNOME2 or GNOME3?  Wikipedia doesn't say16:03
h00kI'm pretty sure 11.04 has it on gnome2, and 11.10 will have it on gnome316:04
h00kslash gtk316:04
douglasawh-workso is the gnome3 fallback classic GNOME?16:04
douglasawh-workbecause I haven't tried GNOME3 on any hardware that doesn't support GNOME3 other than on ubuntu16:05
h00kGood question.16:05
douglasawh-workso I don't know if that's Unity or what16:05
h00kI don't know what it will be on 11.1016:05
douglasawh-workpower management in GNOME3 blows beyond believe16:05
h00kFallback on Unity3d is Unity3d16:05
douglasawh-workdoes that look similar to Unity?16:06
h00kQuite, yeah16:06
h00kit just uses...qt stuffs, I think.16:06
douglasawh-workmaybe you just get the GNOME2 look if you do an upgrade rather than doing a fresh install?16:06
h00kIt has the UNity panel and everything16:06
douglasawh-workmy machine looks and acts just like GNOME2 but I haven't install GNOME3 on it16:06
h00kAre you on 11.04?16:07
douglasawh-workthis is the one machine where I haven't installed GNOME3...because I didn't need it16:08
douglasawh-workI hate the unity bar so much16:08
douglasawh-workI don't mind the side bar stuff.  GNOME3 has that too, of course16:08
h00kI don't have Unity here on my work machine running 10.04.2, and I miss it16:11
h00k11.04 is Unity/Gnome 216:23
Cheeseheaddouglasawh-work: Did you get your Unity/Gnome questions answered?22:51

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