mhall119coalwater: if you're good with css, you might see if you can help Ronnie, he's working on a new layout for the main page00:14
cjohnstonmhall119: you should have been at the meeting I was just at ;-)00:51
mhall119this one of the P5 meetings?01:00
mhall119or whatever that group was01:00
cjohnstonOrange County Young Republicans01:05
cjohnstonmet George LeMieux01:05
mhall119what do you think of him?01:08
mhall119he just raised a whole heck of a lot of money didn't he?01:08
cjohnstonGood speaker.. I don't know much about him.. Yes he did01:08
mhall119I'm beginning to think we should create a ##florida-politics01:08
cjohnstonit may just be you and me01:09
mhall119but at least we won't be annoying everybody else01:09
mhall119##politics is like a sewer01:10
mhall119did you tell Mr. LeMieux that he needed a Google+ account?01:10
mhall119did you see my http://mhall119.com/+ ?01:11
mhall119you should make one01:11
cjohnstoni did01:11
cjohnstonim still flipping pissed off at google01:12
mhall119chrisjohnston.org/+ doesn't redirect01:12
cjohnstoni did see it01:12
mhall119and how can you be pissed off at our don't-be-evil overlords?01:12
mhall119oh, ok01:12
cjohnstoncause i cant use my email address01:13
mhall119what do you mean?01:13
cjohnstonchris@chrisjohnston.org != +01:14
mhall119I don't follow01:44
cjohnstonI can't use my emaila ddress because its a google apps address01:45
mhall119oh, really?01:46
cjohnstongoogle still does not let apps users create profiles01:49
mhall119that's an odd restriction01:49
cjohnstonprolly cause apps is normally business01:50
jledbettercjohnston, Ditto. Had to use my other gmail address :/03:03
jledbetterI was hoping it was a setting I just needed to turn on like let users of this domain make profiles or somesuch.03:04
cjohnstonjledbetter: me too03:05
jledbetteryeah... specially since people keep adding me with my @jessicaledbetter address. oy :)03:05
cjohnstoni wish there was a good feedback method for google03:06
cjohnstonand for AT&T03:06
jledbetterI like the feedback. Dunno how they sift through it all though.03:06
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coalwatermorning cjohnston11:39
nigelbwell, that's enough exercise for the right hand11:40
coalwatercjohnston, can i be added to loco-directory-dev please :D11:43
cjohnston-dev is a "rights" team, meaning that being on the team gives someone certain rights..11:44
cjohnstonSo to join one would need to get to know us and let us get to know them11:45
nigelbs/rights/permissions - Better clarity11:45
coalwatero i see, ok11:45
cjohnstonwhat nigelb saif11:45
nigelbcjohnston: Not a great day for spelling today, is it? ;)11:45
cjohnstoni just woke up11:45
cjohnstonand no11:45
cjohnstonschools out for the semester11:45
cjohnstonso i dont need to spell anymore11:45
nigelbOh good, I can assign all my bugs to you11:46
cjohnstontoo much other crap going on11:46
cjohnstonlook in ##!@#$%^ channel and you will see11:47
nigelboh, wait11:47
coalwaterso cjohnston are u busy, i want u to review my code , just to make sure im doing something wrong lol11:47
cjohnstoncoalwater: have you done a merge propsal?11:48
coalwaterno, wanted it to get checked first11:48
coalwaterhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~coalwater/loco-directory/fix-783544/revision/450, just noticed the missing/additional empty lines, i'll fix that, but other than that is the css alright ? hmm, i could delete a couple of rules i guess, but is there an initial opinion, like something i shouldn't do or that i should do ?11:50
cjohnstoncoalwater: please update your branch from trunk11:50
nigelbcoalwater: I don't have the time for a full code review, but please don't have /* block added by */, that's what bzr revisions are for.11:55
coalwaterokay, nigelb11:56
coalwatersorry, bad cable at work, every now and then someone trips on it and we dc :D12:10
mhall119coalwater: you don't need to be in the -dev team for 90% of the loco-directory work, it's only needed if you're going to be managing the project or packaging new releases12:14
mhall119cjohnston: nigelb: http://ethn.io/3187912:20
cjohnstoni already signed up12:20
coalwaterhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~coalwater/loco-directory/fix-783544/revision/451, this looks like a more tidy diff right? when i reach home ill check which css rules i could remove, because i can't run the server here at work13:04
dakermhall119, where are you with django package upgrade ?17:25
mhall119nigelb: what the heck happened in Mumbai?18:06
dakerowee : 3 blasts 21 dead, close to 130 injured18:14
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mhall119daker_: the deal is that we can get Django 1.3 installed from source control into a local directory, and have that directory added to the PYTHONPATH18:24
mhall119daker_: so really we just need to start testing out sites against 1.3, and fix anything that breaks18:24
daker_if we are going to install it, i'll start porting the cloud portal too18:25
daker_mhall119, our sites ?18:25
mhall119loco-directory, summit, Hall of Fame, etc18:26
mhall119daker_: is cloud portal on cranberry?18:26
daker_i am mean the one18:26
daker_i mean the new one*18:27
daker_sorry ツ18:27
mhall119ok, cloud portal isn't currently running on the same server as loco-directory and summit18:27
mhall119it might get django 1.3 installed system-wide, maybe not, you'll have to ask the sysadmins18:27
daker_mhall119, no if we are going to install django 1.3 on cranberry, i will ask the IS to deploy it on cranberry18:29
mhall119no, cranberry will stick  with the lucid defaults for Django, but individual sites can get a local django 1.3 to use18:37
mhall119Ronnie1: daker_: are you guys going to be able to make this evening's LD call with jono?19:39
Ronnie1mhall119: yes, im ready at 21:00 GMT (right?)19:39
mhall119Ronnie1: assuming GMT == UTC, yes19:40
Ronnie1mhall119: yes19:40
mhall119cjohnston: do you still need to be dialed in?19:40
dakermhall119, no :/ i forgot to buy a new mic19:48
mhall119hmmm, not sure if there's a local number you can dial into19:55
Ronnie1mhall119: im now busy designing a better event detail page: http://ubuntuone.com/p/14Km/19:59
mhall119Ronnie1: what about the better main page?20:00
Ronnie1mhall119: the main page has already a design. is the backend code ready for it?20:01
Ronnie1mhall119: http://ubuntuone.com/p/10gg/ <== main page (need to add the sub-nav back tought)20:02
mhall119Ronnie1: do you have HTML/CSS for that?20:02
Ronnie1mhall119: yes20:02
mhall119oh awesome, where?20:02
Ronnie1but it cannot be merged simply, because it contains 'sample html' to fake the dynamic content20:03
mhall119but I can start piecing it into my feeds branch20:03
Ronnie1mhall119: yes20:04
dakermhall119, should i start porting LD to 1.3 ?20:11
Ronnie1daker shouldnt be that hard ;)20:13
Ronnie1i like to see how the class based views turns out tough20:13
mhall119Ronnie1: daker: cjohnston: call in 10 minutes20:51
Ronnie1altough i see noone online on skype20:52
* Ronnie1 is restarting skype20:53
dakeri wont be able to speak since i don't have mic :/20:55
coalwaterskype party? lol jk20:56
Ronnie1if you have a double set of earphones, you can use them, but usually the quality is horrable then20:56
Ronnie1but it works20:57
mhall119FYI, jono is running a bit late due to network issues21:00
mhall119cjohnston: ping21:01
mhall119daker: ring ring21:26
dakermhall119, Ronnie1 bug 60058321:36
ubot4Launchpad bug 600583 in loco-directory (and 1 other project) "Enable user-controlled auto-login (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60058321:36
Ronnie1if your interested to see the new main page design: http://ubuntuone.com/p/10gg/21:37
dakerskype is very bad for ears21:42
dakerRonnie1, if you have time https://code.launchpad.net/~daker/loco-directory/picasa-plugin/+merge/66722 :)21:53
dakerthis is the last one then we can close that bug21:54
Ronnie1its almost 00:00 here so i have to sleep in a minute. maybe i have time in the weekend or next tuesday21:54
dakerok np21:54
dakercjohnston, said that we need to put each one in a bzr app21:54
dakerpls is there anyone experiencing the same bug 797992 ?21:57
ubot4Launchpad bug 797992 in loco-directory "Tooltip link not visible on edit team page (affects: 1) (heat: 5)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79799221:57
cjohnstonmhall119: do you agree with me on the picasa plugin?22:07
coalwatercjohnston, i've proposed the merging btw, just letting you know cause i'm going to sleep :D22:28
coalwaternight all22:31

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